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hey! i think ur art is p cool c: any tips for using ps?

thank you! here are some super quick things people may not know going in:

  • smart objects
  • masks
    • clipping masks
    • layer masks
  • adjustment layers
  • liquify, general fliters
  • blending effects
    • for layers
    • for brushes
  • grids, guides
  • history/save states/snapshots
  • importing brushes
  • workspaces
  • dark magic
    • quick exporting
    • what a contact sheet is
    • batching, scripts.

this will all be in PhotoshopCC. This is the more technical side of Photoshop instead of the fun drawing side, because let’s face it you’ll already learn that in time. This is stuff to make drawing digitally or editing or whatever easier, faster, and less trouble. These are shortcuts and smart things basically.

smart objects!

touching up? use smart objects!! please!! When you size them down they still maintain the data of the original, so you can scale and re-arrange without data lost (you can’t draw on this layer as a smart object though!). do this please. to undo this look for “rasterize layer”

this also means filters are clipped onto the layer but aren’t actually changing the layer. You can then turn them off, delete them, ect. without any repercussions. Smart objects will be more data but they are safe bets.

you won’t see this for drawing and painting but when you’re editing your drawings for maybe a poster or compiling them this is super useful! 

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V + Saeran not added because this seemed to get too repetitive *finger guns away*

  • He thinks its amazing that you’re known for your creativity and skill– Sighs and wishes he could be known like that with acting; But instead its all about his looks and voice in that area. But you, You’re known for ripping out hearts, stepping on them, and killing off fan favorites at a minutes notice. And he loves you for it, you sadistic little angel you.
  • Regardless he doesn’t really understand how hard writing actually is since.. he’s never really written before? One of those people that think you just throw a few words down and bam you’re done like no baby. no. we all wish it could be like that.
  • So he’s really surprised to see the process of it all; The writers block, the procrastinating, the editing and re-reading, the doubting yourself, then the random spurts of creativity where all you do is sit and write for hours. And he’s really never seen something more frustrating. It looks like such a tedious thing, he definitely takes back what he said about it being easy.
  • “ And she took the blade into her palms… No– That doesn’t sound right.. ” He watched with wide eyes as you wrote and rewrote sentences over and over again, he thought everything sounded fine? But you didn’t seem to like it. He knew you were tired, he’s told you multiple times to take a break but you refused. Insisting you had to get at least one chapter done tonight if anything.
  • He just sighs at your stubbornness with a knowing smile, offering you some tea or hot cocoa which you graciously accept. He’ll even try and help you with writing by sitting on the couch beside you and letting you read what you’ve written to him. Rereading it helps you catch mistakes and odd phrases or sentences, which is helpful. But he always says “ It sounds fine? Why are you deleting it? ” Z e n.
    • I feel like Jumin someday would love to write a memoir of some sorts, so when he finds out you’re an author he thinks thats perfect– You could help him with it if you’re feeling up to it.
    • But seeing how stressed and busy you usually are makes him not want to bring up the idea. He cant believe writing could be this tedious. He gives you a little room in his house as an office for you to work in and you’re in it constantly. When he comes home from work thats the first place he checks, surrounded with stress relieving candles and a cup of whatever you’re liking at the moment. He begs you to come to bed with him, but seeing as you wont budge he’ll pull up a chair and stay with you.
    • “ You’re adding too many big words. Your targeted audience wont understand a lot of that. ” Oh, he’s right. Actually its nice to have Jumin reading over your shoulder. Stressful as hell but he catches mistakes quickly and gives his honesty on certain phrases and sentences; since he’s read practically billions of books in his 27 years.
    • Eventually you get the chapter done after nearly a week and sheepishly show it to him. He reads it with a concentrated expression, not willing to give away any hint of emotion.
    • When he’s all done you ask him what he thinks about it. “ Its lovely, you capture the scenery beautifully and the emotions of your characters. I enjoyed it; as will others, my love. ” He praises you for your hard work by giving you a kiss on the top of the head and rubbing your (very sore) back softly. He’s proud of you. and youre pretty damn proud of yourself too? this man better give you a back rub for hours tonight because sitting at a desk for so long nearly killed you holy shit
    • Oh boy does he wish he had your patience and skill. never would admit this but he really lowkey wants you to write LOLOL fanfiction of his characters for him
    • He cant believe how much you work though. It seems like you’re on your laptop for decades on end and he hates it! Usually spends an hour or two on LOLOL before getting bored and checking up on you.
    • Aaaand youre still at your laptop looking like you’re ready to kill a man. Lovely.
    • “ MCCC…. ” He’s so whiney when you overwork yourself. He wants attention badly but you tell him youre busy. even though we all know you’ve been staring at that empty screen contemplating the meaning of life for hours now. dont lie.
    • Snuggles into your side and asks you about what your writing and such. He sees obviously not much progress being done on the screen, but he’s pretty sure you know that already..
    • Eventually he’ll encourage you to write for five minutes, take a quick break to stroke his hair and pay attention to the movie he put on ages ago, then return back to your five minutes of writing. It wasn’t much, but he didn’t want to complain.
    • Shes thought about becoming an author in the past; but never ended up taking it up. shes written zen fan-fiction before though so she knows a little somethin’ somethin’ about writing.
    • She finds herself cleaning your office a lot. Theres so many coffee cups in here MC. Did you sleep last night?
    • My character slept does that count?
    • No.
    • She eventually gives up on trying to place a schedule with you since you’re always tucked away inside that gross little office you could practically call home. So investing in a laptop for you was a much needed decision; make or break sort of thing. You can write and be within ten feet of her at the same time cant you?
    • Learns to adapt to your odd and unhealthy writing schedule as long as she can still snuggle with you while you’re at it. And you’re sweet enough to turn down the brightness of the screen when its late at night too so it doesn’t hurt her eyes, so sweet.
    • She loves to read your past books while you work and ends up curiously asking for some slight spoilers, which you don’t exactly tell her since.. Well you don’t really know yourself. She finds this funny though that you wrote the book but you don’t even know how it ends. But yet gets a bit excited thinking of all the power she has by being your girlfriend… 10/10 WILL crush you with her thighs if you kill off her favorite character.
    • He’s always asking you to write the weirdest shit for him just because you know how? seven I will not write a Yooseven / LOLOL crossover au. and dont break the forth wall youre scaring me.
    • Probably out of everyone he knows how hard it is on you to sit at a desk and stare at a screen when you need to get something done. Hacking and writing are different even if he insists otherwise, writing a small haiku into the programming of your computer to prove his point. *finger guns* why are you like this
    • He hates how you leave for so long to write but he gets its your job. He just wishes it wasn’t. So he gets insanely whiny about it, knocking on your office door and coming in asking “Are you all done now?” almost every five minutes. Luciel. Sh. Focus time.
    • You end up locking him out of the room but he doesnt take that very well and turns to passing notes under the crack of the door;
      “ Are you done now.. .. .. …… . . ”
      With his signature mini seven doodle attached or sometimes a poorly drawn elizabeth the 3rd in the corner. He was distracting you and he knew it, but he never stops until you’re chasing him halfway across the house with a broom to get him to shoo.
    • Eventually he might give up, but thats rare. You have no choice but to let him in and allow him to spin around on a wheely chair while you give him spoilers for upcoming chapters. He always gives you, quite dramatic, feedback; like gasping loudly whenever you say something “ intense ” is going to happen to your characters. Or trying to convince you to kill every single character in a fit of rage and passion. No Saeyoung. No. N'aw.. He thought it would be a great idea.
please dont follow me if u are mutuals with @.icedsodas/@.phantomemoji/@.owasera or whatever their current url is

this isnt a callout and i have no right to call it one because its mostly personal drama but please take the time to read this anyway (esp if ur mutuals with them) because theyve made me ridiculously uncomfortable over the course of the past couple years

lots of text and screenshots under the cut also tell me if its hard 2 read cuz of my theme and i will edit it (in the meantime u can right click an image + open in new tab to see high res)

u can either block them or me after reading this idrc which/rbing would help me spread the word to all my mutuals but u dont have to

tw for brief mentions of suicide

edit 5/12/17: so they talked to me about it and really only dug themselves further into a hole and made it even more obvious that they are stalking me. that conversation will be linked at the bottom of the post to keep it in chronological order, but if you already read it and want to see the update,  >click here.<

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so i've been re-reading I had Rather (tbh i read it like once a month because im obsessed) and then i found ur tag with like extra stuff and you mentioned a WEDDING and i've been filling my mind with so many happy thoughts of them sorting their shit out and being together forever but Question: who proposes cause like both of them seem to have the same paranoia for being turned down i cant imagine it would be easy

I think it would be Louis. It’s Louis who is spectacularly cheesy and likes to do big blow out romantic gestures, and I think he’ll get to a point in that verse where he’s like, okay, this is who I want to spend the rest of my life with, and this is how that happens in relationships: you get married. He’s quite rigid in his understanding of those kinds of things, I think. It’s Nick who’s already accepted a long time ago that the chances of him ever falling out of love with Louis are fairly spectacularly slim, and he knows that this is the long term for him. He’s cautious of mentioning it to Louis, because Louis can be so terribly scared of what he’s feeling, but he’s in this for the very, very long haul. So Louis knows that it has to be him, that he has to be the one to ask, because he knows from bitter (and perfect) experience that Nick is terribly, terribly careful with him when it comes to things like this.

So it’s Louis who has to ask, and it’s Louis who has to have conversations with Harry about whether he thinks Nick will say yes or not, because nobody makes Louis more scared than Nick, Nick who he’s so desperately in love with that sometimes it makes his chest hurt. But they’re still so careful with each other in front of other people; sometimes people have to ask if they’re still together because they can be together and barely touch each other, barely talk. To other people their relationship still seems fragile, even if in private it’s got the kind of roots that will take a lifetime to untangle, they’re so fiercely entwined.

Louis knows that Nick loves a party, and loves having everyone he loves together, but he can’t imagine being brave enough to declare how he feels in front of everyone. He’s still fucked up, even though he tries not to be. He buys a ring anyway, and makes sure that Nick has the evening free after his birthday, the night after his party, and studies recipes so that he knows what he’s cooking for Nick’s birthday meal.

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Joeck Fanfiction A Different Kind of Fever

I’ve been a Jaspar fan for a long time, but just recently started loving this little ship between Jack Maynard and Joe Sugg. So I’m writing a fic about them! 

Warning! Some SMUT (not sorry) 


Joe was lounging on his bed, looking around at the unusually empty hotel room. He was on a lads holiday in Hawaii with Caspar, Oli, Josh, Mikey, Jack, and Connor. They were staying in the top suites at a very high class resort with beach front views and would be there for a whole week to relax and get away from the stresses of their usual lives. They even went as far as to make a pact that none of them would vlog this trip.                                                                    All the boys had gone back to their rooms from a pool party at the hotel where they all had a few drinks. Usually by this time of night, they’d be all in Joe and Caspar’s room cracking jokes and having a laugh. Joe looked at his phone and re-read the text that Connor had just sent him.

“Caspar?” joe called.

“Yea, buddy?” Caspar answered from the bathroom.

“Can you believe all the lads are going to that club the bartender at the pool suggested? I thought we’d had enough drinks here.”

“Yea, I know, but I’m still gonna go with them anyway. The club sounds really amazing and you and Jack are the only ones who had more than four drinks.” Caspar walked over to the beds and sat down to put his shoes back on.

“Yea, I did go a bit too far at the pool. I don’t think I’d be able to stand up if I went out again mate.”

“Are you feeling sick already?”

“Honestly yea I am man. I think I mixed a few that shouldn’t have been mixed you know.”

“Alright bro, I’m gonna go meet up with the rest of the lads. feel better buddy.” Caspar patted Joe’s knee.

“Hey, is everyone going, but me?” Joe asked.

“No, Jack said he wasn’t feeling up to it either.”

“Oh, haha ok well have a few on me then bro.” 

“You know it man, see ya later.”

“Yeah cheers man.”

Caspar left the room. Joe lay back on the bed and stared at the ceiling for a few more minutes before getting up and starting to pace around the rather large suite.The truth was he felt fine, maybe a little buzzed, but otherwise he could’ve gone out and been fine. He began to make a path around the perimeter. His mind was racing with the options he had just made for himself. Should he stay in his room? Should he just go meet up with the lads? Should he go see Jack? He paced for another half hour before making up his mind. This would most likely be the only time he’d get Jack alone. He had to take it. Joe quickly threw on some sweats and a t-shirt then walked out of his room over to the other side of the hotel to Jack and Conor’s suite.                                                                    Joe suspected that Jack had some extra feelings for him for a while now. Every time they were together, Jack would always be very touchy; much more touchy than with any of the other mates. Jack would also hold eye contact for long periods of time with Joe. Even in some of the videos they have made together, Joe has been editing and seen the looks that Jack sometimes gives him that make him think something more is being felt there. Joe can’t deny that he also has some extra feelings for Jack. This isn’t even the first time he has felt something for a guy. Caspar was the one to stir those emotions a long time ago. Joe never took it too far because he knew that even though Caspar was sometimes affectionate, he was absolutely no question straight. Whereas Joe maybe wasn’t so straight after all. Joe immediately felt an attraction to Jack upon their first meeting. His sex appeal was through the roof and his ability to make Joe laugh at anything was a major plus. Their personalities just meshed so well together it was almost freaky.                                                                     Between the hand and shoulder touches, along with the prolonged eye contact, Joe just knew there had to be something more being felt by both of them. He hoped. He knew this was probably the only time he would get to finally figure out if the feelings he’s been having were reciprocated.                                          He came to the door, took a few deep breaths, and knocked a tune into the wood.

“Who is it?” Jack’s voice floated through the door.


“Joe who?” Jack teased.

“Joseph Sugg, formerly of Wiltshire.” Joe joked back in a heavy Wiltshire accent.                                                                                                                     Jack opened the door and let Joe in as they both laughed.

“What brings you to my suite, Joseph?” Jack clowned.

“Well I thought I’d come enjoy the beach front view seeing as yours is the only bloody one to have it.” Joe walked out onto the balcony and leaned on the railing.

“Why didn’t you go out again with the lads?” Jack asked coming to stand next to Joe.

“eh, I wasn’t feel well after the fair few drinks I had at the pool.”

“Haha, thats what I said. We did have a good amount down there. I don’t even know why. you just kept putting drinks in my hand didn’t you.” Jack put a hand on Joe’s shoulder.

“Yea, sorry mate. Couldn’t drink alone could I.” They smiled.

Jack leaned on the railing and looked out at the dimly lit ocean.                           The sun was almost set now only casting a deep red and orange through half of the sky. They stood there in silence for several more minutes before Joe had to speak up. He turned around, putting his back to the view, and rested his back against the railing. Was he really about to do this? 

“Look, I’m probably just being a little shit and ruining everything now, but I need to know something.” Joe looked at Jack.“Is there something here? Do you…feel a certain way about me that you don’t for any of the other lads?” 

Jack looked away taking a deep breath. He turned and put his back to the railing. 

“If I said yes, what would you do?” Jack said while messing with his ring.

Joe’s heart jumped at Jacks question. A smile immediately formed on his face.

“I would kiss you probably.” 

Jack looked back at Joe and mimicked his grin. 

“Then kiss me.”

Joe leaned in slowly until their lips softly touched. The feeling sent a shiver through Joe’s body. As the kiss deepened, Joe wound his hands around Jacks shoulders and Jacks hands found their way to either side of Joes face. Their mouths flowed together like waves with each connection. It wasn’t long before both of their shirts had been pulled off by the other. To Joe’s disappointment, Jack moved away. He smiled and grabbed Joe’s hand leading him back into the room and onto the bed. Joe moved himself to the middle as Jack sexily crawled over him placing a trail of passionate kisses all the way up Joe’s torso back to his lips where they collided again. As Jack hungrily bit joe’s neck playfully, Joe’s hands twisted in Jacks hair and down his back, feeling as much of him as he could.The sensations were unlike anything Joe had ever felt. He let himself drown in Jacks touches forgetting all of the things he was worried about. Jack slowly pulled himself up and back down on Joe with the rhythm of their lips. Joe started to feel a bit of pressure from between Jack’s legs that was rubbing against his own bit of pressure through their sweats. Jack pulled the comforter over them as Joe slowly slid his sweats down, taking Jacks with them. Joe lost it. He dug his fingers into Jacks shoulder blades and hungrily kissed his swollen lips.                                                                                            They were so encompassed in each other that they didn’t hear the suite door opening and Conor walking into the room.

“Oh shit! Sorry! Sorry!” Conor backed out of the room quickly as Joe tried to hide himself by the side of the bed.

“No, go back! We’ve interrupted a thing. C’mon lets go to Joe and Caspar’s room instead. Let’s go lads! give my brother some privacy alright!” Conor blocked any of the other guys from  coming in. He said something about grabbing a charger and ran back in the door locking it behind him. He walked over to his bed and sat down tiredly.

“So, how long has this been going on?” Conor asked as Jack finished putting his clothes back on and Joe struggled on the floor. “Joe, you can get up I saw you.” Joe stood up slowly, fixing his sweats.

“This was the first time actually.” Jack answered.

“Really? How did you know you both felt the same?”

“Well, Joe was the one who asked first.” Jack looked back at Joe smiling.

“good on you Joe.” Conor gave a thumbs up to Joe.

“You’re not freaked out about this?” Joe exclaimed.

“No, not really. I always thought Jack might be into guys seeing as he’s a total fuck boy.” 

“Oi!” Jack smacked Conor on the arm.

“And I mean you can’t seem to keep your hands off the mates when you get drunk Joe so thats a good teller.” 

Joe and Jack sat back down on the bed both heaving a sigh.

“So, I’m gonna go and spout a story about a hot little dirty blonde chick and you should go down to the lobby, get a drink, and meet us in your room.” Conor said to Joe.

“Thanks man. I know this was probably a shock haha.” 

“Look, I know this is probably a little early, but I’m gonna say it anyway.” Conor stood up and got in Joe’s face.

“You hurt my brother and I’ll punch you in the dick.” The all laughed.

“Alright you two relax a bit and i’ll go start the charade.” Conor left the room.

Jack fell back onto the bed heaving a very deep breath. Joe lay back next to him and put his hand on Jacks thigh. 

“I can’t believe all this just happened.” Jack said.

“I know. I can’t believe I have a boyfriend.” Joe tilted his head onto Jacks shoulder.

“Hold on.” Jack sat back up startling Joe.

“you haven’t asked me.” He smiled.

Joe sat up and took one of Jacks hands. “Jack Maynard, will you please be my first ever boyfriend?”

“Yes, Joe Sugg, I would love to be your first ever boyfriend.” 

Their lips connected once again through their beaming smiles.

A few minutes later they sat amongst their mates as Jack spun a very dramatic story about a petite brunette following him back to his room from the pool. Their eyes would meet for a few seconds and that was all they needed...for now.


Ok there you go! I couldn’t help it. hope you like it!