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Ok so I read the anon tag but it's all so vague I can't piece it together. Do you mind recapping it for me everything they've said and if any came true? They said don't be upset but like Elounor pics came out that day so was that suppose to be happy lol? Idk sorry to bug you but could you describe everything so far ://

for the most part, my anon warns about stunt related things, like articles and pap pics. i started getting them at the end of february, and they’ve been fairly consistent with sending them. going through every anon they’ve sent and fact-checking with articles and such would take a very long time.. so here’s a timeline of some of the main things they’ve said and what came true about it:

February 27th: “March 3rd. Be ready :) x”

this was the day we got elounor pap pics at the airport, showcasing them as a couple and confirming the rumors flying around about them getting back together

March 6th: “The contract is ending :) x”

this anon still confuses me a bit.. it’s regarding louis, as they sent me another anon saying “Louis’ . That’s why they are trying to ruin his name. It’s a smear campaign against him.” or i think it was them? this is before we had a system so i could distinguish the fake anons from the real ones

we don’t know specifically what contract it pertains to and if it came true yet. however, this anon was sent just a few hours before we got pap pics of ann marie thompson, head of media at syco, along with a few other lawyers entering louis’ la house. may be related? we probably need to wait on this one a bit

March 6th: “Keep an eye out :) x after tomorrow”

this was send 2 days before the music video for jho. march 7th we found out the music video would be dropping, and then it came out on march 8th. this was sent by a follow up anon saying “Music video :) x” on march 7th and then on march 8th, an anon saying “Did you like it ? :) x”

March 8th: “Its not too much for her. Articles. :) x”

this was the day eleanor left la and was papped. an article that day came out about the incident and how the girl was pressing charges. the next day, we got the article about eleanor leaving la and they used the pap pics. this was

March 9th: “Articles. :) x” and “Briana. :) x”

pap pics (obviously staged) came out of briana and ashley at the park with freddie. pics were used in an article that talked about the airport incident and louis getting back together with eleanor

March 12th: “Trying to make you believe. :) x”

this was sent on the week harry resurfaced in new york. a few days later, harry followed zoe kravitz on instagram so people speculated them being a thing (x), obviously still trying to enforce a womanizer image on him. this is what i think the anon was referring to, but it could mean something else

March 15th: “WTWCD. Third line. :) x” and “Pics :) x”

i received some song recommendations earlier on anon (the 14th), all of them being rolling stones songs. one of the songs was ‘when the whip comes down.’ the third line of that song is “i was a gay in new york.” later that night, harry took fan pictures at a restaurant in new york. this happened at like 1-2 am on the 15th

March 15th: “Pics. :) x” and “Sunglasses. :) x”

a few hours after getting these anons, harry was papped at an airport in new york, heading back to LA. the previous night he wasn’t wearing his sunglasses on the top of his head, but that night he brought them back

March 16th: “Gym. :) x”

fans spotted harry going to the gym later that morning in london. he did not take any fan pics

March 20th: “Girl. x”

the next day, eleanor and louis papped at james arthur concert. fan pics taken as well and there were rumors that louis and eleanor were kissing

March 21st: “Articles. :) x”

articles come out on the 22nd using the pap pics taken at the james arthur concert

March 22nd: “Buckle up, love x”

harry announces on march 25th his first single to be released on april 7th. ad for it is dropped, theme on twitter is changed, and he posts 3 white squares on instagram. website linked in bio on twitter

April 3rd: “Don’t be upset, Friday. x”

this can be interpreted two different ways.. one of which being, don’t be upset because harry is releasing his music on friday. one of the lines after all is “just stop your crying.” but it could also mean shit’s gonna happen, don’t be upset though. we did get pap pics of elounor at louis’ house so it could be this as well

April 9th: “A.K.J.Z. :) x”

so i was confused what this meant at first but then i figured out that it meant alicia keys jay z… they sing the song empire state of mind, which is about new york. i got this anon late on april 9th and then on april 10th, harry flew into new york city and we got pics of it on april 11th

hopefully this helps. i tried to be as specific as i could but i haven’t really kept track up to this point so i may have left a few things out. smiley anon is pretty helpful, wouldn’t you say so? :)

  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she means: ok so how did Brian Jones's death become so wrongfully depicted in the media? It's reported that he died under the influence of drink and drugs and became "just another sad rockstar that died drugged and drunk" but first of all the postmortem found little to no evidence of drugs in his system and his blood alcohol level represented the equivalent of just three and a half pints of beer, and people that knew him, Keith Richards included, noted that it was indeed very strange that he drowned in such a short period of time in his own swimming pool while broadly sober, because Brian was a very strong swimmer and very acrobatic in water. Anna Wohlin, his girlfriend of three months and a key witness, maintains that Brian had stopped taking drugs (except for sleeping pills, which he did NOT abuse) when they met in April of '69 and also maintains that Brian was NOT sad, devastated or felt any sort of betrayal against the Stones members for sacking him, he was actually quite relieved (also verified by Keith Richards) and that he and Anna actually had planned to go to the Hyde Park gig so Brian could publicly show he had no hard feelings about leaving the Rolling Stones. He had wanted to get out of the band for some time and wanted to get together a new band, Bill Wyman remembers that Brian was phoning people up about creating a new band before he died and that he called Bill being very excited about it. Anyway, back to what i was saying earlier. Also present that night was Frank Thorogood, a minder aggravated after being fired by Brian on the day of his death because he wasn't doing the building work on Brian's house properly. Brian had expressed guilt over having fired him to Anna and worried he had sounded too harsh on Frank so he invited him back for dinner that night (steak and kidney pie). They later took a midnight swim in which Frank ultimately were left alone with Brian after Anna went inside to take a phone call. And ok so Brian was no angel and used to tease Frank calling him "old man" and while in the swimming pool that night he had teased Frank a little and grabbed his ankles dragging him down. Anna says that she left them to answer a call (that turned out to be from a friend of hers in London) and that Brian was in good shape and spirit when she went inside, and that she believes she was inside for a maximum of 10-15 minutes. Also present was Frank's friend (and rumored lover) Janet Lawson that went inside to find Brian's asthma inhalator that he asked her to get. She looked around the house for it and eventually went to the kitchen where she was met by Frank, she described him shaking to the point he hardly being able to light his cigarette and she sensed something was wrong and rushed out to the pool where she saw Brian laying still at the bottom face down. She (unable to swim) started to shout at Frank to help her but he ignored her cries for help and Anna who was upstairs heard Janet scream "something has happened with Brian" and ran down the stairs where she saw Frank standing there "shaking like a leaf" trying to light his cigarette, she then continued running out, jumping in the pool retrieving him from the bottom and trying to get Brian up on the pool edge, which she wasn't strong enough to do, so she screamed at Frank to help her, in which she said in a (swedish) radio documentary in 2008; "I screamed at Frank to come help me, and then after a while he came dawdling, he didn't seem very interested to come and help me.". She and Janet tried to massage Brian's heart and do CPR and Anna didn't want to believe that he was dead so she just kept on trying but when the ambulance showed up he was declared dead. Anna has always maintained that she didn't think Frank killed him intentionally and that it was horseplay in the pool that went wrong. Terribly wrong. This is also supported by Thorogood’s alleged death bed confession to Tom Keylock, the Rolling Stones driver, in 1993. Tom Keylock repeated his friends confession on Crimewatch in 1994 and told Classic Rock magazine; "In 1993 I went to see Frank in hospital and he said: 'It was me that done Brian.' He was very tired. I said: 'I'll come back tomorrow, and [you can] tell me more.' But he died during the night. I never found out the specifics." AND THEN MY FRIENDS at the inquiry both Janet Lawson and Anna Wohlin (separately at different times and occasions) have claimed that the inquiries were under unfair conditions and Janet Lawson broke her 40 year silence and said in sworn testimony to investigative journalist Scott Jones (in which all information in this post from Janet is taken from), shortly before she died of cancer in 2008, about the inquiry; "A pack of lies, the policeman suggested most of what I said. It was a load of rubbish." The inquiries were held at 3-4 am., she was nervous, confused, and mentally and physically exhausted and were told that she were able to give another statement later on when she was in better shape, which was untrue and she never got to give another statement, so she eventually just said "yes" to the suggestions of the police. PC Albert Evans, who was the first officer on the scene, sensed something was wrong upon arriving and later said about Frank; "There was nothing at the time to connect Thorogood with any more. Just feelings." Evans was NOT asked to attend the inquest. A Sussex officer who can't be named but who knows the case very well made claims about how Anna's statement had been produced and said "Wohlin had been given sedatives by the doctor and had to be actually woken up during the interview. The WDC who wrote that statement was told what to write by Bob Marshall (the chief investigation officer). Bob Marshall was controlling it, the evidence that was written down. He was pushing the buttons." Anna herself has also said that she was under sedation and shock. THE WHOLE HANDLING OF THE CASE IS JUST SO STRANGE AND FLAWED.
  • And after the inquiries Anna was given 5 minutes by the Rolling Stones management to gather some stuff from her and Brian's home so they could send her home on a plane back to Sweden, as she said, "I was just a nuisance, I was just a problem. They had to think about the Stones upcoming U.S. tour and they didn't know what I was capable of." She managed to grab some of Brian's clothes and a couple of his hats and then had nothing else but that and the clothes she was wearing and was quickly smuggled out of the house. She has still kept his clothes after all these years, they hang in her closet. It's the only things she has left of Brian, when she a couple of weeks later went back to England and Cotchford Farm to retrieve her and Brian's possessions everything was cleared and gone. She also keeps a portrait of Brian on her windowsill. After returning home in '69 she also discovered that she was pregnant with Brian's child. But had a miscarriage. She has blamed herself for his death, "No.. I should have never gone inside to answer the phone. You know, when it was me swimming in the pool Brian would always make sure to go outside to check on me every 10 minutes to see that I was ok. I should have stayed. It's just a fact, if I had not gone inside, I would have been there and around him, and it would never have happened. I will always blame myself for it." She couldn't even attend Brian's funeral, something she deeply regrets today.
  • How Brian Jones's death has been portrayed in media is so flawed and wrong and it's been 46 years, HE DID NOT DIE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL AND DRUGS AND I DEMAND JUSTICE FOR BRIAN, HE DESERVES IT. (and if anyone would like me to translate the whole radio documentary with Anna Wohlin let me know)

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I really miss zoe's videos its been weeks lately and eversince she got 6m shes taken us for granted i know shes busy with the house and the book but doesn't mean you don't get to have at least ten min of your time to do videos and could u pls stop defending her i know you realize it too dont get to hung up on her just cause she can't edit for the day doesn't mean she can be lazy she can edit for the next day also if you're a youtuber u got loads of freetime shes too lazy already fuck it!!

“could u pls stop defending her” eh oh el I will defend what I believe in so let me rant for you a bit if you don’t mind (i’ll rant anyways so bare with me)

  1. I miss daily vlogs too, but she only commited to DAILY vlog through september  (which she did) and she said she would vlog THROUGH october (which she’s doing)
  2. Zoe does NOT take everything for granted, everyday she either tweets or likes posts or tumblr related to her success and always says how crazy this is and how thankful she is
  3. She is always replying to coments (don’t blame her for not replying to all of them since she has millions and most of them are either ridiculous/hate)
  4. Zoe’s life does NOT revolve around the house and the book, you really know nothing that happens behind the camera (which I’m pretty sure is a LOT due to their success)
  5. She may film whatever she wants, she may edit whatever she wants, she may upload whatever she wants, again none of our business. She will upload what she’s happy with, whenever she wants.
  6. JUST because she doesn’t do all your nosy ass wants, does NOT mean she’s lazy.
  7. She has a life
  8. She has personal problems too
  9. She is HUMAN
  10. And friendly reminder you do NOT own her life, and she doesn’t owe you a thing. If you’re unhappy, leave. You are NOT in control of her life.
  11. Zoe makes her videos for HER pleasure, if we watch it it’s OUR choice, you have absolutely NO right to tell her what or not to do.
  12. So no, she’s not lazy and it’s not “fuck it” it’s fuck you, all the nosy bums who think they have a saying on someone else’s life.
  13. Have a nice day :)

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Some might call what you do hate as well. I don't understand why you constantly need to point out what some tinhatters are doing. Can't you just ignore them? I expect you don't follow any of those blogs, so why do you refer to them? I admit that it's sad to never post anything including Mia or Will, but what is it to you? I like your blog but this part of it irritates me. And before you say it, nope I am not a tinhatter myself :)

“You are such a stupid bitch. Darren is GAY. This isn’t even about cc - Darren is gay and you’re just too stupid to see that.” (an anon message sent to me three weeks ago (deleted obv) tho I suspect I know who that was).

“Oh no not again. All I see is a horse in a dress.” (a post in the miarren tag yesterday about Mia and Darren at the wedding when I went to find a pic I couldn’t find on my dash).

“lol just a look at that attention whore. I can’t believe people think Darren is with that slut. Can’t she dress respectably?” (a post in the miarren tag about Mia at Elsie fest).

“Will is a homophobic, transphobic jerk. Chris would not be with that guy.” (paraphrase from nonsense last year about Will).

“Did you see Darren in that interview with Alan Cumming? lol straight. Your gay is showing, Darren.” (Summary of many comments).


“What is it to you?”  You asked that question as if there is no effect or harm to what the tinhats do - ie spread lies, misogyny, homophobia and negativity about celebrities (and while this is absolutely not unique to this fandom, this is the fandom that I am an active part of) on social media - sometimes tagging them or their friends on twitter. 

So I want to be really clear about the opinion I have that is the following - I believe tinhatting in the way it has manifested itself in the public social media of this fandom causes harm. It is not neutral, or cute, or harmless or without consequence. 

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When You Broke My Chest

Jily Week 2, Day 7 | Housework | Anything Goes

In which Lily hears something unfortunate and James hates himself. Songfic, kinda

Betas: Renata and Dee | (ff.net)

Shadows settle on the place, that you left.
Our minds are troubled by the emptiness.
Destroy the middle, it’s a waste of time.
From the perfect start to the finish line.

And if you’re still breathing, you’re the lucky ones.
‘Cause most of us are heaving through corrupted lungs.
Setting fire to our insides for fun
Collecting names of the lovers that went wrong
The lovers that went wrong.

'Lily,’ he said, taking a deep breath. She glanced up at the sound of his voice and flashed him a smile. His heart jumped but he ignored it.

'Give me a second, yeah? I’ve just got to finish this…’ She bent over the stack of papers she was poring over and James took the chance to just look at her. Bright hair that spilled down her back, fingers that tapped away at the desk when she was concentrating, lips that were soft, so soft under his—

But he couldn’t think of that right now. There was business to be done.

Your mother knows how to throw a party,’ Lily commented, surveying the ballroom with wide eyes. James let out a rueful chuckle.

Yeah, she does this every year.’

Every year? I reckon it would take a year to decorate to this standard.’

Nah, she Charms it all. It takes maybe a week.’

And then she just Vanishes it all away, I’m guessing.’

James grinned. 'Gone in an instant.’

Bloody wizards taking the shortcuts,’ she grumbled as she fixed her hair. He just laughed.

'Alright, what do you need?’ she asked, pushing the papers away. He swallowed and took a step closer to her. Her expression morphed into concern when he didn’t say anything. 'Are you alright? Did someone hurt—’

'No, I’m fine. Just… looking for the right words.’

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Do you have any more thoughts on where Sterek might be headed in S4, if anywhere? A couple of ppl have pointed out that right now it seems pretty stagnant. Other major pairs on the show have come a long way since S1, but last ep made me feel like Stiles/Derek's dynamic hasn't changed nearly as much. My issue is that their development is real but SO subtle that when we get scenes like last ep's it makes me think I can't trust the development and they'll always be no more than comic relief.

I’m in two minds about what’s happening with Sterek in S4, which is why it’s taken me a while to reply (sorry about that).

The Sterek foreshadowing is real enough, and actually not all that subtle. Shippers tend to underestimate how overt it is now (ironically enough), because so many people flat out deny it exists and that makes it easy to doubt you’re really seeing what you’re seeing. But if we do the watercooler test — ask if they were a man and a woman, would it still be subtle? — the answer is, nope. It would be a major ship and everyone would be gossiping about it around the watercooler and asking if/when it’ll go canon.

I also don’t think it’s stagnant. Stiles is actively unhappy with his relationship with Malia so far and is obviously starting to question himself about what he wants. Thematically a lot of other stuff is going on too — Stiles’ search for Derek mimicked Derek’s arc in 3B, and the way Kate gloated when she saw Stiles is weird unless she thinks Stiles has some vested interest. It really isn’t subtle stuff at all.

In fact, certain aspects of Derek’s behaviour in 3B and Stiles’ in 4 make more sense with Sterek in mind than they do without. For instance, Stiles being the person Derek dreams about. You can attempt to explain it other ways, like Stiles is the one with experience of nightmares. Except Derek doesn’t canonically know that. It’s not a bad reason mind you, but Derek choosing Stiles because he trusts him makes more sense. It’s actually kind of funny watching people twist themselves into pretzels to find other explanations than Derek likes and trusts Stiles. It says more about their homophobia than it does what’s actually in the text.

Anyway, Sterek is a real canon possibility at this stage. But I have some major concerns. What I think is going to happen is that the Malia storyline is going to get more complicated before anything else happens. And I also think there’s something wrong with Derek (like, he’s still trapped in the temple or something), so that has to be resolved too.

Of these two issues, I’m most on tenterhooks about Malia and Stiles. Stiles is obviously not happy about the relationship, which on the face of it seems good for Sterek, as there’s reason for him to break up with her and move on. Except, there have been strong hints of a pregnancy arc this season, and while that’s likely to be partly fulfilled by the backstory about Malia’s birth, Davis does love his parallels. In my anti-predictions post for S4, I said I didn’t want a Malia pregnancy arc, and I didn’t think it was likely when I wrote that. However, in terms of storytelling, and given the first two episodes of S4, it actually makes a horrible kind of sense to explore a pregnancy (or a scare) with Malia and Stiles. The big theme this season is consent, and with a pregnancy arc that would expand that theme very well. Stiles would get the blame because people will see Malia as the victim due to her lack of experience, even though Malia is the aggressor in the relationship and is obviously touching Stiles without his consent. It’s a pretty interesting inversion on the usual gender dynamics (but I still don’t want it). Meanwhile, Malia would be happy, because she may be considered immature by human terms, but she’s an adult in coyote terms, and seems to have a well-developed understanding of what she wants from a coyote’s perspective (assuming that backstory is even true). But further, it would trap Stiles, disappoint his father, and also make Stiles a defacto in-law to Peter and Derek.

As a storyteller, this is a goldmine. It furthers several key themes, puts a new complication in the way of Sterek, and tortures the characters in a way Davis seems to love. Scott, by contrast, is set up to have a consensual, sweet and easy relationship with Kira, which again, tends to be how Davis works things.

As a fan, I’m horrified that I can see this as a legitimate possibility. I really hope the narrative doesn’t go that road. I have all my fingers and toes crossed it doesn’t happen. I just don’t want this for Stiles, especially not when his consent is by default at best, and coerced at worst.

Add in the weirdness with Derek, and how he may still be buried back in Mexico, and the odds of Sterek in S4 aren’t that great, despite all the foreshadowing.

There’s still a chance this will all be turned upside down by Scott going on a darkside arc, but there’s not enough evidence either way about that yet, except for the foreshadowing.

I wish that was all the bad news, but there’s another problem with Sterek going canon in S4.

There’s something super weird going on with the Teen Wolf PR team and the stuff the actors are saying. I try not to pay attention to all of that, but its impossible to ignore it completely given how many people are discussing it on my dash.

Up until this week, I thought it was just Davis being a secretive troll who didn’t want to spoil things. But there have been so many homophobic microagressions the last few days, and that combined with the weird PR has me wondering if TPTB put the kibosh on a Sterek storyline.

I really don’t want to believe that’s a possibility, but the PR has just been so stonkingly strange even in comparison to their past disasters, and even from my limited second-hand perspective, that it’s become something I’m actively considering.

Overall, the internal consistency of the narrative is still strong enough that I tend to believe that over the PR weirdness. PR has proven time and again to be full of lies. I’m really not thrilled that their lies this season have a homophobic edge to them due to all the Sterek blackouts and so forth. I wish they’d reassess that strategy and just stop. However, I’m still mostly convinced the narrative can be trusted, so I do think we’re still on track for Sterek, although we may be waiting a while.

I’m less sure about whether any of us will still want the Sterek payoff by the time we get there, given the current PR bullshit. My ability to let homophobia go is limited, and the PR team and associated companies have just about hit it.

Sorry to be such a downer. I try not to be, but the real-world stuff has been particularly shitty this week. It’s hard to be optimistic about a queer storyline in a show which has a PR team who seem committed to homophobic silencing about the relationship in question.

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