i already sleep talk

Bedtime routine: Jaehyun’s version

1. Stretch your body

2. Let yourself fall on the bed comfortably..

3. Let your head adjust to the pillow’s softness

4. And…sweet dreams…

blue and gansey not being able to kiss is a narratively unsatisfying choice because the curse storyline has no tangible endgame and therefore loses its whole purpose. for me, the storyline was always about either gansey dying for good thanks to blue’s kiss or blue and gansey breaking the curse by fulfilling it. that seemed to be the only two rational outcomes and neither happens and that makes blue’s curse quite pointless, to be fair. all that build up in four books leads to literally nowhere because nothing changes, not the fact that they can’t kiss, not the fact that they still desperately desperately want to. gansey dies, he comes back, and nothing changes, and that just falls flat in my opinion. it makes their storyline feel really unfinished and incomplete, thus i am electing to ignore this for the rest of my life.

Anon said: Could you draw something of Aka x Ken? They are so cute!

Sure~! They’re between my fave hq ships after all (*・∀-)☆

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I wish you would write a fic where CAPTIVE PRINCE

Damen sleeps deeply and fitfully, which, if you ask Laurent, is an infuriatingly symbolic reflection of an infuriating aspect of Damen’s personality: too trustful for his own good, though by no means so trustful as to be considered naive.

Laurent sleeps neither deeply nor fitfully. Out of the two of them, he’s the one most likely to wake up during Damen’s bouts of tossing and turning. Sometimes he’s already lying awake when the sheets start rustling beside him, a cuffed wrist landing perilously close to his head as Damen forcefully changes position–heaves himself from his back onto his stomach, or from one side onto the other–without waking.

It’s not like Laurent particularly minds, though. He’s always been prone to wakeful nights, and he enjoys the opportunity to observe Damen at leisure. To watch his brow furrow and the corners of his mouth twitch, his fingers curl and uncurl into the sheets; to listen to his chest rumble as he exhales, or to him mumble half-formed words in either of their languages.

Laurent enjoys knowing from experience that Damen’s hand would stop flexing restlessly if he covered it with his own, and that Damen’s brow would smooth out if he stroked his thumb down the center. He enjoys knowing that, were he to respond to Damen’s unconscious murmurings, Damen would sigh in his sleep and (softly, sweetly) mumble Laurent’s name.


the 100 au: minty’s always been a thing (even back in season 1)

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Can we talk about Youngjae singing Bambam's rap part of Let Me part change during Got7's 3rd anniversary? His flawless voice is angelic I can't get over it! Plus Bambam singing Youngjae's part! Now we need Mark to do Youngjae's part in the next anniversary.

My darling anon,

Please let us talk about this!! Youngjae singing BamBam’s rap was so beautiful and perfect and amazing and everything I didn’t know I needed in my life!! x

The way he sings the faster part of the rap in particular is just so so so nice!! His voice really is so angelic and wonderful and my ears are so blessed by this part change!!

Especially because BamBam doing Youngjae’s part made me so happy as well! He really did such a great job with singing even though he’s not a singer, AND YOUNGJAE’S SUPPORT FOR HIM WAS THE CUTEST THING!!!!!

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Bam was so shy and embarrassed whenever he struggled with a note, but Youngjae was just grooving along while beaming the most proud and precious smiles!!! Ahhh, the whole thing was just so soft and adorable!!!

And I would love to hear Mark do Youngjae’s part in a song!!! He’s always so timid about singing, and he seemed so shy during Let Me, but his voice is so nice! And just imagine Youngjae’s fanboying over Mark’s efforts!!! Ahh, I want to see this happen, especially since it was Jackson’s turn to (so beautifully!!) sing Youngjae’s part last time!!

Honestly, I just love all of GOT7′s part switches so so so much. Seeing the members trying their best and having fun even with parts they aren’t comfortable with makes my heart feel so warm and fuzzy!! 

1st Fanmeeting Playground Part Switch [JB focus]

2nd Fanmeeting Just Right Part Switch [audio only]

Plus the adorable chaos of Confession Song and Hard Carry!

Summer festival

I think the thing I hate the most about The 100 is with all of the Bellarke angst, with any other show I would go back and watch my favorite episode or the “happy” episodes.

But with The 100 my options are:

  1. The one where they go out to find supplies and almost die and bonding happens.
  2. The one where they start out drinking and having fun but end up almost getting killed on a bridge.
  3. The one where cuteness happens when an infectious virus that causes blood to pour out people’s eyes, noses and ears comes to camp.
  4. The one where they hug but a mass murder occurs.

What am I supposed to do with that?

I love The Imitation Game SO MUCH I’ll buy 49483048932840282 DVDs of this movie and give them to random people I see on the streets.


I am home sick today (which should explain the flood of posts), but just noticed… the t-shirt I went to bed in is not the t-shirt I am currently wearing.

However, it is underneath the t-shirt I have on top.


You know what the best part is?

Knowing that whatever Westallen scene(s) we get tonight will actually be Barry and Iris and not Iris and some random dude who happens to look like Barry at the moment.