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Saudade. Part Four - Smut

Author: mystic-biscuit
Rating: NSFW 18+
Words: 6500 give er take

Notes: A big sucker of a part, more than half I would say is some kind of smut in one way or another. I went a little cray. Again thank you for all the love. I really appreciate it. You all deserve a cookie.

And anytime I get to use these gifs its a good day

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After watching “Big Bad Sneezy”, I realized that the other 6D hadn’t really managed to cheered Sneezy up like they planned they would. This got me wondering if Sneezy still regretted his sneezing trait?

So I made a fanfic to continue the story.

(WARNING: Emotional feelings ahead & slight spoilers.)



“….So, do you think it’s even fixable?”

The trip back home had not been too long for the 7D. In fact with all the extra excitement in outsmarting the Big Bad Wolf the journey back only seemed half as long as before. However, as they rounded the corner out of the woods and into the outskirts of Jollywood, already an obvious  problem had arisen among the group.

“Of course Sneezy can fix the house Grumpy! He did it back in Pig Sties, didn’t he? We’ll have our house back in no time!”

A grunt in reply was all Grumpy gave to Happy’s blissful attitude. He really was not in the mood to be fixing houses, let alone ones that needed more then just a fresh coat of paint.

No, the 7D cottage (or what was left of it) could only be identified as being mangled pieces of timber, twisted metal and smashed shards of glass and pottery strewn into large heaps on the hill they called ‘home’. It could even have been mistaken for a dump if you didn’t look close enough.

“Well, the sooner it’s fixed, the sooner I can lock myself away from your none stop jabbering!” growled Grumpy in annoyance as he poked the happy dwarf intimidatingly.

“Now fellas, let’s not start quarreling” announced Doc, as he casually separated the two. “Now is not the time. We should get started on the work at hand before it gets too dark to see anything.”

He was right. The sun was already starting to make it way towards the far horizon. In less then an hour, the sun would disappeared over the hills, ending the day.

“Okay, fine!  Let’s get this over with. HEY, Sneeze Man! Could you please start putting that nose of yours to good use?”

When no reply was given however, it only seem to shorten Grumpy’s already thin patience. Upon turning around, he was surprise to find that not only was Sneezy missing, but so was the remainder of the 7D group. They had lost the others.

“Oh for the love of CHEESE…”


A few minutes earlier, the four younger 7D had been trailing behind Grumpy. Each one of them was chatting happily about the elaborate trick they had pulled on the nasty jerk of a Wolf.

All except one, that is.

The walk home had been a mix of both anxiety and sadness for poor Sneezy. After the adrenal of defeating the Big Bad Wolf had began to died down, an uneasy feeling had started to settled in the pit of his stomach.

With a small inaudible sigh, he sluggishly followed his friends back home; only half listening to their repeated chatter. This feeling was not new to the little dwarf. In the passed few day especially, it had actually been quiet frequent.

How could he have been so blind? Did he not see how his sneezes were effecting people while he had been working for Huff & Puff INC.? No matter what he did, his nose always had a way of coursing more unwanted trouble to his friends, family and everyone in general.

He began slowing his walking pace down from the other 7D. He hoped the distances would help clear the guilt that had seemed to broil its way up in his chest from the last few hours. However, It gave little to no comfort in doing so, just like all the other times before.

“Hey guys! Look we’re almost home!” Bashful’s timid voice brought Sneezy back into the present as they neared the turn out of the woods toward Jollywood. Looking at his friends from behind, he could already tell that Sleepy was starting to pipe up at the idea of getting home.

‘Probably can’t wait to go back to sleep’ thought Sneezy with a small smile. His drowsy friend always had a way of finding the fun in sleeping and dreaming all day. Perhaps a good nights rest is all he needed as well.

That thought however, was violently grounded to a halt as he laid eyes on said ‘house.’

He had forgotten about his ‘accident’ with cottage, but the guilt he had felt earlier was nothing compared to how he felt now. There was nothing left of their home. The home that in his eyes had symbolically united them all together was now just a pile of rubble. Broken and destroyed.

…and all by his hand.

The longer he looked at it, the tighter the pressured knot in his chest seemed to become. An ice cold numbness washed over him. His legs felt like they could giving way at any moment.

It was almost to much to handle.

With a sharp turn, he blindly run away from the destruction he had coursed, unable to look upon the faces of his family and the disapproval that was sure to follow.

That is, until he smacked and bounced straight off someone in his path, which forced him to gaze up at the face of none other then a very startled Dopey.


Bumping into Sneezy suddenly was a bit of a shock to Dopey. He had been distracted by a rather beautiful butterfly when the older dwarf stumble into him forcefully.

At first, Dopey feared he had coursed jury to his rather allergic friend. However, it only took a couple of seconds more to figure out that was not the case. With a concerned whistle Dopey extended a helping hand out to his fallen friend. In return, this some how just seemed to make the situation worse.

Staring at Dopey outstretched arm, his body began to tremble ever so slightly.

“Hey! Is everything OK? What happened?” The approaching drone voice of Sleepy reminded them both of the others now close by.

“Is everyone-Oh Winkers! Sneezy, are you OK?!” he gasped in surprise.

“Oh no!! Did you hurt yourself?! squeaked Bashful from behind. “N-No. I’m fine guys. R-Really! I was just…j-just trying to….umm-m…” Every word came out croaky and forced. He had to keep it together.

Sleepy frowned at this. “Come on Sneeze man. I know somethings bothering you. Please tell us what wrong?” “I-It’s nothing r-really.. it’s…it’s-!”

“HA! There they are Grumpy! I told you they couldn’t have gone far! And it looks like they’re playing a game! This is so much Whoopty Doopty Schmoodily FUN!” The figures of both Happy, Doc and Grumpy advanced towards the small group hovering over a rather pale looking Sneezy.

“It’s about time we found you guys! I thought we were going to fix the house, NOT play games of hide-and-seek!”

At the mention of the house, Sneezy looked away and squeezed his eyes shut. He had been dreading this moment for most of the journey back. He had course so much trouble and the destroyed cottage was the icing on the cake. Whatever was his punishment, he deserves it.

Doc began to chuckle like he always did. “Hehe. Come on fellas! Let’s all go home! The sooner it’s fixed, the sooner we can all sit down for a nice hot meal together.”

It wasn’t until they started moving, that they all realized Sneezy had made no effort to move from his curled up spot on the ground.

Doc paused. “Sneezy? Aren’t you going to come with us?” Everyone turned. Waiting for a reply. Wide frightened eyes starred back up at them. Barely visible tears had swelled up; threatening to flow down his cheeks. The next words that were spoken from Sneezy were small; almost a whisper even, but were nothing the others ever expected to hear.

“….y-you…still w-want me?”

“…WHAT! Of course we want YOU! Why of all things would you think that we would NOT want you?!” Grumpy bellowed. “Yeah Sneezy! Why would you ever think that??“ The six had already surround the poor dwarf, confused and shocked at their friend’s downcast feelings towards himself. I didn’t seem to make any sense to them?!

“I-I-I j-just thought…y-you k-know…I…I j-just don’t d-deserve…” Sneezy averted his eye as his voice cracked.

Slowly, he felt a gentle hand slid under his chin and lift it to meet the eyes of none other then his best friend Sleepy. All of them knew that although Sleepy was always the most tired and drowsy out of the group, he had a gift of being able to observe others better then anyone else.

His steady half lidded gaze slowly formed into one of realization and warm understanding. Sneezy quietly let out a gasp! He knew.

“You are not a burden Sneezy. You never have been, and you never will be….”

It was all to much.

Before he could stop, hot tears had already began streaming down his face while chocked sobs escaped his throat. Latching onto Sleepy, he wept bitterly into the shoulder of his friends pajamas.

Sleepy quietly hushed his distort friend, rubbing small circles on his back soothingly. It didn’t take long before the once painful built up of guilt; fizzled up into almost nothing. With his last bit of energy spent, he drifted into a welcoming peaceful dreamless sleep.


It wasn’t until much later that Sneezy awoke again feeling refreshed and a little groggy. However, when he tried to get up, he found that he couldn’t.

Puzzled by this, Sneezy scanned his surroundings. It was dark and he was lying outside under the stars. He must have been asleep for a few hours judging by the star formation. This however was not what caught his attention the most.

Opening his eyes more he realized with surprise that the rest of the 7D had also falling fast asleep, laid curled up all around him in the form of a group hug. Sneezy was confused by this, until the events of earlier came flooding back to him.

They had stayed with him. They had not abandoned him or sent him away. His family stayed with him and they loved him. ALL of him. A wide smile grew on his face. He really did have the best family any dwarf like him could possibly ask for.

Before, he would have been ashamed of the fact his sneezes could accidentally affect the people he’s supposed to protect. Now however, he now knew that his family excepted that, but still loved him for who he was. Plus, the accidents his sneezes course were only a small portion compared to the good it had accomplished. Touching the tip of his nose, he felt something he had not felt in a long time. Pride.

Tomorrow he would help rebuild the 7D cottage with the others. But in the mean time, he felt content as he drifted back to sleep in the arms of his brothers embrace, knowing that he was safe under their watchful protection.