i already tried to make one like this but i failed hard

The Most Beautiful

Pairings:Damon Salvatore X Reader
Request:Prompt#33 “It doesn’t matter what you look like. I mean, you are already the most beautiful girl in the world to me.”
Warnings:Fluff and Fluff.
Author’s Note:I changed a few wordings in the prompt. Hope you don’t mind anon?

*Click Clack*The sound of Y/N’s high heels against the newly polished floor,could be hard around the master bedroom. Y/N had already put on the dress and done her hair. All she had to do was her make up.
She tried to zip up her dress from behind but failed. “Damon darling! Will come her for a second?“Y/N yelled out. In a flash Damon appeared in front oh her."What is it now Y/N? You have been getting ready for the past three hours. How much more? We have to reach the ball by 9 p.m."Damon stated rolling his icy blue eyes.The eyes Y/N had fallen in love with.

"Just 15 more minutes,Damon.We can go then."Y/N turned around and asked,"Would you please zip me up? It seems my arms are too short to reach.” “Of course.” Goosebumps appeared on Y/N when Damon’s warm and soft hands came in contact with her back. Their eyes made contact in the mirror,in front of which they were standing. Damon zipped up her painfully slowly. He smirked at Y/N who did not approve of his actions.

“Not the time to tease Damon” Y/N grumbled. “We will never reach on time,this way.” “Oh no no! Its always the time to tease you darling.” He replied back. “While you are at it,clip on this necklace for me too?"She asked and of course he complied. How could he not? After centuries he had found someone who loved him,as much as he loved her. So he did whatever he could,to make her satisfied. A happy Y/N equaled to a happy Damon. Damon brushed back her hair and moved it over her left shoulders and clipped on the necklace.

Even after clipping it on,he did not remove his hands. His fingers traced the curve of her shoulder,he leaned in and pressed his lips to the epaule of her neck and shoulder. A moan slipped out from Y/N’s mouth. Damon grabbed her elbows and spun her around. They looked into each others eyes for a few seconds,before locking their lips together.

Their lips moved in a perfect rhythm,like they were made for each other. Damon pulled away,and traced her jaw with feather like kisses.He trailed down the kisses to her collar bone. Y/N gasped in shock when Damon reached her sweet spot. She threw her head back and clenched onto Damon’s suit,careful not to touch the hair. Damon pressed open mouthed kisses onto her. He sucked at her sweet spot. He licked and then with his human teeth his bit into her neck,marking her as his.

"Damon.."Y/N trailed out."Now is seriously not the time. We are getting late and now I have a hickey to cover.” Damon just muttered,but pulled away respectful of her wishes and then he sped out of the room. “I’ll be down in a few."She yelled out to him and then started on covering up the hickey Damon had left behind.

Damon mouth fell ajar,when he caught sight of Y/N making her way down the stairs. Obviously he knew what she was wearing,as he had only seen her minutes ago,but at that time his attention was more towards her sexual appeal. "How do I look?"Y/N asked him as she reached down and locked elbows with him. "You look beautiful sweet.But it doesn’t matter to me. You are already the most beautiful woman in the world to me.” Y/N blushed and looked down at her feet poking out from her gown. And with that they moved forward.

papakennmedia  asked:

I know this is asking a lot of a person that already has done so much Souls/Bourne material for her channel, but....... any chance you might do a "Demon's Souls For Beginners" video for idiots/dorks/nerds like me that have tried but continue to fail at this pre-Dark Souls game?

i’d like to do one for demon souls but I’ve only beaten the game once and I don’t feel like I know it that well to really make a detailed for beginners on it. plus it’s getting hard explaining the same game in a new funny way :/