i also dont know how to pose

this is the only other thing i’ve drawn today and it’s just a sketch but i felt like i needed to share,

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i love your art so much!!!! the lighting, the hair and expressions, but most of all the poses!! i hope you dont mind me asking, but how do you go about planning the pose for a drawing (especially if its like an action or battle pose) like what kind of references do you use? its really hard to come up with something and i dont know where to look for inspiration. thanks!!


when im stuck on pose ideas, i usually just google some example poses L O L!!! i also look over some of my fav artists’ work. although i believe once you can grasp the way limbs etc. work, youll be able to create any pose you want. although i believe the crucial thing is to make sure whatever pose youre choosing is correct.

mia jumping in the air with a one vanishing point perspective

for more dynamic poses, try experimenting with camera angles.

mia with attempted 3 vanishing point perspective L MAO

energy lies in small details and gestures

although there isnt really anything wrong with this pose, you can add more energy by changing and adding a few things.

i hunched lyns back and shoulders more for tension and moved the sword to a more active, dynamic pose. the direction and flow of her hair further adds to the energy. dont be afraid to get our of your comfort zone to try more dynamic poses

hopefully that helps…. GOOD LUCK MY DUDE!!!

so mnet paid nuest members to babysit those babies
  • kang dongho aka papa bear

i really love how trainees are scared of dongho at the beginning (especially daehwi my baby haha) but not anymore.. dongho is actually a pape bear with many kids.. the cutest moment is where dongho said “aigoo~” when the maknaes come to him..  

dont forget about his first son, guanlin.. when your kid is bullied, it is appa’s job to protect his baby.. dont ever mess with dongho’s kids,you will regret it i swear..

if you have any problem and need an extra lesson, just ask dongho.. he is willing to give you 1:1 lesson.. it’s so cute when dongho take his time to help haknyeon with his part.. dongho’s patience when he deals with haknyeon is very admirable..

i dont know if daehwi is consider one of dongho’s babies but i just put him anyway hehehe.. we all know that daehwi is pretty scared of dongho since the beginning but they are ok now.. they even joke about it (bcoz mnet being a jerk, making dongho looks like a bad guy!).. it is cute seeing daehwi being all careful around dongho because he is pretty much still awkward with dongho.. haha.. gudluck daehwi!

  • nation’s leader kim jonghyun

he received the nation’s leader tittle when he is babysitting hyunbin during group evaluation episode.. how he takes all the blame to himself (bless you jonghyun!) he looks so proud to see hyunbin improves from day to day..

from relay cam we can see jonghyun is stitting with maknae woojin.. aww~ jonghyun looks like woojin’s uncle.. hahaha.. i assume daniel and ong are busy (yup im ongnieljin trash, fight me) so they let jonghyun babysits their son.. but jonghyun’s hands already full with nuest’s sons so he looks a little tired… jonghyun fighting!

  • hwang minhyun the emperor

yup he is very likable, no wonder those babies really like him.. but this one particular baby *cough* seonho *cough* likes him so damn much and minhyun finds it very tiring… haha.. you can escape from baby’s love! once you become their fav, you cant run away.. you should hug seonho before he sulks even more, minhyun-ah~

so hyunbin also very close with minhyun.. i remember watching their hidden box cam.. the “minhyunbin” thing cracks me up! haha.. apparently minhyun helps jonghyun takes care of hyunbin.. when you had a giant baby to take care of, you need some help from your friend.. i love the idea of giant baby because hyunbin is actually just a kid inside a that tall figure (he is the tallest but his personality is like 5!)

  • choi minki aka minki gaga

we all know how minki can be so extra in just a second.. haha.. i think that’s why the kids likes to surround him and play with him despite him being a hyung.. he likes to play as if he is the same as as them.. and yongjin even write a letter about how minki is an angel and he is thankful to him.. well i do really enjoy their duet together! divas being divas~

and also we heard about the bunny thing.. minki,jihoon and baejin all doing the same bunny pose during 2nd elimination (omg cuties!) we dont really see their interactions but we dont know behind camera.. they maybe pretty close with each other.. they also in the same team (oh little girl) and their personalities really match each other.. and the fact that minki is nuest’s maknae makes me think that he miss playing with friends (yup because other nuest’s members are all grown up and not being playful anymore) so minki makes younger friends so he can be cute with them..

so far they did a very good job… it was tough at first but they manage it somehow. those babies get too attached to them now..

im very happy to see their smiles now compare to first couple episodes.. i wish they can achieve success in the future because nuest is precious! i always forgot that they debut in very young age (im a 95-line too) so maybe they dont have time to play with friends before.. it’s nice to see them being playful again and even take care of their dongsaengs.. they see good examples to other trainees also.. nuest fighting!

(if you know about their other babies, please let me know ok? i might miss it)

*all pictures are from google 😅 credit to owners*


I did some poses since I was bored and now I’ve made myself sad

@fandomescapades I want to draw more of your lolix au, but I’m forgetting everything ;-;

You know that feeling you want to learn new stuff, but want to be able to complete it perfectly in one day and just get frustrated when it doesn’t?

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It’s like trying to crush an elephant with a butterfly

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how to get poses to be more dynamic? i swear i can only draw the same fuckinf face angles/ poses and i want to do something different i just dont know how

look thru this there are tons of pose refs and site refs for good pose practice. also this site is fun and can help a lot

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hi hi I hope no one has asked this already, but could u maybe give some pointers on how to draw bodies ??? :-0 whenever i draw them they look so stiff and awkward,, the way u draw bodies is so flow-y and gentle ??thank u so much!!!!

hello! of course im glad to do so👍 firstly, i think its pretty self-explanatory but anatomy and the flow of your style develops with lots of practice and time, and what i say after this is the less important part. what helps you the most are making studies of pictures and life, bodies of different sizes and shapes and positions – and poses especially, if u think ur figures look awkward u should stock up on some poses🌝 (i personally never took part in such thing but model classes seem especially useful, since theres a time limit to each pose, it forces you to not dwell on smaller/unimportant details too much, realise what are those details that you do need to picture the likeness of that pose and body, and generally makes your work quicker and flow easier).

  • reference: should i explain this. reference is all artists pal (until ure not copying others artwork) please use references.
  • learn general anatomy rules: body is 8 heads long, feet size = lower arm size, etc etc, there are plenty of anatomy guides about this. these also help when anatomy doesnt feel right but u dont quite know whats wrong. its mostly about developing an eye for proportions, comparing sizes, what should be in line with what; how that changes in shifting positions and angles (like the ears in relation to the eyes when the figure looks up and down post that blew up recently(?) i cant seem to find it lol if anyone has it link me pls so i can link it here as well,,,,) ; and in what ways/how far can the body and limbs bend.
  • leave sketch behind: it kind of requires you to clear the previous point but. the reason i stopped sketching (usually only do when i need to plan where to place the body n stuff in a background) is that since general proportions come to me naturally now my drawing becomes stiff if i do the lineart on a sketch, also i tweak and adjust anatomy a lot along the way so. my sketch wouldnt be more accurate anatomically than the end result and it gives me no real guide. sketching helps u at the beginning stage of learning anatomy as it allows u to think abt bodies in a simplified way (a circle with a cross on it for head we all kno✓), but later it can drag u down and it might be better to move on. also, the common problem of the sketch being more dynamic than the lineart. all my linearts are cleaned up sketches, if we put it that way🌞👍
  • develop a routine: actually this is more of a workflow/speed/not feel so lost tip but it might be useful idk. for the longest time, no matter if its a portrait or full body pic, ive always been drawing body parts in the same order: eyes, eyebrow, nose, mouth, sideburns (yes to locate where ears will be), ears, fringe/forehead area, hair/head, neck, collarbones (to locate shoulders), upper body, hips (to locate what way will legs go), lower body. a video of my sketching to demonstrate 🌚 since hands are p expressive and easy to misplace i usually draw it before the rest of the arm (like a figure leaning on their hand, i get to the collarbone, then the hand, then arm).
  • break down to parts: makes it easier to process the  details. this actually came to me thinking about hands, but applies to the whole body. on a hand, i think of phalanges as different compartments and draw it as if it was a mannequins hand placed together of different premade parts in the shapes of joints and such, and if it looks too much i erase the extra lines (but not always, as seen in the pic below). a ball jointed doll (altho often they have v twisted proportions, and might not go into details on parts like feet) is a good example on how to break it apart imo but im sure there are guides on this online as well. generally meat and bones and stuff that are in one chunk lol. it also helps if u draw the difficult things (hands usually) on a different layer so u can drag it around and see where it fits best. idk if that sounds weird but its part of my pose making process sometimes o(-(
  • zoom out, flip the canvas: i put this after the previous point to enhance: dont work too zoomed in, only on one part of the body. i mean ofc cleaning up lineart is another thing but seeing the whole of the pose and the body is how u prevent misproportioning and misplacing. breaking it apart and then putting it together in the right places and sizes is what we want to achieve here. flipping the canvas horizontally can reveal anatomy mishaps that u might have not even noticed so good to make it a habit.
  • lasso tool and transform (obv only if u work digitally) : my Best Friends :-) as said i adjust anatomy (or the pose even) a lot while linearting and use these two lots. make use of the transform tool not only with sizing but shearing and this thing here that allows u to swish ur selected area around by dragging or how to explain its rly useful.

Hinata crow and Kageyama crow also Kenma cat @ Jump Festa 2017

You can find them at Toho Animation area. Hinata crow just too cute! He always let us touch his fur and also being cute infront of us. Tobio being tobio~ Unimpressed as ever! Haha.. But during Jump Super Stage Haikyuu, Tobio is the one with most energy where he jumps around really high! and keeps on jumping, I dont know how many times he jumps but sure he’s cute! Kenma cat also very cute! One time when I want to take his picture he stand in front of me and pose cutely and at the end he blocks my front camera with his furry paws! So cute! 😂


for whoever is curious how the process went for this picture. Honestly the head took forever, including the neck, just didn’t know how to do it right, proportions and everything. Kind of fucked up in my eyes, but in the end, still happy with the result. 

Details: character © Favetoni, used mainly CSP and then PS for the last effects. 


hey again! i just wanted to make a quick appreciation post and try to make somebody’s day! i will plan to add more to this in the future :) soo here you gooo!ps some of this is copied and pasted from my 60 more questions post so you don’t have to scroll :) /

@littlemissnellie: has bomb stories and is the sweetest lil bean on the planet

@kateplayssims: a meme queen that needs pose player taken away from her..but she is also kind of a genius that helps me out when I’m being stupid..also she sends me squirrel gifts sometimes

@tiredtoothache: this girl’s editing, storyline writing and poses are on point, you can tell she works really hard on it :)

@wild-pixel:  one of the most gorgeous cc makers e v e r and have you seen his edits?

@sandy-sims her poses are gorgeous, her stories are so compelling and basically everything she makes is fabulous

i really want to give everyone a lil boost of confidence sooo im going to talk about more than 5 simblrs

@katsimsthings her sims are just beautiful! you can tell she puts lots of effort into making backstories and writing dialogues in her posts

@amessofsims lina was sweet enough to teach me how to actually edit she was so helpful and her legacy is adorable! :)

@atksims i dont know ashley too well but camillia is adorable :) she also seems like a really nice person

@sweetersims her edit skills are through the roof and she’s sweet and fun to talk to :)

@summerssims amanda makes great cc, is simply lovely and her levi legacy is goals :’)

@simstellation: jillian’s im a lover legacy is simply the bomb, but i would want to cry if i had two toddlers too. plus she is the queen of dragging things out

@montysimstaylah’s captions always make me laugh, i love how she has a amazing group of friends to support her too! ps. how are her sims so cute?


Commission Info 

***Payment: PayPal (You must pay first!)***

My PayPal will be given privately after discussing the commission.

Update 8/11/17: hey! so my art style is currently going through what i can only describe as a growth spurt, and im honestly still trying to find myself as an artist,, its only been a week since i posted this and i feel like ive already changed since i made these samples. 

therefore: if you come across this commissions page through a certain drawing of mine, expecting these samples to look like said drawing (which they most likely dont now), please feel free to specify which drawing you found my commissions through, and i will make your commission in the style i used in that drawing! no extra charge! 

please message me if you have any questions about this, i dont know how much longer this art style growth spurt will last, but i will update the samples as soon as i figure myself out!! thanks for your patience!

What I will draw:

  • OCs (of any kind!)
  • Fan art (of anything!)
  • Real People
  • Ships/Romance/NSFW


  • Black + White: $10 (+1 Character: +$5)
  • Color: $15 (+1 Character: $10)
  • Busts: $8
  • Splatoon Style: $10 (+1 Character: $8)
  • +Realism: +$5
  • +Complex Background: +$5

Feel free to ask about any special additions to the commission such as specific dimensions, poses, etc!

Please leave a message on my inbox if you are interested! You can also email me at miaokep@gmail.com if you prefer.

It would also mean very much to me if you could reblog and help spread the word!!

(opened August 4, 2017)



thank you @scribblingninja for taking such great pics, i hope i can see you again soon! 

I went as your most lovable mr sharpshooter himself,LANCE

♥BEST EMO♥ is @danuchou , thank you for being my space ranger buddy ( and holding my bag u are an angel and we dont deserve you)

Our one and only pidge is @something-caliginous!

If you see yourself in these pictures please let me know! ( esp the korrasami girls! it was so much fun to take pictures with you both and create the least straight picture on planet earth)

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would you consider doing either 1C or 2A of shadow x omega .... also i'm gay

fandom secret the only reason ive never drawn this pairing before is bc omega is so hard to draw. but i absolutely LOVE SHADOMEGA AND I WISH THERE WAS CONTENT FOR IT

i did 2A but had to like…heavily change the angle/pose a lil because of their height difference and bc i dont know how to draw omega from the side. HOPE THATS OK