i already failed the challenge


Holiday Challenge 4/? - Hao Asakura (Shaman King)

I have a really strong feelings for Shaman King bc it’s my fav anime and the first one ever (I didn’t even know that it’s an anime and that smth like this exists when I was watching it X"“"D).
At first I wanted to draw Amidamaru (bc I’ve never drown him before) but he is too difficoult so Hao won (in polish ver his name is Zeke :"3) ^^

And to make things clear: I’ve already failed my challenge. It’s 4th day and I’m fckn tired of drawing… This fan art should have been posted yesterday but I was to lazy to draw it. Wanted to make 2 things today but noooope~ Ends as always…
What’s more, I won’t be at home tomorrow so can’t draw anything again… Such a looser :”)
Anyway I try to draw when I will have time bc there is too many amazing people I would like to draw, and if I be lazy I won’t be able to do it till the end of the year… :“”“”“”“”“”“3