i already say them at school

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Okay some dumb fuck kid in my APUSH (AP US HISTORY CLASS, A COLLEGE CLASS) class literally didn't know that it was Kennedy, and not FDR, who was shot in a car, and then tried to pass off his lack of apparently not so common knowledge by saying "my parents never discuss history with me". NEITHER DO MINE, READ A DAMN BOOK

you can’t really blame them too badly though, like idk about your school but in mine the majority of the kids in AP classes don’t even want to be there (like i’m the most engaged in the class and i don’t even pay attention half the time because i already know the material. also my teacher’s a bit crazy)

Halp its literally 2am and a fan fic made me stay up till that late and i have school tomorrow/today/whatever-ill-say-its-tomorrow
And i want to join that fandom….fu- i have so many things i want to watch………..why am i not watching them already. Theyre all things *I* want to watch (well most) and theyre great

I already messaged @seidurstown it, but imagine Sportacus and the kids playing when Ziggy asks “what is love?” Cause he has to ask that for a Valentine’s Day project in school.

Trixie says it’s when you do something kinda bad, and the person forgives you

Pixel says it’s when you’re able to just sit and there is no need to talk

Stingy says it’s when you want to give someone something

Stephanie says it’s when you want to dance when you think of them

And Sportacus wasn’t able to say anything because he was hit by the realization that these kids just described how he feels with Robbie. Sportacus realizes he’s in love with Robbie.

La-la-la, just watching a Scooby-Doo movi– WHOA!

What, did a rival school of ghouls call a hit on someone? Gracious, that’s a little dark for a kids’ cartoon….

Oh? It’s just a periscope? Alright, that’s moderately better.

…but seriously now, not to be an audio geek or anything, but why do they even bother with the little microphone on top? These mystery spies are, like, 40+ feet away. They’re not gonna hear jack squat that the girls say that they can’t already hear themselves.

Who’s spying on them, anyway? Show yourselves!



This is Scooby-Doo, here! We don’t need a bunch of obnoxious kids! We need soullessweirdhostile abominations for Scooby to solve mysteries abou–

…oh? Wait a minute…

  1. Empty, soulless black eyes? Check.
  2. Nose shaped vaguely like weird mountain? Check.
  3. Looks like he wants to kill us all? Check.

Never mind, I guess they fit the bill perfectly. Carry on!

Trk spoilers: ////

After a while (as all tragic things do) gansey and co. start finding ganseys death hilarious? It’s gansey that starts it - saying things like “well the third times the charm, Jane,” or “this is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me including the two times i died.”

Ronan is the first to catch up never missing an opportunity to be a little shit so like Blue will be being difficult at gansey and Ronan will just be like “I mean damn maggot you’ve already killed the kid let him buy an air hockey table if he wants to”

Adam surprises them with a joke too he’s in the middle of college applications and essays and aglionby school work and he leans back and let’s out a heavy sigh and goes “this actually might be more stressful than watching blue murder gansey”

They all start doing it “the night gansey was killed-” “stop telling people I’m dead” “sometimes we can still hear his voice” or “this is worse than gansey dying that one time” “which time?”

And then finally finally one day blue gives in and says “Richard Campbell Gansey the iii, if you don’t knock it off I’m going to kill you again”

And gansey laughs so hard at this it starts as a gentle eye crinkling laugh that dissolves into literal giggles

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Do you know more headcanons for Laito?^^

He will sometimes go to Ayato’s basketball games to hit on cheerleaders Ayato called “dibs” on. 

He’s the guy that has a flock of women asking him to school dances. He normally tells them that someone has already asked him and politely turns them down. He then keeps a mental record and picks the girl who intrigued him the most to go out with and feed from.

There’s a rumour going around school that he’s slept with every girl in the school. When asked about it Laito will simply say “I haven’t slept with you yet have I?” and walk away. He finds it entertaining to watch their reaction.

Ayato and Laito cannot be in the same class together because of how often they banter and harass people.

Laito once faced expulsion for multiple suspensions due to sexual harassment. Reiji had to pull strings to prevent this since Laito flat out refused to be shipped to the North Pole. He had to stay in Reiji’s good books for three months in order to not be ratted out to their father.

The day after.

I teach mostly black and brown teenagers. Many of them are immigrants, some of whom may be illegally here, some of them are still learning English.

At 14, they already feel like they don’t matter in America. They already distrust government officials, already have seen hatred and heard slurs against them.

All of them frightened, apprehensive, depressed, and wondering the same things I am.

I try to avoid being political at school. My job is to teach them how to think, not what to think. That said, I make it a point to never lie to them. If they ask me who I voted for, I generally tell them that how I voted doesn’t matter in the classroom.

But today, I think it did and I was honest with them. 

Because today, I told them that I love them.

That my classroom is a safe space for them.

That I will listen to them and answer questions for them as best as I can. 

That I will protect them as much as I can.

That sometimes, I don’t have all of the answers, but I will be there for them as much as I can.

Because they’re my kids. And I’ll go mama bear for them if I have to.

We don’t know what the next four years will bring. So all I can do is protect my cubs and teach them how to think critically. Because that’s my job. 

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Hi do you reply each asks or do you sometimes skip? idk if i asked this before but can you do a fic rec of sterek as fbi agents or partners in crime if theres any new fics of it? ☺️😇

Oh hun,

I am sooo sorry!!! I did get your ask and I did draft a reply. I really thought I posted it. I’m so glad you asked me again! I added a few more to the fics I had already saved. I hope some of them are new to you :)

lay your armour down by  stilinski | 37.6K

Hale, on two legs and wearing a shirt, finds him thirty minutes later still sitting in the same position, staring at the ceiling.

“I think there’s something wrong with me,” Stiles says. Hale snorts.

“I could have told you that,” he says. “Tea?”

This Ain’t Jump Street by  thecheekydragon | 18K

Detective Stilinski goes undercover at a local high school to catch a killer and meets hot gym teacher Derek Hale. Stiles just hopes Hale is not the killer. But then again, he always did fall for the wrong sort of guy.

Glazed and Confused by  wishingonalightningbolt | 13.7K

Stiles is a forensic tech with the San Diego FBI. He thinks he’s been fairly lucky, since he’s never had his life threatened, sustained few injuries, and only has to work with his least favorite agent every once in a while.

And then all of that changes.

Fine Whiskey by  Bellakitse | 1.4K

“Very Special Agent Hale,” Stiles responds and the mocking is clear in his voice as he reaches for Derek’s drink and then has the audacity to take a sip, smirking when Derek glares at him. “How was Istanbul?”

“Hot,” Derek murmurs annoyed at Stiles and at himself, because he finds it attractive, Stiles’ smartass, fearless, somewhat superior attitude is a turn on, it makes Derek wonder if he would be like that in bed or if Derek could make him bend, make him beg.

Hacked by  ShadowofaGod | 13.6K

FBI Special Agents Derek Hale and Isaac Lahey have been sent to Beacon Hills University to find a student who tried to hack into the Pentagon. One snarky, student IT department employee catches Derek’s eye.

A Little Agony by  KuriKuri | 40.7K

“There is one way we could do it,” Derek finally says, making both Stiles and Lydia perk up, looking at him expectantly.

(Or: The mandatory fandom “undercover as a couple at a BDSM club” AU.)

To the one who loves him next,

He has the hardest time opening up, I hate to say this but, try to not be like me and over care. It’ll be easier to cope with if he pulls away.

He has the fruitiest voice, and the utmost beautiful smile. I can’t possibly forget to mention his kind dark brown eyes and his dreamy tall frame. Tell him he’s handsome, tell him you only want him. He’s one of those guys who absolutely need to know he’s wanted.

He loves basketball, you probably already know that because he plays on his school’s team. Don’t make him choose between the person he loves, also known as you, and his childhood past time. It’ll ruin the both of you.

He doesn’t talk about his feelings, it’s as if he completely shut them off. Sure, he’ll say “I love you” but if something’s bothering him, he won’t say a word. So, make him say a word. It’s the only way he’ll trust you, and sadly I couldn’t get a word out of him.

He has a little sister he absolutely despises, I know she’ll love you; because she loved me. Her name is Maddy, and she’s the sweetest little thing, even though he absolutely hates her since she’s so “spoiled”.

He’s probably not going to tell the truth when he tells you he loves you, so instead, believe him when he shows you, he loves you.

To the one who loves this certain boy next, please love him. Just a warning, basketball isn’t the only “games” he likes to play, but a piece of advice, he can’t play his games with a girl who plays better.



a remake of one of my past poems, just for someone else m.k.j.
Strange love. [Smut]

[A/N: Inspired by the song Strange Love by Halsey]

I leaned outside of the school, watching people, I memorized everyone’s name and listened quietly to what they say so I can tear them down if they try to hurt me.

I was quiet, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t be deadly, but then came the boy I had been entranced with since Freshmen year, A junior, Soft pink lips and a mean personality, he didn’t talk to anyone, only his three best friends, one of them already graduated.

Today he wore the same black skinny jeans and a plain white t-shirt his hair dyed almost white with brown roots, and the eyebrow piercing that made me squeeze my thighs together guiltily.

He was known to fuck and fall away from people, so maybe that’s why I stayed away.. just studied.

He walked to the other side of the school leaning against the outside wall, waiting for his friends as he lit a cig, I was cliche, liking the ‘Bad boy’

I clicked my pen back in forth trying to come up with a song to write as I stared carefully at him from a distance, I think I was a stalker but I didn’t ever want to ‘do anything’ just wanted to watch him until I completed high school,  yep I was a stalker, just looking at him I came up with a million songs, but today nothing.

“Y/N!” I turned my head to see Trevor, oh god not him again, I looked up to see Michael looking in my direction now, FUCK!

“Uh yeah?” I looked at the ground not making eye contact with Trevor, a blush hot on my face thinking what maybe Michael was thinking about.

“I was wondering you wanted to go out Saturday to Kalin’s Party?” Trevor’s voice shaky in nerves.

“She’s going with me.” Michael’s soft voice interrupted him, I looked up in surprise as he slung an arm around my shoulder.. what was happening?

“Oh.. Okay.” Trevor walked away with red cheeks.

I stood frozen for a second focusing on the pale arm slung around me, making my stomach stay erupted in butterflies.

“I’ll pick you up at 7.” I gaped at the boy I’ve had a crush on since freshmen year.

“Wait!” I called, he stopped a few feet away from me but didn’t turn around.

“I’m not going.” I crossed my arms across my chest stubbornly, He then turned around and raised a pierced eyebrow in curiosity.

“All do you is fuck the person and leave, no.” I turned my gaze away from his intimidating stare.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” He asked.

I went silent, Remembering all the times on my period where I swore I’d let the boy fuck me in my sleep.

“All you have to do is tell me no.” He smirked as he started to walk away.

“Wait..- uh yeah.” I swallowed the thick feeling in my throat as I said those words.

“Well, I’ll look forward to it.” and continued to walk away.


Saturday never seemed to come slower, everyone around me asked me if I was dating him after the rumor Trevor spread, but they all knew the answer, Michael wasn’t exactly boyfriend material.

I waited on my front porch, black skinny jeans, converse and band t-shirt, average everyday outfit, but still fit for I guess the occasion, I rubbed my eyes tiredly and then cursed myself remembering I was wearing mascara.

“You coming?” Michael pulled up next to my house, a bored look engraved in his features, How he knew where I lived I had no idea.

“Yeah.. Yeah.”

I got up off the ground and walked down the steps, he looked like a sex god, well of course he was but he never failed to make me wonder.

Taking a seat in the passenger seat carefully he pulled off into the street, actually being a pretty good driver, “So.. are the rumors of you just wanting a one night stand, are they true?” I asked kind of surprised myself at my forwardness.

“So do you want to come clean about stalking me every day?” He cocked an eyebrow glancing at me but then looking back at the road.

my throat went dry, of course, he wasn’t clueless.

“You’re… fun to write songs about,” I muttered staring at my lap as I twisted my fingers back in forth, great job Y/N.

“Is that true.. hmm” He smirked,

“Now it’s your turn,” I said staring at his green eyes, waiting for him to tell me if this was supposed to be a one-night stand kinda of thing or not.

“You never made me promise I had to tell you.” He hummed, turning into a street.

I huffed crossing my arms, this had to be the most awkward car ride of my life.

“Don’t pout baby girl, I thought you were getting laid tonight.” I looked up in surprise at his naughty words, as he rubbed a hand on my thigh.

“Yeah Maybe I am, but it doesn’t have to be you,” I said climbing out of his car

“Touche.” He said following my footsteps as he got out of his car.

I walked towards the house, it looked normal besides the abnormal amount of noise coming from it, Knocking on the door I felt Michael beside me, I bit my lip, even his presence did things to me, I was fucked up in every way but I couldn’t help it.

Before someone opened the door Michael wrapped his hand around my waist, his hand gently landing on my hip as he squeezed pretty hard, I looked at him in surprise but he was still facing the door pulling me closer.

“Michael wha-” I was saying “Hey Mike!” I saw Kalin open the door, a bright smile on his lips and a blue solo cup in his hand.

“Is this the chick you’re going to fuck?” I gaped at Kalin, I had known him since 6th grade but didn’t remember my name, and I wasn’t just some chick he was fucking, I felt dirty.

Michael just smiled walking with me inside the house as Kalin went somewhere else, “Leave them wondering, that’s the beauty of a secret, you know you’re supposed to keep it.” His pink lips tickled my the corner of my ear as he gently, his teeth barely grazing my ear, I shut my eyes, it felt good.

He pulled away before I began to feel what I was in store for, “I’m gonna go get a drink.” As he walked away.

I gaped quietly as I watched him walk away, I didn’t want to be another girl he fucked, but at the same time I wanted him to fuck me mercilessly, That was Michael Clifford, he was a sex god that only gave himself to someone so much.

Emotionally: no, Physically: Yes.

I looked down at my phone, and opened a new note and tried to remember all the girls he fucked, and left, and I came up with about seven.. did I really want to be the eighth?

“Y/N?” My head shot up to see Trevor, a green Solo cup in hand and a bud of what I’m guessing Marijuana in his left hand between his pointer finger and thumb, this was gonna be fun.

“Hey, Trev..” I trailed off, He leaned in closer then I expected his breath stinking of Pot.

I leaned away, It’s not even the good stuff, “Are you really going to fuck Clifford?” His eyes shining with jealousy.

My eyes widened as Michael’s words trailed in my head “That’s a beauty of a secret, you know you’re supposed to keep it.”

I smirked trying to pull off Michael’s signature look, but I probably looked like I was grimacing, Trevor’s jaw tightened by the look on my face, okay maybe that wasn’t such a smart idea.

“You know he’s a creep right, real strange guy.” Trevor took another hit from his weed.

I shrugged trying to make him think I didn’t care, but my heart was hammering.

“He’s just going to leave you.” He scoffed, “Why does the good guy always finish last.” He grunted,

I scoffed at his ignorance and ignored his words, yeah.. like he was a good guy, I just shook my head and walked away, I remember him cheating on at least two girls,

Walking into the kitchen I looked around for my blonde dyed friend, until someone leaned real close, their humid breath tickling my neck.

“want to dance? Baby girl.” That nickname made me weak, and I knew Michael’s voice from anywhere, I turned around and got cockier than I thought bringing my arms lazily around his neck, and leaning real close to his lips, before mumbling “I’d like that.” and then Pulling away.

Michael’s eyes shined, the alcohol making his eyes dilated and his lips turning into a grin as he grabbed my hands, tugging me towards the living room where grinding was a popular thing to the cringy pop music.

But it was with Michael.


His rough hands gripped my hips as I swayed to the beat, my butt barely hovering over his manhood, but I could tell I was driving him crazy, we were sweaty and hot but I couldn’t help but grin, I dreamed about this once, never thinking this could be a reality.

My butt rubbed against him in all the right ways as I heard him moan in the very back of his throat, nearly making me melt, I wanted him to do it again, I loved the feeling of making him weak.

“Do it again, baby girl”

This time I did it a little bit harder, feeling our jeans rub together, and he got harder, a load groan echoed from his lips again, but I bet no one heard that beautiful moan over the music.

“If you do that again, I might have to do you right here” I Bit my lips pulling away from him,

“What if I do.. this,” I whispered tiptoeing as I kissed his jaw, rather harshly.

“You don’t want to know.” He whispered back.

“Michael!” We turned around at the yell.

It was Kalin, “Do you wanna play truth or dare with your lady friend?” A smile on his lips, he seemed drunker than the last time we saw him.

Michael looked at me for my opinion, I nodded, Michael smiled over at Kalin giving him a nod.

Grabbing my hand we followed Kalin upstairs making me nervous, I think Michael could tell, “You sure?” His eyes turned concerned, making me so much more attracted to him, I was screwed.

“Yeah, just a little nervous.” He brought his thumb to the outside of my hand rubbing softly in circles, who knew little circles would work miracles

Walking into the room there was already a huge circle,  they seemed to have started the game along time ago, but then decided to invite us.

“Clifford!” “Michelle!” “Clifficonda!” People yelled in greeting but no one seemed to notice me, that was usual, Michael turned a little red at the nickname 'Clifficonda.’ wonder what they we’re talking about.

“Sit down People! this is about to get a lot more heated.” Kalin shouted I remembered he was a theater kid and loved to make things more interesting and loud.

“We got one of our best players now, Amanda, Truth or Dare,” Kalin smirked seeming to know his dare or truth already.

“Hmm. ” She smirked her dyed brown hair going over her shoulder, “Dare.”

Kalin grinned in Triumph liking the way this was going especially well the amount of alcohol already in his guest’s systems, it seemed I was the only sober person here.

“Have a make-out contest, you and Devin, And Michael and the girl he’s fucking.” My blood boiled at the nickname but I was excited to kiss Michael.




And just like that my lips were attached to his, both of us sitting criss-cross apart from him as I leaned into him, his hands sliding down to my sides, as I brought my hands to his cheeks, tracing my thumbs carefully across his jawline that were littered with little scratchy hairs from where he hadn’t shaved.

He gently tugged on my bottom lip with his teeth, I could barely hear the cheers around us, just that I was kissing Michael Clifford, I brought my hands further to the back of his thin hair, dragging each of my small paint fingers through his bleached hair.

His tongue gently touched mine, as I glided mine back against his making sure I wasn’t using to much tongue, or it would have been a horrible slobbery mess, I could feel his hands go under my shirt, making me nearly burst into fits of laughter (Due to how ticklish I am.) but I bit down on his bottom lip and my hands tugged at the ends of his hair harder and deeper.

He moaned as I heard the crowd echo in more cheers, “Closer, Baby girl.” He whispered hurriedly as I felt his hands tugging my crisscrossed legs towards him, and with that little demand I was on his lap, legs wrapped around his torso, and his hands squeezing my butt.

I hear people saying the contest is over but I continued to kiss him, his lips addicting, and Michael seems to have the same idea as me,

“Get a room!” Someone yells.

As Michael gets off the floor my legs still around his waist, as he holds my thighs securely, not once do we jump apart, I hear wolf whistles as Michael takes me to a Bathroom down the hall,

“Michael.” I moan against his lips quietly, not liking the sound of my own moan.

“Do that again Kitten.”

And with one hard squeeze to my butt I moan uncontrollably again, My cheeks turn red at the unfamiliar sound, no one’s made me moan.

He locks the door as I sit on the bathroom counter anxiously, and before I even process anything his lips are back against mine, his soft little stubble tickling my face, as I move my hands in his hair again.


I don’t want to loose my virginity in a bathroom at some party, I pushed on Michael’s chest as we both panted noisily.

“What’s wrong?” His eyes full of concern, but I still see his full on erection through his black jeans.

“I Uh.” I didn’t know how to tell him.

“Nevermind.” I shook my hand making grabby hands at the attractive male, wanting more of his rough kisses.

“No, what’s wrong?” He grabbed my hands laying them on the counter slowly,

I stayed silent staring at the counter of the sink, how do I tell him, is this supposed to be easy?

“You’re a virgin?” He questioned, I looked up gaping, how did he guess.

“I-I. Yeah,” I nodded shamefully.

“oh.. Well not the best guy for this.” He scratched the back of his head avoiding eye contact.

“No! your perfect Michael!’ I said a little too loudly. “It’s just that I didn’t want it to be in a bathroom.. in a party I don’t even know where I am.” I held my forehead, as Michael stayed silent not knowing how to respond, “It’s not like I’m asking for flower petals and romantic crap, even the back of the car would be okay.. I guess just not here.”

“Does that make any sense?” I sighed laying my head in my hands.

“Yeah, I guess it does,” he nodded hesitantly.

“sorry.. I’m sure there are about 10 other girls in this house who are ready to have sex with you, either way, it was nice to have an actual decent makeout session.” I chuckled, sliding off the counter and dusting off my pants.

“I’m not saying I don’t want to fuck you.. Like holy shit have you seen yourself recently?” He motioned to your body, you smiled embarrassingly at the ground.

“Why don’t we just go back to my house.” He smiled gently before I could get a word out he interrupted me, “And I want to play 20 questions with you, sober.” His slid his tongue over his gorgeous lips, he seemed nervous.

“I’d like that.”


I had found myself feet dangling in a hot tub head leaning on Michael’s shoulder, his watch dangerously getting closer to midnight.

“What was your first pet?” I asked hearing the late summer crickets chirp happily, as he chuckled, I felt his chest vibrate at the lovely sound.

I’d do anything to hear it again.

“The dog I still have now actually, I got when I was about nine, she’s a small poodle mix and something’s wrong with her jaw so her tongue constantly just hangs out of her mouth.” I giggle at the answer realizing I just asked the 20th question.

“Last question Clifficonda.” I laugh, he face lights with an embarrassed smile, Apparently, he got called that because of his ding dong.

“Do you want to drink so hot coca? seeing as it’s both of our favorite drinks.” I was surprised by his answer, but Nodded, he swung he’s feet out of the hot tub splashing me in the process on accident.

“Hey!” I giggled but didn’t splash him back, He laughed and held out his hand so it was easier for me to get off the edge of the hot tub.

My feet landed on the deck surprisingly smoothly, normally I was a clutz with everything I did, I looked up at Michael smiling happily, I tiptoed bringing my lips to his, for the few seconds of heaven.

He broke apart hands gently resting on my hips, “How about you go start making the Hot coca while I close the hot tub lid?” He hummed bringing his chapped lips to my Neck making me shiver in delight.

“Hmm, okay,” I said out breathily trying to focus on his words.

He turned away from me, and started to turn off the hot tub on his dads loft, because he was living with him when his parents got divorced, he lives with his dad In Australia in the school year, and with his mom in the summer in America, apparently America wasn’t that great from what he tells me.

I opened the sliding glass door, the lighting to the comfy loft was dark but I was able to see where I was going.

I hummed looking through each cabinet for the coca powder or instant hot Cocoa, finally opening one of the top cabinets I saw the hot coco on the very top shelf. I tiptoed, feeling my top go up a little as I reached my fingers just grazing it.

I stuck my tongue out of the very corner of my mouth in concentration, trying not to push the coco further Back into the cabinet, Curse you tall males!

“Having trouble Kitten?” I was shocked by the closeness of the whisper in my ear behind me, as Michael reached with ease and grabbed it from me, I turned around met with the dark green eyes a smirk on his pink chapped lips.

“Nope, perfectly capable thanks.” I grabbed the coco from him and set It next to the mugs I already set out.

“Hmm, that’s not what I saw.” He grabbed my hips from behind, pressing hard against me from behind, I want to grind on him but I refrained myself, biting my lip.

“Fuck it,” Michael whispered and turned Me around suddenly, I dropped the coco that was in my hand, as his lips slammed onto mine, My back digging into the counter behind me as I moaned in content at the sudden intimacy,

Letting my hands go back to his hair my tongue finding it’s way into his mouth in a matter of seconds, he lifted my thighs up on to the counter and my legs inclosed around his figure,

“God dammit your so hot.” He groaned breaking from the kiss to litter kisses down my jaw, I put my hair the other side of my neck and leaned so I have him more access.

His swollen lips adulterated my neck leaving heavenly bruises in his wake, my legs wrapped tighter around his frame feeling his hard man hood beneath me, “Michael.. Please.” I didn’t know what I wanted but the warm knot in my stomach told me something.

“Please, what?” I felt his smirk on my skin, his hot breath fanning on the fresh bruise making me shudder in pleasure.

I didn’t say anything just moved my right hand to his pants right over him I felt him through his jeans making Michael groan in pleasure his neck titering back as he looked at the ceiling in uncontrollable pleasure.

I slipped my hand into his jeans, and then carefully into his boxers, feeling how thick and hard he was, the pre-cum making my fingers wet, as ran my hand up and down his large length, and I realized why they called him clifficonda.

“Fuck.. ” He hissed, I removed my hand from his pants and brought my hand wet with pre-cum to my lips as I licked the cum that was on my hand hopefully looking sexy.

“Oh, that’s not fair baby girl.” His eyes filled with lust,

“Then why don’t you do something about it.” I felt him shiver from between my legs.

and with one swift moment, he carried me to his living room couch, the closest/softest item to fuck me on in his loft,

I landed beneath him with a bounce, I smiled, and began to take my shirt off, Michael doing the same, butterflies were everywhere in my stomach I didn’t have any regrets but I was nothing but excited.

“Are you sure?” He moaned not taking his eyes off my chest.

“Yes, please Mike.” I was tugging at his jean button wanting them to get off his legs and away from his body forever, he looked so hot naked.

“Someone’s in a hurry.” He laughed tugging off his tight jeans, especially in his down stairs area, he seemed pain by the little friction of his jeans, I tugged off my own jeans and eventually my bra was somewhere across the room.

Michael didn’t even notice my bare chest yet because he was struggling to get his jeans off, I giggled, Michael looked over at me his mouth going agape at my bare chest as he fell over.

I burst to even more laughter, Michael was back on me in a matter of seconds his milky things holding me to the couch, his eyes a dark color then before, He leaned closer more slowly attaching my lips to his, I wrapped by legs around his waist my feet resting on the back of his bum.

My hips bucked at the sudden movement of Michael leaning over me, our hips his crashing together, I moaned in his mouth at the contact feeling the wetness soaking out of my panties, Michael noticed holding one hand above my head as He slipped his long fingers into my panties.

“Hmm, so wet Kitten.” I nodded enthusiastically his rubbed slowly over my folds, spreading the wetness.

I hissed out as one of Michael’s cold fingers slipped into me, my back arched off the couch as my legs spread further apart giving him more room, “More.” I mumbled high off of just one finger, he added another and my hands went to his hair tugging harshly.

“Are you ready?” He asked,

“Fuck yeah, Please I just want your cock inside me.” I was surprised by my filthy honesty.

“Enough said.” He licked his lips taking a moment to take off his boxers quickly and reach for his jeans which his front pocket held a Condom.

He was taking his time looking through each pocket I slipped my own fingers into my pulsing pussy that was soaking at the thought of Michael fucking me roughly on the couch.

“No kitten.” He took my hands away, Condom on, Junior Clifford ready to go, he slapped my pussy making me moan, I wanted him so bad.

He crawled back over me, lips colliding with mine, I tugged on his bottom lip with my teeth gently, and then let my tongue slip inside his mouth exploring him, his tongue soon fighting with mine as I heavily made out with him.

Having enough of the restless teasing, I lined his thick cock up with myself, one leg over his hip as He pushed into me, I stopped kissing him surprised by this new feeling, it hurt, I closed my eyes, letting out a puff of air, not knowing if I could do this, after I adjusted for a second I nodded for him to go.

A few thrusts later it began to ease the pain but each time he pushed into me it hurt like a mother fucker, a tear slipped from my eye, He kept going , but slow as he moved his mouth to my breast, sucking harshly on the left nipple,  I moaned at this feeling, his tongue twirling teasingly.

Realizing the agonizing pain in the down stairs area had disappeared, I wrapped another leg around him, “Faster.” I groaned as he pumped slowly and in and out of me I felt every vein and hair on his pink flaccid cock, he sped up and I raked my hands unconsciously down his back.

Starting to speed up, His head buried in my shoulder blade, He let out a deep load moan, making me buck my hips, as his pretty cock hit my G-spot.

“Michael!” I yelled holding onto his bicep, my legs were shaking as the knot in my stomach got bigger and bigger, but I didn’t let go of this feeling as much as I wanted to.

“I-mm close” I whimpered,

“Hold.. On babe.” and leaving a love bite on my shoulder blade, my nails dug into his bicep positively leaving half-moon shapes in an irritated red.

“On the count of three.” His thrusts were getting slower, but he tried to speed up anyway.


“2.” He let out quickly, I could tell he was having trouble himself of not letting go.


I let go and it was as I was swarmed in complete euphoria, my legs shook uncontrollably, As I still felt myself clinging to Michael’s pale skin, his heavy breathing becoming unclear as I began to want to feel it again.

It was like an entirely new universe exploded through out my body, leaving me touching the sky and just barely seeing the world below me.

This universe was: Michael Clifford, A universe where you’re not so attached, but you fall in any way because that’s just what he makes you feel.

His breathing had slowed, and the sweat between us felt disgusting and unnecessary, and my body hurt, but felt good.. something I don’t think I’d ever have the words to describe.

I opened my eyes seeing his green eyes staring at me, his thick eye brows blinking staring at me, but there were no words between us, His hands still above my head holding himself up.

A smile fell on his lips, not a smirk, just a light smile, something that killed me instantly, his hair was matted with sweat making his light brown roots show, and there was a little scar above his left eye brow that was beautiful and every way, and studying the quirks of his lips the way the two sides lifted noticeably, but looked so much more.. He was a whole new way of beauty, and I don’t think I’d ever get tired of it.

I scooched over so he could rest his weight on the little room we had on his dad’s couch, the leather making the sweat still very unbearable, Michael tore off the Condom, tying it off and throwing it across the room where a trash can was, nearly missing.

It made me wonder how many times he’s done it..

I wanted to blurt all my inner thoughts, but I think I’d just freak him out.

Closing my eyes for a second my head just resting on the pillow below me, my core ached but I’d do it all over, I opened my eyes again seeing Michael getting up, A little whimper barely audible left my lips, I didn’t want him to leave the couch..

“I’m just getting a blanket.” his voice hoarse, and butt naked as his finger tips trailed down my leg as he got up to go to a closet near the kitchenette.

He came bath with a fluffy sleek blanket, that surprisingly fit over both of us, laying next to me for maybe a solid minute he was out like a light, his snores making me feel content.

I of course stared at the beautiful blonde next to me, never in my life did I think I’d loose my virginity to Michael Clifford, but the weirdest things happen, his lips were parted as he slept on his side, one of his hands laying lazily on my side, I looked towards our bare feet seeing the windows of the loft lit up the main downtown of Syndey, the windows fogged up from our activities.

I smirked, We caused that, if this was a dream I don’t think I’d ever want to wake up.

Looking back at the beautiful male next to me, his face was relaxed; peaceful even, not mean or cocky, just vulnerable and soft, was this the real Michael? Would he ever really love someone?

The 'to the moon’ tattoo made me really believe maybe he would, somewhere he must have felt loved, or ever loved something so tightly, My painted finger nails barely grazed the tattoo, tracing it with my hand.

Michael didn’t move, but good bumps burst up on his skin like a disease, was I just going to be a one night stand? is this even a one night stand?

The anxiety’s in life began to absorb me but as I stared at him, the problems in my life began to fade, he was like a drug.


I tugged on my jeans, glancing every so often at the Him, the blanket just reaching his waist line as the blanket was tucked under his feet, Something told me I was supposed to leave.

That’s how this worked, and dear Lord I wish it didn’t.

I couldn’t find my bra, so I just threw on my baseball-T, the darkness of five A.M making it impossible to see, but I stubbled around the loft quietly, slipping on my converse that were still by the Hot tub.

And memories from last night came back perfectly.

“You turn.” I smiled after answering what my favorite hobby was.

“Hmm.” He hummed his own teethe tugging at his lip, looking towards the water trying to come up with an interesting question.

“If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would you be?” He asked Michael seemed so proud of his question.

I wanted to answer with: “Here.”

But that would be weird, “Well. If I was in love I’d probably want to be next to that person, but right now. Probably America.”  

I remembered the way he smiled and told me about his family and how America wasn’t that exciting but being with someone you like is always amazing.

It made me think about if this would ever happen again.

Probably not.

Walking back into the loft I saw him sleeping away easily, swallowing the lump in my throat I walked towards the front door, seeing paper laying on a little table against the wall in the neat hallway.

And began to write.

Thank you, Michael. Have a nice night.

I felt like an idiot, for writing that so I but a line through and just put.

Have a nice night.-Y/N

Better, more simple.

I looked behind me to see the back of the couch, but from here it still looked like he was asleep.

Opening the front door I left the loft, which was a lot harder then I thought it was, and I began my walk of shame.

Hair a mess, smelling of sweat, and I guess sex? if so then sex had an odd smell.

{Part two.}

My first ever smut, plz don’t judge, I’m such a virgin.

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I'm ftm and a junior in high school. I experience a lot of chest dysphoria on a daily basis and have invested in a binder. The problem is, my high school requires everyone to take a gym class and I don't feel comfortable in the girls locker room. It is very packed and there is no privacy. Many of the other girls give me weird looks and talk about me when I wear a binder calling me a "freak" and "tranny". I already experience a lot of dysphoria especially about my large chest. Help?

i’m so sorry the girls in your school are such transphobic scums.
however the best advice i can manage is to maybe wear gym clothing to school that day (if you don’t have uniforms, if you do then i have another suggestion) and avoid the change room.
if you have the uniforms, the best i can say is ignore them, don’t show them what they want to see. maybe try telling a teacher as well.
school is tough as fuck especially with girls like that, but i know you can do it. remember every single day that you’re a valid boy, it doesn’t matter what anyone says or thinks.

Today i was on YouTube and everything settled in. Twenty one pilots is no longer that small band from Ohio that you tell all your friends about because they don’t know them. They are international pop stars, a world wide name. I still love Tyler and Josh and what the music has done for me but I don’t want to be part of this “clique” anymore. This fanbase is so saturated with people who think they care but they don’t, there are so many new people its overwhelming for me. Call me rude or unaccepting but this is how i feel and it does make me sad that i cant go to one of their concerts again
without feeling small, i can no longer say their name at school without people surrounding me trying to tell me more about them than i already know. I love you Tyler and Josh and i love that your music saved me but i hate the fact that i tell people how special you are to me and I get called “mainstream” and “just another teen who thinks she’s different”. Im sorry but I will forever be an old school clique member. |-/

  • Teacher: Any questions?
  • Me: Why does Shizuo know Mairu and Kururi's names?
  • Teacher: Excuse me?
  • Me: Shizuo. Shizuo Heiwajima. Why does he know Mairu and Kururi Orihara's names? It's never explained. We don't know. They were never in the same school together, because Shizuo had already graduated by the time they entered high school. The only place we can assume they met was when they were trying to see Kasuka. Did Shizuo say to himself "Hey, here's two crazy girls trying to get with my brother. I think I'll introduce myself."? Did he somehow have a conversation with Izaya and their younger siblings became mentioned, and Shizuo somehow knew it was them? Why? How? Tell me. I need to know how Shizuo knows Mairu and Kururi.
  • Teacher: I don't think -
  • Me: I. Need. To. Know.

When your mom’s orchid starts dying, why not use the falling flowers as props?? Aesthetic af. Lol.

haha anyways, this is a back-to-school supplies post requested by an anon! Above is my checklist of the supplies I get at the beginning of every school year if I don’t already have them. In blue parenthesis are the brands I buy, and below I’ll explain my use/reason for purchasing each item. Before explaining any further, I’m just going to say that everything I buy aside from my bullet journal is from Target. Any supplies I don’t talk about on this post you can find my general supplies post here.

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Hiya! Thank you for requesting! Since i have BTS gifs already, i will post them first, and then i’ll post EXO when i have made them <3 

If you meant that you wanted bts and exo joined gifs, then re-request saying that you wanted them joint please, thank you~ <3 

1: Your bestfriend:

2: Your ex-boyfriend:

3: He always has, and always will have a crush on you: (IM SORRY)

4: You and him are secretly really close:

5: You hang out with these 4 at lunch: (Pick 4)

6: These 3 are the most popular in the school: (Pick 3)

7: You dont like him (because of something that happened in the past):

8: He doesnt like you (you have no idea why):

9: You and him have an on-off friendship (you fall out a lot):

10: You walk to school with these two: (Pick 2)

11: He is always waiting for you after school to walk home with:

12: He kinda stalks you (because he wants to get to know you but is too afraid):

13: You sit by him in every class:

14: You always work with these three when you’re doing group projects:(Pick 3)

15: Before your current boyfriend, you always had a crush on him: (bonus points if this is your boyfriend)

16: Your current boyfriend:(idk why i took so long to get to this one haha, i guess i wanted to tease y’all)

17: He always copies your work:

18: You and him get together after school to do homework/revise together:

19: Whenever you’re struggling on a subject, he helps you:

20: These two are always messing around in class and getting in trouble:(Pick 2)

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What would you reccomend for people who want to learn animation without going to uni? A college from work went to the only animation uni in my state and said most people didn't get employment after study and it cost them $40,000 those who did get a job work graphic design job. However I already work graphic design, so there would be little benifit for me.

Well first thing i would say is dont go to a university that has a bad record in getting students hired. Research some schools - you can find one that works right for you and it doesnt have to be university. I didnt go to university and I found my college affordable. 

However if you’re looking to go the personal teaching route just..well..internet it up ! So if you want to learn animation without going to uni then…learn..animation without going to uni haha. Theres no secret code to it , if you enjoy it just do it.  Pick up a pencil , see if there are any free programs around ( kryta has animation capabilities and its free if i remember correctly ) and just get to it. Look up books , save things that inspire you and dig in.  

Here <– is a post i did on some advice on how to get started with a few links in there. 

i will say ..it is not UNHEARD of to be self taught in the animation industry, but i can say it is not common. Animation is a very tough skillset and although anyone can play around with it ,if you are looking for a CAREER in it it takes a lot of investment. Money, time , sacrifce..it doesnt matter..takes a lot to learn a skill enough to make it into a job. So look up animation , what it takes , and have fun first so you can grow your passion but also consider what other options you may have for schooling if you want to have a serious career in it. There is not a lot of animation jobs in every country or state, so its best to learn about the industry and the job availablity as well. 

advice i would give for someone just looking to start for fun and someone whos looking to make it into a job are different - but it still has to come from passion regardless so the best way to start is just to jump in. 


in my head canon - There’s no way that musician from Mosspaca isn’t He Tian. It explains why he’s always shown wearing headphones, he loves music so much, he ends up being a musician. In a band with the other three, that’s also obvious from the artwork.

I imagine the thrill he felt when Jian Yi says this to him at school. It awoke him, led him to pursue Mo. I don’t know what happened between them, but they’ve stayed friends after their relationship, because they’re still in a band together.

This is why when he meets the new redhead at work, he’s immediately interested, he gets nervous, he knocks over that drink. Later he tries the same tactic that Jian Yi used on him at school, just to try and get his attention

I’m sure all this has been said already, but I’m new here and need somewhere to spit out my feelings about these manhuas that have taken over my life for the last couple of weeks