i almost rolled off my bed laughing


A/N: I’m trying to kill three birds with one stone, so to speak. Hope y’all don’t mind. Also, as always, I do my best to keep things gender neutral and open enough so that everyone can enjoy the feels, but if I’ve slipped up and included a specific pronoun, please let me know so I can change it.


Word Count: 1,218

Title: Surprise!

Long distance relationships were hard. That was something everyone had told you and Tyler when you announced that even though he was moving to L.A that you were both still committed to each other. So many people had told you that long distance put a strain on things and that things wouldn’t be the same when you saw each other again, but you both were determined to make things work.

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You and Me

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

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 A/N: This gif has absolutely nothing to do with the writing but Cameron Boyce is so cute. This sucks sm and I know that some of you guys didn’t ask to be tagged but you commented so I tagged you.

Tags: @opalescentobrien @pinkgirlisepic @emrysaaryn @bubbles2428 @sweet-nightingale-171

Carlos’s POV 

Where could she possibly be? I didn’t know her well enough to know where she’d go when she’s upset. (Y/N) didn’t seem like the type of person to go back to her room when she was hurt. I racked my knowledge of the campus and thought of the prettiest place in all of Auradon. The Enchanted Lake, that’s where she had to be.

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Good Girl Ch 22: First Time (M)

He lays me on his bed, my dress already discarded the minute we entered the room, leaving me in my white bra and underwear. A handsome grin spreads across his face, “Tao had the right idea putting that on you.” Next thing to go is his shirt, followed by his sweatpants before he begins crawling up his bed to get to me. “You look so beautiful like this.” I find myself blushing under his intense gaze as he is leaning over me. His arms are on either side of my head, his hips are in between my legs. “I’m going to go slow so you tell me if you want me to stop, okay?”

I nod. He leans in close, placing a soft kiss on my lips before making his way along my jaw, down my neck, and all over my chest. My heart is beating so fast I’m surprised he can’t hear. With one more kiss right in between my breasts he glances up at me as he uses the front clasp to remove the cloth in his way. With that gone he continues his sweet kisses that send electricity threw my body, making my lower half tingle. His mouth finds my right nipple, a small whimper leaves my mouth, something that makes the older man smile.

“That was beautiful, do it again,” He continues his sucking and nibbling on my breast before switching to the other one that has been neglected. More moans slip from my lips as I arch my back for more contact.

“Daddy that feels so good.” He goes lower and lower until his kisses reach my clothed womanhood. I squeak at the tingling sensation making him chuckle. My underwear is quickly removed giving him the access he wants.

“I love the way you taste,” He kitten licks my sensitive little bud and my hips buck up the wonderful sensation. His hands grip my hips tighter as he continues with his teasing. I whine, the older smirks, “What baby? I told you we were going slow.”

“But not this slow!”

“What do you want me to do baby? Fuck you up against the wall? You are too tight for that, I need to get you ready.”

“I am ready!”

He chuckles again, “Are you really baby?” He surprises me buy slipping a single finger into me making me clench. “Oh, you’re so wet, but still so tight, you gotta relax.” His finger moves in and out of me slowly at first before picking up the pace, a moan leaves my lips again. My walls clench tighter as he adds another finger, stretching me slightly. More pumping is followed by his tongue returning to my little button of nerves, no more kitten licks. I can’t help myself but to lace my fingers threw his hair, holding him to me.

“Daddy right there!” I groan, his fingers curl to reach my sweet spot making my toes curl at the tingling sensation. I let out small breathy moans, the knot in my stomach gets tighter and tighter as he continues to torture me with his pace. He adds another finger, filling me so good, the slight pain is bearable with him sucking on my bundle of nerves. Soon the stretch and the pleasure are gone, leaving me whimpering for more.

“Are you sure you’re ready baby?” He kisses his way back up my body, his lips find my quickly. I can taste myself on his lips as he kisses me deeply, trying not to leave any part of my mouth untouched. When he pulls away I nod, taking deep breaths to try and relax myself at least a little. “Use your words.”

“Yes daddy. I’m ready.”

With one more peck he quickly pulls a condom out of his bedside table and slipping it on before returning to his position in between my legs. He rests most of his weight on his elbows, my hands find his biceps and hold on for dear life as I feel his manhood at my entrance. Oh so slowly he pushes it in, my nails dig into his skin as my walls clench around him making him stop for a minute.

Threw grit teeth he growls out, “Baby, I need you to relax, you are so tight. I’m trying to go slow but if you keep this up I’m going to fuck you in the mattress until you can’t walk for a week.” His words soak me to the bone but I force myself to take a few deep breaths to ease the tension surrounding his member. He continues his intrusion, stretching me more and more until tears are pricking in my eyes at the burning pain. My bottom lip is in between my teeth, keeping me from letting out the small cries that are trying to slip out of my mouth. “I will make you feel so good baby, don’t cry, the pain will go away, I promise.” He kisses the tears that had slipped down my cheek.

His face is in the crook of my neck when he is fully in me, he is fisting the sheets on either side of my head, doing his best to control himself. After a minute or two, when the burning feeling subsides I take another deep breath before saying, “Move.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes daddy, move.”

Just as slowly as he pushed in, he pulls out, then back in, out, in, out, in. Just as I begin to think he was lying about the pain, he grinds himself into me, hitting the same spot from before. I moan, “Oh fuck.”

“Found it,” He chuckles before doing it again, only harder. His pace continues to be agonizingly slow; the tightening knot in my belly needs a little more. I let my hands travel down to my breasts, but I only squeeze them once before my hands are pinned above my head and he thrusts into me hard, hitting that spot just right.

“Daddy!” I basically scream in pleasure.

“I told you baby, no touching yourself. The only thing that will be making you cum is me,” Another thrust, “Understand?”

“Yes!” I groan.

“Good girl,” He smirks. “Now tell me baby, how does it feel?”

“It’s feels so good.”

“Should I go faster?”

I nod, too focused on his hips grinding against mine.

He stop moving, balls deep, he growls, “Answer me.”

“Please daddy.”

“Please what?”

“Please fuck me faster.”

He chuckles, “You have such a dirty mouth. I’m not fucking you baby, remember that. This is making love. I’m not touching you completely out of lust, I’m doing this to prove how much I love you. To remind you that you belong to us, that you will never be leaving, understand?”

A blush spreads across my face at his words and his hip movements, “Daddy…” I groan as he picks up his pace. Our fingers are interlocked above my head, I hold on tighter as he begins to ram into me, making me scream in pleasure. “Daddy!”

“I want you to scream my name as you cum baby, yell it for everyone to here so they all know that I’m the first to make you completely mine,” He groans in my ear as his thrusts become faster and sloppier. My breathless moans fill the room along with his almost animalistic groans until the knot in both of us finally bursts.



“I’m gonna kill him!” I hear Kris whisper. I don’t open my eyes just yet as I try to remember where exactly I am. Xiumin’s room. Oh yeah, I lost my virginity to Xiumin last night after I busted in crying about how no one likes me, god I’m stupid. But oh my god that was so good. Never in my life did I imagine loosing my virginity would feel that good.

“At least it wasn’t Jiyong,” Suho pipes in. Why are they all in here? It’s Wednesday, don’t they have work or something, shit, I have school. But that isn’t enough to convince me to get out of bed. It actually makes me dive deeper into Xiumin’s embrace.

“I’m jealous,” Luhan whines, I can hear the pout in his voice.

“You should just shut up and get out before you wake her up,” Xiumin growls, turning his head to glare at his younger brothers.

“Were you gentle with her?” Lay worries, making me laugh. Oh daddy Lay, always so cute.

“He was very nice, don’t worry,” I chime in peeking out from the covers.

“Do you hurt anywhere?” He comes around to the edge of the bed to look at me.

“I haven’t really moved at all, and given the option I would prefer not to for awhile.”

Xiumin tightens his grip around me, “I can agree with that.”

“How was your night out?” Chen asks with a kind smile, of course he is the one to ask a question not related to my lost virginity, thank you Chenchen.

“It was really fun, I forgot what it was like to go out with friends, it feels like it was another life.”

“I’m happy you had fun,” Suho sighs, “It’s going to become a regular thing now.”

“What?” The whole room, including me, yells.

“Jiyong has made the request, but it was definitely a demand, to get you every Tuesday night until further notice.” The room busts out in complaints and cuss words and lots of things I’m sure I was not supposed to catch. “Everyone calm down,” Suho yells firmly. “This isn’t up for discussion, that is unless our baby doesn’t want to do it.” They all look at me.

I shrug, “I have no issue with it. I like talking to him.”

“So you like him better than us?” Sehun huffs.

“No I do not like him better than you. It’s just nice to have a friend I can talk about this kind of stuff with. I can’t ask Jihyo about any of this, Jiyong is a really good listener and he gives good advice. I want to keep hanging out with him.”

They let out a loud whiny sigh, “Fine,” Kai decides, “I guess we can’t fight it as long as she is happy.”

“Now that that is settled,” I smile before snuggling back into Xiumin’s chest.

“No, school,” Suho reminds me.

“But Dad!” I whine.

“She’s staying,” Xiumin decides holding me tighter.

“We’re calling in sick today?” Chanyeol grins before slipping in bed behind me.

“Ya! Get out,” Xiumin tries to kick Chanyeol off the bed.

“Leave him alone,” I swat at the older, rolling over to lay against the warm giant.

“No, no, no, my baby,” Xiu whines.

Luhan climbs up the bed to get in between Xiumin and I, successfully almost knocking the older out of the bed, “You get her all the time Hyung, we want some time with her.”

“Dog pile!” Baekhyun declares as he charge the bed with Chen, Kai and Sehun tailing him. I can’t help but laugh as chaos breaks out and I’ve never been so thankful for Xiumin helping me get my underwear back on last night as the blanket is ripped away. People are kicking and laughing and Kris is swearing as he joins the fight. My insides tingle at the chaotic scene going on in front of me, never in my life have I felt so warm and happy.

They are such idiots.

When You Say It Like That- Simon Imagine

Miniminter X Reader

Warnings: Smut

You and Simon broke up but at a party and discover you miss each other 

So this is roughly based on the song Say it by Flume (ft. Tove Lo) I just go the idea when i was listening to that song this morning so enjoy. Also sorry I haven’t written much lately I’ve been really busy and getting busier now but I’ll be trying my best to get stuff out so if you have any requests feel free :)

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Colours - Simon

So I kinda got inspired by @calcumshot‘s concepts. Make sure you drop her a follow she’s an angel!

Also if there’s spelling mistakes im sorry, the laptop im using it set to italian so i cant really correct myself xx (please correct me if there are any I’d really appreciate it)

I stood in the hallway and waited for some sort of response after calling his name for the 5th time in the past 3 minutes. I looked down at the clothes I had in my hand and shook my head. I was getting fed up and I wasn’t about to be calling him for the 6th time. 

I marched into our shared bedroom and ripped off his noise cancelling headphones, staring him dead in the eye. He shuffled around the bed, signalling he was uncomfortable.

“Did you know that you’re an idiot?” I rolled my eyes when he gave the biggest grin he could muster.

“Well you learn something new everyday. What did I do this time?” I almost punched him when he tried to give a kiss,when he stood up. 

“What haven’t you done Simon.” I grabbed his arm and pulled him to the laundry room. He started laughing when I almost tripped over a dog toy that he had left around.

“What’s all this about?” I asked him, I put a hand on my hip and put on an angry face to show I meant business.

“I don’t understand and don’t ever pull that face ever again.” He laughed. I pushed him and crossed my arms.

“Ok fine, fine, tell me what I did.”

“Why don’t you get that the white clothes goes with the whites and the black clothes goes with the black and if their printed you put the most dominant colour in whatever basket they go into.” I put every colour in each basket clearly so he could see and went further to explain the other colours.

“Promise me you won’t do this again?” I sighed, turning around to face him.

“Wait, but what if its a black and white top, what do I do?” I sent him a glare and he held up his hands, and started running.

“It was a joke!” I cracked a smile and shook my head at my idiot of a boyfriend.

The Makeup Challenge | COLE SPROUSE X READER

Description / Request: After not posting a video for a while on her Youtube channel, the reader decides to film a challenge with her newfound friend Cole Sprouse. Her very, attractive, famous, friend.

Word Count: 1593

“Yo hoes,” I greeted winking at the camera a few feet in front of me. “It’s been a while. What’s up?” I paused for moment pretending someone was answering back. “Nice. Anyways I’m here today with a very special guest and you’ll never guess who it is.”

I looked over at the other side of the room which was out of camera shot. “That’s your cue,” I said monotonously shaking Cole out of his reverie. He ran and jumped onto my bed which is what we decided to sit on for my video.

Cole grabbed my face and pressed our cheeks together flashing a heart stopping smile at the camera. “Hi everyone. I’m Dylan Sprouse and you’re watching Disney Channel.”

I pushed him away and giggled. “No but seriously, I’m here with Cole Mitchell Sprouse. Not Dylan as you can probably tell by the hair. And today we’re going to be doing to makeup challenge!”

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Lose or Win

A/N: An anon request for a smutty Spencer x Reader where they play a little game of “let’s start masturbating and whoever touches the other person first loses.” Are they losing though? @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn @unstoppableangel8 @iammostdefinitelyonfire26 @hogwarts-konoha @sweetg

Warnings: Smut


“I would absolutely win,” you said that morning as both you and your husband stood by the coffee machine.

Spencer poured his sugar into his own beverage, nearly drowning out the liquid with the sweetness and retorted confidently. “No way in hell you win. Do you not remember our wedding night?”

“Fair enough point,” you replied. That night had been full of needy, desperateness - especially on your part, but since then you had developed the ability to hold back and tease him a little bit. “But I still hold firm that I could get you to touch me before the opposite would happen.”

Morgan walked up to the both of you, sleep still keeping his eyelids half closed, which definitely didn’t fill you with confidence considering he drove here. “What’s up this morning? Did I walk in on a heated debate?”

“Heated debate,” Garcia exclaimed. “What about?”

Was this really the type of thing you were going to discuss with your co-workers and friends? Ah, who the fuck were you kidding? You all overshared here. “Spence and I were just discussing that in a competition, I would absolutely get him to touch me before he teased me enough to touch him.”

Morgan barely batted an eye as he walked away, muttering under his breath. “I do not need this first thing in the morning. Also my money’s on Y/N for the win.”

Pumping your fist, you smiled at your husband as Garcia seemed deep in thought. “Morgan, you are supposed to be on my side!” Spencer called toward his friend’s desk. “Some friend you are.”

“Look at your wife!” He yelled back. “I’d lose too. Believe me, you’re not losing.”

Spencer laughed and gave you a kiss before heading off to the bathroom. “This is true.”

As he walked away, Garcia finally spoke. “I think I’d have to put my money on you too, but there is an easy way to settle this argument. Tonight, get going.”

Garcia teetered away toward her office, leaving you standing there in thought and Morgan smirking at his desk. “You have to let us know who wins,” he laughed.


“For the last time,” Spencer smiled, walking into the apartment and closing the door behind you. “I would win. No contest.”

Honestly, you’d been thinking about a challenge all day. One, you were horny. Two, you were horny. And three, you were always down for a challenge - and horny. “Oh wow, so now it’s not only that you would win, but you would win handily.”

“Yes,” he said, pressing his lips to yours and smiling. “Up for a challenge?”

Bringing your hands up to his hair, you started to comb your hands through his locks and pulled at the roots, eliciting a groan from deep within him; he always had a weakness for having his hair pulled. “Always, baby. How about we go inside and start touching ourselves, and whoever touches the other one first loses?”

“What is the “punishment” for the loser?” he asked with a grin. 

You put your hand to your chin and giggled, deep in thought over an adequate punishment. “How about whoever wins gets to send the other dirty text messages at work all week long? And there are to be no quickies at work.”

Quickly, he nodded and grabbed your hand, walking you both into your bedroom and kissing your neck as you both disrobed. You bit down on your lip as you discarded the last of your clothes and sat on the bed, watching as Spencer lowered himself into the comfy chair across your bed. Neither one took your eyes off the other. Spencer was already half hard, but you were also decently wet already, so you were even. “Remember,” he said. “You touch me first, you lose. I can’t wait to text you all week long.”

“You cocky bastard.” You leaned back and spread your legs, your slit glistening. The smile immediately fell from his face and his eyes darkened. As you brought two fingers up your center, spreading yourself apart for his amusement, you closed your eyes and lay your head on the pillow, getting nice and comfortable. “Not so cocky anymore, are you?”

Spencer leaned back into the chair, his eyes permanently glued to your sex - his mouth watering and his tongue hanging just slightly out his mouth. When he heard you speak, his gaze darted back up to your eyes. “I am going to win,” he said as he wrapped his hand around his length. God, even the small image of him holding himself was getting you hot right now. What the hell was wrong with you? He hadn’t even done anything yet. “And you know how I know?” He brought his hand up and down his member as he spoke. “Because you, my dear wife, are a week before your period, when you are at your horniest.” You hadn’t thought of that. Spencer must’ve seen the look in your eyes, because he laughed and picked up the pace of his movements, groaning at the firm touch he gave himself. You could tell he wished it was your mouth though.

In an attempt to regain control, you placed your index finger on your clit and massaged it slowly while your other hand reached down to rake your fingernails over the sensitive skin of your inner thighs. “You may be right,” you said, “But I don’t think you’re going to be able to resist the fact that all of this is because of you.” Your breathing hitched in your throat as your arousal began to coat your fingers. Spencer was staring, but he was so determined to win; you could see it in his eyes. Although you could easily bring yourself to the brink with your own touch, you really wanted Spencer’s touch. Actually right now you wanted his cock in your mouth but you weren’t going to let him know that. Continuing your movements and keeping your gaze fixed, you tried to focus on anything but the way the head of Spencer’s cock glistened for you. The clock at your bedside blinked slowly, but out of the corner of your eye, you could still see Spencer’s head rolling back into the chair and his mouth dropping open in pleasure.

“Can’t distract yourself, can you?” he asked with a groan. You could see he was close; he wanted to come, but he wanted to make you surrender first. Unbeknownst to you, your index finger had been massaging your clit with even more insistent pressure, to the point where you were panting and desperate. Spencer was rock hard and ready to burst, his hand rapidly pulling up and down on his member. “You’re not going to last much longer.”

Oh my god, you were going to lose. Nothing was distracting enough. Not the feel of the comforter, not counting the number of bumps on the paint in the ceiling, literally nothing worked. Nearly ready to burst yourself, you stopped and propped yourself up on the pillows, watching as Spencer lost control of himself and moved his hand even more rapidly. Now you were feeling even more dirty; you wanted to come on your knees with him in your mouth. “Fine, I lose,” you breathed, jumping off the bed and into his lap. His rumbling laugh almost made you regret giving in, but as you rubbed your clit against his leg and felt a shock roll through you, you decided it was all worth it. “Hands off. This is mine now.”

You dropped to the floor in front of him and reached between your legs, rubbing yourself as you wrapped your lips around his cock and sucked. “Keep my hair out of the way,” you said when you pulled off him. “I want to see your face.” Before returning to his cock, he pulled you in for a kiss, his hands clasping onto bunches of hair at the sides of your head. You moaned at the taste of him when you wrapped your lips around him again and took as much of him as you could.  As you bobbed up and down on his length, your hand worked at your center. In your mouth, you felt him surge and finally, he came, clutching onto your head as you finished yourself off and quickly swallowed. “I know I lost,” you said, cleaning the remnants of his come from your mouth. “But I can’t help but feel like I won.”

Spencer’s smiled widened as he brought you in for another kiss and gathered you into his lap. “We’ll see how you feel during work this week,” he said cockily. “Also, you get to tell Garcia and Morgan that you lost miserably.”


Tickles (Bucky x Reader)

Author’s Note: Happy (early) Valentine’s Day guys! I joined the Valentine’s Day Drabble Writing Challenge put together by @oneshot-shit to bring you guys some happiness during this lonely (at least for me) holiday. I hope you guys enjoy it! :)

Prompt/Dialouge Inspiration: “Stop it! It tickles!”

Summary: You return to the tower after a particularly draining mission and find that Bucky has a Valentine’s gift planned for you.

Other Characters: Natasha

Warnings: Fluff, swearing, (and almost smut?? Or just regular smooching, I’ll leave that up to you guys)

Word Count: 620

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

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Request: “I’m pregnant.” [12]
 “I’m your husband, it’s my job.” [51]
 “I’m just a guy with a wife, two kids, and a Harley.” [58] (Hamliza)

Summary: Three of the most important times in Alexander and Eliza’s marriage come with a collection of new names and titles. 

Warnings: N/a

Word Count: 1,683

A/N: Requested by a wonderful anon! Also thanks to @peacefulmusician for helping me plan this out ages ago and also to @hamilficsfordays for pushing me to actually finish it. (also fun fact this is post #3,000 for this blog)

Their wedding reception had ended hours ago, but they’d only just managed to leave the hall, and that was only after every last one of their guests had filed out, shouting well wishes over their shoulders as they climbed into cars and drove off.

“Alexander, I am perfectly capable of walking!” Eliza laughed, wrapping her arms tighter around Alexander’s neck even though his grip was still strong and sure. Alexander grinned and nuzzled into her neck, pressing a string of light kisses to Eliza’s skin.

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You Are A Jerk (John Laurens x Reader)

Words: Dunno (Typed on Tablet) 

Warnings: None 

AU: Modern 

A/N: Since I’m just winging it atm (I feel incomplete without a series to do) I’ll post a couple of times a week for now. Any suggestions for fics are greatly appreciated! 

 John Laurens sat there, his hands trembling. You walked over to him, and touched his shoulder. His eyes brightened up for a second, but after realizing you weren’t her, the happiness faded away. Your chest tightened. You scooted next to him, resting your head on his shoulder. He sighed, placing his head on top of yours. His hairs tickled your forehead, but you ignored the feeling. 

“Am I a bad person?” he whispered, and you saw him holding back tears. You touched his cheek, shaking your head. 

“You’re an amazing person. Don’t question yourself about something that she did.” You wanted to say more, but you felt like you should let him vent instead. He already knew that you hated her, saying it while he’s upset would just make it worse for him. And you didn’t want to do that. 

“I must have done something wrong… I must have been a jerk-” You moved your head away, and positioned his head to face you. He was looking down, but you tilted his chin up, his bloodshot eyes staring into yours. 

“You are enough. YOU, are enough. If she valued you the way I do, she would have not put herself in a position to lose you. I… I can’t imagine being away from you, hurting you like this. I’m sorry to say this, but if she cared for you, she would have hated to see your heart breaking. Because right now, I feel my heart crying because of your anguish.” You placed your hands on the side of his face, desperately trying to wipe away his sorrow. He closed his eyes, sighing.

“I can’t breathe without her. It’s been months, Y/N. I can’t think without her. I can't…” You shook my head. 

“You can. Push through this John, heels pointed forward.” He whimpered, and you pulled him into your arms. “Tell me what to do, Johnny, please. I can’t bear to see you like this. I would do anything to see that grin on your face. I love your smile.” he chuckled. It was empty of emotion, but still, you made him laugh. 

It’s a start.

“Y/N, just… stay here with me. I’ll get over it. Just don’t leave me alone.” You nodded. And you two stayed like that. For seconds, minutes, hours. You weren’t really counting. 

John’s breath evened out, and you glanced down at his face. The immense crying might have made him exhausted. You ran your hands through his hair slowly, trying not to wake him up. You quietly slid away from him, but he placed his hand on your arm, grabbing it. You smiled at him, then laid back, his head resting on your stomach. Since he was rather warm, you didn’t need a blanket.

You closed your eyes, and slowly feel into unconsciousness. 

You yawned, lazily opening your eyes. You noticed you were in John’s bed, and jumped up quickly, hitting the body next to you. The man leaned up quickly, looking around. His hair was standing up in every direction, and his tired eyes looked at me in panic. Once he realized you were okay, he smiled, laying back. You stared at him.

“Are you alright?” You asked, and he laughed. 

“I’m fine, besides you waking me up. Jeez, Y/N, I thought you were dying.” he groaned, rolling over onto his stomach. You frowned. 

“You’re a jerk.” His laughing went away slowly, and his eyes bore holes into yours. 

“Maybe that’s why…” Tears formed in his eyes, and you panicked, throwing your arms around him. You whispered sorry and other apologizes countless times. You felt a rumble in his chest, and you peeked up at him. 

He had a huge grin on his face, stretching from freckled cheek to cheek. You hit him lightly on the arm, and climbed out of bed. Both of you went into the bathroom to take care of your hygiene. Once John came out of his shower, he jumped right back on to the bed. 

“Why am I in here, anyway?” You rolled off the mattress, and fluffed his hair. It was wild, strands sticking out of his ponytail.

“I carried you up here, and I kinda fell asleep right next to you. I’m sorry,” You waved him off, and he smiled, “By the way, I almost broke my back walking up those steps. You’ve gained a few pounds, huh?” You threw the pillow at him, and he tackled you onto his bed. 

 You were both laughing and giggling, making various insults towards one another. Your eyes met John’s, and his laughs faded away. His gaze kept on flicking towards your lips, and yours did as well. You looked at his eyes, and they seemed to widen with actualization. He leaned forward, slowly closing the distance between you two. Before he could make your lips touch, you rolled away, faking a laugh. 

“You almost suffocated me. Ate too many cheeseburgers?” You tried to ignore what just happened, but your heart beat was ringing in your ears. John stared at you, curiosity in his eyes. You knew he wanted to bring up what was just about to happen, but you couldn’t. 

You wouldn’t. 

You grabbed your purse off the side table, and cleared your throat. He stood up, and began to walk towards you. You reached over and gave him a quick hug, your bodies barely touching. You threw on your sweater that you always leave at his apartment and waved at him. 

 "See you later?“ his lips were pursed, and you knew he wanted to say something. You quickly turned to leave, but his deep rumbling voice interrupted your mad dash to the exit. 

"She broke up with me because she thought I was in love with you.” You stopped moving, your hands shaking. You didn’t know how to react, but you did not allow yourself to turn around and face him. It was too overwhelming.  

“She said that I was with you too much, and that the way I look at you made her think that I was cheating on her.” He explained, his footsteps coming closer. 

“That’s ridiculous. You would never do something like that, especially with me. Of course you don’t think that way…” You whispered, the pounding getting louder and louder. You clenched your fists. Shut up, stupid heart. 

You knew you loved John Laurens, immensely more than just a best friend. You were attracted to him, but he never saw you that way, never thought about you besides being his pal. It was impossible, and you accepted that a long time ago. You settled with just being his best friend. But the way he looked at you this morning, the love for him came pouring out, sneaking out of your little hiding place. You even knew the exact amount of freckles that covered his face. 

You felt his hands touch both sides of your waist lightly, and you shivered. 

“I didn’t know how to react. I mean, my girlfriend wanted me to pick between you and her. Of course, without hesitation, I chose you.” His breath tickled the small hairs on your neck. You moved forward, the wall being in your way. John placed his hands on either side of you against the wall, forcing you to stay where you were. The heat radiated off of him, and you knew it was time for you to turn around and face him. Still, you were going to be stubborn. 

“I…I don’t know what to say.” You mumbled. He moved closer, his body pressing against the back side of you. You closed your eyes, wishing that you could change the subject. “I need to get home, my car is going to miss me.” You turned around, and John was staring down at you, an unknown look in his eyes. You blushed at the intense stare, not seeing that look on his face before.

“I didn’t realize it before, but I like you, Y/N. No, that not the right word. I… I think I’m in love with you.” Your chest was tightening into a ball. 

“No, I am in love with you. I’ve probably been this whole time, not even realizing it,” he stared at you, then looked to the side, “I want to know-” The emotions you’ve hidden for so long came tumbling out. 

“I loved you for years John. I’ve settled with just being your friend, because I still wanted to be next to you, even if you didn’t see me the same way.“ He touched your cheek, and you blushed. He was red as well, his eyes shimmering. You finally recognized what the emotion was. 


"Can I kiss you now?” He asked softly, his lips getting close to yours. It was so intimidating, so unusual for a man to ask you that. He wasn’t like any other guy that just went for it. You smiled and nodded, to shy to say yes. He leaned forward, pressing his lips against yours.

Scott McCall ~ Bad Day

Pairing: Scott x Reader

Word Count: 451

Warnings: None

Request:  @hannahriley12 said:
Can I get 42, 52, and 68 with Scott where he had a bad day and you tell him how much you love him? Thanks sm

A/N: Watching Riverdale. It’s really good so far !!


Originally posted by writer-girl-16

              A knock rang through the house causing me to look up from the pot on the stove. I was in the middle of cooking some dinner for myself and my mom when she came home later. I turned the stove to a simmer and stepped away. I walked over to door and peaked through the window before unlocking and opening it to be met with a disgruntled Scott. I raised an eyebrow and looked at him questioningly.

               “Why you so glum, chum,” I questioned, leaning against the doorframe.

               He looked at me before opening his arms, puppy dog eyes set on his face. “I need a hug,” he said sweetly, smiling sadly. I stared at him for a second, opening my arms. He pulled me into a hug, my head on his chest with his head on my shoulder. We rocked slightly and I hummed to fill the silence.

               “What’s wrong,” I mumbled into his chest, rubbing my hands up and down his back.

               “I just had a bad day,” he said, letting me go. I smiled up at him and stepped back into the house, gesturing for him to come in. He stepped in and paused in front of me, silently questioning where he should go.

               “Go up to the bedroom. I’ll be there soon; I just have to turn off the stove first.” He nodded and smiled lightly before walking up the stairs to my bedroom. I walked over to the kitchen and turned off the stove before moving the pots to cooler areas and taking the pan out of the oven.  I made sure everything was good and walked away, padding up to my room. I walked up to my room and peeked in to see Scott laid across my bed. I stepped in, seeing Scott immediately turn his head to me.

               “Can we cuddle,” he asked, rolling to his side. I laughed lightly and nodded, walking over to him. I rolled onto the bed and wrapped my arms around him. He almost immediately scooted down and wrapped his arms around my waist, his face in my stomach. I laughed again and began to run my hands through his hair. He let out a sound like a purr and smiled. “I love you so much,” he said, running his hand over the bare skin of my stomach. My shirt had ridden up slightly, and he used it to his advantage. “You’re so beautiful, and I couldn’t ask for anyone more.”

               “Stop,” I giggled to him. “You’re making me blush,” I said, my face flushing a bright red. He let out a low chuckle and grabbed my hand with his empty one. “But I love you too,” I whispered.

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Guess What?

Pairing: Jared Padalecki x reader

Request: Oh okay can you do Jared x if your okay with Jared x Faith Details: Jared And Faith go live with their children Audrey and Asher padalecki and they tell more exciting news about faith that she’s pregnant if that’s okay Asher: 3 yrs old Audrey: 13 yrs old Both kids have brown hair And green and brown eyes( just giving you details of what they look like) i hope that Will do (by @faifre123)

Summary: You and Jared get back from a convention with an announcement/surprise for your kids, who are coming home (from staying at a friend’s house while you’re gone) in the morning. 

Warnings: some swearing, lots of fluffy making out, implied smut? i guess? (considering the fact that the reader’s pregnant?? logical step, amiright? lol), no actual smut

Word count: 1639

A/N: So freaking sorry for taking so long with this request​. It’s kinda been a rough couple weeks, and, seriously, I’m so sorry. <3 It was a good prompt, and I had fun writing it! (Also, I changed Faith to a y/n insert…) 
Requests are still open!
(GIF not mine.)

I yawned a little, opening the car door slowly. It was two in the morning, but we were finally back home after JIBcon. Jared slammed his door shut, and headed to the back of the SUV to get our stuff. He was about to grab a duffle bag when I wrapped my arms around his waist from behind and partially stood up on tiptoes, pressing a few kisses against his neck.

“We can just get it tomorrow, Jare.” I groaned, kind of just wanting to crash (and next to Jared preferably) after that long weekend and the flight home.

He pulled me in front of him, his hands sliding down my back and hooking into the belt loops on my jeans, tugging me even closer to his chest, his mouth brushing against mine gently, but I could feel a rougher undertone. “Yeah? Is that what you wanna do?” His voice was low as he whispered the words against my jaw. His lips touched my neck, and he started sucking and nipping at my skin there.

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Tipsy Spilling : Harrison Osterfield

prompt : you’re best friends with harrison and tom . the three of you , along with jacob , are on the homecoming press tour and harrison keeps annoying everyone with talk of his girlfriend . you have a crush on harrison .

words : 1296

pairing : harrison osterfield x reader

request :  can I have a Harrison imagine where the reader is jealous of Harrison and his girlfriend so the reader confesses her feelings for him while drunk and Harrison ends up feeling the same way and fluffy ending please? -anon

warnings : yelly tom , drunk reader , and a little bit of swearing

a/n : i think this went well hehe except for yelly tom ):

“So then Grace goes-” Harrison rambles.

There he goes, going on and on about his girlfriend. It’s not fair, you’ve known Harrison longer. You’ve had a crush on him since you’ve met him, but no. You’re stuck in the friend zone, and you always will be stuck in the friend zone. Sure, Grace is nice and all, but it really gets on your nerves. You turn your attention to Tom, who’s giving you a sympathetic look.

“Hey, Haz, why don’t you just go back to London and go see Grace while me and y/n go to the next stop of the press tour?” Tom suggests.

“I don’t wanna leave you guys. I’m your best friend and-” Harrison gets cut off by Tom.

“Yeah, and y/n is my best friend too. Not gonna lie Haz, but hearing you talk about Grace 24/7 is getting kinda annoying. I can have my manager book you a flight back right now.” Tom says, picking up his phone to call his manager, John.

“No, Tom, please, I want to be here.” Harrison pleads. “I’ll shut up from now on. Okay?”

“No talking about Grace. For the rest of the tour.” Tom warns, pointing his phone at Harrison.

“Got it.” Harrison nods.

You look over at Tom, mouthing a ‘thank you.’ He just smiles and nods.

“So Tom, I heard you’ve brought your two best friends along with you for the press tour? Mind if they join us?” The interviewer, Jane, asks.

“Of course! Give them a minute to come over here.” Tom laughs,

You stare at Tom wide-eyed, shaking your head. He waves you over, and you give up.

“Haz. Haz. Haz.” You repeat, trying to get Harrison’s attention so you could join the interview.

“M’busy, y/n.” Harrison mumbles.

You roll your eyes, shrugging at Tom before joining him on the couch.

“Hello! You’re y/n, I presume?” Jane laughs.

“Yup.” You laugh along with her, ignoring Tom’s gaze on you, wondering why Harrison didn’t join.

“And where’s Harrison?” Jane asks.

“Um, he’s talking to his girlfriend.” You say, trying your best not to roll your eyes at how pathetic that sounds.

“Oh, that’s a shame. Anyways, y/n, how’s traveling with Tom, seeing your best friend turn into a big movie star, seeing as how you’re an actress as well?”

“Yeah, Harrison, you’re leaving.” Tom snaps once you all get back to your hotel room.

“What?” Harrison asks, confused.

“You know, when you were talking to Grace during my interview? Yeah, y/n got to be a part of the interview. And talk about her acting. This could be the start of her career, and it could’ve been the start of yours too. Or are you too invested in your girlfriend to care about acting? Harrison, you know you’re my best friend, but you gotta go.” Tom says, trying to keep his cool.

You have a frown plastered on your face the whole time, staring at the ground and trying to avoid the fact that your best friends are fighting.

“C’mon Tom. I’ll stop. y/n, help me?” Harrison asks. After hearing your name, your head snaps up, seeing Harrison staring at you pleadingly and Tom glaring at you.

“Tom, could you give him one more chance?” You ask, seeing Tom turning around, going to leave the room. “Wait, no, hear me out. We can let Haz get all of the Grace out of his system by leaving him here while we go out to that bar Jacob wanted to try out. Does that sound good?”

“Fine.” Tom grumbles. “Thank you.” Harrison smiles.

You smile weakly, grabbing your phone and fleeing to Jacob’s room to escape the tension.

“And remember tha-” hiccup. “that time? That Hazzie fell in the toilet?” You say loudly, laughing loudly along with it.

“y/n, you’re drunk.” Jacob says warily.

“She’s pissed off her ass. This is all Harrison’s fault.” Tom rolls his eyes.

“After we get y/n into the hotel room, you can stay in my room while I go to your bed so you don’t have to see Haz. Okay?” Jacob tries to reason with Tom.

“A-” hiccup. “Are we going to see Haaaaz? We gonna tell him I looove him?” You say loopily, almost falling over, Jacob catching you.

“No, we’re not going to do that.” Tom says.

“How are we going to get her to shut up?” Jacob asks Tom.

“I don’t know.” Tom frowns.

“Hey, y/n/n, wanna do me a favor?” Tom asks.

“Anything for you To-” hiccup. “mmy!” You giggle.

“We’re gonna be very quiet going into our hotel room. We don’t wanna wake Harrison up, okay?” Tom babies you, holding a finger up to his lips. You nod, laughing and copying him.

“But I wa-” hiccup. “-nna tell Hazzie.” You argue as soon as you enter the hotel room.

“Shh!” Jacob tries shushing you.

“No!” You yell, throwing your hands up, someone causing you to lose your balance and fall on the floor.

“I wanna tell him I wa-” hiccup. “-nt him to be my boyfriend. And I have a c-” hiccup. “crush on him! It’s not fair.” You cross your arms.

“What?” Harrison says, getting out of bed.

“Why don’t you wa-” hiccup. “wanna date me?” You pout.

Harrison looks from you to Tom and Jacob, seeing Tom glaring at him and Jacob with his hands up.

“I…” Harrison starts, crouching down to the floor. “Let’s get you to bed.” Harrison tries to avoid the topic, looping his arms in your elbows and pulling you up, dragging you to your bed and plopping you on it

“Why won’t you an-” hiccup. “answer me?”

Harrison bites his lip, sitting on the bed and grabbing your hand, rubbing it.

“Ah, I’ve liked you for some time too now, y/n. I was scared you only saw me as a friend and that’s why I dated Grace and talked about her all the time, I guess I was trying to make you jealous. I kinda started liking her, but never as much as I like you, y/n.” Harrison explains, and all this intake of crucial information causes you to sober up for the most part.

“Really?” You look at Harrison, confused.

“Of course.” He sighs, looking down at his sock-clad feet.

“That’s nice.” You yawn.

A month later, all the Harrison problems are fixed. Tom and Harrison are best friends again, and you and Harrison aren’t. You’re more.

“Come here, beautiful girlfriend.” Harrison calls across the room. You walk over to him with a big smile on your face, kissing his lips quickly.

“You ready?” You smirk.

“Of course.” He sends you a matching smirk.

The two of you talked to the interviewers for today, checking if any of them were okay with your plan. Thankfully, one of them was. You and Harrison, as Tom’s best friends, are going to crash his interview by starting a silly string battle.

You and Harrison get in your positions behind the screen that Tom’s sitting in front of, mouthing a countdown to each other.

“Look who’s Spider-Man now, bitch!” You yell, using a Spider-Man silly string shooter to shoot Tom.

“What the fuck?” Tom asks confused, getting pummelled by the amount of silly string you and Harrison are using.

“This is for not giving me credit for being your stunt double!” Harrison yells.

“Oh shut up, all you did was run!” Tom laughs, looking for cover.

so @obsessiveshayme​ believed in this even when they probably shouldn’t have so here, have some sidgeno #dormlyfe smut. also, i know that this is bad and short and that i dont know how dicks work sometimes.. please give me a Break.

update: i’m reposting this because tumblr is shit.. sorry for the spam

Sid let Geno and himself into his small 14′ by 10′ dorm room and locked the door behind him. The room was stupidly small, more of a prison cell than “on-campus housing,” but the location was decent enough that Sidney was willing to overlook the fact that the cinder block walls and uniform furniture didn’t drain the soul from his body every second he spent in that room.

Both sides of the room were set up exactly the same, starting with the armoir, a desk and chair, and then the XL twin bed. Sidney’s side, on the right, was cluttered but clean, while his roommates was worse. Much worse. Luckily for them, though, Jack was gone until the evening, which left the whole room just to Sidney and Geno,between the hours of one and three in the afternoon.

When Sidney turned away from the door, he saw his boyfriend, completely naked except for the tight boxer briefs he always wore. Sidney raised an eye.

“What? I’m just get comfortable,” Geno said without an ounce of sheepishness. “Besides, have only thirty minutes until lab.”

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anonymous asked:

omfg i love love love your writing!!!! can you do a drabble/hcs about tom being away filming and his girlfriend being scared her apartment is haunted? im like 50% sure mine house is haunted and i'm kinda terrified😂

thanks, lovely! here are some headcanons for ya!

  • So you definitely know there’s a freaking ghost in your apartment, especially after watching three different horror movies
  • so naturally, you call you up your protector 
  • “It’s almost midnight, darling”
  • “I know, but i think my place is haunted!”
  • He tries to not roll his eyes, but he’s smiling as you explain all the reasons why you think your apartment is haunted
  • He tries to not giggle, but it starts to get hard, and you end up snapping your fingers to bring him back to earth
  • “Stop laughing at me!”
  • “I’m not laughing at you, I promise!”
  • “I hate you, bye”
  • He tells you to stay on the phone, and you get ready for bed while Tom stays on the phone with you
  • Finally, you’re about to turn off the lights, and he says, “what was that?”
  • “Thomas Stanley Holland, I swear i will dump your british ass if you play with me right now”
  • “Its the sound of me saying ‘I love you’“ 
  • then he says goodnight and then you don’t want to hang up and then its almost 2am and Harrison has to take the phone from him, hahaha
More Than Just Friends | Josh Pieters

•Josh’s POV•

“Ladies and gentlemen the plane is going to land in about 20 minutes so please put on your seatbelts” the air hostess announced through the speakers.

Me, my friend Y/n, my best mate Caspar and his girlfriend Maddie were all headed to Switzerland for a couple of days of skiing in the snow. I was currently on the plane on my way there, me and Y/n sat next to each other and Maddie and Caspar sat right behind us.

The thing was that I have had a secret crush on Y/n for a long time now. It was obvious the feeling wasn’t mutual though since she had friend zoned me more than enough times for me to get the signal.

~Time Skip~ 

•Y/n’s POV•

“Here’s your keys Mr..Pieters and Ms.Y/l/n, your room is on the top floor, breakfast is at 8:00 and dinner is at 19:00, do you have any questions?” the hotel receptionist asked me and Josh.

“No thank you” I replied grabbing our room keys and walking over to the elevators where Caspar and Maddie where waiting for us.

“We can go grab dinner later on” Maddie suggested

“Yeah we can meet at the lobby at around 20:00″ I said just as the elevator doors opened, revealing the 7th floor. We all said your goodbyes and headed the opposite directions since mine and Josh’s and Caspar’s and Maddie’s rooms were at the opposite ends of the corridor. If I was being honest, I was quite happy about having to share a room with Josh. I have had a huge crush for months now but me being me, had friend zoned him purely because of fear of rejection. I knew he didn’t see me in the same way anyways since he was always flirting and sleeping with other girls.

“There it is” I said pointing to a wooden door at the end of the corridor. Next to the door was a huge glass window, providing us with a lovely view of the ski resort.

“Wait…why is there only one bed?” I asked confused once I had walked in the room.

“Why didn’t Caspar book a two bed room?” Josh murmured, realization finally hitting him.

“Well… it seems like we’ll have to share a bed then. Unlucky for you” I spoke, a grin plastered on my face. I wasn’t that mad at Caspar for booking us a double-bed room but it did slightly annoy me that he was playing games with us.

“Why unlucky for me?” Josh asked throwing his bag on the bed

“You’ll have to sleep with me for a week” I laughed

“Is that a bad thing?” he winked at me

“We’ll see” I laughed

“Either way I call this side of the bed!” Josh exclaimed pointing to the side of the bed farthest from the door

“Sure you can have it but why?” I asked, putting my suitcase on the bed

“Its next to the socket that’s why” he laughed

“Oh for god’s sake you’ll be nice to me and let me use it right?” I asked with pleading eyes

“No chance babe” he smiled at you, walking over to the desk located exactly opposite of the bed.

“Dick” I replied, hopping onto the bed

“You love me Y/n and you know it” Josh teased

“No chance” I replied mimicking his voice

“I’m going to jump in the shower and then we can head down to meet Maddie and Caspar” he told you, taking off his shirt and walking over to the bathroom.

I just nodded

~15 minutes later~

I was watching videos on my phone when Josh walked out of the bathroom with some really messy hair.

“What’s up with the hair” I laughed

“Oh shut up, I forgot my hairspray and it won’t stay in place on its own” Josh whined, lying next to you on the bed

“I could help you with it if you want me to” I said looking at my phone

“Really? Y/n you’re the best” he rolled over to his side to give me a huge hug almost suffocating me

“Yeah no problem but get off you big tree” I laughed shoving him off. “Now get up and bring me my wash bag from the desk” I said pointing to a black makeup bag on the desk.

Once he had brought it over I got some of my hair stuff and started dealing with the mess his hair was. Taking my hair moose, I massaged it into Josh’s hair trying to make it stay in one place. I then took a tiny bit of hairspray and sprayed it into Josh’s hair. That’s when I realized how close our faces were and that he was staring at me. We looked at each other for a split second making us both blush.

“There you are” I smiled, putting my hairspray back into my bag and running my fingers through his hair making it a bit more messy looking.

“Thank you shorty” he said, referring to our height difference

“Hey its not my fault you’re huge” I teased him

He rolled his eyes, getting up to look at his hair in the mirror. “We should head down to the lobby” he said running a hand through his hair

“But its barely 19:00″ I said looking at the clock on the wall

“Yeah we could go explore this place for a bit before dinner”

“But Josh-” I began but he cut me off

“Oh come on it’ll be fun! At the end of the day we’re going to have to spend most of this trip together since our friends are probably going to be hitting it off”

“But its cold” I whined

“I’ll be a gentleman and give you my jacket if you get cold” Josh continued

“Okay fine you’ve persuaded me” I gave in sitting up from the bed and putting my shoes on.

The next day~

•Y/n’s POV•

Today was our first full day in Switzerland and the four of us had planned to go skiing. The boys had been skiing before but it was mine and Maddie’s first time going. We had just finished lessons with the instructor and we were headed back inside to find Josh and Caspar. Once we walked inside we spotted them over by a hot chocolate stand and walked over to them. I was about to pour myself a cup when I spotted a familiar face across the room. I was starring at him for a while when Maddie walked over to me.

“Love interest?” she jokes noticing me looking at the guy

“I think he was in my high school class”

“You should go talk to him” she encouraged me

“But what if its not actually him”

“You’d know by now you’ve been looking at him for a while now”

“Okay fair enough, I’ll be back in a bit for skiing" I told her walking off to the guy across the room. I was about to go up to him but he suddenly turned around.

“Y/n!! Omg remember me? We went to high school together!”

“Devan! Its so good to see you its been so long!" I exclaimed hugging him

"I know! Its been years since we’ve talked! We should catch up”

“Definitely here put in your phone number" I gave him my phone and he gave me his

"Who are you here with?” I asked whilst putting in my phone number

“Oh just some friends. You’re here with your boyfriend right? I saw you walking around the hotel last night but I wasn’t sure if it was you”

“You mean Josh? Oh no we’re just friends" I laughed

"Well either way it looks like he’s looking for you” he said giving me my phone back and motioning to Josh looking around for you.

“Well I should get going but I’ll see you around lets hang out sometime”

“Yes definitely” he responded giving me a big hug.

I walked over to my friends who were waiting by the door.

“Who was that?” Josh asked me

“Oh just a friend” I quickly replied giving him a smile and walking over to Caspar and Maddie

~Later that day~

I walked into mine and Josh’s room and closed the door behind me, taking off my shoes

“We should go to bed its already pretty late” I suggested

“Yeah we have to get up early tomorrow too. Just let me go get changed” he said wandering into the bathroom.

I changed into my pyjamas and waited for Josh to come out so he could close the bedroom lights. A few seconds later he walked out of the bathroom in just boxers and switched off the lights climbing into bed next to me. A couple of minutes later he spoke up.

“Who was the guy you were talking to at the lobby” he asked

“I already told you he’s just a friend” I yawned, turning to my side to face him

“Yeah right” Josh murmured

“Why would I lie about it? And why do you care so much about him anyways?" I looked over at him

"I was just asking, don’t make it such a big deal” he replied in an annoyed tone turning his back to me and getting comfortable

I decided not to reply since there was no point arguing with him, he was so stubborn at times.

~2 days later~

•Josh’s POV•

Y/n had been hanging out with Devan more and more. I was so jealous of him you could possibly kill him. I was watching YouTube videos on my laptop when y/n got a text from someone. A smile was quickly planted on her face when she saw who it was from.

“Who is it?" I asked out of curiosity

"Devan. He wants to go out for dinner” she smiled still looking down at her phone

“You’re going out with him again? Thought you we’re better then that Y/n" I scoffed

"What do you have against him that makes you talk about him like that?” she blurted

“Y/n he sees you as more than just friends!”

“And what is your problem with that? Maybe I like him as more than just a friend too so stop being such a dick Josh” she said looking over at me

“And you should stop being such a bitch" I murmured, the words spilling out of my mouth before I could stop them.

"What did you just call me?”

I remained silent feeling ashamed

She didn’t say anything just walked out of our room slamming the door behind her.

~The next day~

•Maddie’s POV•

Last night Josh and Y/n got in a bad argument and they both refused to speak to each other afterwards. Y/n didn’t end up going to dinner with Devan but came in mine and Caspar’s room and telling me everything that happened whilst Caspar was out having dinner with Josh.

“Caspar we need to get them back together before we leave Switzerland" I told him referring to your friends

"They wouldn’t get together when they were still friends and there’s zero chances they are now that they’ve fought” Caspar replied

“If we don’t get involved you know there’s no way they’re becoming friends again right?”

“We need make them talk to each other”

“What if we set them up?!” I suggested with excitement

“What do you mean?” Caspar asked

“We can set them up on a date and that way they’ll realize they both feel the same way”

“How do we do that? Its not as easy as you make it sound especially with Josh and Y/n both being so stubborn”

“We can tell them they’re going out for a coffee with us and when they get there we’ll leave them alone”

“Not a bad idea I like the way you think” Caspar grinned

~19:00 pm that afternoon~

•Caspar’s POV•

“Where are they’re both late" I look around

"Typical Josh and Y/n” Maddie laughs

“Oh wait there’s Josh” I say pointing to a tall ginger walking through the front door and over to our table

“Hi Josh” Maddie waved at him once he was at our table

“Hey buddy" I stud up to give him a hug

"I didn’t know Maddie was coming too” Josh smiled sitting down opposite us

“Yeah I’m going to be leaving pretty soon though" she smiled once she noticed Y/n coming over to our table looking more confused than ever

"And so am I" I said motioning Y/n to come over

"Aw why?” Josh asked

“We’ve got someone else to keep you company" we both laughed.

Before Josh could say anything else Y/n was already over at our table and she did not look happy

"Em… I didn’t know Josh was going to be here too” she murmured looking at Josh

“Y/n?! What are you doing here?” Josh exclaimed noticing her behind him

“What are you doing here?” she asked

“I was supposed to be having coffee with Caspar at 19:00” he informed her

“Well I was supposed to be having coffee with Maddie at 19:00 too” she told him

“Well I got here first!”

“Do I look like I care?!” she rolled her eyes

“Guys stop! You were both supposed to hang out with each one of us at the same time on purpose” Maddie confessed

“So you could make up” I finished her sentence

“And this is our queue to go so have fun don’t get in trouble and call us when you’ve made up” Maddie said getting up and smiling at them

“Don’t mess it up” I whispered to Josh before getting up and leaving too.

•Y/n’s POV•

“Well… it seems like we’re not leaving until we get this sorted” I trailed off looking down at my feet

“Its going to be a long night” Josh laughed gesturing me to sit opposite him

“So…. where do we start?” I began “Maybe the fact that you called me a bitch?“ I suggested

"Yeah that… I really didn’t mean it. There’s things I said that I regret and thats one of them. I’m sorry” he confessed looking embarrassed

“I’m sorry about the things I said too but what I want to know is why? Why did you care do much about him?" I asked

"Oh y/n is this what this is about?” he slightly raised his tone

“What are you on about” I asked confused

“Y/n isn’t it obvious that I like you? Isn’t it obvious I was jealous of you and Devan? Isn’t it obvious I can’t stand seeing you with him?”

I stayed silent

“Y/n I like you! Do you think its easy for me sleeping in the same bed as you and hanging out with you and then all of a sudden you start going out with a random guy from your high school? Well if you were wondering its not”

I was trying to keep a strait face but failed and started laughing

“Oh god here we go. Now you’re going to be teasing me about it for the rest of my life” he breathed looking away

“Thats not why I’m laughing" I said in between laughs

"Well would you do me the honor and tell me whats so hilarious”

“The fact that we had to get our friends to do this in order for us to confess our feelings”

“What do you mean?” he asked, confused

“Josh I like you too silly! I’ve liked you for the longest time now and the only reason why I was hanging out with Devan was because I though you had eyes for another girl” I giggled

“Are you serious?” he asked, a huge smile on his face

“Of course I am" I said taking his hand in mine

"Well does this mean we can go on that date I’m been dreaming of for the past year” Josh laughed squeezing my hand

“Yeah we could definitely do that” I laughed.

-Ella xx

SQ Week Day 3 - Medical AU

Ratting: T

Summary: When your lunch break needed another topic for conversation , this is not what Emma had in mind.

Note: Thank you so much for Gats for beta-ing this one

“Okay, fuck-marry-kill: Gold, Nolan, Mills.”

Emma almost died of obstruction of her airway.

“Where is this even coming from?” Belle, the ever sensible of the group, asked the questioner with an arched eyebrow, though not at all scandalized by her friend’s antics.

“Come on, it’s fun. I mean, don’t tell me you’ve never thought about it,” Ruby, complete with her mischievous grin and eyebrows wiggling, prompted her friends.

“Well, if I need to kill one of them, I’ll pick Gold,” Killian said while picking his sandwich with contemplation on his face.

“Are you seriously indulging her in this high school game?” Belle turned to him while giving him an unimpressed look.

Killian only shrugged. “It’s harmless,” he gave her the knowing smirk, “besides, Ruby is right, don’t tell me you’ve never thought about it.”

“And we do really need another topic besides talking about this case and that operation,” Ruby added finishing her salad. Another point prompting them to play her unpredictable and ridiculous game.

“Instead, now we’ll be talking about our sex life and our mentor?” Belle gave her the stinky eye.

Ruby’s smirk couldn’t get any bigger. “I didn’t specifically say about the sex life of our mentor Bells, I did give you who to marry and kill too.”

Belle’s cheeks brightened at that.

“I don’t think this is appropriate,” Emma chimed in over her chicken sandwich, trying in vain to divert the conversation.

“Nothing will be inappropriate if it never happens. We all know that it will be a mess and disaster to have any kind of relationship with your boss.”

Didn’t Emma know it. She bit a big portion of her sandwich to hide her scowling. Once the board sniffed something between an intern and a surgeon, it would be looked as favoritism which would lead to getting kicked out of the program.

A risk no resident was willing to take when they had to give blood and tears to get into this program.

“As for fuck and marry, I think I prefer to deal with Dr. Bitchiness once than for a life time,” Killian said continuing his selection.

Emma frowned at that.

“Good point, I mean her last piggyback cardio surgery was hot as hell, but I don’t want to deal with the queen all the time.”

Emma double frowned at that.

“Are we rating this by cases now? Because if it is, then I’ll be happy with a lifetime watching Gold’s neurosurgeries.”

“Of course you will.”

“What? His method is beautiful okay? You can’t tell me otherwise.”

“Sure, Bells. So, kill and fuck?” Killian prompted Belle, delighted that she finally relented and played the game, unintentionally it was.

Belle pondered this for a moment. “Doctor Mills was pretty hard on us…”

Killian snickered. “Love, she sent you to the pit alone over stitches tearing when closing up. You wouldn’t forget how it was coincidently on the day of bikes festival right?”

“Not to mention how she made Kilian cart patients around,” Ruby piped in.

“Just admit it, the queen likes to make us suffer.”

“Yeah, that’s true.”

Emma frowned again, because though what they said was true, Dr. Mills’ though love and snippy directions really were actually quite effective. At least they will be too afraid to repeat the same mistake.

“Well who’s your pick?” Ruby turned to Emma.

Dang! And she thought keeping silent would make them forget that she existed.

“I don’t know,” Emma shrugged lamely.

“Lie. We all know how your eyes stuck on a particular ass Ems,” Ruby smirked knowingly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Emma tried her hardest to look confused. And failed.

“Come on Swan, we know how you’re mooning over the Queen,” Killian said provoking Emma more.

“I am not.”

“Actually, you are, Em. You’re kind of obsessed with her,” Belle said matter-of-factly.

Well, nobody said discreet was Emma’s virtue, but this is just down right pathetic.

“Well, her techniques are just amazing okay? Sorry if I want to learn from the best,” she said; her prepared excuse. Though judging by the look her friends gave her it’s not working.

There was a lull in the conversation (which lasted too short to Emma’s liking) before Ruby broke it.

“So, have you ever fantasized about banging her highness?”

For the second time in under an hour, Emma almost choked to death. What a record.


Ruby grinned. “You have.”

A fucking statement. Like she was sure that Emma had definitely done it.

“I bet you imagined doing it in a patient bed, playing doctor,” Ruby said wiggling her eyebrows.

“Nice,” Killian said with a far off look, clearly imagining the scenario.

Okay, that’s it. She drew the line.

“You know what, I’m gonna go and check my patients instead of talking about this,” Emma said getting up with her trash.

Ruby’s laugh drove her to roll her eyes.


Emma was on a break after several hours of doing her rounds. Thank god not the kind of break where she had to interact with her friends because it seemed they turned today to ‘annoy Emma’ day. If the knowing smirk and wiggling eyebrows and not so subtly eye pointing they gave her whenever Dr. Mills passed them were any indication.

With a sigh Emma pushed open the door to an on-call room and walked to the nearest bed.

“Tough day?” a voice said from the bed.

Emma rolled her eyes remembering her lunch break again. “More like let’s make a stupid game and imagine fucking certain people kind of day.”

The occupant of the bed opened her eyes to look at Emma with an amused look.

“Did I somehow end up being a topic of the conversation?”

“Let’s just say only I am allowed to imagine fucking you,” Emma said lying down on the bed with her back to the bed occupant’s front.

Hands wrapped around her waist to pull her closer. Whether it was because of the limited space of their current bed or the need to be closer Emma wouldn’t know.

Not that she’s gonna complain.

“Do I want to know what lead to that statement?”

“No,” Emma said grumbling. She just wanted to punch that captain guy liner when he started to imagine fucking her woman.

Regina only chuckled at her reaction and kissed her ear.

“Well, they can imagine but only you got to touch the real thing dear,” she said burying her face on the golden curls.

“You’re damn right.”


Discord Shenanigans- A Real Friend
  • Shinsou automatically pushes others away each time someone approaches him with ‘wanting to be his friend’ because he knows they just want to put themselves in the position of seeing his quirk firsthand 
  • Not saying he’s never had a real friend before, but I’m sure the display he put out during the school festival arc was something that put a red flag on him for everyone to see
  • And the weeks following the school festival, he doesn’t bother speaking to others outside his homeroom class that approach him
  • Eventually, the small flocks that stare from afar stop approaching him, and so do the strays that come and ask for something like directions to 'so-and-so’s’ class, if they he the time, and other desperate attempts to get his attention
  • It becomes normal to just not looks up at others’ faces, to stay with his own thoughts and the schooldays seem to pass faster
  • until he recognizes a pair of distinct bright red sneakers approach his desk during a break 

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Sick Part 7

Edward Nygma x OC

Warnings: SMUT( finally I know) bondage, dom!nygma, name calling, language, violence, taunting

In the cab he didn’t touch me.

As he unlocked the door he didn’t look at me.

As we climbed the stairs he didn’t speak to me.

Then the moment he shut the door to his apartment he had me up against the wall. I struggled slightly until his lips attacked my neck nipping at the tender skin. At the contact I moaned and relaxing in his grip.

“That’s right, don’t fight it,” he purred into my ear, biting the lope. A shiver ran through me and I sighed. I attempted to wrap my legs around his waist to get closer but he shoved my legs down, tisking me. “Uh uh, I’m in charge here you little slut,” he growled. His lips met mine, biting at my lip, as I attempted to show indignation towards his reference towards me. He quickly picked me up and carried me to the bed.

When we entered his bedroom he threw me on the bed and I scooted towards the headboard, sitting up in the process. He climbed on top of me, still in his green suit, and straddled me, keeping my back against the mattress.

“Arms up, wrists together,” he demanded and I quickly complied, biting my lip in excitement. He yanked his tie out of his collar and quickly tied me to the head board. I whined and pulled on them slightly. “Is that tie still perfect?” he asked me, tracing his fingers down my exposed arms.

“Yes,” I moaned and he stopped.

“Yes what?”

“Sir,” I panted. He smirked at me and pulled off his blazer and unbuttoned his shirt, throwing both of them to the floor. Suddenly he flipped me onto my stomach and unzipped my dress practically ripping it off me, leaving me in the black lingerie I had purchased. I squirmed at the sudden coolness on my back and he laughed.

“I’m going to punish you little girl, just like you deserve,” he snarled, smacking my ass harshly.

“What for?” I whined, jumping at the contact and then replacing the little shriek with a moan.

“What for the little slut asks. Did you think I wouldn’t notice you getting the cab driver off while we were on our way to he club. You ranked of sex when you climbed back in. Is that how you got us into that club too. Get off the bouncer with that pretty little mouth of yours, or did you just give it all to him?” he asked, smacking my ass with each pause.

“I paid him money, that’s it,” I cried out, trying to flip myself back over, but he had me pinned.

“You’re not lying to me are you?” he asked and I shook my head. “Good.” Then he flipped me back over. I was panting in exhaustion from the immense pain and pleasure that I had just experienced but from the gleam in his eye he was far from being done with me. Seductively he crawled backwards, his hands gliding down my abdomen. When he reached the line of lace he ripped them in half and before I could process what was happening he dove into.

His tongue swirled around my clit making me scream in pleasure. I tried to pull away, the pleasure sending stars into my vision, but he had his arms locked around my hips, keeping me stationary.

“Eddie!” I screamed and almost immediately he stopped and looked up at me.

“What did you just call me?” he asked darkly. Instead of responding I bucked up my hips. I could feel his warm breath against m bundle of nerves and it was still simulating me. “I asked you a question,” he demanded, shoving my hips into the bed crawling up towards me.

“Sir,” I whispered, gasping for air when he placed his hand around my throat and squeezed.

“Don’t lie to me sweetheart,” he teased, grinning from ear to ear as my heart suddenly began to speed up and the adrenaline began to churn. “That’s right sweetheart. I worked it out you see,” he laughed as I struggled underneath him, the tie keeping me to the headboard could be heard ripping above. “I worked it out what triggers your little adrenaline highs. Pet names, all of them. I’m surprised you didn’t think of it yourself, honey,” he grinned and this time I screamed as the tie ripped in half and I shot up, shoving his hand off my neck and wrapping my arms around his shoulders, pressing our lips together. He fell backwards and I found myself on top.

“It looks like the tables have turned,” I teased, dragging my tongue up his neck and stopping to suck a hickey. He moaned and then flipped us over so he was hovering over me.

“I don’t think so baby,” he cackled and I lunged up, raking my nails down his back as he lifted me from the bed and shoved me against the wall. I shoved him away and reached for the hem of his pants, pulling both them and his boxers down in one fluid motion. I smirked, but had no time to say anything about how fucking hard he was because he shoved me up against the wall, lifting my legs around his waist and shoved his solid cock into me.

“Fuck,” I moaned as he thrust into me.

With every thrust I hit the wall, hard, but the combination of adrenaline and oxcytocin removed every ounce of pain and replaced it with pleasure. He was buried in the crook of my neck, growling out profanities that I couldn’t understand over the blood rushing in my head.

“Sir, I’m going to cum,” I screamed and he shook his head.

“Not yet, hold it for me, just a little longer,” he ordered and I bit my lip as a particularly harsh thrust almost tipped me over the edge. My nails were digging into his back, drawing blood and boy was I getting off on his grunts of pain and pleasure. “Okay Rachel, cum,” he ordered, thrusting once more into me before I screamed and raked my nails up is already tender back. That bit of pain brought him to the cliff and pulled him down with me. We fell to the bed and he rolled off me.

“Holy shit,” I panted and he laughed darkly, reaching down to pull on his boxers. He tossed me his button up and I quickly pulled it on, not even bothering to button it up. “So, do I get an explanation about this sudden change in behavior sir?” I asked while we situated ourselves.

“I’m Eddie’s better half, but he doesn’t know I came out and played today, he never does, so I would like to keep it that way, at least for now,” he told me, pulling me close. I smiled.

“I can do that, he won’t know a thing. I’ll just tell him that we both got shitfaced, but nothing happened,” I said and he smiled.

“That sounds like a plan for now, maybe if you’re a good girl I’ll come out and play later,” he teased, kissing my neck softly.

“Sounds like a deal, but more importantly how did you figure out the trigger, and does Eddie know?”

“Eddie doesn’t know, but I figured it out after I picked you up from the hospital. The first time I had my suspicions was when you were attacked outside and the strength didn’t come until he called you ‘sweetheart’ and then on the way home from hospital someone said 'honey’ on the radio you tensed up, but because you were asleep it didn’t affect you.”

“Interesting,” I murmured, snuggling into his chest. “I presume that you’re the bad thing that Eddie told me about.”

“Oh yes, when you were acting like that on the couch I about took over, but settled for making him think some things that he believed were a little less than virtuous, speaking of which I should have paid you back for that,” he growled softly into the back of my neck. I rubbed my ass against him in response and he grabbed. “I wouldn’t, I don’t think you’d be able to handle another proper fucking,” he hissed and I giggled, closing my eyes and drifting to sleep to the feeling of his lips against my neck and his gentle breathing.

4. “Damn, you’re so innocent” // Derek

Derek’s POV

We were all sitting in the living room of my big apartment, the smell of weed and alcohol taking over the room. I was sitting me beside my new girlfriend of 3 months Y/N who wasn’t paying attention to any of us and just sat there using her phone.

When ever smoke flew into her face, her nose crinkled and she shook her head not liking the smell of the weed. I giggled at her cuteness and decided to blow smoke into her face deliberately. I was high as fuck but I knew that she was going to get so pissed off with me later when they were all gone..

I blew a perfect ‘O’ into her face and she started at me for a long period before standing up and heading to the bedrooms looking pissed as ever. 

“Aw, where’s princess going?” Kevin laughed hysterically earning a middle finger from her. “Damn Derek you got yourself a wild one!” He almost rolled off the couch due to his laughing and highness. Lucy had to give him a slap across the face to stop.

I glared at him before taking a couple more of pre-rolled blunts and lighter, and made my way to my bed room.

“Baby!” I sang as I stumbled into one the rooms one not to find her there. “Oops! Its empty!” I walked into the room across from the room I was in. I found Y/N with her face in her hands and soft sobs.

“Babygirl, whats wrong?” Its as if her being upset made me sober. I walked over to the bed and pulled her into my chest and she quietly sobbed and mumbled to herself.

“Why can’t I be like you guys Derek? Why can’t I fit in and be able to smoke pot and look the baddest bitch in LA? I can’t even take a swig of whatever you guys a drinking without trying not to throw up. I probably look like a fool.” I rolled my eyes without making her upset because she was being over dramatic.

“Number 1, you are the baddest bitch LA. Number 2, I do not give a damn if you don’t like weed or alcohol, you can’t like everything on this earth. Number 3, you can never know you like something until you try it. My mom always tells me that so you’re gonna try weed but not in front of them so they can’t make fun of you.” She wiped her tears and watched as I put a blunt into my mouth and it. I gestured for her to take one and try one. 

She hesitated for a second before manning up and taking one. I smiled proudly as she held the lighter joint. She took one puff and blew a perfect circle but then started coughing and wheezing.

“Damn, you’re so innocent!” I laughed at her and she manged to crack a smile and punched me. She kept trying until she got the hang of it. She smiled once she blew an ‘O’.  

“I got it!” She beamed. “Yes! See I told you’d get the hang of it.” She punched me and giggled “I love you Derek.”

A/N: This is so bad, I apologise