i already made a gif of this


[According to Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan] you have two assistants, you ride a Porsche to catering, you have someone who carries your juiceboxes.


1.03 | 2.20 #can we talk about how kat confirmed yesterday that dom improvised the “I love you” in one of the takes and it’s the one that made the cut #it wasn’t in the script #which means (that dom is amazing but we already knew that) that clary’s reaction is completely natural #help


Ah, freshly colored RED hair. I feel like a new woman.

Alright people of tumblr, I’m contemplating entering the Harry Potter RP world.

I put the blame entirely on @asktheboywholived and @ohtheclevernessofme1972

So if you’re apart of that magical world please send me some advice and words of encouragement.

Let’s see how this goes.