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So a Fic where Patton refers Logan as "his hero", Virgil as his "son" and Roman as his "son-in-law" and that causes Virgil to choke oh his coffee and Roman is like "???" Meanwhile Logan is internally crying cause Patton said he was his hero. Again.

I kinda went rogue with this one, but I hope it still works Anon!

Word Count: 1,413


  Patton had the tendency to think of the other sides as family, that was clear enough. And  of course that was never a bad thing, but where exactly did he place them all? It was clear he viewed Virgil as a son, but where did the rest of them lie? That was the question that Logan had been thinking about. While it was a rather silly question, it was still a question nonetheless.

So Logan had started observing how the fatherly trait seemed to act around them all. It was the logical thing to do. He would have gone to Patton, But he wanted to try to see if he could figure it out on his own before he approached Patton about the matter.  The logical trait had been rather bored recently, so he figured that it would at least make things a little bit more interesting.

So, for the past few days Logan had been observing how Patton was acting when he was interacting with everyone. He had even catalogued his behaviors in his notepad. He already knew that Patton thought of Virgil as a son, so he didn’t bother writing those down, though he was still sure to pay attention to how the two acted around each other.

When it came to Roman, Logan had observed that he tended to act around him the same way he did around Virgil, with a few minor changes here and there. Patton seemed to treat him like he was child, but not his own. It was like he was treated him more…well, it was hard for him to explain. Patton was surely careful with him, but he never really seemed to say it outright like he did when the youngest trait. He definitely tried to take care of him too, though, not as much as he did Virgil. Perhaps an older friend of the family? No…it had to be something different. After all, Patton did once say that everyone here was family to each other. He had tried to work it out more, but no matter what he tried to compare it to being, it didn’t seem quite right. He had ended up just writing it down as inconclusive. It appeared he would just have to straight up ask Patton if he didn’t think of anything else in his research.

This little test of his was proving more strenuous than previously thought. But he still continued on, and his curiosity still grew. Logan knew that in the end he was still going to ask Patton, all of this was just because he was bored after all. However, it seemed that this experiment of his was more amusing than he originally thought, and it was taking longer too. He had only planned on working on observing Roman and Patton’s interactions for a few days at most. That had quickly turned into a week, luckily, when it came to cataloguing and analyzing the information he had gathered from the week it had taken less time than he had previously thought.

It was needless to say that when it came time for him to start observing how Patton acted around him, he was relieved. It would be easier to see Patton’s reactions now, after all, now he wouldn’t have to try to listen into others conversations, and he wouldn’t have to pay attention to all of the other traits as much.

This time the logical sides research took much less time than before, only a few days. However, his information that he had gathered was even less conclusive than before. But it was vastly different from the information he had gotten from the other research opportunities, so he did get something.

Logan observed that Patton treated him a bit differently than he did the others. Patton didn’t treat him like he would a son at all. From what he had gathered, Patton treated him more as an equal. It even seemed that he looked up to him. Patton came to him with questions, and seemed to really listen to his answers and he definitely at least tried to follow his advice. Logan could really only conclude that Patton saw him as a teacher.

Logan was relatively satisfied with his research. Yes, the research for Roman turned out inconclusive, but somehow, him coming to the conclusion that Patton saw him as a teacher made up for it. There was only one step left to complete what he had been doing, he had to ask Patton exactly how he viewed them all. That way the fatherly trait could either confirm or deny it. But…there was a part of Logan that didn’t want to bring up his little experiment. For some reason he felt rather self-conscious about it. After all, what if he thought it was weird? That was normally something he wouldn’t worry about, after all, it was just an experiment. Surely no one could think it was that weird. So he simply shoved aside his worries and headed downstairs to ask.

When Logan had headed downstairs he saw the others getting ready for lunch. Great…he had wanted to ask in private, but perhaps this would do. After all, Virgil and Roman looked like they were in the middle of another one of their arguments, so they probably wouldn’t notice. “Hello Patton,” Logan greeted, moving to go help him. “Hiya Logan! Oh! Can you grab the smaller plates please? I made grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch!” The logical trait nodded and grabbed the small plates, moving over so Patton could put the sandwiches on the plates, and then he proceeded to place them in their respective places on the table.

He had ended up having to wait until the table had been set and that they were all sitting down to be able to ask. After all, when it came to meal times, Patton tended to be fairly busy. Logan cleared his throat. “Patton, I have a question if you don’t mind.” He began, looking over towards the moral side. He nodded and smiled, “Of course you can Logan!”

“Well, I was wondering…” Logan began, taking a moment to think out what he would say. “I’ve come to notice that you clearly view Virgil as your son, so I was curious, how exactly do you see us?” Patton seemed to pause for a moment, thinking. “Huh! That’s actually a good question, but an easy one!” The fatherly trait grinned.

“As you said before Virgil’s like a son! And I’ve technically already answered it when it comes to you Logan!” The logical trait blinked, he couldn’t remember Patton ever telling him what he thought about him. He must have noticed his confusion, as before Logan could bring it up again Patton went on. “Did you forget? Huh… That’s okay! Everyone forgets sometimes! You’re my hero, Logan!” He spoke the words as if it were an obvious fact, and almost immediately Logan’s thoughts started rushing through his head, and a not so light blush came up onto his features. He had assumed that Patton had just said that for the sake of the video. But then again, Patton never really said something he didn’t mean.
“Well, it looks like the computer just shut down.”  Roman chuckled, earning himself a look from Patton. Logan only snapped out of his thoughts when Patton started speaking again, shoving the thoughts to the back and trying to pay attention to what he said next. “And if I had to try to explain what I saw Roman as,” He began, “I would definitely have to say that he’d be my son-in-law!”

Roman spit out his soda on the unfortunate Virgil who sat across from him. The darker trait quickly grabbed napkin and started wiping the drink off of his face. “What the hell Roman!?” He snapped, glaring him down. “I’m sorry! I am totally NOT your son-in-law! How could you even see that!? We tend not to get along in case you haven’t noticed!”

Almost automatically a mischievous glint came into the moral traits eyes. “Oh really now? That isn’t what I saw when you two fell asleep together a few nights ago~” He hummed out. “Y-you saw that!? I thought everyone was asleep!” Roman spoke, both his and Virgil’s facing turning red with a blush. Logan couldn’t help but chuckle, although this experiment did not turn out like he had expected at all, he’d have to say it still turned out pretty good.

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me and my friend couldn't stop laughing at the ending of Insurgent when they were all running to the gates. Because the last lines of the book are literally, "And that's when the yelling began." Everyone was so terrified of what the factions falling meant, and then in the movie they made it seem like everyone was so gung-ho about their entire lives being lies and could just drop their duties and run.

There was this guy sitting behind me when I saw it the first time who was really really funny. When we left he said something like, “wtf, if all these people are leaving tris doesn’t have to fucking die look at all those happy-ass amity divergents I’m sure they’d be happy to take her place.” I seriously almost spit out my drink.