i almost tagged this jjba


so I recently was not feeling too good about my inability to use colors in unconventional way so I started randomizing my palette for my daily doodles (the exact colors used are in caption, those were colored with Promarkers for the record)

I must say I’m quite happy with the results and I have been very surprised by some color combos and I’m definitely going to use some in future works

also there’s a bonus Kiraboss under the cut, which was the first doodle I did for the soft pink/orange/blue one but I’m too chickenshit about ship stuff so I did a little Doppio to hide my shame

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i asked a bot in a discord groupchat what to draw and it said something bt and gay so???? also my gif thing isn’t working so you get individual frames for dramatic effect i guess lmao

like FATHER, like SON - dedicated to queenamileena

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