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I think we can blame the drop in ratings on Comic-Con. But we really need to get that 300,000-500,000 to 700,000. I know we’ve already been renewed, but if it isn’t getting the views that it deserves, the actors may move on to more exposed projects.

Lets keep up the viewership. There’s like 5 episodes left, let’s give the show what they deserve!! Americans and Canadians you deserve the world for keeping the ratings up, us Europeans or Aussies or Asians or Africans or South Americans depend on you lot so that we can enjoy being an Earper too.

I love and adore this fandom and this TV show. There’s no arguments or anger whatsoever. Keep the positivity and get those ratings up!


What your favorite FR breed says about you
  • Bogsneak: loves frogs irl
  • Coatl: very clean, pastel aesthetic lair
  • Fae: is always in the coliseum
  • Guardian: loves flight rising's lore but struggles to actually write lore for their own clan
  • Imperial: very in depth clan lore and art in every dragon's bio
  • Mirror: loved warrior cats when they were younger
  • Nocturne: halloween is their favorite holiday
  • Pearlcatcher: decks out all their dragons with fancy accents and lots of apparel
  • Ridgeback: probably likes gore
  • Skydancer: silk apparel on every dragon
  • Snapper: very devoted to the breed, their lair is filled with only snappers
  • Spiral: no rhyme or reason to their lair, loves eyeburners
  • Tundra: cannot resist impulse buying dragons off the auction house even when their lair is practically full
  • Wildclaw: that kid in elementary school who was obsessed with dinosaurs

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OMG I LOVE LOVE LOOOVVVVEEEE YOUR ART S O M U C H!!! I was wondering if you could do a drawing of Wanda and Vision. Maybe with Tony nudging Vision and Steve nudging Wanda into making Wanda trip and almost fall while Vision catches her AND THEYRE BOTH BLUSHING! Or something like that! I love this couple OML

Thank you so much sweetie! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my art! It means a lot! These messages are really sweet once in a while :)

I actually have something Vision and Wanda related that I’ll post right after this. How convenient how you asked for something ScarletVision when I was already drawing something. In the meantime, enjoy this warm up drawing !

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Do you have any blogs that you found because of Taylor being on break and so tumblrs dead that you probably wouldn't have?

hm good q i’m not sure if i found them because of the break but some good blogs i discovered recently:

and some long-timers who i love and get lots of content from:

and tbh way more but i feel like i’m wasting my breath since you probably already folllow these lovies, xx

From Here On Out // Chapter Two

TWO // The One With The Phone Call

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s first chapter! I’m being kind and probably overestimating myself here but I wanted to post the first two in close succession for…well, I had no reason.

Here is where the story actually begins. You’ll notice that I skipped a lot of the aftermath of the previous chapter begins I felt like it didn’t need to be explained. Chapter One was a business-as-usual kind of chapter, where everything was normal for Harry and Meredith, and this is where things start to change. Like I vaguely explained before, I’m trying a new way of writing where it’s less about creating a world and more about focusing on these two characters and their relationship between each other.

Thank you to @harrysmeadow and @islareeveswriting for putting up with me - this chapter was a long old slog. It’s actually half a reworking of one of my one shots so if some of the language and action seem familiar at the beginning, that’ll be why! Enjoy x

Word Count // 4k

Listen To // Like I’m Gonna Lose You by Jasmine Thompson

Story Page

It was with a dull ache below her belly button that she woke up, tied up like a tangled mess of limbs with Harry. His arm was draped over her back, blocked from any skin to skin contact by the soft silk fabric of the sheets, and she exhaled a sigh of annoyance as she tried to untangle herself from his subconsciously protective hold to leave the bed.

It had been three weeks since her trip to Dunkirk, and Harry had been back in town for a few days on a small break from filming before he was going to be going to the Netherlands to continue, and he’d appeared at her door late yesterday afternoon after going to the gym, still sweaty and definitely needing a shower. Meredith had been feeling off for days, feeling sick and tired, being unable to even consider leaving the flat at some points because of how exhausted she felt, and while she knew Harry had probably come around with other ideas in his head, he’d ended up holding her hair back as she threw up down the toilet trying to expel whatever was lingering in her stomach. 

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How about pegging dominant harry? You're fucking him senseless but he's still telling you what to do, how he wants to be fucked, how good you're being for him.

I like this concept a lot I can’t believe I’m sweating gallons

Okay so just imagine Harry coming back from the New York premiere, feeling all high and mighty because for the last couple of days he’s been surrounded by people praising him for his talents and kissing the ground he walks on so he’s feeling cocky.

He gets to the hotel, walking into the room with his shoulders back, buttons on his expensive shirt already half undone and he’s working the knot in his tie loose, toeing off his leather shoes carefully and walking around the side of the bed. You’re watching a rerun of Scooby Doo, smelling him before you even see him. He’s wearing his favorite Tom Ford cologne, smelling all musky and manly with notes of citrus, cedarwood and ocean salts and he’s just so damn tempting.

Harry kneels onto the bed, mattress dipping under his weight as he crawls towards you, one arm stretching onto the opposite side of your torso, caging you under him as he hovers over you’re body, tie hanging from around his neck and shirt wide open to expose all of the tats on his tanned chest.

“Y'miss me?”

“Yeah,” you answer softly, arms reaching up to drape over his shoulders and wrap around his neck, pulling him down to your lips.

The kiss is slow and tender at first, with gentle sucking and a little bit of tongue. His body gives and melts on top of yours, one knee propped against the bed in between your legs as the other straddles your thigh. One hand is cupping your jaw as the other grips the back of the opposite thigh roughly, all of his chunky rings biting at your skin over the material of your bunny pajama pants.

Harry is the one who takes the first step in making it a heated night. He bites at your bottom lip all of the sudden, causing you to yelp into his mouth, pulling back in surprise. But he refuses to let you, suckling at your now swollen lip and hissing into your mouth.

“Fuck me.” His voice is deep and raspy, yet smooth like velvet and thick like molasses. The hand groping your thigh begins to rock your leg back and forth, resulting in your center rubbing against the knee he has placed between your own.

His eyes bore into you, a dark mossy green with bronze specks littered throughout its depth. They show nothing but utter lust and a twinge of haughtiness.

“Yeah?” You tug at the collar of his dress shirt, pushing it back until it starts to roll down his shoulders. “Want me to ride you?”

But Harry shakes his head, thumb caressing your chin as an ominous smirk pinches his dimples into place. “I don’t mean it as in, ‘fuck me.’ I mean it as in fuck me.”

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So, here are the Top Ten Posts from My 18th Century Source! The ten entries you’ve liked, reblogged and commented the most. I’m pleasantly surprised that two of the posts are of menswear <3 as you might already know, I LOVE menswear (my graduation collection was menswear of course) so this makes me happy :)

Also: the glorious hats from The Duchess.

Anyway, here are the links to those posts according to the photos from the top:

  1. The green velvet court coat and matching ivory satin waistcoat, ca, 1790, France.
  2. My first ever pink menswear post.
  3. “The Three Witches from Macbeth”, 1775, by Daniel Gardner.
  4. The fourth of July covers from The Evening Post by the glorious J.C. Leyendecker.
  5. The women undergarments post. That makes me remember I never wrote the male version of this post. Sorry. It will happen soon.
  6. The French Nobility post. That made me remember that I did not write the English version of this post. So so sorry. I must make a list.
  7. Leghorns and bergéres. Because straw hats rule.
  8. John Singleton Copley’s selfportrait. There’s never enough Singleton Copley. Never. Oh, and never forget that blue stroke on his lip.
  9. Ikea’s 18th century version of Instagram is just awesome.
  10. And the useful information of how to get dressed in the 18th century. With an amazing amount of comments about readers’ surprise of the fact that she has pockets.
The End of an Era

I decided to wait on the official translations to get my thoughts down. I think a lot of people have already captured my feelings, but I am quite happy. Even more so now that I’ve seen the officials.

Gruvia is canon. As I said a few days ago, it may not have been the “explosive” moment with “I love you”, marriage, kids, etc, but what we got was an incredibly sweet moment that captures what they are like as a blossoming couple. One that has been taking it slowly, building a foundation, and growing together in a believable (albeit awkward at times) manner.

The moment (for me) has gone from initially a bit underwhelming to being completely satisfying. Gray gave his answer already in 499…rather beautifully. The reminder of that was given to us through revisiting those scars. Now he’s living up to being that protector he wanted to be.

It’s glorious. It’s canon. It’s the end.

Now, the excitement of new chapters, new developments, and new twists are behind us. It’s been a hell of a journey, and I sure have enjoyed having everyone on this ride with me.

More Jake Headcanons

(He needs lots of love.)

-Jake might not have much money, but he spoils his friend’s to death.

-Honestly will buy you anything you want. Even if you made eye contact with something for one second, he’ll ask you if you want it.

-”So Chris, did you want that book back there?”

-”I..well, it looked pretty cool - Jake, no put it back!”


-”You already bought me one last week. Stop that.”

-He owns this scooter and uses it get around. Like his friend’s might have that fancy car, but nothing can beat his little scooter.

-Jake can do some pretty cool tricks with it too.

-He’s that friend that wears a helmet and makes sure his friend’s do too.

-”Michael, where’s your helmet?”

-”I don’t own. And besides, aren’t those for like little ki-”

-”Safety is key. Now c’mon, lets go to my place. I have a spare one somewhere..”

-”Jake, I’m fine-”

-”Do you want to die Michael? Because that’s how you do it.”

-Very protective over his friends. If someone says something even closely sounding to rude, watch out.

-Jake and Christine have a brother-sister relationship. Sorry I don’t make the rules

-Jake calls her “Shorty” while Christine calls him “Skyscraper.”

-They’re both very protective over each other and it’s great. (Their friendship needs more attention, please.)

-When eating ice cream, he bites it. Not licking it like any other person, but bites it.

-This boy climbs every tree he sees. Try to stop him.

-Always wanted a tree house, so when he finds out Michael owns one he has to stop himself from screaming.

-He’ll randomly crash his place just so he can go into the tree house. He can barely fit, but whatever it’s still a tree house.

-Y’know those people that jump off cliffs and splash into the water below. Yeah, Jake fears that..

-He hates it. Lots of his friend’s do it, but he can’t even get up the cliff before running back down to safety.

-Every morning he takes a jog along this beach. If he finds sea shells, he’ll bring them to school for Christine and Brooke; they love collecting them.

-Though he has lots of happy moments, he deals with lots of things alone. It took his friend’s forever to break down that wall.

-He always felt like he always had to be happy, but his friend’s help him realize it’s okay to be sad sometimes.

-Jake never tells them, but he always carries the feeling that his friend’s will leave him. If his own parents were able to do it so easily, why wouldn’t they?

-It’s not a really strong feeling since he knows his friend’s love him, but he can’t get rid of that “what if” scenario out of his head.

-He soon found out from the authorities that his parents were involved in “criminal activities” and that made him feel sick to his stomach.

-Jake participated in many activities to help his community in whatever way he could. He wanted to prove he was nothing like his parents.

This is the last thing I'm going to say on the matter.

This is the first time Jeremy Jordan has made a mistake like this. And I’m not making any excuses for him, but he’s pretty shy when it’s him being the center of attention and not a character he’s playing. He was asked to not only recap an entire season that took a long time to shoot (so his memory of it is already scrambled), but to also do it in song. That’s a lot of pressure. He screwed up and chose the wrong time, place, and way of expressing his opinion and it hurt your feelings. Your feelings aren’t wrong, you’re allowed to be hurt by it if it meant this much to you.
But before this, he did nothing to wrong you. And he’s apologized, taken responsibility, and shown that he’s trying to be better from this experience, which is more than what plenty of people have done.
Show him some grace and forgiveness, it’s not like he has a huge track record of offensive comments. If he continues to hurt and offend you, be skeptical of your support of him. But this is so far the one time, give him the benefit of the doubt. Don’t hate him to the point of no return because he chose the wrong time, place, and manner of saying something. Offer a little forgiveness, keep your eye out, and always be respectful, even if you’re really upset.
Love y'all, be kind to yourself and others.

I want to tell you all a story

I knew a guy once, actually just a few months ago, it was because someone of my family suggested that we could actually become good friends, I did, the guy seemed to be nice, good looking and smart so everyone was excited thinking “Wow, he could be the perfect match for you” and for a few days I tried  to believe that too maybe not because I thought he was perfect but also because maybe he was the opportunity to “try myself in something serious” just as a lot of people around me like friends and family wanted to get me in so I could be “happy”.

So, at the second day talking with this “Perfect guy” he was already talking about love, saying I was his, even getting jealous of my other friends, I thought it was hilarious because 1st I would never put my friends aside just to make a jealous boyfriend happy and 2ndly because I mean “dude” I just have 2 days talking with you, calm down…

After making questions to each other he told me he was not the kind of guys who spend too much time outside, while me on the other hand I like to go on long walks if I have the chance to, I love going out (Maybe not to parties or stuff like that but I love going to parks) so the guy makes a joke and says something like “Well too bad that when you become mine I’ll lock you up, take your phone and I’ll not let you go out with anyone” So I can hear some sirens in my head telling me “Wow, there’s something weird about this guy” 

But well it was just a joke so I let it pass one time, so the days continue and I keep talking with him but there was something inside me that said “I don’t even feel like myself now, I’m trying to make this work but is it really for my own sake or I’m just trying to make everyone else happy?” 

A few weeks later I was having a great day with my cousins and I started to get messages from him and when I told him how we were playing and that I was laughing of one of my cousins when he was trying to make me lose in one of the games we were playing he says something like “Good thing you are not playing with me or I would slap you right in the face if you dare to laugh” I was like “Did I just read that? Did he really text me that?!” For that moment I wanted so much to be Azusa and him to be a f*cking Unicorn so I could stab him and rip his heart out.

So I stopped the messages and the next day he texts me as if nothing happened but I told him nothing was going to be normal again he asked me why and I said “If I see you now I ‘ll want to stab you, I hate you and I really want to cut your throat” and he again says that “It was a joke” that he “loved me” and he didn’t want things to end that way, that I was important for him and that no one ever made him feel like I did since we met.

Now just a day ago I took him out of my life, because I really think he needs help, joking about violence is nothing you would do with someone you love and it’s just not right, I think he’s sick but I kind of felt bad to just throw him away so I waited for so long to make the choice but I realized no matter how much time passed I still hate him, my whole interest had just vanished and I was always angry at him and I was kind of tired to be a b*tch with him even when he deserved that and even more.

The worst part is that a lot of people around me was saying I was being exaggerated about it, that I should give him a chance or joked that at least I should f*ck him, no, girls (and this warning goes to you guys too), never let anyone treat you that way, at least I love myself enough to never let someone cross a line like that and think I’m just going to laugh and let it pass as normal, never let anyone try to make you think violence and stuff like that is just a joke, it’s just sick and totally wrong and if someone wants violence that much then that person should find someone who wants to stick their fists in their f*cking *ss.

Never put in risk your own happiness and your mental or physical health just to make other people happy, there’s good people out there, I know that too well but there’s also wolves disguised as sheeps, so the only thing you should always ask to yourselves is “Am I really happy with this? Is this really what I want?” Be sure to love yourselves before you decide to give your heart to someone else and if you do, then make sure that person is worthy, respect the people you love the same way you want them to respect you and be happy :3 

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Hi friend! How would law or zoro confess their feelings to their crush! Thanks so much!

I’m doing Torao because I already did Zoro right here ^^ And thank you for sending this! I hope you like it!


  • Lawrence knows he’s screwed when every time he sees you his heart makes a little excited jump
  • He’s not stupid, he’s very smart and he has read a frigging lot of books to know what are these feeling clouding his mind and swirling inside his chest
  • So he knows he can’t fight them (and he doesn’t want to either) so of course he has to confess to you!
  • He’s probably be a bit too awkward. A very cute and light blush covering his cheeks as he approaches you
  • “[Name]”, his heart jumps again and his insides twist when you look at him with your cute smile. “I like you”, he says, but he doesn’t notice he’s basically talking to himself until your ear is right infront of his face
  • “Sorry, captain. What was that? I didn’t quite hear!”, Law gulps, but you calling him captain really got him a bit excited (not necessarily in a sexual way), so a smirk appears on his face and he leans on your ear a little bit too much. You literally shiver when you feel his lips against your ear
  • “I said I like you, [Name]”, he repeats, his voice deep and ugh and you feel your legs shaking.
  • His smirk only looking bigger when he sees the deep blush on your face. “So? What do you say about it?”
  • “I say I like you too”, he leans his ear closer to you
  • You smirk. Both can play this game, so pressing a soft kiss on his ear you whisper “I said I like you too, captain”
  • You’re a bit surprised to see the tip of his ear getting all red, and you can’t supress a giggle
  • “Great” is the only thing he has to say

i just unfollowed so many people (because i didn’t recognize a lot of the urls, so please dm me if we were mutuals and i’m not following you anymore!!!) and i need new people to follow!!!

reblog this if you like any of the following:

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So I recently came out as a trans male to my family and they were very supportive and I asked if they could look into therapy and stuff like that (my mom works with a trans man so she knows about most of it already) and she said she would think about letting me start hormones, I'm 14 is there any chance of me growing more due to hormones? (Currently only 5'3)

Kai says:

if you have not already stopped growing overall, there is a chance. If you’re generally shorter than your mom was at your age, there might be a good chance, assuming she didn’t stop growing at age 14. There’s a lot of variability though, so there is no guarantee.

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In SA we already have that and they now sell biodegradable bags for 15 cents. In order to stop ourselves from buying bags upon bags we collect the bags we buy to reuse. Its obviously unsuccesful and we have TOO MANY BAGS. so you could probs use those if you end up in the same position. Just remember they are biodegradable and probs will wear away easier w stomach acid so no stashing and that if you purge a lot then your family will probs notice the bags going.

Those are like the bags you get from Aldi right? I read somewhere that those aren’t even that great either tbh. My family has been making the switch to canvas bags now anyway, everytime we go shopping my mum buys one more and we’ve got a hefty collection to stop using plastic bags anyway (i have a big family so we get HEAPS of groceries lmao) which sucks coz even tho we still have a bunch of plastic bags at home we’re clearly running out coz of me
Ugh I better stock up now as much as I can, I’m gonna like double/triple bag my groceries whenever I go shopping on my own 😅😅
Or just buy trashbags
I’m like rambling now sorry i haven’t had a coffee yet and had like two hours of sleep 😬😬

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Do u look at clothe refs when u draw? Like do you go to websites or something?? Im just wondering how u got so good at putting clothing together bc it rly makes all ur pieces so nice to look at bc its so fashionable :"0

THANK U also i answered this a lot already so i should probs put it in my faq but yea i usually just take inspiration frm tumblr and The Internet and ppl i see in my town and my own clothes nd shit so theres not real secret to it, just walking around w open eyes

Where we belong Prologue

Hei guys, Illi’s here!

I had this idea since..probably march or so, and i finally am able to post this first chapter of my project

I’ve been working on it a lot, i’ve written some other parts too.. but never came up with a good beginning.. but now here we are!

I hope you guys like it, and if you read it feedback are always appreciated, even critiques ofc (just be nice guys) and just  remeber that english is not my first language eheh

If you have any advices, I am here to listen!

Hope you like it, and you will see the next chapter soon!

Love love 


P.s. a special thanks to M and Kyu who’ve been helping me a lot with this project and the sweetest @dreamilyhopefulsandwich who already read some of the next things that are going to happen!

Thanks girls, I love you all


Plot: 7 guys, 7 girls, 1 dream
They gathered in the white practice room the day before the concert, one of the many concerts the guys had, the first for the girls.. they prepared so much and worked so hard, they were happy.
Genuinely happy, besides the tears and the sweat, besides all the things they gave up: friends, family, youth.
They all felt like this was it, this was exactly where they belonged.

Originally posted by fijiandgreentea

-Let’s go guys!
-Yea! Big Fam!!!!

7 guys.7 girls. 1 dream.
They gathered in the white practice room. It was the day before the concert, one of the many concerts the guys had but the first for the girls. They had prepared so much and worked so hard but they were happy.
Genuinely happy. Besides the tears and the sweat. Besides all the things they gave up: friends, family, youth.
They all felt like this was it, this was exactly where they belonged.

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