i already regret this

So I was wondering what Terushima would look like with his natural hair color, and...

Okay, that’s kind of strange and I’m honestly regretting this experiment already.

But wait… doesn’t he… look a little like someone?

In conclusion:

Q: What would Terushima look like with his natural hair color?

A: Do not play god.


so i got a kick out of the peridot with cr1tikal’s voice stuff, but i still couldnt help but think not needlessly angry enough

its 4am and im so sorry

Do you ever just -

have so much love for Ryan Ross?

That you can’t control it and

you have to make posts about him.

Because he is the human manifestation

of an ethereal angelface and

the hottest, androgynous adult male.

Despite his delicate appearance and fragile demeanor,

he takes no shit and always stays true to himself (and his sense of fashion).

Ryan had a truly ghastly start in life

so I admire him for being that insecure, anxious and depressed

and handling stardom as well as he did.

People can say whatever they like about him but all I see is an exceptionally precious human being that has been through too much for his age and is trying his best to fulfil his own happiness; nobody has the right to take that away from him. Yes - he’s made some mistakes but who hasn’t? (Brendon made mistakes too.)

Ryan is a human being with the soul of an angel.