i almost started tagging this as homestuck


i honestly never thought id ever reach this many followers on a silly homestuck blog dedicated to mostly meowrails, and yet here i am, almost a year later, with all these wonderful followers.  you guys really are the best, ive heard a variety of different things about the homestuck fandom, but i honestly never expected to feel so welcomed so quickly by you all.  id never had my art get very many notes before i started drawing homestuck art, and i had my first post reach 1,000 notes here, and since then ive just felt so much more confident and like my art is really appreciated.  i love seeing all the tags people add to my art, and you all are just so kind and i just want to thank you all so so much for being here for me.  youre all amazing and i hope you know that!  i love you all for being here with me on my tumblr journey!  here’s to another year of good times and new friendships.  <3

31 days of homestuck || #27 fave kid + fave troll = a ship

↳ feat. dave lalonde latching onto the cute lil’ shouty guy who’s new on the playground and karkat vantas who’s said “cute lil’ shouty guy” and not really used to being touched so casually and talked to by what seems to be this super genuine person what is going on and what the hell are space wizards???

they’re lions. who can talk.

this started out as the prompt for today and then it kinda grew a life of it’s own?? even i don’t really know what’s happening anymore. i can however tell you that mom and crabdad are getting along famously in the bg

Here is my most recent progress shot of my homestuck blanket that i started like 2 or 3 years ago. as you can see, there is a blatant hole in the middle, where i need to put Jake’s symbol and Rose’s symbol, then i need to sew it to some flannel i have for backing fabric… i’m almost done, but i still have a good bit of work to do… (i’m still not feeling up to knitting Rose’s square)

xenobiia  asked:

Not to mention, in that homestuck vs. pony porn post, homestucks tend to tag their porn a lot more, and also have publicly started shit about rape based media and why it's wrong. I do not see MLP doing that, lol.

another thing the homestuck fandom can pat itself on the back for is not having members who searched down a 17 year old girl’s address, made rape porn of her characters, bought expensive pizza orders on behalf of addresses that they thought were hers (to try to make her pay for them), etc, all because said teen girl didn’t like their rape jokes

I don’t even like homestuck but at this point it’s almost impossible for a fandom to be as toxic and unsafe as the brony fandom

I was just on Omegle, and when I’m in the “homestuck” tag, I’m used to people here and there recognize me from my tumblr. It’s kinda cute and fun. BUT TONIGHT, I ran into someone who was such a big fan he started crying, and another who appeared to almost have a panic attack just from running into me. I’m flattered and disturbed. 

It was also somewhat discouraging to find out how many people who claim to be my “fans” don’t even use the right pronouns. Oh well. Interesting night.