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what do you think of jeff and annie's creepy factor? like she's 18 and he's 35 when they meet. sure annie is mature but i still find it a bit creepy :(

(Before I posted this, @celerylapel posted a reply to a very similar ask that she’d received. Our replies are similar as well, which I can only attribute to the fact that great minds think alike. ;) Her post is here, if you haven’t read it yet!)

Short answer: I don’t think their age difference is creepy at all. 

Much longer answer, because I have a lot of thoughts about this: Ages ago, I wrote about this in the tags of this gifset, partly inspired by some tags that @nyclove3 wrote:

#Jeff Winger has underestimated Annie Edison right from the start #much like the show’s writers half the time sadly #this is related to a thing I don’t get actually #which is why some people think the age difference is such a big deal with these two #because by the time this episode [2.17] aired Annie had been through so much #she was bullied and unpopular in high school but didn’t let it stop her from being a good student and even participating in activities #she was an addict but went to rehab and got clean with no family support #her parents disowned her so she went out and found an apartment of her own and managed to be responsible enough with work and school #that she kept that apartment ON HER OWN for 2+ years and got excellent grades #she dealt with the loss of scholarships and watched her dreams crumble to dust around her #and picked herself up and researched community colleges and enrolled herself #and through it all stayed positive enough to remain hopeful and to want good things for herself #like seriously do you get what huge accomplishments all those things are??? #by the time she was 20 Annie Edison was more mature and responsible than Jeff Winger was at 35 #and as demonstrated on the show time and time again all the way back to ep 1.06 #Annie is perfectly capable of standing up to Jeff when necessary #she’s the one who directly confronts him about what’s going on between them #Jeff is not the person in that relationship with all the power FAR FROM IT

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Thank You’s and Reminders

First, I’d like to thank all of my followers for putting up with me since I joined Tumblr in November. I have got to be the most unorganized, foul-mouthed, TMI blogger out there (this is my safe place - hey, I have kids!). But I have a big heart and a goofy mind and want to share all of it with you!

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