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Lance Headcanons

Most of these have probably already been stated somewhere, but I thought I’d compile some of my own along with my personal favorites.

  • He can dance. I know this is a fairly common thing and I’m so glad it is but he can dance. And he will try any kind of dance at least once. Ballroom, hip hop, break dancing, ballet- you name it, he’s tried it. And he’s very good at it. (Did you see his hips moving when he did the voltron cheer? The boy can dance)
  • Before joining the Garrison he life-guarded at his local pool. He also volunteered to do it at camps and special community events and he even helped with swim lessons for the local kids every summer. 
  • Has read all of My Immortal. Multiple times. He tried to make Hunk read it but he always got out of it somehow until one night when Hunk was messing with some engineering work when Lance just started reading it out loud. 
  • Which leads into the fact that Lance is fantastic at reading out loud. He gets into it- gives every character their own voice and does motions and everything. He developed this skill because he reads to his younger siblings and cousins and nieces and nephews when he’s at home and it’s a large part of why Hunk didn’t just put in headphones when he realized what Lance was reading to him.
  • The two of them from that day on will randomly quote it when they see fit. “So what did you do then?” “We started Frenching passively.” and “Why did you do such a thing, you mediocre dunces?”
  • Lance keeps his music meticulously organized. His CD’s are alphabetized in their own genre categories and every song on his ipod has the title of the song, band name, and what album it’s from. He has carefully thought out playlists for every occasion he can think of and after joining Voltron when something happens that he has the perfect playlist for but his ipod’s back on Earth he gets seemingly inexplicably frustrated for a few moments before bursting out in a purposely horrid rendition of one of the songs.
  • He would be a really good figure skater what with his fabulous dancing skills if only he could figure out how to balance first. As it is he can’t skate without holding onto the edge or someone else and even then he still falls multiple times.
  • He also knows every lyric to the High School Musical songs. Just the first one and like two songs from the second one because the second movie’s plot made him mad so he didn’t bother with anything outside of “What time is it?” and “I don’t dance” because hey they’re catchy.
  • Keith one day during training for forming mental links makes a comment along the lines of “Lance why do you feel so… wrong?” Hunk groans and it’s the only warning any of them get before Lance yells enthusiastically ”My head’s in the game but my heart’s in the song!!!!”

Um… that’s it for now. I probably have more but this got super song sorry

masha-russia  asked:

Hello :) Could I ask you how did you make these gifs post/121213352496 ? Did you use Lighten or another mode? How did you manage to blend them together? Thanks

(x) hey! there are really hundrets of ways how you can make these gifs, but this is basically how i end up doing them/what i’ve learned with time:

  • if you want to make an image show up on a dark background/get rid of the dark background, set it to “screen” (or “lighten”, play around with the settings until you think it looks good)
  • if you want to make an image show up on a bright background/get rid of the bright background, set it to “multiply” (or “darken” again, play around with the settings)
  • “soft light” and “overlay” are settings you can test out, too, it all depends on the source material you got)
  • not every scene is suitable to be blend together, if you don’t think a scene is 100% perfect for this, use a different one, but, you can always try out adding a new layer and brighten or darken parts of your gif with black or white
  • personal tip: have the colouring ready before you blend gifs together, you’ll see better how it will end up and sometimes it reduces the cleaning up you will have to do

i haven’t saved any of the psd files but as far as i can see almost all of the gifs i made are blend together on a dark background, so i should have used screen or lighten.
i tried to re-create the first gif:

these are how the gifs look like separately:

both scenes are rather dark, but! the upper part of the second gif (I’ll just call it the group) is much brighter than the lower part, which will help us a lot making certain parts stand out,
alright, make sure both of your gifs are converted into “smart filters”, after i duplicated one of the gifs into the file of the other, i’ve set the gif with the group to “screen”

my gif looks like this now:

well, since we can’t make out their faces anymore we are going to get rid of the bright parts, add a “layer mask” to the gif you’ve set to screen and paint with a black brush on the parts you want to delete!

now my gif looks like this!

this is how i ended up doing every gif of the gifset, except for the green gif. you see the flying hovercraft above of prim’s head, right? the hovercraft is rather dark and the background of the scene was bright, i’ve set the gif to “multiply” or “darken” and it should basically ended up like you can see it now, i’ve possibly deleted parts through a layer mask though like i’ve shown before.

i hope this helps!

a fairly simple edit, but a hell of a long one. the background took ages, and i made all of the guys’ backgrounds transparent. almost 6 hours of work .-. feel free to use it for whatever; just remember to give credit! don’t repost though