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we are destined to hold two truths:

i love you and i fight you

“You find Celaena Sardothien. Give her this. No one else. No one else. Tell her that you can open any door, if you have the key. And tell her to remember her promise to me–to punish them all. When she asks why, tell her I said that they would not let me bring the cloak she gave me, but I kept a piece of it. To remember that promise she made. To remember to repay her for a warm cloak in a cold dungeon.”

cries forever for Kaltain Rompier


Orangie Sungjong Aesthetic 

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Summary: “So I read your Isaac fanfiction and absolutely loved it. And I have a request for you to do another Isaac one. Maybe like the reader gets jealous and is best friends with Scott so she tries to make Isaac jealous? You’re such a great writer and I love your stories!” 

Ship: Isaac Lahey x Fem!Reader

Warning: Fluff, angst, swearing, flirtation, minor smut, etc. 

Your P.O.V

I growled lowly, shuffling my books from side to side. Glancing back at Isaac, I wanted to scream. A girl, considered to be popular, primarily because she was well known, not because she was liked, ran her hands up and down his chest, laughing with such a strong facade, it made me want to throw up. I had to take deep, slow breaths to remain remotely calm. Ever since he turned, he was more confident, more outgoing, more flirtatious. It was as if he knew he was attractive, not the cool kind, the dickish kind, and used it to his dark advantage. And ever girl wanted to be with him or on him. The thought made me nauseous. 

I slam my locker shut, the sound echoing throughout the halls because it was that loud. For a split second, Isaac tore his gaze away from the girl, glancing my way, only to smirk. It was as if he knew I was mad- jealous. Not that I would verbally say it. I scoff, rolling my eyes as Scott made his way towards me. Scott Mccall, my best friend, since, diapers. (Yes, I just quoted Heathers. What can I say, I’m a slut for musicals.) He leaned against my locker, giving me his signature puppy dog smile. I could never ever say no or be sad around him. He wouldn’t allow it. Scott was always, always there for me. 

“Hey, (Y/N/N). What’s wrong?” I gave him a look, one that he has seen a thousand times before. “It’s Isaac again, isn’t it?” I lean against my locker, not daring to look at my best friend. I don’t want to. “I can’t help how I feel towards him. And the worst part, he knows and teases, practically taunts me.” I sigh, pondering. He puts his arm around me, giving me a reassure smile. “I’m sorry, (Y/N/N). I’m sure everything will be okay. Things will work out. I promise.” He lifts my chin up, kissing my head. In that moment, I could’ve sworn that I heard a low growl. I look back over my shoulder to see Isaac watching Scott, practically fuming. 

I turn my gaze forward before our eyes could meet. We walk to class, Scott’s embrace tight on me. People often looked at us and thought we were dating. But we weren’t. We were playful but not together together. Scott kissed my head again as he walked me to my class. “How ‘bout we get ice cream tonight? My treat?” I smile, nodding. “That sounds fun. I’ll see you later.” We do our signature handshake before I head into class. The rest of the day, my mind pondered and stirred. Why was Isaac so mad at Scott? He only seemed to be tense around me? And then a brilliant idea hit me like a brick. Tomorrow, I was going to make Isaac jealous. 

That night at the ice cream shop, I told Scott about my idea. The whole while, he was laughing, but in the end, he agreed. The next day, I put on the sexiest school appropriate outfit that I could find. We had let the others- well, everyone that wasn’t Isaac, know about the plan. Excitedly, I push the doors open. Everyone looked at me, their jaws down to the floor. Especially Isaac. Perfect. I head to my locker, winking at him as I pop it open. I could feel his eyes boring into me. Everything was set in place. Now, it was Scott’s turn. He came in next, looking incredibly attractive with his hair slicked back, black jacket and a tight shirt. 

If I wasn’t his best friend, I would pounce on him like the other girls were aching to do. But he was. So, no. He swaggers over to me, his smile practically swooning the girls around him. I almost have to cover my mouth to hide my laugh. But I don’t. I hold my books to my chest as he puts his hand over my head, like boys did in the old movies. “Hey, (Y/n). You look hot today.” He has to bite his lip to stop a smile from forming. “You don’t look to bad yourself, Mccall.” I smirk like I practiced. “How ‘bout you and I get outta here?” He says seductively, probably practiced too. I nod, taking his hand, pulling him to one of the empty classrooms. 

We close the door, waiting. The door turns to open, I push Scott towards me, kissing him passionately. It takes me a minute but his hands fly to my waist, pushing and pressing sensually. A low growl comes from behind us, someone pushes Scott off me. Isaac. Bingo. “Stay away from her.” I get up, standing between the two of them. “Why? It’s not like you care or you’re gonna do anything about it?!” And before I could even comprehend the situation, he pressed his lips to mine. Kissing me hard, I almost fell back. However, he kept one hand roughly on my waist and the other on my face. When he let go, he whispered, almost inaudible. “You’re mine.” I smirk, glancing back at Scott. 

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“Thanks, Scott. I’ll see you at lunch.” He gave me a high five before walking off. Isaac looked between the two of us, completely bewildered. “What?” I giggle slightly. “Scott is my best friend. I’m not dating him. I’ve liked you for, god know’s how long. We came up with a plan to make you jealous, and it worked.” He nodded, wrapping his arms around my waist. “You’re such a tease.” I bit my lip, kissing him slowly. “You have no idea.” 

(I hope you liked it!!) 


don’t you just stand in awe at what kusanagi did here? because i do. she said awfully lot about multiple characters without letting them even speak about it.

she is using her characters to explain each other. like did soo won say anything about himself? anything at all beside those two clipped shocking lines? did he make any certain expressive expression in the two panels he appeared in? non. but why does it feels he was there the whole time? because indeed he was, in the eyes of other character. because he was viewed through their own, mind you, completely different, views.

we got min soo’s view of why he may be hated, ogi’s view of why he may be loved, and in these views we saw the confusion. even though min soo does hate him, he can’t help but seems to understand his actions considering his position as a king. while even though ogi loves him, he can’t help but mind his betrayal. they actually represent us the readers. all akayona fans are divided into these two confused views when it comes to soo won. and there goes kusangi, making you relate with secondary characters who appeared for what? 2 chapters? because you think the same, you almost said “me too!” at one point (tell me i kept saying it every time ogi spoke) all while making these characters help explain the main, complicated one.

Kusanagi is using her cast in the most flawless brilliant manner to build the story. the world feels so real and complete on its own it’s like she isn’t even there. like, yes, she is practically feeding us pain, but doing it so magically i can’t even complain. 

Painty dood of Brei 

The Lovers That Never Were (Demo)
Paul McCartney

One lesson that I learned from writing with Paul was that once the melodic shape was established, he would not negotiate about stretching the line rhythmically to accommodate a rhyme. This emphatic sense of the music is something that I soon found he shared with Burt Bacharach. Given the indelibility of their melodies, it is hard to put up an argument to the contrary. If anything, Burt is even more unyielding once the melody is written. He will not permit as much as a demi-hemi-semi-quaver to be added, even if it would allow for a really good rhyme to be made. Not being a lyricist, he had never given himself any reason to cheat.

I cheat shamelessly. The unevenly proportioned lines of my early songs drove The Attractions mad. They were difficult to memorize, as no two verses were exactly alike.

One of the best songs that Paul and I wrote together was written at the piano. It was a sweeping, romantic tune that could almost have been an epic Bacharach ballad. In its first draft, it was a little reminiscent of “It’s for You,” a song that Paul had written for Cilla Black in 1964. I’d say the rough recording of “The Lovers That Never Were” is one of the great, unreleased performances of Paul McCartney’s solo career. I know you’ll just have to take my word for this, but I was playing the piano when Paul opened up behind me in a wild, distorted voice that was almost like the one he used on “I’m Down.”

I just kept staring down at my hands at the piano, saying to myself, Don’t mess this up, while trying to remember to chime in on the few lines that we’d agreed I’d sing.

— Elvis Costello, Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink. (2015)

nachtkniver  asked:

Hiiii can I have a headcanon pretty please? How about how the Rfa would respond to a super cute and shy mc who has never had sex or even kissed or been in a relationship shop before and when it comes time for that, she admits it? Her appearance, let's say she's adorable to the point a lot of guys would be chasing her, but adorable in almost a nerdy cute way.

I kept this one pretty SFW because I wasn’t too sure how naughty to make it, but I hope you enjoy it! (≧ω≦)


- The poor dear is just so relieved when you tell him about your inexperience.

- Because he has 0 experience as well and was so worried about disappointing you.

- So the two of you take your time and introduce new things into your relationship slowly.

- There’s sometimes a bit of fumbling and awkwardness but you both just smile and laugh it off.

- He’s really happy that you two get to figure things out and experience new things together.


- This is her first relationship with another woman.

- So she’s in some new territory too.

- She’s sooo touched that you chose to be with her.

- And really proud that she gets such a cute, sweet girlfriend.

- You take things slow. Both of you feel so safe and content when you’re together no matter what you’re doing so you don’t feel the need to rush anything.


- You’re so cute and innocent!

- And it just turns him on so much. His inner wolf just wants to devour you!

- But he’s so worried about going to fast for you or making you feel pressured to do something you’re not ready for.

- He asks you more than once if you’re sure you’re ready, because he’s willing to wait.

- You’re his princess and your happiness and comfort are his top priority.


- When you tell him, he gets this smug, satisfied smirk.

- He already knew.

- He could tell by how often and easily you got flustered by his advances that you were inexperienced.

- And he’s so into it.

- It’s exciting to him that he’s the first (and hopefully only) man who gets to have you.


- This is honestly a big deal for him.

- It just means so much to him that you want your first time to be with him.

- He really doesn’t feel like he deserves you.

- Like, you can have anyone and you want to be with him.

- Wants to make each new experience you share together to be as special as possible.

Surprise me

Word count: 1364 (nonny I changed it a little bit but I hope you’ll still like it)

Kai comes back from 1903 prison world and wants to kill Jo but he changes his mind when you tell him he has a daughter 

You had this perfect life planned for yourself. Living in a nice city and with a loving husband, but it definitely wasn’t like that. You started dating Kai and even though you thought your relationship with him would be doomed, it was completely different. Kai showed he could be a really nice and loving boyfriend and he really did care about you, more than you could ever imagined. No one understood how could you date someone who did all those bad things to his family, but you were the only one who actually listened to his story and found good in him. You weren’t trying to change him into someone he’s not and would never be, you accepted him just the way he was, accepting all his flaws, just like he accepted yours. He made you feel special and you never had to worry about being hurt because he was always there to protect you. You always came first. Words couldn’t describe how much you loved him. The only way you could describe it was you loved him so much, it made your heart ache and you couldn’t imagine your life without him, but then one day, everything changed. Kai wanted to help Damon get his mother back so he went to 1903 prison world with him, Elena and Bonnie, thinking they trusted him and wanted his help. They did want his help, but only because they had a plan and they succeeded. Bonnie tricked Kai into believing she thought he changed and then stabbed him in the back, literally. They just left him there, all alone, when all he wanted to do was help and prove them he’s changed but they had a hard time believing. When Bonnie told you what they did, you completely lost it. You felt lost and broken, like you were falling apart. You spent days locked up in your room, no sight of sunlight or even moonlight, the only thing you cared about and wanted to see was Kai, but he was locked in some horrendous prison world all by himself. Maybe things would’ve been better if you hadn’t found out that you were pregnant with Kai’s child. The thought of raising the child alone while Kai was over there, hurt you more than anything in the world. You weren’t ready to say goodbye to Kai and by the fact of how much you loved him, you would’ve never been ready to say goodbye.

During one boring afternoon in Mystic Falls, you were sitting on the couch and reading a book. It was one of those books that could be read a thousand times and still be interesting. Suddenly, you heard a noise and that distracted you from your book, so you got up and went to check it out. It was nothing. Atleast it looked like nothing. When you went back to go back to reading your book, a very familiar face was standing right in front of you, with the biggest smile on his face. The person you never thought you’d see again.

‘Kai?’ You stuttered and quickly ran into his arms, his arms wrapping strongly around your body, holding you tightly as if you’d run away if he let you go for a second. Tears started falling down your cheeks, your mind unable to comprehend that Kai was really there, holding you against his body after all that time of being seperated.

'Missed me?’ He whispered as he cupped your face and brought his lips close to yours, kissing them gently. The kiss was filled with love and desperation.

'You have no idea how much! I can’t believe you’re back!’ You muttered, your voice shaking from how happy you were and how the feelings you had for Kai, the feelings that never left suddenly came back to the surface, reminding you of how loved Kai was.

'You have no idea how much I’ve missed you. I almost went crazy but you were the one who kept me sane all this time I was there.’ Kai trailed off, his hands still cupping your face as he wiped your tears away with his thumb every so often.

'I love you, Kai. I freaking love you!’ He smiled at you and kissed you again, also believing you were finally in his arms. He pulled away and carried you to the couch, placing you down on his lap, his arms never leaving your waist.

'Now, promise me you won’t freak out when I tell you what I planned.’ Kai said, your brows frowning, unable to understand what could’ve he possibly planned.

'Actually, let’s get dressed. We have a wedding to attend to.’ Kai said as he got up, heading to what used to be your shared bedroom.

'Kai stop. What… what are you planning to do? Is it at the wedding?’ You asked him, grabbing onto his arm, not letting him take any steps further.

'I have to kill Jo. You know, the twins. I can’t compete with them for leadership, did you forget that?’ You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. He just came back and the frst thing he thought of was to kill his sister on he wedding day because of the twins. As much as you missed him and loved him, you wanted to punch him in the face at that moment.

'What the… Kai, you’re being unreasonable. Completely unreasonable!’ You stated, still holding onto his arm.

'I’m being unreasonable? Were they unreasonable when they locked me in 1994? Was Bonnie unreasonable when she left me in 1903? Yes. And you forgave her for leaving me out there.’

'Hold on, I never forgave her for taking you away from me and I never will. I still hate her for that, but you have to think this through. Do you know what that means? You’re gonna give them what they wanted all along, if you kill Jo, they’re gonna see they were right about you, they’re going to see you haven’t changed a bit and that you’re still a psychopath who killed his own family.’ You stated, hoping he would change his mind, but even if this doesn’t help, you knew what will. You would’ve told him about your newborn child anyway but, you knew he would change his mind if he saw you have a baby with him.

'You know I love you and you know I think you’re great, but sometimes you can be really stubborn. But I have to do this.’ Damn it! You knew it was time to do it. You were nervous about it because you didn’t know how Kai would react. In your head he was happy and everything was perfect, but now it was time to face the truth.

You turned around on your heel and walked to the room that was next to your bedroom and picked up the most precious thing ever. You held it close to your body, your hand lightly pressed on her neck as you slowly walked into the living room. Kai looked in your direction, his eyes went wide when he saw you holding a baby. He froze in place, unable to move.

'Here’s another reason why you shouldn’t kill Jo. Because of your daughter, Kai.’ You said gently and brought her closer to him, his eyes filling with tears.

'Is she…is she really our daughter?’ Kai asked, his voice shaking.

'She is. I found out I was pregnant when you got locked up in 1903. I was scared, Kai. Scared that you’d never have a chance to see her, but you came back.’

'She’s beautiful.’ He took her gently out of your arms and brought her closer to his chest. The sight od him holding her was the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.

'I’m not going anywhere. I don’t want to be seperated from my girls again. I love you so much.’ Kai said and kissed you, both of you looking at your daughter. You didn’t need Kai’s confirmation, you knew he backed out of his plan when he first saw her. You were happy to have Kai back again so you could finally be a family you always wanted.

College!AU Seokmin
  • major: predentistry
  • minor: none
  • sports: baseball (pitcher) 
  • clubs: a cappella, sometimes does stand up comedy at the campus talent night
  • probably the most likeable person on campus, is literally friends with EVERYONE
  • like he’s predentistry so you think most of his friends would be in the pre-med field but nope, he’s got friends from the history department to the math department to the french department. if you ever need a favor from someone, ask seokmin because he probably knows them and can help you out
  • is the pitcher for the baseball team and he’d wanted to be the catcher originally but he heard about a horror story where a catcher didn’t have his mask on and got hit straight in the mouth and as an aspiring dentist seokmin was kinda like Yikes
  • when he wears the baseball cap his ears stick out really cutely
  • has won the comedy portion of the campus talent night three months in a row and counting
  • seokmin’s moto is “a good smile makes everything better.” and jeonghan was like “you should license that and put it on your business card when you become an actual dentist.” and seokmin was like jeonghan my man you are a GENIUS 
  • is the type to make the teeth molds talk in funny voices when the teacher is distracted during lab
  • so how do you meet giggly dentist-to-be seokmin???
  • WELL it’s 2 am and you’re in the communal laundromat on campus. usually this place gets locked up at 10pm but coincidentally your roommate works the last shift there and they passed you the keys in secret so you could come down and do your laundry in peace
  • that and because you fell asleep on your textbook at 7, woke up and it was past midnight, and since you need clean clothes you begged your roommate for the key and to make a long story short you gave up morning shower privilege to get to be able to do your darn laundry this late
  • so anyway you’re sitting there, reading over some old notes when you hear a knock on the door
  • and your first instinct is to grab the big bottle of detergent and throw it at whoevers there because knocking outside of a laundromat at 2 am??? has to be a serial killer
  • but then you’re like let’s be rational, it’s probably just another student
  • and it is. you open the door to see this boy, completely out of breath holding a bright yellow laundry bag over his shoulder and wearing like flannel pajama bottoms and you’re like
  • “????are you ok???? you seem……like you ran here??”
  • and the boys like “yeah i did, im fine!! im glad this place is still open though hoshi told me it’d be closed for sure but i had to run here to check-”
  • and he finally like stops and catches his breath and looks up and you’re like,,,wow he’s cute but yes anyway,,,,and then he smiles before he continues 
  • and you swear its 2 am its dark out but
  • that smile? 
  • sunlight. pure sunlight
  • but aside from being blessed by some sun rays at this dark hour of the night the boy is like “i ran here to check and thank god it’s open!!! and someone’s here, which is even better!! im seokmin by the way!!”
  • he sticks his hand out and you shake it and kind of look over your shoulder to your laundry still in the machine and you’re like
  • “well the other machines are all yours, so-”
  • but seokmin like drops his bag and fishes out what looks like a ??? doctors coat ??? like a white lab coat and holds it up and is like
  • “how much detergent should i use just for this, do you know?”
  • and you’re looking at it and then at him and you’re like
  • “you……came here at 2 in the morning to wash your lab coat?”
  • and he’s like
  • “yeah! i was just about to go to sleep, but i was eating some chicken and the sauce dropped out of my hand and well-” 
  • he like turns the lab coat upside down and right beside the front pocket there’s a bright splotch of orange but honestly it’s only the size of maybe your thumb
  • and you’re like
  • “you know, don’t put it in the machine. i have a bleach pen you can just rub it on this small of a stain and it’ll come right off.”
  • you go over and shuffle around the bag you brought with you and bring over the pen to seokmin who’s looking at you with wide eyes 
  • you flatten the lab coat on one of the folding tables and use the pen to whiten out the stain and after a couple of rubs the stain is completely gone and you hand the coat back to seokmin
  • who’s expression is just beyond shock and you’re like ???
  • and seokmin looks down at the coat and he’s like
  • “are you a miracle worker?” and you laugh like “no, but this bleach pen is. it’s expensive too like seven bucks at CVS.”
  • seokmin starts like digging around in his pockets and you’re like ?? and he’s like “i think i only brought quarters with me and i don’t think i bought seven dollars worth, but i promise to pay you back just give me a-”
  • and you put your hands up like !! dude it’s fine, really
  • and he’s like no no i insist and you’re like “i didn’t use up the whole thing, it’s nothing - really.”
  • and seokmin smiles again and this time maybe it’s even brighter honestly you can’t tell but he smiles and he’s like “well the least i can do is stay here until your laundry finishes. if you want the company.”
  • somehow just the little sentiment makes you sheepishly shy, but you like nod because yeah why not, seokmin’s nice and you’ve got another fifteen solid minutes till your laundry’s done so….
  • (and also seokmin doesn’t explicitly say it but he’s worried about you walking home back to the dorm after you’re done. actually, when he saw you were alone there - he was pretty worried already but like he keeps that to himself although,,,,isn’t he just the softest to worry???? hehe…)
  • so seokmin sets down his laundry bag and like hops up to sit on the folding table and pulls out his phone and he’s like 
  • “wanna have a sing off??” and you’re like “……..in the campus laundromat……..at 2 am?”
  • and seokmin grins and shrugs his shoulders like “yeah, why not. i have that group’s new album the one everyone’s crazy about - seventeen?” and you’re like “….why do i feel like there’s a catch?”
  • seokmin wiggles his eyebrows like “wELL it’s not like im in a capella club or anything and…..it’s not like i have a GREAT singing voice…..”
  • and you’re like nO WAY A CAPPELLA and he’s like (—–: and you’re like “well now i know i can’t have a sing off with you, ill lose!!!” 
  • seokmin chuckles and he’s like “fair enough - dance battle then?”
  • you and seokmin don’t really battle but you do spend the rest of the time talking about your favorite music and singers
  • seokmin hands you his phone so you can look through his library and you guys bond over all the favorite albums you have in common and you even get seokmin to sing a little for you
  • and honestly fifteen minutes goes by in a flash, actually you and seokmin forget about the laundry until you get a text from your roommate like ‘dude it’s already 4 am - are you ok’ and you’re like wE’VE been TALKING for OVer an HOUR 
  • and seokmin’s like “I HAVE LAB AT SIX HOLY SHIT” and you’re like aweighfw GO What
  • and seokmin takes his stuff and is like “gonna go take power nap rip!!” and you’re like “im so sorry” and he smiles once again and he’s like
  • “don’t apologize. this was the best hour of college so far.”
  • and he waves goodbye, but like stops in his tracks and he’s like “actually, let me walk you to your dorm if that’s ok, it’s just late and ill get worried if i leave you here.”
  • you’re like oh my god not only is he funny and charming he’s also sweet am i going to crush on the guy i met at 2 am doing laundry
  • but you like scurry to get your laundry into the bag and you come up to seokmin and he takes your bag, throws it over his shoulder as well and is like “do you live on the north or south dorms?”
  • and it’s so nice of him to take you all the way to your dorm even though his is across campus and he carries your bag the whole way
  • and when he finally says goodbye he’s like
  • “i hope ill see you around!” and you’re like “yeah, me too!!”
  • and you watch as he like turns and starts to make a run for his own dorm and you’re kinda like,,,,,,,,,i really really do hope i see him again,,,,,
  • anD YOU DO !!! you see seokmin literally 5 seconds later when he runs back and he’s like
  • “if it’s cool with you, can i get your number?”
  • and in your head you’re like o H THANK GOD HE ASKED i WAS TOO SHY but on the outside you’re like “oH yeah!!! sure!!!”
  • and when you type it in seokmin like grins and again you cant stop from just falling for that smile that makes his eyes into pretty half moons and makes all his teeth visible 
  • like you don’t know what it is but you fall for that,,,it must be his charm 
  • and like the next morning you’re on your way to grab some lunch when you see someone running toward you waving their arms and like you can tell by the lab coat flapping in the wind that it’s seokmin
  • and he’s like “Hey!!! where you headed?” and you’re like “gonna get some food, how was six am lab?” and seokmin laughs and points to the dark circles under his eyes like “can you tell? it was horrible. we were making crowns too and i kept almost falling asleep and stabbing myself in the eye with one of the hooks. the person next to me kept kicking the back of my chair to keep me up.”
  • you frown and you’re like “tell me you at least ate something before the lab? drank some coffee?” and seokmin rubs the back of his head with his hand and is like “if i tell you i ate a piece of candy before lab started, does that count?”
  • and you’re like sEOKMIN FIRST of all you’re a dentist you know how bad candy can be sECOND of ALL that isn’t a meal
  • and without really thinking you take his hand in yours and and he’s like ??? and you’re like “c’mon ill treat you to a sandwich or something.”
  • and it’s kind of cute you buy the both of you lunch but for some reason as you’re about to eat you own, seokmin keeps leaning over to take your wrist and bite into your lunch instead of the perfectly good sandwich you got him
  • and you’re like “this is mine!!!” and he’s grinning while chewing like “yeah, but your’s is better!!” and you’re like “heY be thankful the sandwiches here aren’t che-” but seokmin is like reaching out to take a sip of your drink and you’re like SEOKMIN and he’s like “hehe i can’t resist soRRY!!!”
  • and it’s just a giggly casual lunch and you keep thinking that seokmin really looks good in that white lab coat like he looks like a friendly doctor that you can trust but also ….acuteboywhowouldprobablybeagreatboyfriend. what no you didn’t say anything.
  • and when he checks the time he’s like “i gotta go!! talent night starts at 9 and i promised hoshi id meet him there!” and you’re like “talent night? we have those?” and seokmin’s jaw drops he’s like “yOU DIDN’t KNOW?? it’s every other friday and you’re talking to the three-month-in-a-row champion of the comedy section.” and you’re like “huh, really? but you’re not that funny?” and seokmin gets this look of straight up HORROR he’s like “SAYS yoU wHOSE BEEN LAUGHing AT my JO-” and you start giggling like im KIDDING ofc you’re funny and seokmin calms down and just pouts like !!!! you can’t say it all serious like that
  • and you get up and poke his cheek like “THATS what you get for eating most of MY lunch.” 
  • and like seokmin smiles but you guys kind of are looking at each other and standing pretty close and it takes a moment but your face heats up and seokmin looks away and you two just kinda nervously shift further apart
  • but seokmin’s like “you…..should come and watch. if you’re free tonight, you know, no obligations or anything!!!” and you like bite your lip but ofc you tell him you’ll go because saying no to seokmin is virtually impossible
  • so before the show you fret about texting seokmin something to encourage him and like you pace back and forth in your dorm until finally you just write “good luck!!” with some emojis and like
  • throw your phone into your bag because you’re too nervous to see if he’ll reply
  • and you forget about it because you notice you’re late to get down to the talent show and you like change quickly and grab your bag and basically run out
  • you arrive out of breath and the place is cramped but in the middle of the huge crowd you can see seokmin, smiling and talking to another boy who you guess is hoshi and when seokmin sees you he waves you over
  • and shyly you come and hoshi introduces himself as seokmins best friend/wingman and seokmin elbows hoshi like Shut!!!Up!!! and hoshi just winks @ you and seokmin is like EXCUSE ME NO
  • and they bicker a bit, but you can tell it’s all in good fun until seokmin is like “gotta go get ready, see you guys when im on stage!!” and he disappears and hoshi’s like “isn’t he great?” and you’re like “yeah,,,,he is,,,,” and hoshi’s like “he deserves someone that’ll really cherish him you know?” and you’re like ……where is this talk coming from……but hoshi just smiles again and the lights dim before you can ask and the talent show starts
  • and all the acts are great but you’re excited to see seokmin and when it’s finally his turn you expect he’s going to come out in some kind of silly attire or with props because he said he’s won three months in a row with comedy
  • but instead he comes out and music starts to play and for a moment you’re in disbelief because it’s the instrumental to one of your favorite songs that you told seokmin about in the laundromat last night
  • and seokmin starts to sing 
  • and it’s ,,,, it’s the most beautiful sound in the world and his face is so full of emotions and you’re sitting there with your mouth open
  • hoshi is also sitting there with his mouth open because seokmin has only ever sung publicly with the a cappella club. he’s never sung solo. this is a FIRST
  • and literally the song and seokmin’s voice makes you fall even harder for the boy you liTERALLY met less than 24 hours ago and you don’t know if he’s doing this on purpose
  • but when the song ends he finds you with his eyes and does that charming smile
  • and you’re like oh my god my heart and when the shows done seokmin comes up to you and hoshi and ofc hoshi jumps infront of you with three hundred million questions and seokmin looks over his shoulder and goes; “you told me you liked that song. did i do it any justice?”
  • and you’re like speechless so you can only nod and seokmin steps closer to you and hoshi is like this is my cue to get out isn’t it and he does and seokmin doesn’t wait one more second 
  • he leans in and just carefully places a kiss on your lips and you’re like !!!!! and he pulls back like “oh god was that too fast? it was too fast. im s-”
  • but you’re like “no no no. it was perfect. it was what i wanted.” and tbh seokmin is like “should we wait around to hear the winners?” and you’re like “you’re the winner. to me.” and he’s like foesdawergo and gets blushy
  • but he does win and seokmin lets you wear the like fake gold medal that he gets while he walks you to your dorm (this time you two hold hands!)
  • and like you lean in to kiss him just before he goes because you’re like “you need another trophy, not just the medal.” and seokmin’s like “your trophy was better than the medal.”
  • ANd this is how a BEAUTIFUL albeit meme filled RELATIONShip BEGINS
  • from that day forward you and seokmin are sharing much more kisses
  • even though once seokmin told you to close your eyes and when you leaned in you kissed a plaster of fake teeth and not him and you litERALLY chased him around campus like I WILL KILL YOU and he was like iM SORRy IT WAS A JOKe FORGIVE ME
  • to get him back you jokingly bought him a toothbrush for your 100th day gift and he was like ????? are you telling me my breath is bad???? and you’re like “oh! i thought you’d know since you’re going to be a dentist-” and seokmin was like no way. i brush my teeth thREE times A DAY and you’re like “well—–IM JOKING here i got you this baseball hat actu-” and seokmin is like shiodeghfdnwf iS THIS BECAUSE I maDE YOU KISS the TEETH MOLD ONCE and you’re like YES IT IS
  • you go to watch seokmin’s baseball games and he gets distracted because he’s always waving at you and the catcher has to cough like fivE times to get seokmin’s attention so he finally pitches
  • but the team thinks he’s all cute and keeps wolf whistling everytime you give him kisses before a game or you visit the locker room with snacks for everyone
  • and seokmin’s ears that stick out from his cap get all red hehe
  • seokmin: “here, this is a baseball bat. i know you said you have a late night study group today so when you’re walking back to the dorm, use it if someone attacks you.”
  • you: “you’re telling me to hit someone with a baseball bat?”
  • seokmin: “only if they attack you.”
  • you: “do you want me to get expelled?”
  • seokmin: “what no i want you to be safe!! but anyway here let me teach you how to swing this-”
  • you start encouraging seokmin to sing more on his own and it’s cute because when he’s tired he’ll lay his head down in your lap and softly hum words to your favorite songs together 
  • he really likes it when you fix his lab coat. like he’s always in a hurry so when he meets up with you you’re always like “seokmin!! the collar is inside out!!” and you lean in close to fix it and seokmin just grins and you hit him playfully like stop and he’s like “sorry. sorry, you’re just so damn cute up close like this.”
  • hoshi gets your number exclusively to text you photos of seokmin doing silly things. like once seokmin got his hand stuck in some molding clay in lab and hoshi was like “ill help you bro, don’t worry - but im taking a picture to send to your significant other so they can laugh at you with me.”
  • whenever you do laundry at 2 am now you call seokmin and have more dance battles but now they end up with the two of you like kissing the heck out of each other while you wait for your clothes to dry (thank god it’s 2 am no one walks in on you)
  • except that one time jeonghan walked in on you two and was like “im never doing my laundry here again.”
  • seokmin writes a comedy skit about it and wins first place aGain
  • you’re always like “seokmin you can’t be this silly, you’re going to be a doctor some day!!” and he’s like “im going to be a dentist, so really-” and you’re like pinching his nose like !!!!! still a doctor!!!! 
  • but it’s fine, you love his silly side and his charming smile and his gorgeous voice
  • and seokmin just wants to hold you around the waist and kiss you while spinning around 
  • and you both just love each other (but also play pranks on each other like you’re 5)

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and please look forward to more college!seventeen + special college!aus

FYI to my followers:

I posted about this last week, but I’m going to Mexico this Friday to dance with the company from my college that I’m a part of! We’re leaving early on Friday the 19th and I’ll be headed home on Wednesday the 31st.

This won’t make a big difference - I’ll still have my phone and some internet access down there - but I will be dancing all day most days, so if you’re trying to contact me it might take a while! ^_^ I also won’t be liveblogging next week’s episode of Critical Role (though I’ll be back for the week after that!), so don’t worry when you don’t see me making my usual slew of posts. ;)

I’m hoping to take lots of pictures down there, so you might be seeing some of those in the next week or so as well!


I’ve been kinda distracted lately by this game so I need to get this out of my system ;;

edit: I feel too awkward to re-upload the post lol anyway I added V! and should’ve said this before but feel free to use as icons with credit!

I kinda want to start posting some of personal characters here, but I’m a little worried they are gonna weird people out.

Fair Warning: I am what you would call a ‘furry’. I draw/ many of my OCs are anthromorphic animals. But I do not take part in any of that weird shit that takes place in the furry fandome, I literally just draw humanoid animals that walk on two legs. I mostly draw cute piggies with unrealistic colors. (Like the one I posted a few weeks ago)

What do you guys think?

my life is so good. i have a great boyfriend. i have great friends. my parents are happy. im going to disneyland again. a few good friends are back in my life. my abuser is long gone. my art was in the art show. im happy. i hope everyone else is having a good weekend, too.

Semi-realistic Emil, whoo!

I’ve had a couple of random Photoshop brush sets sitting in a folder for probably years, and today i finally took the time to test them out and check if I actually like any. There was like a thousand different brushes to go through! Who even uses that many? Why is there a brush that makes clown silhouettes!? So i spent a few hours basically just testing and deleting almost everything and kept the ones I liked (traditional paint-mimicking stuff), which was like… four. 

Anyway, finally found a few brushes that felt right for me and I enjoyed doing something really painterly like this again.