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Let Me Protect You Part 2/Chapter 1 (Chris x OFC Emilia)

Pairings: Chris Evans x OFC Emilia

Word Count: 1,897

Warnings: Swearing, Mild Angst, Fluff, Kink Talk

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Now that Chris and Emilia have established their relationship, she moves into his house after her brother decides to live in New York. Emilia is in bliss, thinking maybe her life will finally be at peace.  But are things always that easy in Emilia’s life?

This was all a dream…right? You kept pinching yourself throughout the day as you packed up your small guest house into boxes, getting ready to move into Chris’ house.  It had been two weeks since you returned from spending Christmas in Boston with Chris and his family.  Two weeks since Eric told you he was selling his house and moving to New York to follow Frank while he started his new Netflix show.  

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