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Drabbles - 99

“You got a cute butt.”  G-Dragon

“Y/N, which of us has the best butt?”

Clearly today was the wrong day to swing by the boys’ dorm.


The five of them are sitting in the living room, the hyungs taking up the couch while Seungri and Daesung sit on the floor. They’re gathered around Jiyong’s laptop, scrolling past tumblr posts. Of themselves.

“People keep saying that Daesung has the best butt because of these pictures and its overall roundness,” Seungri says, commandeering the mouse pad from Youngbae. “But that can’t be right. I work out. I go to the gym. My ass has to be superior by default.”

You give him a dubious look. “Pretty sure Daesung and Youngbae both go to the gym too and way more often than you do.” You put the huge bags of take-out on the counter, already regretting your decision to buy them dinner. “Why are you talking about this?”

“Internet contest,” Seunghyun-oppa says as he heaves himself off the couch and comes over to poke around in the bags. “Chinese?”

“Yep. I was even kind enough to buy all your favorites. Who’s your favorite coordinator?”

“Seoulhyun-noona brings us beer,” Seungri adds, before grunting when Youngbae elbows him in the side.

You sigh. “Not anymore, she doesn’t. So who won the contest?”

“Daesung,” Seunghyun-oppa answers, already digging into a box of Beijing beef. “Jiyong was ranked last.” He smirks at their leader.

Jiyong pouts the way he would if a camera were watching before rolling his eyes. “I’m still the overall favorite,” he brags, biting into an egg roll.

“Just with a nonexistent butt.” Seungri receives a half-eaten egg roll to the face for his sass.

“Don’t worry, Jiyong,” you console him teasingly, sliding the sweet and sour chicken container across the table for him “You got a cute butt.”

The others look at you in surprise. “Noona?”

“What? I’ve got eyes.” You wink at Jiyong, whose cheeks are turning pink under his smile.

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A/N: kind of crack?


I WANT TO ADD TO MY FAVORITE PHOTOS OF 2015 because I forgot I took some nice photos of other people’s rats & I only looked through my folder of my rats & so I missed some good ones & now I regret this decision but I cannot edit the original post because it’s already been reblogged.  so this will just be part 2 or whatever.

1. Brooklyn, owned by @gotchakatjaa (1/31/15)
2. Zeni, owned by @mayisay-ilovedyoumore (8/16/15)
3. Aphrodite, owned by @a-l-m-o-s-t–l-o-v-e-r (5/10/15)
4. Juneau, owned by @karasratworld (5/9/15)


Ok so three of the most beautiful women @wolfhuntress @katarina-von-abyss and @anneissleepingwithsirens tagged me to post a selfie and I guess here it is. I apologize for my face and I am already regretting the decision to post these..But here they are.

I tag: @metalnshit @perunathor @valhallawaits @immortalxwitch @yggdrasill– @quicknessoftheeyedeceivesthemind @scarsoftheshatteredsky @reposoir and of course @wolfhuntress @katarina-von-abyss and @anneissleepingwithsirens because I wanna see all of your beautiful faces :3