i already regret this

i hate groups & the way they freaking clog up tags w/ their dumb promos u g h

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Hi, Cain. This might seem random, but you HAVE to check out the anime Ghost Stories english dub. You don't even have to watch the whole thing. Just check out the videos "Ghost Stories Funniest Moments" on youtube. Just do it! You won't regret it!

I’ve already seen those and those videos are definitely a favorite, they’re soooo fucking funny


romanimp OH HEY LOOK WHAT ARRIVED. (Pssst people make friends. It earns you tupperware) So I may have already eaten like three biscuits and not even regretting it a little bit. Thank you so much! (Fuck knows what my hand is doing in that photo, it’s a well proven fact that if my hand is in a photo it ruins it.) Looking forward to seeing how New Zealand Breakfast tea and English Breakfast tea differ.


so i got a kick out of the peridot with cr1tikal’s voice stuff, but i still couldnt help but think not needlessly angry enough

its 4am and im so sorry


But Aragorn, they don’t seem to want to fight for Frodo.