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thousands of years into the future an archaeological  team traverses deep into a cave said to house thousands of ancient words. at the heart of the cave, they find said writings.

“what’s it say?” one of them says to the other. they pull out a small notebook which carries translations of old forgotten languages.

“i- i think i know what it says…” they reply.

“come on, tell us already!” another says with urgency.

a deep rumble rocks the cave, and a deep, ancient voice is heard…

█░█ ▒█░▒█ ▒█▀▀▀ ▒█░░▒█ ▒█░░▒█ ▒█▀▀▀█ ▀█ █░█
░░░ ▒█▀▀█ ▒█▀▀▀ ▒█▒█▒█ ▒█▒█▒█ ▒█░░▒█ █▀ ░░░
░░░ ▒█░▒█ ▒█▄▄▄ ▒█▄▀▄█ ▒█▄▀▄█ ▒█▄▄▄█ ▄░ ░░░

if it weren’t for the fact that I wanted to know how it’ll end and how attached I am to certain characters, I would have dropped the show already. 

That said, this episode gave me what I wanted to see happen for Azazel and the reunion for him and Mugaro/El. It was good and I really like it. He’s got such a soft spot for the kid and is so very fond of him. It warms my heart to see them, even for a brief moment.

Favaro gave words of wisdom but the thing is whether will the recipient of those words actually listen and it the words sink into her mind. She’s still lacking empathy and is as thoughtless as ever, like she doesn’t think of the consequences or long term how things will be. I am despairing for this girl right now because I really do like her and want her to grow and mature but at this rate, she might as well be a lost cause. No development, no growth at all.

“'They’re here because of me.’

‘No.’ Yami’s grandfather touched my arm.

I looked down, startled.

He drew a sharp breath. His face twisted in pain, but his eyes stayed bright and alert.

'They’re here because they’re evil.’ His voice was a low rasp. 'You fight these creatures, yes?’ I nodded.


'If you did not fight them, do you think they would leave us alone? Do you think they would stay away from this place and never hurt us? No. They would come. They would take our land, destroy our home. Our life would be gone forever. This I know.’ He swallowed. 'Do everything you can, and anything you must.’ He closed his eyes. 'I only wish I could help.’

I touched his cheek. 'You already have,’ I said.”

- Book #44: The Unexpected (Cassie), pg. 119 (by K.A. Applegate)

sorry i have to get all these thoughts out thanks to new interviews and info

i sincerely believe that 5h was treated like shit from 2012-2014, solely to tempt camila with a solo career and leave the group to fend for itself. think about it: 2014 is the year she got her own separate representation. like she said, she got curious about the process of writing, so it makes sense that she wanted out. la reid is NOTORIOUS for completely screwing over groups. this explains why camila had already been working on her album before leaving. there are rumors of a break-up in the reflection era and that eerie video of dinah practically preparing us for a break-up. she had to have told them she wanted to leave which falls in line with 5h’s claims of spending a year and a half to convince her to stay. she stayed for the 7/27 era simply to promote herself as a solo artist while still in the group. that falls in line with the claim that 5h was disappointed in the way C handled the situation. she was communicating to them through representatives and as nothing more than coworkers. was 5h shady by leaving her out in pictures? possibly so. but C said herself that she was distant the last year in the group and was hanging out in hotel rooms and writing songs in bathrooms. this goes back to normani versus C on twitter. C called her petty and she insisted C engage in reflecting. SPECULATION: the girls confronted her about her endeavors outside the group. C’s actions came off to be very similar to melissa’s on dance moms. being sneaky to do things that will just pop up in the girls face. gave her perfect opportunity to play the victim when they’re caught off guard and not pleased for her. this isnt out of jealousy but more so under the inclination of “should i feel some type of way bc you kept it a secret?” i’m sure C wasn’t concerned about how she came off to the group bc it was all in benefit for her, however that may also be why dinah said “there’s no secrets in this circle”…yes dinah was supportive and asked to hear the song when she found out about IKWYDLS, but that doesn’t mean she wasnt hurt or affected by her actions. we all have friends like that. dinah was always caught in the middle bc she was the closest to C, but it’s clear she hurt her just as much as the other girls. 5h spoke on learning about the industry and i’m sure they were talking about getting used to promote C. THATS why ally found dina, a powerful ass music lawyer. THATS why they sought new management. lauren speaking on how C leaving was going to put a stop to their livelihood just goes to show that the girls felt betrayed that a founding sister would just leave them and let their support system go to shits. 5h3 wasn’t even promised when she officially told them she was leaving in november and she knew that. she even wanted them to go on hiatus bc of it. chris anokoute convincing la reid, for one more album is the proof. THATS why the parents were shady with the “dust is gone” comments. THATS why the girls rushed those statements. they wanted nothing to do with the subject. it’s messy. i hope the girls slay this album and dominate the charts like they deserve.

ship to wreck

Pairing: Taehyung/Jimin
Rated: E
Author: knth
Length: 10k

Taehyung didn’t care who he hooked up with tonight until an angel walked in wearing a matching costume to his. Clearly the universe had grand plans for his dick.


Reccer’s Note:
i LOVE one piece and i LOVE bts, how did you think i felt about this one? it WAS SO GOOD OFC IT WAS I MEAN I ALREADY SAID EVERYTHING KNTH DOES IS SO SO SO GOOD - N

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CAN WE LIKE TALK ABOUT STRAIGHT GIRL BS FOR TWO SECONDS?? Like okay, when they say "Oh me and my girlfriend" I automatically assume they are A) Taken and B) Not interested. Then, sometimes they will say things like that and flirt with me (a male) and its like?? Wait what about your girlfriend?? She's not gonna come like kill me or something, right?? Wait? What the fuck?? What do you mean you're single?? I already have my eyes on the guy across the room because you said GIRLFRIEND not F R I E N D

This is a lot to take in but yeah, str8 girls whove got me thinking theyre gay are frustrating

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If you're not busy with fic requests: Can I get a fic of the Rocket officially adopting Baby Groot?

Here you go @grootiez  

“What makes you think you are qualified to be the guardian of this flora colossus?” The Xandarian woman asked Rocket. The small mammal pulled at the collar of what Peter called a “suit.” Star-Stupid said it would make him look professional and responsible, neither of which were actually true. 

“Look, lady, I’m already a guardian of the galaxy. I guard the universe so I can handle a little plant.” He did his best to come off as abrasive but in his stomach, his nerves quelled with anxiety. He had to adopt Groot, that way, should anything happen to the rest of the team, or if they somehow got separated he would be the little trees, legal guardian. Recognized by the Intergalactic Federation of Nations.

“We have some concerns about your stability Mr. Subject 89P13.”

“Rocket,” he growled, swallowing rage. “My name is Rocket.” She pursed her lips.

“Mr. Rocket.” He itched at his suit, the room was small, windowless and this chair was going to give him a hernia. How long had he been in here? Hours at least, answering all sorts of obscure questions. The last break he had had only been a few minutes. Just in time to give the rest of the team a shrug when the looked at him expectantly. But he really only had eyes for Groot. the little plant’s large eyes full of love, of admiration. I got to do this for him, Rocket thought to himself. Put your damn pride away, he had been reminding himself. It’s the least you can do for Groot. When you should have done so much more.

“Look, I’m not going to lie to you,” Rocket took a deep breath, adjusting the strange thing called a tie. “I’ve done my fair share of bad.” The woman looked skeptically at him. The mammal took a deep breath, images of Groot scared and frightened filled his mind. When Rocket had to leave him to go forage for food on back ally planets, after fights when he’d been wounded and was trying to regrow limbs. More recently after Yondu had died and he found Groot crying, looking out at the stars. “But no one knows Groot like I do. He’s been my best friend for many years. I know all his quirks….he’s taken care of me,” Rocket said softly, almost to himself. All the nightmares Groot had comforted him through, all the times Groot broke up a fight he had started. All those nights, no matter where they were or how they’d ended up there when Rocket would curl up in that warm chest of his. “I love him. More than anything. I’d give my life for the idio–for Groot.. You gotta believe me, lady. The only reason I’ve ever done anything good at all is because of Groot. I’d die for him.” All the breath and energy out of him, Rocket sighed. Pushing back tears from his eyes. Silence hung between them. Finally, after what seemed like eternity, the woman smiled.

“Alright Mr. Rocket,” She drew out several forms. “Sign these and the flora colossus is yours.”

Rocket signed with a shaking hand. Thanked her, and exited the room.

“Well?” Peter was on him in an instant.

“What did they say?” Gamora implored, Groot held in her hands. 

“Are you the official parent of this tree?” Drax asked. Rocket’s muzzle opened in a grin.

“I got it!” He announced showing them the papers. The rest of the guardians erupted in cheers, Groot reacehed out with both arms and Rocket took him into his embrace, pulling the little plant close. Though all his family danced around them, in that moment, with Groot’s tiny form pulled tight to his chest and vines circling around them, Rocket was convinced the universe only held the two of them. He let the tears fall and Groot looked up at him, one vine wiping the tears away like Groot had done right before….before the last time. 

“I am Groot!” Rocket grinned, 

“I love you too buddy.” He wiped his face. “Now someone get me out of these flarking clothes!”

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What you said about trr finale was so truthful and beautifully put. I'm so sad with how this finale turned out and with recent events with the sophomore. We already have a diamonds problem and now they seem like they are pushing all of these sexual assault plot lines to seem edgy and then just brush it under the rug like it's not serious. These stories aren't becoming fun anymore.

thank you so much, really! ♡ i truly, honestly believe that there’s something to learn from this. these things are important to discuss and understand, and it means the world to me to see everyone supporting each other and speaking out about it. hopefully in the end we can move forward as a community and pixelberry understands the insensitive way in which they handled the situation.

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Does the M!A stranded not wear off or something? Also cant we just track your phone to find where u are? Why did no one think of this?

You can track my phone what? that’s a thing? that’s scary but right now just do it!

also, the person said something about 8 asks so… I’m hoping I’ll just pop back to where I was previously but I'm worried this may be more… real.

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i'm not really sure about a possiblity of dhmis 7. the creators said that dhmis 6 was the finale, THAT'S IT. is not like they went "oh let's make a big announcement on june 19 and just hint to a new episode, SCREW IT." But there was of alot of unanswered question, so yeah, and maybe a crossover between the Traffic Light Trio and the RGB team maybe. So, yeah, bring on DHMIS 7!

I definitely think that whatever new content might be coming, it’s not going to be a DHMIS 7 - after all, the story’s already complete, so continuing it doesn’t make sense. It’s much more likely to be a spinoff series or that stage play they discussed at one point.

So i went to the FAQ and tried to transfer data and this error message popped up? (Its from my side account)

Also when i tried to download the app from the Japanese App Store it said i already had it downloaded, but anytime i try to go on the app while on that Japanese account it says I need to purchase the game. Do you think im safe? Or should i do something else?

And thank you for all your hard work! Having amazing mods like you around brings a bit of a stress load off <:3

It’s a common error when transferring data, just close out and restart the app! It should work from then on!

And as for your question, I’m kinda confused- can you not play the game while logged into your Japanese account? If so, I’d suggest saving your ID and pass and reinstalling the app from the Japanese app store to be safe, otherwise, you’re probably fine!

- Mod Jyushi

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Hi! So people are thinking that glitchy boi will be back in October. I also noticed that there is a "Friday the 13th" this October. Do you think that day maybe?? (I hope no one has already said this)

Yeah I’m thinking Anti might be back in October too, maybe even starting on the 13th. Though I completely understand if he isn’t. I can’t expect jack to constantly have ideas. (though there are still some questions left unanswered……)

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I know I said I was done, but I had a wonderful thought! Are you gonna further explain Annabeth's role and choice that Hera and Janus talk about? Cuz RR sorta left that a muddled mess, with Luke showing up in Frisco and just basically hinting at Annabeth's importance but avoiding any clarity. I just realized you'd probably cover that here, and I can already see foreshadowing and development for that plot point (I think)...

Ohhh I sooo am gonna get to Annabeth’s role in the prophecy (it’s one of those things that’s motivating me to keep going through the whole series because I want to reach TLO and the prophecy playing out!) But it may not be exactly in this next fic, except for hints here and there if they fit in, since Hera and Janus really come into BotL rather than TC. I do intend to show more about what Luke is up to that Percy doesn’t see, and of course I get to play more with Thalia during TC which is going to be so fun because I’ve come to love her lots while writing CoL.

Btw if you noticed, Janus does have a cameo in TGF (not sure if anyone spotted him). It’s one of those details that I don’t know if I can actually return to later, but I like to throw in anyway because random canon cameos are just so fun.

detective buddies


in which Veronica assumes Betty’s brother is as attractive as a Greek god

which means she thinks Betty is as attractive as a Greek goddess


OOOH i love the Bright Sessions podcast ! its super entertaining with a great narrative and caleb and adam are..so.. so cute ….. ALSO it has damien who at first sounds like an asshole but then turns out to be a misunderstood delinquent (BUT STILL AN ASSHOLE) im foamin from the mouth HIS VOICE IS SO.. NICE… AND EDGY.  ANNND JLKdglkfgjl U can listen to the first 11 seconds here if you wanna understand WHAT I MEAN (you wont get spoiled) im on ep 22 and really lookin forward to the rest Edit : i hate damien nvm (i dont)(I DO)