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21. To Prove We’re Not In A Rut

It was only a quarter after ten in the morning yet it had already been a day. Kids and husband woke up late. No time for breakfast. Broke various speed laws to get their seven-year-old to school on time. By the time Michonne made it on the road to Atlanta she had breathe a sigh of relief. She thought the day had finally turned around. Though fate had other ideas. Instead of sitting at the cherry wood table in the conference room with the panoramic view of downtown Atlanta, meeting with one of her firm’s biggest clients, she was perched on a dirty bench at a rest stop watching AAA drive away after changing her blown out tire.

She hastily typed a text message to her secretary with one hand while the other gripped a half cup of coffee. The rest of the liquid was displayed in a large, brown stain seeped into her white, silk blouse with droplets leaving a trail down to her grey skirt. Frustrated was too weak a word to describe what she was feeling. Her phone buzzed with a message from her secretary promising to apologize profusely to the other partners on her behalf.

Michonne stood and took another look down the road as she scratched at the neat bun at the back of her head. The constant roar of cars driving by did nothing to alleviate the tension headache that developed between her brows. She felt like crying, like screaming, like kicking her newly changed tire. A spark of hope pushed away a bit of the frustration when she saw the sheriff’s cruiser she’d been waiting for pull off the highway and into the rest stop. Seeing her husband’s face through the windshield made her whole body relax some.

Rick turned off the engine and tugged her black gym bag from the passenger’s seat before stepping out of the car. He hugged Michonne close with a kiss on the cheek. Her arms flew around his waist and she buried her head in his chest.

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@fnaffandomevents Animatronic August 30th: Cupcake
Make way for Chica’s famous (or infamous, depending how you see it) cupcake! On this day, create something about cupcakes!

I’m so gl ad I’m don eog d…………………… Here they are…….. The Cupcake Crew
Cuppy’s the only one that isn’t 80s inspired. They’re really just made to be fluffy.
I can’t believe it took days past the event’s end to finish the last two days.

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Could you write a Drabble where Kim and Jason are passing notes to each other in detention - obviously just meant for each other - but it's accidentally caught by one of the other rangers?

Jason snatched the note as it flung from across the room. This had become easier then texting in detention. The two hadn’t been dating long but they had been keeping it from the team. They had a plan that if they could last two months without any problems they would tell the team. Sneaking around had made their relationship exciting.

The parents are away, it read. He jotted his reply, folded the paper and whipped it to her.

Kim snatched it and unfurled it. She giggled at the reply; I’ll bring the pizza. And the booty. She bit her lip, looked over to him and smirked. She wrote a quick reply and after folding it the paper soared through the air at incredible speed. He snatched it with ease and unfolded it.

Oh ever the romantic, Blondie, he read and chuckled. He looked up and the detention teacher was reading some Harlequin Romance novel. The cover had a buff dude in a leather jacket and a weird title. ‘In An Angel’s Grove’ Jason laughed and wrote his reply.

Kim caught the note and unfurled it; Let’s trick this guy so we can have some fun. She got up and walked over to the detention teacher. She mustered her best sad face and sobbed softly to get his attention. He hastily put his book away and looked to her.

“Yes Ms. Hart,” he said and coughed.

“I’m all bloat-y and well I forgot my-,” she said and he quickly cut her off.

“Go to the restroom and deal with it, no more details,” he said.

Jason waited for Kim to leave and he looked around. Trini and Zack were doodling something probably some wild prank. Billy was reading a book; Jason stood up and walked to the teacher.

“Teach, can I use the boy’s room… Had too much coffee last night doing a project and well,” he said and held his stomach.

“Yeah fine, just don’t be long. You stil haven’t finished your workbook Scott,” he said.

“I’m almost done and thank you, be glad you don’t have to explain to janitor Morse about why he had to clean up-“ he said and was cut off.

“What is wrong with you kids these days? So crude, just go,” he said and Jason left the detention hall.

The best part of Saturday School was the halls were empty. They quickly embraced and shared quick passionate kisses. They quickly made their way to one of the restrooms so they wouldn’t be caught. There was usually one other teacher that patrolled the halls. She pushed him into the boy’s room.

He felt his back hit the wall as she pressed her lips against his. She was always so fervent it drove him wild. His hands explored her body as if he was a cartographer making a map. Her hands were equally as explorative. She bit his lip after the kiss and looked deep into his eyes.

“Come on lover boy, we need to return,” she said as she left the boy’s room.

“I’m gonna need a minute,” he said and breathed out.

Jason splashed his face with cold water before he wiped it dry. He looked in the mirror and smiled. It was a good day. He walked back to detention with a bit of pep in his step. He walked down the stairs, smirking and as he looked over he saw Zack and Trini laughing. He looked and Kim looked like she had seen a ghost. Zack waved the note. Well it had been a good day, had.


 Request: Can I please request a spooky imagine where Dick’s s/o is on a mission with him. And they go missing for a bit and he finds them and they keep going but it turns out they died in the time they went missing and he’s hallucinating from scarecrow gas?

I sorry in advance @princess-nightbooty

Dick hated this.
  He wanted to be home, he wanted you to be home, and he sure as hell did not want your daughter alone in the manor on Halloween. Even if she was barely two months old.

   “Are you alright? Do you want to retreat?”
  You looked at him, deadpanned. He was so worried about you, he had every right to be and you knew it. But at the moment all you wanted to was get this over with.

  Scarecrow wasn’t an enemy hard to defeat. Just a few punches in the face and that junk would be tripping on his own feet, before he had the chance to hurt anybody with his fear toxin.

Dick and you jumped right inside the building through the open window. He landed next to you, hitting his butt on yours amd you turned to look at him only to find grinning at you.
  “Don’t worry princess! Well be home in 15 minutes!”
   You nodded. Even if you knew this wouldn’t be the case, you smiled back. It was lovely when Dick reassured you during missions. Especially now, that it was your first actual mission after almost a year, due to your pregnancy.

“Look who’s back!” Scarecrow said, in a shaky voice inside his mask. “Where’s your little Nightwing?”

You growled. You knew he’d try to inject his toxin inside you. He was even holding the needle. Godammit couldn’t this person stop acting like that?

“Uhm.. Crane? Get the hell away from me.” You retored as he brushed the dripping needle slightly to the corners of your face.  Your body wouldn’t move, not even an inch and he laughed as he watched you struggle to get away.

Shit. All this time you had been inhaling a toxin.

“Oh come on you phyco it’s Halloween! Let me have sometime with my family!”
    He glitched at your words.
Dick’s footsteps became audible and he called your name, while Scarecrow put his palm on your mouth to shush you.
  Some moments later, after Dick had been calling restlessly your name you bit on Crane’s hand, causing him to flinch. You took the chance to scream at the top of your lungs to your husband, hoping these weren’t the last things you’d do.. You could already feel your body giving in, to the chemical.


Immediately a sharp pain in your arm made you feel weak to your knees. It was him; the bastard had just injected his syrum inside you. Thus, you felt like chocking everytime you decided to yell to Dick. You could see the swirls and spyrals the room created as the sound of your heart was the only thing audible. Your daughter’s small form appeared in front of you, in the arms of Dick and for a moment everything was happy. Until Dick’s form disappeared inside the swirls and your baby fell to another one, while screaming.

  Now both Dick and Birdie were dead.

After that, the sound of your heart ceased and everything went black.

Dick rubbed his head the instant he woke up.   He recognized the Batcave, the bed he was in and as usual, Bruce sitting close to the Batcomputer.

“Where’s (y/n)?”

Bruce got up from the chair, taking the cowl off at the same time. Usually, when this happened, he wanted to say something serious. Something bad. But if course Dick’s mind went to the worse. You must have been upstairs, taking care of Birdie and apologizing to Tim and Jason for letting her to them for such a long time.

   Dick straighten his back without getting out of the bed. He watched each and every one of Bruce’s movements as he walked up to him and sat on the chair next to the bed.

“Dick. What do you remember?”

   The younger male rubbed the back of his hair and sighed once again.
“I guess… look, i was searching for (y/n) and then she screamed that she found Crane. So once I got to the room -always wearing my oxygen mask- I got her out of Crane’s arms and after that I punched him… and left the building but I can’t guarantee anything after that because it all went black. I’m sure I had (y/n) with me all the time…”

  It was Bruce’s turn to sigh at the moment. Cranes gas had different affects on humans. It was that it that Dick’s mask couldn’t keep the gas away.
   He would do what he had to now, even if it was tough. Tougher than seeing his parents get shot in an ally. Hed have to tell his son, his wife was dead. Bruce couldn’t waste more time and he grabbed Dick’s palm and squeezed it tight in both his palms.

“Dick. There’s something I need to tell you.”

Dick gulped all the while he was nodding hesitantly. Still, he didn’t want to think the worst. He had saved his wife.

“Your wif- (y/n)… (y/n) Is…” Bruce hung his head low, maybe in shame. He couldn’t look Dick in the eye while saying this. He couldn’t bear to see his pain.

“She’s dead Dick. I came to pick you both, after you wouldn’t answer for two hours straight.”

“B-but, but I saved her.”

“It was all an illusion Dick.”

And as tears began to fall silently off his eyes, Bruce would dare to look at him. He didn’t want to see his crying son.

“No.. you can’t take my daughter! No!” Dick tried to remain calm, knowing any mistake in his actions could be used against him.
“She’s all I have. And I’m all she has!”

“Richard, now that our daughter is dead, -because of you- we demand our granddaughter to be properly taken care of.”

“I’m her father!” He shouted the profanity.

“If I accuse you as a vigilante you’ll lose your life.” Your mother spoke in her harsh tone. If you were there you’d be strong enough to kick her out of the apartment, for everything she had done to you. But you weren’t there, and she had made it her target to torture the only human who loved you unconditionally.

“But you wouldn’t accuse your daughter!”

“Richard my dear, you dragged her into that. We demand our grandkid is given for adoption.” She spoke again, before giving him a fake, motherly look. “Let’s not forget, you yourself never had a right representation of a family. Your parents were a Romani scumbag and the other was just a pretty circus face. That happened to be a gymnast too. You were always on the go. And when they left, you were taken by a phyco playboy who God knows what did to you. ”

Dick’s eyes widened while all the churning anger inside of him threatened to drip off his tongue like poison.

“I forbid you to talk like that about my family. And I refuse to talk to you without a lawyer ever again! Now” he motioned “ get out of my house and don’t come back!”

The door slammed and Dick collapsed behind it, tears streaming down his face, while he softly pet the baby’s hair as she rested in her comforter on his chest.
  He knew battles like that were tough, especially when he had to remain calm, but as Bruce had said, by remaining calm, he’d get to spend his years with his daughter.

Soon the baby started crying too and he knew it was time for him to stop, get up and take care of her.
Dick successfully kept his baby and shoved away all the accusations. He hoped Bruce hadn’t actually paid for this to happen, but he didn’t actually care.

  All he cared about was the little girl he was bringing up in this cruel world.
   For endless nights he would speak in the phone only with Alfred, while going crazy, because he couldn’t do anything in the right order. He’d wash her after she had milk and she’d throw up , or later he’d cry when she cried.

  He felt useless and lame for not being abke to cope up with his daughter’s wants.
It wasn’t until Birdie reached her second year of living that he actually asked for help. After that, he’d be in the manor most of the week, or the boys would crash in his apartment all the time.

  In the meantime he noticed his relationship with Barbara firing up again, and he could feel momentarily happy. Until that morning, when Birdie called Barbara mom.

He didn’t know what had gotten inside him, but he kicked out, while yelling out that he knew what kind of a bitch she was and that he always knew she wanted to split you and him up.

Which wasn’t actually the truth. She couldn’t care less, Dick was the one who’d run after her. He run after her this time too and she jumped at the chance.

“Are you sure this fit mom, dad?” Your now, twenty year old daughter called at Dick while looking herself in the mirror.

“Yes baby! Even when she was pregnant! This is super elastic!”

“It won’t fit my butt!”

“It will!”

“And you’re sure you didn’t force mom to call herself Princess Nightbooty right?”
Her voice calmed now that Dick entered the room again.
  Birdie looked at her dad, who now in his early fifties looked as tired as her grandfather, Bruce.

“Yes baby. She called her self Princess Nightbooty. I’m not kidding. I couldn’t force her to do anything!” Dick smiled as he placed a kiss on his daughter’s forehead. He didn’t want to cope with the idea that that would be their last night in his small apartment in Bludhaven.
   But she’d be away from him, and maybe, just maybe his bad luck wouldn’t be able to get to her ever again.

“Oh dad! I almost forgot!” She jumped and wiggled out of Dick’s now, very tight hug. “ Uncles and I thought we should do a reshoot of our classic Halloween photos! Okay, Uncle Jason got a little but carried away and cried so mind you- there are some tear stains on some of them!” She giggled and placed the box in her father’s hands. “Oh! And i finished mom’s videos! Thanks for giving them to me a year earlier!”

Dick only muttered a small ‘I love you’ to her as she finally wiggled her way into your costume.

“It looks so good on you little bird! Plus you have the original hair! ” Dick smiled at her  while she flipped her straight, raven black hair off her shoulder.

“Yo thanks dad! I’ll be back tomorrow morning to start packing the rest of my stuff!”

“Have fun baby!”

Dick smiled again, a little more bitterly this time as she walked out of the door.

Later when he sat on the bed and opened his gift, he felt tears running down his cheeks.

  He had done this all by himself. He had brought up the best daughter ever, all by his fucking self. And although he was always wishing you were there, especially when he had to explain to Birdie what being dead means, he knew that he had accomplished another thing in his life.
  That none could and no one would take away from him.

Twenty years ago to this day when he lost his wife, he couldn’t think of the better times to come.


Summary: Dan and Phil become closer and closer and begin calling each other pet names. The two get so close that they realize that they’ve practically been a couple the whole time and all that was left was to make it official.

A/N: I’m so tired. Thnx for the new followers ^^ I’m in LA now!

Based on this prompt Shoutout to @phantastic-phabulous for the amazing prompts

Warnings: None

Word Count: 793



“Yeah, Dan. I’m home.”

“God,” Dan walked over to the boy carrying multiple grocery bags. “That took bloody forever. I’m starved.”

“It’s not my fault our food wasn’t delivered this morning.”

“I know, I know. Thank you for getting them.” Dan gently rested his hands on Phil’s upper arm and sent him a cheesy smile.

“No problem, love.”

Dan looked down towards the groceries, attempting to keep the forming grin off his face.

“Love?” He lifted his eyebrows.

“What?” Phil giggled as his cheeks went a bit red. “It suits you.”

“Okay, nerd. Can we eat now?”


“No, no, no, no! Damnit!” Phil threw his head into his hand.

“Yet again, Dan Howell wins.” Dan looked at the defeated boy beside him. “You’ll never beat me, Phil.”

Phil made a whimpering sound and Dan couldn’t help but place a quick kiss on his shoulder.

Phil rose. “Babe, you know I let you win that.”

“No you didn’t! You’ve apparently ‘let me win’ for the entire year we’ve lived together then,” Dan paused and finished with a smirk. “Babe.”

Don’t mock me, Daniel.”

“What else am I good for?”


“Good morning.” Dan stumbled clumsily into the kitchen.

“Merry Christmas, Dan!” Phil gently pecked his cheek.

“Oh, yeah. I almost forgot.” Dan rubbed his face. “The party last night was a bit wild.”

“It definitely was. I forget how good of a dancer you are sometimes.” Phil smirked.

“Shut up!”

Phil’s eyes fell onto the tree in the lounge and then happily ran over to it to pick up a gift.

“Happy Christmas!” Phil repeated.

Dan held a wide smile while walking over to take the gift from him.

He held the small box in his hand as if it were the most precious object in the world.

“Merry Christmas, Phil.” Dan whispered. “Oh! I got you something too.”

“Aww, Dan.” Phil cooed as if he hadn’t been expecting something anyways.

He didn’t even hesitate before ripping the wrapping to shreds. Inside was a tiny houseplant that closely resembled a cactus, but Phil wasn’t completely sure of the exact species. The small pot it was contained in had two little people painted onto it. One with dark black hair and a gigantic smile as well as one with rolled eyes and chocolate brown hair.

“Oh, bear.”

“Do you like it?”

“I love it. I absolutely love it,” Phil gave it an awkward, yet adorable hug. “but..”

Dan looked slightly unconcerned.

“..it still doesn’t beat mine!” Phil gestured towards the box in his arms.


“What are you saying, Dan?”

“I’m saying,” Dan paused, tears threatening to fall. “I’m saying I was drunk and I didn’t mean for things to happen like that.”

“You told me you weren’t even into girls.” Phil was on the brink of shouting.

“Romantically.” Dan corrected.

“So that makes it okay?”

“No! It doesn’t, but..but why do you care anyways?”

“Because, we’re-”

Phil didn’t know what ‘we’re’ was. Everything about their relationship felt exclusive, yet for some reason for the past 2 years, it technically wasn’t.

“Baby,” Dan came closer to Phil. “It was a long time ago. It was absolutely nothing and yet it’s still been eating me up not telling to you. It doesn’t change this. Whatever ‘this’ is.”

Phil wrapped his arms around Dan’s waist and sighed. He was a sucker for nicknames.

“Thanks for telling me, I guess, but not really.”

Dan chuckled. “Phil?”

Phil hummed in response, still in a tight embrace with the now taller boy.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too, bear.”


“Do you need me to grab anything?”

“No, I’ve got it. Thanks, babe.”

Dan and Phil slowly loaded their heavy bags onto the train before handing an employee their tickets to be checked.

“Why do you still look nervous?”

“What do you mean still?” Phil sent Dan an odd look.

“This is like the 4th fourth time you’ve met my family. You can’t still be anxious.”

“I am, though. I always feel like I’m going to say something stupid and make them hate me.”

Dan intertwined their hands. “Don’t. They love you.”

“Especially since we’re-”

Phil didn’t know what ‘we’re’ was.

“-we’re more serious this time.”

“Yeah, pretty serious.” There was a small tension between them.

Phil’s heart was beating. “But like how serious, Dan?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean we do everything together. We eat together, cuddle together, sleep together..” Phil’s thoughts were trailing off. “I mean we’re practically-”

“We’re practically boyfriends.”

Phil’s eyes widened. “Yeah.”

Surprisingly to Phil, Dan’s face grew a huge smile. He came closer to Phil and placed a quick, but sweet kiss on his mouth. 

“I’m your boyfriend, then?”

Phil was now smiling too. “Yes you are, boyfriend.”


2. Devil

He looks like he forgot his wallet and is freezing up realizing it. His shorter, less-devilish friend collides with his leg but he flinches not. How will he afford his pumpkin spice latte now..? 

I almost didn’t get this finished in time last night, but I totally did, honest! <3 Even after a 9 hour work day and doing the wrong ink day first, oops. Was way too tired to take a picture and edit though, so here it is today! I hope I can get more time in today to do the next one!

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Omg can you plz write something for supercorp??

Kara absent-mindedly stares at the TV screen in front of her.

It’s been twelve hours. Twelve hours of nerve-wracking contemplation, obsessive thinking, and anxiety laden reflection. If this continues, Kara’s pretty sure she’ll go through all of Ben & Jerry’s flavors by the end of the night.

Kara sighs deeply. She shouldn’t be this fixated on one fight with Lena. They’ve been together for nine months now and there have been a few disagreements in the past, of course. But for the first time, Lena had been truly upset with Kara.

Kara draws in a deep breath as she enters her apartment through the window. Admittedly, she still feels tired and depleted from her encounter with Parasite last night that almost killed her and J’onn. She briefly reminds herself to take a few laps around the city later when upon turning around, she comes face to face with her fuming but stunning girlfriend.

“Where were you?!” Lena almost shouts. Kara tries to come up with something but ultimately fails when Lena raises an eyebrow at her that sends shivers down her spine. “I was worried sick, Kara! I kept on calling you a-and-“ The brunette throws her hands in exasperation.

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Holiday Prompt #18 from daily-crisscolfer-prompts 

Which one pretends they’re Santa Claus for the children? 

I honestly needed another excuse to write daddies!CC. Please tell me if this habit is annoying any of you. 

“You’re spoiling him, you know.” Darren said, shaking his head. 

“I most certainly am not.” 

“I thought we had a rule. Number of presents should not be more than twice his age.”

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