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what is the most awkward thing that happened between you and mangakasoldier

Honestly, @mangakasoldier and I haveb’t really had any super awkward moments. We laugh stuff off before they have a chance to reach awkward, you know?

Hmm… For me, it was just a misunderstanding I had – both his friend and his sister in law have the same name, and the SIL is pregnant. When I heard that news, I thought the friend had just found out she was pregnant after getting back with an ex. Oops! It still happens occasionally, when Lyam will mention one and I have to ask which he meant XD

As for him, he said the very first call we made with each other, and how when we connected the line there was about two seconds of silence before one of us said, “Hello?”

But yeah neither of us does awkward. I mean, we already know each other’s deep, dark kink sins, so what’s left to be awkward about??


When Keith rescued Shiro, they exchanged familiar phrases of
“It’s good to have you back”, and “It’s good to be back”…

“How did you know to come save me?” 

But Shiro never thanked Keith for it.

Instead, Shiro turns to the others and thanks the others, as they’re outside of his inner group. He walks from the right side, where he and Keith are close, to go to the other side to meet the others.

This means that from the start, they had a relationship close enough where Shiro doesn’t have to.

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This might have been answered before, not sure, but I dont see any hair in your downloads, is there a reason you dont make any hair meshes? And if you have where can we find it? Where can we find the hair you use on your models?

Hi, you can find hair I made in the Recycle Bin in my computer XD.

I never made hair. Tried once and here’s the crap I made before deleting the entire folder. (It’s a ponytail btw.)

The reason is I’m not particularly interested in hair. There’re already tons of beautiful hair which can satisfy my needs. Maybe someday I’ll start to create hair if I see one nobody has made before.

I mostly download hair from @darkosims3, @stealthic, @antosims, @toksik (just like everyone else does). If you’re interested in a specific one, drop me another message and I can find you the link.

Some colored doodles to celebrate getting done with finals :,P I started these a few days before having to get into my final projects and just now got to sit down n’ finish them <3

Monster’s inc is my favorite Pixar movie by FAR, and I wanted to do this crossover even if somewhere else another fan already did ;v;

Papyrus n’ Sans both have enough traits that they could fit well in either of the rolls, but I ultimately made Pap sully and Sans mike because of Pap’s passion for work contrasting Sans passion for comedy (and also the height difference xD) Plus, there’s a handful of other characters I imagine in this sort of AU that make more sense with Sans being mike than if Papyrus was

Wasn’t sure what lil Frisk would nickname Papy, but I went with ‘Snowy’ cause they’d probably think he n’ Sans were snowmen before thinking they were skeletons xD I dunno

One year! 🎉🎊

So I wasn’t really paying attention to the dates and I completely missed that this blog turned 1 on March 1st…. SOOOOOOO HAPPY LATE ONE YEAR to all of you who have been supporting me and this blog. Thank you to all the IGot7 for requesting and liking my reactions and all. I hope you guys will continue to support my blog and help the blog grow as much as it already has. This blog reached 2.5K before the first year of being made so I’m very thankful to you guys for making that happen.I remember when I first started and had to come up with the reactions myself to post them xD But anyways let’s keep doing our best and I hope you guys keep enjoying my reactions. I love every single one of you ❤ Thank you so much!! :) 사랑해요!

To celebrate, here you have Dab7 xD

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Hey :) I don't really know your characters that well yet, as I just started following you like yesterday or the day before? But Julian is a fox, so of course I will try to remember his name, even if I stink at remembering names. Anyway, I see you already answered question 1-10 with him, so how about I ask for 10-20, please? :)

Oh my gosh, you have no idea how happy it makes me to hear that!! I’m so glad people like him xD 

11. What do they feel most insecure about?

This is a difficult one as he is pretty confident in most of the things he does. But if anything he tends to feel insecure about his face? He’s just always had a slight problem with it 

12. How do they like to dress?

Jeans and a t-shirt. Not much more than that// However if he could he wouldn’t bother with dressing at all. ;p 

13. How do they react to feelings of guilt?

He tends to just talk it out with himself and then brush away the feeling 

14. How do they react to/deal with betrayal?

Eh, he has been hurt enough times now for it to no longer have as much effect on him? I mean previously on he would have been mopey and would ignore the world for a few days. Now he just no longer gives a damn   

15. What is their greatest achievement?

For him it would be actually learning how to play the guitar. It didn’t take much effort and he started really young but he still prides himself over how much better he’s gotten 

16. What are they like when they’ve gotten too little sleep?

Slowww, like extremely. It’d take him 10 minutes just to fully understand a single sentence xD  

17. What are they like when they’re drunk?

Quite, kinda a sad drunk but also not really? Like you can expect deep discussions etc… but also very much more likely to kiss anything that moves lol

18. What kind of music do they enjoy?

He loves all kinds of music, and he is open to basically anything new/old. 

19. Are they right or left handed?

He is ambidextrous. He broke his right arm in middle school and was kinda forced to learn to write with his left as a result. He still uses the right more than the left though 

20. Fears?

Failure. And he is slightly scared of snakes but he would never admit that XD

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I saw your edit for KatieHavok's fic and just thought that I'd say it's lovely! Also you should totally do it for other fics too! Like deviousdiggy, newt-loves-tina and so many others (those were the ones that came to mind but there's loads out there!)

Awwwwww! Thank you so much, anon! <3 Your message made me really happy XD Actually, I’m already thinking about making another edit, I just don’t know which fic to choose because there are a lot of good newtina fics and writers :) I also take too long to find the right pics, so it might take a while before I make a new one :)) But thank you, thank you, thank you!

So I’m back…. ish. The Comic Con on my country has come and gone and I had great, although really draining, time with a friend, waking up early, going to bed late and walking and walking and walking the con floor for two whole days.

Now I’m trying to come back to the groove of things and trying to get pages done, now that I’m also on Christmas break from the small Marketing course I’m taking. I just realized, at the speed I’m going, it will be a loooooong time until the comic of the Blood Promise volume will be finished. So before I loose them or forget I had made them already, here are the covers I made for Spirit Bound and Last Sacrifice, made when I thought things would be easy and not take much time.

Ugh, love these covers to pieces and I’m rarely proud of the stuff I make XD I hope you’ll like them too and that you’ll still be around by the time I start the comics they represent. Although you might be middle aged by then XD

By the way, am I out of the loop where it comes to VA stuff? Are there any news? Because things have been quiet, but for a week now there has been an onslaught of VA posts, every tumblr I fallow has been posting or reblogging new stuff so I was just curious.

Anyway, have a great day/evening/night guys!

Falling sleep before BTS

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Seokjin: *Pokes your nose*

You: *Scrunching your nose and making a whining noise*


Hoseok: //Was too busy filming a self cam until he noticed you and filmed your sleeping face.

Namjoon: Must.Resist.To.Poke.Butt

Jimin: //Totally doesn’t even see you there and falls on top of you

You: Ji..min..g..get off of me…

Taehyung: Her hair is already messy! Haha!

Jungkook: But I put on my extra fluffy robe to cuddle with you, how could you fall asleep on me?

None of these gifs are mine and all rights belong to the people who made them c: 

Btw anything with // and in bold is me xD just to clear up any confusion.

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22 for Doridyn?

(22: Two miserable people meeting at a wedding AU)

(this was a shameless excuse to draw DoriDyn in suits I’m ngl XD Also idk if I made them miserable enough >_>;;; this one is sort of shitty sorry OTL )

The flashing lights were giving him a headache.

Dyn had already gotten time with his best friend, her white dress swishing across the dance floor wildly (he could only imagine the sorry state of the bottom hem come morning), and after that short lived moment before a hundred other well-wishers pulled her away, he had assumed a spot as a wallflower.

It wasn’t that he disliked parties or dancing or any sort of things like that, it was just hard to enjoy yourself when you didn’t really know anyone.

The blond gave a small sigh and watched all the dancers gyrating around. He couldn’t help smiling when the bride flit to and fro, having the time of her life. The groom was nearby, watching her with eyes that could only be described as smitten.

Well, I’m glad. They seem really happy.

He had barely noticed another man join his wallflower post, sipping slowly on a drink in hand. Dyn spared a glance over and recognized him from his table at dinner, though he hadn’t gotten a chance to speak to the- after another more prolonged glance- sharp-dressed wedding-goer. 

“Friend of the bride or groom?” The mustached stranger asked over the music. Dyn turned to find mischievous blue eyes staring back at him.

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First Kiss

So you all know I made this thing today, and what good is a thing without a ficlet to accompany it? Posting separately so people can keep to their own imaginings with the manips if they so choose :) Super quick and unedited, but hope you enjoy xD


Emma stepped carefully into the woman’s space, their foreheads almost touching, smiling gently at the way Regina continued to gaze shyly at the ground between them. If she hadn’t already burned to kiss the woman before, that timid smile would have sealed the deal.

Their lips tipped towards one another like magnets, tentative desire radiating from their quickening breaths, but there was no rush. Emma took her time, relishing the moment, the last in which she would ever have to contemplate what it might feel like to taste Regina’s lips, committing this sense of wonderment to memory for all time.

And then, ever so softly, she pressed her mouth to the magnificent lips that awaited her – curious, testing, uncertain yet somehow sure. Her stomach fluttered unbearably at the first exploratory touch, but was quickly quelled by a soothing warmth that started in her gut and radiated out to flood her entire being.

It was Regina that finally brought them to fully succumb, kissing the girl with absolute determination and need. A single tear rolled down Emma’s cheek, overwhelmed by the fact that after so much wanting, so much push and pull, Regina was actually kissing her like she was the most precious thing in the world.

Their lips were sticky and reluctant to part, but this was all so new and Emma wouldn’t dare try to rush the other woman, no matter how badly she ached to live inside this feeling. But she wouldn’t relinquish it all just yet either, still holding the woman close as noses bumped cheeks and ragged air tickled their skin.

She gasped when Regina’s hand came to grasp her face, pulling Emma back in roughly for another wanton melding of lips. The grip was firm, but felt less like possession and more like a raw, ardent need to hold on, and Emma found she enjoyed the wild abandon of Regina’s nature.

The woman’s fingers loosened, slowly descending down a pale neck, and Emma could barely catch her breath once they parted again. Jaw set firmly, she clamped down hard on the deafening roar of desire that had ignited inside her. Not yet, Emma told herself. She wanted Regina in every way, but she wouldn’t go there. Not yet.

Brushing back brown locks with her fingertips, she let her hand come to rest over Regina’s cheek, feeling the woman’s smile beneath her palm. She had to see it, that smile, the look in Regina’s eyes. She had to know if everything she was feeling now would be reflected back at her the way she so desperately longed to see.

And it was. They stared at one another, jovial grins taking over their lips as they let the gravity and freeing levity of what had just happened settle over them. All at once, everything felt right.

And this, Emma thought jubilantly, was only the first kiss of so many more to come.

Closed starter for ofscorn

His wrists were tied up and he couldn’t move. That just made him angry but he couldn’t do anything, he was just helpless there. Without his hands being free, he couldn’t control his magic properly. He already wasn’t the best sorcerer alive, but now, it was worse.

Nathanael got caught a few hours before, during the night. He was doing one his ritual during the full moon, a ritual he had to do every month, for every full moon. Tht’s how them and the wolves were linked, they both were children of the Moon. of the Goddess. Sorcerers were the blessed ones, wolves the cursed ones. But it didn’t matter for them; the hunters. He was trying to get free but never was train to break free and all he could do was hurting himself. Nathanael groaned in frustration but the worst was yet to come.

He heard the hunters speaking. About the Argents. The Argents? His brother was one of them but why were they talking about them? Nate would understand really quickly but for now all he could do was waiting and wondering. Why the Argents?