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What if Luke dies? Is there any foreshadowing of this? I'm so worried. I want him to make it to episode ix. He needs to be on the finale and rebuild the Jedi.

I don’t think there’s anything to indicate Luke is set to die in this trilogy at all. Most theories about this stem from thoughts like, “Oh well Han died so Luke must be next!” or “They need to pass the torch on to the next generation, which means Like has to go.” And, of course, you have Luke haters who just don’t want to see him onscreen for…some reason. 

There’s no real narrative reason to kill him off beyond “shock factor,” and in that case…well. Han’s death already had that one covered. I don’t see any reason for them to kill him in TLJ, though, especially since we just had all that dramatic setup for him in TFA. It would be clunky and awkward (and also bad because they’re killing off Luke). 

Reasons I like entertaining the idea that Ed is actually playing the double agent (even though I know it’s unrealistic):

-Ed telling Oz to remember he is his best friend takes on the meaning that Ed is going into deep cover with Babs to stop her power play and he wants Oz to know he is not plotting against him (at the moment).

-Ed doing it because now that Babs knows Oz is in love with Ed, Ed has become a point of exploitation. He already was, in that he was a valuable asset as Chief of Staff, but nobody kidnaps a business relation for leverage. A romantic one, though? Oh heck yeah.

-Rather than potentially becoming a ‘damsel in distress’, Ed uses his agency to make Babs think that he is playing her game, even though he is playing the long con.

-Once Babs trusts him and he gets all his ducks in a row (i.e. assures that she will not try to use him as leverage to get to Oswald in the future, and sets up a scheme to overthrow and outwit her) he will betray her with a clever trap that takes away all of her power and influence.

-Ergo the only person in Gotham who knows Penguin’s weakness can now do nothing to act on that weakness in order to control him. Her knowledge is not longer power, and I’ll explain why in the next point.

-She still knows Oz is in love with Ed, sure. But she will never tell anyone else with actual power, because then whoever she told would be the one to dethrone Penguin, and SHE wants to be on top. This is her dilemma: tell someone with power and watch them take control in her stead (in which she gains nothing except perhaps their ear or their favour), or keep her knowledge to herself, biding her time until she is strong enough to actually use it again. Obviously she will do the latter, the girl’s a smart cookie. But it will take her a while to rebuild, and in the meantime the boys are safe.

-Finally, Oz is now safe from Babs’ control, and Ed doesn’t have to worry about being used as a bargaining chip against his best friend.

Where do they go from there? I don’t know. The possibilities range from:
-back to the old bromance, everything is forgotten and forgiven
-a more distant, reserved friendship and camaraderie because Ed can’t quite forgive everything but is still fond of Oswald
-Ed seeking a more personal revenge against Oswald now that he knows no one is going to abduct him and/or try to use him against Oz like a pawn (Ed is nobody’s pawn).


British Private Purchase / Non-Regulation Cutlass

A private-purchase naval cutlass. These are rather enigmatic swords, whose purpose is uncertain - I have only ever seen four of them. The prevailing theory is that they were made for yachts and other private sea craft to carry for self defence. The design is very pleasing, featuring a light but sturdy 24 inch blade (which in this case has been sharpened and remains sharp), mounted with a brass shell guard and backstrap. The wooden grip would originally have been leather covered and wire-bound, but is bare wood now. The blade is solid in the hilt and this is a really nice handy little sword. If I didn’t already have another then I would probably keep this. Perfect for small boat defence (historically of course)!

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How interesting to see M snapping again.. Nice timing👏👌

The roomies are all back in LA. Should be fun. Can’t image be how they are going to challenge this epic fail. The roommate bomb. The boyfriend outing.

Expect more. No doubt they will try. But Only the truly blind and naive could possibly still believe.

Christmas in October. I still can’t stop laughing. And honestly. In theory. It could have been a good stunt. Ricky never thought to stage Christmas before. But by failing to cover one critical detail. One irrefutable clue that makes it impossible to pretend this was filmed in December. Eleni showed her inexperience and just how unqualified she is.

One more card was removed from the house of cards that already has an extremely shaky foundation. How many more cards can possibly be removed before it topples and falls?

AOS 4x09:  Mack is 110% Done and  Expletive, Expletive, Expletive, EXPLETIVE!!!!

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How we doing?





Nursing a pint of Ben and Jerry’s?

Terrified they have to show their child this episode tomorrow because she is gonna flip out.

Some theories took a big hit tonight while others re surged.  Lets get right to it under the thing.  I already see the asks coming in and boy are we going to have fun.

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Apologies if it’s already been suggested and I just missed it. 

The 4th girl, featured in the newest promo, is very unlikely to be Star. Mostly due to completely different chin. And the screencap of her we were shown is with her cheeks covered by mud, as if she wanted to his something there on purpose. What could it be?

SPADES. That’s the only symbol missing from the card set. And it seems very logical to belong to a person Star’s age, as Ms Heinous and Star’s mom appear to be as well in similar age (what if they’re sisters?). 

@seddm made an analysis of the promo and speculated that this 4th princess covered her symbols because she was ashamed of them. She also seems to be dressed as if she was ready to battle. What if she’s a warrior for the freedom of Monsters? In that case, all four princesses would represent a different or shared attitude towards their identity and the Humans-Monsters conflict:

Which creates an incredibly fascinating dynamic, so that’s why I’m hoping this will be it!! (please add any speculation you might have! c:)

I’ve been thinking…what if Team RWBY doesn’t reunite this volume? While its something I want to happen dearly, I’m beginning to think that perhaps, just maybe, it might not happen during volume 4? I mean, its not that many episodes, and with so much ground to cover already, pertaining to the struggles of each of the four girls, there might not be any room for it?

I do believe that if Blake and Yang’s arcs are intertwined, (like they should, if not are already!) then the reunion process might be able to fit into this volume. Ruby and Weiss, while they certainly have some bars separating them, shouldn’t be all that difficult to reunite in a believable circumstance, at least in terms of writing.

Its with Blake and Yang that those potential difficulties lie. A running theory of many, that J myself am even beginning to adopt, is that the two will not meet up by one intentionally going to the other (I’d like Yang to track Blake down in that case) but rather for the two to meet again, in a surprising, high-stress event, such as some large battle, in which they lock eyes, the awkwardness exchanged between themselves, before having no choice to engage in the current fight.

Afterwards, the two could shout it out. (Mostly Yangry Yang, I believe. Blake would feel guilty af)

Even better, I like to imagine, Yang is down during the battle, wounded/stunned, about to receive a hard blow, before Blake steps in and saves her.
“I’m not letting anyone hurt you again, Yang.” She could say. That’d bring a tear to my eye tbh :’)

Or a slightly more angsty scene, where Yang saves Blake instead, to which Blake is confused afterwards.
“Why bother saving me, Yang?” She’d ask.
To which the blonde replies, “You may have run away from me, Blake…but we’re still partners. We look out for each other. Even if you don’t deserve it. I care about you still, even after you left me…”

To which Blake is wordless. After all Yang would be correct.

Idk. Just some ideas for volume 4 as a whole, and the reunion arc. There are many intriguing options the show can choose to pursue, and I do hope they select the one they feel is best.

(And yes, 99.9% of me is biased toward bumbleby here. I don’t apologize. Show me dem bees, RT! Please?)

Not about us: A sardonyx theory/analysis

((i’m not sure if this was already covered, if it has, I haven’t seen it))

During the sardonyx and smokey quartz episode “know your fusion” smokey quartz is asked to do some tests to try and find her ‘special powers’, by sardonyx. These tests consisted of, comparing amethyst’s fusion’s powers to smokey quartz’ abilities. The fusions consisting of - opal, sugilite and alexandrite, the tests - aim with a bow and arrow, strength with a hammer and fire breath. 

I’m sure you can see that fire is definitely not a power that either steven or amethyst would even come close to possessing. but what about strength and aim?

well, the aim of opal comes from pearl. she has a spear that she constantly throws and uses like sort of canon, all of which need the skill of aim, pearl is very accustomed to that and is part of her personal skill set.

The strength of sugilite comes from garnet, the strength of ruby and sapphire together make for a strong gem on their own, so putting her together with amethyst makes for the strongest known fusion of three gems. 

So, why would all the tests be obviously impossible for amethyst or steven to accomplish?

A line just before sardonyx unfuses answers this, “It’s not about us!” 

Garnet and pearl were so excited about amethyst and steven’s fusion, that they got caught up with it and forgot it was about them and not themselves. So they were subconsciously making it about them, making tests that were about them and discarding the whole yo-yo thing.

That’s all!

Ok, but where are the children?

It’s a beautiful sunny day. Why aren’t the children outside playing? 

The opening page of chapter 82 show waiting. The government, the garrison, the queen - all anxiously looking for the return of the Survey Corps. But is it also hinting at something nefarious? I ask you, why is the barn door boarded shut? Why are guards posted? And just where are the children? While the Survey corps is away, what is happening inside the walled world?

Historia used the royal family budget and the assets seized from politicians to open the orphanage.  I wonder if the money has already run out. The mayor of Stohess spoke about the desperate situation in chapter 70. The nation is on the verge of rebellion. Without the land, the country will be bankrupt. 

Isayama may be hinting that problems within the walls have already begun.

my new year’s resolution (of sorts) is to read more political theory and philosophy. i’d love to cover some of the really fundamental introductory texts - for example, i’ve already read the communist manifesto and rousseau’s the social compact, so that’s the sort of thing i’m looking for. does anybody take politics at university and have any favourite texts or authors to recommend, or just have a casual interest and some recommendations?

SU Theory: Mystery Girl Is Serandite

 a So after watching Last One Out Of Beach City and dwelling on it for a week, I thought maybe, juuuust maybe, what if Mystery Girl was a gem? I won’t go into the whys exactly since I’ve seen a bunch of other people cover that so this is just about, if she is then why Serandite?

Well firstly let’s take a look at Mystery Girl:

Now being into crystals I already had a few candidates in mind when trying to find a gem that matches, so I just searched for Crystals beginning with “S” The only part of the Mystery Girl’s name that we know of, and Serandite popped up.

This here’s Serandite, a lovely pink gem for obvious reasons, now let’s go back to that phone number for a second.

If this person is actually a gem who’s successfully assimilated into society then I tihnk her name would help greatly in this. Serandite. This can easily be shortened to the real name, Seran - which would really help her assimilate, since from what we’ve seen our Gems atleast aren’t particularly good at naming themselves.

Now we all know about her likeness to Rose (Another easily shortened name), and Rose Quartz being a stone of love and compassion, but Serandite also shares these traits. Serandite is particularly useful for promoting love, harmony, and compassion espcially in a family or extended family environment.

And lastly,
Serandite is useful in promoting a good first impression.


A-Force #5 preview.

If I had a money I’d comission a fanart of this dragon fighting American Kajuu. Or a tripple threat brawl with them and Fing Fang Foom.

Singularity really wanted to be paired with Nico, it seems. I still cannot believe how oblivious to her affection Nico is. And yet she is clearly checking Jen out on Kris Anka’s cover (what? That’s how it looks like). Just let Nico be queer already, Marvel.

Also, Thor Dazzler showed up already? So unless were missing a page, my theory that’s Countess is wrong. So…alternate Universe maybe (small glimpse of hope mind-controlled Nico will also turn out to be an AU duplicate)?

So Ali Danesh posted her concept character designs for ATOTS, and I was definitely interested in Ford’s, mostly because the episode itself is so dark, you can hardly make out the details! Also interesting to note that he WAS already wearing the turtleneck; he simply had his scarf that was on his face covering it.

Also wanted to talk about the symbols on his belt! Anyone have any guesses as to what they could be? Here are mine (but I’m open to other interpretations).

  • H-like symbol - Symbol for Pisces, Greek for fish, and also the constellation.
  • E- like Symbol - My best guess is Epsilon, the Greek letter. Also used to denote the 5th brightest start in a constellation.
  • ♉ - Appears to be the symbol for Taurus, representing the constellation and strological sign of the same name.
  • £ - Pound sign. Represents Libra, the basic unit it weight in the Roman Empire, and possibly also the constellation.

All seem potentially based in astronomy/astrology in one way or another! Makes me even more curious as to what he did on the other side of that portal…

Hey y'all! Hope you’re doing well. I have a fun announcement to make.

After a lot of hesitance, then thinking, then even more hesitance, I’ve decided to put out my own version of events for KHX that leads to KHUX, starring my two KH OCs! It’s going to be dark, have a lot of action, hopefully a compelling mystery, and hopefully a satisfying development.

I know people have already seen back cover and the English copies are already making it out in Europe, but I hope people will still be willing to hear what my theories were all this time about the X story, and my take on the Foretellers’ personalities!

I will be posting on AO3. I don’t have a posting schedule and will update as I go, but I have most of the plot planned out already. I’ve written very short one-shots no longer than 2k words, but right now the first chapter is already approaching 3K! While many fic writers have written more for a multi-chaptered work, I’m extremely inexperienced, and hope, if you decide to read, will enjoy amidst my mistakes and plot devices! When the first chapter is ready (most likely tomorrow), I will post the link here!

Again, I hope you will all enjoy! As a side note, I will be streaming whenever I get my hands on 2.8, and will also post whenever I stream as well.

I hope you are all well! Take care, many hugs and much love!

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(I just sent you the other ask about Kidge tanking AND asking about the manga thing :P sorry for spamming your inbox) but it could be that we're getting that feeling because of the push for Klance to be canon, and apparently people think there's a chance for Keith/Allura to be a thing (which would SUCK because I'm a freaking hardcore Shallura shipper), AND I've seen other theories that Keith will get a love interest that's a new character. So basically that's like 3 ways they could sink our ship

Lol you’ve covered it. Personally, I wouldn’t mind what direction they take this considering I trust JDS (Juaquim Dos Santos) in his abilities as a story teller. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m not a huge fan of Klance. I really don’t care for it, honestly. I also don’t see how it could go canon but with how LOK flipped a switch and gave us a canonical non-hetero pairing as an endgame I wouldn’t be surprised if they do that here.

And same here. I love Shallura to death and would be so sad if it sank too. We’ll have to wait and see huh? (*gnaws fingernails*)

Cover pages - Sanji x Nami P.6

We’re already up to part 6! So much SaNami~! As you most likely know this is my cover analysis series. I go through the chapter cover pages, color spreads and Book covers in One Piece to see what SaNami I can find. Here are PART 1, PART 2, PART 3, PART4 and PART 5 if you haven’t read them yet. :)

This is for fun and to collect all the SaNami in one place. That being said of course I will be biased and some moments will be reaching or head canons. Still, I hope you can enjoy my search for SaNami hints that Oda might have left us.

This part will stretch from book 64 to book 72 (chapter 628 to 717). SaNami under the cut~!

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Ok… So, I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this or if they have commented on it. I apologize in advance if I’m writing about an aspect of the movie that has already been covered. I have seen a lot of interesting posts analyzing the posters, the costumes, and so forth, and I thought this would be an interesting contribution to the discussion.

Anyway, I noticed while looking through pictures of The Force Awakens that scenes involving Kylo Ren and, in this post, Kylo Ren and Rey, the background and/or surrounding objects are red and blue - the colors of their respective light sabers that represent the light and the dark.

Using the photos above as reference…. In the first image, Rey and Ren are on opposite sides as the earth splits apart. They are surrounded by a mostly blue forest, but there is some red visible at the bottom of the frame, where the gap is widening. In the second, Ren is surrounded by a completely blue forest, his red saber almost - if not the - only spot of red. In the scene where Ren uses the Force to choke his subordinate, both blue and red are present. In the scene where Ren speaks to the Darth Vader mask, which is not featured fully here, there is mostly blue with little red beans here and there.

In this moment of vulnerability, Ren is feeling the pull of the Light stronger than the Dark, whereas the scene with the messenger features him against a red background, mirroring his rage. In his confrontation with Han Solo, there is more blue than red, at first. When Ren chooses to murder his father, almost the entire frame goes red, for this is the most evil act Ren will commit in his lifetime. Interestingly, however, the frame depicting Ren doubled over after being shot show a background that is a perfect balance of blue and red. (This is the last picture featured)

In the interrogation scene with Poe, which is not featured here, the scene is almost completely red. In the interrogation scene with Rey, both are present - but blue is the dominant color. While the ceiling is red and some of the surrounding machinery have red lights or buttons or whatever, the one frame of Ren standing very close to Rey has a completely blue background. I know that a lot of this is a no-brainer because -duh - the pictures are right there for everyone to see.

But I wanted to say that, looking at these photos, I’m reminded of what Maz said to Rey when she said that the Light is and has always been there. The Light and the Dark do not merely represents sides of war - they represent energy. The constant shifting of blue and red in Kylo Ren’s frames show his conflict between the Light and the Dark. And it seems to significant that blue is such a dominant color when Rey and Ren are featured together. The use of color is such great storytelling on its own because the shifting colors give insight to the characters and their moods and relationships if you happen to find pictures that illustrate this concept but are not featured here, feel free to add them!

I know I have a lot of inbox messages, and I promise I will get to those tomorrow–but, I just want to express how worried I am concerning this cover. We have Yato wielding Sekki, back facing Bishamonten. And again, lycoris flowers. To recap, these flowers represent longing, abandonment, lost memory–they are generally the type of flower to light the way toward the next reincarnation.

I worry about Bishamon, especially. I’ve already been worried that something will happen to her, but of course, it could also veer off into a different direction entirely. AKA, it could be presenting for Yato or Yukine. Seeing this flower, though, we can anticipate that something bad is about to happen.

Maybe we will either learn more about Yato soon, or we will finally learn something about Yukine. There is truly more than one direction this symbolism could go in, and I’m not too thrilled about any of them, to be completely honest.

For tossmymagicgoldenhair because I use my writing as incentive for my friends to get their work done. Welp. Here’s to finishing your French project! You asked for some sick!Connor and fluff, so I hope this fulfills your needs! xx P.S. I haven’t edited yet. I was so excited about posting it that I didn’t go through. So I apologize for any mistakes!

With the crisp chilly weather came many nights of snuggling on the couch, bundled in blankets, and two cups of scorching hot coffee or cocoa—depending on the mood. Blissful evening walks, striding along the pavement as two glove covered hands held each other desperately. In theory, cold weather was great. It gave Connor even more of an excuse to be cuddly—cuddlier than he already was if that were even possible. And Oliver totally caught onto it. But he wouldn’t say anything. Just happily accepted the little bundle that was Connor latching onto him just a bit tighter during the nippy nights, or standing much closer than needed for extra warmth whenever they were outside. In theory, it was perfect and dreamy.

But unfortunately, the cold weather also brought with it colds. Sniffles, itchy throats, red noses, hot faces, aching bellies, and all around feelings of gloom and discomfort. Piles of used tissues littering the floor. Hundreds upon hundreds of cough drop wrappers accumulating in bags. And not to mention the countless hours of sleep to be lost from the incessant hacking and coughing, nearly bursting a lung. Cold weather was supposed to bring warm, happy, fuzzy feelings. But all Connor was feeling, was like a piece of garbage. In reality, it was nothing but a time of festering pesky illnesses.

Connor lay on the couch in Oliver’s apartment, wrapped up in a tight blanket burrito. Thick, dark circles lined his eyes, emphasizing just how little sleep he had been getting the last few nights. His throat was raw, making his voice scratchy and horrifically raspy. Sometimes a bit of a raspy voice was a good thing. Like when he and Oliver were kissing for so long—or doing other things like moaning and crying out in pleasure—where their voices became raspy. That was hot. This? Not so much. He was on the border of losing his voice—and his sanity if he were being honest with himself. He couldn’t have picked a worse time to get sick, right before finals. When he needed more than anything to have his wits and brains, but couldn’t even think properly because his brain felt like mush.

So here he was, sniffling every other breath to keep any snots from dribbling out his nose, lips parted allowing him to breath without the struggle of a clogged nose, and eyes so red and bloodshot he looked like he either hadn’t slept in a week, or was high off his ass. And at a first glance, Oliver was worried it was the latter. But only for a second. Because then he remembered that Connor didn’t actually have a drug problem, and that it was all just a lie to cover something much bigger and darker than Oliver would have ever imagined. It didn’t push him away though. When Connor had broke down and told him, it made their relationship stronger. Yes, relationship. Now that everything was out in the open, there was nothing to worry about. Everything was as it should be. And while Oliver wasn’t thrilled with the lie, he was just glad that Connor was okay. From there, he pledged that he would always take care of Connor. Which especially came in handy for times like this.

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