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Summary: Dan and Phil become closer and closer and begin calling each other pet names. The two get so close that they realize that they’ve practically been a couple the whole time and all that was left was to make it official.

A/N: I’m so tired. Thnx for the new followers ^^ I’m in LA now!

Based on this prompt Shoutout to @phantastic-phabulous for the amazing prompts

Warnings: None

Word Count: 793



“Yeah, Dan. I’m home.”

“God,” Dan walked over to the boy carrying multiple grocery bags. “That took bloody forever. I’m starved.”

“It’s not my fault our food wasn’t delivered this morning.”

“I know, I know. Thank you for getting them.” Dan gently rested his hands on Phil’s upper arm and sent him a cheesy smile.

“No problem, love.”

Dan looked down towards the groceries, attempting to keep the forming grin off his face.

“Love?” He lifted his eyebrows.

“What?” Phil giggled as his cheeks went a bit red. “It suits you.”

“Okay, nerd. Can we eat now?”


“No, no, no, no! Damnit!” Phil threw his head into his hand.

“Yet again, Dan Howell wins.” Dan looked at the defeated boy beside him. “You’ll never beat me, Phil.”

Phil made a whimpering sound and Dan couldn’t help but place a quick kiss on his shoulder.

Phil rose. “Babe, you know I let you win that.”

“No you didn’t! You’ve apparently ‘let me win’ for the entire year we’ve lived together then,” Dan paused and finished with a smirk. “Babe.”

Don’t mock me, Daniel.”

“What else am I good for?”


“Good morning.” Dan stumbled clumsily into the kitchen.

“Merry Christmas, Dan!” Phil gently pecked his cheek.

“Oh, yeah. I almost forgot.” Dan rubbed his face. “The party last night was a bit wild.”

“It definitely was. I forget how good of a dancer you are sometimes.” Phil smirked.

“Shut up!”

Phil’s eyes fell onto the tree in the lounge and then happily ran over to it to pick up a gift.

“Happy Christmas!” Phil repeated.

Dan held a wide smile while walking over to take the gift from him.

He held the small box in his hand as if it were the most precious object in the world.

“Merry Christmas, Phil.” Dan whispered. “Oh! I got you something too.”

“Aww, Dan.” Phil cooed as if he hadn’t been expecting something anyways.

He didn’t even hesitate before ripping the wrapping to shreds. Inside was a tiny houseplant that closely resembled a cactus, but Phil wasn’t completely sure of the exact species. The small pot it was contained in had two little people painted onto it. One with dark black hair and a gigantic smile as well as one with rolled eyes and chocolate brown hair.

“Oh, bear.”

“Do you like it?”

“I love it. I absolutely love it,” Phil gave it an awkward, yet adorable hug. “but..”

Dan looked slightly unconcerned.

“..it still doesn’t beat mine!” Phil gestured towards the box in his arms.


“What are you saying, Dan?”

“I’m saying,” Dan paused, tears threatening to fall. “I’m saying I was drunk and I didn’t mean for things to happen like that.”

“You told me you weren’t even into girls.” Phil was on the brink of shouting.

“Romantically.” Dan corrected.

“So that makes it okay?”

“No! It doesn’t, but..but why do you care anyways?”

“Because, we’re-”

Phil didn’t know what ‘we’re’ was. Everything about their relationship felt exclusive, yet for some reason for the past 2 years, it technically wasn’t.

“Baby,” Dan came closer to Phil. “It was a long time ago. It was absolutely nothing and yet it’s still been eating me up not telling to you. It doesn’t change this. Whatever ‘this’ is.”

Phil wrapped his arms around Dan’s waist and sighed. He was a sucker for nicknames.

“Thanks for telling me, I guess, but not really.”

Dan chuckled. “Phil?”

Phil hummed in response, still in a tight embrace with the now taller boy.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too, bear.”


“Do you need me to grab anything?”

“No, I’ve got it. Thanks, babe.”

Dan and Phil slowly loaded their heavy bags onto the train before handing an employee their tickets to be checked.

“Why do you still look nervous?”

“What do you mean still?” Phil sent Dan an odd look.

“This is like the 4th fourth time you’ve met my family. You can’t still be anxious.”

“I am, though. I always feel like I’m going to say something stupid and make them hate me.”

Dan intertwined their hands. “Don’t. They love you.”

“Especially since we’re-”

Phil didn’t know what ‘we’re’ was.

“-we’re more serious this time.”

“Yeah, pretty serious.” There was a small tension between them.

Phil’s heart was beating. “But like how serious, Dan?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean we do everything together. We eat together, cuddle together, sleep together..” Phil’s thoughts were trailing off. “I mean we’re practically-”

“We’re practically boyfriends.”

Phil’s eyes widened. “Yeah.”

Surprisingly to Phil, Dan’s face grew a huge smile. He came closer to Phil and placed a quick, but sweet kiss on his mouth. 

“I’m your boyfriend, then?”

Phil was now smiling too. “Yes you are, boyfriend.”


2. Devil

He looks like he forgot his wallet and is freezing up realizing it. His shorter, less-devilish friend collides with his leg but he flinches not. How will he afford his pumpkin spice latte now..? 

I almost didn’t get this finished in time last night, but I totally did, honest! <3 Even after a 9 hour work day and doing the wrong ink day first, oops. Was way too tired to take a picture and edit though, so here it is today! I hope I can get more time in today to do the next one!

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Omg can you plz write something for supercorp??

Kara absent-mindedly stares at the TV screen in front of her.

It’s been twelve hours. Twelve hours of nerve-wracking contemplation, obsessive thinking, and anxiety laden reflection. If this continues, Kara’s pretty sure she’ll go through all of Ben & Jerry’s flavors by the end of the night.

Kara sighs deeply. She shouldn’t be this fixated on one fight with Lena. They’ve been together for nine months now and there have been a few disagreements in the past, of course. But for the first time, Lena had been truly upset with Kara.

Kara draws in a deep breath as she enters her apartment through the window. Admittedly, she still feels tired and depleted from her encounter with Parasite last night that almost killed her and J’onn. She briefly reminds herself to take a few laps around the city later when upon turning around, she comes face to face with her fuming but stunning girlfriend.

“Where were you?!” Lena almost shouts. Kara tries to come up with something but ultimately fails when Lena raises an eyebrow at her that sends shivers down her spine. “I was worried sick, Kara! I kept on calling you a-and-“ The brunette throws her hands in exasperation.

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Holiday Prompt #18 from daily-crisscolfer-prompts 

Which one pretends they’re Santa Claus for the children? 

I honestly needed another excuse to write daddies!CC. Please tell me if this habit is annoying any of you. 

“You’re spoiling him, you know.” Darren said, shaking his head. 

“I most certainly am not.” 

“I thought we had a rule. Number of presents should not be more than twice his age.”

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