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Do you ever find yourself disliking a character because of their fans? You try to separate the fans from the character, but it’s just so difficult. The fans can make you love or hate a character based on which unnecessary reaction they have. 

If the reaction consists of all this unearned praise and this idea that this character is above reproach, then you’re gonna end up hating the character. I’m talking about those characters where the fandom thinks it’s a good idea to infantilize them and make them out to be ‘good guys’ even when they’re not.

If the reaction consists of all this vitriol and unnecessary hate, then you’re gonna end up loving the character. I’m talking about those characters that are just as guilty as the other characters, but they’re still hated for it. In fact, they’re hated even more for it. They don’t do anything anyone else on the show doesn’t do, yet they get the most hate.

It’s just so odd how the fandom can cultivate your viewing experience. 


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Kurama + Hiei chibi phone doodles ☆⌒(ゝ。∂) (I spent too much time on these lmao)

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Does the Squip still try and control Jer? Has there been like incidents when he couldn't be louder than it?

M: Sometimes, yeah.
M: It really scares me when it happens too.
M: One minute he’ll be screaming in pain, and then the next he’ll just go silent.
M: I don’t know what it means, but I don’t like it.

When Jeon  Jungkook turned into Mr. Jeon Spreading-Legs Cena for Jimin.

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I’ve started setting things for the next generation to distract myself and well… :)

[Recap] Jikook/Kookmin in BTS Gayo track 13

Hello everyone~, I’ll try to make it quick and short as usual, but I might fail as usual too xD

Again, please don’t take everything here too seriously.

Let’s go!!! Bangtang gayooo~~~~

Our Jungkook is already distracted right from the start, I wonder who he’s staring at?

Still distracted to the point he’s the latest to do the introduction 👀👀

Staring contest, what’s new? The way Jungkook dances to Dope cutely then Jimin lazily moves along tho 🐥🐰😆😆

Jungkook ah~… your expression… 미안 xD

Everyone, say hi to the new God of Destruction ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Jimin is guiding Monie to juggle.

Jungkook’s no.1 notp strikes again, how can he miss the fun?

Time to show who’s the man.

Lol Taehyungie is not impressed (he said Jimin did better, awwww best friends ♥)

Jimin is having fun tho. As expected of him, everything Jungkook does amuses him ♥

Jimin is having fun again, thanks to Jungkook’s “Kimchi kimchi ya ya jja jja” lol, I did too xD

Let’s skip forward a bit, I mean I don’t wanna go as far as capturing everything, sorry ><

But apparently Jimin took Taehyung’s answer and got it right so he thanked Taehyungie (awwww~ ♥), but he thanked Jungkook too? I have no idea why? Probably because Jungkook didn’t run as fast as he could (he looked to Jimin’s side before running). Anw, don’t trust me, I’m biased xD.

Single Ladies killed me tho, I didn’t know that it sounded like that haha.

Jimin’s high-pitched laugh at 5:59 tho, ah my hearteu 💙💙

Congratulations, Jeon Jungkook-ssi! Once again, you just proved that your PhD in Jiminology wasn’t just for decoration!

While everyone else including Jimin is busy inspecting Jimin’s picture, Jungkook is at ease preparing for his buzzer.

(please don’t be distract, friends, look at Jungkook, remember to look at Jungkook, don’t lose your focus elsewhere, I’m not responsible for anything, okay~? xD)

Well, can’t expect anything less from Jimin’s biggest fan right? He walks away like it’s no big deal getting the answer (in relation to his Jiminie hyung) right, and Jimin is impressed af

JK *proud af*

Never forget their high-five 🐥🐰🌺

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I uh, I wrote some feel-good ironfalcon ‘cause I know @bloody-bee-tea doesn’t get enough of it and it’s also Tony’s birthday so. Hope everyone likes it. (Happy birthday, Tony!!!!)

Steve had a date. Sam and Bucky razzed him the entire run.

“Jesus Christ, this is what I get for telling you guys?” Steve complained. “I’m just never telling you I have a date again.”

“We’re only teasing you because it’s been so long for you,” Bucky explained. “Loser.”

“You don’t get to call him an loser. You hate running,” Sam pointed out.

Bucky shrugged. “Well, I guess I’m used to it.”

“He’s mad because it’s thrown him off schedule and now he has to wait for The View to come on,” Steve said.

“I haven’t watched The View since Barbara left, asshole!”

Sam shrugged. “I mean it’s whatever for me. Now I get to go home and surprise Tony.”

“Uuugh,” Steve and Bucky groaned.

“You’re just jealous that Tony chose me!” Sam said, grinning, then yelped when Steve shoved him and he tripped into the pond. “Fuck!

Steve gaped at him for a moment before taking off at a sprint.

“Steve what the fuck?!” Sam shouted after him.

“He was probably afraid you’d punch him in the face,” Bucky said. “I would.”

Sam sloshed his way out of the pond, sputtering. “He could have at least helped me out!”

Bucky shielded his eyes from the sun. “Holy shit he’s gone.”

“That guy,” Sam hissed, half pissed off and half amused.

Sam was slightly less damp when he squished back to the penthouse. Ugh. Now he had to shower before he surprised Tony. Tony was a heavy sleeper but he was also somehow acutely aware of when Sam was getting in the shower. (Sam was not opposed to Tony following him into the shower but sometimes he just wanted to press Tony back into the pillows and take him apart piece by piece.)

Sam opened the door to their bedroom carefully, holding his breath.

He felt like it’d been punched out of him when he saw Tony sitting on the bed, trying to squeeze one stocking-covered foot into a pastel pink pump.

Tony set both of his feet on the floor, heels clicking as he walked over to the mirror. The stockings on his legs were a shiny white, clinging to the muscles of his calves and thighs, and held up by a lacy white garter belt. He was wearing what looked to be pink satin panties underneath it, though knowing Tony, it could have been actual silk. Tony picked up a delicate-looking chemise in the same powder-pink as his shoes and carefully pulled it over his head, letting the hem flutter down to cover the belt and panties.

He was beautiful.

As Sam watched, Tony carefully ran his hands down his sides, smoothing the chemise against his body before letting it fall away again. He turned in a circle, heels clicking against the floor probably more than necessary, keeping his eyes on the mirror as long as he could before spinning to lock eyes on it again. He smiled at the way the hem fluttered before falling back against his thighs.

Sam forgot that he was leaning on the door and fell face-first onto the floor with a grunt. He heard a yelp and then the thud of something else hitting the floor. “…Ow.”

“Sam!” Tony squeaked, trying to skitter to his feet again, but apparently standing up from the floor in heels was much harder than standing up from the bed. “I didn’t—You’re home early!”

“Yeah, Steve pushed me into the pond and ran away,” Sam answered, clambering to his feet. “So Bucky let me call the run short so I could come home and shower.” He gave Tony another long once-over. On the floor like this, knees splayed, Sam could just barely see the panties peeking out from under the hem of the chemise. “…You look nice.”

Tony blushed brightly, hands curling into fists against the floor. “I—Yes?”

“Is there a special occasion or something?”

Tony grabbed the hem of his chemise, twisting it in his hands anxiously, unable to draw his eyes up from his knees. “Sometimes—sometimes, when you go on your runs, I… I like to feel pretty. So. Um. I dress up. Just for a little while.”

Sam stepped up to him and held his hands out. “Pretty? Sweetheart, you’re gorgeous. Were you afraid I wouldn’t like it?”

Tony took his hands and let himself be tugged onto his feet, rocking precariously on his heels for a terrifying moment and leaning into Sam to catch his balance. “…I mean… I know it’s weird,” he said quietly.

Sam nearly choked. “It’s not weird! You’re beautiful! God—Can I touch you?”

“I—” Tony finally lifted his gaze, brows furrowed together in confusion. “I guess so.”

Any other time, Sam really would have pushed for a firmer answer. Now, he couldn’t help himself; he grabbed Tony by the waist and dragged him closer, pulling him up against his body. The chemise was silky and cool under his fingers. “You didn’t need to hide this from me, Tony. You have no reason to be ashamed of something that makes you feel good and doesn’t hurt anyone else. God, you’re gorgeous. I don’t—I don’t even know where to look—”

“Sam,” Tony complained, pushing at his shoulders. “You’re getting me wet!

Sam began pressing kisses to Tony’s throat and jaw. “Good.

“Not—not sexy wet, you’re gonna ruin my nighty!” Tony squirmed. “And you smell like the po—oh,” he mewled when Sam bit down on the tendon in his neck. “Sam-!”

“’m gonna take a shower,” Sam murmured in his ear. “And you’re gonna wait out here for me, okay?”

Tony’s eyes fluttered shut for a moment before he forced them open again. “Or I could come with you—”

“Or you could lie out here waiting for me while I take a record-breakingly short shower and then let me have my way with the world’s sexiest man alive,” Sam suggested, sliding his hands down and around to cup Tony’s rear, feeling the garter belt through the chemise. “Do you have more of these?”

Tony blushed again, eyes rolling toward the ceiling so he didn’t have to look at Sam. “I have, um. A few boxes. Of stuff. These are my only pumps I own though.”

Sam gives Tony’s butt a squeeze, admiring the way the heels make it so much more pert. “You don’t have to hide this from me,” he told Tony gently. “I love you—all of you. And if you like to feel pretty, I will support you.”

“Well,” Tony mumbled shyly. He took a step back, looking at his feet. “If you say so.”

“I do say so,” Sam said, pressing a kiss to Tony’s forehead. “I’m gonna go shower. Don’t run away now.”

Tony rolled his eyes and sat down on the edge of the bed. “I haven’t run away from a bedroom since I was nineteen. Especially not mine.”

“Well, if you say so,” Sam parroted back at him, pausing in the doorway to the bathroom. “Hey.”

Tony turned to look at him with a questioning noise, hand halfway down to pull one of his pumps off. “Hmm?”

“Keep those on.” Sam smirked. “I wanna feel those heels digging into my back.”

Tony let out a startled, high-pitched sound as he stepped into the bathroom and shut the door.

“How did you like your party?” Sam asked softly.

Tony smiled into his pillow. “It was nice. I especially liked meeting Sharon and telling her that her boyfriend shoved my boyfriend into a pond and ran.”

Sam grinned. “I liked the color Steve turned when Sharon judged him.”

“I like Sharon. I hope she sticks around.”

“Me too.” Sam leaned in to press a kiss to his cheek. “Okay but I have one last present.”

Tony sat up immediately, smiling brightly, even as he said, “You didn’t have to do that!”

Sam snorted as the brunet gave him grabby hands and pulled the box he’d been hiding out from under the bed. “No, no, I insist you accept it.” He put it in Tony’s outstretched hands. “I hope you like them.”

“Of course!” Tony said, pulling the ribbon open. “It’s from you!”

“Every time you say something like that, I fall even more in love with you,” Sam informed him.

Tony scoffed, trying to hide the way his cheeks went pink as he pulled the paper open. “I already said I’d like them, you flatterer. Oh!” He paused, hands hovering over the beautiful powder blue heels in the box. “…Oh.”

“JARVIS helped me with the size,” Sam explained as he watched Tony’s fingers trail over one beautiful blue arch. “I hope you like them.”

“Oh, Sam,” Tony breathed, then turned abruptly, pulling off his socks.

“Hey, you don’t have to put them now—” Sam began.

Tony already had the shoes in hand and was carefully pulling the first shoe on. “Sam, they’re perfect—Oh, JARVIS, I need matching panties!”

“Tony,” Sam laughed, sitting up. “You don’t need to—”

Tony got to his feet and took a few experimental steps around before turning to look at his feet in the mirror. “They’re gorgeous. Oh, Sam-!” He turned, flushed with pleasure. “This is the nicest gift anyone has ever gotten me.” He waited for Sam to shift around so his legs were over the edge of the bed so he could stand between them, leaning down to press a gentle kiss to his lips. “Thank you, Sam.”

Sam reached up to cup his cheeks. “Anything for you, sweetheart.”

Tony crawled back onto the bed, straddling his lap. “Hey, Sam?”

“Hmm?” Sam murmured, reaching down to pull Tony’s shirt out of his pants.

Tony leaned back, looking down at him through his lashes. “If you want to pick out something other than shoes, you can.”

Sam hummed, sliding his hands under Tony’s shirt and stroking up and down his back. “That’s really nice, Tony. Anything I want?”

“Anything you want,” Tony agreed quietly.

“What about a birthday cake?”

Tony paused, then leaned back, raising an eyebrow. “A birthday cake.”

“Yeah. For my birthday. I want you to jump out of a cake wearing nothing but the shoes I bought you.”

Tony smiled widely. “And people accuse me of being a deviant. Do you want me to do it in front of the others?”

“Nope!” Sam said, popping the P. “Just me.” He slid his hands around to unclasp Tony’s slacks. “On second thought, don’t jump out of a cake. Just be waiting in bed for me.”

“Hmm… I could do that,” Tony said thoughtfully. He played with the hair on Sam’s nape idly. “I… yeah, I could do that.” He paused. “…I can still get you something else too, right? I’ve kinda already started making it.”

Sam snorted. “Of course you have. Don’t worry, Pepper’s already told me about the giant bunny you got her for Christmas.”

Tony bounced in his lap excitedly. “You’re gonna like it, I swear! I put it past Pepper and Rhodey!”

Sam laughed and pulled him down for another kiss. “My birthday isn’t for four months!”

“I started it two months ago!” Tony began brightly. “It’s—”

“Nooo I wanna be surprised!” Sam exclaimed, covering his mouth with one hand. “Can’t we just have birthday sex and you don’t spoil your own surprise for me?”

“Aw,” Tony said, shoulders sagging, but he nodded. “I guess.

Sam snorted again. “Poor you, having to have sex instead of spoiling my birthday present that you’re going to give me in four months.

“Boo,” Tony complained. “It’s gonna be super awesome and you’re gonna love it.”

“Oh no, I guess I’ll just have to keep having sex with you to keep the secret from being spoiled,” Sam drawled. “A true hardship.”

“True hard-dick-up-my-ass.”

“Tony that didn’t even make sense!” Sam exclaimed, trying not to laugh and mostly failing.

Tony smiled and leaned down to smother his laughs with a kiss. “Happy birthday to me!”

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The Neighbors (7/?)

Summary: You’ve been in New York for about 3 years now moving here looking for a new experience. You began working at a hospital doing patient records and a moved into a cute little apartment in a mostly safe neighborhood in Brooklyn. After being at the hospital for a few months, you were presented with an amazing offer to switch from patient records to shadowing nurses, you just had to take a few classes outside of work while you worked with them. Since then, your life in New York has been great. But will it stay that way once you meet your new neighbors across the hall?

Warnings : swearing,  flirting, a little angst & fluff

Pairings: Sam Wilson x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader, eventual Steve Rogers x Reader

                    Chapter 7 : The Confrontations

   You have to pull Steve away from Nick, reminding him tonight is about good publicity & hitting a civilian right now would be counterproductive. The scowl doesn’t leave his face though, so you pull him into a kiss to try and distract him. It works, and he pulls you to him by your hips. You finally separate as you hear someone let out a cough. Both of you part and see Tony Stark raising an eyebrow at you. As you smile, you extend your hand to him.

“Hi Mr. Stark, I’m Y/n. It’s nice to finally meet you,” You say sweetly. He smiles in return, letting out a laugh as he takes your hand.

“Please, call me Tony, darling. So you’re the girl Rogers won’t shut up about, huh? It’s nice to put such a beautiful face to the name.” A deep blush spreads across your face.

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  Nick comes to stand next to Tony. “Mr. Stark, shall we continue the interview for the magazine since we were so rudely interrupted?” Nick asks, in his fake, kiss ass voice.

“Yeah yeah, sure kid. I’ll see you guys in a little bit, go mingle!”

So Nick’s new job is for a magazine. Those poor people don’t know what they’ve walked into.

  Before Nick walks away with Tony, he looks you up and down, making you squirm under his gaze. “New York has changed you Y/n, I’m loving it.” He winks at you then goes after Tony. Steve’s face was the definition of murderous as he watches Nick walk away. You take his face between your hands, redirecting his gaze to you.

“Hey, don’t let him bother you. I’m yours, remember?” You say softly. He snaps out of it and smiles down to you. He places a kiss on your nose then takes your hand in his.

“Come on, it’s time you met the team, Doll.”

  On the way to find the team, the boys have to stop and socialize with every group. You’re hesitant at first, but when Steve starts introducing you everything feels like it’s going smoothly. You feel like you’ve met a million new people already.   

   You finally make your way to the team. You start getting anxious,but shake it off. They are just people, like the boys. They just save the world constantly. Normal, world saving people. Breathe.  

Guys, this is Y/n.“ Steve says, as he pulls on your hand making you step in front of him and closer to his friends. Natasha is the first one to approach you, a beautiful smile on her lips.

“Hi, I’m Natasha, it’s really nice to meet you. I don’t know what you’ve done to these boys, but they talk about you constantly.” She says as you shake her hand. You blush and laugh.

“It’s really nice to you too. I’m a big fan of all of you.” You look to the rest of team, their attention was on you already. “Thank you all for everything you’ve done for this world.” You send them all a genuine smile, receiving the same from them. After Natasha, you met Clint, Rhodey, Bruce, Thor, Vision, and finally Wanda. When you meet Wanda, she pulls you into a hug.

“It’s so nice to finally meet Steve’s girlfriend!” she squeals. Oh God, she so cute with that accent. Wait, is Steve telling people I’m his girlfriend? Huh, I wasn’t aware this relationship started already. “It’ll be fun having another girl around, right Nat?” she lets you go to look at Natasha.

 Natasha laughs and agrees. You smile and begin talking with the team about random things, just getting to know them a little more. Steve stands right behind you the entire time, playing with the hem of your dress. As the team continues talking, you get a chance to look at their costumes, which aren’t really costumes. They all had on their Avenger Suits, except Rhodey; he wore a shirt with the arc reactor like Iron Man.  These guys have such creative minds. You and the boys all receive compliments on your costumes. Yup, I’m a genius. Tony made his way back to the team, announcing that they have to go socialize more. He begins shooing everyone in different directions.

  You end up getting separated from Steve when Tony drags him along with him. Music begins playing a little louder than before, and people begin slow dancing on the floor in the middle of the room. You smile watching them dance, then see Wanda and Vision among them. You send her a wink, causing her to blush. You begin talking to a couple that was standing close to you when you feel a tap on your shoulder. Please be Steve asking me to dance. You turn, expecting Steve to be standing there waiting for you, but instead you’re met with the exact opposite: Nick.

Would you like to dance, Y/n?“ he asks softly. He seriously has some fucking nerve.

As you’re about to reject him, you notice the couple you were talking to watching the interaction. I can’t cause a scene and I can’t be rude. Just get this over with. You force a smile and nod. You then excuse yourself from the couple, and make your way to the dancefloor. Nick pulls you to him, resting one hand on your waist while holding yours in the other. He begins slowly moving side to side, following the beat to the song.

"You look beautiful tonight, you know that?” He asks, his lips close to your ear.

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“I’m aware. Don’t think anything has changed Nick. I agreed to dance to avoid bringing negative attention to us by rejecting you. This dance isn’t for you, so deflate your giant ass ego,” you whisper harshly as you smile at a couple dancing near you. He lets out a deep chuckle, gripping you tighter.

"Oh sweetheart, what do you think you’re doing? We both know you don’t belong here. Let alone with a team of Heroes.” You scoff, going to push away but he grips you harder. He moves his lips right to your ear, sending chills down your spine. “Steve is going to get sick of you, he’s going to realize he can do better. Why else do you think he hasn’t come to separate us yet? Maybe it’s because his attention is already moving elsewhere.” Nick lets your waist go and spins you so that you see Steve laughing with a beautiful Blonde woman. He pulls you back to him.

“He’s going to realize you’re not worth more than anything other than a good fuck. Then what are you going to do Y/n? It’s time to give up this fantasy life, and come back to me. Where you belong."   

   You let out a laugh, leaning up to whisper, "Oh darling, I will never come back to you. No matter what happens, I would rather feed myself to an alligator than have anything to do with your pathetic, lying ass. I don’t care what you do, stay in New York, Hell move into my building if you’d like, but I will never associate myself with you in this lifetime ever again.” You shove yourself away from him, walking away without looking back. His words are still echoing through your mind. You feel a hand wrap around your wrist, and you rip you hand away. You look to see it’s Steve, with a shocked expression on his face.

“Steve, sorry I thought you were Nick.” You apologize.

“I saw you guys dancing, how did you get sucked into that?” He has an edge to his voice, but you can’t blame him.

“I didn’t want to make a scene, he asked me infront of people.” You shrug. He nods and lets it go.

“You sure everything’s okay?” he asks one last time. You  force a smile and nod yes. He leads you back to the team, just in time to hear Tony dismiss everyone for the night.  You and Steve both sigh, both so ready to get the hell out of there. Fucking finally.

   You finally step out of the elevator onto your floor, Nick’s words replaying the whole ride home. You go straight to your door, the boys following close behind. When you realize they are all behind you, you sigh. I can’t deal with them all right now.

“Hey guys, I think I need a couple minutes to myself right now, okay?” You ask quietly. They all have looks of uncertainty on their faces, you roll your eyes. “I think I can handle being alone for 10 fucking minutes.” Anger and sass leak from your words. You feel bad,  with all Nick’s words swirling around your head and igniting a new flare of self doubt, you can’t help but want space.

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   They don’t say anything, just head to their own door. Steve stays behind, sending you a ‘what aren’t you telling me?’ look. You don’t say anything, just step into your apartment and close the door behind you. You go to pour yourself a glass of wine; you deserve it and you didn’t drink at the gala, so fuck it. As you begin to pour it, your phone starts vibrating. You see that Nancy, a nurse you work with, is calling so you answer immediately. 10 minutes later, you find yourself having agreed to take Nancy’s shifts for the next week. She had a death in the family, so you didn’t have the heart to say no. Plus, she got your boss to agree to give you another week off once she gets back, to make up for cutting your vacation short. It’s only a week, I can do this. Only seven , 16-hour night shifts in Pediatrics.  You run your fingers through your hair. Fucking Hell. This is going to kill me. You abandon your wine and begin searching for your pink scrubs. How rowdy can Peds get at night? You find them and switch out of your costume. You throw your hair up in a bun and wash off your makeup. As you’re about to leave, Steve walks through your door.

“Why are you in your scrubs? Where are you going?”

“Someone needs me to take their shift, I’m going to work, Steve,” you say simply.

“Didn’t you drink, you can’t go to work with alcohol-”

No Steve, I didn’t drink. I’m not an idiot I wouldn’t go into work drunk. Seriously?“ You’ve finally had it, you never thought you would see the day where you didn’t want to be by Steve Rogers. You push past him, grabbing your bag and going to the elevator.

"Y/n, wait!” But you don’t. You get in the elevator and the doors shut in front of Steve.

You let go of the breath you are holding, tears falling freely from your eyes.

“What is wrong with me?” you whisper to yourself.

Time skip : the last night of covering Nancy’s shift.

    You finally make it home; today was the last time you had to cover for Nancy. Being in the Peds department was more stressful than expected. You are now off for a week again, but with no interruptions this time. You have barely spoken to the boys this past week; whenever you get home from work you would just sleep until the next shift. Of course, they would text you, but barely answered. Most of the texts were from Steve trying to check in on  you. You feel bad for how you treated him after the gala that night, but you haven’t had the time to talk to him about it. The only person you confide in about that night is Gloria. To say she was mad would be an understatement. She has a death wish for Nick, and ripped you a new one at how you let his words get to you and affect how you think of Steve. She was right, you shouldn’t have let them bother you. But you’re only human after all .

  You’ve been home for about ten minutes, only having time to ditch your scrubs for a tee and underwear. You hear a pounding on your door and groan. I can’t deal with any of the guys right now. I’m so fucking tired. You drag yourself to your door, flinging it open. Only you’re not met with who you expect, but with someone better.

   “You going to let me in or what, sweetcheeks?” GLORIA. The damn inside you breaks, tears pouring out of your eyes like Niagra falls. You throw yourself into her arms, wrapping yours tightly around her neck. She holds you to her as you sob.

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 Neither of you notice the guys burst into the hall, just watching you. You hear someone clear their throat and remove your face from its spot in Gloria’s neck. You both look to see all three men staring at you. Gloria releases you, sending them a wave. You sniffle and wipe your eyes.

“Hey guys,” You say shyly. Bucky gets his signature flirty smile on his face as he opens his mouth you stick your hand up stopping him.

“Don’t even try Barnes, you’re not her type.”  All of you chuckle besides him.

You don’t’ know that Doll,“ he fires back. You roll your eyes.

"Unless you have boobs hidden somewhere and a vagina, I think I do Doll.” The boys all blush as they realize what you mean. You snort and gaze back at Gloria. Her hair is longer than before, almost past her shoulders, she has on a blue flannel, and khakis with a beanie. I’m happy somethings never change. You grab her hand, interlacing her fingers with yours.

“Well, if you ever change your-”

“You really weren’t kidding about him, were you?” She asks you. You just laugh. Sam steps forward.

“It’s nice to meet you. I hear you’re the female version of me? Gotta say, I look good as a woman.” You both snort and Gloria pulls Sam into a hug. A bright smile appears on your face at the sight of your best friends hugging.

Steve moves up next, she also pulls him into a hug.

“So, you’re Steve? I can see why she had a crush on you bef-” You cut her off with a hand over her mouth.

“We don’t need to talk about that Gloria, it’s been discussed” You say awkwardly.

“No it hasn’t!” Sam yells. You shoot him a glare, but Gloria wiggles away from your hand.

Steve has a big goofy smile on his face, knowing what Gloria is going to reveal already.

“Sweet Y/n here has had a giant crush on Steve Rogers since we were about 8.” You feel your face turn red, and you reach your arm out and smack the back of Gloria’s head.

Sam & Bucky are bent over laughing, Steve just lets out a chuckle.

“Did you know this?” Sam questions Steve. He just nods, still smiling. They continue to laugh at you expense, you grab Glorias hand and pull her through your doorway.

“I’m sorry, I had to,” she says as she laughs. You wave her off, already over it.

“What are you doing here Glo?” You ask as you both flop on your couch.

“You sounded like you needed me when you called last week. I knew you’d let this Nick thing get to you, so I’m here to snap you out of it. Steve isn’t Nick, Y/n. You’re going to lose him if you keep treating him like he did something wrong when he hasn’t. Nick knew exactly how to manipulate you so you’d self destruct, you’re letting him win.” She’s right, poor Steve. I’m such a bitch.

You continue talking, catching each other up on everything that didn’t make it into the phone calls. You sit on the couch for hours until there’s a knock on your door.  It opens before you get there, and all three of your boys are standing there. Sam’s holding 3 bottles of tequila and margarita mix in his arms while he wiggles his eyebrows at you. Bucky has a bag of what smells like tacos, and Steve has a cake from the bakery you love in his.

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“Anyone up for a little fun?” Sam says as he walks in. They all drop their stuff on the kitchen table, you and Gloria dart to the kitchen behind them. I will never turn down tequila, tacos or cake. They really do know me. The rest of the night is spent with all of you laughing, playing UNO and revisiting old memories. Gloria unravels all your dirty, embarrassing secrets to the boys. Making you want to strangle her, you stand up about to tackle her to the floor as she starts another story. Steve stops you, pulling you into his lap. He sends you a loving smile and you return it. Things feel normal for you guys again, thankfully. The night ends with everyone on your couch, except instead of cuddling up to Steve during the movie, you’re wrapped in Gloria’s arm. You lock eyes with Steve, you move away from Gloria, leaning to Steve and planting a kiss on his lips.

Tomorrow, I will talk to Steve. Everything will be normal again. Nick’s wrong. Steve isn’t just another guy. You lay back into Gloria’s embrace. If home has a feeling, this might just be it.  

 You wake up to the sound of knocking on your door. After realizing that everyone who is usually at your door is sleeping on your couch, you peel yourself out of Gloria’s arms, slowly going to your door. You wipe the sleep out of your eyes as you answer and are met with the horrible image of Nick leaning in your doorway .

“Are you that dense? Get the hell out of here.” You can’t control the volume of your voice and manage to wake everyone up with it.

  Before you know it, Gloria is right behind you. “Oh you’ve got to fucking kidding me.” She crosses her arms as she glares at him. The guys are behind you, but you wave them back. Sending them a silent ‘I got this’.

“Well hello buttercup, it’s nice to see you too Gloria.”

“You’re one smug son of a bitch, you know that? Now take you small dick and ugly face and get the hell out of here.” Gloria’s anger could rival the Hulk’s and maybe win.

  Nick laughs. “Well, you’re still a fucking bitch. I see they got sick of you back home. Seems like no one likes a crazy, dumb cun-.” Something in you snaps and you lunge forward, connecting your fist with Nick’s nose. A sickening crack echoes through the hall. He stumbles back into the wall, holding his nose with blood pouring out of it. It’s one thing to fuck with me, but no one says one bad thing about Gloria in front of me.

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 You can see the blood trickling down his face. The guys are in front of you in a heartbeat, but you aren’t having it.

 “Do not ever bring her into this. Or I swear, you’ll be leaving with more than a broken nose. Stay the hell away from me or the next time you see my name it’ll be on my restraining order against you, you piece of shit.“

You walk back into your apartment before Nick can say or do anything. You turn back around to all of your friends astonished faces.

You laugh awkwardly. "So, anyone for morning margaritas?"  

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