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Have Some Laughs with these wonderful sterek humor ficrecs.

Fluffing Globstoppers by mikkimouse [E | 1.9k | January 2016]

“What did you just say?” Scott asked, eyes huge.

“What?” Stiles said. “I said it’s fluffing anti-climactic…wait. What the fluff? Fluff? Fluff!“


Stiles is cursed not to curse. He’s really not happy about it.

Especially Derek, who still scares me by LoveActually_rps [T | 4.7k | February 2016]

“The Hales are dangerous, Lydia,” Jackson butted in, coming to Stiles’ rescue. “Haven’t you heard the rumors about how they eat newly turned weres on the night of the full moon?”

“Wha-” Stiles let out a strangled noise and Jackson patted him in fake sympathy, suppressing his usual cocky smile.

“Well, haven’t you heard the rumors about how they grow horns and a pointed tail and carry a pitchfork on other nights?” Allison countered, huffing out a soft laugh. “Those rumors are ridiculous,”

“Can we please stop talking about the Hales?” Stiles pleaded, shivering and tired, rubbing the towel over his flat dripping hair. “…especially Derek, who still scares me,” he swallowed hard.

[aka, even though Talia Hale’s first and foremost plan on moving to Beacon Hills was to “Clean up the Hale image”, Derek was far too contented with his “Scaring the shit out of Stiles” plan. Just - he didn’t know Stiles was already of age and maybe transforming into something pretty badass any day]

it’s my (pants) party and i’ll cry if i want to by oncetherewasapirate [E | 5k | August 2015]

Stiles really should have known by now that dating a witch who’s liable to get angry at the drop of a hat probably wasn’t his best relationship decision. But he didn’t.
Stiles just never thought that, after she cursed him, it would turn out to be so literal.

FAILBOAT HOOKER STILES by DomesticatedChaos [E | 7k | March 2015]

Stiles’s dad is in the hospital so he decides to sell himself on the mean streets of San Francisco to pay for the overwhelming amount of debt he finds himself in. Should be pretty easy, right? Except everyone keeps trying to save him and take care of him and now Stiles just really, really, really wants to get laid.

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Kiss Challenge: Kiss on the forehead

Words: 1360

A/N: Let’s be real, dating Oscar would consist of infinite forehead kisses.

You were running late. Seven o'clock was quickly approaching which meant you should be creeping on the halfway mark to your mother’s flat. Having meant to have left twenty minutes ago, you had already switched your phone to silent knowing she would start calling in a few minutes.

What could you tell her? Sorry for being late to dinner, mother, I had to get in one last bout of sex with my boyfriend before he flies off to start promotion? Your boyfriend, who is downstairs, was no help in the situation. It was him, after all, who insisted you join him for a shower which threw your entire schedule off. Even though you know you’ll have to endure another one of your mother’s lectures regarding the “indecency” that comes with being late, you can’t find a single guilty bone in your body.

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Boyfriend does my Makeup Challenge AU The8 fluff

A/N: The reader is a Youtuber, sorry if this isn’t the best I’m not really into any Youtubers. Prepare yourself for a lot of MinghaoxReader giggling and laughing

gif credit

Your boyfriend Minghao takes your hand in his as soon as you press the record button on your camera. You say your greeting before motioning to your boyfriend who is watching you intently. That was one of the things you love about Minghao; how you could talk about anything and even if it was absolutely boring he would still listen as if you were carefully telling him instructions.

“Babe?” He whispers carefully, “Aren’t you supposed to introduce me and what we’re doing?” You realize you had just been staring at your boyfriend for one too many seconds and your face turns a crimson red. “You can cut that out.” He smiles and you both begin to laugh.

“Anyways, this is my boyfriend Minghao! Today we’ll be doing the ‘Boyfriend does my makeup challenge’ Hao explain it to them.”

He gives you a weird look before speaking, “What do you mean? I’m going to do your makeup. Are you flustered today babe?” You’re face turns bright red yet again just as it had started to settle from earlier. “We can cut that out too,” he winks at you, a single motion that even though you were comfortable with him still made your heart flutter.

You knew you weren’t going to cut any of this out because this is how you were. Your relationship was still butterflies and hot cheeks even when you had been together for as long as you had. Although your relationship was often perceived as awkward to others behind close doors it was anything but, it was exploring all of one another and being so close you two swear that one day you might fuse together.

You pull out your makeup bag which was a lot bigger than you were proud of and place it on the coffee table sitting in front of you. Before the video started you had personally spent hours taping the labels just to make sure Minghao wouldn’t cheat (something he had a knack for). You explain that to the camera as he yells at you claiming that it was all fake and that you were lying. This of course puts you both in a fit of laughter ending with him unexpectedly leaning over and giving you a soft peck on the lips.

“Let’s start!” He announces digging around in your bag. “(Y/N), where did you even get all of this? I’ve never even seen you wear this.” He pulls out a bottle of makeup brush cleaner which causes you to laugh yet again at the camera, he gives you a confused look but continues on.

He pulls out a bottle of concealer and shows it to the camera. It was way to dark for your skin tone, you didn’t even remember buying the concealer so it must have been pretty old. “Tell them what look you’re going to create!” You coo enthusiastically.

He pauses what he’s doing, which is squirting about five squirts of that too dark concealer on his hand. “I don’t know honey. A cute look, uhh, it can be for the surprise date I’m going to take you on after this.”

You giggle, “You better make me look good then.” You play along already envisioning the disaster about to unfold. He slaps the blob of concealer on his hand all over one of your cheeks spreading unevenly from what you can feel. “Don’t you wear makeup all the time Hao? You should really be better at this!”

“What are you talking about? You look really good!” You catch him giving a worried look at the camera. He pulls out a tube of pink lipgloss next and you pucker out you lips instinctively. “Okay next I’m going to do the eyeshadow,” his eyes are locked on the camera and you eyelids go wide quick before you recover holding in another laugh. Because that’s what Minghao did, he made you laugh and giggle more than you ever thought you could before you met him.

You feel the sticky goo paste itself in blobs on your eyelids as you squeezed them shut. Minghao’s hands are already rummaging through your bag before getting annoyed and just dumping it all out, “Babe,” you whine, “that’s going to take me forever to pick up.”

“It was for the art (Y/N),” he pulls out a stick of bright red lipstick you were pretty sure you used as a joke for Halloween a few years ago. “Okay, I really like red lipstick so I’m going to put this on next. Go like this baby,” he makes a wide circle with his lips, the one thing Minghao knew how to do was get makeup put on him you guess to yourself. You obey and he piles four or five coats on your ‘lips’, which was really your lips and the two inches on skin surrounding them.

Minghao can’t hold it in anymore and begins laughing like a maniac. “What’s wrong Minghao?” You ask pretending to be innocent of the catastrophe you knew was your face. He catches his breath and assures you it’s nothing tears forming in the corners of his eyes.

“I can’t do this anymore. I’ll put on a last touch,” He pulls out a bottle of body glitter that you were pretty sure you had bought in the fifth grade. “This is hilighter right, I mean you talk about this stuff all the time.” He opens it up and the intoxicating strong smell of vanilla torments the air. Minghao lets out a cough before closing it up and shaking his head rapidly. “Nope, I can’t do that. I’m done, I can’t possibly make you look any worse- I mean better! It’s a natural look, whatever.”

Minghao leans out of frame for a minute before grabbing on of the mirrors you had set off to the side, “Here,” he hides his face in his hands. You look in the mirror and burst out laughing, your lungs feeling like they might collapse. You have tears in your eyes and Minghao laughs with you. You two lean against each other for air, chests heaving up and down. This boy made you laugh like no other and you loved him so much.

“I look like a monster!” You exclaim examining you features: your half your face was a shade way darker than your original skin tone with streaks of concealer that were obviously Minghao’s fingers from spreading it, your eyelids were piles of pink goop, and your lips looked like a circus clown nightmare. “Minghao! Give me a kiss! You’re going to take me out on a date now, right? I really want to go somewhere public, where you know everyone” You joke with him as he leans farther away from you as you lean closer for a kiss.

You hear a thud and see Minghao fall off the couch you two were sitting on. Immediately you two start laughing even more, something you didn’t even know was possible. You say goodbye to your viewers with tears running down your face your voice short and uneven, constantly having to take breaks to catch your breath, which doesn’t come.

As soon as you press the button to end the recording you feel something hit your lap. Minghao throws a package of makeup wipes at you, “I promised I’d take you on a date.” He pauses still laughing from earlier, “Just please, please, destroy the nightmare fuel I created.” He unexpectedly places another kiss on your cheek, Minghao pulls away and his lips are coated with concealer. You both start laughing again for what feels like the hundredth time.

This boy made you so, so happy.

It’s been so long since I’ve written anything that it was nice to get back into it - even if it was rather dark. I’m hoping that I’ve balanced the darkness out and not made it too graphic. 

Please be warned. It’s still a very dark request. Don’t read on unless you can stomach it. Thank you to @hiddenavengers for the challenge!

Prompt: …could you write a fic where its Bucky x reader and the reader drowns? Like she gets kidnapped by hydra and the are recording her drowning, they send the Avengers on a goose chase to find out where she is being tortured. And there is a “live” video of her dying. When they finally find where she is being kept, the discover that the video was pre-recorded and she is already dead.

‘Hope Never Dies’

You’d been having dreams.

Sometimes they were good, and other times they were bad. But they were frequent and vivid, and you couldn’t forget them.

Steve Rogers, your neighbour, had come up with the brilliant idea of making a dream journal to record everything in. Neither of you, however, had been able to make heads or tails of the dreams you’d recorded.

Sometimes the dreams even came true. Like the time you dreamt of a bookshelf setting itself alight, only to find out the next day that your favourite bookstore was closing. Or the time when you dreamt of a bird falling from a tree, and that weekend, Steve’s friend Clint suffered a broken leg whilst decorating. It was eerie. Thankfully, they were never horrendous things.

Until one night, when you dreamt of a dark and hooded stranger bursting through a door in a barrage of flames. He had one flesh hand and one metal hand, the latter of which clutched a scythe.

You were introduced to Bucky Barnes the next day.

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