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wait who do you mean by "strong individual" who peepers respects and also respects peepers ??

You know exactly who I was talking about.


Ricky Ubeda
Slide (2013)
Choreography by Victor Smalley and Angel Armas

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idk thicc piper would b nice, but also I like not thicc piper bc all the other girls are either high key thicc (bridgette+alya) or like low key thicc. Keep some diversity yknow? But i wouldn't be opposed to seeing it 👀👀👀

yeah I definitely agree. we got plenty of thicc girls in our midst, and I really appreciate Piper’s bean-pole figure. I like that she mostly takes after Nino, and I wouldn’t want to tweak her when she’s already perfect <3

that being said I still want to see non-canon thicc Piper ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Be With Me

Request: can you make a smut that the rederis damons big love but she is an original sister and she is dating lucien and damon can not bear sombody elese fucking her and damon fuck her so hard – @shamelessfunworld

Pairings: Damon x Reader, Lucien x Reader

Warnings: swearing, smut, angst

Word Count: 2616

ANGST. Hmp. Btw, I actually had no idea who Lucien was but yey, now I know.

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Damon’s POV

Klaus was back, for some reason that I don’t give a damn about, but what shocked me was that (y/n) was here again. That, of course, is what I care about. I know, I know, why should I be freaking excited about some gorgeous, bad ass, perfect Original? Wait, I said it already. Damon doesn’t do love, but when he does, he goes big time. And that’s where (y/n) perfectly fits in.

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I have always lied: the moment I said I already said goodbye to our perfect nights, and to the days that we both started with a smile. For I do not want you to think, that I am still in love with you, that I still cannot forget you. ‘Cause it won’t matter anymore, now that you already belong to someone else. So I would keep on lying, lying and lying until I already believed myself, for I would rather lie continuously than see how the truth would slip upon my lips and you would not care even the slightest bit.

When their girlfriend is upset over their insecurities


He halted, after he entered the apartment, seeing his girlfriend sitting at the sofa alone. But her expression on her face was different than the usual bright and cheerful ones. He grew worried immediately as he approached her slowly.

“Are you alright?” He asked, his fingers naturally fixed her hair neatly to the back of her ear. His soft touch made her flinched, but she remained quiet.

“Babe?” He made himself sit beside her; his eyes searched for hers.

Until he finally saw small tears visible on her cheeks.

“Why are you crying?” He asked worriedly as he wiped her tears with his thumb gently, before grabbing her chin to face him sofly.

“Will you leave me… one day?” She mumbled quietly, enough for him to hear.

He looked at the beauty; with his heart still beating just for her. “I’ll never leave you” He replied, grabbing her hands securely.

“Even if I did leave, I’ll still come looking for you” He continued, smiling at her.


Because I can’t live without you” He slowly closed the gap between them as he kissed her lips, tenderly and deeply.


He sighed the nth time, looking at the girl who was at the treadmill. Her legs moved fast on the treadmill as she continued to increase the speed. Her desperate breathing was a sign how desperate she wanted to stay thin.

“Stop it” He said firmly, his arms were crossed as he leaned on the door. She shook her head, her fingers still clicking at the speed.

He sighed again, more frustrated than before. He went to her, grabbing her arm roughly to bring her away from the treadmill.

Her expression went upset and mad, as she struggled to get his hands away from her arm.

“Let me go, Wonho”

“No” He hissed angrily, his eyes were staring at her intensely.

“Wonho, I need to exercise –”

“No, you don’t” He cut her, his hand still gripping on her arm tightly.

His eyes softened, realizing that he went a little too far when he saw her in pain.

But it was too much to see the girl he loved wanted to be more perfect when she was already is.

“I had said this to you a billion times, but I don’t care if I have to say it again –” He said, more warmly as he loosened his grip.

“You are already beautiful, whether you work out or not, you are always beautiful to me” He wanted to remind her that she was enough for him, that it was enough for him to fall for her all over again, every day.

Please, remember that” He continued, seeing her nodding before he hugged her tightly.

Made For Each Other - pt 6

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“You’ve got to be shitting me.” Jungkook said as he stared at the laptop screen in disbelief. He printed out some papers and taking off his headphones, he ran towards Namjoon’s office.

Busting the doors open, Jungkook waived the papers in the air.

“I’ve got it. I’ve got the info on him.” He said handing Namjoon the papers. “He’s going by the name Adrian Klein, disguising himself as a wealthy psychiatrist.” Jungkook said biting his lip.

“What else?” Namjoon pushed, noticing Jungkook pause.

“Silas has been in public for a while. He’s on an invitation list for the Iris Ball. It’s this weekend. Namjoon…he’s not hiding.” Jungkook said gravely.

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Let’s make a baby part 12 D|H

A/N: Hello everybody. This is part 12 of the LMAB series. The last chapter was really intense, you can finally relax now. You can find all other parts on my masterlist

BUT WAIT! It’s not a normal Friday. Today is a very special day. It’s my BIRTHDAY. (OHHHOOO) I’m now 17. Special thanks to my mum. May your day be filled with happiness and flowers in honour of my birth. 💕💕 

I didn’t mind that his clothes were still dripping wet as he wrapped his arms around me. He pulled me towards his chest and pressed me against his beating heart. I was close enough to hear the fast rhythm. Sometimes life is funny. Five minutes ago I was sure that I had lost the love of my life. Now he was my fiancé. Dan gently ran his cold hands over my big baby bump as if he was greeting Boo. His/Her dad was finally back, the family was reunited. Life is bittersweet. It being sweet wouldn’t be interesting enough. It being bitter would be too sad. So it just decided to be both sometimes. We all just have to hang in there long enough to get to the good part.

Dan slid the beautiful ring onto my finger. His whole face lit up while doing that. His mouth was framed by his incredibly cute dimples and the brown in his eyes was melting like chocolate. We were going to get married. A summer wedding would be great, right ? There was this strange feeling in my chest. It was ineffable. But if you imagine thousands of little bees buzzing inside of you, you get an idea. I guess, life was as sweet as honey right now.  

We stood there for a while just to enjoy being close to each other again. I took in his familiar scent and the way his body felt against mine. ‘Mrs. Y/N Howell.’ I repeated in my head over and over again. That simple phrase sent chills down my spine and made goosebumps appear all over my skin.

“Why are you smiling ?” Dan asked curiously.

“I’m just glad to have you back, Mr. Howell.” I spoke and pressed a kiss onto his pink lips.

Phil appeared in the doorway. We both had totally forgotten about him. He was now not only carrying some towels, but also a bottle of champagne and 3 glasses.

“Congratulations.” he cheered happily and gave us a bone crashing hug. He had gotten his best friend back that night.

“Green would look nice.” Dan suggested.  

He was pushing a shopping cart in front of him with one hand, the other was holding mine.  

“Anything but the stereotypical pink or blue.” I said and examined the different shades of green they had.

Since Boo’s arrival was close we had to make sure that everything was ready. We actually wanted to do that a month ago, but because of those complications we had to postpone.

“I found a lovely cradle.” Dan’s mum happily exclaimed when she returned from her stroll through the shop. My in laws had decided to visit us here in London for a couple of days. When they heard that Dan proposed they had to see us as soon as possible. At first, I was a bit mad at his mum. The last time I saw her she literally wanted to tear me and her son apart, but as soon as she heard about the marriage and saw my bump she was filled with pure excitement and bliss. She turned into one of the nicest people I know, Phil being the nicest of course. For our new family’s sake I forgave her.

We returned home with a ton of new things. It was actually nice to have them here to help with everything.

Since I couldn’t do a lot of work, I took some rest while they painted Boo’s room green.

“Done” Dan shouted and I got up from the sofa as quickly as I could to see their masterpiece.

It was really pretty. The colour made the whole room look friendlier and lighter.

Dan looked at me with a satisfied grin. He was wearing some old clothes that he had already stained with paint.

“It’s perfect. Thank you.” I said while pecking his lips.

Suddenly Dan pulled away with an annoyed groan.

“Adrian !” he shouted angrily after he had turned around to face his teenage brother.

There was a cheeky grin plastered onto the young boys face. His hands were still green because he had thrown some paint at the back of his brother’s head only seconds before. I couldn’t hold back a laugh as Dan ran his hands through his now partially green hair.

“I now know who definitely won’t be the child’s godfather.” he said with an evil glare.

Adrian’s face fell and he pleadingly looked at me with puppy dog eyes.

“Come on, Dan.”Adrian whined. “I’m sorry, but that was an opportunity that I had to take.”

My fiancé sternly shook his head and literally had his younger brother begging at his feet.

“Remember when you broke the TV and blamed it on me? You still owe me !” Adrian tried to argument.

“I certainly do, but you convinced mum and dad that it was my fault and I got punished twice as hard for lying.” Dan retorted.

I grinned, yes that did definitely sound like my fiancé’s earlier life.

“Well, I feel like that never really happened. You most probably just dreamed that or something.” Adrian said and chuckled nervously.

“And Y/N loves me because I’m cute and she is totally on my side.” he added confidently.

“That may be true. But I will have a hard time trying to convince Daniel.” I laughed.

It took us two days to completely set up Boo’s room. Dan’s mum was currently cooking dinner and it smelled amazing. Me and Dan stood in the finished room. The cradle was set up, the walls were painted. We already had hundreds of toys and Dan’s mum had also given us a little teddy bear, just like the one he had gotten from his grandma when he was born. We lovingly looked at the new room, all the work we had done. I wrapped my arms around Dan’s waist and his chin rested on top of my head.  

“I love you.” he whispered as he softly kissed my forehead.  

With that month 8 ended and the final spurt was ahead of us.


Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus
       ↳ Episode 10 » His Butler, Fulfilling His Duty

“We mock their desperate wishes, and trample them like insects! Cowardly, base – we’re more demonic than demons are! I’m just like them. I’m full of the same ugliness they were. This is how humans are. It’s how we are, Sebastian!”

                                         For the lovely Kira. ♥

I’m so excited but so nervous! I finally found a kitty I want (I even found one that’s been hard to home and is disabled like I was hoping to find) but I’m so nervous cause idk how my husband is going to react when he gets back on Friday. He loves cats. But we don’t have the money for the pet fee, which he’s adamant on paying, and he wanted a girl, and the cat I found is a boy. I know he’ll like him but idk if he’s going to like that I went and got one without him knowing. It started out as a surprise, something we’ve both been wanting, and now I just feel bad like I shouldn’t have done this.

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hopefully this request isn't too specific/complicated? i'd like a imagine/oneshot for bartolomeo, kid, law, and zoro involving the reader (their s/o) being fat. but i don't want it to feel fetish-y or gloomy. im fat myself and i just got kinda sick of reading such downbeat stuff. i just want a light-hearted n fluffy kind of thing, i guess? like them cuddlin or complimenting each other or something.

(Don’t worry. It’s not too specific. I can definitely do this for you. I’m not the best at describing cuddling and stuff, so if you don’t like it then feel free to message me and I’ll try to redo it for you. I hope this makes you happy~!)



It was late and Bartolomeo walked into their shared room to see (Y/N) curled up on their bed. They sleepily looked over at him and smiled. He immediately blushed and ran over to the bed and climbed in with them. His arms wrapped around their soft waist as he buried his face in their hair. The man inhaled their scent and sighed contently.

He gently ran his hands up their curves and felt (Y/N) shift. “You’re amazing.” He was trying to stay awake a little longer with them, but he was tired and cuddling them always put him at ease. “Really wonderful.”

(Y/N) couldn’t stop the soft smile that formed on their face. They mumbled out a sleepy “Stop it.” but their tone let him know that they didn’t really mind. Bartolomeo smiled and if it weren’t for the fact that he was so tired he might have shown his happiness and love for his partner in a far more excited way.

Instead, the man just shifted closer to (Y/N) and slightly tightened his hold on their soft body. “I love you.” Although his words were quiet, his lover still blushed and smiled. They hesitantly held his hand and intertwined their fingers before falling asleep with Bartolomeo.



Kid would often forget to compliment his lover since, in his mind, they should know how amazing he thought they were. When he did remember, the captain wouldn’t hold back any of his thoughts. Despite that, he wasn’t the best at doing this in a manner that wouldn’t embarrass his partner.

Currently, the man was in one of his complimenting moods. He had been watching his lover read for a little while now and he just couldn’t help but to think about how utterly amazing they were. His eyes ran over every single one of their curves in approval. He smirked while he watched them before he spoke. “You’re fucking amazing.” His sudden exclamation surprised (Y/N), but the moment they processed what he said they blushed and lowered their head. That reaction only seemed to fuel his want to keep going. Oh, how he lovedseeing them like that.

“You are so sexy.” (Y/N)’s blush darkened when they heard those words. They attempted to hide their red face from their lover, but he had already seen. Kid stood from his seat a few feet away and walked towards them. He made his way around them until he was standing behind them. Kid leaned forward and watched (Y/N) shudder at the feeling of his breath on the back of their neck. He didn’t hesitate any further from kissing their neck as his arms wrapped around their soft body.

“K-Kid…?” The man didn’t answer as he continued to trail kisses along their neck and let his hands wander along (Y/N)’s sides. He just couldn’t help but to enjoy the way their large body felt under his hands. It didn’t take long for him to make a sudden decision. Kid planned on showing them just how much he loved their amazing body.



It wasn’t often that Law got the chance to take (Y/N) out on dates. He would either get so focused on other things that he would forget for a while or when they did get the chance they had to be careful on where they went since he was a pirate, after all. The man sometimes wished he could take his lover out more since he knew they put up with a lot dealing with everything that came with being his partner.

For once, they had a rare chance to go out together without too much worrying. They had stopped on a smaller island that not to many marines (or pirates, thank goodness) would go to. Law thought that would be the perfect opportunity to go out with his lover and quickly told them. His words were actually more like, “You should get dressed in something nice. We’re going out.” He walked off after that leaving his partner smiling.

They looked through their clothes trying to find something they liked, but found themselves unable to choose anything. (Y/N) thought nothing looked good enough. They changed into many different outfits before Law walked in to see them looking in a mirror dissatisfied. He watched them look over some of the outfits they already pulled out and pull out more. After a little while, the man made his presence known. “What’s wrong?” His lover didn’t even bother looking at him.

“None of these look right! I’m trying to find something nice to wear, but it’s not turning out how I want it to.” Law sighed before sitting down on their bed and looking over their large form.

“You look fine in anything. I said to put on something nice only because I’m taking you somewhere nice. It really doesn’t matter what you wear since you look amazing anyway.” Although his expression remained relaxed, his gaze showed his sincerity.

After a moment, (Y/N) changed once more before turning to look at their lover. “Then….is this alright?” Law grabbed their hand and led them out of the room.

“Yeah. It’s perfect. Besides, I already said you look great in anything.”



Zoro sighed as he watched (Y/N) laugh at whatever Luffy was saying. He wanted nothing more than to take a nap, but he also wanted to just hold his lover. ‘It would be even better to do both.’

Seeming to feel his gaze, (Y/N) looked over and their eyes connected. He/She smiled and walked over to the swordsman. “Is something wrong Zoro? I thought you were going to sleep.“ Zoro frowned and stood up.

“I can’t seem to sleep right now.” Before his lover could say anything, a blush was spreading across his face and he continued talking. “Come with me to the room.” The man went to say something else, but couldn’t bring himself to let the words out. Smiling to himself/herself, (Y/N) nodded and walked beside the green haired man to their shared bedroom.

Upon getting to the room, Zoro settled himself in their bed and waited for his lover to do the same. He/She hesitated for a moment before situating themselves next to him. The green haired male wrapped his arms around their soft waist and finally relaxed. (Y/N) turned in his hold so they were facing him and scooted a little closer. They returned Zoro’s hold and sighed contently. The fact that it was the middle of the day didn’t matter to him/her anymore.

Zoro buried his face into the side of his partner’s neck making them laugh lightly and pull back. He couldn’t stop the smile that formed when he heard them and simply tightened his grip. It wasn’t long before Zoro had fallen asleep holding onto (Y/N). No words were shared between them and no words needed to be.

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Who came up with Rick almost killing himself? What were your views story boarding this?

I think it was Justin? The episode originally had a different ending. I remember seeing him in the lunch room not long after the crew screening and he said he just wasn’t that happy with the ending, and he felt it should be pushed further. I said I thought it was perfect already, but he wasn’t satisfied. Soon after, I was asked to re-board the ending and Justin walked me through EXACTLY how he wanted it to go. I was kind of just like….woah. WOAH. Okay…but?? ….Okay. I mean, poor Rick! But after seeing it air, and all of your reactions, my opinion changed. The man’s brilliant. 

If you want an added bit of trivia, that ending originally had a different song, but apparently we couldn’t get it. I do love the one we ended up using, but I’ll also forever associate the scene with this song: X