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When you stare at The Last Jedi poster long enough to realize that Rey is literally Kylo’s light saber…..

The shape.

Am I tripping? 


yEs, I know that this looks like the 40th anniversary logo. My point was that I realized it looked like Kylo’s lightsaber. (And also Kylo being on the poster as well makes me think into it more.)

This version is in color. Going from Blue to red. Rey says “Lightness, Darkness, And balance..” 

There is a BALANCE. (Kylo and Rey)

If you don’t agree with me.. cool? LOL IDK.

I would also like to say, that in the trailer when Rey say’s “Balance”, It shows a symbol that COULD be what this poster has on it as well (with a few missing lines).

Kylo is on the cover, and lot’s of Reylo fan’s and people who put Reylo theories on YouTube always talk about how they will bring balance, so I think it’s pretty funny how this cover literally feels like confirmation. (we already know they ARE connected.) (Thanks @ the official star wars website (; )

AND NO, this doesnt mean I am saying “oMFG THEY ARE IN LOVE AND ARE GONNA DATE”

No where am I saying that. I just feel strongly that they are going to bring balance. 

If something does happen between them I do not think it will be in this movie. (and by something, I mean like declaring love and dating lmao)

Becoming friends/acquaintances/buddies/pals? Yeah.Maybe.


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Do you think that the cover page means virginity?

I don’t even know what it means anymore 😂  but, let’s take this whole situation as some kind of trial. 

let’s see…

To make a sentence, we need proofs and facts. The two most popular opinions regarding this theory are Touka’s virginity AND Touka’s possible pregnancy. Let’s check out the points that we have for both theories.

—Touka’s virginity:

  • The blood on her belly. It can symbolize the blood of virginity. 
  • It’s already stated that the flowers at the top are the Osmanthus Fragrans, they can be read as Kaneki. So flowers = Kaneki. 
  • As this meta pointed out, there’s a single petal from that flower falling down way to her belly. If flowers = Kaneki, and blood = virginity, + Touka’s sassy smile, it can symbolize some kind of invitation of “hey, come here and take my virginity” which was basically what she said in the chapter.

—Touka’s pregnancy(&possible misbirth):

  • Again, the blood on her belly, for obvious reasons: the birth of a baby or the loss of a baby.
  • “bloom me a flower of my own” sounds a lot like “place a seed in me”.
  • If flower = Kaneki, and the petal falling way to her belly… it can be interpreted as Kaneki’s seed being placed in her tummy after having sex. 
  • Which leads to pregnancy. 
  • Ishida’s poem in Touka’s art (that you can read here). “The children who were meant to be born, died.”
  • Also this part of the same poem caught my attention: “The nucleic acid sequence having no recollection of its own actions.”
  • DNA is one type of nucleic acid. The nucleic is responsible for the transmission of hereditary characters. This can just be referring to Ayato/Touka/Yomo, because the three share ADN, they’re family… but considering the mention of the dead children + the theories surrounding this cover page… I think it’s interesting to mention it, it could be referring to Touka’s child. 

Which one sounds more convincing?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ judge for yourselves. Huehuehuehuehue….

i found this theory on Lucas Wiki, but at first, this is not a desperate try to let him look innocent, it just seems really interesting.

I talked with @six-eyed-disaster about it and we expanded the theory a bit. :D

like the person above already said, we just got one mention of Oliver and that was from his journal entry. never we’ve seen something by Jack or Marguerite. Or a newpaper article about a little boy who was missing and later found dead on his classmates attic.
Or something mentioned by Zoe. they shared a room at this time and I doubt that Oliver was quite the whole time. He would have screamed.
So one reason where that thr Bakers where all involved and covered it up what would be pretty disturbing, even for that game.
OR the theory that Oliver was just, in fact, a imaginary friend.
Or Olivers Parents where the worst parents alive who never looked for their son. Oliver had mentioned it that he will be at Lucas Birthdayparty, if he hadn’t come home the Bakers where the first they had checked to. so far can’t he have starved.

I KNOW that the game is not about Lucas, but the Oliver entry was… kind of random? It was just thrown in and never mentioned again. Not even by Lucas who is actually really proud of his kills. He had mentioned it ‘You know Ethan, I killed already before all that.’. But we haven’t heared something like that.

And Jacks hesitation at mention that Lucas is no Killer could have also been because, maybe this Jack knew that Lucas was cured, but he knows about his sons mentality. that he’s still, even cured, not still sane.

It’s still just a theory.

what do you guys think? :)

Peacock and Other Theories

I thought about it on my way home and so I’ve basically jumped off the turtle!Nino bandwagon and jumped on the peacock!Nino bandwagon.

I have a lot of reasons for doing so. 

One, as was stated in my previous post, Nino shares a color scheme with Duusu–that being red and blue–as well as the eye print theme - 

This is important because a majority of the other miraculous holders share color schemes and themes with their kwami - 

Pinks and blacks (cuz Tikki seems more like a deep pink than red), plus, Tikki has freckles like Mari if you look closely enough at the image above. Additionally, Marinette has spots on her clothes.  

Adrien only has a black shirt, but his eyes are green like Plagg’s and his shirt stripes, while also having yellow, are variations of green and purple (the inside of Plagg’s mouth is purple). 

Alya has oranges in her shirt and has a general warm color theme in her hair and eyes. Also, depending on Trixx’s final design, the kwami will either have matching yellow eyes to Alya’s (as it looks like it does above) or purple eyes as was in what was initially announced of the fox design. Either one works as Alya has purple accents in her shirt. Also, she has that beauty spot and Trixx has little spots above their eyes. 

Yellow and black, stripes, blue eyes. Pretty obvious I think. 

Furthermore, I had previously argued that Nino looks more like a turtle than a peacock as far as his facial features, but I’m not so sure anymore. Nino’s nose has always been rather exaggerated and I presumed to think he looked like a turtle because of how his smile turned out, but I think it would be silly not to admit that Nino’s nose is rather beak-ish. 

And while his hair could look rather shellish–in reference to a turtle–it could also be flat like a peacock’s. With the symbolic adornment of Nino’s hat in place of the sticky-up feathers. 

The other miraculous users look respectively like their “animals” too, as I’ve pointed out before. I don’t have comparison pictures of Mari and Chloe, because they don’t look like actual bugs, but their features are small and “buggy,” so that’s worth considering. Also - 

Cat. So much cat. 

Wide smile beneath a cute nose. Fox, fox, fox (I called this one WAY before the spoiler, just fyi. It’s so obvious). 

So yeah, anyway. Peacock!Nino. I know the peacock we’ve seen is clearly feminine, but if it is Mama Agreste, I don’t see her as being the active peacock miraculous holder. She doesn’t fit the age demographic for being a hero and the kids already have their teacher/guide in Master Fu. I would imagine that scan is of the past or a short time period of use, or is symbolic. Whether it’s through Adrien or Mama Agreste, I think Nino has a good chance of eventually getting the peacock, especially with that eye shirt he has as well as being Adrien’s best friend. 

Like usual, this is all speculation and really holds no basis in canon. It’s all based on my observations, as usual, which change depending on the info released, but as of now, this is just an idea I had floating around in my head. I also think it would be really cool to see Nino sporting something as flamboyant as the peacock. He’s so chill, I assume he would pull it off swimmingly, especially since he’s already a performer :D

Oh, also, since we were talking about color and design connections, I’d like to show you this guy - 

Next to this guy - 

Next to this guy - 

Next to this cutie - 

Next to this guy - 

Colors and designs sure are interesting, huh (and scarves sure do a good job of covering things up, hmm?)



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34 Young McGenji

Not sure how young you mean but at least Genji’s in his meat suit

“If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”

McCree snapped out of his fifth-drink daze and glanced over at his neighbor at the bar. He hadn’t even noticed he sat down, which was a damn shame. The green hair was a noticeable feature but all too quick McCree was stuck on his eyes. Those wings even rivaled the ones Gabe had drawn from time to time.

He wished it wasn’t so damn dark in here all of a sudden.

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Draco, what was your boggart in third year? There is a theory that it was your father because you were neglected and abused as a child. Is that true?

Draco: One, I am pretty sure we’ve already covered the boggart question, and two, I beg your pardon?!

Harry: Lucius Malfoy would never win the award for Best Father, I agree, but I doubt he was ever an abusive one? 

Draco: *quiet frowning* He most certainly was not. Neither did he ever neglect me. Do you not remember what I was like as a child? 

Harry: *mouths the word ‘brat’*

Draco: *without looking at him* I saw that.

Harry: *hasty straight face*

Draco: He spoiled me rotten. He chose the wrong side. And I was fool enough to follow in his footsteps. That’s all there is to this ‘theory’ about my father and me. 

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Hi. I find your answers very helpful. I've been rejected from my dream career. I have no idea where my life is headed for now. How do I grieve properly and move on without losing my self esteem and not look back. I think I'm falling in a grip. I'm a enxp. Thanks.

This is already covered in the Emotional Well-Being section. Dealing with negative emotions is easy in theory: Accept them. However, this is hard for many people to do because they “don’t like” feeling bad, sad, disappointed, inadequate, frustrated, etc. As soon as you have the mindset of “not liking” something, you are not accepting that thing and you are trying to reject or resist it. People who believe that emotions are caused by external factors generally resist accepting them because they treat emotions as alien and not belonging to oneself. Your emotions come directly out of your cognitive framework, your value and belief system, your expectations for how life “should” be. Therefore, to accept emotions is to accept responsibility for how you have created those feelings in yourself. But if you believe that emotions make you weak or that they will “destroy” you, then your own belief system is the real obstacle.

To accept an emotion is to accept your physicality because that’s where emotion comes from. Accepting emotions is really to accept that you are human, mortal, and limited in what you can achieve and accomplish. Allow yourself to feel human and vulnerable, allow yourself to reflect on your feelings honestly instead of pushing back, allow yourself the time and space to really feel. Anger, frustration, grief - these are all just extensions of the basic emotion of sadness. When you allow sadness to truly express itself in a quiet and reflective space, when you no longer resist it, then it can finally leave you because it has done its job in bringing your attention to the fact that you need self-care. If you genuinely care for yourself, you will care for your emotional well-being because it is an important part of who you are. Nothing releases sadness like a good cry, so cry if you must because it is the body’s expression of emotion that allows you to admit the fact of what you really are: you are human and mortal and in need of comfort.

Once you give emotion space to breathe and release itself, you will be more clear-headed, then you can make decisions more carefully, then you won’t be driven by repressed sadness. If you’ve been rejected from your dream career, you have two choices: 1) keep trying until you make it because you believe in yourself, or 2) admit it’s not right for you and change course to find other interesting opportunities for yourself. How well you decide depends on whether you can first get over the sadness. Then you can get in touch with the deepest part of yourself and hear the voice that tells you honestly what is best for you and your well-being. Not everything that happens in life is personal. Sometimes you make a mistake and you should take responsibility for it. Sometimes you get shit on because you just happen to be standing at the wrong place at the wrong time. You can keep standing there wallowing in the shit and wondering “why me?” at the birds, or you can simply clean yourself off and move along.

Host/Author Theory

I put up an idea in another thread that the Author and the Host are two different characters but I have already decided that my newer ideas seem to fit a bit better.

The Host and the Author are the same character. I base the conclusion on this with one question:


That would explain the bloodied bandage that covers his eyes. He’s recently lost them in a manner unknown OR he’s waiting for the damage to heal. He can’t use a pen or a typewriter as effectively so he switches his focus and skill to control his victims through the radio and/or TV broadcasts. Since he can’t write the stories, he orates them. He uses his hearing to understand the world around him and uses his voice to project his thinking. This would also mean that it’s not the pen and paper that has the power, it’s his own imagination and his ability to bend the reader/listener/viewer to his will.

@fear-is-nameless @nerdqueeniplier @rinnexface @livingemerald

Let’s talk about being organized and how to create an efficient system for your chemistry notes!

I will be the first one to admit that I’m not always organized or put together. Though in retrospect, I should’ve been because it saves you 87684 hours when you sit down to study for an exam. On that note, let’s get started!

Binder/Folder/Notebook Organization

  • Color code the subjects to match folders and notebooks. What I mean by this is to have a purple folder to match your purple notebook for chemistry. This system really helped me organize my subjects by color and quickly access them when I have to do homework or look over notes. (On top of that I like to use the same color when writing in my planner for due dates!)
  • Divide your binder into sections. Try to be mindful of over using colors on this part. It can start to get messy if you use the color system for your subjects and then another color system within that subject. Let me give you an example for chemistry:
    • General Notes - this includes basic stuff like vocabulary and theories. 
    • Nomenclature - keep it simple and just continuously update it. 
    • Reactions - put headers on the paper with what category these reactions fall into (Synthesis, Carboxylic reactions, Amine reactions, etc.)
    • Instruments - this relates more to an analytical chemistry class or an organic class, but don’t forget to include some pretty illustrations and sample spectrums. 
    • Handouts - organize them by chapter and put answer keys behind each one if given.
    • Quizzes/Tests
  • Create a binder cover. These are fun to make because you can either draw it or print out an already made cover. I usually find a pretty font and colorful background.
  • Buy a separate binder to store old notes. So this is good for people like me that hoard their notes… and only use notebooks during the semester. When I finish a semester I usually have assigned binders to store my notes. For example, I have a 3-inch binder for ONLY general chemistry notes/tests/handouts. Then I have a binder for ONLY organic chemistry notes/tests/handouts. This system has made it extremely easy to store my notes under my bed and then pull them out when I tutor students!

Chemistry Note Organization
(This can easily work for any other subject, but I’m going to stick to only chemistry-related for this post!)

  • Embrace the color system. Like I said before, don’t try to overdo it but adding colors in chemistry notes make it easier to follow. My prime example for this is organic chemistry:
    • Write non-carbon atoms in blue, purple, or green. Maybe do halogens as blue, oxygen/sulfur as purple and nitrogen as green. Do whatever works for you!
    • In a different color pen (black if you write in pencil), write the solvents used to perform the reaction. I don’t know how many times I forgot to look out for solvents because I read right over them…
    • In arrow-pushing mechanisms, I really liked to draw the arrows in red. This allows you to see how the reaction scheme works and what atoms get eliminated, substituted, or added.
    • Label compounds/ions if they’re either an electrophile or nucleophile. Another thing I commonly read over because it blended in too well with my notes. The first-semester organic chemistry class is really heavy on knowing these terms and being able to identify them. 
  • Highlight key terms. Pretty obvious but I know some people who have notes that are nothing but in pencil. I honestly don’t know how they can read their notes and study them…
  • Date and put headers. Another pretty obvious thing but sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what you need to focus on for a test. I usually go off dates and start with the first lecture after a test!
  • Get creative and draw illustrations. It spices up the notes and sometimes it’s better to study with a picture. This works well with theories like the Bohr model! Maybe even draw your own little IR spectrums or NMR peaks. I did that when reading my secondary organic chemistry book. Oh, and why not put some color in those illustrations as well, haha.
  • Annotate equations by circling variables you don’t know. I’m currently doing this for my analytical notes and it makes understanding the equations so much better! I can go back and see why or what a certain variable is being used.
  • Use margins to annotate. When going back at study notes, it can get crammed if you annotate them all over the pages. So try to create a column only for these side notes.

These are all the things I can think of when it comes to organization. If you have anything else to add, please feel free! Hope you enjoy. :-)


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I don't think it's in your area of expertise but... what are your thoughts on the Jojenpaste theory? How do you think Jojen will meet his end?

I don’t believe in the Jojen Paste theory. @nobodysuspectsthebutterfly and @poorquentyn already covered this quite nicely so I’m just gonna let them do the dirty work for me:

  1. if you’re trying to log on to the Weirwood Net, logically you’d use something made from weirwood
  2. the paste is red because weirwood sap is red
  3. although the show and the books are completely separate, jojen dying on the show when he did probably confirms that he was not made into paste
  4. and @poorquentyn points out that weirwood paste seems related to shade of the evening, suggesting that Bran ate a plant

With all that out of the way, I can spend my time talking about more important things, aka ASOIAF themes. Because thematically, this passage has never suggested cannibalism to me:

It had a bitter taste, though not so bitter as acorn paste. The first spoonful was the hardest to get down. He almost retched it right back up. The second tasted better. The third was almost sweet. The rest he spooned up eagerly. Why had he thought that it was bitter? It tasted of honey, of new-fallen snow, of pepper and cinnamon and the last kiss his mother ever gave him.

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So I have a theory that this dude:

Might actually be Gérard Lacroix

Either that or pencil mustaches are making a big comeback in the future.

Now this would mean that (maybe) Talon was either working with or using Null Sector as cover for kidnapping Amélie. Her skin is called “Talon” so I had assumed that Gérard was already dead at this point. But if that’s him, then that opens up a world of possibilities.

Maybe the new interactions that open up the more you play the basic version of the brawl will shed some light on this. (And McCree’s arm.)

So much to cover tomorrow!

Okay I have kind of calmed down after that clip. My heart literally started beating so fast, when Sana asked Isak about studying together tomorrow, and I was screaming inside, when he invited her home to their place. I am so excited, I can’t contain myself. We will finally see the home of Isak and Even ♡

I have waited for this since episode 1, and I had kind of lost hope that it would ever happen. I know we have not been promised anything for tomorrow’s clip, but I highly doubt they would give us such a teaser without following up on it. They know we want this! And we know for sure we will get a clip tomorrow, because it is Friday.

I know we will all sit ready at 16 o’clock, but I don’t think we will get a clip before around 19-20. That is usually when the Friday clip hits us (maybe a bit earlier) … And it would make sense if we jump directly in on Sana and Isak’s study session. But we will see. The point is, don’t stress if we haven’t gotten anything at like 17 o’clock.

The Power Alliance! 

Okay. I am so turnt for this Sana x Isak alliance. And Isak clearly knows Sana wants the deets on the girls. So, if she tries to be sneaky in her effort to make him spill the tea, she is not tricking him or lying to him, because he knows!!

I think Isak could actually be the one Sana ends up confessing her feelings and frustrations to, and I dig that! But I also hope, her and Even will open up talking to Isak about the whole Bakka thing. I hope her and Isak will talk about the fight, because it seemed like she didn’t really know what the deal were, and I think it could be an opener for Sana in her effort to make Isak open up to her. But I don’t actually think, Sana thought the whole bakka crew beat him up, I think she was just exaggerating because she was pissed.

I’ve seen quite a few speculating if the bakka boys were even involved in Isak’s bloody nose, due to Isak’s answer. I do think Elias is guilty of punching him. Otherwise his (more than one) apology to Sana wouldn’t make sense, and Sana’s (more than one) apology to Isak wouldn’t make sense. I just think Isak distinguishes between a punch in the head by one guy, and a beat up by a group of guys. I really hope they address it, because I really want to know what happened (but I also demand Elias’ side of the story, and I actually hoped we would get his side first… but as long as we get it).

Back to the Trailer

I really hope Even is also home tomorrow! Because I of course want to see him and Isak being hella domestic, but I also want him to talk about this whole thing with Isak. And Sana being at their home, is our biggest chance of getting that heart to heart. Also, if we take a look at the hiatus trailer, we have pretty much seen everything from it this week. Noora with her hair and carrot. Isak with his black eye. Sara with her lying mouth… The only thing from the trailer we still haven’t seen, is the brown hair with fingers tangled in it… I still think this hair is Mikael’s and the fingers are Even’s. And that this image is some sort of flash back referring to his story with Mikael. A story Even will tell. And I really hope that will happen tomorrow, so that all of the trailer will be covered this week.

And please let us see as much of Isak and Even’s home as possible. We will analyze that place apart!!

There is soo much I want to happen tomorrow, but we already have 18 minutes of clips. Please let the episode be long. Like at least 10 min tomorrow please.

I am also curious how they will deal with Ramadan starting tomorrow. They have to address it somehow, right? And Sana starting her vengeance the day Ramadan starts?? That doesn’t seem like a good combination. I am very excited for tomorrow, and I have SUCH high expectation.

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I know you have to have a TON of post ideas swirling, but think there's any chance between now and HOUR that you could cover the "Bontu's Betrayal" theory? I like the idea as well, but I'm not sure I have enough supporting evidence for it myself.

I don’t think it’s as complex a theory as you might think. Let me do a quick rundown:

  • Bontu does not have the living-gold faceplate the rest of the gods do. We already know that the gold and lazotep cartouches are a mechanism of control.
  • Bontu is the only god seen kneeling in their artwork. For the god of ambition, to be seen kneeling seems odd, does it not? It’s reminiscent (although FAR more subtle) of the original Cruel Ultimatum art from Alara.
  • Oketra does not remember a ‘before’, while Bontu seems to know of other planes and knows that she is greater than she once was.
  • Bolas always seeks local agents to make sure his vision is carried out in his absence.

I’m sure there’s other stuff I’m missing, but I wanted to give a quick idea of where it comes from.

I have theory.

So we’re only on episode 3 of Vrains but already we’ve gotten some interesting info/ and just lots of shit ripe for theorizing.

Now in this episode we get ot meet Revolver outside of Vrains (although they were sneaky enough to not allow us to see his face, clearly wanting to lead up to some grand reveal)

While out of it we see him go over to a man laying in a bed his head covered by some decive- presumably something that’s helping keep him alive or monitor hiim as he appears to be in a coma..

We also learned reviously that if you get seriously injured in Vrains tat can carry over to when exit and the more times you get hurt basically you keep taking damage to your body every time you exit.

My theory. His Dad was the one on the search for he Cyberse determined to find and destroy it I guess (for whatever reason) or take control of it anyway. After going in so many times and getting hurt and maybe after one to many speed duels it begins to take a toll on him both mentally and physically.

It gets to the point where upon exiting one final time he’s in such bad shape he collapses and has been in this comatose state since (or other wise is so badly injured that his mind has to stay linked up to the system or else he will die.

Now the other part to this theory is this- The Revolver from 5 years ago may not be the same guy and was in fact his father but after whatever happened to put him in the condition he is in now, his son chose to take up the persona of Revolver and continue leading the KOH to finish whatever it was his father started.


Quite possibly believing that what they are doing is the right ting and not realizing the ramifications of their actions-

As the saying goes “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

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For DWC: Human Emma explaining gravitation to Solas. Bonus if she provides examples.

For @bearlytolerable and @dadrunkwriting sorry if this little drabble was less sciencey than you were hoping for, but character wise I don’t think Emma would know a lot of the technical and in depth explanations, not about that at least.  So I went with a way she could show him that I figured most people in our world would be aware of ;).  

Emma crossed her arms over her chest as she leaned back on the corner of his desk.  At least he was sitting so she didn’t have to stare up at him as she spoke.  She always managed to hold her ground well enough but that didn’t mean it was particularly easy when he was towering over her.

“Solas, why would I lie about this?  I’m telling you if you drop a ball of steel and a ball of wood that are the same size they will both land at the same time.”

He gave that huff of indignation he did so well, “That is preposterous.  You are… what is the term you use?  Pulling my leg.”

“It’s gravity.”  

“You can make up as many words as you like—”

“Ugh, I am not making up words.  If I were to jump down from where Dorian is—”

“Why would you—”

“I wouldn’t just… I’m giving you an example.  So, shut it.”  She waited to see if he would resist but he simply leaned back in his chair, steepling his hands before giving her a nod.  “If I jumped from where Dorian is I would fall and land here right?  I would not simply float, correct?”

She paused and when he didn’t speak she raised a brow.  He copied her expression before saying, “Oh I apologize, I thought I was to shut it.”

“You. are. Impossible.”  She straightened and started out of the rotunda.  “I’m going to talk to Ivy before this turns into a thing.”

There was no more talk of it until several days later, at which point she had completely forgotten the conversation.  Emma was out working in the herb garden when a shadow fell over her.  She looked up, covering her eyes with her hand, to find the familiar lank of Solas looking proud of himself.

“What’s with the—”

“I have the balls.”

She paused, tilted her head, “I’m sorry, you have the what now?”

“Your balls so that you may show me this theory of yours.”

“My… what?”

The smile fell and his brows furrowed, “You have forgotten already?  One wood and one steel.  This thing you were talking about… gravity, was it?”

“Ooohhhh,”  Understanding dawned on her and she stood, wiping the dirt on her leggings, “You actually had them made?”


She couldn’t help when the corners of her mouth twitched up, “I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.  Come, let’s find somewhere to drop them where we won’t hit someone in the head.”

They found themselves up on Skyhold’s fortress walls in a corner without any traffic.  They would go unobserved and not risk hitting anyone in the process.  Solas glanced down as he felt the weight of the balls in his hands.

“You want to drop them or shall I?  Either way it is key they are dropped at the same time.”

His eyes came up to meet hers and he smirked,  “What shall we wager?”

She laughed and shifted putting a hand on her hip, “Oh I don’t think you want to do that on this one.”

“I believe I do.”  He played at thinking on it for a moment before he said, “Loser will be bound and winner may do what they wish to them tonight.”

She raised a brow, “You want to tie me up?  Or do you want to be tied up?  Either way, this seems like it is a wager where we both win no matter.”

He continued to smirk, but his attention shifted to look down at the ground below, “It is agreed then?”

“I agree.  Are you dropping them then?”

“Why?  Would you rather my balls be in your hands?”

At least she managed to keep the giggle down that threatened to bubble out, “This is science and should be taken seriously, now get to it.”

“Eager to lose are you?”

“No.  Eager to win actually.  Then I can have my way with your balls as much as I like.”

A chuckle as he held both hands out over the edge, “Impatient, woman.  On the count of three then?”

“Very well, one. Two. Three.”

He opened both hands at the same time and they both watched as the two balls fell to the earth.  At the same speed.  Directly next to each other.  Until they both fell into the dirt giving out little puffs into the air on impact.  At the same time, as she knew they would.

“Well,” a pause, “that was… unexpected.”

He was looking down at the ground still and she reached out.  Her fingers brushing along his jaw and forcing him to look at her, “Tell me Solas.  Should I use leather bindings or silk?”

Okay but hear me out for a minute, so we were recently informed that Kirishima’s weak point after his unbreakable state is his chin. Now I know his hero costume is super ridiculous and not really of any use because of his qurik but his head gear let’s talk about that.

His head gear covers most of his face but covers the entire expanse of his chin, so that leads me to believe that Kirishima already knew about that being one of his weakest points but it was never discussed the only thing we were told is that his qurik weakens after a certain amount of hits to his body.

What lead Kirishima to this realization before he was able to use his unbreakable state? What was it that gave him this idea to make head gear that looks ridiculous but is also vital to his costume?

Now to be honest I’m not fully caught up so I don’t know if there was any explanation about this but I know for sure we have yet to see anything about his back story so what brought this boy to the realization that his chin is one of his weakest points?

Did he use to get into fights? Was he bullied? What gave him this idea to make such a vital piece to his costume?

anonymous asked:

why th was bum covering his body in the bath scene ? its not like sangwoo didn't see his full body while showering him in his house

So far the theories I have discussed with my friends are:

  • His penis is deformed.
  • He is shy (or as @instantkismet likes to put it, his peen is shy).
  • He is ashamed of the size of his penis. Perhaps something he was teased about by his uncle or maybe his classmates in gym class.
  • He is unsure about his masculinity. 
  • He doesn’t want to be so exposed when he can help it, because he already feels really out of control in his situation with Sangwoo.

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So I have a working theory about the new Commander decks. Because there are only four of them they have to be very specific. WOTC is very big on making sure all colors are covered. So my theory as soon as I read the announcement has been 5 color decks. The most popular creature types I can think of that are in all colors are... Dragons, Elementals, Slivers, and Humans. But also a part of me thinks they aren't gonna go with basic tribal and are gonna do class tribal. What's your opinion?

I think that five color is a possibility but it’s not what I’m banking on. Dragons, Elementals, and Slivers already have so much support for five color decks.

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Heya! I was wondering about any of your thoughts on John's background/childhood/family? Or if you've already covered this (sorry if you have), then just directing me to it would be really awesome :) you have a super amazing blog, thanks for all you do for the fandom! :D

Hello, Lovely!

You must be asking because of my recent post about John and Harry possibly being twins. I really haven’t delved into this aspect about John’s character, namely because a lot of my theories and thoughts have already been covered by people more familiar with bisexuality than I ever will be. Please note I am no expert and I would GREATLY appreciate anyone who can chime in on this who have experience. Here are a few that I really like and it helped me understand sexuality in general:

There are SO many more I could link to, but these are right to the point and helps you understand the world John Watson grew up in.

So what are my views, then? Well, given that I don’t know how old you are (though your blog says you are a teenager, so I’m guessing you were born in the 00′s), as a child of the 80′s myself I can attest to the world being a VERY different place. It was not as open and progressive as it appears to be now towards the LGBT+ community, nor was bisexuality nor asexuality considered a “real thing”. I’m not sure about the UK military, but the military in US and Canada, up until recently, had a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, and I believe if they found out you were gay, you were either not accepted or discharged (don’t quote me, I’m not 100% certain).

It has only been recently that archaic sodomy laws have been abolished in the UK, and gay marriage just became legal there only in 2014. 

So, with what I know about the generation John grew up in, coming out would have been a terribly hard thing to do. I imagine John lived in a very catholic or christian family, given that he is reading the Bible at Christmas in ASiB, possibly a military family. I have a feeling that their parents were very homophobic, and possibly his father was a military man. 

I think he and Harry are twins, and as such were possibly best friends; she possibly came out to John first and confided in him, and John – who confused why he liked men and women equally – warned her to not come out to their parents. Cue Harry spilling the beans about herself to their parents when she met a woman she wanted to live with, them disowning her, and a tonne of pressure was put onto John to “be a man” and “thank god our son isn’t (insert derogatory slur here)”. Harry becomes a drinker, John joins the RAMC because he wanted to be a doctor but couldn’t afford it so joined the military to offset the costs, Harry doesn’t approve of John going off to get himself killed / hiding who he is, and their rift starts officially when he left. 

Because he saw what coming out did to his sister, he is insistent that, since he can “have a choice” (not really, but just for argument’s sake), he chooses women because he desires to fit into a world that made him different.

Possibly he also finds “comfort” in the military, meets a few men, gains a danger addiction.

I’m sure there’s way more to it than that, somewhere along the way John gets blamed for things and he gets lied to a lot, which makes him untrusting of others and closed off from the world. Dislikes interacting with his sister because he sees himself in her far too much.

Anyway, like I said, I’m not an expert at all, and I please ask people my age or older to chime in with their thoughts about John’s family life and their experiences. 

Just know that given who John is at the beginning of the series, that he only is still in contact with Harry occasionally (plus there’s a deleted scene in TSo3′s script that states John’s mother is dead as well), I really don’t think he had a peaches and cream immediate family life at all. I think it was wrought with a lot of bigotry, forced misogyny, and forced heteronormativity. It’s fine if you headcanon his childhood as a happy one, but given how depressed and alone John feels in ASiP, I don’t think it was. 

Which still bothers me because if this is the case and Mary is supposedly an orphan, WHO THE HELL ARE ALL THOSE PEOPLE AT THEIR WEDDING??

Anyway, I hope we learn a bit more about him through Harry. I think she will eventually make an appearance once he confirms his sexuality and accepts himself for who he is. Making Harry his twin makes her John’s literal mirror, and he needs to learn to appreciate and love the reflection he sees.