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(( request batch 3!!! I’ve only got one request left now which I’ll (hopefully) finish tomorrow, I was planning on putting all 3 of them in one post but I really wanted to post these tonight so,,

the first one is a piggy back ride tower requested by anonymous!! and the second- also requested by an anon- was just whatever my favorite headcanon(s) was so I picked one by @cipherfied where Bruce only kisses Dick when he’s asleep which I thought was way too cute to not draw cause I’m a sucker for fluffy father/son stuff..

anyway hope u guys like these!! last one will be done tomorrow hopefully!! ))

(( EDIT: fixed the thing where I accidentally drew robin sleeping in his glasses cause it was Bugging Me…… ))


“T-This is for me? Thanks… Wait, don’t get any wrong idea though!! It’s not like I appreciate your kindness or anything.
…I, I’m not saying that I don’t either. Alright!?”

Happy Birthday, Cordelia’s baby girl!!!

Final - A fun accident(while editing the image) - Original

Out of all Awakening children generation, Severa is the one who grew on me the most.
Sure, there were child gen I fell in love with almost at first sight (Cynthia, Inigo, etc), and I still love them very much.
But although I didn’t like Severa at first, as I interacted with Luna in FE If, she really grew on me. I couldn’t help but think how brave and precious the three are for coming to the other world and fighting for a noble cause, out of pure kindness. Also she’s freakin cute in the JP version.
And strangely, even when I wasn’t too fond of her, she was the one who made my heart ache as I occassionally pictured her crying for her lost parents, along with Cynthia. (Well, along with all Awakening children gen.)

So, Happy Birthday Severa/Luna. I hope you will have a bright happy future with all your beloved comrades. :)

Submitted this for #fe_69min ’s theme 【HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SEVERA/LUNA (FATES CHARACTER!】



This was a PMV I originally intended to release back in 2016 but I got busy and sidetracked causing me to put it off and only pick it up again last week. But the main thing is, it’s finally finished!! The art style does change quite a bit after the first minute and a half but that’s because I literally haven’t touched this video for seven months so my art has altered. x’D

I hope you like it! Also, this was my first time using Sony Vegas as one of my editing programs so it was an interesting experience.

The is pitched down to sound more masculine, to fit with Ravenpaw and Barley more. The music is The Great Divide by Rebecca Black and it was made using MSPaint, Gimp 2, Powerdirector 14, Flash CS6 and Sony Vegas 13 to make this. ^^

Appreciation: Quinx Squad

“Let me know when you’re ready to make a deal, Septiceye!”

The first appearance of this AU’s journal! Just cause I had no idea what to make the laptop.. But yep! The journals in this AU are more like a master game manual on how to deal with certain monsters- Unfortunately, the one Jack found, doesn’t mention Bill-

Jack in the beginning actually is friends with Bill- Also, Bill isn’t talking about Sam- Jack’s symbol on the Cipher wheel is an eyeball and Bill calls him Septiceye.

My stream was slow.. if you came for the beginning, you saw I finished a Summerween edit- I started another but I got bored of it and took a break- so I decided to make this!


APink Eunji Gif Set requested by Anon

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i’d like to thank netflix & dreamworks & everyone involved with voltron for giving me the chance to shitpost all over it. i’ve been around for a month, & there have been ups & downs, but it’s also been hella fun to be here. met a lot of cool cats. get it, cause ?? lions ?? felines ?? iloveeveryoneinthisbar.gif

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