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Whatever it takes, I will follow my heart back to you, if only so I can show you how deserving you are of every happiness. - Robin

I haven’t made anything in forever! *bites nails* hope y’all like it. You MUST read Tethered by @repellomuggletum15 if you’re not already! Check it out here and on her tumblr!


Yay! Commission page thingy.

Floaties: Pretty self explanatory 

Adopts:Okay, here’s how these work. I’m pretty good at walksprites but I am outright excellent at character creation, and I’m offering this to you along with (or without) a walksprite. This means your walksprite design can come already developed, with a name and biography if you so wish. Once they leave my hands, of course, this is all editable by the commissioner. You can do whatever you want with them. 

Yes that says $0 for the record. What you can get for completely free doesn’t include art but it may get you on the way to creating your own character. Give me a prompt and I’ll tell you the first character design that comes to mind. The rest is up to you. I probably shouldn’t put that on a commissions post but I like doing it so this is to get the word out. 

What you can get for the high price is the full package. A complete and complex walksprite style design with sign and bio designed by yours truly. 

Every bit of what I’m offering here is mix and match-able, of course. Do you want to make your own horns? Pick out your own sign? Don’t want any details other than a design? Just specify what you want and you got it. I’ll adjust the price accordingly. 

Where does the money go? 
Well, to be honest, I have no job and probably won’t be getting one any time soon due to mental health issues. So money goes to anything from paying bills to commissioning other artists. 

Anything else? 
Payment goes through paypal, though I am open to trades and stuff :3
I’m also willing to do non-troll related stuff. You have a design you want made into a floatie? You got it! Do you want a human adopt? Same. 

Contact info: just send me an ask here on tumblr or email me at alhietanen@yahoo.com