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Putting a background on my art? Since when do I do that? Who am I?

Anyway yeah. My Galra Keith KAERRADE, in all his irritable pretty kitty glory. Even when he’s not in his Blade of Marmora gear he still wears the colors.

wither me down

Summary: It’s strange, how Otabek doesn’t mind that his lungs are filled with flowers and each day is more agonizing than the last. After all, loving Yuri Plisetsky is a privilege in and of itself. (belated happy valentine’s day! warning for character death, otayuri, hanahaki au, word count: 6166)

He first meets Yuri when he is twelve, almost thirteen. He is hunched over, heaving from the strenuous exercise that Yakov made them do, and he looks up to try again when he sees him. He must be ten at the oldest, and is without a doubt the best student in that room. Otabek never pays much attention to the other students, but this time he looks at this boy, who manages to complete the exercise he’s been struggling with effortlessly.

And then the boy’s head turned to look at his direction, and he is captivated.

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some doodles from tonight of @oztrichbunz‘s precious water-themed Genos who I’m absolutely going to draw more of in the futureヽ(´ヮ´)ノ

@anjelzjelly129 I’ve fallen in love with your drawings of Genos with an undercut and I used that concept here except with a ponytail (which I am,, very bad at drawing,,,, I have almost never drawn hair pulled back uughhguh)
now that the artblock is gone, the laptop is fixed, and I’m no longer sick (surprise, I had a 48 hour flu) I can FINALLY DO THINGS AGAIN

A Real Goddamn Gentlemen (Negan P4)

Title: A Real Goddamn Gentlemen (Negan P4)
Pairing: Reader/Negan, Reader/Daryl
Summary: Reader volunteers to go into Negan’s compound willingly to get inside information. Eventual Negan smut. Implied feelings between Reader and Daryl.
Words: 3,575
Warnings: Language, SMUT, unprotected sex
Author’s Notes: Again, if I forgot anyone in the tags, let me know!

Part 3 || Part 5 || Masterpost

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I almost forgot I made this one.

Well, I always wanted to do a moodboard and since Lance is my son he became the rat lab. I tried to think of things that defined him so this is the result. Hope you like it. 

Dedicated to the @voltronofcolor community for being awesome guys and make me laugh everyday,

Also ft. Hance. It is platonic? It is romantic? Who knows! What matters is that Hunk is really important for Lance and they deserve more love.


Sorry this is so old and I almost forgot to do it but here it is! I was tagged by @shibakamiko

Rules: Tell us your one favourite character from ten different fandoms and tag around 10 people

In no particular order

1. Kaworu Nagisa

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Love this beautiful bab so much! He’s so precious and kind and everything I love in a character. He’s too perfect. 

2. Nagito Komaeda

Originally posted by jolien-snowfield

My precious son oh my gosh I love him so much. 

3. Mehisto

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My trash husband I want to marry him. He’s so flashy and perfect. 

4. Ghetsis

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My other trash husband who I want to marry. Such a shit head but I adore him. 

5. Claude Faustus

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Such a shitlord but hot damn do I love him. No other butler is as attractive as Claude. 

6. Beetlejuice

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My absolute favorite show as a kid and the one who I had a huge crush on growing up on lmao. I just love everthing about BJ, he’s so funny and perf and I adore his relationship to Lydia. 

7. Luigi

Originally posted by starlightsonic

It’s funny, I actually relate to this adorable bab a lot. I have an older brother who I look up to and is way a head of me in everything and personality wise I relate a lot to Luigi. I just, love him so much. Look at him, he’s so precious! 

8. Brook

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My skeley husband HE’S SO CUUUUTE I adore him ;w; 

9. Kaito

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My favorite vocaloid to this day, I adore Kaito. 

10. Shadow the Hedgehog

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One of my favorite characters from my childhood and to this day, Shadow is very important to me. I love his character from day one and I love him now. 

I tag anyone who wants to do this! 

You Break His Guitar (Luke Imagine, Part Three)

A/N: Hiiii this is the final part of this series! I’m glad you guys liked it so much. Some of you asked me to tag you in it, but I forgot and I need to go to bed, so I hope you see it! I swear I’m not ignoring you! Let me know how you like the ending!

Part One: http://5-seconds-of-mischief.tumblr.com/post/122127393816/you-break-his-guitar-luke-imagine

Part Two: http://5-seconds-of-mischief.tumblr.com/post/122205987021/you-break-his-guitar-luke-imagine-part-two


Luke almost didn’t pick it up.

When unknown numbers call him, he almost never answers, figuring that if it’s important, they’ll leave a message.

But he felt something in his heart that made him pull to the side of the road and dig his phone from his pocket, where it had resided ever since he hopped into his car, driving around town looking for her.


At first he’s met with silence, almost like whoever was on the other line knew he wouldn’t answer, and then your voice crackled across the shitty line, and he felt his whole chest implode.

“Luke?” You asked, sounding far too timid considering your lengthy relationship. “Please don’t hang up. Please.”

You broke off into sobs, realizing calling him was a terrible idea. You can handle freezing in the pouring rain, but his rejection? That was the worst of all.

“Y/N, I’m not gonna hang up,” he assured you quickly, already putting his car into drive and coasting back onto the road. You sounded broken, and he had caused it.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I promise I’ll replace it. I swear I’ll get you the same exact one. I’m so-”

“Fuck! I don’t care about the fucking guitar!” He cut you off angrily, not furious at you but himself, but you took it differently.

“Oh god,” you sobbed, feeling absolutely pathetic. “Please don’t hate me. I need you.”

“I don’t hate you. I love you,” Luke answered, feeling like shit himself. Why was he so inadequate at biting his tongue? “Babe, where are you? Are you okay?”

You calmed down slightly at his softer tone, the one he uses during the most intimate experiences. “I’m lost,” You cried into the receiver, knowing your time was limited. “I’m in a mall parking lot. My car is almost out of gas. I don’t even remember how I got here.”

“Baby, it’s alright,” Luke cooed, and you thanked all your lucky stars that he still cared about you. “Look for a sign, Y/N. I’m coming to get you, but I need to know what mall.”

You glanced around the parking lot, not seeing much. Turning back to the phone, you saw “Creekside” embossed into the booth.

“It might be Creekside Mall? I don’t know Luke!” You were well aware that your phone time would end soon, and you could feel the hysteria bubbling in your chest.

“Creekside? I know where that is!” Luke exclaimed, feeling like maybe he wasn’t a total disaster. “I’m about twenty minutes from-”

The line suddenly cut off, and a monotone voice informed you that you needed another quarter to continue the call. A quarter that you didn’t have.

“Fuck!” You exclaimed into the night, the sound being lost in the beating of the rain. You were absolutely drenched, so you made you way back to your car, reaching forward and tugging on the door. It didn’t open, so you wiped the window with your arm, seeing your keys glistening from the cup holder in the center. You were locked out of your car. Great.

You screamed, the kind of scream that’s so raw and desperate that if anyone had heard it, they would call the police, scared that a murder was taking place. You slid down the side of your car, sobbing as you sat in a puddle feeling sorry for yourself. You didn’t deserve this. This was some fucked up voodoo shit, it had to be.

You sat there, chilled to the bone, but also feeling incredibly numb. That morning, you and your boyfriend had parted ways with kisses and jokes, and you had felt so content with your life. Now, it technically wasn’t even the same day, and you felt dead inside, and horribly lost. You were so numbed from the cold that you didn’t even hear the subtle engine of Luke’s car over the rain, or the slam of his door.

“Y/N!” Luke yelled, shaking your shoulders as your eyes focused on his. “What are you doing? Get out of the rain!”

You started crying again. “I’m sorry,” You bawled. “I’m sorry. I locked my keys in my car.”

It sounded even more pathetic out loud, and Luke must have felt your embarrassment, because he tugged you up by your arms and half carried you to his humming car, you stumbling along blindly. He opened the backseat door, basically shoving you in, before jumping in himself. He leaned across the middle console and put the heat on full blast, you just softly crying the whole time, dimly aware that you were dripping water and getting his backseat soaked.

“Take your shirt off,” Luke said softly, lifting his own over his head and tossing it to the front seat.

“What?” You wanted him to forgive you, but the thought of fucking in his backseat brought tears to your eyes. You just couldn’t take that right now.

“No baby, not like that,” He murmured at your look. “You’re going into shock from your low body temperature, and those wet clothes are making it worse. Your lips are blue and you’re shivering. I need to get you warm.”

You nodded slowly and let him lift your thin shirt over your head, leaving you shaking in your bra. He had seen you bare thousands of times, but you were wary anyway. He pulled you into his chest, and immediately you felt his heat invade your pores. He laid back, keeping you on top of him as your body slowly ceased it’s tremors, your cries slowing as well.

“I really am sorry Luke,” you sniffled, your head nuzzled into his neck.

“You shouldn’t be,” he responded, running his fingers through your wet hair. “It was an accident, and I completely overreacted like a bitch. I’m sorry, Y/N. This is completely my fault.”

“I shouldn’t have broken your guitar,” You mumbled.

“It was an accident. Accidents happen, and I should have understood that. I love you so much, and tonight made me realize you are so much more important to me than an instrument.”

You didn’t respond, instead letting his body heat warm you. It was close to 4 a.m., and you were thoroughly drained, just wanting to fall asleep.

“You feel warmer yet, baby?” Luke asked some time later, rubbing small circles on your back. You slightly nodded, half asleep, and he laid you down on the backseat, maneuvering into the driver’s seat to take you home. He sent Michael a quick text stating you were alright, and decided that he could send Calum and Ashton with a spare set of keys tomorrow to get your car.

The drive home was slow, because he realized you had no seat belt on. Upon reaching your shared apartment, he carried you bridal style up to your suite, making sure that your top half was hidden with his body. He placed you gently on the bed, removing your pants and shoes while you stirred lightly, barely realizing where you were. He quickly shed the rest of his clothing and got you both under the comforter, enveloping your still slightly-cold body with his own, kissing your forehead repeatedly. You were a little awake, so you opened your eyes to see his staring at you.

“Do you forgive me?” You whispered, needing to know that the air was cleared.

Tears glistened in his eyes. “Yeah, absolutely. Do you forgive me?”

“Yeah,” you sighed contently, closing your eyes. “I love you. I thought you were breaking up with me.”

“I love you too,” he swallowed hard. “I don’t want to break up with you. Ever. And especially not over some stupid, fucking guitar.”

You hummed a response, before finally falling asleep. Luke stayed awake though. A new melody played in his mind as he felt you breathe, felt the warmth begin to emanate from your body as well. He hoped he could play it for you soon, on his new guitar, which he will love a thousand times more than the old, stupid, broken one.

//okay. Updates on Joel’s character. aka i’m in a roleplay discord chat thing and I developed him a bunch
//1) he no longer has a trainer, they aren’t important to his story.
//2) He swears! a lot! i’m so proud of my son. 
//3) He’s more based on the song that i listen to almost every time I draw him? Which is the TMG cover of Furniture Store
//3.5) which also means i’m doing a quick sort-of redesign! I’m basically just adding a tag to one of his ears, making his fur a bit longer, and makin’ him just look Better™
//4) He’s been to jail, like, twice. I have reasons i just dont remember them right now
//5) i had more things i wanted to say but i sorta forgot them so oops


make me choose - rufus or tseng requested by phoenixdowns because she wants to make me suffer

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i feel like jace's personality is really misunderstood and people just want to criticize him cuz he's particularly problematic sometimes but i think people forget the extent of the abuse he grew up with i mean valentine abused him physically and mentally once he broke bones in his hand to teach him that pain was only what he let it be and he taught him that any kind of love was a weakness and when valentine "died" baby 10 year old jace searched his body for scars so he would have something to remember his "dad" by and when valentine finds jace in the silent city in city of ashes it literally says "the voice spoke out of the blackness: slow, dark, familiar as pain." he describes just the sensation of hearing valentine's voice as pain and i just... i dont know what to do with myself anymore he's not your typical arrogant bad boy character plz listen he's just a poor baby who needs our love #ProtectJaceWhatever2k15
five rules.

Connor Franta had five rules he swore he would follow until he was at least 30 years old, the age when most of his life would be settled and stable. But as luck would have it, nothing ever went his way. And for the first time in his life, he loved that it didn’t. He loved that his life did a whole 180˚ turn on him.

Rule #1 Don’t get too attached.

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ahHAHA AM I TOO LATE,, @billdip-week​ rip i completely forgot and i did this all today

this is day one: love letters

so! everything i’m doing for this bd week is taking place in soulbond’verse, the first valentine’s day these two spend together. bill’s been a person for almost a year and he still is. a huge idiot. who doesn’t give enough of a shit to rhyme. it’ll all culminate in a valentine’s day oneshot that’ll incorporate all of my doodles. i’m excited, this is gonna be fun! ❤️