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When Maria asked me if I am nervous, well I am feeling it now. I am already missing Rylee, not seen her for two days and I heard that the girls had a good time, I didn’t do shit. I couldn’t be bothered, I have done enough of that for the most part of my life so I didn’t need to go all out. We did drink and stuff but that was it “have you seen my girl?” I asked the photographer, he shrugged “maybe, maybe not. We just don’t know” he is playing with me, he has seen her “is she awake at least? Is she ok?” the photographer looked up from his camera “she is fine, that is it” I really want to see what she looks like “EJ, I thought you would be with the girls, you seem out of your depth with all this dick around” EJ’ head snapped in my direction, taking his shades off slowly “I only came to dress your fat ass” Mijo snorted laughing “if you can get up and actually get dressed I can get back to them” rolling my eyes, I really can’t be bothered.

EJ pressed my suit jacket down “you look like one handsome butler, you really do scrub up. Thank god you shaved that mess on your head” brushing my hair down smiling at myself in the mirror “I can’t help but be handsome as fuck, I really like this three-piece suit. Who made it?” it’s a perfect fit “Dolce, I saw it and was like it will be perfect for you. Oh no Mijo, you take those grills out. We not doing that today” looking at Mijo with his gold grills in “he looks dope as fuck, why don’t we just have gold grills in” that is a great idea “no son, try to be less hood today” a knock on the hotel room door, my dad smiled at me “you look very good” he got up from the couch “this is your big day, your one time you will be getting married. I want you to have the time of your life, you will have the biggest prize on earth which is your wife” he placed his hands on my shoulders “do you think this is your biggest accomplishment?” my dad asked “I do, I don’t class the fame as the biggest accomplishment but being a husband and father” my dad smiled at me “good answer son” he moved his hands away from my shoulders.

“Where is my nigga?” hearing Joe’ voice, what is he even doing here “oh shit, what are you doing here?” Joe got his hand out to me, taking his hand, he pulled me in for a hug “you think I will miss your big day? Seriously? No I am not, I have a few people that have come” he moved back “we ain’t get an invite but we came nigga?” Tyga said “shit, I mean I didn’t think because we going to have a party after” dapping Tyga laughing “appreciate this so much, thank you” I said to him. Trey pointed at me “you sent me that video and said nothing about me coming, you ass!” he hugged me “my bad, I just didn’t want to make it too big. Did y’all bring the family along?” there is a few of them “mom had to come” Trey said looking at his mom “well I need a mom” I said hugging Trey’ mom “you look very handsome Chris, I am so happy for you” pressing a kiss to her cheek “thank you so much” I didn’t expect this at all.

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I beamed at my reflection in the mirror, here stood a girl with long curled hair, a slightly uncomfortable tight dress because of this baby but I am so happy with it. Staring at my reflection, I find it oddly weird, I didn’t think of myself being this way. I didn’t think I would be getting married anytime soon, I didn’t think I would be in love either or be pregnant on my wedding day. I get choked up thinking about it, Chris has draped in diamonds. I don’t deserve this but he requested it, he wanted this because I would have been fine with the fake stuff but I have actual diamonds on me just for a wedding day. I can’t process this in my mind that I am actually getting married, I always wanted a big wedding but this whole experience here has made me realise that I have what I need and that is Chris, I love him too much to care about a big wedding.

Sighing out shakily, Rylee Turner is a thing of the past and I will be Rylee Brown in less than an hour. I am in shock that this is me that I keep staring at myself “OH MY GOODNESS! You look absolutely beautiful, sweetie” my mother barged into the room, she interrupted my trance. Turning around seeing my dad and brothers behind her “oh wow” my dad simply said stopping at the door, I didn’t really want to see my family because I feel emotional “grandma, what are you doing here?” I told her no “I am sorry, I was being stupid. Your grandad spoke to me, he said you gave Rylee that Rolex to give it to a guy she loves and she did and now you hate him? You know your grandad doesn’t complain about much but he’s right, I gave you that Rolex thinking you would sell it for a lot of money but you didn’t. You gave it to Chris, I am so sorry please let me come. Look at you, look how beautiful you look” looking down, I don’t want to cry and I don’t want this “I am so sorry Rylee, I won’t ruin your day. I was being stupid and stubborn, I thought he will hurt you and I didn’t want that for you” looking up at my grandma “just please don’t get in the way” I can’t send her away, I don’t want to make the day about her or this.

My parents are an emotional wreck “mom if you cry I am doomed and I don’t think the makeup team will be happy” my mom swallowed hard “just that your dad has taken the bathroom, I have nowhere else to do it but here. I am just so happy Rylee, my baby girl. My daughter is going to be a wife, oh god” my mom cried out “oh stop it” my grandma said patting her shoulder “don’t hug me, I don’t want to ruin your dress” a tear fell and that was it “mom now you made Rylee cry” Blake said, I didn’t want to cry but I am, I knew it would happen with my parents “it’s just I didn’t think I would see this, I actually got to witness one of my kids get married but more importantly my daughter. I am alive, I am here and I am with you. You look so beautiful” smiling at my mom “thank you” Tamia rushed over to me “I was ready for this” luckily she is.

My dad has been staying away from me, he was quick to leave “have you seen Chris? Has he actually turned up?” Maria giggled rushing over to me “yes he has turned up, he is out there. He looks very handsome” my baby looking handsome, I cannot wait to see him now “thank you for keeping Royalty entertained, I know she is dying to make a mess of her dress” I said to Blake “it’s cool, we been to get some food didn’t we?” Royalty grinned at Blake, they both look like they have been up to something. My heart fluttered hearing Chris’ laugh, he must be close “where is he? Why is it I can hear him?” Maria shrugged “he really can’t see you, he is not close either” he does have a stupid loud laugh though “I have butterflies Maria, god. Mom has everyone sat down or not? What is happening!?” I hate being stood around, I am just so nervous.

Taking in a deep breath “Harvey, please be good” my mom said to him “you weren’t so emotional before, what is wrong now?” I find it the hardest with my dad “I am ok Rose, let’s just go” I feel a lump in my throat, I don’t have anyone to clear the mess of my face either “I guess this is it, last time seeing you as Rylee Turner” smiling lightly at my dad “I remember holding you, picking you up when you fell. Walking with you when you started to walk, I must have blinked because now I am walking you down the aisle. Oh Rylee, I am going to miss you” I am fighting back tears “dad, I am still here” placing my hand on his arm “I know, but you’re still my baby, my daughter. I am sorry, I will stop. Can we walk now. I love you so much daughter, don’t ever forget that” nodding my head “you’re my first love” he really is.

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Licking my lips smiling at the photographer as he took the picture “this is a bomb location, the scenery is so nice too” Trey complimented “it was so last minute, you think it’s good?” he nodded his head “yeah, it’s so nice. Peaceful too and private, that marquee looks so dope too. Turn up time” nodding my head “you know it, I am so happy you guys came. As you can see I ain’t really got much of my family, it’s full of Rylee’” Trey pulled a face “I can tell, I been heard a few things but what can I say” shaking my head “it’s whatever, I am so excited to see Rylee” stuffing my hands in my pockets “she is coming now” Mijo jogged over to me, this is it “good luck” Trey dapped me, I don’t think I am ready just yet now “did you see her?” I asked him, Mijo looked at me and then shrugged “why you playing me for? Tell a nigga?” he snorted laughing “nigga fuck you, you ain’t about to get shit from me” he is so annoying, placing my hands in front of me. I feel so nervous, what is this. I am sweating, why am I even sweating when I was fine just before.

Why is my daughter like this, honestly. She is a terror but she is just me. She didn’t throw the flowers down the aisle, she placed them all over my shoes and then smiled at me “I swear your daughter is just you” Royalty waved at me, my sister scolding her but I know she don’t care “you look beautiful baby” she really does “silly butt, silly butt, silly butt!” she screamed out loudly as everyone got silent “Royalty, no!” My sister said to her, Rose smiled at me but my heart is racing. I can’t describe it but I am just feeling so excited but nervous and emotional, all at the same time. Swallowing hard looking at Trey he winked at me, nodding my head at him as the Piano started playing.

Looking down the aisle seeing a figure walking and it is Harvey, Trey started singing acoustically and slowly with the piano music “meet me at the altar in your white dress” my breathing almost stopped completely seeing the white dress as she gracefully walked out onto the aisle. For a second, I thought she was an angel. My eyes travelled up to her face, I took in all of her beauty. The beautiful white ball gown dress, the diamonds are shining at me. Rylee’ arm elegantly wrapped around her dad’ arm, everyone is staring at my wife in awe. My mouth opened up gradually, my heart just felt like bursting. Placing my hands on my knees as I sobbed out, looking up seeing Rylee’ hazel eyes gaze into mine “come on bro” standing up straight, Mijo patted shoulder.

My breathing hitched with Rylee stood across me, wiping the tears that fell. Harvey held Rylee’ hand looking at me “you look after her” tears forming in his eyes “I promise I will” I sniffled saying, he grabbed my hand and placed both of our hands together “you got my heart there son” my lower lip quivering “stop it” Rylee said in a whisper “you’re the most beautiful woman I have seen, I don’t deserve you” shaking my head, Rylee smiled at me “baby that is a lie, stop it” the Piano soon stopped and I am still trying to take in what I have just seen in Rylee “dry your eyes” Mijo passed me a tissue, I chuckled drying my eyes. The crowd laughed at Mijo giving me a tissue, seeing Rose in awe holding Harvey’ hand.

I am getting all nervous now, I have to do my vows which is making me all nervous and Rylee is staring at me “I, Christopher Brown, take you Rylee Turner, to be no other than yourself, loving what I know of you. I will respect you as an individual, a partner, and an equal. I promise to laugh with you when times are good, and endure with you when they are bad. I will always adore, honour and encourage you. You are my best friend, and I will love you always” I can’t believe I remembered that but I had so much more to say “Royalty, give daddy the ring now!” turning to see my sister pulling Royalty along “you out here making life hard ain’t you” taking the ring from Royalty “oh my god” Rylee spat, I had to get her something big. Placing the ring on her finger “aww” the crowd said.

Rylee took in a deep breath, she wrote this down with her forgetful ass “I, Rylee Turner, take you Christopher Brown to be mine always until the hour of my death. I look into your eyes and see nothing but pure spirit” biting on my bottom lip “you are the one who encouraged me to live my life freely and to never take any day for granted. I promise to always smile when things are sunny and to hold you when it is cloudy. I know that I cannot see into the future but if I could, I would always be overjoyed to stand by you. You are my angel and I will love you today, tomorrow, and forever. Just know I will always be by your side” that really got to my heart, Royalty actually gave the ring to Rylee like normal person but not me. Rylee placed the ring on my finger.

Sniffling, I feel so emotional “can we go and eat now?” Mijo joked while everyone chuckled “not before kissing the bride” the priest said, looking at Mijo laughing he is so stupid. Turning to look at Rylee, licking my lips smiling. I feel all shy now kissing Rylee “why do you look so goofy” wrapping my arms around Rylee kissing her lips, hearing the claps and cheers from everyone. Moving back from the kiss, Rylee wiped my lips with her hand giggling “congratulations baby brother” my sister hugged me “thank you Tootie” hugging her with my free arm “married man now nigga!” Trey spat hugging me “yeah, don’t be trying to be Mr steal yo girl here. I ain’t with the shits nigga” Trey busted out laughing, pulling Rylee closer “congratulations Rylee” Trey said, Rylee is legit giggling “wow, see what I mean. You done married me and you looking at him” Rylee hit my arm “that was the past, oh my god. I hate you stop it” Trey is loving this “did you ever come to VIP at my shows? I never saw you, I see beauty when I see it” pushing him “this nigga, get the fuck outta here” busting out laughing.

This photographer be making us do some stupid poses but I guess they make good pictures “can you pick Royalty up Chris and stand to the side and both of you just be in the middle with Royalty and kiss her cheek” see what I mean, but whatever. Picking Royalty up and placing her in between Rylee and I “lower her down Chris” Rylee complained, holding Royalty’ arm down. Lowering Roro down and kissing her cheek, hearing Royalty giggling aloud for no reason. She hit my face with her hand “I hope you got that, I ain’t doing it again” placing her down “I did, it turned out well” holding Royalty’ arm so she don’t run into the water like she wants too “shall we go into the Marquee now?” finally, we can go and eat “you good?” I asked Rylee “my feet hurt but if I take my heels off then my dress will get dirty” I shrugged staring at Rylee “get walking then woman” Rylee scoffed hitting my arm.

I couldn’t let Rylee walk, I had to pick her up “don’t you have any other shoes? Do I need to take you inside the marquee” Rylee nodded her head “of course I do, I feel my back is going” I said complaining “good, no sex then” my eyes bulged out “oh, there will be sex. I didn’t eat fruit for a whole two weeks for you to deny me this” Rylee giggled aloud, entering the Marquee. Hearing the wolf whistles and cheers as I walked in holding Rylee “you can put me down, I was just being a bitch” I knew it, I knew she could walk now. Carefully placing Rylee down “thank you baby” waving the photographer “bro” he rushed over “that picture of Royalty and us, send me it” I want to post that, give them something to see.

I think I am ready to go back to the hotel room and have sex, the wedding night needs to happen now “I wanted to ask, you cried the way you did, Why? I thought you collapsed?” Rylee wrapped her arms around my arm “I really thought I was at that moment, the air got caught in my throat. You don’t understand how lucky I am. I am sorry that it’s not the biggest wedding you wanted, we will have another one” Rylee shook her head “no, I realised that I don’t need a big wedding. This is perfect. We have the people we need here, I don’t want it. I don’t want a party, a party for who? The fake people” a smile grew on my face “Chris, I sent the picture” the photographer said, looking over at him “thanks bro” getting my phone out “what picture?” Rylee asked, unlocking my phone and tapping on the message from him “this picture” the photo uploaded, tapping on the picture to make it bigger and turning it to her “aww, look at her happy smile before she hit you. That’s us, and peanut. I think peanut misses you, he made himself known and was being ever so mean to me but he is settled now” I gasped “I missed movements? How could he, I will speak to him later” uploading the picture onto Instagram “be nice with the caption” Rylee warned me, I am always nice with my captions. Tapping the caption box ‘That’s it ladies! Breezy is officially off the market, I am a married man to my beautiful wife Rylee Brown. Words can’t describe what a special moment this is, I am so blessed to have Rylee in my life. This is my family and to the ones that didn’t make it. Well, you missed it. God Bless’ I’ll keep it sweet.

No one can tell me this wasn’t the best friendship to ever happen on YT. No one can tell me that they never got along. No one can tell me that they didn’t make the other smile/laugh and no one can tell me that they didn’t care for eachother. I owe Bryce and Ohm my life and to see them how they are now, hurts like hell. I wish them nothing but the best and I hope they can come back together sometime in the future and be friends, playing these games once more. 

-This has nothing to do with their ship but their FRIENDSHIP so don’t confuse this with their ship please. 

go get changed outta ur pilot suit already Lance, y'can pester Keith later
(I really miss these two reckless doofus’ ;w;)


A: Honestly, after everything that’s happened the past few months, I could use a vacation.
K: Let’s do it. Let’s go on a vacation, just the two of us, anywhere you want.
A: Really? Okay. I’ve always wanted to see what the Spirit World’s like.
K: Sounds perfect.

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…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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All I’ve got II pt. 3

Jungkook x reader

genre: fucking fluff, angst, hints of smutty actions, badboy!jungkook, bestfriend!jungkook

word count: 12.6k

Jeon Jungkook was a tall guy, handsome with all those ethereal artwork tattooed on his arms..and your best friend. He was by your side whereas you faced a painful heartbreak, caressing your hurt soul for as long as you needed him. But how much can a friendship withstand if one of the two develops feelings?

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After some issues with customs (ughh), a couple of days ago I finally received these June magazines (and a May one I had missed!).

I’m already in love with the posters, the first two especially, the art is just amazing. And with the covers too of course!

In case anyone is interested in getting them too, here’s what SnK stuff comes with each one:

  • Newtype May 2017: Eren Cover + Levi, Rogue Titan, Armin & Mikasa Poster.
  • Newtype June 2017: Eren Poster.
  • Animedia June 2017: Eren & Levi Poster.
  • Animage June 2017: Levi Cover + Levi Poster.

(Also all of them contain articles about SnK Season 2, but I haven’t checked those in detail yet!).


Theo Raeken x Werewolf!Reader

Warnings: Sexual content, masturbation.
Word count: 809

Tags:  @17jenny​, @peacefullytatted01

A/N: Well well well, sometimes I’m having my own ideas, for imagines. SHOCKER!

“Have anyone seen Y/N today?” your English teacher looked out among her other students and frowned when she didn’t see you in your regular seat, diagonally in front of Theo. “I thought I saw her this morning.” she added.

“She’s taking care of herself.” Theo smirked for himself when the teacher gave him a glance. “Excuse me?” she looked confusingly down at Theo, who was still smirking, but raised his eyebrows before answering and coughed to hide a scoff.

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