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Wilson Fisk & James Wesley + text posts

soma appreciation post
  • has an elephant
  • looks damn good in a belly shirt (and that piercing hot damn)
  • is beautiful and an actual ray of sunshine

ok and now that we got these out of the way…

  • despite arriving in England being spoiled and self-centered, graciously accepts Sebastian and Ciel’s criticism and immediately improves his behavior and apologizes and admits he was immature
  • despite getting told off by Mina and hearing her say she was only nice because of her job, he immediately understands her and his own blame, and apologizes to her and thanks her
  • immediately forgives Agni for betraying him and keeping secrets, and thanks Agni for staying by his side
  • improves as a person and makes friends that are truly his
  • super smart, learned everything being taught at Weston as a child, and knows martial arts (kalaripayattu and silambam)
  • is the one person to recognize that Ciel is a child–a traumatized and severely emotionally damaged child–but a child nonetheless, who should be treated kindly
  • despite being raised rich, is sympathetic to the plights of the poor and physically partakes in charitable events
  • wants to be a replacement family for Ciel, because that’s what he feels Ciel needs, despite having been deprived of a loving childhood himself
  • actually extremely perceptive, already knowing that Agni was sneaking off when they first got to England, and is able to easily pinpoint Agni’s true concerns
  • has a better grasp on Ciel’s true character than almost anyone else, but also sees a severely emotionally damaged child (despite not knowing why), and even then wishes to be Ciel’s friend and help him re-form human connections
  • consistently wants to better himself and others
  • is a good person
  • does not deserve this
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okay so, this a quick little tutorial on how to REBLOG posts instead of stealing them! it’s actually quite simple, follow along~

now first, what you wanna do is find a rlly nice post (it can be a gifset,a text post, anything). Then, you wanna tell yourself “hey, since this is a rlly nice original post i should reblog it onto my blog”

good job! you’re almost done! third thing you wanna do is: click this little button right here:

once you click that good ol’ button, then you see this window pop up like this:

wow! would you look at that! here in this window you can add your own little comment in the ‘caption’ section if you would like. you can also add ‘tags’ in the post! that way you can get more followers by using tags instead of stealing original content that isn’t made my you! :-)

after those quick steps you can hit that big reblog button in the bottom right and BAM–now its on your blog!! and gives proper credit to the poster that it rightfully deserves!

I hope this tutorial helped anyone that seems to be confused bc i’ve seen quite a few people not understanding this concept?? 


Having a penis doesn’t make you a man.
Having a vagina doesn’t make you a woman.
To be a man, you must be as swift as the coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon, with all the strength of a raging fire, mysterious as the dark side of the moon

Be gone: Chapter 1 - The voice

Entry post - Read first, please :D
Word count: 650
Warnings: blood. (Not much though.)

It was just another normal day.
Jack had nothing special planned today, except recording one episode of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds with Felix, and playing some Overwatch with Bob in the afternoon. Maybe Signe was going to come over and they could watch a movie together later that night.
Little did Jack know what was going to happen on this very day.

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I was tagged by the lovely @marinette-buginette

Rules: post the last sentence you wrote (fanfic/original/anything!) and tag as many people as there are words in the sentence. (this time i’ve read the rulesssssss!!!) 

Last thing i wrote…was me crying on discord at something @mardimari drew XD…fanfic wisee……let’s see….

“B-bye…” was all Adrien could manage as the fabric fell away, sealing their fates and the fate of their unpacked boxes for the night. 

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) this is from a lil birthday dribble drabble for miss @bbwoulfc (whose birthday was yesterday!!!! =3=) (it’s a bit too nsfw-y to post! but it was fun to write XD and ray is the best and deserves all the gifts and happy thoughts!!!) 

ALSO ALL MY SENTENCES ARE HELLA LONG, DAMNIT!!! 24 words?!?!! 24 people?!?! well i already tagged mardi and ray…SO THAT COUNTS YOU GOTTA!!! =3= 

and also (ill end up retagging peeps from last time, but y’all always writing so share the good if you wanna!!! =3=) I tag: @kryallaorchid @midnightstarlightwrites @lunian @baneismydragon @siderealscribblings @ferisae @maerynn-blog @chocoluckchipz @mmmatchaball @megupic @thelastpilot @skaylanphear @hchano @sarahcada @portentous-offerings @geek-fashionista @metawohoo @gabriel-fucking-agreste @qookyquiche @i-am-thornqueen @krzed @imthepunchlord


82 Truths Tag!

@scribble-dee-vee thanks for the tag! 

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, write a post with 82 truths about yourself and then tag 25 people. 

Most recent…

Drink: Water

Phone Call: I don’t call a lot so my mom

Text: Also my mom (I’m forever alone!)

Song you listened to: 
Don’t Forget About Me by CLOVES
Time you cried: I think the last time I cried was during a very in-depth sermon about forgiveness I went to this past weekend; although I have almost-cried many times since then lol 

Bold if you’ve ever..

Dated someone twice.

Been cheated on.
Kissed someone and regretted it.
 (Every damn one)
Lost someone special.

Been depressed.

Been drunk and thrown up. 

Bold if you’ve in the last year…

Fallen out of love.

Made a new friend.

Laughed until you cried.

Met someone who changed you.

Found out someone mattered to you more than you thought.

Found out someone was talking about you.
Kissed anyone on your fb list. 

List three favourite colors: powder blue, light peach, black

How many people from your fb list do you know irl: All of them lol

Do you have any pets: Yup, a papillon, a chihuahua, a black lab, and a pointer mix (and some occasional neighborhood cats)

Do you want to change your name: no, but if I did change it, it would be to something more pronounceable!

What did you do for your birthday: had a birthday cake that looked like all the letters fell down to the bottom, it was pretty awesome. I celebrated with my extended family and then went home with my immediate family to make some faux bruschetta based on my own recipe. 

What time did you wake up today: 10:30 lol

What were you doing last night at midnight: playing a game on my phone (I have a nightly ritual of checking my tumblr, checking my Pinterest, and then playing these two games I have on my phone to help me unwind from the day
Name something you can’t wait for: Kingsman 2, Wonder Woman on Redbox, moving out and becoming independent, making money off of my craft, building my own tiny house, my tomatoes ripening, all the little things that make me happy

Last time you saw your mom: I see my parents on weekends

What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: 
Nothing, it all led me to this moment
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: I think. Either my archery coach’s name was Tom or his twin brother’s name was Tom. Or was it Tim? I’m not sure
What’s getting on your nerves right now: Summer and its humidity

Blood type: 
I have no idea and that’s really concerning since I’m at the doctor’s all the time. I should probably find out!
Nickname: Kay, Kirsty, Bird. I also answer to any butcherings of my name (i.e. Kristen, Kiersten, Kirshstein, etc.)
Relationship status: Single but hella ready for my Prince Charming already!
Pronouns: She/her

Favorite TV show: 
All of them!
Long or short hair: Long, I’m going to get it cut soon so it will be easier to wash (spoonie problems)

Height: 5'5"

Do you have a crush on someone: 
Not really. I mean there are some celebrities and tumblr users I think are cute as heck but I definitely don’t know any of them personally
What do you like about yourself: I have a hella rad aesthetic and my stretch marks look like lightning bolts and flames

Right or left handed: Right

First surgery: I have (thankfully) not had any surgeries because the great Lord knows that I wouldn’t be able to mentally handle having to have a surgery

First best friend: 
First sport you joined: (and only) Softball

Right now…

Drinking: Water

I’m about to: Finish up a theme I’m working on and then head to bed!
Listening to: Baseball for some reason

Kids: Eventually, but I’m going to adopt because heck if I want to pass my health issues to my children (both my mom and my brother have the same thing I do!)
Get married: I was actually engaged a couple years ago, but it didn’t work out. I’ll definitely wait longer next time. I would love to meet someone but my health is my focus right now.
Career: I am actually in the process of starting my own “artsy” business. It will include art, writing, and the occasional random thing I want to branch out in like theme making or blogging. If my health wasn’t an issue, I had a dream to open a non-alcoholic hangout “bar” or a bookstore/coffeehouse.

Which is better…

Lips or Eyes
Hugs or Kisses
Taller or Shorter

Older or Younger

Romantic or Spontaneous

Sensitive or Loud

Hookup or Relationship

Troublemaker or Hesitant 

Have you ever…

Kissed a stranger: No
Glasses/contacts: No
Had sex on a first date: Good golly gosh no
Broke someone’s heart: No

Turned someone down: No

Cried when someone died: Yes
Fallen for a friend: Yes >.<

Do you believe in…

Yourself: Well, yeah. I kinda have to!
Miracles: Oh honey yes
Love at first sight: Not really
Heaven: Yes
Kissing on the first date: It really just depends on the person, but I don’t think I ever have except for once because he actually kissed me before the first date.

Oh dear Lord, I don’t even know if I know 25 people!

Here it goes! @flannelandsarcasm @authorrjcity @scripturient-manipulator @writingsaboutwhatever @ramblingrubyred @koderhode @mcfrankauthor @crazybunchwriter @chroniclesofnovella @toboldlywrite @robinbibliophile @writersblockeveryday @tcstu @kbcypher @jascel @eggletine @merigreenleaf @scarvenartist @orionwritessomething @thewritehag @rain-catz @brynwrites@byjillianmaria @prideandpen @alexadooodle

Ah, just 25!

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Rule: post 15 tags of your bias

Thank you @awakeforjin for tagging me in this! I swing between super low effort tags and keyboard smashing so … buckle up buckaroos. This took me almost through my entire blog which was … phew. A wild ride. 

1. #your girl is an easy hoe for Kim Seokjin

2. #what in tarnation #how many times can you choke before you die #asking for a friend

3. #that choker #more like choke me

4. #stop the mf-ing presses

5. #this image literally makes me clench my thighs together I’m so #I’m so easy

6. #he looks so good I’m sweating #he is so sweaty I am LIVING

7. #rap god Kim Seokjin

8. #holy shit #shove your fist down my throat

9. #this is the look of a man who drinks champagne out of solo cups

10. #I saw a man so beautiful I cried

11. #blonde Jin in all black is my religion #welcome to my church #worship here #I will kneel at his feet 

12. #I want to write a love letter to his stylist #bitch I want to marry you #bitch I want to buy you dinner #bitch you have the best taste ever 

13. #why is he like this #you’re lucky you’re so hot #because you’re so weird

15. #if Jin wrote a song called First Love it would be about bread

Tagging: @btsfangirlstudies @nerdlove22 @chimeyesmiles @cuteseokjin @jacksonswenis and whoever considers their tags to be an exceptional work of art like Kim Seokjin

no but omg now because of this post all i can think about is literally enjolras going to a diner or something to study and then looks up and sees grantaire there and is like jesus christ he’s so hot and he panics a little when he sees him walking in his direction because wHAT DOES HE DO but then realizes that grantaire is his waiter and that he has to order and shit how do you words. so he fumbles with the menu and doesn’t even notice what he orders and he can’t concentrate at all because he’s still flustered about grantaire’s eyes on him and he wants to hide his face in his hands because he’s surely blushing now how pathetic but then grantaire comes back with his food and he says the “careful the plate is hot too” and enjolras goes ????? and grantaire smiles and touches his shoulder and makes a sizzling sound and enjolras is so sure his face is entirely red at this point 

and he might or might not have texted courfeyrac with the details and wHAT DO I DO in capital letters because reasons and courf might have replied something like ‘suck his dick’ and winky faces which was entirely helpful thanks courf

tagged by @tinyshootingstar; thank you so so much for tagging me! ♥ 

I tag @ldimmedlightsl @maruaforeva @pink-owlet111 @flutingandwriting @fania88

the last:

1. drink: mineral water

2. phone call: my mum

3. text message: ‘Ohhhh’ (texted that to @ideealebooks xD) 

4. song you listened to: ‘Change’ by Rap Monster and Wale

5. time you cried: yesterday, watching BTS’s Love Yourself High Reel ;(

have you ever:

6. dated someone twice: i haven’t even dated anyone yet 

7. kissed someone and regretted it: i haven’t had my first kiss yet 

8. been cheated on: nope and i hope it never happens

9. lost someone special: uh, i dunno? 

10. been depressed: kind of, but not quite; it happened it 8th grade due to bullying and for two months i could not see happiness in anything 

11. gotten drunk & thrown up: i have never gotten drunk lmao, this pup ain’t drinking like crazy

favorite colors:

12. blue

13. red

14. pink/purple/yellow

in the last year have you:

15. made new friends: yes

16. fallen out of love: i’ve barely had a crush or two, but i can’t call it love

17. laughed until you cried: yes, because i literally laugh from anything

18. found out someone was talking about you: i don’t think so??

19. met someone who changed you: back in 2004 as a kid and back in 2015 as a freshman (i’m talking about my two best friends that i love so much <3 )

20. found out who your friends are: yes, referring to certain aspects (but not in a bad way, though) 

21. kissed someone on your Facebook list: lol no


22. how many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: most of them, though there are some friends that i know from facebook groups and so 

23. do you have any pets: i used to have three aquatic water turtles and they were lovely, but all of them died (my brother and i cried so much)

24. do you want to change your name: as much as people mistake my name for other ones, i wouldn’t like to have another name; i think it suits me just well <3

25. what did you do for your last birthday: i took my brother and my best friend to the mall’s cinema to watch Pirates of the Caribbean <3 

26. what time did you wake up: 9:59 am

27. what were you doing at midnight last night: writing something fic related starring my pjo and hoo oc 

28. name something you can’t wait for: the fifth season of Brookly Nine-Nine, the second season of Stranger Things, and the release of ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ 

31. what are you listening to right now: my brother chatting on skype with his friends

32. have you ever talked to a person named tom: nope, but i wouldn’t mind to have a chat with someone named tom holland LOL

33. something that is getting on your nerves: people that change plans last minute, people that walk slowly in front of me

34. most visited website: youtube, instagram and tumblr

35. hair colour: dark brown

36. long or short hair: average length but i’m going to cut it shoulder length soon

39. piercings: do earrings even count?? like the two holes almost everyone gets at birth

40. blood type: B, i think??

41. nicknames: Căli (family and friends), lil puff (one of my best friends), cupkz (it sprouted from one of my internet friends), iub (my other best friend) 

42. relationship status: single af

43. zodiac: gemini

44. pronouns: she/her

45. favourite tv show: brooklyn nine-nine (it’s so underrated, you guys really need to watch it)

46. tattoos: no

47. right or left handed: right handed

48. surgery: no

49. piercing: no

50. sport: i’m not too sporty, but i love swimming, and i enjoy volleyball and basketball 

51. vacation: i went to the seaside in Constanţa in July xD

52. pair of trainers: i have a pair of them for gym class, and all the other pairs of shoes are sneakers 

more general

53. eating: at the moment or in general? 

54. fav drink: tea and coffee, can’t choose

55. what you’re up to: reading, watching movies, sketching, listening to music

56. waiting for: September to come 

57. want: to get a boyfriend in college, i need myself someone to cuddle

58. get married: maybe someday, who knows lol

59. career: still trying to decide, but one option would be to work as a translator

which is better:

60. hugs or kisses: both (is it that obvious that i want a bf)

61. lips or eyes: eyes

62. shorter or taller: taller

63. older or younger: close to my age, but i don’t mind a little older

64. nice arms or nice stomach: both

65. hook up or relationship: relationship

66. troublemaker or hesitant: hesitant af

have you ever:

67. kissed a stranger: nope

68. drank hard liquor: nope

69. lost glasses/contact lenses: i am pretty careful with my glasses, and it’s been three years since i got them 

70. turned someone down: no one ever asked me out so nope

71. sex on the first date: nope

72. broken someone’s heart: i don’t think someone ever liked me, so nope

73. had your heart broken: no

74. been arrested: no

75. cried when someone died: yes

76. fallen for a friend: nope

do you believe in

77. yourself: well, that’s something i still have to learn to do 

78. miracles: sometimes i guess?? it depends 

79. love at first sight: yes and no?? i mean not love at first sight, but maybe crush at first sight?? 

80. santa claus: no

81. kiss on the first date: yes (my future bf should do this)

82. angels: i dunno


83. current best friend’s name: ironically, both of my best friends are called Andreea xD

84. eye colour: brown (coffee brown in the sun?? i dunno) 

85. favourite movie: oof, tough decision :/ i have so many favourite movies, but I’ve seen Les Intouchables a month ago or so and it really got to my heart

Ai's Shouri E no Kiseki Translations: Master List

As followers of my Tumblr have already noticed, one of my current projects is translating every single scene of Shouri E no Kiseki.  What is Shouri E no Kiseki?  It’s a KnB official 3DS game!  I answer someone’s question here.

Because it’s getting really hard to find posts, here, have a master list of all my current (and future) Shouri E no Kiseki translations and audio clips.  First of all, let me point you to the tags: 

Also, if you are a fan of a particular school or character, I’ve done my best to tag all the characters and schools.  To get you started, here are the school tags.  Special note: Kise Ryouta fans, almost everything I post has Kise in it, and so clicking on the Kise Ryouta tag returns almost my entire blog.  I’m so sorry…  T_T

Under the cut are the translations and clips listed by storyline.  I’ll periodically update this post to include new translations and audio clips as they’re posted.

Warning: This is going to be a very long post. ^_^;

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vulpinerantsaboutshit replied to your post “Hey! Could you recommend some bnha fanfics (preferably sfw)? I’m…”

you havent looked through the ao3 tag recently, then. second highest rated one is explicit shipping.

oh i check ao3 every day

i just avoid all the shipping.

(also, that post is almost a year old, dude. but even then, the fics are still good recs imo)

Whew! I just spent all day upgrading my Navigation page to include a link to a page of Ship Tags and I upgraded those ship tags to include every possible combination of characters including platonic pairings with Steven and excluding Yellow Diamond because honestly I’m just not emotionally prepared to embrace the idea of shipping her with anyone yet.

So, that’s an accomplishment in itself. But wait, there’s more! While I was going through each of the almost 800 posts on this blog, I started a running list of a few of my personal favorite text conversations that never made the cut for the “5k notes and above” page, just for fun. Check ‘em out below if you want!

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