i already downloaded all the movies so

Here you go, a list of boy meets boy, boy falls in love with boy, movies that I’m sure you’ve been searching for. I’m not including links to the movies, only links to IMDB pages, but if there’s a specific one you’re searching for you can hit up my ask box and I’ll be more than willing to help you out. I tried not to include too many of the over popular queer films, like Brokeback Mountain, because we’ve all heard of those and there’s no use in giving you a masterpost full of movies you’ve already seen. So, pop yourself some popcorn, download a few of these films, and enjoy watching a couple of boys fall in love. 

The queer high school films you wish you would’ve seen as a teenager:

GBF (N) **

The way he looks **

Jongens { boys } **

Beautiful thing

Edge of seventeen (N)

Geography club (N) **

The curiosity of chance

Were the world mine (N)

College age & young adult films that won’t necessarily break your heart:

Shelter **

Going down in la la land (N)

Judas kiss (N)

Longhorns (N)

Weekend (N) **

Free fall (N) **

Morgan (N)

Latter days

Ecupid (N)

The perfect wedding (N)

Is it just me? (N)

Strong themed ; possibly triggering ; very emotional queer films:

Mysterious Skin **

House of boys (N) **

Prayers for bobby **

L.I.E (N)

From beginning to end **

Floating skyscrapers

North sea texas (N) **

Films with trans-masculine characters:

Tomboy (N) **

Romeos **

True stories:

Bridegroom (N) **

Has a queer main character but the movie is not based around sexuality:

Kill your darlings 

Suicide room

White frog (N)

Television shows with queer main characters:

In the flesh **

Please like me **

Queer as folk (N) ** 

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i wanna be a movie star by bill wurtz

couldn’t listen all the way through | not my thing | it’s okay | kinda catchy | ok i really like this | downloading immediately | already in my library

i love bill wurtz i didn’t know he was so musically talented

Clumsy you

Request: “OMG the one with papi shownu was amazing as hell!!! And also Soul mate with Kihyun was LIT 🔥🔥🔥 Is it okay to request scenario with Wonho strictly taking care of you when you broke your ankle and didn’t tell him but he somehow knew? P.S Thank you ❤” -anon

Ship: Wonho x [y/n]

Genre: fluff(???)

Word Count: 1,652

Hey there! I want to thank anon for requesting this ^^ I hope you like it ;u; I apologize if there are misspelled words and wrong grammar since my mind’s not giving me any good ideas. ;u; Anyways, enjoy! 

uuhh i’m sorry if it’s boring or something ;u;

credits to the owner for this gif. If you guys want to read more, click here

Originally posted by kihqun

Groaning at the thought of you having to go to the bathroom for the nth time with a broken ankle, you grabbed your crutches and carefully made your way to the nearest bathroom. Being the clumsy person you are, you actually tumbled your way to a flight of stairs which resulted to your ankle being broken at the moment.

After doing your business, you thought of ways to enlighten yourself. An idea then came into mind. You remembered you had a dozen of downloaded movies on your laptop which you haven’t watched ever since it was all downloaded. Good thing your laptop was already connected to the tv, making your job easier. 

Plopping your whole body on the couch right after picking the movie of your choice, you rested your ankle on the coffee table and positioned yourself into a more comfortable way. You haven’t really told your boyfriend about what happened to you as you knew that you were gonna get a lecture from him.

It has been a day since you’ve broke your ankle and your boyfriend hasn’t called or texted you, thinking that he was just busy with his hectic schedule. “I feel so nice–” the sound of your phone ringing cut you right off, making you jump in surprise and see the caller. 

WonHubby is calling..

Large beads of sweat formed on the sides of your temple as you nervously answered the call, trying your best not to give away the thought of you trying to hide something from him. “Hey, babe!” The way you greeted him already gave you away before you knew it. 

“I’ll be there at your apartment in five minutes.” Wonho’s voice was stern, there were no signs of him joking around, teasing or even being the greasy person he is. Gulping your saliva, you had to stop him before he gets to your apartment. “B-but babe–”

Before you could even stop him, he already ended the call. You cursed under your breath as you tried to think of ways in making him understand what truly happened. “Should I go with, ‘Babe, I’m so sorry for not telling you what happened to me. I was actually uhm uhh’…. Oh my mama, how am I going to explain this to him?”

Losing yourself in your train of thoughts, you didn’t notice your front door unlock. Wonho had a spare key to your apartment which you totally forgot about. “Should I tell him–” “Tell me what?” Just by hearing his voice, your head snapped towards his direction, seeing him look down at you with his arms crossed with a duffel bag hanging on his shoulder. Flashing the most awkward smile you have, you nervously laughed and avoided his head.

“H-hey, babe.” you greeted with your eyes shaking, transferring your gaze from one thing to another. You heard a loud thud on the floor and felt Wonho walking towards you. Sitting on top of the coffee table, right beside your resting ankle, Wonho rested his elbows on his knees and looked at you with a serious look. 

“I’m so sorry, babe. I was so clumsy and I didn’t really paid any attention to where I was going and and before I knew it–” “You tumbled your way down to a flight of stairs, hmm.” Looking at him with a surprised look, you hand made its way to your chest and eyed him up and down, “H-how did you know?” 

Wonho sighed and didn’t even bother answering your question. He pulled a pillow from your side and carefully raised your broken ankle and placed the pillow under it, giving it a comfy feeling. Your eyes followed Wonho, him grabbing his duffel bag from the floor and placing it on the couch and search for some painkillers for you to drink.

You were left hanging, wanting to know how he knew about what happened. Wonho grabbed a glass of water and handed it to you. “Here, drink this. This will help lessen the pain.” He grabbed your hand and placed the medicine on your palm. You obediently followed his orders and drank the medicine. Taking the empty glass from your hand, he went to the kitchen with his duffel bag on his shoulder and proceeded to your room.

Wonho was silent the whole time, which worried you as you fidgeted on the hem of your shirt. After quite some time, Wonho went out from your room, totally changed into comfy clothes and plopped himself right beside you. “Babe..” you cooed, hugging him by the arm. Wonho looked at you and raised his eyebrows. 

“What?” he asked, making you pout and puff your cheeks. “I’m sorry.” you apologized as you looked down, guilt slowly building up inside of you. A sigh left Wonho’s mouth. “[y/n], it’s okay since it’s given me an excuse to miss my work and stay here and take care of you.” You felt more guilty after those words came out of his mouth.

“I really am sorry… I should have paid more attention to where I was going.” Feeling his hand on your head, you looked up to see a smiling Wonho. “Don’t be so glum, I said that it’s okay. But you have to obediently follow to what I’m going to say, okay?” 

Nodding your head as you didn’t have any choice but to stay on Wonho’s good side, you rested your head on his shoulder and said, “Would you mind telling me how you knew that I hurt myself? I didn’t even tell anyone about what happened.” You looked up to see Wonho thinking about a good answer.

“Hmm, babe, I’ve known you for three years already. I can feel it whenever you hurt yourself.” Wonho was now back to his normal side, which made you sigh in relief. “Now, let’s get you cleaned up since I know that you haven’t taken a bath.” Pulling yourself away from him, you tried to move away from him as you didn’t really feel like taking a bath.

“What did I say just a second ago? You have to obediently follow what I’m going to say.” You violently shook your head in protest and hugged the armrest of the couch. “But I don’t want to take a bath!” Wonho gave you a big smile and carried you bridal style.

“Whether you like it or not, you’re gonna take a bath and you don’t have to worry, I’ll be the one to wash you up.” As much as you wanted to wiggle yourself out from his hold, you didn’t want to move your leg as your ankle would kill you in just a second. 


Wonho was now scrubbing your back while you sat on the tub with your back facing him. “Wonho, why are we even doing this?” you let out an exasperated sigh and looked back at him. Wonho flashed you an innocent smile and blinked. “You needed a bath so I’m helping you out right now.” He then proceeds in shampooing your hair after washing the soap off your body. You leaned your head onto the side of the tub as you felt relaxed by Wonho’s touch.


“Can we just cuddle and take a nap after this?” you asked as you took a glance of him in the mirror as he looked at you while drying your hair with a towel. “No, babe, you’re ankle’s gonna hurt if we do anything intimate.” He stated in a matter-of-fact, putting the towel down as he proceeds to brushing your hair. You felt like you’re his child and he’s your dad. ((sugar daddy.. joke))

“Please.” you pleaded as you continued to look up to him, trying to pull off a puppy-dog-eyes. Wonho sighed and was firm of his own decision. “A no is a no, babe.” Deciding to just give up, you sighed and crossed your arm, “Fine, I’m gonna cuddle with my stuffed toy and imagine it as…..askdjalsds” your voice trailed off at the end, making it sound like you’re saying another man’s name.

“Imagine it as who?” Wonho had his eyebrow raised, his hand totally stopped doing its work. “Cuddle with me.” you persisted as you turned to look at him. Being the clumsy person you are, you accidentally hit your broken ankle on the chair, making you wince in pain. 

Wonho immediately kneel down to take a look at your aching ankle. “What did I say?” his eyebrows were furrowed, it was obvious that he was already worried. “To be careful..” you sadly pouted as you knew he wouldn’t be cuddling with you. Wonho then let another sigh leave his mouth. “To make your ankle better, I’ll just cuddle with you but it’ll be only for today, okay?” 

Your eyes lit up, nodding your head in excitement as Wongo carried you bridal style and laid you carefully on the bed with your foot placed on a pillow. He laid himself right beside you and wrapped his arms around you, resting your head on his chest and smiled.

“Should I break more bones for me to spend the whole week with you?” you blurted out, earning a spank from Wonho. “If you break more bones, I won’t give you any kiss or cuddles, if that’s what you want.” You froze as your mind started calculating and processing every single word he just said. “Okay, I’ll be careful from now on.”

Wonho chuckled and lifted your chin for you to meet his gaze. As soon as you met his gaze, he gave you a quick peck on the lips and smiled, “I love you.” he cooed which made you blush, making him giggle at your reaction. “I love you too.” you shyly muttered, looking away from him to hide your blushing face.

“But then, I wonder why you’re really clumsy.” You looked up to him and glared, “If I weren’t clumsy, we wouldn’t end up together.” 


Romance in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam cinema

SDCC 2017 Trailer Review: Part 1

Now that San Diego Comic Con has all come and gone, I figured I’d do a post outlining my thoughts on all the trailers for everything I’m interested in seeing. To start,

Voltron: Legendary Defender

I was already greatly anticipating the third season of Voltron, but this trailer just blew my hype levels through the roof. Everything about this trailer just gave me this bone deep urge to crawl out of my skin and download my soul onto the internet so I could send myself to the studio and watch the season right now. The music was perfect, and the sense of darkness and despair was palpable. I’m disappointed that we’re only getting 7 episodes, but having Season 4 come out in October will make it all worth it. 

The Defenders: 

While I’ve enjoyed following the storylines for all four of Marvel’s Netflix-exclusive shows, I haven’t really connected with any of them emotionally the way I have with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. That said, this trailer for the Defenders looks awesome enough that maybe this will be the one that turns me around. 

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

I enjoyed the first movie, but while the sequel looks like it will be entertaining, it’s not high on my list of priorities in terms of what movies I want to see. The timing of the editing for the action scenes in the trailer is stellar, and I really liked the choice of music. I’ll still see it eventually, but probably not opening weekend. 

The LEGO Ninjago Movie

I watched the Ninjago TV series obsessively when I was younger, but after Season 3, it kind of jumped the shark for me. That said, the movie looks amazing, combining everything I loved about the show, and each trailer for the movie is freaking hysterical. I still haven’t gotten used to Jackie Chan as Sensei Wu, but I’m loving the action and comedy in these trailers. Definitely planning to go and see this opening weekend. 


I’m torn here. On the one hand, I love the concept of the Inhumans and I’ve been excited about this show for a while now, but on the other hand, the previews and promotional materials for this show are just so… meh, that I’m not sure if I’ll even be able to make it through the season. The acting in this trailer terrible. And while I may be a bit spoiled by what Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. can do with Ghost Rider’s flaming skull, the special effects for this show look cheap, even by TV standards. I’ll give the first episode one chance to woo me, and if not, I’m done with it. 

Queenie is poking me to take her to bed, so I am calling it a night, but I managed to fix the hairs for Bowling Night, Backyard, Cool Kitchen, Dine Out, Luxury Party and Fitness so that the extra colours now show up for both frames. So if you already downloaded them, redownload and just replace the old files with the new ones. The tag is here.

I’m halfway through Movie Hangout. Spooky and Kids Stuff don’t need fixing, since child hairs are already unisex. Tomorrow I will fix the rest of them (Perfect Patio, Romantic Garden, Vintage Glamour and Parenthood) and then we can pretend that I didn’t screw up this bad.

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So I know you just posted a tutorial but how did you download the video off youtube/the internet? Sorry to bother you!

It’s no bother at all!

I use safefrom.net to download my YouTube videos. All you have to do is paste the video link on the provided link box and click on “download”. I personally always make sure that my video is in the highest quality available because image quality decreases when you gif and you don’t want an already-bad quality image becoming even worse.

Where I download my movies and shows from is different and a bit trickier. I use primewire to find the movies/shows from if I don’t own them on DVD and download the video links using tubeoffline.com. If you want help using those websites, just message me and I’ll help you step by step. Warning: the sites do create pop-up ads and can cause possible damage to computers so it may not be the best possible sites to use. I can’t recommend any better download sites that don’t do harm to tech but if anyone does, reply or reblog with your answer because it could totally help someone out!

If you need any more help, you’re more than welcome to continue to send asks or even message me if you’d like!

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speech and debate: hold it in

couldn’t listen all the way through | not my thing | it’s okay | kinda catchy | ok i really like this | downloading immediately | already in my library

(this is from the movie right? I’m laughing of my god, this is amazing. I’m also a debate nerd so like,,,)

the ai au (pt. 3)

part one | part two

  • surprisingly, it’s shaw who brings up kissing first
  • root was totally already thinking about it. but she was trying to play it cool, like the humans in the movies do. you can’t come off too eager
  • shaw and root like to watch movies together. even though with their databases they’ve technically already seen them all
  • “it’d different watching them with eyes, root. i….like it”, she says tentatively
  • and who is root to resist movie dates??
  • so they’re slouched together on their shitty couch, bear on the floor next to them.
  • “shaw, grab me a blanket, i’m cold”
  • “wait, you get cold now? since when?”
  • “i made a new update to our firmware. i told you to download it this morning”
  • shaw gets up to grab the blanket. “i didn’t have time to run by harold’s to get it”
  • root grins, “i can transfer it directly to you, silly”
  • shaw sits back next to her and hands her the blanket. cautiously: “directly transfer? how?”
  • root beams. “i’m sure I’ve got a spare usb around here somewhere!” she digs through the pile of junk next to bear. the junk pile never shrinks. it’s all root’s fault
  • she finds it, hooks it into a port on her wrist. searches for a matching one on shaw. “under my jaw” says shaw quietly
  • root keeps one hand on her port-free wrist. plugs the other end into shaw.
  • “it’s a little loose,” root frowns
  • “you got me pretty good in our last fight. i haven’t gotten around to fixing it yet”
  • “you’ve got to take better care of yourself, shaw”
  • shaw shrugs. “it’s not a big deal. just hold it in place while you make the transfer”
  • root is grateful that if shaw notices her shaking hands, she doesn’t say a word
  • the transfer is quick and painless
  • but then
  • the warmth.
  • the warmth is new. and real. not imagined
  • the heat against her wrist. all root. the warm, dry palm along the underside of her jaw. it’s soothing, shaw decides. relaxing. she leans into root’s palm without thinking, chasing the comfort
  • shaw grins. “soon finch won’t be able to tell us apart from normal people”
  • “we are normal” root says defensively, “there’s nothing wrong with us” “you know what i mean.” she slings an arm around root’s thin frame. pulls her in a little closer
  • it’s just for the warmth. just to experience the new feeling
  • “now let’s watch this damn movie”
  • the movie’s almost over. the leading ladies kiss. it’s sweet and innocent and no one is in danger of dying
  • root’s eyes are fixed on the screen. hungry
  • “do you ever think about it?” shaw asks, breaking the silence. root breaks her stare off with the tv
  • “think about what?”
  • shaw nods in the direction of the tv
  • if root could blush, she would. “i guess. sometimes.” root stammers, awkward as hell. she refuses to meet shaw’s gaze
  • “only sometimes?”
  • root turns to the sound of her voice. when did she get so close?
  • shaw traces the corner of root’s mouth with her finger, curiously “because i think about it a lot”
  • root can barely think. everything is frozen and speeding past her simultaneously. she blinks. something garbled comes out of root’s mouth. it’s not something shaw’s language processor registers as any known dialect
  • shaw puts her hand at the back of root’s neck. no pressure. but the heat is licking up her arm like a wildfire
  • “can I kiss you?”
  • root can’t speak, so she nods
  • and then they kiss
  • and probably both short circuit
  • it’s an awkward conversation to have with john and harold when they find them two days later
  • Ruki: has music already become something that some people don’t actually buy anymore?
  • and movies, too?
  • what about books?
  • Ruki: but even so that doesn’t mean that the package of the actual CD is losing its worth, does it?
  • Ruki: downloading has its good sides, listening to the music while holding the package has its good sights. even sharing the music for free has its good sides, right?
  • I think, it’s best if the listeners choose for themselves.
  • I’m not saying those are all wrong and I’m not denying any of it.
  • Ruki: I was just thinking.
  • Ruki: I wanna have LPs ! ! 😱
  • Ruki: I was really impressed by the special packages of the LPs I saw overseas.
  • I’ve only touched a record when I was a child but the size of the LP and the anticipation of what’s inside took over me and got me so excited.
  • I guess, what’s important is the music inside and what makes people wanna buy it, that’s the power of the packaging.
  • Ruki: and tweeting this early in the morning, I’m being chased by work.
  • Ruki: oh and everyone’s telling me to "please make sure to get some sleep!" but the answer is this.
  • A. I wanna sleep

do you guys know a video editing program :? (that you know for sure it works? I tried to download many and they all either sucked or were a virus)

I just need it to merge/shrink/cut some vids, add some audio and save them in decent quality, nothing fancy

(I already have Flash but it doesn’t open the files no matter in which format I convert them to, Adobe After Effects makes the simplest stuff almost impossible to figure out and Videopad lets you save just one vid before the trial expires so I can’t use that either)

(oh and my computer won’t let me install Windows movie maker either -tried at least 4 of them- but if you know a version that works let me know lmao)

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hey ellie! you don't happen to know a place where i could watch how did we end up here? do you? cause i'd love to buy it, but no chance i can afford it anytime soon, so...

hey babe! just like you i am broke as hell, but i figured out a way to download/watch the movie :D (unfortunately not 100% legal)

basically the lovely @lipringsandsnapbacks put all the parts on google drive which you can find here. now, since apparently too many people watched them already, you can’t watch them directly BUT you can download them as a zip! just click on the first file called HDWEUH.zip and your download will start immediately. if the zip download file is not there, you can put the files in your own drive (top left corner), go to your documents, select them all with ctrl+a and click download in the uper right corner (in the drop down menu with the three dots) and your files will download as a zip automatically. this will unfortunately take some time, but the movie is p good quality so its def worth it!! if the zip is download it you just need to unpack it in your prefered folder and then you can watch em!!!

i hope that works!!!! 

ok real talk, bh6 fans

“yippee! the movie was leaked in HD!! now i can watch it whene–”

S T O P .

If people keep downloading the leaked version and not buy the DVD when it official releases in stores, this movie is going to flop. If it flops, Disney is going to focus on the franchise even less than they already are. Yeah, I’m sure it’s gonna be hard for some of you to buy the DVD (I don’t know your financial situations) but try to avoid pirating the movie at all costs.

We all know this movie is amazing and we want to see more out of this franchise. So let’s put our money towards it by buying the DVD/Blu ray/Digital copy to show Disney that this is the kind of movie we want to see more out of them.

If they’re not getting a profit out of the movie, they’re going to put it in the back shelf along with Meet the Robinsons, Wreck-It Ralph and other great movies that were never given a chance.

Seeing all these people making HD gifs and screenshots make me nervous every time because it means those people may not what to buy an actual copy of the movie. Please don’t let this movie flop.

steveachilles  asked:

In the list of watchable Chris Evans movies, please watch Snowpiercer! It is so so good on so many levels. The acting especially was amazing by everyone and the story is phenomenal as well.

Oh, I assure you, I am waiting with GREAT ANTICIPATION for Snowpiercer. I have been waiting with great anticipation for Snowpiercer for LO THESE MANY MONTHS and I am SO FUCKING EXCITED that it is finally coming out in a few weeks.

FOR AMERICANS WHO DO NOT KNOW THE SAGA OF SNOWPIERCER, LET ME GIVE YOU SOME BACKSTORY. First of all I should say that I basically never pirate movies; as someone who has A LOT of knowledge about/connections to the industry I just… don’t do it. It is so fucking hard for movies to get made, particularly movies like this, and the more people don’t pay for them the harder it is. I know I sound preachy and it’s because I’m being preachy but like. That’s the reality of it. I know it’s hard but it’s something I consider pretty important.

HOWEVER, even if you (meaning the general you, I’m not at all going after you in particular! I know like 8,000 people who have already watched this movie, and for all I know you are French or w/e, I DO NOT JUDGE) just read that paragraph and were like, wow she’s an asshole and I’m not listening to anything else she says, I WOULD ENCOURAGE YOU TO READ JUST A LITTLE BIT FURTHER, BECAUSE SNOWPIERCER IS A PARTICULARLY WEIRD SITUATION. What basically happened was that Harvey Weinstein, who is an incredible dick, bought the US rights to the film, but then before distributing it wanted to a) cut like 20 minutes and b) add a voiceover, all so the dumb plebes in middle America could understand it. Because obviously they would not have been able to otherwise.

Shockingly, the director, Bong Joon-ho, was like, fuck you, no, and so began a legal battle that lasted A TRULY INTERMINABLE PERIOD OF TIME, and ultimately resulted in a compromise, this being that a) the original cut of the movie would be released (thank god), but that b) it would be released on a limited number of screens, like a little indie film (which of course it is, in a sense), to see how it performs, instead of opening it wide with a huge marketing push. Basically Harvey is screwing it over out of pique. Because he’s an asshole. And the real crux of this is that most of the people who would be there on opening day to buy tickets have… already seen the movie online, because it’s been out elsewhere for A ZILLION YEARS. Because Harvey is an asshole. So basically if the movie doesn’t do well, it will be as a result of his own actions, but he will be able to point at the box office results and say, I told you so.

ALL OF WHICH IS TO SAY: EVERYBODY NEEDS TO GO SEE SNOWPIERCER ON THE WEEKEND THAT IT COMES OUT. IF YOU DOWNLOADED IT AND LIKED IT, GO SEE IT IN THE THEATER. IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET, GO SEE IT IN THE THEATER. CHRIS EVANS WILL BE GIVING GOOD FACE, AND THERE ARE A BUNCH OF OTHER GOOD ACTORS LIKE JAMIE BELL AND TILDA SWINTON AND OCTAVIA SPENCER, and literally the whole rest of the world has already seen this movie and assures us that it is great. So. INVEST YOUR MONEY. PROVE HARVEY WEINSTEIN WRONG. He needs to be proven wrong, because he is a nightmare human being, and also because the film doesn’t deserve what’s happened to it, and also because Chris Evans really ought to have had a respectable movie from a Serious Director come out like a year ago to feel good about, and that didn’t happen. SO MANY REASONS TO GIVE THIS MOVIE YOUR HARD-EARNED CASH. VOTE WITH YOUR MONEY. CAPITALISM. WOO. THIS HAS BEEN A PSA.


recently I reached 800 followers, THANK YOU ALL. this means so much to me when I created louis I never thought he would last yet he is the strongest muse I ever had. thank you all for your support. I would add themes in that giveaway but I already owe some plus my screen is bigger and my themes don’t always fit so I don’t want to disappoint you on this one. therefore gonna keep it as only icon giveaway.


  • must be following me ( mutuals or not ) don’t follow & unfollow when this ends. 
  • if the face you choose me to icon is a bit difficult to find please give me some sources. doesn’t need to be screencaps but a link to download the show or movie is fine. I screencap a lot on myself so that’s not the problem
  • reblogs count ( I will choose the winners with a random number generator
  • the giveaway ends whenever I feel like it


1st place ▶ 100 ICONS
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