i also edited the first one 'cause i liked if


(( request batch 3!!! I’ve only got one request left now which I’ll (hopefully) finish tomorrow, I was planning on putting all 3 of them in one post but I really wanted to post these tonight so,,

the first one is a piggy back ride tower requested by anonymous!! and the second- also requested by an anon- was just whatever my favorite headcanon(s) was so I picked one by @cipherfied where Bruce only kisses Dick when he’s asleep which I thought was way too cute to not draw cause I’m a sucker for fluffy father/son stuff..

anyway hope u guys like these!! last one will be done tomorrow hopefully!! ))

(( EDIT: fixed the thing where I accidentally drew robin sleeping in his glasses cause it was Bugging Me…… ))


Then and now: Still just as cute.


I feel like there’s more throwbacks out there for this post, but I couldn’t think of any, so feel free to chime in if you think you know who’s missing.

***EDIT***: I just remembered another! Kerry Washington, DUH. She was in the first season of Boston Legal, as Chelina, the co-worker that took Alan to Texas for a last-minute execution appeal… AKA ‘the episode in which I BAWLED like a baby and stared at my screen with total disbelief, utterly devastated, as the credits rolled’. On a happier note, it’s also ‘the one in which Alan looks hot in a cowboy hat and kisses Chelina and rides a freaking mechanical bull’.And I was thankful beyond words for being so late to the Boston Legal party, 'cause I didn’t have to sit on that ending during the long, between-season months. I just hastily jumped to s02. ANYWAY, I digress. After Boston Legal ended, James and Kerry did Race, a Mamet play.

I’ll concede that Kerry isn’t exactly a distant throwback, but I’m lumping her in there anyway.

And right now I’m annoyed 'cause I can’t seem to figure out how to edit a post in order to add a photo. If anyone can assist, I’d be tremendously thankful.

After a period of losing like 70+ followers, I finally reached 1.2K!! so to celebrate those of you who stuck it out with me and to those of you who just arrived, I have THIS!


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I’m so happy I got to color lineart by @thegeekogecko for Kristanna Art Exchange! :D I think it’s lovely! It’s all so cute and pure!  I especially love Anna’s expression here ♥

When I first saw it I thought the scene takes place shortly after the end of the movie, like at the very beginning of their relationship. Sunset watched from one of castle walls fits well for their first date, right?

Kristoff’s dressed in the outfit he wore on coronation’s day, but he also has a vest. I had so much fun with coloring Anna’s dress. I hope you’ll like it, because doing it was a pleasure for me (even though I had to edit colors a little in photoshop ‘cause my scaner ate them)!


“T-This is for me? Thanks… Wait, don’t get any wrong idea though!! It’s not like I appreciate your kindness or anything.
…I, I’m not saying that I don’t either. Alright!?”

Happy Birthday, Cordelia’s baby girl!!!

Final - A fun accident(while editing the image) - Original

Out of all Awakening children generation, Severa is the one who grew on me the most.
Sure, there were child gen I fell in love with almost at first sight (Cynthia, Inigo, etc), and I still love them very much.
But although I didn’t like Severa at first, as I interacted with Luna in FE If, she really grew on me. I couldn’t help but think how brave and precious the three are for coming to the other world and fighting for a noble cause, out of pure kindness. Also she’s freakin cute in the JP version.
And strangely, even when I wasn’t too fond of her, she was the one who made my heart ache as I occassionally pictured her crying for her lost parents, along with Cynthia. (Well, along with all Awakening children gen.)

So, Happy Birthday Severa/Luna. I hope you will have a bright happy future with all your beloved comrades. :)

Submitted this for #fe_69min ’s theme 【HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SEVERA/LUNA (FATES CHARACTER!】

Appreciation: Quinx Squad
KNB Extra Game chap. 2

There are a few things I noticed here and my hormones is tingly.
Some of lines were edited by me. You’ll figure it out which one. 
Credits to the first translator before I edit some. 
I also cut a few scene and just post what the caused of my hormones. 
Characters are not mine. 

See this? Kise and Kagami figured it out. Kise is like Kagami’s partner in crime, lol. Akashi’s reaction though.

Again, Akashi’s reaction oveer here. But knowing that something will happen, they all rushed to the scene. Am I the only thinking about this that everyone is super protective over Kuroko? Just it’s killing me.

Kagami is the one who get between them. Super hero boyfriend style~ 

Behold! Angry boyfriends! Kagami and Aomine are in the front, defending their Kuroko while Kise is being oh so caring to their Kuroko. Murasakibara is so scary tho.

They’re shaking from the anger that pool down their skins. I love how Aomine’s face is so pissed. 

Akashi considered Kuroko’s feelings! OH MY GOD! I SHALL MAKE A ONE SHOT FANFICT

And Akashi was pretty much holding it until they provoked him and now he’s super mad…. OH MY GOD.

In this chapter, there’s a lot of pairing that sails itself. Thats it, thank you for reading my vent of how I liked this chapter. 


  ‘cause i ain’t sticking around long:  a  f a n m i x  f o r  n i c k

  “Name’s Nick,

  but don’t bother learning it.”



here come that cheesy post but,

421 posts and just over 5 months later i hit 1k. i didn’t think i would get 100 followers, never mind 1k?!

i just want to thank every single person that follows my blog and that i love you all lots ❤<3

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I saw something about a portal au from @michael-mellody (I think??? I’m dumb lol)

But michael as chell is too great! So I sketched up a Michael for some practice.

Also I know that I can’t draw a portal gun. Rip me

Edit: uh i couldn’t tag them the first time cause tumblr on mobile sucks, so there

bellamyblake  asked:

Hey 😘

First impression: Umm this girl has stunning edits, why the fuck did she follow my trash blog? Like she’s sweet, and probably has a million followers cause she’s so talented, this must be a mistake.

Truth is: Haley my love! Your just, one of the kindest people I know. Guys, she sends me these cute positive messages, and honestly on bad days they make me smile and I’m so grateful for them! I’m so happy, that even if we don’t agree on everything, we can still be friends cause ily. Also she’s crazy stupid talented. 

How old do you look: Have I ever seen a pic of you? Like I sad bad with faces I’m sorry! But I get your gorgeous! 

Have you ever made me laugh: Loads, her comments on things are too funny.

Have you ever made me mad: No not really.

Best feature: Apart from her edits (her snapchat AUs give me life), she’s just such a kind and thoughtful person. I love talking her.

Have I ever had a crush on you: ofc.

You’re my: number one Aaron Dingle lover.

Name in my phone: don’t have you on my phone.

Should you post this too?: Yes for sure.

new episode tonight! 

I wrote a song for it!

(bunnies and BMO are not singing just mouths agape!)

[edit] decided to add some more info here like a real blogger:

I’m sorta excited about this one cause it’s the first episode that I helped write a premise for, which was I did a bunch of bunny doodles on a napkin (see 2 down) and the writers turned one into an outline (guess which one).

Also it features the voices of Garfunkel and Oates who are great and they sing a weird song that I wrote, also Ron Livingston. also bunnies.

preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Lpunby1Ang

“Let me know when you’re ready to make a deal, Septiceye!”

The first appearance of this AU’s journal! Just cause I had no idea what to make the laptop.. But yep! The journals in this AU are more like a master game manual on how to deal with certain monsters- Unfortunately, the one Jack found, doesn’t mention Bill-

Jack in the beginning actually is friends with Bill- Also, Bill isn’t talking about Sam- Jack’s symbol on the Cipher wheel is an eyeball and Bill calls him Septiceye.

My stream was slow.. if you came for the beginning, you saw I finished a Summerween edit- I started another but I got bored of it and took a break- so I decided to make this!

Anna Kendrick about Bechloe
  • Interviewer: "So, huge Fanbase surrounding Beca and Chloe as a couple"
  • Anna: "Yes, I love it!"
  • Interviewer: "Right. What are your thoughts on that?"
  • Anna: "I love it. I couldn't be more excited about it. It's you know.. In the first movie, you know, when we were doing the scenes I was like 'This is entering like 'sketchy town'. And I love it. 'That's where I live, that's my home - in sketchy town.' And then we just kinda lent into it. And in the second one... well, I don't know.. It's a weird combination where there's moments where you're like 'Oh come on, that was a perfect opportunity for a Bechloe moment' ... Yeah that's right. And then there's stuff where I'm like 'Oh, that's gonna blow those chicks minds.' Cause you know, some chicks are really into it and I'm like 'Dope! I love it!' Like you know, the fanfiction and all of it."
  • Interviewer: "Are you reading the fanfiction?"
  • Anna: "I tried -I'm not gonna lie to you -I tried to read one fanfiction, cause I was like, I have to, you know. And it was... Maybe I chose the wrong fanfiction to read, but it was so slow. I was expecting to be like 'Oh my god, I can't believe they're writing this crazy shit about me and Brittany' but it was like, there was a lot of exposition. So I gave up after that. So, it's probably for the best. I probably shouldn't be reading that."
  • Interviewer: "So, basically your fans should know, that they need to tweet you the once with the heavy sex. The once that go really fast..."
  • Anna: "Your words, not mine... Well it's weird, cause in this one it was also like, you know, the weird thing where I can't stop complimenting the Kommissar. But then the way they edited some of the stuff with Hailee, I was like 'Dude, why does that look like I wanna bone this chick?' We filmed a perfectly normal scene, unlike the Beca and Chloe scenes in the first movie, which were always borderlined. And Hailee and I filmed this perfectly normal scene and they cut it together with like these lingering looks. First of all I already got like my potential lesbian storyline with Chloe so I feel this loyal. And secondly, Hailee is seventeen so, I'm a creep."
  • Interviewer: "Your words, not mine"
  • Anna: "Oh boy..."

Kim Ji Won Talks Character and Possibility of Real-Life Couples from “The Heirs”

Kim Ji Won took on the spoiled rich girl role as Rachel Yoo in “The Heirs,” a departure from previous roles playing good girls. In an interview with My Daily, she talked about her role in the drama, as well as shared her thoughts on the drama pairings.

Kim Ji Won watched writer Kim Eun Sook’s previous works to prepare for her character, and thought that Park Min Sook (Kim Jung Nan) from “A Gentleman’s Dignity” would be what Rachel would be like when she grew up.

In person, Kim Ji Won is the exact opposite of Rachel Yoo. While Rachel Yoo comes straight to the point, and always says what she wants to say, Kim Ji Won comes across as being surprisingly shy. She doesn’t get angry easily, and she thinks about saying something for a while before she says it, so she says she’s missed the opportunity to speak up many times. She says the scene that sticks in her mind the most is the scene where Rachel drops a bomb on everyone at the pancake restaurant in Episode 3, making it extremely uncomfortable for Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho), Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) and Chan Young (Kang Min Hyuk).

“That scene embodied Rachel as a character the best. Rachel always stays true to her feelings and instincts. She’s part of high society, and trying to behave like an adult, but I see Rachel as being very much her teenage self. When she falls in love, she’ll throw money or anything and go all-in; she’s definitely done a lot of things that were not mature and adult-like.”

She also revealed that she took a page out of Blair Waldorf’s book, referring to American drama “Gossip Girl,” pointing out elements such as Blair’s vicious expressions and conceited gestures of superiority. The straight-cut bangs, though, were entirely writer Kim Eun Sook’s idea.

“Writer-nim expressed that it would be good if I got heavy bangs. She thought that the stuffy bangs would suit Rachel’s image better. I liked having bangs. It was a small change but made a world of difference. I can’t imagine a Rachel without bangs right now.”

Kim Ji Won’s real-life dating style is also very different from Rachel’s. While Rachel is the type to give her heart completely to the person she likes, and obsess and follow after them, Kim Ji Won says that if the other person doesn’t like her, she would go through a period of heartache alone and then break it off cleanly.

“I’ve been asked before if I’ve been in any relationships, and I’ve said no. But in truth, I have had a boyfriend previously. It was in between transitioning from the third year of middle school to the first year of high school. But it’s hard to call it a romantic relationship. Thinking back, he was just a male friend that I went to extra classes outside with and ate with.” (Laughs)

She’s got such a pretty face, so it was hard to believe that she had had nearly no dating experience. When asked there was anyone who caught her eye while filming “The Heirs,” she said, “It was all business for us. We built friendships, but it ended cleanly.”

“I don’t know of any of us who became a couple after the show ended. I don’t understand it, and none of the staff do either. When we filmed at the school outside Seoul, all the actors came down from the city. We waited in the classrooms in between takes, and sat at the desks like students while eating snacks and chit-chatting.”

However, through this project, she’s gained an admirer in the form of actor Kang Ha Neul, who played Lee Hyo Shin. In the drama, both liked other characters, but due to an unexpected kiss, the two gradually built an attraction to one another. Before the final episode, the two revealed a picture of them holding hands with one another, causing viewers to be curious if their characters would end up together in the drama.

“I met Ha Neul-oppa before while working on the drama ‘To The Beautiful You,’ but this is our first time acting together. He’s really nice so it was comfortable working with him, we also found that we have similar hobbies, so it felt like we were real siblings. As a joke, he was the male Kim Ji Won and I was the female Kang Ha Neul.”

Hello Friends and Fiends,

I know I’ve been yammering a lot about Six of Crows, but I want to try to make sure this doesn’t get lost in the noise. The Pixel Project is dedicated to helping stop violence against women and I’m honored to be a part of their campaign.

There are two great ways to participate:

1. Join my Google hangout on Saturday 9/19 @ 6pm PST. It’s free! I’ll be reading from Six of Crows, talking women in pop culture, and answering your questions in a live Q&A. Please RSVP and say hello.

2. Donate to their indiegogo fundraiser and GET REWARDED. I’m offering a Grisha megabundle of stuff: A signed hardcover set of the Grisha Trilogy (including the gold cover Collector’s Edition of Ruin and Rising) + a signed hardcover first edition of Six of Crows + LOTS of Six of Crows exclusive swag.

I’m also offering a 1000 word critique + 30 minute Skype session. This is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. I’ll read 1K of whatever you’d like to send my way (manuscript? query letter? epic tone poem? nothing at all?) and then we’ll talk one-on-one via Skype. Because of my schedule, I can’t offer this type of thing very often outside of workshops, so I hope you’ll take me up on it and help a great cause while you’re at it.

Even if you don’t particularly like me, there are lots of phenomenal authors offering incentives and time, so get in there, marvelous people! And please help spread the word :) 

Edit: You guys are so wonderful! The Grisha megabundle and critique have been snapped up. But I hope you’ll pop by the Pixel Project indiegogo page anyway. They’re offering incredible stuff from so many great authors, and you can also just opt to make a donation. Even a few dollars makes a difference and they’re so close to reaching their goal.