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Editing Manga Icons for Skintone: A Guide

Well, as long as I’m in the process of editing these icons, I might as well throw a tutorial together for anyone who might need it.

As you’ve probably noticed, there are very few manga faceclaims out there with darker skin colors, which seriously limits FC options for some muses, since not everyone is comfortable with live faceclaims or can draw their own. SO, here’s a simple guide for how I edit my icons

I’ve found this method is easier with icons that are already cropped & resized, so it’s probably in your best interest to make the icons before editing. It’s pretty quick (even if you’re like me and use a crappy laptop trackpad); editing one icon usually takes under 1 min. once you know what you’re doing. 

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anonymous asked:

hi! is there a way to edit + put borders on multiple icons at one time? or do you have to do them all separate?

Hello, anon! There are definitely ways to work with multiple icons at once. I think you’re asking me one of two possible questions.

One is, “How can I edit a bunch of icons that are already saved?” Like if you wanted to add a border or watermark to a bunch of icons you already have! If that’s what you’re asking, here are two tutorials that might be of help to you, both of them on batch editing icons:

The other is, “How can I make a bunch of new icons, all at once?” I believe there’s one specific process you can use in Photoshop, involving the Timeline and a Photoshop script. Here are tutorials on how to use it:

I hope these were helpful! In case I didn’t hit on what you were looking for, here is the icon tutorial tag at dear-indies, which is a great resource.

HOW TO TUMBLR 101 - Making an Art Tag :)

I see A LOT of people who are new to tumblr struggling with posts and making art tags and such, mainly because English isn’t their first language.  

So, as a non-native English speaker who has also struggled for MONTHS with Tumblr, I’m making this post to help you guys out :))) TAG YOUR ARTIST FRIENDS!!!!! 

This is far from perfect, but i’ll try my best!  

1. What is tagging??

These are tags.

They are like bookmarks and the posts are books. If you search Tumblr for a certain tag, it will show ALL posts with that tag in it!

The same with searching for tags in a blog.  

after the blog’s URL (the www.[blahblahblah].tumblr.com thing) will be /tagged/[the tag you search for]

and this page will only show posts on that blog with this tag :) 

so, the big question:

2. How to make an art tag???

if you understand all the above, this should be simple (kind of)! :D

When you post your art, put a tag that you will use as your art tag in the #tags part. It could be anything you like, for example “my art”, “mine” or use or own “blog name”.  I am mattockmaniac47 so i can use “Mattock’s art” as my art tag.  Just use whatever you like, really, as long as it stays the same on all your art posts :))

If you already made a post but forgot to put an art tag, you can always EDIT the post and add the tag. 

first, get the permalink DIRECTLY FROM YOUR BLOG (go to your blog, find that post and get the permalink)

Once you’ve gotten to your post, the edit button should be on the top right corner 


save it and we’re good!

So, once that’s done, you can go to your blog and click on you art tag and it will lead you to a page with ALL YOUR ART

AND TA-DA! All your stuff! 

Now, how to add a link to your “art tag”???

3. Adding a link to your blog

Now, to the more confusing part… But don’t worry, it’s not THAT hard! just do it SLOWLY :)))

First, go to your blog and choose “Edit theme”.  You all first start with this theme, so i’ll just go with it, ok? :) 

after clicking that, this should appear

scroll ALLLL the way down to the bottom!

and click “Add a Page”. This appears:

There are 2 METHODS:

This is METHOD #1 & here is how mine looks like when finished:

This is METHOD #2:

and how mine looks:

Try to follow the instructions above and then save & exit the “edit theme”! (sorry for bad quality!!! Tumblr is shit!)



Once you’re good at it, you can play around with the themes and making pages like this: 

it’s pretty fun to do, actually :)))

I hope this helps you!!! 

“One reason that I don’t look at my films again once they’re finished is because I’ve already learned from them what I’m going to learn and watching them over again doesn’t teach me anything. There’s a quote by the French poet Paul Valéry; he said, ‘a poem is never finished, only abandoned.’ You could edit a film for the rest of your life and still keep changing it and changing it, but at a certain point it leaves your hands and you send it off to military school, or whatever; it’s gone, it’s on its own, you know. You kick it out of the house and it’s gone, and it has to live in the world itself. I have a personal motto that it’s hard to get lost if you don’t know where you’re going. I really believe that intuition is the real guide. Therefore to me my work as a filmmaker is a process and there is no destination; it’s like the Buddhist saying, the path is the destination. I really feel that way. I loved it when they asked Kurosawa, when he was in his eighties, when would he stop making films, and he said, ‘as soon as I figure out how to do it.’ It’s very hard to say specific things you learn from each particular film, but the experience of making the films is the end result. And the film itself is something you kind of leave in your wake as the result of the process.” – Jim Jarmusch

honestly tho, matsumoto and hitsugaya’s relationship is my favorite in all of bleach. 

matsumoto was the one who pushed hitsugaya into becoming a shinigami so that he could learn how to control his power so the people around him wont die. after that hitsugaya joined matsumoto’s division, and he was the third seat during isshin’s captaincy. and then they had to suffer through the whole “missing captain” ordeal when that shit with masaki happened. since hitsugaya was already undergoing bankai training he was probably just pushed into the position, after he took the captain “test” of course. 

and theeeen there was the whole aizen shit w/ gin’s betrayal #1. and then the fake karakura town where hitsugaya is all “don’t lose focus matsumoto” and then when that whole ordeal is done and over with. there’s gin’s betrayal #2. and matsumoto having to watch him die right before her eyes. 

and theeen we have the whole quincy ordeal. and hitsugaya gets his bankai stolen. and matsumoto and him training together to make his ice stronger w/ just his shikai. and then working together to fight bazz b. and then after that, oh my god. just hitsugaya seeing matsumoto fall down unresponsive via cang du. and then him trying to make his way to matsumoto after his fight. 

like here he is, that little loner boy whom no one in the rukongai wanted to associate with other than hinamori and the old lady, and he’s just watching the girl that essentially pushed him to be where he is today, he just watches her kinda die you know? i can’t even imagine how traumatizing that was for him. they’ve gone through so much shit together. but ahhh, the the perks of being one of the most favored characters in the series, him and his partner is brought back to “life” . 

hitsugaya and matsumoto make the best lieutenant / captain duo. i can’t even imagine how it’d be like if one of them were to die. so they either need to both be alive or just both die. matsumoto has already suffered so much already. having to lose whatever was taken from her when she was young, to losing gin not once, but three times. once, when he left her to be a shinigami. then again when he betrayed soul society. and finally when he died for the sole purpose of “revenge” and before all that she lost her captain. so really, hitsugaya is one of the constant things in her life. 

Ten mistakes independent authors should avoid at all cost

1-Don’t quit your day job to be a writer. To write you need inspiration and inspiration dies the minute you have to write to pay the bills. Most writers spend nights, weekends and lunch breaks on their projects. Once you become a bestselling author, then you quit your job.

Originally posted by t3quila-mockingbird

2-Don’t release your book too soon. You think your book is done, you’re excited and want to share it with the world. You can’t bear to reread it anymore. Well, let it sit for a month, then read it again. See all those typos? Those extra characters? TAKE YOUR TIME! If you send a mediocre work out, you’re through. 90% of self-published books are garbage. Make sure your work is the best it can be. How?

-Go to writers’ groups

-Get beta readers

3-Don’t reject criticism. I know it hurts, but freaking listen already! It will make your work better! 

Originally posted by bookjunkie26

4-Get beta readers! Some people don’t because they don’t want to give away their book away for free. This is a huge mistake. Beta readers are AWESOME (thank you guys!) they provide a safe environment where you can learn if your book sucks before you send it out in the world. Also, if your book is good, there’s a good chance they will buy it anyway, in fact even multiple copies for friends (I always buy books I loved for my friends!)

Originally posted by falling-inlove-with-books

5-Don’t underprice or overprice your book. You know how many hours went into your book. Some people think that giving away their book for free will help them get it out there, but the truth is that most cheap books (not all, but most) are really not that great. If your book is good readers will pay a fair price. But don’t overprice your book. You’re not a bestseller, so stay reasonable! Average size paperbacks are priced $14-18. Young adult tend to be a bit less. I am thinking to price my first book around $9 (paperback).  E-books should be lower (I’m thinking $4-5). Audiobook are expensive and depend on length. What are your thoughts on pricing?

6-Invest in your book! The worst thing you can do is to think “I wanna make money on this, not blow them!” Well, you need to invest into your project to give your book a chance. This is your dream. Especially if this is your first book, plan on investing in advertising and professional help when needed (editing, cover design, etc…). Don’t make debt, ever, save for it like you would save for a pair of shoes you like. Our biggest mistake is to think that we are not worth it, when we have no problem throwing money on a dinner out or somebody else’s book. Invest in yourself, give your dream its best chance! 

Originally posted by kesterkreative

And…don’t count on making money out of your books, hope that you will. There are about 300,000 books published per year in the US alone. Only 100 make the best seller list and the big bucks…Write because you have to and want to say something, not to make money. 

7-Don’t underestimate cover design. Design a mind blowing cover! If you can’t, pay someone to. 

8-Don’t think that your book it’s going to sell itself. Even if it’s the best book to have ever seen the light on planet earth, readers need to know it’s out there. The average author (with a publisher!) sells 400 copies per book (sadness). You need to spend time doing research and marketing (see post on marketing). 

9-Don’t think “I’m a writer, it’s not my job to…” It is. If you are self published, it is your job to edit, design, market, engage readers, travel the world…do whatever it takes to get your book out there.

Originally posted by datenshi1

10-Don’t start marketing your book once it’s out. They say it takes three years to build a decent networking/marketing system. I don’t know about that, but start as soon as you can! 

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here’s a network for all the dean lovers out there that love dean winchester more than anything else in this world and they would sell their souls just to see him smile one more time  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧.

(sorry for the crappy edit made in 5 seconds)


  • mbf this dean lover
  • reblog this (likes don’t count as an entry!)
  • no survey bc i’m super lazy
  • have some spn on your blog!

what am i looking for

  • kind and friendly blogger
  • you gotta love dean ofc
  • nice and organized theme!
  • cool posts!
  • tagging system is a plus but not required!
  • did I already mention that you gotta love dean??
  • if you contribute to the fandom with graphics/fics/edits/etc that’s definitely a plus! (not required though)

what do you get

  • follow from all the members!
  • we could share our edits/graphics/work/gifs/fics/etc
  • help with polls/html and stuff
  • a special tag where we can reblog each other’s works/promos/whatever
  • we could cry about dean all night long
  • new awesome friends!!
  • a special spot on this hella cool page
  • group chats and possible movie nights (◕‿◕✿)
  • my eternal love and friendship
  • +my firstborn

what do you do once you get in

  • follow all the members!
  • submit an icon and a description for the network page (don’t worry I’ll send you a message asking for it + some extra info)
  • so have your askbox/submit open!
  • put a link to the network page somewhere on your blog!
  • track the tag #deanloversnet for updates and more

extra info

  • I’ll pick around 15-20 people at first but I’ll add more people over time!
  • so don’t worry if you don’t get picked in the first round! you have lots of chances!
  • if you have any doubts, ask me
  • good luck!! and reblog away!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

changed the edit bc it was horrible before woop

im picking the members now!!

Next up on the mic, Rumpleswagstin

I highly regret making this

Whatever it takes, I will follow my heart back to you, if only so I can show you how deserving you are of every happiness. - Robin

I haven’t made anything in forever! *bites nails* hope y’all like it. You MUST read Tethered by @repellomuggletum15 if you’re not already! Check it out here and on her tumblr!

  • Best Luke URL
  • Best Ashton URL
  • Best Michael URL
  • Best Calum URL
  • Best 5sos URL
  • Best writer (this includes fanfics, one shots, blurbs, imagines etc.)
  • Best edits
  • Horniest blogger
  • Funniest blogger
  • Nicest blogger
  • Best icon
  • Favourite Luke girl
  • Favourite Michael girl
  • Favourite Ashton Girl
  • Favourite Calum girl
  • Most likely to date Ashton
  • Most likely to date Calum
  • Most likely to date Luke
  • Most likely to date Michael
  • Best theme
  • Overall favourite
  • Must be following me - new followers more than welcome! I will be checking out everyone
  • Must reblog this post - likes don’t as an entry. (but you are more than welcome to like for bookmarking.)
  • I will be going through every single blog who reblogs this, then once there are a decent amount of notes I will pick winners.

  • A follow back (if i’m not already.)
  • A spot on my updates tab
  • friendship duh
  • idek whatever you want I just thought this would be fun. I’ll promo everyone too.


Once Upon a Time » 20 days challenge.

Hey, so I have no idea if this has already been done but I thought I would do it anyway haha. I feel like even if there’s alot of appreciation weeks going around, there’s a lack of ouat on my dash and I thought i’d do this.

So basically, you can make gifsets, graphics, edits… you also skip days, or do whatever you want, feel free to message me if there’s something you’re not sure about.

  • day1: favourite episode from season 1
  • day2: favourite episode from season 2
  • day3: favourite episode from season 3
  • day4: favourite character
  • day5: favourite otp/ship
  • day6: favourite place
  • day7: favourite outfit
  • day8: favourite villain
  • day9: favourite objet
  • day10: favourite quote
  • day11: favourite season
  • day12: favourite dead character
  • day13: favourite hairstyle
  • day14: favourite scene
  • day15: favourite persona from anyone
  • day16: favourite second character
  • day17: a character from disney you would like to see in the show
  • day18: a character you would like to see more
  • day19: favourite brotp
  • day20: favourite magic (dark, white, etc…)

So I hope, you’ll have fun doing this and make sure to tag “ouatchallenge” in your first 6 tags so I can see/reblog your posts!!



I need money ;n;

I’m home from school for the summer and now I have time to open commissions to help pay off some car loans! SCORE. 

SO, if you are interested:

  • “Chibi” Style: $10
  • Lineart: $15
  • Flat Colors: $20
  • Simple Shading + Flat Background: $30
  • +$5 per extra character

I will pretty much draw whatever you want EXCEPT FOR anything NSFW or animals/furries. I also reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason. I’m basically open to anything, so if there’s something you want that isn’t mentioned on the price list, just message me and we can work something out! 

Prices are in US Dollars and payment is via Paypal only, and payment will be expected upfront. If I can’t complete a commission for whatever reason and you have already paid, I’ll refund you entirely. 

email me at Kelslk.art@gmail.com be sure to include in your message:

  • commission type
  • any character refs
  • any specific pose/ facial expression/ preferences etc (basically what you want it to look like!)
  • any extra info (whatever else you think I should know for this)

After I get all this business, I’ll email you my paypal information for payment. Once I get that, I’ll send you an in-progress sketch, where you can request changes, etc. Then, I’ll start your commission! 

So yeah that’s pretty much it. I’ll probably add more/ edit some stuff to this as I think of it, so these rules are all subject to change!

Thank you! :D


In honor of reaching 1,400 lovely followers, I decided to do a Tumblr awards as a thank you to all of my amazing followers. (This is the first time I’ve done anything like this, so please keep that in mind if I mess up or something.)


  • You must to be following me since this is a thank to all of my followers
  • You must reblog this, not like it, in order to be nominated for the awards. You can like it to book mark it if you like
  • This must reach 50 notes
  • There will be one winner for each of the six categories
  • I’ll be the one selecting the nominees for each category. There will be eight for each, then they’ll be put into a pull for others to vote.
  • Don’t hate on any of the chosen nominees and winners
  • I’ll notify the nominees once I have chosen them on the 24 of March


Best URL

Best Posts

Best Icon

Best Theme

Nicest Blogger

Best Sidebar

The winners will get:

A link on my blog for a month
A Promo once they win and a promo whenever they’d like
A follow from back me if I’m not already following themA Disney short story written by me. It will be about whatever they choose (It may suck and this is optional)
Anything that they want! Please note I’m pretty bad at edits.

I think that’s everything. If you have any questions or something was not clear, please just message me, I’d be happy to explain. Thank you once again for following me. I love you all and I’m so thankful for everyone of you. I hope that you all have a very Disney filled day <3

And GO!

sage’s johnlock network!

hello lovelies–

yes, i’m making a network. let’s pretend that edit up there doesn’t exist okay

SO. why you should join~

  • it’s fantastic is why. this is a network to support the creation of johnlock fics, meta, fanart, edits, and all other lovely things. the goal is to get an audience of friends who can support/read/see/reblog your things, help edit and give feedback, give prompts, distract you from working (ha.) , etc.
  • new friends and followers, of course!
  • centers around johnlock (of course), but other ships are welcome.
  • note: there will be nsfw. you have been warned.

how to apply~

  • mbf moi
  • reblog this post
  • message me your name, a few things about yourself, and what you make or write (edits, meta, art, whatever). i’ll look at your things when i pick people <3
  • i’ll pick the first ten or so people at 10 pm eastern time (USA) this sunday.

once you’re in~

  • i’ll have the page set up
  • follow everyone in the network (i’ll follow you guys if not already)
  • track the tag #sage’s johnlock network
  • post your lovely works to the tag as well as blog rates, botm, selfies, everything.
  • this sounds stupid, but… talk to each other. i’ve been in networks where no one knows anyone else and it’s boring. you guys can all message me randomly tbh.


if this doesn’t get 20 notes this never happened


Back again with a guide! You would have never guessed it by the title of the in-game guide shot up here, wouldn’t you?
ANYWAY! Yep, let’s keep going from just where I left you this morning with the first part of the guide on how to deal with episode 2.

So, first things first, to trigger the fight against Lizard, you have to follow the main quests storyline and complete those missions. I think the last mission before there’s something related to Lizard is the one where you need to fight an Octobot, but I might be wrong…

ANYWAY, yeah, you have to upgrade your Web-Shooter first (and if you already have enough materials to craft the first injector, I suggest you do that as soon as you can). Once you do that, the fight should be triggered. 

This time tho, Lizard won’t be on the Quad like other villains in previous events! So don’t get scared if he’s not there. He’s being a drama queen on top of one of Oscorp Institute’s building!

If he’s not there once you trigger the battle, just restart your game and he should be there. So should a little icon near the one for the event menu. Tap on there or on Lizard and here we go.

SO, the in-game guide says pretty much everything you need, but let’s explain this once again. To fight against him you need to:

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Haunted Septiween 2016!

Hi guys!! Have you missed me?  I know, I know: “Star!! Where have you been young lady?” Welp, I’ve been working on a little thing that I came up with last year to spread love and acceptance around the community. 


Some of you already know what this is because you participated last year, but the community has grown and the rules have changed a bit, so I will explain everything once again. 

This is a Halloween tag for the not only the ship septiplier but for anyone who is a fan of Mark and/or Jack.  Please keep in mind, however, that it was originally made for the septiplier community. The “party” will start on October 1st and will end on midnight Halloween night.  If you have any questions, please contact me. 

I, personally, post one fic that follows a prompt every day for the entire month.  That’s 31 fics, and sometimes more if I have the time to spare.  Wondering if you can join in?  Of course!! Here are a few notes and rules that you should know. 

Rules and Notes:


*This is kind of an ‘all forms of art’ tag.  Feel free to post whatever you want.  Edits, photos, personal stories, fics, playlists, etc etc.  Whatever you feel comfortable sharing, you can!  

*While this was made with the ship in mind, you do NOT have to do anything ‘septiplier’ related if you don’t want to.  If you simply want to make something Halloween related for Mark, Jack, or both, then please feel free to join in on the fun. 

*You will NOT spread hate and/or negativity in this tag.  It was created to be nothing more than a Halloween party for the community.  

*TAG THINGS THAT NEED TO BE TAGGED.  Seriously.  If there is gore, blood, graphic descriptions of ANYTHING (death, rape, drowning, basically anything at all that would be classified as gross, traumatizing, or morbid), blinking or flashing lights, loud noises, anything nsfw, etc etc TAG IT.  Anything you think may need to be tagged, do it.  Please, guys, we want everyone to feel comfortable in what they see. 

*WARNING: This IS a Halloween tag.  Please look after yourself and be careful.  If you find something that makes you uncomfortable, please let me know.  My ask box is always open. 

*I am going to allow angst and/or horror this year, so please tag them as such.  

*I will post a list that has a prompt for every day for the entire month. You can view these more as guidelines tbh.  The prompts are what I will be following, but if you have something completely unrelated to post, then it’s fine.  I just had to set a guideline for myself or I would have issues doing it.  Feel free to follow the writing prompts (or “theme of the day” as a friend of mine called them) if you so wish to.

*If someone is uncomfortable with the tag or does not want to participate, please don’t force them.  Even if you really really want them to do something for it.  This is not torture, this is meant to be fun and I have no problems with someone not wanting to participate.   

*Anyone who wants to participate can. We are not judgmental.  

*Have fun and try not to take things too seriously!  This is cute and fun, please enjoy yourself.