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Chat messages - Bucky x Reader - Part 4

Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ So I just could keep myself from writing the next part, so now you little lovebirds get the next part. It’s funny how easy this story is to write since I have a good plot to this :D I hope you enjoy! ♥

PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3

Summary - You and Miles, your best friend, just talk about your latest crush from Tumblr, when a superhero Captain and a Winter Soldier decide to come into the book store you work in. First it’s nothing super exciting, until you notice that your crush James is actually James Buchanan Barnes.

Words - 1,944

Warnings - panic attack, hyperventilation, angst, crying, language

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A/N: This man is soooo gorgeous…holy shit…my ovaries are going to explode if I look at it for too long xD

“It’s James!”

It took you some time to understand it yourself, but now that you did, you wished you just didn’t put one and one together. 

This James you talked to just yesterday, was actually James Buchanan Barnes…Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes, who is right outside talking to his childhood friend from the freaking 40s about the freaking book “Sleepless in Seattle” he freaking talked about just yesterday. An former assassin from some secret organization and now part of the famous and loved superhero squad “The Avengers”. This freaking beautiful man right outside is the one, who complimented you mutiple times already, without even seeing your face. He won your heart with just his beautiful words and his beautiful voice, you couldn’t mistake.

“Oh god”, you cry out again, hyperventilating, tears spilling out of your eyes and it feels like the already small room gets even smaller and the air gets sucked out of the room.

“Y/N! Calm down! Calm down.” Miles grabs your shoulders and breathes in and out visibly. “Follow my breathing. In….and out…” You finally calm down, the tears still messing up your little make-up you have on. Miles smiles seeing that you’re calm again.

“And now tell me what you mean. You can’t be serious, saying the Winter Soldier is on fucking Tumblr chatting with you about…movies for christ sake.”

“It has to be him! Their voices are literally the same. I can’t mistake them. And he told me yesterday that he rewatched Sleepless in Seattle yesterday and now this Winter Soldier has the same freaking book in the hands. And it can’t be a coincidence that his best friend is also called Steve and he lives with him and around ten other people called Sam, Natasha, Wanda, Tony-” “Okay, okay.”

He motions you to come over to him, as he stands at the door, his ear on it to listen what the guys are talking about and his expression tells you that they seem to talk about something interesting. You join him and lean your ear against the door.

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sebbucky  asked:

the latest gif of chris chECKING OUT SEB you know he's thinking imma break me off a piece of that after these press interviews tonight oh ho ho ho yes i am. omg boy does not know the meaning of subtlety.

Chris both wants this press tour to never end, and needs to be done with it already.

He wants it to go on forever because spending so much time with one of his best friends, and also with the guy he’s totally not had a crush on for years now, is pretty awesome.

He needs it to be over because he’s absolutely sure Sebastian’s going to find out about his not-crush soon if they keep this up.

He’s trying not to be too obvious. He is.

It’s not his fault that the interviewers and the fans keep asking all these questions, that Mackie keeps making so many not-quite-subtle remarks… That Sebastian’s gotten over his adorably shy and overly-deferential phase and has turned into such an asshole.

A gorgeous, funny, incredibly sweet asshole that’s also both the biggest dork in existence and the most stunning guy Chris has ever met. It should be illegal to be so… so everything.

He is trying not to be too obvious, and failing spectacularly. Chris doesn’t even need Mackie’s confirmation to be sure of this, he can see it himself whenever he rewatches that day’s interviews or listens to his own answers.

Sebby. ‘There he is! Right here, I got you!’. The way he’d involuntarily wrapped his arm tighter around Seb’s neck the moment he’d ended the hug, his body acting on instinc, chasing his warmth. The thing with the goddamn spider, honestly Chris? Why not just tell everyone exactly what you’d been fantasizing about while ogling Seb’s thighs?. And he knows that whenever he looks at Seb his eyes speak volumes.

So yes, he really needs this to be over asap.

But, because life apparently is a bitch like that, the interviewer just had to ask Sebastian that question about their quirks and mannerisms, and fucking hell

Yes, Chris has noticed. Boy, has he noticed.

It’s pretty much impossible not to notice Sebastian’s mouth.

The way lips part slightly and he tips his head back a bit as he gathers his thoughts. The way he smirks, driving Chris completely nuts. The way he worries at his bottom lip. The way he pushes his tongue into his cheek. The way the tip of his tongue comes out to wet them, seemingly without him even realizing, and God does Chris want to suck that tongue into his own mouth and claim Seb’s bottom lip for himself until it’s shiny with spit and red and swollen, to drag his teeth across that glorious jaw, to watch those lips stretched wide around his–

“Chris?” Sebastian’s question and worried tone brings him back down to Earth.


They’re in some dressing room, waiting for Mackie and Joe’s part of the interview to be over. And Chris could’ve sworn there were more people here with them a moment ago but now they’re alone somehow and Sebastian’s sitting right next to him on the couch and he’s been staring unabashedly at his mouth for the past 5 minutes.

Oh fuck. He looks away and clears his throat.

“Y-Yes?” perfect, Chris. Sebastian’s brow furrows.

“Everything ok?” he asks, raising a hand to his shoulder. Touches, reassurance. Because of course he knows that those things help when Chris’ brain gets too loud. Because he’s perfect.

And Chris wants to answer, to tell him he is, indeed, ok, but then Sebastian’s doing the thing, and his brain just short-circuits.

“You’re doing it again,” he blurts before he can stop himself.

Sebastian stares confusedly at him for a few seconds, and then there’s realization in his eyes and a blush creeping up his neck. “Oh…” he says, and stops.

His blush is nothing compared to the shade of red Chris has got going on right now. “Fuck, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean–It’s ok you know? You can do it, it’s cute.”

And that right there? That’s exactly the reason why he needed this press tour to end.

Because Sebastian might’ve not realized–or minded–until now, but that? That was definitely crossing a line, and Sebastian’s not an idiot, and Chris can just feel the world crumbling beneath his feet, the panic creeping in and clutching at his heart. He needs to say something, do something, but it’s like the air has left his lungs, and as much as he wants to get up and run he can’t. fucking. move.

And then he freezes all over again, but for an entirely different reason.

Because Sebastian, wonderful and perfect and incredible, smirks, says: “Guess I like to keep my mouth busy,” and gives him a jab in the ribs.

Chris sits there speechless and gaping at him for 2 minutes. And then cracks up. And then grabs Sebastian’s left boob because that’s a thing he does and he’s not really thinking, doesn’t even realize he’s doing it until Sebastian is resting his own hand on top of his.

“You’re doing it again, too” he tells him, smiling fondly. Chris smiles back.

“Yeah well… I like to keep my hands busy,” he says, and winks at him. 

And Sebastian laughs. And Chris, who’s greedy and still not thinking and who absolutely doesn’t deserve this man but still keeps asking for more, leans in. 

Sebastian does too.

Trying to stop himself from staring at or even just thinking about Seb’s mouth after having tasted him proves itself to be impossible. But it’s ok, because Chris no longer needs this press tour to be over soon.

How Naruto/SauSaku had affected my life!

Update: Thursday, November 6 2014

We did it.

My 9 years…..

We, SasuSaku-Fans, had accomplished abig moment of our life….it could be the biggest accomplishment of many people’s lives. Seeing the return of Team 7, Sasuke and Naruto having a family in the future with the smiles and laughter of their children and the love in their arms. This is what I have been waiting and hoping for.

I remember…back in 2004. I first started off Naruto by reading its Manga. I didn’t have a computer at that time, so I took my brother’s Naruto Manga and began reading it. Just reading it’s character description of Sakura stating “her crush on Sasuke” made me already liking her because I see Sakura very pretty on the Manga at that time and I always assume that Sasuke one day going to love her just like she did. (I thought Naruto was a Manga filled with romances…..#FacePalm)

During the time being so hooked on the Manga. I remember clearly as if it was yesterday that I stole one certain volume off my brother and couldnt stop re-reading them non-stop. Just that 10 pages, I read it over and over again! It was the chapter during the Chunin exams where Sasuke first for bitten by Orochimaru but he can’t stop protecting Sakura. Seeing Sakura being so weak with three men protecting her. I turned the page hoping to see if she would probably grow some super powers or some sort.

But instead, I was amazed how she cut her hair. It was so unexpected. And I was reading it so fast that I surprised myself with the SasuSaku Infamous Back-Hug. Sakura begged him to stop, and the curse on Sasuke’s arm began to disappear. At that time, I said to myself. Only Sakura can stop Sasuke.

Then! I stopped reading at that time because I got busted by my brother for stealing his Mangas and bending some of the pages (Oops). So I was banned from his collections. I got very upset but as I first got into High-school. My parents bought me a computer. I was so happy. !! But I didnt know how to download Anime at that time so I decided to collect fan-drawings of them. Before reading Naruto. I was already into Fanfic by celebrities. So I come across Fanfiction.Net and got so excited to see the “Naruto” category! And first thing first, a Sakura and Sasuke story popped into my eyes.

That’s when the addiction starts.

Back then, My internet wasn’t really fast and I was forbidden to download anything! So i always dropped by my friends house and get some Naruto Episodes from her. I remmeber my USB was only 700MB. So I only get around…2 or 3 episodes then. So it was sort of difficult for me. But while watching, I smiled to myself because I remmeber everything off by heart because I already read the Manga! I was so excited just to see that infamous Back-Hug! And after I got to there. My heart felt so heavy. It made me so happy, like a little girl first time watching a Disney fairytale movie!

Then~! I was saved, By “YouTube”! Remember back in the times where YouTube allow us to upload and watch Naruto? Every Episode in 3 Parts? XD

So after reading countless fanfics of SasuSaku. I grow an addiction of other couples like NaruHina, NejiTen and ShikaIno! ! Famous stories like:

Stay by my Side” by lollyberry

Enemies to Couples?” by Dark Angelic Kitty

Ironies of Life” by CrAzY-SiLLy-Me

High School Days" by xxBlueMoon3xx

Attention class we have a new student” by Uchiha Sakura Blossoms

Yakuza” by CrAzY-SiLLy-Me

Rock Loverz” by Uchiha Sakura Blossoms

Engagement On Hold” by pei-chan

Girl Next Door” by Sw1tTdR1ns

Song of a Cherry Blossom” by Diana-san

The Ideal Boyfriend” by XxSeriouslyJadedxX

Be Without You” by Sw1tTdR1ns

Those stories are like….Ancient History! I remember giggling them and cannot stop talking about it at school to one former best friend I used to be friends with.

Almost Mid-Year of second year Junior High of High School. I began losing a best friend, Just because my obsession of Naruto and SasuSaku. My Obsession of Naruto had effected the people around me. The guys in my class took interested in me because we share the same likes. Which made my friend feel as if I am distancing her to be with the boys. She began to dislike and annoyed of me. So that’s when the person I used to call a best friend turn their back on me. At that very moment, I just had to watch episode 109. Where Sasuke abandoned the village. The haunting memories was seeing the silhouette of Sasuke standing by the moonlight with the rest of the Sound Ninjas. 

So I began to push away the rest of Naruto Episodes (stopped after the battle between Naruto and Sasuke) but stick to my delusional world in fanfictions. Reading one after another. Got me so excited on every characters and episodes that the boys in the class always talk about. I stopped watching the anime because my 13-14 year old feelings got affected with both SasuSaku and my best friend abandoning me. I had no friends at that time that resulted me to move school and start a new. Slowly, Naruto has gotten out of my life. I did read Fanfics once in a while but I change my interests in different Mangas like Gakuen Alices, Shugo Chara and many mores, (No, I did not once dared stepped into Bleach or One Piece. I was too scarred).

After learning about Naruto Shipuuden. I was amazed to see how beautiful Sakura was and how Handsome both Sasuke and Naruto was. But I still didnt have that feels towards Naruto series like back then anymore. Maybe I was too traumatized with all the high school drama bullying I’ve suffered through. So I shut Naruto down for nearly 2 years. But I remember before shutting Naruto off my life. I watched many fanmade videos of Narutos! Especially with the one them adding Hinata was dancing by the waterfall- Naked- (The Episode where Naruto and Team Kurenai went to search for the bug). With Naruto watching her (You Prevy!!), having no clue that it was Hinata. Haha! The song was ….Cascade or some sort? Lol.

When Shipuuden release it first Episode. I did bite my tongue and give it a go, hoping that I wont get too attached to it and worried that I won’t lose anymore friends this time. But seeing the first episode. Where Sakura and Sasuke first come across each other, melted my heart. Sakura still loves him. Therefore, I returned for a while but the life of High School/Studies/Boyfriends had distracted me and I still can’t let go of the past and also how much I was very upset on Sasuke wrong path of life…. my feelings for Naruto had slowly fading.

By the time I reach first year of Senior Year. I come across that former best friend. I returned to my old school prom/formal and saw her. We didn’t talk. All i see her was whispering to her friends and they all gave me looks. I admit I was very scared. But after that, I asked myself. “Why am I so scared of them for past years? Can’t I just let it go?” But as I thought that Sakura’s feeling for Sasuke has probably been long gone now. So maybe I should just let it go and grow up from the past?

Also, during that time, I was very into Gakuen Alice. Forgive me SasuSaku T__T’

2013. That’s when Gakuen Alice ended. That Manga/Anime gave me nothing but tears and smile. After finishing the Manga. That feeling of immaturity of back then I felt in High School was no more because I had graduated. So I return reading Naruto back again (Quietus, Especially!) and…..I felt, home.

Quietus by AngeLhearteD

I was so happy that, Even if I abandoned the series for quite a while. Sakura still hold that strong love for Sasuke. She didnt give up.

Other fandom made me feel less confident, I hate the feeling that it won’t going to happen’. So I decided that, I can’t chicken down anymore. I need to fight this battle like I used to back then! Began slowly to update on the Ten-Tails Revival Arc. Ignoring Karin liek I have many years. Believing on NaruHina. Supporting Sakura no matter how weak she was. Only rewatching episodes that would make me laugh (Fillers, Flashback Episodes and Rock Lee SD).

I dared myself to go and watch Naruto’s parents and I poured myself with buckets of tears. That’s when I needed to be strong and get this over with!

2014. January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October…..Those month I have been keeping up-to-dated with Naruto and others, risking their lives on fighting the war.

I nearly lost hope when I see no luck on Sasuke and Sakura, but the reunion of Team 7 is something I feel more important during that time.

Until November….

It’s official.

I am determined to watch ALLLLLLLLLL Naruto’s episode from scratch. Even if episodes that would make fandom uproar, I can always say to myself that I know who Sasuke wife is!

Thank you Kishimoto Masashi-Sensei. You made me able to stand up on my feet.
Thank you for creating Naruto for the past 15 years. Every hard effort you had put in with each and every characters and storyline is something I would cherish and remember always.

I am looking forward towards the Next Generation Mini-series. I am so grateful for Sarada’s existance. It is one of the biggest present for the loyal fans. (Since I cannot call myself loyal because I was a coward to stick to the fandom from hard times)

I’ll never forget that Naruto had made such big impact on my life.

Thank you.


Danny Castellano is My Whole Damn World

Wait, no, that wasn’t the name of the episode was it…?

Hmm. Well, it might as well have been because…look if I need to explain why then you clearly haven’t watched it. So go watch it, flail about a bit, die from squealing too much, resurrect yourself, drink some water (you’re probably dehydrated from all the drooling over Messina hng) and then read this. Ok? Alright then.

Also, most of this is either me swooning over Danny/Chris or flailing over Dandy sooooo….be warned!

Oh and about half way through I started calling everyone assholes so there’s that too. I think I still have too many feels or something. I can’t cope.

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