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So here is the man that could make Destiel posible.

Did he just said: 

  1. Because the fans are so loyal we been able to move to the next thing.
  2. Some things don’t feel right as inherent DNA of the show.


  • The show is not really a show about you know Sam and Dean falling in love with a girl. And you know she is in the back seat of the car. You know, is not a romantic comedy.

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things learned from Sully’s interview this morning. scientific and academic analysis of the interview brought to you by @gypsyscarfwoman​ and myself

1. Sully got a new interview shirt and I already miss the denim one 
2. I guess he traded swearing for not shaving? there is probably a clause in his contract that says “fine, I won’t swear every minute but also I am not shaving everyday” and I mean I am not complaining
3. And now he’s gonna eat something Bobby Flay cooked at 9am I guess the fluffy look is good on him since his 300 days are over? I’m not complaining
4. We will get answers by the finale and probably open up another hundred questions
5. Did he imply there’s sex coming up????

Things we learned so far including Magnus and Alec

- Alec is having a hard time with Jace being gone and his priority is to get him back
- Magnus supports Alec during these times
- Alec has a scene with Lydia
- Alec drops his steele
- Magnus gets very angry at someone/something and uses his Magic,
- Magnus’s magic can go the wrong way
- Alec and Jace have an emotional scene in Episode 3
- Magnus and Alec go on a date
- The first date of Magnus and Alec is not based on The Course of True Love (sorry bookfans) but is completey made up by the writers team
- Magnus has scenes this season with Raphael and Simon
- More of Magnus’s history is explored
- Parabatai ceremony Flashback scene + first meeting of Alec and Jace
- Magnus becomes more part of the group
- Izzy is stuck between Alec and Clary
- Clary and Alec have a lot of different scenes, some tense, some more understanding
- More cat-eyes and visual effects for Magnus
- Magnus sees Simon as a lost vampire which reminds him of a certain someone
- Magnus guides Simon through his transition into a downworlder along with more newly turned downworlders. He’s a father figure to them.
- Episode 3 is heavily Jalec centric and focuses a lot on their parabatai bond
- There will be Malec this season ;-)
- Clary and Alec go on missions together and he teaches her to become a better shadowhunter
- Something dire happens between/to Clary and Alec early on in the season that tears them apart and eventually brings them closer and they bond over it.
- there’s a scene in Season 2A where all the heads of the downworld get together and you have the warlocks and the werewolves and the vampire and the seelies in this meeting of “What are we going to do?” 

- Simon learns about Magnus when he goes to ask him for help and starts seeing him more as human being than a warlock
- We will see many of Magnus’s past lovers or they will be discussed
- Alec isn’t so much giving advice and help as that he is in need of it himself
- Alec and Magnus are given the time this season to get to know each other and deal with the difference between them as well as explore the mutual attraction.

- Alec is 23 years old and has never been in a relationship
- The shadowhunters are really existed about Malec, because it;s such a complex relationship even without it being two men and they strive to create relationships that are interesting in spite of the genders involved.
- Simon and Magnus have a great storyline in Episode 2.
- Simon and Magnus bond over being immortal

will continue to add to the list if more things are revealed in the upcoming interviews. Let me know if I already missed something :-)

edited version, the new things are in italics

[TRANS; INTERVIEW] Haru Hana Vol. 25 (BTS)

—BTS’ second single, “Boy in Luv - Japanese Ver.” is a popular song in Korea. Just like the original song title, “real man” you can clearly see the wild side of seven people from this song.

JUNGKOOK: The theme (of the song) is about teenage boys who don’t know how to express their love to girls.

SUGA: This song (Boy in Luv), our debut song “No More Dream” and “N.O.” are parts of the trilogy. (Our) debut song is about being against the world, this song mentions about growth and experiencing what love means. If you listen to the trilogy, you should be able to feel the change.

—The main (dance) point of the choreography is…?

J-HOPE: All of my parts (laughs). Hahaha, (just) kidding. Since it’s a combination of many choreographs, whatever part can actually be its dance point.

V: In the beginning, all of us 7′s breathing are on sync. We were so handsome that when I watched the video I got goosebumps.

JIMIN: I like the dance during Suga hyung’s rap. We showed a motorcycle through actions.

SUGA: So that’s the reason why you guys were always the ones who were filmed during my part and not me (laughs).

RAPMON: Although it’s not a dance part, I like the part when I say, “Hold up!”

JIN: In Korean version (of the MV), there’s nothing that showed my wild side but it did in Japanese MV.

—You’ve also re-shoot the MV. In the Korean version, your scene with the girl trended.

JIN: The Japanese version didn’t show my locker scene (laughs). Because we wanted to show the dance so the MV is performance-oriented.

J-HOPE: We all have discussed if the girl should be in the MV as well. But finally, we decided to just use Jimin, Jungkook and my solo dance instead.

JUNGKOOK: The two of them danced in Freestyle, then I did my part at the end. In fact, I am not really good at Freestyle so I was super nervous. In the end, we used the choreography we’ve planned before. That part was in slow motion, and the clips made us handsome so I was satisfied.

JIMIN: Dancing for several hours is tiring but the Korean version is different. When we filmed the Japanese ver., I already graduated from high school so  I kinda miss school.

—During the related interview of “Boy in Luv” before, you’ve talked about the person who texts very slowly. Everyone said Jungkook doesn’t respond, even. Is it still the same now?

ALL: Yes!

SUGA: Yesterday, he didn’t answer my call.

RAPMON: (shocked) It’s absolutely intentional. Ha~ (sigh)

V: (He’s) like that everyday! I feel like he’s not going to change that soon. You don’t even need to carry a phone!

JIMIN: Just throw it if you’re not going to use it!

JUNGKOOK: It’s not like that, it’s because I’m afraid of catching trouble… ⊙﹏⊙ In fact, It’s not just to members. Even my mom and dad, I don’t contact them frequently. I just don’t do uninteresting things.

—How about the other members?

JIN: I’d answer immediately.

RAPMON: Me too.

J-HOPE: Me also.

SUGA: I reply fast. Only few people contact me so I don’t really have any reason as to why I don’t reply to them (laughs).

—Then, if “Boy in Luv” receives #1, what are you going to do for the fans for a day?

JUNGKOOK: Ah… (⊙_⊙) (Maybe) cover a Japanese song and upload in the blog… but… (continued distress)

SUGA: I should really think about this. When we were nominated in Korea for rookie award, we prepared a speech. And we actually got the award, but it was really hard… (laughs)

J-HOPE: How about doing a comic dance?

RAPMON: If we get #1 in Oricon charts (laughs).

JIMIN: Then I’ll do that martial arts move in the air and show my abs to everyone after!

JIN: Then I’ll go to Odaiba, carry a member on my back and do 10 laps (laughs).

V: Then I’ll go to Japan’s Universal Studios! I’m going to play happily and upload photos!

JIMIN: Eh? You’re not going with the fans? (laughs)

V: Ah. We’ll play secretly!

chinese trans. by K_WakeUp

english trans. by maeli (@sugaxing)

please do not take out without full credits.

Waiting - C.H.


Pairing: Calum & (Y/N)

Summary: You and Calum broke up 4 months ago, and it seems that you have moved on. But Calum can’t get you out of his mind, and frankly, he doesn’t want to.

“Calum, come on. It’s been, like, 6 months!” Luke exaggerated, throwing his hands in the air. “You have got to get over her, you only dated for, like…” He paused for a second. ”6 months?” He questioned, knowing he was wrong.

“Fuck off! It’s been 4 months and we dated for almost 4 years!” I sobbed into the pillow, ignoring the fact that Luke was still in the room.

I heard him sigh as I felt him sit next to me on the bed. “I know, I was just… It hurts to see you like this man. You’ve barely left your bed since you saw those pictures of her with that guy. If she’s moved on, I think it’s time you do too.”

“I can’t! Don’t you understand that I can’t? She was the love of my life and I let her walk out of my life because  thought that letting her go was easier than begging her to stay. Because I thought that I didn’t need her, that I would be perfectly fine without her. Because I let my pride get the best of me.” I sat up a looked at him. I saw the look in his eyes, it’s the same look all the boys gave me everytime they came to try and cheer me up, pity.

“I’m sorry, man.” He whispered as he pats my leg, gets up and leaves. I throw myself on to the bed again, remembering the day I lost her.



“ENOUGH ATTENTION? YOU WON’T EVEN FUCKING LOOK AT ME BECAUSE OF HOW BUSY YOU ARE. I JU-” She stopped yelling, tugging her hair so hard it made me wince. “Never mind, I give up.” She whispered, walking to lie down on the bed.

“Are you not coming to bed?” I heard her voice, barely above a whisper.

I should’ve just gone to bed with her.

”FUCK NO!” I saw her jump at the volume of my voice, but I didn’t care. I grabbed my coat and left.

I should’ve stayed.

The next morning i woke up with a pounding headache. I opened my eyes to see a bottle of water and painkillers on the night stand.

“Calum, we need to talk.” I heard (Y/N) say in the quietest voice she could muster, yet I still found it unbearably loud.

“Don’t fucking start with your screaming shit, please.” I mumbled, grabbing a pillow and slamming it on top of my head, not my greatest idea.

“I’m not screaming, but we need to talk.” She said in a normal voice.

“Nothing to talk about.” I threw the covers off of me, heading towards the bathroom.

“Please, I don’t want to leave things how they were last night.” She sat on the bed while I brush my teeth.

“If I remember correctly, what happened last night started with the fact that you said we ‘need to talk.’ So i don’t think talking would help to fix it.” I said when I finished brushing my teeth.

“We still need to figure this out, I still don’t get why you won’t hangout with me. I mean you are the one who suggested for me to come here in the first place.” She said as she stood up to talk to me.

“Can you just,” I walked over to my clothes, ”get me the painkillers, please. I have a massive headache.”

“No, I won’t. Since you don’t think we need to talk about this shit, I don’t think you need them.” I turned to look at her, seeing her crossing her arms looking pissed.

I walked over to the night stand, picking up both the painkillers and water.

“Fuck.” I said as I opened the bottle, throwing the painkillers in my mouth after.

“Honestly, why do you have to be such a bitch.” I mumbled before drinking the water and swallowing.

I should’ve kept my fucking mouth shut.

“What?” She starred at me as if she was debating something.  “Well, if I’m such a bitch, I’ll get out of your life.”She walked towards the door.

“Goodbye, Calum.” She slammed the door with so much force, I was suprised it didn’t break.

I should’ve stopped her.

I rolled my eyes, going to take a shower before changing. ‘She just needs to cool down.’ I thought to myself. ‘She’ll be back in a couple of hours.’

But hours turned to days, days turned to weeks and weeks turned into months.

Turns out she had packed her things before I woke up and already had her things waiting in Michael’s car.

“Get up, I’m not letting you do this. Especially since it was your fault for being such an asshole.” Michael said as he barged into my room and ripped off the sheets from my body.

“Fuck off, Michael.” Was all I said as I curled up into a ball.

“No. She was my best friend and you broke her fucking heart. When she came down, she was sobbing so hard, I had to carry her from the elevator to the car.” I could hear the anger in his voice, but I didn’t care. “On the way to the airport, when she finally stopped crying enough to talk, she told me that she was hoping you’d go after her while she waited for the elevator.”

I could tell it was taking everything he had not to scream at me. “3 months after she left, she starts crying on skype because you never even tried to get her back. So, no, I won’t fuck off because you don’t deserve to act like the victim.”

By the time he finished I was sobbing, holding the pillow that still had her scent on it. “Michael, leave him alone.” Ashton came in and pushed Michael out of my room.

“You need to get up, man. We have an interview today.” Ashton said as he rubbed my back, trying to sooth me.

A few minute passed, all you could hear was my heavy breathing.

“Just tell them I’m sick.” I nuzzled my face into the pillow, hoping I would wake up from this nightmare.

“I can’t, and you know it. You’ve already missed so many interviews and managment’s starting to get mad.” He patted me on my back. “We leave in 5 minutes.” He got up and left my room.

After the interview the boys decided it would be a good idea for us to go out and eat.

“Come on, Cal. It’s your favorite place, and we’ll just eat and then go back home.” Ashton hugged me from the side while we waited for our waiter.

“Hello.” The second I heard the voice, I knew who it was. “My name is (Y/N) and I’ll be your waiter for tonight. Can I start you off with a drink.”  I looked up to look at her, no doubt in my brain that the boys where checking to make sure I was okay.

The lack of response made her look up, making her look directly into my eyes.


“Can we talk, please?” I asked her, ready to start begging.

“Oh, so now you wanna talk? I can’t, if you can’t see, I’m working right now.” She said looking at the other boys, assuming it was to ask what drink they wanted.

“Please.”I whispered, my voice breaking.

“What would like to drink?” She asked completely ignoring me.

“Water for all of us please.” Michael said after none of the boys answered.

“Okay, I’ll be back with your drinks and then I’ll take your order.” She said as she wrote down something on the little note pad she had. She ripped it off and folded it. She looked around the table, and so did I. The boys had started a conversation and weren’t paying attention. I turned back to look at her and saw that she was gone. I looked down infront of me and saw a piece of paper. 

I grabbed it and unfolded it, seeing the words ‘I have a break in 15 minutes, meet me in the back’ written on the paper. 

She came back with water for the other 3 boys and a pink lemonade for me. I couldn’t stop smiling knowing that she remembered how much I love the pink lemonade from this place. 

After the boys orders, I saw that it was almost time for me to meet (Y/N). 

“I’m going to go to the restroom, I’ll be back.” I told the boys, not waiting for their response. 

Once I got there, I saw that (Y/N) was already there. 

“We have to make this quick, I have to be back in 3 minutes.” She said once she saw me. 

“I-I…” I stuttered not knowing what to say. 

“Why didn’t you call me, after all this time, you never tried to contact me. Not even once.” She whispered, hugging herself.

“I… I didn’t think you’d answer. And after what I did, what I said, I didn’t deserve you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I treated you like shit the second you arrived on tour. And it wasn’t on purpose, I was just so busy trying to take care of-” I cut myself off, not wanting to tell her why exactly I was so busy. It wouldn’t change a thing. 

Taking care of what, Calum?” She asked, taking a step closer to me. 

“It does matter, not anymore.” I said as I looked at the floor. 

“Please, tell me.” She said as she put her hand under my chin, raising my head, making me look in her eyes.

“I was going to propose to you.” I said closing my eyes. I felt her hand leave my chin. 

I opened my eyes to see her hand over her mouth and tears in her eyes. 

“But it doesn’t matter anymore because you’ve moved on.” I said as I looked at the sky.

“I-I… I haven’t moved on?” She whispered, confusion written all over her face.

“But that picture of that guy?” I asked looking at her, I felt hope spread through out my body.

“Pict- my cousin?” She asked as she realized what I was taking about. “Don’t you remember meeting him?”

“I knew I met him before, but I thought he was a friend of yours.” I looked at the ground. 

“Oh Cal, you need to work on  your memory skills.” She laughed. 

For a couple seconds, we just stared into each other’s eyes. 

“Is there any chance you’d take me back?” I asked her, expecting her to say that she would never take me back.

“Yeah, I think there is.” She put her arms around my neck. 

I put my hands around her waist and leaned in to kiss her. 

“I never thought I’d be able to hold you again and call you mine.”  I whispered.

“Just don’t mess it up this time, please.” She whispered back, pulling my hair softly. 

“I promise.” I said, closing the gap between us. 

“Calum, this isn’t the restroom.” I heard Ashton say from behind me. I pulled away and turned around. 

“Who the fuck have you been kissing?” Michael asked angrily. 

“Um, me.” (Y/N) said, coming out from behind me. 

We both looked at each other then at the boys, huge smiles on our faces. 

*1 Year Later*

“I still can’t fucking believe you never told me you were going to propose to her.”  I heard Michael grumble from behind me. 

“Do you blame him? You tell the girl everything!” Luke exclaimed from behind Michael.

“Can you both shut the fuck up? I still don’t get why Michael got chosen for the best man. I mean, me and Calum lived together.” Ashton grumbled from behind both Michael and Luke. 

“Yeah, but I best friends with both the groom and the bride so, ha!” Michael whispered back at him. 

“Sh, it’s time for the vows.” Luke whispered to both of them. 

“Um, I don’t know how to start. I guess I’ll start with the day I met you.” I took a deep breath. “ When I met you, I was having the worst day ever. All I wanted was to go home and sleep. But my friends decided that we should go out to eat, and at that moment, I wanted to kill them. But then, when we sat down, you came up to our table, asking if we were ready to order.And in that moment, I wanted to thank them because I knew I had found the love of my life. For me, it was love at first sight. And when my friends started to make fun of me for ‘being hypnotized by the cute waiter’, as they put it, and you giggled, I knew I had to make you my girlfriend.” 

“Some people don’t believe in soulmate. I know I didn’t, not until I met you. And when I lost you, I knew I could never find another person in the world that made me feel like you did, like you do.” I pause and pulled out a piece of paper. 

“I wrote this the day I realized I lost you.

And you’ll move on 

and fall in love with another brain, 

another soul

and I’ll still be here, 

waiting” I looked up to see (Y/N) crying with a smile on her face. “I know this isn’t the most romantic speech you’ve ever head, but I can’t put my love for you into words. I could try and explain my love for you, but it would be impossible. Because what I feel for you, you can’t explain it with words. And when I say this, please know that I mean it with all my heart and more, know that I can’t find the words that will let you know just how much you mean to me.”

“I love you, no matter what. And I’ll always be here for you, waiting.

Order me To Go, starting at $9.99, comes with two sides and a drink

007: No Control – #nocontrolday (his pov)

Sorry it’s been awhile. I wasn’t feeling very inspired, but #nocontrolday has been rad! I just had to write.
Requests are always open! Maybe you’ll want a part 2?
I have decided to keep writing for Zayn, although he won’t appear in the other boys preferences, if that makes sense?
I also made a Twitter! Follow me (if you want to) @louisgrrl28 – yes, it’s true, if you hadn’t guessed already ;)
I really hope you like these :)

Part two!

Niall - “just a fingerprint of lipstick’s not enough”
Watching Y/N from across the room has become my new favourite pass time. Listening to the way that she laughs, fills me with so much love for her I could burst. Sometimes I wonder how I don’t get jealous that she is laughing for someone else and not for me. But then I hear it, and it’s the most magical laugh in the world. I couldn’t possibly dislike hearing it, even if I’m not the cause.

She is sat close to and talking to Harry, with her legs draped over his. He is her best friend and they often sit close to each other. He’s being his typical dorky self and making her smile so bright. Her happiness is so contagious to me. I think that as long as she is happy, I will be, regardless of how that happiness is created – even if it were causing me pain.

At least, I think that for all of five minutes when suddenly Harry takes her hand and entwines their fingers together and uses it to pull her closer towards him. He steals a quick but soft kiss from her lips and then pulls away. Y/N quickly looks around the room to check if anyone was paying enough attention to notice. Luckily, nobody else was.

I make sure to look away, a terrible twisted feeling in the pit of my stomach at what I just saw. Why was he kissing her? I thought they were just friends. I look back over to where they’re sat together and suddenly, seeing her look so happy isn’t quite as joyful.

“Ten minute warning, boys!” Our tour manager calls and the other boys and the crew in the room around me, to who I hadn’t been paying any attention, gradually begin to leave. I watch as Harry whispers into Y/N’s ear and I feel full of jealousy. He pecks her cheek and then skips happily out the room. Now only me and Y/N are left and there is a few moments of silence as Y/N stares dreamily after him, and I stare at her.

“Oh, hey Niall.” She says, finally noticing my presence. “Hadn’t you better go?” She asks, glancing at the clock on the wall. “Niall?” She sings softly as I fail to answer her. The sound is so beautiful I feel the pain in my chest subside.

“Err, y-yeah. I guess I b-better had.” I stutter as I fail to hold myself together.

“Niall, is everything okay?” She asks and there is genuine concern in her voice and it delights me.

“Yeah, j-just a little nervous is all.” I smile weakly. She smiles sympathetically at me and her beauty takes my breath away, yet again.

“You’ll be fine, Niall. You’re brilliant.” She says to me. “How about a good luck kiss?” She offers and my heart starts to race faster than ever before. Did I just hear her right? Maybe that’s all her kiss with Harry was? Maybe it didn’t actually mean anything.

I just about manage to nod eagerly and a small smile graces her lips. Slowly she lifts two of her fingers up to her lips and kisses them sweetly before moving them over and placing them against my lips. At first I feel disappointed, but then I notice that her touch feels so delicate and I love the feel of her, even though it teases me with the thought of how good her lips would feel instead. She drops her hand back down by her side and smiles at me again.

“Good luck, Niall.” She whispers, before leaving me alone in the room.

I lift my hand to my own lips, trying to remember how her fingers felt against them. I close my eyes, the pain in my chest returning as I realise that is all I’ll ever get of her. I won’t get to feel the cushion of her lips pressed against my own. I feel sick as I know she won’t ever leave traces of her lipstick against my lips, and just a fingerprint of lipstick’s not enough.

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