i almost started screaming when i saw he walked into class today and was also wearing a john shirt


OK, remember that guy I told you guys about that on the first day of class he wore a Beatles shirt and I wore a Beatles shirt too? well….ok heres how it goes:

  • Day 1: I wear my Beatles Let It Be shirt, he wears his Beatles Mad Day Out shirt.
  • Day 2: I wear my Abbey Road shirt, he wears his Abbey Road shirt (different design) 
  • Day 3(TODAY): I wear my John Lennon shirt….HE fucking wears a John Lennon shirt too…


How is this even possible, three days in a row?! and the same kind of shirt every time…like whaaa and I have never spoken to this guy I just know we pretty much wear the same thing every time knvfjhbvjbhjb