i almost gave up in the end so it looks like shit

((i found an old kurotsuki fic i gave up on writing and wanted to share this scene bc i’m sorry this is the best kiss i’ve ever written))

His mouth feels dry like sandpaper, and when Kuroo leans forward, towards Tsukishima, he hears his heartbeats loudly in his ears. It makes time slow down, and he becomes painfully aware of how close their bodies are and how Kuroo is looking down at his lips, eyes half-closed and dark.

Kuroo brings his hand to the back of Tsukishima’s neck, holding him there, and into his mouth, with lips almost touching, he says, “Can I kiss you, Tsukki?” His breath hitches in his throat, and Tsukishima can’t bring himself to speak or think. His mind goes numb, blank, and all he can notice is how warm Kuroo’s breath is against his face.

Tsukishima swears the time slows down to a stop, and he doesn’t think neither of them are breathing any longer, but then Kuroo tilts his head to the side and leans forward, closing the small distance between them, thumb stroking the underside of Tsukishima’s jaw, warm and anchoring, safe. 

The kiss is just a chaste touch of Kuroo’s lips on his, so tenderly and indulgently that Tsukishima marvels at the softness and sweetness of his lips, and at how much it makes him feel light-headed and warm inside.

Slowly, Tsukishima opens his mouth, just shy of hesitant; he wants to deepen the kiss, he wants to know how it feels to kiss Kuroo so thoroughly it’ll make both of them breathless, and Kuroo indulges him, licks into his mouth like he wants to taste Tsukishima and find out what he’s made of.