i almost forgot i finished this last night

why…I let my midnight-1am thoughts of last night come to fruition… Throwing Sissel’s shades at everyone seemed such a good idea.

My first actual kind-of attempt at Lynne and it’s for this. And as suspected just made Cabanela look shady. I finished the lines for him and started cracking up.

Jowd on the other hand, I feel like Jowd can almost pull it off. OF ALL PEOPLE. Maybe it’s the coat. He’s going FBI agent. Also the ONE time I remember his tie clip.

I forgot Lynne’s badge d’oh.

Fuckkkkk! I almost forgot that I still have to go to the office for clearance. I woke up late because of watching movies last night. I was able to finish my list however, I have to take the consequence. I will be late to the office and much probably will be stuck in traffic jammed.

2. Devil

He looks like he forgot his wallet and is freezing up realizing it. His shorter, less-devilish friend collides with his leg but he flinches not. How will he afford his pumpkin spice latte now..? 

I almost didn’t get this finished in time last night, but I totally did, honest! <3 Even after a 9 hour work day and doing the wrong ink day first, oops. Was way too tired to take a picture and edit though, so here it is today! I hope I can get more time in today to do the next one!