i already miss you two :(((((


…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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justgushagushathings series (1/?) by @aesterea

you’re a part of me, and i’ll never be the same here without you…

— gone too soon, simple plan

dear @ihavehalfofmyblood,

i mean it when i say you are one of the dearest people in my life and i mean it when i say you are of the my very best friends and i mean it when i say that having to let you go so far away is a small tragedy in and of itself. in two years, you have become like a sister to me– dearer than a sister, even, because we chose each other and grew this way. dear sister, please don’t ever forget me, and don’t forget to call, and don’t forget that this isn’t a goodbye, and don’t forget what a beautiful friendship we have. thank you for books and laughter and brownies and rants and being ¼ of the friendship of my childhood dreams come true. dear sister, i love you 💙

~anika (maisha)

More hidekane pain

Ok this is dumb and I’m probably super slow but I’ve only just realized that when Hide told Kaneki “You don’t have to wear it anymore, the mask”, back in the sewers, he wasn’t just talking metaphorically, as in a ‘I know you’re still the Kaneki I knew’ but it was also foreshadowing of what he was planning for him. That is, a happy and pacific life without all the cannibalizing and torture and all the pain.
He was thinking about the new identity he would give him as Sasaki Haise, because c'mon, is there really still someone out there who doesn’t think it was all a deal between Hide and the CCG?
He wouldn’t need to wear a mask anymore, in his new life as a CCG investigator, in plain daylight, where he wouldn’t need to be in hiding and all that jazz.
I don’t know about you, but the realization is crushing me.