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1st I love you

What better way to return all the love I got for the first Drabbles, that show how the boys first said I love you.  Thanks for all the <3 everyone! 



“Noctis, I can’t feel my arm.” You giggle, your sleepy time boyfriend currently laid across your outstretched arm taking his third mid-afternoon/early morning nap.

“I’m comfy and that’s all that matters.” The prince muttered, as he shifted slightly, allowing you to slip a pillow under his head.

The two of you cuddled up in the daybed in the middle of the large castle’s green room. You were suppose to be helping the Prince get ready for the huge gala later this week, but somehow he had convinced you to lay down with him.

Cruse those beautiful blue eyes!  

“Noct, if we don’t get up soon, Ignis is going to realize that we’re not practicing those dance steps.” You attempt to reason, only for the young man to roll over directly on top of you, laying his head on your breast. “Noctis,” You whine playfully as he snaked his arms around you.

“Rule number 3: No speaking of Specs when cuddling.” He muttered into your chest, as he nuzzled you, letting out a purr as you began to gently begun running you fingers through those dark black almost blue locks.

You allowed  the future king to use you as his own personal body pillow, it didn’t really bother you. It actually never did, since before you started dating he would just knock out near you and you’d adjust so that the man wouldn’t be too stiff when he woke up, no matter if it was your shoulder, head, or lap, or some of his current favorite spots, your chest and ass including the few times where he accidentally drooled on you.

Sneaking a kiss to the top of his head, you froze as you heard him muttered softly.

“Love you, y/n.”

Your heart skipped a beat, as shuffled slightly to return his embrace, thinking you’d allow him a little more moments to rest, “I…I love you too, Noctis.”


“Sweetie lift you right leg, no your right!”

“This is my right leg.” You call back, sitting on a large rock overlooking the city of Insomnia, creating a beautiful backdrop.

“I meant my right.” Prompto laughed, as you adjusted your leg again. “Perfect, not quater turn toward the sun.”

“To the sun?” You inquired as you glance at the huge glowing object in the sky, “Can’t, it hurts.”

“Maybe not directly into it.” Prompto chuckled.

You and your boyfriend were taking pictures of the skyline for a new project that the blonde wanted to start, when he requested a picture of you. He stated it was for matching the colors when he edited later, but you knew he always snapped pictures of you when he thought you weren’t looking, than cycling through them as wallpaper on his phone.

After about 15 minutes of fidgeting Prompto seemed to finally be satisfied with his shot, as he helped you off the rock.

“So where else you wanted to go today, Chocoboo?” You asked, moving over to pick up your bag from the ground where you placed it, only to look over your shoulder as you noticed Prompto quickly turn his head away to pretend he wasn’t looking at your butt.

“We can, you know…”

You gave an over the top bend at the hips, pretending to fiddle with your bag,  “You do know you can look.”

Prompto immediately flushed, his freckles all but disappearing in his blush. Figuring you had tormented the poor photographer, you walked over wrapping your arms around his neck before littering his face with kisses making his red blush travel further down to his neck.

“Why so embarrassed my little Chocoboo?” You coo, as you remained placing kiss after kiss on his cheeks and face. “I’m not going to stop until I kiss every single freckle on your adorable face.”

“I…you…” Prompto muttered weakly, attempting to play aloof.

You remained littering his face, “Speak up, I can’t hear you.” You weren’t sure how he did it, but he became even more red as he muttered repeatly. “I can go all day, I have lipgloss in my bag.”

Prompto suddenly grabbed you by the shoulders, as he pulled you away from his face staring you in the eye, as he loudly proclaimed, “I LOVE YOU!”

You barely had time to retorted as he pressed his lips against your own. Both of you standing in the liplock for what seemed like forever, when he pulled away, almost as if realizing what he just said. Stepping back as he almost curled in on himself, as his tried to hid his blush by turning away from you.

Quickly moving to be within his sight again, you grab those freckled cheeks, squishing his face together, “I love you too!” You beam, before jumping into his arms, knocking you both to the ground, the two of you laughing as your return the kiss.


“So strong.” The blonde girl giggled, as she hung off your boyfriend very strong feathered bicep as he attempted to leave her to get you another drink.

“You okay, y/n?” Prompto asked, resting a hand on your shoulder.

Through clinched teeth, you remained glaring at the blonde bimbo holding on to Gladiolus, your Gladiolus’ arm like she was his freaking hand bag. “I’m fine, Prompto, why do you ask?”

“Well, you’re currently trying to break your glass.” A buzzed, Noctis stated, as you realized the death grip you had on your cup of some fruity drink that Prompto purchased but didn’t like because it tasted too much like melon.

It was suppose to be a relaxing night out with the boys, as everyone needed a moment to relax from time to time, and the boys had picked some very new club, by the name of the Roost. The drinks were currently flowing heavily, as all the drinks Ignis was given were passed to Prompto and Noctis. Which as of current, you were taking the drinks from the boys as you needed something to calm the fury that was burning in you at the sight from across the club.

You swallowed a scream as you say the tramp, actually grab Gladiolus’ hands placing one hand on her ass, the other on her breast, as she wrapped her arms around his neck, attempting to place a kiss on his lips as he attempted to scramble away without hurting her.

Grabbing the nearest drink, you grab a shot, pouring it down your throat, as you slammed the glass down rougher than needed, as you jumped from the booth, marching through the crowd on your stilettos, using pure adrenaline to not stumble or maybe it was the rage.

Yeah it was the rage!

“Y/n” Gladiolus cheered, seeming excited to have someone save him from the leech of a woman currently holding onto him so he didn’t have to shove her away and accidentally hurt her.

You hadn’t even realized what you were doing, before you reached out grabbing a fist full of the blonde locks before you, pulling back with all your strength as you threw her to the floor. At the same grabbing a hold of your large boyfriend’s hand, as you pulled him through the crowd, people easily parting as you and your 6 foot 6 inch boyfriend went to the nearest exit.

Stepping outside to the nice warm air, you suddenly felt a tug, only to find the bimbo had followed you outside, and was currently playing tug of war with your boyfriend.

“What are you doing?” She slurred, her makeup stained face only seeming to make your more hazy mind  angered as she remind you of a clown and that ugly green dress and those black fishnet stocking made her look like a whore version of a certain crow.

“I’m going to warn you once, stay away from him.” You growled, as you stepped before Gladiolus, standing before the shield, as you slapped her hand from him.

The girl, turn her eyes to Gladiolus, “I can already tell you that, I’m a better lay that this little shank. Why don’t we find a place where I can give you a good fuck?” She giggled, making a jerk off motion, as she went to grab Gladiolus again.

That comment made you sober up immediately, as you pulled back your right arm, decking the female with a haymaker.

“Holy shit, babe!” Gladiolus gasped in shock.

“Fuck her up, y/n!” Noctis and Prompto yelled from somewhere.

Quickly following your punch by a straight kick to her chest, which was impressive considering how tight your dress was and the height of your shoes. Watching her crumble to the ground, with a bloody nose, “That’s my man, bitch! Touch him again and I put your ass in the ground!” You bark loudly, shoving her to the ground.

“And that would be our cue to leave, Gladio if you wouldn’t mind grabbing, y/n.” Ignis stated, as he quickly escorted Noctis and Prompto wobbly forms to the car as they cheered you on.

You felt Gladiolus’ hands on your waist, as he picked you up kicking and screaming to the Regalia, not even bothering to put you down as all five of you climbed into the car. Sitting up to face the club, your breasts pushed against Gladiolus’ face as you screamed at the bitch, currently trying to stand up and avoid getting blood on her ugly dress.

“Fuckin’ fight me bitch! I’ll kick your ass any day of the week. Kenny Crow looking ass!” You bark to the form of the club of that was getting smaller, only being hyped further by Prompto and Noctis cheering you on.

“Well that was eventful,.” Ignis muttered as he begun the 20 minute drive home. “let’s not do it again”

Gladiolus chuckled as he turned you around to sit in his lap your arms crossed smug at your win, “How many drinks did you have?”

You shrugged, obviously proud of yourself, and feeling your rage disappear, “Hell, if I know.”

“4 full drinks and 5 shots.” Ignis filled in, as he managed to buckle a Prompto, currently trying to escape the car to take a picture of something with his phone.

Gladiolus wrapped his arms tightly around you, as you grew more settled in his chest, feeling your adrenaline wear off to be replaced with the warm buzz of your drinks returning, “Gotta say I love that in a girl, love you babe.”

You felt the tears before you realized they were happening as you wailed rather loudly, “You love me?”

Gladiolus chuckled, “Are you crying?”

“Don’t avoid the question! Do you love me more than ramen noodles?”

“I mean you’re up there.”

You gave a shrug as nuzzled further in his chest tears already done following, “I guess that’s the best I can ask for.”


“Welcome home, darling.” You smiled, standing from the couch as you went to meet your boyfriend at the door, it was already so late almost 9pm, body covered by his large pajama shirt. Taking his jacket, as you pressed a kiss to his cheek. “Everything okay?”

Ignis removed his glasses as he pinched the bridge of his nose, before turning to you with tired eyes, “Same as normal, what of you, my dear?”

“Not much, did you eat with the Prince?” You ask hanging up his jacket, as he removed his shoes.

“Yes, getting Noct to eat his vegetables is becoming more of a hassle.” He chuckled fondly, as you assisted him with removing his dress shirt. “If you haven’t eaten, I can fix you something.” He started moving toward the kitchen.

“That won’t be needed,” You smiled, as you took his hand, leading him to your shared bedroom, by passing the bed to go into the bathroom. “You always take such good care of us all, my love, allow me just a moment to show you the same respect.”  You coo, as you set him down on the large ottoman in the middle of the grand bathroom, with such a tall boyfriend you need a large bathroom, and the huge whirlpool tub didn’t hurt.

Running a nice warm bath as you placed in a bath bomb of lavender and rose petals before returning to the man sitting on the ottoman, waiting patiently for you. Removing his glasses, as you gently placed them on the his and her sink, being sure to wrap them in the silk cleaning cloth. Moving behind the tall man, having to kneel as you began to massage his shoulders and back.

The silent purrs and sighs escaping him, only seem to fuel you on, as you felt him slowly relax under your hands.  Keeping a watchful eye on the bath level, as you moved over turning it off, before assisting him in standing, as you both disrobed. Having him climb in first, as he laid back, before you settled yourself between him long fit legs, resting your head against his shoulder.

Allow the warm water to help relax the both of you, as you turned on the classic orchestra music, and dimming the lights. As you both sat in the tub, you comfortably held in his arms, as you leaned back slightly, pressing a kiss to the underside of his chin.

You weren’t entirely certain how long you were both in the warm water, as you noticed the man dozing off. Stifling a giggle, you nudged the blonde man slightly, as his green tired eyes locked with your own upside down gaze, as he pressed a kiss to your forehead. Both of you lazily washing each other, before climbing from the tub.

Sitting Ignis back onto the ottoman, now in the pajama bottoms of the shirt you were currently wearing, as you dried and brushed out his hair, as you smiled warmly to the man at his bangs down in a state only for you. Finally appearing relaxed for the first time in awhile, placing the brush down as you picked up his glasses. Moving to hand them to the man, only to stop short, as you lowered them, to instead place a kiss to his lips.

“I love you.” You whisper before realizing it had slipped out, almost immediately regretting it as you placed his glasses on his face with shaking hands.

Ignis looked up to you beyond the black frames, raising his hand to make as to adjust the lens, only to removed them, as he rested a hand against your cheek, “And I love you, my heart.”  He whispered against your lips, before pushing a kiss to them.

Someone to Stay - AU

Previous chapters

Chapter 6

“It’s f-f-freezing!” Claire stuttered, holding herself tight inside her fluffy down coat.

“Aye, ‘tis.” Jamie smiled, hugging Claire close. “But beautiful.” Wrapped as they were in thick scarves and warm hats, no one looked twice at the couple—particularly at Jamie, who usually stood out like a sore thumb.

Frost and snow hung thick on the branches, the pathways cleared of ice. Holiday decorations were up, and everything was ablaze with twinkle lights. The Christmas markets were brimming with Santas, snowmen, and candy cane crafts.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland teemed with Londoners and tourists. They walked hand in hand—or mitten in glove—swinging, giddy with the knowledge of each other. It was only the last week of November, but Christmas was already on display.

“Christmas with Uncle Lamb wasn’t always traditional,” Claire said, gazing in true wonder at the holiday explosion around her. “I’ve lived here forever and I’d never been to this market.”

“At Lallybroch, we usually do Hogmanay – sort of a New Year’s celebration.” Jamie stood behind Claire, holding her close, as they both admired a Christmas village miniature. “Verra traditional.”


“Thank you Duke’s! Good night!” 

The Clan trooped offstage, glistening with the sweat of their efforts and the heat of the spotlights. Jamie had found Claire in the wings.

“Jamie, that was amazing!” Claire exclaimed, impulsively throwing her arms around his broad shoulders clad in his signature jacket. Jamie, heat radiating like a furnace, grabber her by the waist and swung her around.

“Did ye like it?” he whispered, words muffled by her hair.

It was easier this way, to tell him without having to look into the sapphire depths. “Of course I did! I can’t believe you would—that anyone would write a song. For me.”


“It was my favorite place, whenever my uncle brought us to the city. Frank’s job as historian would occasionally bring him here too, but mostly libraries,” Claire said lightly.

They climbed the steps to the entrance of the British Museum, arms linked. The lighting threw the shadows of the columns onto the square, at the late hour.

“I think my parents brought me here when I was a bairn. Jenny and I, we were young.”

“Do you have more siblings?” 

“Nay. My mother, Ellen, she died when I was twelve. And my newborn brother with her.” Jamie swallowed hard, and shook his head at the memory. “My father followed when I was 23, from a stroke.” He ran his hands through his fiery thatch. “His name was Brian.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” She squeezed his arm in sympathy, knowing in their shared experiences that no more words were necessary between them.

Jamie got their passes, smiling widely for the museum employee who recognized him. He paused to grab a map of the galleries, but Claire immediately headed to the left for the elevators. “Come on!”

“We only have an hour! Fridays close at 8:30. What would ye like to see, Sassenach?” Besides Lady Jane, now she had new nicknames.

“Follow me!” She grinned and stepped inside the elevator; pushing the button for the third floor, Jamie slipped in next to her.

“What is it, mo nighean donn?” He nuzzled her neck briefly and she pulled away, tickled.

“The Roman Empire. Then the Greek rooms. They were remarkable healers, for their time.”


“Of course it was fer ye! Who else, mo nighean donn?” Jamie’s smile was blinding; he felt breathless from the high of the performance and the feel of Claire in his arms.

“You’ve called me that before. What does it mean?” 

“Come wi’ me.” Jamie looked around, and seeing no one, took Claire’s hand and led her towards the back exit.

They stepped out into the cold London night, their breath visible in the light from a single halogen lamp above the door. They found themselves in an alley that reeked of refuse, but Claire scarcely noticed. Sliding his arms around her again, Jamie’s fingers traced patterns on the back of her jacket. Claire wished it was her skin, and felt her cheeks flame again.


“Is it Chinese?” 

“I think they call it Mandarin.”

“So the sword was stolen.”

“Yes. Shhh.” Claire pulled a packet of Cadbury English toffee from her purse and shoved it into Jamie’s hands. “Watch the movie.” The tiny art-house theater was almost empty, but she knew how annoying they were being.

Jamie opened the bag and took a piece, offering another to Claire. She ate it absent-mindedly, focused on the film. The assassin was revealed when she felt a hand resting lightly on her knee.

Claire looked down, then at Jamie; his expression was perfectly neutral, eyes on the screen. She crossed her right leg over the left, and saw Jamie’s mouth twitch.

“Watch the movie yerself, Sassenach. Ye’ll miss the subtitles.”

“Can’t think you’re paying much attention either.” She took Jamie’s hand in her own, twining her fingers with his.


“I thought of the phrase from the moment I saw ye. Mo nighean donn means ‘my brown-haired lass’ in the Gaelic.” 

“Brown is rather dull, I’ve always thought.” Claire’s heart pounded disjointedly; she was sure he would be able to hear it if he moved any closer. 

“Not at all. There’s flecks of dark gold and a bit of red too, like water ruffles over a rock in a stream.” Jamie tangled a hand in the unruly curls. Claire closed her eyes, enjoying the gentle touch. 

She reached up and tentatively fingered the wavy locks, vivid fire in the light. There was amber and roan, orange and auburn. She had never seen anything like it. 

“Claire,” Jamie whispered, bringing his forehead against hers.


“’Tis only 5 days ‘til Christmas, Claire. I’d like to ask ye to come to Lallybroch with me.” Jamie’s eyes were eager, hopeful.

“Scotland? Really?” Claire put down her fork, wiping her mouth with the napkin.

“Where we first met.” The smile he gave her was only hers. She blushed and sipped her wine.

“I’d have to work overtime, to ask for some days off. Also—” she paused shyly. 

“What is it?” Jamie took her hand encouragingly. 

“I’d like to turn in applications for medical school in January. If I get accepted, then I’ll have to start studying again.”

“That’s wonderful, Sassenach! I’m so proud of ye!” Jamie kissed her hand, holding it tightly. He signaled the waiter for another bottle.

“It will mean I will probably see less of you than I do now.” Claire sighed.

Jamie nodded. “We start recording a new album in the New Year as well. In Edinburgh, the label’s recording studio.” He poured out another glass, and clinked it against Claire’s. “But we’ll talk every day, mo nighean donn. I promise.” He took her hand again. “We’ll both be busy, and time will fly by.” 

A quiet but distinct noise caught their attention. The click and whirr of a camera from a corner of the restaurant. Claire turned casually, and spotted the culprit a few tables away.

“I think they’re photographing us, Jamie.” Claire looked down and tried to extricate her hand from his.

“I dinna care. We’re not doing anything wrong.” Jamie leaned in and gave each of her knuckles a soft kiss. “On the contrary.”

“And we’re doing what, exactly?” Claire smiled, tapping his foot under the table with her heels.

“I’m having dinner. On a date. With my girlfriend.” Jamie smiled. “I want the whole world to know.”


Jamie’s lips brushed softly against hers, warm and gentle. He pressed a hand hesitantly against her back to bring her closer.

Claire rose on her toes, her arms around him in response. He tasted of salt and whiskey and promises and she wanted it all.

“Your heart is worth it,” Jamie murmured in the dark.


The days are long and brutally hot. They didn’t bring nearly enough water with them, and by the second day Will has completely stopped sweating, which can’t be a good sign.

When the sun is high overhead they stop to rest. Matt collapses to the ground, sprawling his limbs. “We’re gonna die out here,” he moans skyward. He turns his head to look at Will. “What about your trick with the dirt? Couldn’t that work with water?”

For a second Will lights up. “Maybe,” he says, but it only takes a moment for him to see the problem. “It might work for the pathogen, but not for, like, e. coli. There’s lots of nasty shit in this water that isn’t alien.”

Matt licks his dry lips. “What if we boiled it?”

“Sure. Let’s send up a smoke signal.”

“Don’t be a dick. I’m just thinking.”

“Think better,” Will mutters. They have maybe half a gallon of water left between them. He knows Matt’s right, and he has absolutely no solutions.

As they slog through the woods, they pass cabins like the one they stayed in the first night. They’ve been searching all of them, usually finding something of value — food, Neosporin, a single band-aid. Will keeps his fingers crossed for iodine tablets, but no dice.

They reach the base of the mountains early in the evening and bed down for the night in a cabin that’s more like a shack, the wooden walls mostly rotted through and a dirt floor. As the sun falls below the horizon Will waits for the heat to break, but it never does; the air is humid, unrelenting. A poem half-remembered. He can picture it on the page of his ninth-grade English textbook. Water, water, everywhere; nor any drop to drink.

He opens his mouth wider, like he could drink the air if he just tried hard enough.

Before they go to bed, they each take a sip of water. It’s warm from the sun and the heat, but it’s still the best thing Will’s ever tasted.

It only takes moments for Matt to fall asleep. For Will, it’s harder. Every day it’s harder; every night he spends hours staring into the black. He doesn’t get tired anymore. Sometimes it feels like he only sleeps out of habit.

He watches Matt tossing and turning in the moist, stagnant air. In the dark he reaches, pretending his powers are like a radio signal, traveling in straight lines during the day, bouncing off every surface and climbing impossible heights after the sun sets.

Will reaches toward his parents, and faintly — faintly — they are there. Sleeping, he thinks: their thoughts are troubled and rocky, but there is a sameness to them that tells him they can’t be conscious. After a moment he leaves them, turning his mind toward the mountains.

If he went outside now, he would see the world full of light. The stars and the full moon, the fires on the slopes, all familiar, and then something new: on a plateau far above them, a tower, glowing dim. Its light pulses like a heartbeat, like there’s something organic in that cold casing. In every panel of glass Will sees his own death. A thousand screens playing a thousand movies, and all of them have the same ending.

The tower, the tower. Something in it knows him, something in it calls. Will’s mind reaches, his blood reaches.

And Will swears he feels the tower reaching back.

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Bite Me (Part 3)

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean (no pairings yet!)

Warnings: Violence, serious injuries

Overview: You were raised in the hunter life. You fell out of it. It wasn’t your choice to get pulled back in.

Word Count: 1,489

A/N: This is the third installment in my first ever fanfic. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged and supported me in writing this! I can’t express how loved I feel over here :) This story is still a slow burn, always a slow burn. I wanted to write something that focused more on the protagonist. I’ve loved exploring who she is as a character. These words, like everything else I write, are for me. Feel free to join me in the adventure.

Read (Part 1) (Part 2)

At the ripe age of two I was the master of hide-and-seek, Uncle Jay’s way of teaching me to find safety and stay silent. On my third birthday, he gifted me with a small bone knife. When I was four, I used it to make my first kill, a rabbit that later became dinner for the night. I remember crying as I sliced through its throat, my movements precise from the countless practice I had done on the carcasses of animals Uncle Jay had already killed. Ending the life of anything made my stomach turn and my heart ache, a sensation that stuck with me any time that we hunted for food. It wasn’t until Uncle Jay and I had tracked down the lone werewolf that was picking people off of the edges of town that anything changed.

Uncle Jay had wounded the werewolf to the point where it could barely move; all of its limbs were broken, fingers removed, its body heaving as it rapidly trying to heal itself while Uncle Jay calmly re-opened old wounds and sliced new ones. I watched from a few feet away, and when my uncle’s eyes met mine he shifting until he was kneeling behind the werewolf, one had pinning its arms behind its back while the other had a firm grip on its hair.

“This one is yours,” he calmly told me.

I could still see the boy they had found this morning in my mind, his eyes blank as he lay in the puddle of blood that was still seeping from the large hole in his chest. His mother’s screams turned to wailing echoed in my ears as she tried to fight past the yellow police tape. He couldn’t have been more than five years old.

There was no hesitation as I closed the gap between us, swiftly and firmly driving my silver knife through the werewolf’s heart. All I heard was a ringing in my ears as adrenaline pumped its way through my veins. All I could focus on was the light leaving the yellowed eyes. There was no turning in my stomach and no ache of regret. Only satisfaction.

I was ten years old.

Silence was all that greeted me when my eyes decided to open again. There were no screams or cries of pain, which told me that the four humans upstairs probably weren’t breathing anymore. An image of Four’s wide, silver eyes flashed through my mind, and I willed the turning in my stomach and ache in my chest away. There would be time to blame myself later. Action was the only course I could take now.

From the look of my surroundings, Iver had moved me to a lower level, either a cellar or a basement. Tall, dusty shelves containing jars with suspicious looking substances led me to believe the former. That meant there would be an exterior exit. Ignoring the pain that shot through my neck, I scanned the room until my eyes landed on a short flight of steps leading to a set of angled, double wooden doors.

Bingo. Now to get my feet back on the ground.

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The Story of Us

Prologue || 

✮ Chapter One: The Weekend ✮

Word Count: 3055

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

Friday evening 

If there was any part of Riley that thought her parents were using the ‘sending her away’ argument as an empty threat again that’s certainly not the case anymore as Riley sulks at the back of a bus as it leaves the airport she just arrived at.

The worst part about it was that Riley was packed and sent off in a matter of days. Part of the punishment was that Riley wasn’t even allowed to see her friends before she left.

With her head resting against the glass window Riley stares out and watches as the view fades from city to country and if she wasn’t so bitter about the forced lifestyle change then she might of actually enjoyed the scenic drive.

The bus pulls into the station - if you could call an old wooden bench with a sign that reads ‘bus station’ a station. Riley gets off the bus with her duffle bag slung over her shoulder. When her feet hit the dirt road beneath her Riley sees nothing but trees and wide open fields. Awkwardly she stands there not knowing what to do but once the bus pulls away Riley spots a hardened looking man resting again a car just up the road. With a heavy sigh she treks over to him.

“Riley,” He nods once she approaches.

Grandpa,” Riley says in a mock excited voice.

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anonymous asked:

prompt: yousana harry potter AU. thank you!

This is sooo late and I am so sorry!! But here it is, also special shoutout to the LOVELY @iamacolor cause she’s the one who inspired me to write this fic! 


Year One:

“Ravenclaw!” The sorting hat declared.

She smiles and walks proudly to her assigned house table. Generation after generation of Slytherins and now she has broken that tradition.

But her family won’t mind. The Bakkoushs don’t care much for silly notions of arrogant customs or unnatural house pride, as long as their children were happy. They’re pure bloods but unlike some other families, they’ve never been the type to look down at associating with half-bloods or muggle borns.

After all, her brother’s best friend, Yousef Acar, was a muggleborn. He smiles and waves at her from the Hufflepuff table.

Year Two:

Quidditch tryouts went better than expected. She was the youngest chaser in the Ravenclaw team.

And now she was playing against her brother. She smirks at him as the two teams line up against one another. His grin is equally arrogant and oh it’s on.

“Go Sanaaaa! Go Eliaaaas!” Yousef cheers from the crowd, and both Bakkoush siblings turn around to see him waving a green and silver flag in his left hand and a blue and bronze one in his right hand. It brings a smile to their faces.

The teams kick off on their brooms and Sana is determined to win her first game. She’s small but fierce, and the speed with which she flies surprises some of the older players.

Goal after goal, the Ravenclaw team keeps scoring but the Slytherin players aren’t too worried. They have their eyes on the snitch.

Elias is so close, arm outstretched and finger tips almost touching the tiny golden ball, but at the last second Mari swoops in and grabs it.

Cheers erupt as the Ravenclaw team is announced the winner by Quidditch commentator Mahdi Disi.

Sana swooshes around on her broom and does a victory lap while Elias rolls his eyes but is secretly happy for his sister, even though his own team lost.

Far below on the stands, she spots Yousef, waving the Ravenclaw flag and cheering as loudly as he can.

And she feels incredibly happy.

Summer Break Between Year Two and Year Three:

Yousef is staying over for the weekend. He is pathetic at Quidditch but that won’t stop Elias from making him get on a broom and attempt to hit the Quaffle. Half the time he’s trying to make sure he’s not falling off and any time the Quaffle comes near him he ducks instead of striking.

Sana watches from the sidelines until she can’t bear it any more.

“Elias you’re the worst teacher” she says as Yousef climbs down from his broom.

“And you can do better?”

“Oh please. Even Mom is better at Quidditch than you.”

Yousef makes an “oooooooohhhh” sound at the burn and Elias tosses his broom to Sana in response. “Fine, prove it then. By the end of the summer if he can beat me in a game then I’ll be your slave for an entire week. And vice versa.”

She smirks. “Get ready to serve Elias.”


Sana is a patient and caring teacher, not all relentless energy like Elias, but just the right amount of passion mixed with encouragement.

“You’re going about this the wrong way.” She says as he swerves out of the way once again when the Quaffle is near him.

“You’re on defensive mode and you have to relax. Don’t worry about getting hurt, trust me you won’t. The Quaffle is not your enemy, it’s your friend. You have to pull it towards you, not push it away. Only then can you score.”

“Pull it towards me, not push it away.” He repeats as he flies closer to Sana.

“Yes.” She says when his shoulder is almost brushing hers, and for a second they both forget the game.

“So how’s it going future slave?” Elias shouts from his bedroom window and they both whip their heads around to glare at him.

“Let’s do this” Yousef says with renewed zeal.


Sana truly enjoyed the week of having Elias do her bidding.

Year Three:

Sana makes sure that her Butterbeer is the non alcoholic version. She takes her first sip and the savors the warm butterscotch flavor running down her throat.

It’s her first time in Hogsmeade and so far she’s loving it. All her closest friends are here and smiles as she looks around their little group with girls from every house. Eva and Noora are Gryffindors, Chris is a Hufflepuff and Vilde is a Slytherin.

Outside she sees her brother and his friends making a snow man. Yousef sticks the carrot nose on his round face and it’s complete.

They hadn’t talked much once school had started, but something had definitely changed during summer. She always had a sort of crush on him but she never thought it was reciprocated. But those last few weeks of August, for the first time it had seemed, that she was wrong.

Year Four:

Yousef asks her out to the Yule Ball.

She wears shimmering blue robes with a floral white hijab. She taps her foot impatiently as the Champion Waltz drags on and on, and she can see Yousef standing on the other side, just as impatient.

When it’s finally time for them to dance, they both become shy. All that excitement from earlier is now turned to nervousness once they’re face to face.

Sana makes the first move and puts her hand on his shoulder. He gingerly wraps an arm around her waist and they twine their free hands together. They slowly sway with the music and with each second, the awkwardness falls away.

Unfortunately, Sana is as good at dancing as Yousef is at playing Quidditch. So she steps on his feet a few times but he just laughs it off.

“I told you I was a terrible dancer.”

He spins her around before replying, “Yet there’s no one else I would rather have as my partner.”

Sana blushes and stammers out a “sorry” as she steps on his toe once again.

But he gently guides and teaches her, just like she taught him.

Year Five:

It’s so beautiful. He thinks as Sana takes his hand and walks into the Room of Requirement.

It’s a masjid, with calligraphy engraved on the high ceilings and mimbars and shelves stacked with Qurans. He’s amazed.

“I didn’t feel comfortable praying in the dorm rooms, so I just walked by three times hoping for a masjid and when I enter, this place is waiting for me.”

He recalls what Mutasim told him about this room. It is a room that a person can only enter when they have real need of it. Sometimes it is there, and sometimes it is not, but when it appears, it is always equipped for the seeker’s needs.

“And it is there every time?”

“Every time.” She says happily.

It’s her sanctuary, and he knows how special and private this area is to her, so it means a lot to him that she chose to share it with him.

He couldn’t have asked for a better final year at Hogwarts.  

Year Six:

She’s so stressed about exams, constantly revising and falling asleep in libraries.

Yousef writes her letters and talks about his experiences working at the Ministry of Magic and how he really doesn’t think it suits him. He’d much rather work as a teacher at Hogwarts, teaching potions to the students.

She reads them whenever she takes a break, and writes back lengthy letters of her own.

Year Seven:

The graduate seventh year students leave the Castle in a poetic and symbolic way, as they say goodbye to their beloved school via the enchanted boats that took them to Hogwarts prior to the start of their first year.

Sana sits on her boat with Chris, Eva, Noora and Vilde.

On either side of the lake families are clapping and taking photographs as each boat passes by.

“Sanaaaa!” Her father calls out and she spots them all standing together. Her parents, Elias, Jamilla and her big brother Ahmed, and Yousef.

He had come to her graduation ceremony as well.

In the letter he had sent last night, he had said, “I’m going to start teaching Potions at Hogwarts from next fall. It’s a shame that I’m coming back when you’re leaving. It’s okay, at least I know that if my students don’t like me and I get hexed, I’ll get a special discount at St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries from Dr. Sana Bakkoush.”

She had rolled her eyes. As if anyone would ever hex Yousef, he would probably be the most popular Potions professor in the history of Hogwarts.

They all make embarrassing whooping noises as her boat passes by and she looks into Yousef’s camera and gives him a big smile as he clicks.

She would miss these halls, the forests, her special room so much. Hogwarts was her second home and it’s very hard to say goodbye.

But her heart lifts at the thought of her future and all the adventures that are yet to come, and she’s happy because even though this beloved chapter of her life is coming to a close, it’s a good ending, and an even better beginning.

The Ones That Got Away 2

Had ideas for sequel. Wrote ideas down. Turned into fic. This was actually supposed to include them confronting the media too, but I wanted to keep all the chapters about the same length. So at this point one more chapter, then we’ll see where it goes from that.

Also I spent a lot of time being shmoopy in the first part of the fic, so I apologize ahead of time for that. I have emotions about Stiles and Derek and cuddling ok? Also big spoon Stiles. Anyway, read on!

Derek’s phone buzzed with a text. Then buzzed again. And again. Derek ignored it in favor of kissing Stiles’ shoulder. He didn’t care that it was now after noon and they had essentially spent the whole morning in bed. After eight years apart, Derek figured they deserved it.

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That Chair

Yes this chair. 

Hey everybody! So this is a new one I had a lot of fun with. As I was writing I got a little carried away and it went a little differently than I originally wanted it, but I ended up really liking it and I hope you do too! This is the long way of telling you the chair will return in a dirty smutty part 2. I hope you guys enjoy! Happy Monday!

Pair: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Smut, fluff, language

Originally posted by fuckingtotheweeknd

You had been wrapping presents all day, but the pile of gifts on the table never seemed to shrink. They were little things, candles for your coworkers, ornaments for your neighbors, baby clothes for your cousins. You hadn’t concentrated on your immediate family yet. That was for later today.

You were loosing a battle to the tape dispenser when your phone went off. A text from Seb.

Sorry, babe. We’re running a little late at the store. Do you wanna meet me down here? Then we’ll continue xmas shopping and I’ll help you wrap that pile of presents.

You smiled. It didn’t bother you too much that he was running late. You knew getting into this that he was a busy man. But he was your busy man. 

That’s fine! Be down in a few.

Okay. We’re in the back, come on in when you’re here. 

You left the war zone you created with the tape on the table, you really didn’t feel like tackling it now. Instead, you dressed yourself in layers upon layers and topped it off with a warm hat, thick gloves, and a long scarf. 

Ready to brave the cold, you descended the stairs and headed for the subway. A short ride and a chilly walk later, you came upon the new store. 

You walked in the door, taking off your hat and gloves and loosening your scarf as you walked passed the crisp suits on display. You followed the sound of clicking cameras. 

You smiled and returned the seasons greetings you received from the workers and cameramen gathered around. You stood over to the side, not wanting to be in the way and smiled at Seb who was already grinning at you.

When he spun back to the camera and returned to the alluring man he always was at shoots, you took in the scene. He was wearing the new coat he was so excited about. Before this store opened in the city, he ordered it for the coming cold weather. His tight black jeans were clinging to the thighs that drove you wild and his thick hair was perfectly placed on top of his head. As always. 

For the minutes left in the little photo shoot he played around with a few different positions trying to get the perfect shot. Leaning forward, leaning back, legs crossed, legs relaxed. He even spun around in the chair a bit. 

That chair gave you some ideas. 

“Alright, thanks a lot, guys.” Seb said with a wave once the photographers were finished and packing up their things. 

He started to get up from the swivel chair to follow them out when your stuck your hand out to stop him. 

After everyone left except for you and Sebastian, one on the men in a store uniform poked his head in the door. “There are some interviewers out here who would like a minute with you, Mr. Stan.” 

You spoke before Seb could. “He’ll be out in a minute. We just have some things to go over. You know, client to manager.” You didn’t dare look at Seb, you knew he would make you laugh and blow your cover.

The man nodded and stepped out. You sauntered over and locked the door.

“So you’re my manager now?” He joked. 

“Somebody needs to boss you around,” you said, your voice low as you floated back to him in the chair. You placed your hands on each of his thighs and kissed him softly, despite your ache for more. 

He moaned in surprise and kissed you back quickly before saying, “Baby, they’re opening the store right outside.”

“Baby, I’m opening my legs right here,” you taunted him before climbing the chair to straddle his legs. You ignored the arms of it digging into your knees and kissed him again, this time letting your passion loose. 

You knew he gave in to your idea when he tilted his head and his tongue snuck past your lips. His opened mouthed kisses traveled from your lips, down your jaw to your neck until he was stopped by a turtle neck sweater. 

He ripped off your cardigan and threw it to the floor, and the sweater covering your neck wasn’t far behind. But when you were still hidden by a long sleeved shirt, he threw his head back in frustration. 

“How many layers are you wearing!” He laughed loudly, causing you to place a finger over his lips to shush him. 

“Its cold outside!” You whisper shouted. “And you’re almost there,” you giggled. 

He shot you a mischievous grin and peeled off the long sleeved shirt and the tank underneath. He wasted no time with your bra.  

As his lips climbed the valley of your chest you laughed at the pile of clothes on the floor.

He chuckled softly and looked up at you, his lips still attached to your chest. “They’re going to hear us, (Y/N).”

“Let ‘em,” you declared as you pulled his jacket off his strong shoulders. As the materiel hit his elbows, he got stuck. Trapped by the confinement of the back of the chair, he couldn’t pull his arms out of the sleeves. 

He leaned forward and freed his hands just in time to catch you. You had leaned to the side to give him some elbow room and your knee had slipped between the seat of the chair and the arm rest. You almost landed on the floor, resulting in a squeal from you. 

You missed Seb’s worried expression because your head was thrown back and giggles were erupting from you. “This was supposed to be easier!” You laughed. 

Suddenly the world swirled around you as Sebastian picked you up and placed you in the chair. “There we go,” he said with a low chuckle. 

He leaned forward to kiss you with so much passion, you would have thought your plan had worked perfectly instead of being the train wreck it was. 

His hands slid down your body and pulled your jeans and panties down and off your legs with ease. After you ripped his shirt off he placed each of your legs over the arms of the chair. 

He stepped back and took off his pants, his length throbbing and ready for you. He froze when his gaze returned to you. He took you in, all spread out for him. “I like this chair idea,” he growled, a wicked grin covering his lips, his eyes dark with lust. 

You shook your head and laughed and pulled him in to you. You felt your bodies align and he filled you completely. He paused to allow your body to adjust to him. He filled the time with slow and all consuming kisses. 

His pause felt like an eternity. “Please, Seb, baby, take what’s yours.”

And with that he pounded into you over and over at a deliberate pace. Both of you were careful not to be too loud. Your mouths never parted, so you gladly swallowed each other’s moans. Your whimpers were soft, his groans low, but you did nothing to quiet the sound of skin slapping against skin. 

He rested his forehead on yours as his fingers gripped at the cushions of the chair. “Shit, (Y/N), I-yes.” His voice was strained and broken.

You wrapped your hand around the nape of his neck as you felt his hips stutter. Every one of his hard thrusts pulled a whisper from your lips, “Yes, yes, yes.”

He hid his moans in the crook of your neck as his hips slowed and his body shook. You held him against you and kissed every piece of skin you could reach.

After emerging from your side and planting a kiss on your lips he chuckled, “Well now we can say we’ve had sex in a chair.”

You let loose the laughter you’ve been holding in throughout the ordeal. “This was a lot sexier in my head!” you cackled and threw your head back. 

Seb watched you laugh, your chest and cheeks red with a blush, your hair falling over the chair, your smile wide and pushing into your eyes and he cupped your face with his hand. “You’ve never looked sexier than you do right now.”

You rolled your eyes with a head shake and a grin and gripped his chin, pulling him to you for one last kiss. “Now, as your manager, you need to go do some interviews.”

“About that, I don’t think it’s very professional to be in love with my manager so… you’re fired.”

Your jaw dropped in surprise and you smacked his chest before he gathered the clothes on the floor.

After the two of you had cleaned up and layered up, you followed him to the door. He was about to the turn the knob when you shouted, “Wait!”

He turned around, a worried expression on his face. You jogged over to him with a face that said eeeeeek and you smoothed his thick hair from sticking up straight. “That may have been my fault.”

“Ya know, I work on my hair a long time, and you hit it,” he mocked. 

“Okay, John Travolta. Get out there and do your interviews,” you said as you shoved him out the door. 

With the cameras flashing he turned to you and pecked your lips. “And then we’re going Christmas shopping until the stores kick us out.”



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Never Been Better

Jacob Black imagine requested by anon! “Hello !! :) Can I have a request where you meet Jacob for the first time and he imprints on you? I wouldn’t mind if it’s a short one !! :)) Thank you so much x” Hope you like it!

There was nothing immobile in Forks that wasn’t sheathed in some form of plant life; every pebble, every fallen trunk, even the occasional marker on the side of their near-abandoned highway… all of it was swaddled in soggy, water-laden flora. The sky was blocked-out by emerald leaves, barely visible through the abundance of nature on either side of the road, slowly creeping in on the asphalt with every passing year. The leaves held the immense burden of stagnant rainwater, dipping to pour their contents when the weight became too much. Your eyes were glued to the passenger window, your vision switching focus between the world beyond the glass and the droplets clinging to your mother’s dying coat of wax. You followed each stream until they fell from view, contributing to the sheen of the pavement beneath your slow-rolling car. Highway or not, there were no other cars to match speed to, and each sign you passed that could have held an answer to how fast you were expected to be driving was too faded to be read or too immersed in nature to pull from the trees.

Your situation was a strange one, that much was a given. There was no reason to move to Forks, no business that could have beckoned to your mother, luring her into the woods or tempting her with promises of high pay and extensive property. There was no grand prize you were racing towards besides the promise of having to surgically install an air filter into your lungs to keep the algae from infecting your respiratory system. It was all about the nature, the raw nature, some of the last “relatively untouched” land left on the face of the Earth. The lumber industry was booming, but years of deforestation couldn’t make a dent in the resilient wood. Every now and then, you spotted a stump among the thriving trees, but each time you saw a fallen trunk, you saw fertilizer for new life. Nothing immobile could escape the creeping moss or the advancing line of ferns. It was as if the lumberjacks had simply given up their battle with the forest, acknowledging a downhill fight when they saw one. Nothing could reign this forest in. For that reason, your mother thought it best to nestle into the shrubbery and set up camp. Permanently.

“Well, as permanently as we’ll ever see,” she’d mumbled, her eyes scanning the road for signs of wildlife, her camera shuddering against the cup-holder between your seats, her fingertips fluttering around her rather expensive lens. She spent more on that camera than she did on your Christmas presents. Collectively. “There’s so much to explore, Y/n. These woods stretch for miles. We could punch out portfolios faster than Banksy here, and that’s saying something,” her eyes widened slightly with disdain. She, like almost every other photographer, was not a fan of anyone who vandalized picture-perfect structures. “I mean, honey, I know there isn’t much in the way of… I don’t know, metropolitan stuff, but look around you. There aren’t a lot of people who can say they live in the middle of all this beauty.” Her voice took on that dream-like lilt, her gaze shifting from the silvery pavement to the admittedly impressive view on either side of the thinning highway.

“Mom. Road,” you reminded her, your voice too stiff to be polite, mostly disgruntled nerve at having been uprooted (no nature pun intended) from your somewhat cushy life in Seattle. The rain, you were used to. Maybe not this much, but you were well-adjusted to the thought of minimal sunshine and constant cloud cover. It was the green that felt so foreign. Was excess ever seen as beautiful? It seemed a bit like overkill, but who were you to tell the forest what to do?

“Sorry, but it’s just so easy to get distracted in a place like this. You know, people retire to places like this so they can die surrounded by nature. Dust to dust, dirt to dirt, all that jazz. But think, we’re going to bask in this stuff for years before we even think about our expiration dates.” It was a wonder how she made a topic as morbid as the human expiration date sound like her words were petals floating down a lazy stream, sunbeams striking through the water to the fine-grained sands below.

“Really, Mom? We’re gonna bask in the rain?” She opened her mouth to counter, but you held your hand up, silencing her unvoiced argument. “I’m not against Forks, Mom; it’s just not my first choice. "Places like this” aren’t my first choice. I don’t know anybody here, and you’re dragging me along so you can take pictures of moss on boulders, maybe some trees, the beach? I’m not against it, but if you had asked my opinion on the matter, I would have said no.“ Your voice drifted to a whisper, your cheek returning to the cool smoothness of the window, watching your mother’s lips purse in your peripheral. You continued down the winding highway for another twenty minutes in stiff, uncomfortable quiet, the pattering rain striking the roof of your mother’s car throwing the absent voices into the light.

Thankfully, your silent ride was short-lived. Your mother turned onto the town’s main street, the forest’s claustrophobia presence hiding, for the first time, behind the old brick exteriors of small businesses. Having your view obstructed never caused such relief. Though the rain remained, there seemed to be more sky than branches now that the forest was mostly out of sight. After a short driving spell down the center of town, your mother turned onto a remote side-road. The pavement beneath the wheels of your mother’s car became less stable, less smooth, as you advanced towards the quiet suburbia you now called home (if reluctantly). Your car crept along the narrow road, your mother hunching over the steering wheel as she drove, her eyes reading numbers as you passed homes so engulfed by the forest that they barely presented as houses at all. Suddenly, the car turned into the driveway of a small, unassuming gray colonial. There was nothing impressive and nothing to cause alarm… it just… was. Like everything in Forks, it held no value, but it did nothing to drive its inhabitants away. The car stopped with a hollow shift, and you stepped from the interior to the damp expanse of your new front yard. As expected, it was all grass and mossy patches, the cracked cement stepping stones leading to the front door were slowly losing a war against the onslaught of shamrocks and dandelions. You heaved a sigh of exhaustion, stretching your stiffened joints to a symphony of crackling, your muscles extending sorely as you bent this way and that, attempting to shake the hours of stagnant travel from your weary frame. The area was sweet, for a small town. There were electrical lines. There was probably internet, maybe a house phone. Maybe a cord on the house phone. It was a little dated, but it wasn’t a log cabin, so you were relatively content. You were dreading the rustic qualities of such a small town, especially one so reliant on lumber. As you analyzed the exterior of your new home, you heard the telltale suction of someone’s feet sinking into their lawn as they crept to your car. You turned, watching as a man in a world-worn police jacket (conveniently rain-resistant) approached your driveway, a smile hidden by a dark mustache crinkling his eyes.

“Hey, you must be our new neighbor. Welcome to Forks,” he grumbled, his voice low and honest. He extended a hand towards your mother, who was in the process of draping her camera around her neck by the thin nylon cord. “I’m Charlie Swan, white house just by the edge of the woods,” he turned to address you, his brows raising before he spoke. “If you’re having any trouble, just call around our place or ring the police station. One of us will pick up. You need any help with anything else, just let me know.” You mother perked-up, fiddling with the lens of her camera, eyes alight with curiosity.

“Actually, I was wondering if you knew which road would take us to the closest coast? I’m a photographer, and I was hoping to catch some shots of the sunset if there’s water within driving distance.” Charlie Swan grinned, gesturing back towards his home once more, his eyes sparkling beneath his brows.

“You know, I was just heading down to La Push. First Beach is beautiful when the sun sets, and my daughter could show yours around. Name’s Bella, she knows a few of the kids down there, son of my friend and all that. They look around the same age, she could introduce her to some of the local kids,” he suggested, clearly good-natured. You could only hope you weren’t unintentionally locking this poor girl into a night of awkward introductions and stiffened, short-ended conversation. You would have hated to intrude. Luckily, when you’d finished unloading what few boxes were travelling with you (the moving van had yet to arrive, and likely wouldn’t be showing its face until the next beginning of a business week), you found the officer’s daughter was warmer than you expected. She’d offered you her hand, just as her father did your mother, and asked if you wanted a ride in her truck, seeing as your only other option was the barred backseat of a cruiser. You climbed into the passenger seat of her almost impressively prehistoric truck, wondering how on Earth she’d managed to keep the thing kicking. Your confusion was only intensified when the engine revved. She smiled sympathetically, apologizing for the startling roar with a soft gaze.

“Yeah, sorry about that. It was made in the fifties. Not the smoothest ride, but it works just fine. You don’t have to worry about the brakes failing or anything. I’ve got a good mechanic.” She backed out of her narrow driveway, following her father further down the road, her eyes trailing the woods. You supposed the wonder never really faded. Her car didn’t waver, despite her wandering eye. It must have been a familiar route. “I can introduce you to my friend Jacob, if you want. He’s the one who kept the truck alive. His dad, Billy, is Charlie’s best friend. They’re good people.” She turned, following road signs counting down the miles to La Push. “I think I heard your mom mention you lived in Seattle?” She asked, though her inquiry wasn’t invasive. She had a gentleness about her that eliminated any shred of nosiness from her questions. She was merely trying to fill the time with conversation.

“Yeah, the city was getting a little heavy on the crime side. We thought it would be best if we moved somewhere… more remote. Not a fan of killers, you know?” You joked, recalling the endless stream of newspaper headlines estimating how many bodies the supposed serial killer had taken. Of course, the police force was clueless. It was always a shock to find another charred body hanging out of a dumpster. They had no leads, and your mom wanted out. Bella, however, mustn’t have caught your humour, or perhaps the topic made her uneasy, her lips pressing together when you murmured your last words.

You reached the reservation as the sun was sinking over the water, a mere five minute walk from the little red house Bella’d parked in front of. She assured you that her friends were likely at the beach, hanging by some notorious hunk of driftwood. You followed her simple gait, watching the soggy earth slowly transition to rain-dampened sand underfoot as you closed-in on First Beach. The sky was painted in vibrant oranges and misty blues as the sun clung to its last dying embers, sinking slowly into the waves. Your mother was setting her tripod by the dunes, clicking away as the ball of fire slowly dipped below the salted surface of the sea. The rain was letting up, though Bella promised the drizzle would linger. You continued on further, your path leading to the edge of the forest, where a trio of half-naked boys emerged, slapping each other’s shoulders, their laughter ricocheting from the surrounding cedars. their torsos gleamed in the fading rays of light, each of them a hardened russet tone, their bodies bulging with bands of muscle. Bella grinned in your peripheral vision, clearly recognizing the antics of her friends. You wondered which of the three was the infamous mechanic. As you drew nearer, the boys’ focus raised to your faces. The tallest of the three, walking between his two friends, stopped as if he’d been shot, his face (now close enough to distinguish his features) blanking save the expression of shock clouding his eyes. Bella stumbled to a stop at your side, her eyes widening in fear. The boy in the center’s jaw dropped, and, as if slowed by a thickness in the air, he fell to his knees. He moved as if he were submerged, his hand clutching the sand at his side to steady his fall. His eyes were locked on her face.

“Jacob!” Bella cried, rushing to close the last few yards that remained between the two groups, her hands grasping his shoulders. The two boys at his side didn’t seem as concerned as she was; in fact, one of them was grinning, his brow raised in surprise. The other, though, was scrutinizing your face. You followed Bella’s path to the injured boy, your pulse hammering in your ear. “Jake, what is it? Embry, what happened to him? Embry?” The serious boy didn’t answer, lowering his eyes from your face to shoot Bella a rather severe look. Her face turned to the other boy, her hands smoothing over Jacob’s back, a comforting gesture. “Quil, lose the grin. Is he okay?” She shifted, and you saw, for the first time, the injured boy’s eyes. They weren’t clouded, as you’d assumed from a further distance. They were clear, deep, warm, and trained on your face. He swallowed, which appeared to be a struggle, licking his lips before speaking, his voice breaking from apparent lack of use.

“I will be,” he whispered, rising to his feet, his eyes boring into your own with an intensity foreign to so early an acquaintance. He stepped forward, brushing sand from his knees, drawing nearer to you. “My name is Jacob Black. I… I’m very happy to meet you…?” He left his words trailing in the air, his eyes glimmering in the very last beams of sunlight, harvesting their flame before the sun finally disappeared beneath the horizon.

“Y/n,” you whispered, your eyes locked on his. His stare was unbreakable, and not in an uncomfortable way, either. You didn’t want to look away. His eyes held a warmth you couldn’t explain. “Are you sure you’re alright?” You asked, watching, for the first time, his lips part over an infectious smile. He bit his lower lip, attempting to mask whatever caused his grin… joy, humour, you couldn’t be sure.

“Yeah, I’m good. Never been better.”

You Again (Bruce Wayne x Reader)

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Word Count (3,812)

AN: I can’t deal with them why am I so full of drama and WOW I REALLY DON’T KNOW HOW TO END FICS WTFFFF

You had lost count of how many days you had been stuck in this little warehouse base. You were going stir crazy and everyone, and by everyone you mean Bruce (mostly) and Clark (partially), denying you the right to leave. It caused arguments and you gave up before it became a screaming match. You were told “it’s for your own protection”, and “we don’t know the threat level yet” and you felt as if you were dying.

You could not take another day like this.

The hushed conversations started one Tuesday evening when you entered the room, and Bruce made Diana stop in her tracks. You didn’t acknowledge them and instead grabbed a bottle of water and headed back to your room. As soon as you rounded the corner they began talking again and you grumbled to yourself, passing Clark in silence as he headed for the main room.

That night, you snuck out as quiet as possible to the main room, which is hard to do with Clark and his super hearing, but if you remembered right - he could be a heavy sleeper. You prayed tonight was one of those nights. You tip toed to the main computer and settled into the chair, the light flickering on and you cracked your fingers.

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anonymous asked:

could you maybe do a blurb or a one shot about Harry out with his wife and baby and they get attacked by paparazzi? and one of them gets hurt and he goes near ballistic? I don't know if you'd want to do one like that I just live for protective Harry

I live for protective Harry, too. Make him a dad and I am… done for. Paparazzi scenarios are hard for me, I’m not sure why. So, I hope this comes off right! x. 

REQUESTS ARE CLOSED! These are just some dad ones to clear the pipes on other things.

029. Protect

Harry had been itching to get to L.A. “S’warm there,” he’d purred to you on a cold, rainy day in England. “C’mon, love. You know he’d love it,” he’d rubbed your arms. “Sun for days, maybe a few nighttime excursions for the two of us?”

“You were just there,” you’d sighed, shivering when he kissed your neck.

“Not since well before he was born.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi can I request for a namjoon bathtub/shower fluff + smut where both of you are in college and the weight and stress of the exams are finally taken off both of your shoulders and you guys go home and ya... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

So…uhh…hey, anon! I may or may not have really liked this idea so I kind made this into a full-blown instead of a drabble??? hopefully you don’t have a problem with that lol ;p

Anyway, here you are!

Words: 2,850

Namjoon sighs as he drags himself across campus, eyes drooped and brain power running low. It’s a Saturday and even though finals don’t start for another 2 days he feels like death. Sure, he’s a bit of a genius but that doesn’t mean he has no need to study for exams. He doesn’t possess a photographic memory—he’s just smart.

But…finals aren’t the only thing dragging him down like this. You’ve been busy cramming for exams too, and because of that the two of you haven’t seen each other in nearly a week.

He misses you.

Sighing again, Namjoon slumps tiredly against the side of the brick building, ducking into the covering of shade that it provides against the days heat. With swift fingers he pulls out his cellphone, unlocking the screen, and just as he’s about to press on your contact picture the device buzzes in his hands.

It’s a text from you.

Do you wanna come over? I need a break ; A ;

Smile instantly stretching at his lips, Namjoon pockets the phone and tightens his grip on his bag—starting towards your apartment. The walk across campus is taxing since he’s only running on the 3 hours of sleep that he’d managed to steal from Mr. Sandman that morning, but you’re worth it.

You’re definitely worth it but…he’s actually not quite sure what you are to him. You’re practically his best friend—someone he talks to about anything and everything. You put up with his theoretical rants and indulge his curiosity on an array of topics. You also hold him close and snuggle into his side when you watch movies together. Sometimes you even kiss his cheek or nose playfully. And sometimes you fall asleep on him too—your face smushed against his chest and fingers clinging against his t-shirt—pink lips parted cutely and eyelashes fluttering against your silken cheeks.

You’re the only person he enjoys being around beside his group of guy friends (even though he gets tired of them sometimes, yet never gets tired of you)—and probably the closest he’s ever had to successful girlfriend.

But…you’re not dating. And you haven’t even kissed yet.

Shaking the dangerous thought away, Namjoon straightens himself and climbs the stairs of your apartment building. Just like always, he passes through the creaky stairwell door of the third floor and walks one, two, three suites down before he knocks on door number 4.

Almost immediately muffled footsteps approach, and the door flies open. Namjoon jolts as you fall forward into him, wrapping your arms around his torso and snuggling your forehead into his chest.

“Kill me now,” you groan, and Namjoon laughs, hugging you in return as he straightens you both out.

“I can’t—I’d miss you,” he admits uncharacteristically, but you don’t seem to mind the confession, smiling up at him.

“Good to know,” you say, quickly pressing a kiss against the fabric covering his chest. You giggle at the pink that immediately tints his cheeks, untangling yourself from him.

“You look half dead, by the way,” you offer over your shoulder as you retreat back into your apartment, waving Namjoon in. He jars into action, stepping inside and setting his bag down next to your pile of shoes, kicking the door shut behind him.

“Yeah, well, studying for CHEM434 exam will do that to you.”

“Chem? Gross,” you echo, flopping down onto your bed. You live in a single room apartment, so instead of real furniture you just have your mattress—and Namjoon is more than familiar with it by now—having accidentally (and not accidentally) crashed on it many time before.

“I’m actually starting to think it’s gross too,” he grumbles, seating himself on the edge of the bed. You roll your eyes at him and reach over, grabbing a fistful of his t-shirt. Compliant, Namjoon falls into you—his ear landing squarely against your chest. He blinks innocently at the feelings of your breasts cushioning his head like a pillow, and you pay no mind, dragging your fingers through his bleach blond hair in a soothing manner.

“What’s up with you?” he eventually questions, maneuvering the rest of his body onto to bed so he’s not in such an uncomfortable position, and you hum nonchalantly.

“Nothing. I’ve just been feeling needy lately.”

“Needy for dick or cuddles?”

“Either,” you snort, eyes sparkling playfully when you glance down and catch Namjoon’s quizzical stare. He looks at you for a long while, tired mind trying to piece together whether or not you’re giving him an invitation, but eventually he gives up.

“You’re weird,” he settles on saying, and you rolls your eyes.

“But you love me.”

“Yeah,” he agrees without hesitation, and you try and ignore the way your heart thumps against your rib cage, praying that Namjoon hadn’t heard it.

Or…maybe you want him to hear it. Maybe you want him to know that you’re willing to take the next step—that you’ve been liking him as more than a friend for a while now.

It’s not like you’d had an epiphany one day or anything—no cliché moment of ‘oh holy shit I have a crush on him’—but more of a ‘you know what? He’s amazing. I’d kiss him—maybe fuck him too’ kind of realization.

And…perhaps it’s time that you let him know that.

“Hey,” you say suddenly, emotions running rampant at the thought of what you’re about to do. Blinking curiously, Namjoon looks up at you and you only hesitate for a second before dipping down, pressing your lips firmly against his.

Unsurprisingly, Namjoon doesn’t respond, and when you pull back you find him staring at you in astonishment. Clearly his brain is working a little slow today.

Smirking at the cute look of puzzlement on his face, you untangle yourself from him and start towards the bathroom.

“I’m going to take a shower. You can join, Namjoon.”

“I—…what?” he echoes, clearly unable to compute the change in your attitude towards him—how you’d wiped away the boundary that had been drawn and are now inviting him to indulge in more.

“I’m showering,” you say again, fixing him with an ‘are you dumb?’ stare. “And I’m saying that you can join if you want. That’s all.”

Mouth still agape with wonder, Namjoon stares at your back as you step into the bathroom, leaving the door ajar behind you. After a few seconds the shower starts up, and without thinking Namjoon scrambles to his feet.

He’s not sure what the hell you’re trying to do to him, but right now all he knows is you’re inviting him into your shower, and that honestly sounds like that best thing he’s heard in days.

Ripping his t-shirt over his head, Namjoon quickly sheds himself of his clothes until he’s left only in his boxers, and then charges into the bathroom.

The moment he shoves the door open he freezes, biting his lips as arousal sneaks into his gut. You’re standing there in front of him, t-shirt pulled half-way over your head, your perfectly round breasts revealed to him. With each tug at the fabric your mounds jiggle ever so slightly—one of the most enticing sights Namjoon has ever witnessed in his life—and suddenly he doesn’t feel so exhausted anymore.

“Namjoon?” you speak in surprise once you notice him, not having expected him to join you. However, Namjoon only charges forward, his hands snaking around your waist and resting on your spine as he pulls you into him, connecting your lips with fervor.

You can feel his desire in the way he kisses you and immediately something in you snaps as well—your arms looping around his neck, and with the added leverage you easily deepen the kiss. Namjoon groans in satisfaction at your submission, one of his hands gliding across your shoulders and moving to tangle in your hair.

Wrenching your head back, Namjoon moves to press open-mouthed kisses against your neck, and you gasp—little jolts of electricity causing goosebumps to rise on your skin.

“I invited you in here to shower—not to make-out with me outside of the shower,” you chastise breathlessly, and Namjoon pauses, pulling back to look at you. His eyes are blown wide with lust.

“I assume that we’ll be continuing this inside the shower then?”

Licking your lips, you quickly step past him and tug open one of your drawers, fetching a condom from inside.

“Here,” you say, tossing the packet at him. “Now get in already.”

Grinning, Namjoon pops the wrapper between his teeth and hurriedly steps out his boxers, eyes trailed on your ass as you wiggle out of your own underwear. Everything about you is so goddamn sexy—the curve of your waist, the dip of your breasts, your plump ass—and it’s making him go crazy.

Whisking into the shower behind you, Namjoon haphazardly tugs the curtain shut and cages you against the cool tile wall—the steaming water from the shower head beating down on you both.

No words needing to be spoken, Namjoon surges forward and dominates your lips again. One of his hands glides down your side to rest possessively on your hip, and the other moves to fondle your breast. He squeezes the soft flesh beneath his hand, thumb brushing over your hardened nipple, and grins at the tiny gasp you release around his tongue.

Knowing Namjoon all too well, you instantly sense the smugness that slips into his attitude, and decide that you can play this game too.

Sneaking your hand down between your stomachs you firmly grip Namjoon’s erection, the water raining down on the both of you easily making his length slick. Smirking against his lips at the startled grunt that leaves him, you press your thumb into his slit and begin to jerk him off slowly, grip tightening with each passing second.

God. I can’t fucking believe you,” he groans, lips suctioning against the curve of your neck, sucking a bruising hicky into the flesh as both of his hands wander down to roughly knead your ass. You keen at the feeling, hand still determinedly stroking Namjoon’s achingly hard cock, and it’s not too long before he bats you away.

“Shit, do you want me to fuck you or not?”

“Oh? You were about to get off from me just jerking you off? Looks like you need to work on your stamina, Namjoon,” you tease, and he grins, biting your lip between his teeth.

“Yeah—and I’ll be sure to build it up by practicing on you from now on.”

Clearly your face reflects how his words effect you because Namjoon laughs, hand snaking between your legs. You gasp sharply as his fingers rub against your clit—having located the bud with ease—and brace yourself against the wall as you throw your head back.

“Looks like you can get off without being fucked too,” he chides, and you glare at him.

“Just—shit, Namjoon—shut up and fuck me already.”

“With pleasure,” he grins, slipping two of his fingers into your heat. You groan at the intrusion, rolling your hips forward as he fucks the digits into you.

“Shit, you’re this wet already?”

“We are in a shower,” you breathe snarkily, and Namjoon fixes you with a look.

“Don’t be a fucking smartass,” he scolds, emphasizing each of his words with a relentless thrust of his fingers. Your legs begin to shake—pleasure tightening your abdomen—and yet even so you manage an airy response.

“W-Where’s the fun in that?”

Namjoon smirks, pressing a kiss to your lips.

“I suppose you’re right.”

Fingers continuing to pump into your wet heat, you throw your head back and choke on a moan, Namjoon’s lips moving to assault your chest. He nips at the skin and teases your nipples—tongue swirling around the hardened bud—and it’s not long before you’re a panting mess beneath him.

His fingers inside of you and mouth on your breasts is too much to handle, and the pleasure is quickly dragging you under.

“Nam—please. Please!” you beg, thoughts barely coherent. You place your hands on his shoulder and did your nails into his skin, causing him to hiss.

“Just fuck me already—for Christ’s sake—”

“Shhhh, sunshine, I got you,” he chuckles quietly, shushing your whining with his lips.

Once you’ve calmed a little, he slips his fingers out of you and quickly reaches for the condom he’d deposited on one of your shelves. He unwraps the rubber with ease, sliding it over his length without problem, and then looks at you—really looks.

Your entire body is coated in droplets of water, hair slicked back and sticking to your skin. Like his eyes had been minutes ago, your irises are blown wide, cheeks pink and chest heaving, hands gripping tightly onto the support bar behind you.

Namjoon gets an idea.

“Nam—!” you squeal in surprise when he slides his arm around your thigh, hitching your leg up until your knee slides to rest in the crease of his elbow. With the new angle he can see you clearly, and you flush red, holding on to the support bar with all your strength as you struggle to balance on one leg.

“Good?” he questions once you’ve regained your balance, and when you nod he bites his grinning lips, eyes sparkling.

“This’ll be fun.”

Shit!” you groan when he pushes into you, hips rocking slowly as he works you open—giving you time to adjust to his girth.

“Faster,” you’re begging soon enough, back arching, and Namjoon is more than willing to comply.

Free hand bracing against the support bar beside your own, he bucks into you, effortful grunt muffled by his sealed lips. However, you’re vocal enough to cover his share as well—high-pitched, breathless gasps leaving your mouth with each of his thrusts.

Fuck…we should’ve done this sooner. You feel so fucking good,” he groans, eyebrows furrowed in determination and pleasure, his rhythm faltering momentarily as he adjusts he angle. When he pushes back in you see stars, a scream leaving your lips.

Fuck! Yes! Namjoon—oh my god…”

“Yep,” he agrees tightly, jaw tensing as your walls clench around him—the increased friction exquisite. You’re drowning in pleasure as well, heart thrumming erratically in your chest, and when Namjoon dives down to catch your lips you readily comply.

Tongue and teeth clashing, Namjoon continues to fuck you both towards your orgasms, and it’s not long before you feel the familiar build in your gut.

S-Shit, I—,” you stutter, mind starting to go white, but Namjoon understands.

Mustering the last of his strength, he bucks into you with previously unseen fortitude and the sudden change is enough to send you tumbling over the edge.

Namjoon!” you sob into his shoulder, your body convulsing as pleasure washes over you, and the feeling of you coming around him triggers Namjoon’s demise as well.

Fuck! Y/N–,” he grits, forehead digging into your shoulder as he comes, hips faltering. You hold him through it, fingers running through his hair softly as he releases your leg, his hot breath fanning over your skin.

For a solid minute no words are spoken, the two of you simply holding each other tight as you regain your sanity, pleasure fading away.

“I…that was…,” Namjoon starts, pulling back to look at you. He still looks a bit lost, like he can’t comprehend that he’d just given you one of the best fuckings of your life—but that’s ok.

Smiling at him, you gently cup his face and guide him down into a chaste kiss.

“Well…I thought it was good, at least.”

Namjoon rolls his eyes, kissing you back.

“Just good?”

“Hmmm. Well, maybe a little better than ‘good’,” you admit, winking at him, and he stares at you with a fond smile.

“Yeah. Same to you.”

Laughing, you kiss him one final time before you both hurry to wash up—the water already beginning to turn cold. By the time you step out of the shower you’re shivering, the water having turned to ice while you’d been washing the conditioner out of your hair.

Goosebumps pricking your skin, you hurriedly dry off, scrambling to get some clothes on to warm you up—but just as you get your shirt into your grasp Namjoon yanks you away. Saying nothing, he drags you back into your living room, flinging you onto the mattress.

“Namjoon?” you question, confused, but Namjoon only yawns and climbs onto the bed after you, pulling the covers over you both.

Once you’re tightly cocooned under the blankets, Namjoon’s body curled around yours, he leans down and presses a lazy kiss to your temple.

“Nap time,” he announces, voice already gruff with sleep. You roll your eyes, but don’t find it in yourself to argue, snuggling back into him as your eyelids become heavy as well.

And so, you fall asleep in each other’s arms—exams completely forgotten about—and experience one of the best naps of your life.

Happy Birthday, makebelievetheworldaway-blog!

June 3 - “Eyes up now. Look at me.” Rumlow/Jemma for @makebelievetheworldaway-blog

(An AU set during season 2 of AoS)

Written by: @lj-todd

The moment Jemma stepped back into the lab she knew something was wrong. The air was thick, tense, and she saw the not so subtle way the others were glancing in her direction as she passed by them on the way to her work station. Her heart began to hammer against her ribs and her palms sweated profusely as she finally saw why exactly her fight or flight instinct was screaming at her quite so loudly.

When Bakshi stormed in, two guards flanking him, Jemma swore her heart climbed into her throat and as he snarled out the order to arrest her she turned and fled. She ran, almost blindly, through the corridors, turning corner after corner, searching, almost helplessly, for an escape. Rounding yet another corner she skidded to a sudden halt at the sight just down the hallway from her.

Two HYDRA soldiers, dressed in full gear, flanking a man she recognized from all her briefings with Coulson before she had accepted this mission.

Brock Rumlow.

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Yoonmin Fanfics

(Total Recommended Fics = 247)

**ONESHOTS (or two): **

너무 예뻐:  Jimin shows Yoongi how much he likes him in a dress. Smut!

New 어둠 속을 밝혀줘:  Dance club AU where Yoongi is a wealthy rapper and Jimin is a dancer who wants to hook up with him. Smut.

10 Writing Prompts:  10 short Yoonmin drabbles.

2 A.M.:  Jimin can’t sleep.

5 A.M.:  Sequel to 2 A.M.

33%:  A prompt, Yoonmin on the phone.

35,000 won a week:  Yoongi is Jimin’s tutor for 35,000 won a week.

A Midnight snack:  Yoongi knows how hard Jimin tries to be the best and wishes him happiness.

A rude awakening:  Someone turns into a girl.  You can see yoonmin if you squint.  :)

A single drop:  Yoongi’s a vampire and kidnaps JImin as a source of food for his group.

New A thief for your heart:  Jimin is a novice pickpocket in the street of Hongdae. Yoongi is his target.

Addict:  Yoongi is addicted and gets jealous when he sees his addiction flirting elsewhere.

Afraid of the dark:  Devil Jimin

Aftermath:  What happens after the romantic dinner?

Aftershock:  There’s an earthquake and Jimin panics.

Allergies:  Because suga is basically a cat

An excess of emotions (and how to get rid of them):  Fem smut

New Animals: Just random fluffiness about Taehyung and Jungkook because it wouldn’t leave my brain alone. Yoonmin is the secondary pairing. Fluff.

Another step forward:  Jimin knows he should start moving, because Yoongi is almost done waiting and he doesn’t want to lose yet another one. Sequel to For you in full bloom.

At first glance:  Yoongi is wrong about Jimin.

Bend and snap:  Jimin convinces Yoongi to take Yoga class with him.

**Bite me:  In which Yoongi is a stay-at-home producer and his new neighbor is a vampire working as a nurse who runs a blood donation center.

Black Couches:  Jimin as a model, Yoongi as a photographer, and what happens after the photo shoot is done.

**Black Tea:  Everyday at 5PM, the same guy sits in the same chair at the same table. It’s become somewhat of a routine for Jimin now, glancing quickly at the clock at 4:49PM to make sure the guy’s table is cleaned.

Blind:  Yoongi’s blind.

Blood and Bruises:   Yoongi always claims to dislike Jimin. So why does he end up at Jimin’s house, covered in blood and bruises?  Fluff

Bothersome Habit: Yoongi has a bothersome habit of falling asleep in inappropriate places. Yoonmin, mostly platonic.

New Break: Jimin still felt faint and he could still feel the remnants of the current that had threatened to drag him under lapping at his feet but his Yoongi was next to him and talking to him and looking out for him. His hyung’s hand was still on his back and it felt like an anchor. For the first time in a while Jimin could feel the ground under his feet again. Everything was alright. For now.

Breaking Even:  Jimin’s been teasing his hyung all day.

Call me:  Yoongi’s hard at work until he gets a message from Jimin.  Smut.

Call me, maybe:  Jimin lives in Yoongi’s phone and falls for him.

New Camera man: Jimin snoops through Yoongi’s camera and finds some interesting things on it- however, Yoongi doesn’t appreciate the intrusion.

Chapped Leather:  They had decided on plain black.

New Charmed (I’m Sure):  First impressions aren’t really Jimin’s thing.

Chasing (away) butterflies:  Yoongi really doesn’t want to admit that he has feelings for a certain game rival.

_**_Child, I will hurt you:  “I love you like the sun loves the moon and the stars love the night sky and my lungs love air.”

Cold Nights:  Jimin has a habit of climbing in to Yoongi’s bed when he’s cold.

Confessions and hugs:  This is sort of like a sequel to Confused, but both stories can be read alone

Confused:  Yoongi’s heart was beating twice than normal, this never happen to him. And he was sure that he will never feel like this.

New Danger: Gangster Yoongi.

Dirty Picture:  Yoongi finds a ‘dirty picture’ of Jimin and decides to have some fun with himself…

Dog’s out of the purse: Dog boy AU, Sequal to Not on the list.

New Dont stop on my account: Yoongi and jimin have a little fun. Smut.

Don’t take anything from strangers:  Drunk Jimin

New Dont tease me: What happens when Suga ends up teasing Jimin for an uncalled for reason? Well he gets ignored and what happens when Suga gets ignored? He gets mad and what happens when he gets mad? Well you’ll find out…. Smut.

Double Dog Dare You:  Jimin should never dare Jungkook and Taehyung

Down the rabbit hole and into the deep end:  Jimin + bunny

Downward Motion:  Yoonmin in the elevator.  Smut

Emergency: Dog boy AU.  Sequal to Dog’s out of the purse.

Eskimo Kisses:  There are only two things (that Yoongi knows of) that Jimin hates: cold weather and baths.

Every flaw you make, makes you perfect:  Jimin is turned on by the perfection Min Yoongi is. Naughty Jimin requested by anonymous.  Smut.

Experimenting:  Jimin has feelings for a certain someone… Smut

Fault lines of the heart:  Jimin is in love with someone else and turns to Yoongi for comfort.  Yoongi loves him too much to turn him away.  angst

New Film me like one of your pornstars: In which Yoongi directs and films porn and Jimin is a hot porn star

Five Drabbles from the dearest series:  Five really cute yoonmin drabbles.

New Find some place to go: A ficlet sequel to Such a Fool, where Yoongi leaves Haeun at home to go on a date with Jimin.

Four Seasons:  Jimin met Yoongi on a rainy spring day. See how their relationship develops and grows as the seasons pass.

Four times the members noticed the gay and one time they found out it’s true:  5 short drabbles that’s tied together.  cute

Fourth Time’s the charm:  Jimin wants to ruffle Yoongi’s hair.

For you in full bloosom:  _Jimin thought he is doing himself a favour; he wants to be selfish for once. Because he’s the one who loves Yoongi, after all. Between them, he’s the one who loves, period. _

Give Love:  Yoongi can’t help but stare.

Give me More:  Jimin’s in heat.  Smut

Giving Up:  Jimin’s giving up.  Angst.

Gone:  Jimin’s hopelessly in-love with suga.  Two-shot

Gotta be you:  Jimin muses on his relationship with Suga hyung.

Habits:  Yoongi thinks Jimin has an annoying way of eating pocky.

Heartless:  Jimin thinks Yoongi is a robot.

Helpless:  Min Yoongi is hopelessly in love with Park Jimin.

His favorite chair:  Jimin is a chair..

Hold me tight:  Park Jimin meets Min Yoongi.

Hoodies:  Jimin steals Yoongi’s hoodies…. Smut

How to ruin a good hyung:  Yoongi’s a good hyung, until….

I hate how much I love you:  In which Jimin hates nothing more than that he found out his secret crush Min Yoongi is in some sort of relationship with fucking Jung Hoseok. Until he finds himself falling for Hoseok too.  Threesome relationship.  Smut.

I like my body when it’s with your body:  Jimin likes morning the best.

I want you to stay:  Jimin’s too cute for his own good.

New I will, tonight: All things considered, Yoongi’s surprised they haven’t done this before. Prompt - First time bathing a pet.

I won’t ever get enough:  Jimin is addicted.

I’d catch a bludger for you (but you won’t do the same):  In which Yoongi pays more attention to a certain fifth-year Beater from the opposing house rather than the Bludger heading toward him.

Ice cream and kimchi:  Fluffy Yoonmin

Imagine:  A really short cute drabble.

Interference:  There’s something bothering Jimin.

It’s raining cat and dogs:  Cat Yoongi and Dog Jimin

It’s so Obvious:  Yoongi and Jimin talk about what’s going on between them.

New Jimin is like a kid: Jimin needs something from Yoongi. General yoonmin.

Just Another Day:  Yoonmin making out in the kitchen.

Just five more minutes:  Long oneshot with a plot. 

Just One Day:  Yoonmin angst

Just relax:  Jimin’s tired and Yoongi takes care of him.  Fluff.

New **Karmic Injustice: Jimin accidentally sleeps with his boss, and Taehyung is absolutely no help at all.

Kiss Kiss: Yoongi teaches Jimin how to kiss.  Gender switch for both.

New Kiss Me: Jimin? The kid probably didn’t know about his feelings. But Jeongguk. Oh the maknae. He had purposely done such a dare when he started to piece everything out together.  “Kiss me hyung. Like adults do” And hell broke loose. At least for him. For the others it was probably just fiery-maknae getting the hots. But for Yoongi it was a threat to see how much he could handle. Just how much could he stand and watch his crush kiss another guy.

Kitty:  Jimin getting bullied by Yoongi.

L’appel du vide (French) – lit. “the call of the void”: Ten word Challenge.

New Last Night: Yoongi and Jimin bicker over astronauts and dragons.

Late night decoration:  Yoongi helps jimin out w/ decorating cookies.

New Late night distractions:

Late night snuggles:  Jimin wants to snuggle.  Fluff.

Let it snow:  Jimin’s at it again.

Let the man rest:  Jimin visits Yoongi in the hospital.

Let the Valentine’s Day hunt begin:  Valentines day for Yoonmin couple.  Jimin has a plan for Yoongi.

Like the moon at a dark night:  When the interviewer gives the question on “Who’s inspired you to have gone all this way from being humble trainees?”, Jimin has to bite his tongue from saying “Suga hyung” because honestly, the only reason why Jimin hasn’t quit from the pressure is Yoongi who’s been there for him every step of the way.

Lilac Sky:  Yoongi is really starting to question his priorities.  Smut

New Location shoot:  This is actually 3-shot but the first chapter is yoonmin.

Long walks on the beach:  Yoonmin on the beach.  prompt.

Love in School:  Where Jimin’s an annoying shit but Yoongi still falls for him.  Find out how.

Loving him was red:  There’s a vampire in bangtan and it’s Yoongi’s turn to feed him.  Sequel here.

New Massage:  Is it hot in here or is that just me? A two-shot fic. Smut.

New Metro Cutie:  In which Jimin can’t control his feeling for Sugar-hyung at a late night metro.

Miles in between:  Jimin is in Seoul, Yoongi is in San Francisco. 

Mine Only:  Oneshot smut

New Mistake: After walking in to Suga’s room while the other jerking off while looking at his picture,Jimin would never look at Suga in eyes anymore

More than I could have ever wished for:  Spread on the black leather couch with a pillow underneath his head and a folder with few sheets of blank paper in his lap, Yoongi could finally set his mind free…

New Movie Night: Self indulgent smut-yoonmin established relationship,  jimin/suga/everybody but mostly jimin/v/suga 4.5K of pwp

**Muse:  au in which yoongi is a photography teacher. and jimin is a greasy senior student that attends yoongi’s class even though he’s a music major.  Fluff

**Mushroom Clouds:  Pre-qual to Saturday Afternoon

News Ignored:  Jimin was Yoongi’s. So when someone messes with his Minnie, Yoongi has no problem retaliating.

No Regrets:  Jimin comforts Yoongi.

New No reaction: The amount of smiling, laughing, feigned aegyo and sexy gazes that Park Jimin both endures and oozes with on a daily basis can leave him drained of any reaction or emotion once the schedules have finished for the day.

Not enough space:  Yoongi and Jimin in the closet. short drabble

Not on the list:  Sequel to Pampered.  Dog boy AU.

Not ready:  Yoongi’s dream sits in front of him.

Not that perfect:  Oneshot smut

Not your girlfriend: Jimin treats Yoongi a little too nicely, and the other bangtan boys cant let it go. This works in Jimins favour. Yoonmin central!

Objects in motion:  Jimin gets a little handsy (on accident!) (he’s not a pervert!).

Of alcohol and Spinning bottle:  secrets, sexual tension, and good old fashioned spin the bottle (but with a twist ). Smut

Of Dark Nights and Selcas:  Jimin feeling insecure

Of eggs and existential crises:  Jimin contemplates which comes first, egg or egg salad sandwhich.

Off we go:  Yoongi finds something in the alley.

Okay? Okay:  Yoongi sometimes think about Jimin.

**On and off the lease, I’m a beast:  There’s a dog running around BigHit.

On Sundays:  Jimin sneaks out to watch Yoongi play.

Out of Thin Air:  JImin finds out that his bestfriend is gay and is upset, so Jimin goes out to discover himself also.

Over and Under:  5-year old Jimin looks for his favorite hyung.

Pain:  It was a long and painful night for Jimin.

Pain in the rear end (quite literally): Yoonmin smut, involves butt plug

Painting Planets:  Yoongi feels in control when there’s a spray can in his hand.

**Pampered:  jimin is on yoongi’s couch, but they’re not roommates.  Sequel to 'Of We Go’.

Paper Planes (A different angle):  A side story of Paper Planes. Features ONLY YoonMin..

Perfection:  Yoongi reads bad things about Jimin, so he seeks out the younger man and tells him otherwise.

Permanently Inked:  Yoongi had his eyes closed the entire time the needle was working its way under his skin.

Pink Panties:  Yoongi is wearing one of Jimin’s underwear and Jimin wants it back.

Plane rides and sneaky idols:  Yoonmin joins the high mile club.  Smut!

Posession:  Sometimes Yoongi has to remind Jimin who he belongs to. Smut.

Proper Clothing Etiquette:  Yoongi has a problem with Jimin’s clothes.  Smut

Polar Bear:  Because Yoongi is bad at expressing himself and Jimin likes sleeping on someone else’ shoulder.

Psychotic Thoughts:  Yoongi’s psychotic thoughts.  Is he strong enough?

**Put it on:  “My type is a lot like you, but you know, in a girl’s body.”  AU, fem yoongi~~

**Put it on (Again):  She wonders if he’d let her fuck him. She wants to find out.  Fem Yoongi.  Sequel to Put it on. 

Quick trip to the store:  Yoongi and Jimin goes to the store.

Release some stress, hyung:  A smut where Jimin helps Yoongi release some stress.

Reprieve:  Jimin walks in on Yoongi

Right now, right now:  Yoongi has a problem staying in the present. Two-shot.

New Roomate’s friend: Yoongi has always crushed on Jimin since the first day they’ve met.

Rough Play:  Smut

Run the bases:  Yoongi likes the feel of summer grass beneath his skin.

**Saturday Afternoon:  Yoongi introduces Jimin to fingering.  -////-

Say Something:  Jimin would never give up on him anyway, even when Yoongi’s given up on himself.

New Screw eHarmony and nosy friends: Jimin hates how weird and nosy his friends are. Seriously. What right did they have in saying he “needed to get out more" _or "how are you suppose to find a boyfriend if you never look”? It wasn’t any of their _business, _dammit! And, why-oh-freakin’-why! did Taehyung think a 60-Second-Flash-Dating in a small hole-in-the-wall cafe was a good idea?! _Why?!

Set you heart on Fire:  Yoongi is part time student part time teppanyaki grill master. Jimin is easily impressed.

Seven minutes in Heaven:  Yoongi and Jimin in a closet.

Shared Shower:  Yoongi and Jimin shares a shower…What could possible happen in there.  Smut

Silent Night:  Yoonmin celebrates christmas

Smoking Hot:  Oneshot smut

Snap:  Yoongi thinks photography is the most interesting, until he meets dancer Jimin

Stardust:  Jimin finds that on a warm summer’s night, he can’t sleep. So, he goes off in search of Yoongi. Maybe he has a solution.

Stay with me 'til the sunlight grows cold:  Yoongi thinks about the bad people in the world that could hurt Jimin.

Stealing Photos:  Yoongi’s a photographer and Jimin lets him do whatever he wants.

Strength of Will:  Jimin joins a faction and Yoongi helps him.

Such a fool:  Yoongi is a single dad and meets a freshman in college.

Summer Nights:  Summer romance.

Sweet Release:  Jimin is covered in chocolate and Yoongi finds him.  Smut.

Switch it up:  Yoongi lets Jimin top and discover the joys of bottoming.  Smut!

Take me home:  Yoongi comes home to Jimin.

Tail:  Jimin has never really been too fond of animals but when he is in his house with an hybrid sitting on his couch he isn’t to sure of that.

Tainted Lights:  After breaking free from the institute that threatened to diminish their powers and finding out that all their efforts are in vain, Taehyung has lost all sense of direction— worst of all is Yoongi. Angst. Character death.

**Tattooed across your skin: Tattooed across Yoongi’s skin was his story

Tears of blood:  Jimin dies and Yoongi follows.  Suicide warning.

Teasing:  A two-shot yoonmin smut.

The light that shines:  Yoongi becomes blind and meets someone.  But not everything is the way it should be.  Angst.

The List Game:  Finally, Bangtan gets a new variety episode - and their task is to collect on one day all things on their lists in one big shopping mall. Sounds easy, right? Well, it definitely would be if there weren’t certain rules they have to obey.

The new guy:  There’s a new guy taking Yoongi’s attention away from Jimin.  Fluff.

The recording Studio:  Yoongi’s recording session gets interrupted by Jimin.  Smut

The Storm:  Yoonmin have a fight.

New **The time it took: Yoongi and Jimin fall for each other. Fluff and smut.

Therapeutic baking for insomia:  jimin convince suga to make cookings early in the morning.

**There’s nothing left to hide:  Trusting someone with their hands on your skin is the most difficult kind of trust. Somewhat a sequel to “Chapped Leather”.

Tiramisu:  Yoongi and Jimin have a fight

To be better:  Jimin is working himself sick in the dance studio and Yoongi must step in. - writing prompt

_New _Together:  The four times they said 'I love you’ and the one time they said 'I love you, too.’

Too close:  Am I the only one who was hoping too much from him?

Touch Me:  Short drabble of Jimin waking up Yoongi

Touch of Sweetness:  It all started with one touch. One touch that Jimin couldn’t get out of his mind. It brought back so many feelings he had thought he had shoved down deep enough. Except, Yoongi was able to bring it all back with such a force that even Jimin wasn’t able to deny what he truly wanted.  Smut

Transparent:  Yoongi thinks about Jimin

Trying a hand at novelty:  Jimin and Yoongi tries something different to spice up their sex life.

Twice as nice:  Jimin makes Taehyung accompany him on a midnight rendezvous.

Unconventional:  Yoongi and Jimin fall into a routine after their bandmates fall asleep.

Unexpected:  Warning Death fic.  After the sudden death of one of their most precious members, the other six tried to overcome their sorrow with their own ways.

Unexpected Choices:  Jimin’s a poll dancer…

Untitled:  Yoonmin drabble

Untitled:  Yoongi contemplates on how to ask Jimin out.

Untitled:  Suga is an underground rapper and Jimin is his fan.

Untitled:  Suga is a rapper and jimin is in love with his voiceadsjadskas

Untitled:  Yoonmin’s first time challenge drabble

Untitled:  The start of yoonmin

Untitled:  Yoongi tries to act all tough despite his sweet stage name, but his boyfriend Jimin knows better

Untitled:  Jimin is trying to ignore Yoongi and trying to study.

Untitled:  Jimin and Yoongi finds solace with each other.

Untitled:  It’s Jimin’s first time to go clubbing.

Untitled:  Sequal for this.

Untitled:  Jimin can’t take his eyes off her.  Fem Yoongi.

Up all night:  Yoongi comes home late from the studio and is confronted by sleepy Jimin.

**Vices:  Jimin wants cuddles.  Yoongi wants to work.

Welcome Home:  Yoongi came home to find a surprised in bed.

New Wet and Wild: High school AU- jimin is a swimmer, yoongi is his friend. Sometimes they swim together after school. Two-shot smut.

**White Balance:  Yoongi becomes a Jimin fansite master.

Wicked Witchcraft-You arouse the need in me:  HP AU, Two-shot.  Main pairing is Namjoon/Hoseok.  Yoonmin is secondary.

New Wild Youth: Suga is decorating the cake, but Jimin keeps making sugestive gestures with his hands and lips , making the older feel a weird attraction towards him.

New **Winning a war (of hormones): Big Hit Entertainment is going to debut the first ever half-human, half-vampire hip hop group. They are planning to make some incredibly good music and mountains of money, and of course show the uncertain Korean society that the undead can operate in perfect harmony with the living.  It’s a glorious plan, too glorious if you ask Jimin. This is both Yoonmin and Jikook.

New **Wish it was yours: Jimin sends Yoongi a suggestive picture while on a one week vacation, so Yoongi decides to take matters into his own hands once Jimin gets back. Smut

New Worst Intentions: When Jimin spots Yoongi across a crowded dance floor, he doesn’t realize he’s bitten off more than he can chew.

Yoga:  Yoongi doesn’t really do yoga…or any physical activity

**Yoongi:  Yoongi!!  Fluff.  Two-shot

Yoongi reads a yoonmin: A short drabble.

Yoonmin word vomit:  Yoongi’s thoughts about Jimin

New You can’t dominate me hyung: Two-shot smut.

You had to clean it anyway:  Oneshot smut in the bathroom

Chaptered Stories

A box of kitten:  A 100 word drabble.  Jimin and Yoongi finds a box full of kittens.

Addicted to you:  Jimin’s love for dancing takes him to a new club where he meets a grumpy bartender.

Always:  Main pairing is Vhope.  Yoonmin is secondary. Complete

**Brotherly Love:  Yoongi’s mom and Jimin’s dad gets together and the two find themselves living in the same house.

Cheer Team:  Jimin and Taehyung join the school’s cheerleading team and in the process, form new relationships.

Clap twice:  Life at Hogwarts makes for interesting times, especially when it involves a group of friends that spans several year levels and all four Houses. (Or, a collection of BTS Harry Potter AU fics all set in the same 'verse, where everyone can’t help but end up involved in magical shenanigans.)

Climb down the trees:  In which Taehyung basically lives his life on a tree and recently transform into a really weird and creepy lovesick monkey. _(Yoonmin are supporting characters)  Complete _

*New* Coffee Shop Lover: Jimin’s a high school first year with bright eyes and a job at a local coffee shop. Yoongi’s a third year who’s not as dead to the world as he seems, and can damn sure tell when someone has a crush on him. Park Jimin most definitely does. A three part fic._  _

Dorm life is boring…or is it?:  First chapter is a yoonmin smut.

From behind the lenses:  Complete.  Yoongi’s a photographer and meets Jimin, a dancer. 

Happenings in the Chat Room:  Inspired by YukinoKoru’s Neutral Territory. It’s pretty awesome check it out. However, mine is about Bangtan!  ***Complete*

Heaven bakery:  In all honesty Yoongi wasn’t too fond of sweets or the grey apron that came with working in “Heaven” bakery, but that really didn’t stop him for choosing the job.  Complete

New I don’t like the taste: Porn was not Jimin’s first choice of job. A yoonmin pornstar AU

**Royals:  Bangtan mafia fic.  There’s other pairings besides yoonmin and each chapter can be read as a oneshot.  You can skip the other pairings you don’t like but they’re all tied together.

Roomate:  Taehyung and Jimin get new roommates.

Saving people, hunting things, family business:  Bangtan and demon fics. Only one chapter so far but it’s exciting.

Skoolboy Luve:  Highschool yoonmin love

The Little Merman:  Park Jimin is a merman who lives in a dark cave at the bottom of the sea by Nonjitmul beach in on Jeju.

What do you really want:  The main pairing is Taegook and Yoonmin, namjin, jhope+original character are the second main pairing.  It’s a high school love.

Why are you shaking up my heart?:  Jimin helps Taehyung with his lovelife and along the way, found his own.  Three long shots and it’s finished.  ***Complete*

Note:  I’ll keep editing this for new fics I find.

** Favorites

The Death of Me (V, You) Drabble

Originally posted by donewithjeon

Requested by vtael :) Hope you like it!

(3rd Person POV)


She gritted her teeth as she swung the emergency exit door aggressively open, climbing up the flight of stairs to the 4th floor where her apartment was.


She cursed again, gripping the stairs’ railing and trying to move as fast as she could without forcing attention to herself. She wasn’t supposed to come back but she had no other option. She didn’t know they were so close on her heels and she was stupid enough to not have a gun with her when she went down the street to the local convenience store.  Y/N knew there was something suspicious about the man near the chips aisle with the way he glanced at her. And when she caught a glimpse of a gun tucked on his waistband, she knew. 

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Forever Song - CH

Forever Song

Pairing: Calum & Y/N

Words: 2000

Warnings: Light smut at the end

This is a fluffy one-shot about Calum getting married. I dedicate it once again to @calvm5sos because I realised I tagged you in a Michael one last time oops x I also was inspired by @themhoodgirlz because I really love your writing. I think it’s beautiful x
I’m actually so happy with how this turned out (even though I’m worried it’s too long). Feedback is appreciated and requests are open. Thanks for reading xx


Calum can’t stop his lingering grin from widening once he sets his eyes on her again. He has been like this since he saw her walk towards him with her captivating dress encircling her figure, and now with Y/N walking towards him once again he can’t stop the demanding drum of his heart against his chest. Calum’s arms reach to enclose around her waist as she carefully places herself against him, ready to cut the cake.

He dips his head down, letting his breath edge along her ear as he places a gentle kiss there. He moves his body behind hers, his scent surrounding her like his arms as his right hand rests atop of hers which rests upon the knife. The cheers of their friends fill their ears as they firmly slice through. Calum is quick to swipe some icing onto his wife’s lips only to bend down and lock his lips onto hers in a passionate kiss which turns the cheers into whistles. Once again, his grin is spread to full as he plants a gentle kiss on the tip of her nose. Y/N closes her eyes for a second, still trying wildly to catch up to all the magic that has curled around her today.

“I love you,” she whispers as her fingers come to twist around the back of his neck, pulling him down into another kiss. Upon pulling away, the twinkling love in her eyes is evident as she spins around in his arms to rest her head against his thudding heart.

“Should we dance baby?” he questions softly into her ear, knowing full well they should’ve had their first dance before they cut the cake. “Come on.”

He tugs her slowly to the dance floor, the people surrounding the cake table moving back, satisfied with eating their cake like popcorn as they look onto the lover’s first dance. As if they know their cue, the floor clears and Luke, Michael and Ashton come up on stage. It was at Calum’s request that his three best mates not only were his best men but also the singers of their first dance song.

The music for ‘Thinking Out Loud’ fills the air as Luke’s sweet vocals drift flawlessly over the sound track. The song resonates within Calum especially as he holds his wife impossibly close and spins her around.

When my hands don’t play the strings the same way, I know you will still love me the same.

Not able to stop himself, Calum ducks down to press his lips firmly against hers, stealing another one of many freely given kisses from Y/N’s lips. There is nothing more electrifying for Y/N as she smiles to herself and rests her head against the crook of her husband’s neck.

“You ready for the dip and spin my angel?” His breath is warm down her neck and she nods against his skin. He spins her out slowly before he dips her down, enticing a few whistles and cheers from their friends and family before spinning her back into his arms. The couple barely registers Michael inviting any other couple to join them on the dance floor during the instrumental of the song as they are consumed by each other. Their thoughts no longer of the song that’s playing but on the forever song, each other’s strumming through their skin into their hearts.

Their bodies have slowed to a gentle rock, their skin brushing and their hands gripping onto each other as they forget about the world and get lost in each other’s eyes. Even with the song finishing and the claps following they don’t seem to come out of their dream until several songs later when they are tired and in need of a piece of cake that they spent hours tasting to find the right one.

It’s charming the way the share the same plate as they lean over the little table almost in the corner of the room, sharing words of love together. Calum lays a hand on her thigh as Y/N lays her own onto his forearm and he drags their chairs closer until there isn’t a millimetre of space between them.

“I love you,” he whispers above the noise of the dance party now happening in the ballroom. The night is dwindling and Calum is now finding it hard to tug away his need for him to bask alone in his wife.

“I love you too” Y/N murmurs back and feeling her husband’s agitation, sweeps her fingers delicately over his skin where he wants to get her initials tattooed on their honeymoon. He sighs and rests his head against hers, scooping her into his lap.

“I can’t believe we’re married,” he says, his voice laced in euphoria. “I’m so happy to be married to you,” he finishes as she nudges their lips together.

“My angel,” he breathes against her lips between rousing kisses that only make him want to start their honeymoon early. She tangles her hands in his hair and in their passion one slips to grip hard at the collar of his button-up shirt. Calum’s own hands are gripping tightly to the flesh of her hips through her dress as he tries to control them from wandering, eliciting a sharp intake of air from Y/N.

“When can I take you away from here?” he groans, short of breath as Y/N laughs against his lips.

“Soon baby, soon you’ll have me all to yourself. Just be patient Cal.”

The announcement of their names through the microphone brings them out of their own world as they are called to the stage for another round of toasting to the happy couple and dancing. By now your friends and family have passed the line of a little bit tipsy and are all keen on getting your attention as you walk hand in hand up to the little podium where Michael stands.

“There they are!” he yells, his hands flailing into the air, making Y/N giggle and Calum let out a snort at his friends antics. After saying a few words, not just from the couple but from their friends as well, another 40 minutes of speeches and dancing pass. The clock is just past eleven and Calum has decided enough is enough.

The announcement of them leaving sparks everyone to get into their positions in the pathway out of the venue. They line each side of the path with sparklers and a cameraman films while a photographer snaps as they both run through the arch of glowing lights before giggling as they jump into the car together that will take them to their hotel for tonight so that they can fly out for the Singapore honeymoon in the morning.

“Finally,” Calum sighs as he dumps the bags and closes the door behind him. He quickly tugs his suit and shoes off, leaving him to lie in his boxers staring at the ceiling. Y/N rushes into the bathroom to take off her dress. She is left only in a tantalizing set of lingerie which she covers with a robe before sauntering out to her new husband. Upon seeing his wife, Calum sits up on the bed and pulls her close to him by the backs of her thighs so that she is standing between his legs.

“Hmm, what do we have here?” he smirks up at her, his fingers deftly untying the robe so that it falls open, her breathtaking body on show for him. “Look at you, you’re so beautiful baby.”

He starts by kisses a slow trail from her stomach, paying special attention to her breasts up to finally mark Y/N’s neck, his teeth leaving blotchy but beautiful marks across her skin. Her hands run over his chest to grip at his shoulders as his hand comes up to slide her bra off. Her nipples peak as he blows gently on them before taking them into his mouth one at a time and running his tongue harshly over the sensitive surface.

Calum’s fingers slip around the elastic of her pretty lace panties and he drags them sensually down her legs and lets her step out of them. He sucks in a breath as he pulls his lips away and takes in his wife’s body. His hands smooth across the skin of her lower back and pull her body closer so that he can press teasing kisses across her lower stomach.

He suddenly stands up, Y/N taking the opportunity to pull his boxers down, making his cock bob up with a string of pre-cum. Calum’s large hands cup her face as they press their bodies together and explore each other’s mouths. His cock rests hard and waiting against her stomach as she trails her hands, scratching her nails against his stomach, causing his hips to jut forwards.

“Baby,” he murmurs, travelling his lips down her neck as she finally wraps her hand around him. The other hand drops to stroke over his balls, making him groan loudly and squeeze her neck that his hands are cupping tighter.

By now their breathing is laboured as Calum stares down at Y/N with all the love in the world, especially loving the way her hands are pleasuring his body. Her breath fans across his cheek as he presses his nose tightly against her temple in an effort to stop the trail of groans leaving his lips. When he thinks he is about to cum he frantically grasps her wrists with his hands and brings them up to press kisses where his fingers are.

“You’re so good angel. You’re so good to me baby, I love you,” he pushes her body back onto the bed and climbs on top of her. Once he has settled nicely between her thighs, he hikes her legs up around his hips, giving him access from below to explore her body with his fingers.

Y/N lets out small moans and gasps of his name as his fingers stroke over her swollen bud and opening, every now and again he will dip one finger in, riling her up enough to take his painfully hard cock.

“That’s enough, I’m there I’m there,” she croaks against the bitten skin of his neck. He tilts her head back to look directly at him, one hand cupping her jaw and the other goes to guide his cock to her entrance.

“I love you I love you I love you,” he chants like a mantra as he presses himself so he is seated fully inside of her. Her own lips form the same words over again between nods at him to drag his hips back and forth faster and faster until she has reached her high.

When she does, Calum doesn’t think he’s ever seen her look so beautiful. Her skin is flushed and marked and her lips are swollen and parted and her eyes nearly roll back as her pleasure takes over. Her back arches, the extra stimulus from her nipples brushing against his pecs adding to the pleasure of her orgasm as he determinedly thrusts harder to ride it out with her but he can’t last. Just as she is subsiding, Calum shoots his load inside of her, pleasure tingling through him as his body jerks forward to bury itself against Y/N’s skin.

Their hands grip onto each other as they lie there in bliss. Calum is propped over Y/N’s body, his free hand stroking over her skin as her own hands run over the planes of his stomach and shoulders. Between languid kissing they explore each other’s bodies again and again, not stopping in basking in each other for hours until they are finally spent. With their energy expelled, they curl up together in a mess of tangled sheets and limbs. They spend their first night as husband and wife together, falling asleep to the beating forever song in each other’s hearts, looking forward to the honeymoon when they can do this all day and a life together where they will cherish each other always.

anonymous asked:

I adore your writing! Sorry if you've already done something similar, but as a prompt: amnesia with a happy ending.

anonymous said: umm can i prompt a sterek mpreg fic please (mpreg!derek if that doesn’t bother you), an angsty one with a happy ending? or one where stiles becomes a werewolf, but like him choosing it of his own volition (he’s not hurt or sick to make him need it) maybe it’s because he wants to protect his father or have a longer life span to match derek’s?

anonymous said: Okay, I don’t have a specific prompt, but I absolutely adore how you write mpreg and angst, so if you feel like writing a fic with those things I will totally be there for that (with a happy ending though)! Honestly, I’m here for anything you write, but those are my fav.

do i hate myself or something, i don’t even know why i do this to myself ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

“One month,” Stiles groans, out of breath from the climb up the stairs. “One more freakin’ month, and then I am never doing this again.”

Derek comes through the door behind him, arms laden with grocery bags, and snorts quietly as he sets them on the counter. “You promised me three,” he says.

“I did no such thing!” Stiles says, scandalized.

“You did,” Derek says solemnly. “It was our wedding night, and you were very drunk.”

Stiles scowls at him. “It doesn’t count if I can’t remember. Anyway,” he says, turning to start unpacking their groceries, “if you want three kids, you can carry the next two. You’re stronger than me; it’ll be easy.”

Derek leans into his side, pressing a kiss to his temple. “You’re stronger than you think you are,” he says quietly.

Stiles presses back against him, smiling faintly. “I know,” he says. “It’s all worth it, right?”

“Right,” Derek agrees, the corners of his mouth curving up. He reaches out, placing his hand on Stiles’ stomach for a moment. “You think we got enough food for the two of you?”

“You’re only going to be gone a week,” Stiles says, eyeing the food-covered counter. “I don’t think I’ll make a dent.

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anonymous asked:

can you do identity porn for leverage? like not porn porn specifically, i just absolutely LOVE the drama of people falling in love with each others' alter egos. alternatively, a superhero au? ur my fave anyway omfg ilysm

(Identity porn is one of my favorite things! Sorry if the end of this is a little rushed, I’ve got unexpected plans and I wanted to get this out before they happened.)

Eliot doesn’t read blogs. He doesn’t spend much time on the internet at all—better things to do with his time. There are a few of his old buddies who like to stay in touch, and a few burner e-mails are safer than a long-term phone, so he likes to have a connection, but he doesn’t surf around looking for something to waste his time unless he’s trying to put people around him at ease.

He finds Casing the World when he’s on a stake-out in a coffee shop with a nosy older man sitting near him, peering at his screen like maybe Eliot’s one of the three aspiring novelists sitting around in the shop. It’s a stupid blog title, but it came up when he searched for landmarks in Istanbul, the first thing that came to mind, and once he starts reading, it’s interesting.

The first entry he finds is a bunch of beautiful pictures of the Hagia Sofia and a few other landmarks, taken from unexpected angles that Eliot is almost sure mean the photographer wasn’t in the public parts, and a long and technical explanation about how people would have broken in throughout history. It’s accurate enough to make him look at another entry, and another.

They’re all too accurate—mostly, they focus on historical ways of doing crime, but some of them are close to a blueprint for a break-in, and Eliot is amazed the author hasn’t been arrested yet.

Eventually, he finds the first entry, where the blogger, who only gives her name as P, says her boyfriend set her up with the blog, and links over to another one.

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They Don't Know About the 'I Love You's' | Harry Styles

They Don’t Know About Us by One Direction


They Don’t Know About the ‘I Love You’s | Harry Styles One-Shot Imagine

Requested: Could you please write one shot where you’re a famous actress and you have a movie premiere so Harry shows up and everyone’s surprised that he’s there but he came to support you because the two of you are secretly dating but no one even knows that you two know each other so media asks you both what you think about each other and later when you’re alone you watch something about the premiere on the television and laugh at how clueless everyone is. 

Your POV

“Y/N, are you almost ready?” My agent, Katherine Tillman, asked me as she poked her head in my room.

“Almost,” I looked at my reflection in the mirror as I slowly glazed over the beautiful black Dolce & Gabanna dress with red floral prints that hugged my body.

“Okay the car is going to be pulling up in a few minutes,” She looked down at her phone to check the time, “You look beautiful by the way!”

“Thanks Kat.” I smile at her through the mirror then she left.

I took a deep breathe and slipped on a matching pair of red pumps for the finishing touch. I grabbed my clutch and champagne colored iPhone 6 then headed downstairs.

Tonight was the red carpet premier of a movie that I worked on tirelessly for 5 months, so my agent hired professionals to come over and do my hair and make up.

I had a contract with Dolce & Gabanna this year, so Katherine made sure that they sent over one of their best dresses and accessories to match; I also wore a beautiful pair of gold vintage diamond earrings that dangled along with a matching necklace and bracelet.

It’s been 8 years since I’ve started my acting career. First, it was a few Disney movies as a kid but then I worked my way up to Hollywood as I grew older. I’ve made quite a few movies in the past four years but tonight, it was different, he was going to be there for the first time and I was nervous. His opinion mattered to me the most.

I climbed in the back of the Rolls-Royce where Katherine was waiting for me; I unlocked my phone and texted him after I settled in.

Harry’s POV

Y/N: I’m heading there now.

I locked my phone as Niall’s voice rang in my right ear.

“Oy! I need a beer Harry!”

“What?” I shot him a confused look as we headed down the stairs of my house in L.A.

“If going to this movie premier with you, I need a lager!” Niall fixed the sleeves on his blazer.

“Really, mate?” I scratched the side of my head.

“Hey! I passed up a date with the couch, a footie team and a six pack for this!” He folded his arms across his chest.

I rolled my eyes, “Go grab a beer in the fridge, hurry up, we need to get going!”

Niall and I climbed in the back of the BMW that management sent us. I told my manager that I was invited to a movie premier and they decided to send a car with security since Niall and I were going together.

As the car slowly pulled up to Hollywood Boulevard, I noticed that there were a lot of paparazzi and fans all crowded along the red carpet.

When the car door opened, Niall was the first to step out.

“It’s Niall Horan from One Direction!”

Then I followed him and adjusted my blazer when I was finally standing on the carpet.

“Oh my god! It’s Harry Styles!”

“I didn’t know they were going to be here!”

Niall and I walked next to each other down the red carpet, smiling and waving to the fans, while I was trying not to trip over my own two feet.

Fans were going a bit crazy so we decided to stop for a few pictures with some of them, telling them to watch the movie once it hits theaters. We posed for a few photographers and answered a handful of questions.

One of the red carpet interviewers from E! News was the first to stop us, “Harry! Niall! What are you two doing here? This is unexpected! Are you both a fan of Y/N?”

“Yeah! She’s great! Definitely excited to be here!” I nodded and held my hands behind my back.

“I’m here for the free popcorn!” Niall joked, “I’m kidding! No she’s awesome, I’m glad we were invited. I’ve seen all of her movies!”

“Didn’t want to bring dates?” She continued.

“Are you kidding? I have the best date right here!” Niall put his arm around my shoulder.

I just laughed and nodded my head.

“How do you expect the movie to turn out?” She held out her microphone to us and her camera man slowly made his way around us.

“I’ve seen the trailers and it seems like a great story line!” Niall smiled.

“I agree, I love romantic movies, so I’m quite excited.” I looked at Niall when I answered and he just smirked at me.

“What do you guys think of Y/N? She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” The interviewer continued asking questions.

“She is, but more importantly she seems like an all around wonderful person inside and out. I heard she has a charity foundation and I think that’s great.” I spoke into the mic.

“I think she’s quite funny, a bit sarcastic if you ask me but yeah she’s pretty!” Niall admitted and I wanted to hit him.

“Oh really? Have you hung out with her before Niall?” The interviewer raised her eyebrow and Niall immediately realized he slipped up.

“We’ve watched her interviews on Ellen and she was on Jimmy Fallon the other evening and we caught that episode, it was quite funny.” I covered for  him and reminded myself to kick Niall’s ass.

“Do you guys think she and Zac Efron are dating? I heard they were pretty close!” Now she was just being rude.

“Ah- no comment.” Niall said and held up his hands.

“Yeah we don’t really have an opinion on people’s dating life, not really important to be honest.” I smirked.

“Oh and here’s are our stars! They just pulled up!” The interview turned around and we looked ahead to see a black Rolls-Royce pulling up.

Your POV

“Okay you two, behave out there.” Katherine my manager said to me and my co-star Zac Efron as we stopped in front of the red carpet.

Zac and I have grown pretty close within the past year and of course there were rumors about us dating since we’ve seen each other on and off set. 

“Us? Not behaving? Since when?” Zac joked as he nudged me.

“Yeah seriously… we just love to stir up the media.” I winked at him.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, get out there and keep smiling!” Katherine said before the driver opened our car door and Zac stepped out.

He held his hand out and helped me out of the car, and the paparazzi and fans went wild. There were screams, there were questions thrown in every direction, there were hundreds of flashing lights, it was still overwhelming despite how many premiers I’ve been too.

“You look great by the way,” He smiled as we walked down the red carpet.

“Thanks, you don’t look too bad yourself,” I smiled as we posed for a few photographers.

“Oh look! Here comes an interviewer. Let’s stir the pot.” I joked and he just chuckled and kissed my temple.

I scanned down the red carpet to see quite a few familiar faces but I was only searching for one person. 

I saw my favorite pair of green eyes connect with mine from the across and down the red carpet and blushed.

“Zac! Y/N! How are you both feeling about this premier? You two look amazing!” An interviewer asked.

Zac smiled, “Thank you! I think she looks better than me though! But yeah, this movie was one of my favorites to make so far, so I hope everyone enjoys it.”

“Thank you and I agree with Zac, we had a lot of fun filiming this movie!” I chuckled.

“Oh, so are you two dating? It has been the biggest wonder of the summer!”

Zac and I looked at each other nervously and started laughing.

“No, we are just good friends!” I blushed.

“Yeah! She’s an amazing person and any guy would be lucky to have her, but no, there is nothing going on between us!” He smiled, “I’m sorry but we have to get going!“ 

We continued down the red carpet and I searched for those green eyes again but he was whispering and joking with his best friend.

Zac was pulled away by MTV for an interview and I was stopped by Sugarscape.

“So word is that Harry Styles and Niall Horan of One Direction are fans of you.” The interviewer asked.

“Oh really?! That’s awesome! I’m a huge fan of their music!” I chuckled.

“Is that so? What’s your favorite song? Harry says you’re a wonderful person, what do you think of him?”

“Yeah! I can’t pick just one song there’s so many great ones… and he said I was wonderful? I don’t even know him! But he seems like a great artist and musician!” I lied through my teeth.

“Do you consider yourself a Directioner?” She pressed on.

“Does being a Directioner mean you own all their albums? Because I do!” I laughed.

“That’s so awesome, did you know he was going to be here tonight?”

“No! I had no idea! But I’m really flattered! I hope they enjoy it! I hope everyone enjoys it! I absolutely loved making this movie!” I looked around to see where Zac went because I just wanted to hurry and get in the theater.

He saw me panicking and quickly came in to rescue me.

“Sorry, but we have a premier to get going too!” He nodded at her and pulled me away.

I felt my phone buzzing and knew it was him calling.

“Thanks Zac! I’m going to go to the bathroom, I’ll see you inside okay?” I smiled at him.

“No problem, see you in there!”

When I finally pulled out my phone, it had already stopped vibrating. Inside the theater there weren’t any paparazzi, thank god, so I quickly looked around to find a bathroom so I could call him back.

As I walked through the halls, someone suddenly pull me into an empty room and pushed my back against the door as it closed.

“What the-” I hollered but then felt his familiar lips on mine. I closed my eyes and kissed him back as I wrapped my hands around his neck and while his hands moved down to my waist.

“Hi.” Harry finally pulled away after a few minutes and smiled down at me, “You look gorgeous.”

“Thank you, you know we can get caught right?” I shook my head.

“Exactly why this is so hot, I want to rip this dress off of you,” He mumbled as he placed kisses on my neck and my bare shoulders, “The idea that someone can walk in on us while we-”

“Harry! Stop! The movie starts in 20 minutes!” I gently pulled my neck away.

“It’s fine, I know how to make you cum in 5.” He said in a deep seductive tone.

I was completely turned on but no, I had to be the responsible one, cause heavens know he is too horny right now.

“You are so bad.” I chuckled.

“And you love me for it,” He lightly nipped at my lips wanting more.

“I do love you.” I said as I kissed him.

“Your place tonight? I miss you and that bloody Irish man is driving me crazy.” He kissed my forehead.

I laughed, “But I love Niall!” 

“Because he hasn’t been staying with you for two weeks. You haven’t had to cook for him, clean for him, remind him to bathe. Even though he’s 22, he acts like he’s 8.” Harry shook his head and I just continued laughing.

We both jumped when we heard a rhythmic knock and both stared at each other with wide eyes and held our fingers up to each other’s lips.

A very familiar Irish voice was heard through the door, “Oy! I know you two are in there! People are looking for you Y/N! Get your arse out here, make sure you look presentable! I know you two fuck-“ 

I immediately opened the door and cupped my hand over his mouth.

“Shut up!” I whispered harshly and he jerked his head back away from my hand as he chuckled.

“I’m going to kill you.” Harry glared at him.

“Hi superstar! I’ve missed you too.” Niall hugged me.

“I’ll see you guys after the movie.” I winked then quickly hurried off.

- - - - -

Harry’s POV

I knew that this movie was a love story. 

Hell, it was based off a Nicholas Sparks’ novel for god’s sake but I didn’t realize how annoyed I would get watching Y/N and Zac interact.

I dug my nails into my palm throughout the whole movie and had to remind myself to breathe multiple times.

I shifted in my seat the first time they kissed. I know she’s done a few romantic movies before but I don’t know why I was so uncomfortable watching this one.

“Wow, this movie is pretty good.. it’s not as lame as I thought it was going to be… it’s as if they are really in love.” Niall leaned over and whispered as he stuffed popcorn in his mouth.

During their sex scene, I wanted to punch someone and it didn’t help that Niall kept commenting whenever Zac and Y/N touched, or kissed, or anything.

“Whoa… I just saw your girlfriend’s ass and so will the world.” Niall chuckled.

“I swear to god, if you say one more thing, I’ll make you suffer.” I hissed.

There was a close up of Zac’s body and the camera focused on his ‘muscular’ arms and chiseled abdomen as my girlfriend strip him naked; I felt every hair on my body raise and I sharply inhaled when they were doing the deed.

“Zac has a sexy body, I would be worried too if I were you,” Niall joked.

That’s it. 

I swiftly punch him in the nuts and Niall immediately covered his mouth and struggled with the unbearable pain that was surging through him.

Serves him right for pissing me off.

“Fuck… you…” He breathed.

“I warned you.” I scoffed then looked back up at the screen and prayed the sex scene would hurry up and end.

When the credits started rolling, I heard many of the females around me crying as I wiped the few tears from my face. I looked over at Niall not expecting him to be blubbering like an idiot.

“Are you- are you okay mate?” My eyes were wide.

“I’m- I’m just- she just- she died- she just-so-young-” Niall dropped his head in his hands.

I tried so hard to keep myself from laughing so I bit my tongue. I reached in my pocket and pulled out my pocket square and handed it to Niall.

“Come, let’s find Y/N,” I pulled him up.

Niall took a second to compose himself and then we followed everyone out of the theater. We said hello and spoke to a lot of people that we knew. 

I finally saw Y/N as her hand hung on Zac’s arm, so I unexpectedly went up to them, needing to say something.

“Y/N! Zac! I’m Harry! Great movie, I absolutely loved it!” I was quite enthusiastic.

“Oh hey! Thanks man! I appreciate it!” Zac shook my hand.

“Thank you, I’m glad you liked it!” She smiled at me, I knew she was surprised.

“Y/N! Come! We have to get going!” I heard Katherine, her manager, say and pulled her away.

Y/N mouthed ‘See you later’ to me and followed Katherine.

- - - - -

Your POV

I heard my doorbell ring at midnight and opened up to see my boyfriend frowning with a bouquet of roses.

“I am confused by what I’m looking at.” I chuckled.

“You could’ve warned me about that sex scene!” He pouted as he walked into my penthouse and handed me the roses.

“I thought you read the book and thank you for the roses…” I bit my bottom lip as I closed the door behind me.

“I’m sorry, I’m being silly.” He pulled me into his arms and lead me into my bedroom. I replaced the roses that were dying with the new roses that were on my side table.

“Yeah you are. I don’t know why… how long have we been together?”

“A year next week if I’m not mistaken.” He kissed my forehead.

“It was a rhetorical question, but I’m glad you remembered.” I stood on my tiptoes and pulled him into a passionate kiss.

After an hour of making love, Harry and I laid in bed wrapped in each other’s arms.

Harry turned on the T.V. and it was a replay of the red carpet premier on E! News.

“So did you really like the movie?” I looked up at him.

“Yes! Oh god, I forget to tell you, Niall was sobbing!” Harry laughed.

“What?!” I picked my head off of his shoulder, “Shut up!”

“I’m serious! He cried a lot when your character passed away and Zac was doing his monologue in the background…” Harry turned back to the T.V.

I giggled and made a mental note to tease Niall about it tomorrow.

Harry turned up the volume and we watched Harry’s and Niall’s interview from early today.

“Wow! Niall freaking slipped!” I shook my head.

“Yeah, what an idiot! I’ve told him and the boys so many times to act like they don’t know you and he goes and says that you’re funny and sarcastic… please I’m the funny one.” Harry stuck his tongue out at me.

“Oh okay Mr. Styles, whatever you think.” I traced his butterfly tattoo with my finger tips.

“They are all idiots.” Harry smirked as we continued to watch.


“They don’t know about the things we do~ they don’t know about the ‘I Love You’s~” Harry sang.

“You’re an idiot.” I shook my head.

“They don’t know about us~” He continued singing and I just rolled my eyes.

“I mean either that or we’re ninjas, I think we are the first couple to pull off hiding our relationship for so long.” Harry held up his fist.

“Yeah they are all idiots,” I giggled, “But I kind of like it” I touch my knuckles to his.

“Like I said, it’s hot, to know we can get caught any minute.” He lifted my chin up and kissed my lips.

We heard the hostess continue talking.‘Y/N says that she is a huge fan of One Direction, admitting that she owns all of their albums… I wonder which one of the five she likes the most?‘ 

“Zayn.” I said as I kissed Harry and he immediately pulled away.

“Excuse you?” His mouth hung open.

“What?!” I grinned at him, “I mean his dark hair… his smile… and his voice.. and that scruff? It’s SO sexy…” I said sarcastically and laughed as I saw Harry’s face changed after every detail I named. I knew he secretly wished he could grow a beard like Liam, Louis, and Zayn.

“Well why don’t I just call Zayn and tell him my girlfriend fancies him?” He huffed and pushed me off of him.

“Yeah, sounds like a good idea. Can you set up that date for next week? On the 20th to be exact, I don’t think I have anything planned that day.” Knowing damn well that was our anniversary.

“Why I NEVER have been so HURT!” Harry crossed his arms over his chest and pouted like a child.

I just laughed at him and scooted back over to him.

“I’m just kidding, you know that you’re the only one for me.” I tried to uncross his arms.

“No! Hmph!” He turned his body away from me.

I quickly straddled Harry and placed kisses all over him.

“I am so in love with you. Your heart. Your passion. Your weird sense of humor. Your eyes. Your voice. Your smile. Your dimples. Everything about you.”

Harry uncrossed his arms and ran his hands down my side.

“That sounds more like it,” He growled.

“Now let me show you how much I love you.”