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(( request batch 3!!! I’ve only got one request left now which I’ll (hopefully) finish tomorrow, I was planning on putting all 3 of them in one post but I really wanted to post these tonight so,,

the first one is a piggy back ride tower requested by anonymous!! and the second- also requested by an anon- was just whatever my favorite headcanon(s) was so I picked one by @cipherfied where Bruce only kisses Dick when he’s asleep which I thought was way too cute to not draw cause I’m a sucker for fluffy father/son stuff..

anyway hope u guys like these!! last one will be done tomorrow hopefully!! ))

(( EDIT: fixed the thing where I accidentally drew robin sleeping in his glasses cause it was Bugging Me…… ))


Then and now: Still just as cute.


I feel like there’s more throwbacks out there for this post, but I couldn’t think of any, so feel free to chime in if you think you know who’s missing.

***EDIT***: I just remembered another! Kerry Washington, DUH. She was in the first season of Boston Legal, as Chelina, the co-worker that took Alan to Texas for a last-minute execution appeal… AKA ‘the episode in which I BAWLED like a baby and stared at my screen with total disbelief, utterly devastated, as the credits rolled’. On a happier note, it’s also ‘the one in which Alan looks hot in a cowboy hat and kisses Chelina and rides a freaking mechanical bull’.And I was thankful beyond words for being so late to the Boston Legal party, 'cause I didn’t have to sit on that ending during the long, between-season months. I just hastily jumped to s02. ANYWAY, I digress. After Boston Legal ended, James and Kerry did Race, a Mamet play.

I’ll concede that Kerry isn’t exactly a distant throwback, but I’m lumping her in there anyway.

And right now I’m annoyed 'cause I can’t seem to figure out how to edit a post in order to add a photo. If anyone can assist, I’d be tremendously thankful.

grey-drop  asked:

Hey Roby I was wondering if you have any advice for someone who wants to start a YouTube channel similar to yours? How should I edit my videos? What should I use to record and edit? I would really appreciate any advice you are willing to give! Thanks! ( also yay I'm gonna start my first year in high school in September! )

good luck in high school!

when i first started making videos (like, the very first ones that are now deleted cause it was on a different channel back in 2012. there werent many anyways.) i literally just used to film on my ipod that was balanced on top of a pile of books over where i was drawing. with time, my setup and things i use to film and edit got better. keep this in mind, because a lot of people worry that they need to have all this professional equipment right from the start when you don’t! as you grow, so will the things you use. 

the only thing i recommend everyone to have, regardless of if they’re filming on a old iPod or with an actual camera is good lighting. film next to a window if you can, as natural lighting is the best. if not, try and have lamps on both sides of you as you film your art (and if you only have one, put it on the opposite side of your dominant hand so it doesnt cast a shadow over your paper)

currently i record with a canon eos rebel t5i with a hama star 63 tripod. when i film digital speedpaints i use a program called OBS to capture my screen and then i edit the speed quicker in adobe premiere pro (where i currently edit all my videos)

if you have an apple product, iMovie is a really good program to start off with to learn how to edit, its simple and does the basic job you need for starting a channel. 

I’m so happy I got to color lineart by @thegeekogecko for Kristanna Art Exchange! :D I think it’s lovely! It’s all so cute and pure!  I especially love Anna’s expression here ♥

When I first saw it I thought the scene takes place shortly after the end of the movie, like at the very beginning of their relationship. Sunset watched from one of castle walls fits well for their first date, right?

Kristoff’s dressed in the outfit he wore on coronation’s day, but he also has a vest. I had so much fun with coloring Anna’s dress. I hope you’ll like it, because doing it was a pleasure for me (even though I had to edit colors a little in photoshop ‘cause my scaner ate them)!

Camp Qween (Trixya) Chapter 5 - Matilda

A/N: I’m back! I realize that the last chapter’s ending probably made it seem like it was the last chapter, but it wasn’t! Sorry this one took forever, I had my birthday, and I’ve been super busy (excuses, excuses). HOWEVER, this chapter is pretty long, AND SMUTTY like I promised! (It’s my first time writing smut though, so I I apologize if it’s terrible). Also, let me know if you want to see anything happen in the coming chapters, I have a direction but I’m interested in creative ideas! (Also I just love to chat <3) Sorry if there’s a billion mistakes, I edited it myself cause I’m too scared to have a beta… enjoy! <3 Matilda

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Walk the line (Part 1/?)

Word count: 1,387 (i think at least)

Warnings: mentioning of a bad breakup, some name-calling

Summary: Being the granddaughter of Peggy Carter, you always try to stay away from spotlight. The lure of Hydra is still out in the world, but you get away from it whenever you work at that small diner a few blocks from the Avengers tower. You even befriend one particularly nice customer and let him help you with your language essays for college. But what are you going to do when your family name collides with reality and you finally realise what past is behind those sad eyes and shy smile from your favourite customer?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader 

A/N: Oh god. Okay. So this is the first time I’m actually putting out some writing out here (like one that will actually go on for more than just a simple imagine) and I just hope I do it justice. Cause I read so much amazing fanfiction and ugh I just really hope you like it! Any input about this is very much welcome. Also, this wasn’t edited or anything. Whoopsies. And it’s gonna turn into a series, so stay tuned!


I keep a close watch on this heart of mine

I keep my eyes wide open all the time

You hummed along to Johnny Cash as he played discreetly in the background. The plates in your hands were filled with fries and burgers as you navigated through the tables of the small diner you were working at. Friday nights were always pretty packed as it was the evening with that ridiculous amount of discount on the whole menu and also many couples made it their date night. You didn’t really mind though because it meant no sitting around, waiting for the diner to fill and also – more tips. Something no student would ever say no to! With a smile, you put the plates down onto the table in front of an elderly couple who came in regularly. The sight of them always warmed your heart because the both of them dressed up and just looked still so much in love with each other. “Thank you, darling” She said and patted your arm lightly. “It’s no problem. Enjoy your evening.” The smile on your face was absolutely genuine as you walked back to the bar. The woman reminded you a lot of your own grandma who used to love the jazz and swing music playing at the diner just as much as you.

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This is Victoria! She also wanted to join in :3

@suspiciouslypinklady I love these stitches SOOOO MUCH when I first saw them, I gasped and got really excited cause they look so damn good!! One of my fave treats this year!

@trillyke Thank you for this top + skirt combo! It looks like such a cute dress when paired together :2

@weepingsimmer These stockings are so versatile, I even personally own a pair like them! They work for a lot of stuff and those shoes,just look at them! <3

@simsulfurtrash This hair is really neat. I think it suits Victoria perfectly :3 and it just looks so good :33

Appreciation: Quinx Squad


P.S: a lot of this is just me going off on tangents, if yall dont like it please tell me in my inbox what you would prefer to see in the next part or for other potential celebrities 






Originally posted by cendaya


  • On god you would be on that girl’s Snapchat all the time (well whenever she posts)


  • She’d have some music blasting while she pans the camera over to you
  • Her hand is on your thigh
  • You’re oblivious to her recording
  • She flips the camera back on her and she has the sweetest grin on her face
  • But there would be those few times where you’d catch her and you’d groan at the top of your lungs
    • “The directions say to turn—Oh my— Can you focus on the road please”
    • “How can I focus on the road when you’re sitting right next to me?”
    • “…oh be quiet.”


  • It would be a bit embarrassing how many videos there would be of the two of you screaming 2000s R&B hits
  • Not to mention how many times those videos would be in the car
  • So you would catch people staring at you 24:7 which adds on to the amusement
  • If you’re not playing 2000s R&B it’s Bruno Mars..or Beyoncé..LEMONADE TO BE SPECIFIC
  • She’d record you singing in the shower
  • You’d record her singing while she’s cooking or watching tv
  • It always end in a duet


  • And whenever you decide to start boogieing she has to hype you up
  • Because if not who else???
  • But her hyping would get dangerous
  • She’d get you so geeked you would probably get down so hard you break something
    • You: *crashes into wall*
    • “Oh no.”
    • *snapchat video cuts out*

Cute Ass Fluffy videos&pictures/MIC

  • She’d take unnoticed pictures of you whilst you were
    • Eating
    • Watching tv 
    • Driving
    • Sleeping
    • literally doing anything she invades your privacy so much it should be a bit illegal 
  • You’d both be laughing about something really hard and she’d have to record it (more for her own sake but y’know the world should see it too)
    • but no one would be about to understand what you guys are saying because you’re both cracking up from laughter
      • “Y-YOU ARE *snort* SO STUPID–”
      • “Did you just *cackle* dID YoU JUst sNORT?!”
      • “OH MY–I’m breaking-g up with you this relations-ship is over.”
  • You’d be more of the instagram type, posting pictures and videos of her doing similar domestic things
  • And if you weren’t posting cute photos such as that you were posting a whole bunch of promo for whatever project she was working on
    • (she would definitely have you model for her clothing line, there is no doubt) 
  • The two of you would try your best to fit small vacations in your schedules 
    • they typically clashed due to her working and your schooling but you managed
    • you would spend months looking for the best place to spend a couple days, extravagant or not 
      • it could be somewhere on a far away island
      • or just at some hotel a city away
        • anything that separates you from your daily stresses 
  • The cutest thing though is how excited she would be to see you no matter the time of day or what was happening or how long it had been since the last you had seen each other 
    • it could months when she was off filming somewhere 
    • it could be weeks–press tours and what not
    • it could be days in which she had to go travel for some red carpet or fashion show
    • it could be a couple hours, when she was on very long shoots
    • and it could be minutes
      • she just hates being away from you too long
  • so when she sees you again, the kisses and hugs are indescribable 
    • and the sex is fantastic who am I kidding 



    • You two are big fans on PDA
      • at most its holding hands or a peck on the cheek
    • You guys are always color-coordinated
    • You can’t explain why
    • it just happens 
      • Every
      • Single
      • Time
    • And the fans love it??????
    • There are several accounts dedicated to your guys’ matching outfits
      • Some fans would go into full details about it
      • Others would just scream
      • and there are some that think it’s some sort of illuminati conspiracy theory but let’s leave that alone
    • One of your favorite things to do together in public is go for lunch dates
    • They weren’t always fancy
    • sometimes it would just be the two of you sitting in her car eating In-N-Out 
    • But other occasions were typically instagram worthy
    • meaning you go somewhere pretty nice and then end up posting a photo of your lunch with her sitting in the background 
      • these photos would become a collection
      • every time you guys went out for lunch (or any other meal, but typically lunch) you would post the picture to your gram
      • And everyone would love you for it
      • Including Zendaya who would claim to be annoyed by it
        • but would secretly love it 
    • And if you weren’t eating meals together it was with your close group of friends/the spiderman:homecoming 
        • (TOM)
    • Zendaya would invite your closests friends over and it would be a fantastic “group date” (because they were all severely jealous of your love for each other)
      • lots of dancing
      • lots of laughing
      • lots of really really good food
    • And even though you guys weren’t alone it still felt like it was just the two of you


    • You were never in the interview 
    • but you did your best to be on the sidelines because she loved having you there
    • And the interviewers always did their damn best to get info on your relationship
    • They’d get little things but if they asked the right questions like:
      • What’s something she does that makes you laugh?
      • What’s your favorite thing to do together?
      • What’s one of her quirks that you love?
    • THe girl would go off on a tangent
    • Just non-stop gushing about you and your shared memories
    • Which left you burning in the face and caused butterflies to stir in the pit of your stomach 


    • The first time she takes you to a premiere as he date it would be Spiderman:Homecoming 
      • and it would be recorded religiously 
    • People already knew you two had been dating for a while now but this was still your first extremely public outing
    • Meaning you were nervous as hell
    • But she helped you pick out the perfect outfit because she wanted you to feel as comfortable as possible while still looking fantastic
    • And the second you meet her eye she’s on the ground, literally throwing a fit because her girlfriend looks so hot (and someone is off to the side posting the whole thing on her snap)
      • “Come on I wanna see you!”
      • “Alright alright I’m coming.”
      • *walks from around the corner*
      • “…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”
      • “WHAT? WHAT IS IT?!”
      • “I hate you.”
    • You would show up on the red carpet and all she would do is either step back and show you off
    • Or she’d be connected to your hip, fingers intertwined with yours, a hand wrapped around your waist
    • Regardless, she would be glued to your side all night, not because she’s clingy because she wanted to make sure you were okay
      • And at the end of the night the two of you would cuddle in bed together and you would continually congratulate her on the movie and remind her how proud you are of everything’s she accomplished
        • “You’re so talented you know that?’
        • “I thought I was suppose to be the mushy one babe.”
        • “Well you deserve a night off.”
        • “Thanks.” She chuckles shaking her head at you.
        • “….I love you.”
        • “I love you too.”


    • You of course met him whilst Zendaya was working on SP:HC and instantly the three of you built a bond
      • it might’ve been due to the fact that you were such a big spiderman fan and begged your girlfriend to hang out with him but hey who knows right?? 
        • (you honestly just wanted to see the suit. Tom Holland who??)
    • Over the course of the months of working on the movie it soon became impossible to separate the three of you 
      • You were either
        • messing around on set (when you were suppose to be at school actually but who cares about education)
        • going out to eat (and the boy could eat)
        • and predominantly hanging out at Your’s and Zendaya’s house 
    • Zendaya made sure to teach the boy a couple of dance moves that she had already taught you 
      • to which there would be video evidence of
      • After 14 hours shoots you would come to pick Zendaya up from the set
      • And Tom would be there too, equally exhausted if not more 
      • So you asked if he’d like to just spend the night so he wouldn’t have to drive back to his place
      • He agreed gratefully
        • but soon after you start inviting other people everyone once in awhile just because it’s a memorable thing
      • COnstantly posting you guys on his insta story whenever you’re all together
      • getting into twitter arguments with you both 
      • becoming memes 
      • petty & hilarious arguments 
        • you and Zendaya ganging up on Tom for a multitude of things but of course it’s love
    • and of course you guys have other friends, couple friends amongst them too but yall got a bond like no other with spider boy

    A/N: OKAY THAT’S ALL I HAVE FOR NOW..who knows if anyone will actually see this or enjoy it but hEY I NEED GOOOD ZENDAYA CONTENT AND SINCE YALL NOT DELIVERING I WILL 


    “T-This is for me? Thanks… Wait, don’t get any wrong idea though!! It’s not like I appreciate your kindness or anything.
    …I, I’m not saying that I don’t either. Alright!?”

    Happy Birthday, Cordelia’s baby girl!!!

    Final - A fun accident(while editing the image) - Original

    Out of all Awakening children generation, Severa is the one who grew on me the most.
    Sure, there were child gen I fell in love with almost at first sight (Cynthia, Inigo, etc), and I still love them very much.
    But although I didn’t like Severa at first, as I interacted with Luna in FE If, she really grew on me. I couldn’t help but think how brave and precious the three are for coming to the other world and fighting for a noble cause, out of pure kindness. Also she’s freakin cute in the JP version.
    And strangely, even when I wasn’t too fond of her, she was the one who made my heart ache as I occassionally pictured her crying for her lost parents, along with Cynthia. (Well, along with all Awakening children gen.)

    So, Happy Birthday Severa/Luna. I hope you will have a bright happy future with all your beloved comrades. :)

    Submitted this for #fe_69min ’s theme 【HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SEVERA/LUNA (FATES CHARACTER!】


      ‘cause i ain’t sticking around long:  a  f a n m i x  f o r  n i c k

      “Name’s Nick,

      but don’t bother learning it.”


    KNB Extra Game chap. 2

    There are a few things I noticed here and my hormones is tingly.
    Some of lines were edited by me. You’ll figure it out which one. 
    Credits to the first translator before I edit some. 
    I also cut a few scene and just post what the caused of my hormones. 
    Characters are not mine. 

    See this? Kise and Kagami figured it out. Kise is like Kagami’s partner in crime, lol. Akashi’s reaction though.

    Again, Akashi’s reaction oveer here. But knowing that something will happen, they all rushed to the scene. Am I the only thinking about this that everyone is super protective over Kuroko? Just it’s killing me.

    Kagami is the one who get between them. Super hero boyfriend style~ 

    Behold! Angry boyfriends! Kagami and Aomine are in the front, defending their Kuroko while Kise is being oh so caring to their Kuroko. Murasakibara is so scary tho.

    They’re shaking from the anger that pool down their skins. I love how Aomine’s face is so pissed. 

    Akashi considered Kuroko’s feelings! OH MY GOD! I SHALL MAKE A ONE SHOT FANFICT

    And Akashi was pretty much holding it until they provoked him and now he’s super mad…. OH MY GOD.

    In this chapter, there’s a lot of pairing that sails itself. Thats it, thank you for reading my vent of how I liked this chapter. 


    here come that cheesy post but,

    421 posts and just over 5 months later i hit 1k. i didn’t think i would get 100 followers, never mind 1k?!

    i just want to thank every single person that follows my blog and that i love you all lots ❤<3

    thank you to those who like my edits and watch them :) x

    yes and also in the background at the start is one of my first ever edits that i posted here

    here’s a few i’d like to thank:

    @crazygall4ever - thank you so introducing to me the sidemen and tumblr! also thank you for being there for me, always x ily

    @sidelux - JAI! we’ve been talking since i had about 150 followers so thank you for sticking with me :) we’ll meet soon i promise, thanks for making me laugh and smile :) ily

    @ariphxnts - you’re not in the edit cause you rarely use tumblr but you’re one of my fav people and ily <3

    @smileysidemen - we spoke a little but you’re such a lovely and genuine person <3

    @minikray - you’re such a nice person and great to speak to :)

    @miniminnter - for the short time we’ve spoken, you’re so pretty and amazing, i hope we carry on speaking!

    @kingminiminter - i love your blog and i love speaking to you <3

    CAH SQUAD - let’s have another session soon and maybe my mic will work this time ay

    some blogs i really enjoy but never got a chance to speak to them properly:

    @chloeygm | @dtfminiminter (one of favs) | @fuckmeminter | @galaxysdmn | @helmet-girl-origins | @jiddleybehz | @mayolajidebt | @miniminters | @minininiminter | @mintersmine | @realminiminter | @sdmn-af | @sdmnly | @side-angel | @side-jizzle | @sidemenbase | @sidemenchick | @starsetxix | @ultsdmn (also one of favs) | @wroetominter (i love) | @wroetotrash (also fav) | @youtuber-melts

    let’s have a chat one day <3

    new episode tonight! 

    I wrote a song for it!

    (bunnies and BMO are not singing just mouths agape!)

    [edit] decided to add some more info here like a real blogger:

    I’m sorta excited about this one cause it’s the first episode that I helped write a premise for, which was I did a bunch of bunny doodles on a napkin (see 2 down) and the writers turned one into an outline (guess which one).

    Also it features the voices of Garfunkel and Oates who are great and they sing a weird song that I wrote, also Ron Livingston. also bunnies.

    preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Lpunby1Ang

    “Let me know when you’re ready to make a deal, Septiceye!”

    The first appearance of this AU’s journal! Just cause I had no idea what to make the laptop.. But yep! The journals in this AU are more like a master game manual on how to deal with certain monsters- Unfortunately, the one Jack found, doesn’t mention Bill-

    Jack in the beginning actually is friends with Bill- Also, Bill isn’t talking about Sam- Jack’s symbol on the Cipher wheel is an eyeball and Bill calls him Septiceye.

    My stream was slow.. if you came for the beginning, you saw I finished a Summerween edit- I started another but I got bored of it and took a break- so I decided to make this!

    The Unexpected

    So I’m finally posting the first chapter @amanda-teaches and @katymacsupernatural so I really hope you guys like it and yeah, also feedback helps so please tell me what you think sorry it took so long. Also thank you to @randomalmy for editing this story go check her out she just posted a one shot for Destiel so if you love them go check her out cause she is really good!

    Nurse! Reader x Mechanic! Dean (not yet) Colton (OMC)

    You toss the pancake up to flip it but fail miserably. The pancake batter slides down the pan, splattering onto the floor. You sigh and stare at the half of the pancake in the pan sadly.

    Your boyfriend, Colton, laughs. You give him a playful glare and place the pan back on the stove after cleaning the side of it with a dish towel. You can’t help but laugh along with Colton when he slips on a bit of batter when he tries to clean it up. You take the ruined pancake from the pan and throw it in the trash.

    After the two of you finish making breakfast, you guys take a plate of food and bring it to the table and start eating. You two eat in blissful silence, sharing small smiles occasionally.

    After you guys finish, you both start to clean up. You wash the dishes while he cleans the table. When Colton finishes, he goes upstairs for a few minutes. He comes back downstairs with his hands behind his back and a big smile.

    “I got something for you,” he says.

    “Okay…what is it?” you ask. You dry off your hands and turn off the water.

    Colton leans against the counter between you two, on his hip, and asks, “Wanna guess?”

    “Is it keys to a new car?” you tease.

    “No,” he laughs, “Something better.“

    “Really, better than a car?” you ask skeptically.

    “Okay maybe not, but it’s still good!” he chuckles.

    “Alright, what it is?”

    He swings his arms forward and reveals a stuffed panda with a blue bow and matching blue eyes.

    "Aww, thank you, I love it!”

    “No problem, I love you,” he says.

    “I love you too,” you say with a great smile.

    “You’re gonna name this one too?” he teases.

    “Yeah, I’m gonna name this one Cas,” you say confidently.

    You walk around the counter and wrap your arms around him and kiss him on the cheek. He gives you the bear when you pull away.

    “This is totally better than a car!” you exclaim, Colton laughs.

    You and Colton go to the couch and go watch some TV. Colton wraps his arms around you, and you wrap your arms around the panda.


    After 2 episodes of “Prison Break”, you check the time and realize you have thirty minutes to get to the hospital for work. You get up leaving Colton on the couch with the panda. You dress in your scrubs and go to say goodbye to Colton.

    “I gotta go to work love I’ll see you later,” you say.

    “Okay, baby, I love you,” Colton says.

    “I love you, too,” you say.

    Colton gets up and kisses you chastely.

    Then, you grab your keys and go out to your car.

    anonymous asked:

    How do you make your edits 💖

    hello anon !!!!

    my edit making process is pretty simple since i’m not a master of photoshop like most of tumblr lol but if you want me to go into more detail on a certain step lmk!

    if i make an edit:

    1. i go first to pinterest and make a board of images that i like for [subject of edit] and also ones that are aesthetic together
    2. then i spend several hours on resource blogs finding good fonts and psds (sidenote: once you have a lot then you can reuse a lot)
    3. then i open up photoshop and import my first photo! i apply the psd i chose, ad then i mess around with the settings to get the exact effect i want
    4. then i add the text layer, also messing around with that
    5. if i want to do something complicated, i just look up a youtube tutorial sdkjfdkj
    6. i sharpen it
    7. i save it and repeat with the other pictures!

    if i make a gif the process is similar

    1. i go on youtube and vimeo trying to find aesthetic videos to use
    2. again, i find a psd bc my coloring on its own is garbage
    3. gifs are very complicated i don’t really know how i do them myself lmaoo

    thank you so much for the question!!!! i love you <3


    Kim Ji Won Talks Character and Possibility of Real-Life Couples from “The Heirs”

    Kim Ji Won took on the spoiled rich girl role as Rachel Yoo in “The Heirs,” a departure from previous roles playing good girls. In an interview with My Daily, she talked about her role in the drama, as well as shared her thoughts on the drama pairings.

    Kim Ji Won watched writer Kim Eun Sook’s previous works to prepare for her character, and thought that Park Min Sook (Kim Jung Nan) from “A Gentleman’s Dignity” would be what Rachel would be like when she grew up.

    In person, Kim Ji Won is the exact opposite of Rachel Yoo. While Rachel Yoo comes straight to the point, and always says what she wants to say, Kim Ji Won comes across as being surprisingly shy. She doesn’t get angry easily, and she thinks about saying something for a while before she says it, so she says she’s missed the opportunity to speak up many times. She says the scene that sticks in her mind the most is the scene where Rachel drops a bomb on everyone at the pancake restaurant in Episode 3, making it extremely uncomfortable for Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho), Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) and Chan Young (Kang Min Hyuk).

    “That scene embodied Rachel as a character the best. Rachel always stays true to her feelings and instincts. She’s part of high society, and trying to behave like an adult, but I see Rachel as being very much her teenage self. When she falls in love, she’ll throw money or anything and go all-in; she’s definitely done a lot of things that were not mature and adult-like.”

    She also revealed that she took a page out of Blair Waldorf’s book, referring to American drama “Gossip Girl,” pointing out elements such as Blair’s vicious expressions and conceited gestures of superiority. The straight-cut bangs, though, were entirely writer Kim Eun Sook’s idea.

    “Writer-nim expressed that it would be good if I got heavy bangs. She thought that the stuffy bangs would suit Rachel’s image better. I liked having bangs. It was a small change but made a world of difference. I can’t imagine a Rachel without bangs right now.”

    Kim Ji Won’s real-life dating style is also very different from Rachel’s. While Rachel is the type to give her heart completely to the person she likes, and obsess and follow after them, Kim Ji Won says that if the other person doesn’t like her, she would go through a period of heartache alone and then break it off cleanly.

    “I’ve been asked before if I’ve been in any relationships, and I’ve said no. But in truth, I have had a boyfriend previously. It was in between transitioning from the third year of middle school to the first year of high school. But it’s hard to call it a romantic relationship. Thinking back, he was just a male friend that I went to extra classes outside with and ate with.” (Laughs)

    She’s got such a pretty face, so it was hard to believe that she had had nearly no dating experience. When asked there was anyone who caught her eye while filming “The Heirs,” she said, “It was all business for us. We built friendships, but it ended cleanly.”

    “I don’t know of any of us who became a couple after the show ended. I don’t understand it, and none of the staff do either. When we filmed at the school outside Seoul, all the actors came down from the city. We waited in the classrooms in between takes, and sat at the desks like students while eating snacks and chit-chatting.”

    However, through this project, she’s gained an admirer in the form of actor Kang Ha Neul, who played Lee Hyo Shin. In the drama, both liked other characters, but due to an unexpected kiss, the two gradually built an attraction to one another. Before the final episode, the two revealed a picture of them holding hands with one another, causing viewers to be curious if their characters would end up together in the drama.

    “I met Ha Neul-oppa before while working on the drama ‘To The Beautiful You,’ but this is our first time acting together. He’s really nice so it was comfortable working with him, we also found that we have similar hobbies, so it felt like we were real siblings. As a joke, he was the male Kim Ji Won and I was the female Kang Ha Neul.”