i already see angst coming


anonymous asked:

How do you think Dami and Jay will react to Tim's 'death'?

With any luck? Extensively.

If I were writing it (which….. might happen, depending on how satisfied I am with the canon portrayal) I would work the historical angles. Both Jason and Damian have had antagonistic relationships with Tim in the past, which could make this interesting.

For Jason, I would take his complex feelings towards his own replacement and redirect them– he’s always been angry at Bruce for letting it happen, but now? Project his own experience with death onto Tim. On top of “how dare you let someone replace me after I died,” it’s “how dare you put another child in a position to die.” The anger’s already there, so you’d get this convoluted tidal wave of strong emotion that would be really interesting to explore– rage, grief, regret about his own treatment of Tim, retroactive parallelism, and a redefinition of his own experience. Good stuff. Aim it at Bruce, shove them together, see what happens. 

And Damian… well Damian’s just been through death himself, but more importantly, he’s been through a resurrection. Kid’s grandfather is Ra’s al Ghul– stack that on his own experience, and he’s unlikely to see death as permanent, especially since his own return was a positive one. That makes it really likely that he’ll lean towards denial. If he can come back, why not Drake? The problem, of course, is that they don’t have a body to attempt a resurrection with, which frankly? Is suspicious. I don’t mean in our world, I mean within the DC Universe. Personally, I’d make Damian the one that finds out that Tim isn’t really dead. Someone’s gotta do it, and Damian’s attitude towards life/death makes him a prime candidate.

See it would also be fitting because “he isn’t really dead” is Tim’s line, back when Bruce was fake dead in ‘09. Damian and Tim’s relationship is super complex [read more], and I think it would be fun to play with Damian intentionally taking on Tim’s roles– clearly he’s got a background in that (Robin), but this time intentionally, for Tim’s benefit.  

I would love to see the arc move in that direction.