i almost forgot how much i used to enjoy your pie

Key Lime Pie {bucky x reader}

Summary: Set in a diner, inspired by Alicia Keys’ “You Don’t Know My Name”. It’s fluff, very PG stuff. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Wordcount: 1.2K

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“Soo.. are you gonna keep staring at me?”

There is a twinkle in his eye. He must be incredibly proud of himself, he must think it was a smooth line.

Glib tongue. Licking those lips. Failing to wipe off that cheeky smile on his face.

Gotta give it to him though, for noticing that you were noticing him too. In fact, it had been for more than a month or so, since he first stepped foot in here for a slice of key lime pie. Because the thing is, no one really chooses key lime over apple, pumpkin or its familiar counterpart – lemon meringue pie. No one really has key lime pie, period.

Except for him.

The scruffy stranger who always picked the seat at the corner window, far away from the door.

There wasn’t much to make of him at first. With his cargo jacket three sizes too big for his already large stature, you did wonder how he found such a massive piece of outerwear to begin with. He was often just flipping through his small, leather-bound notebook, turning to random pages, looking out the window intently, before scribbling a new addition onto the next lines on the pages.

He was strange to say the least. But so were all the regular customers at Aunt May’s Pies and Coffee. From students who were so obviously cutting class, to the middle-aged men circling new listings on the ‘Jobs’ page of the newspaper, and that one aspiring artist who moved to New York City recently who was so fascinated with the counter stools.

You remember approaching his table to take his order.

“What can I get for you, sir?” you said with a smile.

That was before met his deep, blue eyes and lost any kind of self-respect you had for yourself or your job.

He returned the smile. You nearly dropped your pen. Because good lord his perfect teeth and soft lips, hidden beneath all those layers and that scruff.

“I’ll have the key lime pie. And the blackest coffee you have.”

You tried scribbling his order on your notepad but no ink came out. That’s when you realised you were writing with the wrong end of your pen. At least he didn’t notice. Anyway, it’s not that you need to jot down his unusual order.

Who else would have asked for a slice of key lime pie at 7am on a Saturday morning?

You were curious to know more about this guy, so you observed.

  1. He chugged down his coffee before starting on the pie.
  2. But he took his time with the pie, savouring every bite.
  3. Unfortunately, he wasn’t any good at rationing the whipped cream, leaving more than half his slice without Aunt May’s fluffy vanilla cream topping.

You made a mental note with the third point when he came back the second time, just a couple of days later. He always received a generous dollop of cream, something you tried to hide from Uncle Ben. “Dairy ain’t cheap around here, missy!” he would complain.

But of course, you were willing to bend the rules a little for this guy, this guy whose name you still didn’t know because he always paid in cash and never with a card. Seeing his body relax and slight smile he lets outs after the first bite was always worth it.

Sometimes, he came late at night, with just ten minutes before you had to lock up and clean up. You remembered him on those nights especially because he cleaned out the remaining slices of key lime pie, either burrowing through two or getting the rest to go.

Those nights, you didn’t like him as much. Aunt May always allowed you to take any leftovers home with you. Your roommate loved her signature banana cream pie, and you always took home the key lime. (It’s not like that mysterious, handsome scruffy man was the only one in New York City who liked it.)

Even though you had the same favourite pie, and met almost everyday now, you never chatted beyond the usual pleasantries. And you always forgot to ask for his name (and his number). 

But things are different today. It is the first time you don’t see him alone. There are two other men in the booth seat, both their shoulders just as broad as his. Seated opposite them are two red-headed ladies who are also in tip-top shape. You wonder why they’re here for pies and coffee instead of a salad shop or a sushi bar a few blocks down from here.

And today, he leaves his seat to approach you at the counter, before you could approach his table for their orders.

“Soo.. are you gonna keep staring at me?” he says in a hushed, low voice.

“I’m sorry?”

“I know you’ve had your eyes on me since I first came here about a month ago, Y/N.” He doesn’t even glance at your name tag to know your name.

“Well, umm..” You stutter.

Aunt May pops out of the kitchen and walks around the counter, passing by you, and him. “And she’s been giving you extra whipped cream, thinking I wouldn’t notice,” she reveals. 

“Aunt May!” Welp, now your secret’s out of the bag.

You’re flustered. He remembers your name from all the times you’ve introduced yourself and yet you still know nothing about him (except for the colour of his eyes).

His friends call out from his corner booth seat.

“Bucky have you placed our order yet? This is not the time for flirting, Nat is hungry and you know what she would do if you don’t get her that key lime pie you’ve been raving about!” Steve yells.

Ah. Bucky. So that’s his name?

“So, Bucky, is it? This is the first time I’ve heard your name.” 

“Ah damn, I knew forgot something. Guess I never really introduced myself, eh? The name’s James, but call me Bucky.”

“Can I have your order please, Bucky?” His name took some getting used to.

“We’ll have 5 slices of key lime pie,” he says with pride.

“Shall I add five coffees to that?”

“Yes please. I see you’ve memorised my order,” he winks.

“You’re a strange man, Bucky.” You’re getting the hang of saying his name now.  “It’s not something I would forget,” you tease back. “Will that be all?”

He smiles at you. “Yup, thanks Y/N! Looking forward to those pies.” And he adds, “with extra whipped cream.”

He starts walking back to his booth just as you feel blood rushing to your cheeks. But before you get yourself together again to start on his order, he turns his heel.

And he’s back at the counter once again, arms resting on the tabletop as he leans forward and closer to you.

“One more thing actually, could I get your number along with that?”

Now you’re sure your cheeks are visibly turning pink. But you’re still full of that pep in your step. Swiping a napkin from the stack you were about to refill at the other tables, you quickly scribble down your number and hand it over to him.

“You already know when my shift ends, I’m sure.” And you head back to the kitchen immediately. He doesn’t need to know how ticklish this all makes you.

Steve is beaming when Bucky gets back to their table.

“Geez, what took you so long, Buck?” Nat jokes.

“Took him long enough,” added Sam. He’s heard some stories about the cute waitress who wouldn’t stop smiling and he finally gets what Bucky’s been talking about. He wasn’t about let her go again, especially not a girl who’s been treating him and feeding him right.

“And now she knows my name.”

i know i haven’t posted in a while, but i was looking through my drafts and figured this was ready. i’d intended for it to be longer and i’m not sure if i’ve ever posted this before because i’ve been sitting on it for over a year. i hope you enjoy this short one! lemme know what you think and as always thank you for reading!

Amortentia (Draco x Reader)

The reader smells Draco’s hair in the amortentia and he’s start flirting with her..

Words: ~ 2000

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Potion was your last class before lunch. You were sleepy and hungry, and Snape’s monotone voice didn’t help you much.

„Now turn page 64. You’ll find the recipe of the amortentia. Try not to mess up completely.”

As usual, you’ve done most of the work. You were one of the best students of the year, and potions was your favourite. Draco was a smartass too, but sometimes he just doesn’t care about such unimportant things like making a potion right. The amortentia was almost done when your partner returned to the table.

„Oh, are you here? I almost forgot that I actually have a partner in this class. What’s happened? Your girls started to get boring?”

„Never, Y/L/N. Have you seen Daphne’s skirt today? A bit too short. I bet it’s just because of me.” – he smirked.

„Of course, Draco, you’re a center of every girl’s world.” – you added sarcastically before called Snape to look at your work.

„It’s already done?” – Draco asked in surprise.

„Yes, no thanks to you.” – you said a bit angrily. You really liked him, he was your best friend, but sometimes he was really get on your nerves.

„10 point to Slytherin!” – Snape added after he examined your potion. You smiled proudly while the other slytherins cheers for you.

„That’s my girl!” – Draco started. „So, what are you smelling?”

You didn’t even need to lean over to the cauldron. The smells were so intense and addictive you didn’t want to stop breathing. You were lost in them. For a few moments that seems like hours you forgot where you were until you heard Malfoy’s voice in the distance.

„Y/N! Are you still with me?”

„Yeah, yes, sooo.. it’s like old books. And kittens, and green apple, and…” – you stopped there because you realized you’ve said more than enough already. Green apple, what the hell.


„Pumpkin pie!” – and of course it wasn’t pumpkin pie. You couldn’t miss the last scent because it was the most intense from all of it. You couldn’t miss it because you’ve smelled that like a thousand times when you hugged him or when you felt asleep on his shoulder at the common room’s couch. Merlin’s beard, you smelled Draco’s hair in that bloody amortetnia! You knew that you had a crush on him for a while now but you haven’t realized that it’s so strong. Well, until now.

Of course you didn’t tell him, but before you could calm yourself down, that usual big smirk appeared on his face:

„Green apple, is it?”

„Yes, green apple. You know I love fruits.” – you explained like this is the most natural thing in the world.

„Especially when I eat that fruit, isn’t it true, darling? No need to hide your feelings anymore!” – he said it with so much confidence you could slap him right in the face.

„Are you done? And by the way, you’re very welcome. I know it was very kind of me to make all the work instead of you. Again.” It was never easy to make you blush, but in that moment you were need all of your energy to not to come apart.

„Don’t switch the topic, love. But I didn’t blame you, I can also smell myself in the cauldron.”

You rolled your eyes on him. After the class you went to lunch, and you hoped he’ll forget about the green apple-thing, but why he’d do such thing. He’s Draco Malfoy.

In the following days Draco didn’t want to stop teasing you. He was constantly making comments about how you fell in love with him, even if he was really just kidding. He also started to compliment you in a pretty dirty way, like „I bet you look beautiful when you have an orgasm”, or „Please wear a longer skirt or I’ll lose my self control”. You were getting angrier every day because he made you weak and very fustrated. Not to mention you secretly enjoyed it.

You went to study in the library with Hermione. Even if you were a slytherin, you made friends with people from other houses too. Your housemates doesn’t really approve this sometimes, but they didn’t dare to mess with you. You were kind, but you can also handle yourself well.

„Ronald, would you please shut up? Madam Pince will throw all of us out and despite of you, we’ll actually want to pass our next exam.” – Hermione threw knives with her eyes to Ron and Harry.

„Oh come on girls. Why the bloody hell do you two study so much for that, you’ll pass anyway.”

„Apperantly not, if you doesn’t leave us alone.”

You could hardly concentrate because your thoughts were far away, in the dungeons, with a certain blond haired boy. Ron grasped your arm and shaked you a bit to wake you up from your daydream when you heard your only one Slytherin Prince’s voice.

„Take your hand off my girl, Weasley!”

The trios reaction was hilarious to that comment. Hermione’s eyes widened open, Harry looked confused and Ron disgusted… a bit.

„I’m not your girl, Draco, now please go back to your whores and don’t interrupt our study session.” – you commented while Draco take a seat next to you, smirk on his face.

„Oh don’t be so jelaous, love, you know you can be the only one in my bed.”

Hermione’s eyes widened open even more if it was possible. Seriously, he can’t stop.

„I think she didn’t want you here, Malfoy.”

„Nobody asked you, Potter.” Harry was about to say something, but you cut him off. With closed eyes, you sighed:

„Please, Draco, shut up and get out of here before I’ll hex you. I’m not kidding!”

Draco smirked again. „Oh, I know you don’t you little nasty thing.” He stood up and take out something from his robe pocket.

„Here, you’ll need energy for studying and all those things that’ll come later tonight.” He placed a green apple in front of you before he winked at you and left the library.

The other were still speechless when you suggested:

„Okay, shall we continue?”

„Sure, Y/N! But first, please can you tell us why the bloody hell Malfoy calls you his girl?!” – Ron asked with a confused look, and Hermione and Harry was curious indeed. They hated Draco and Draco hated them, you wasn’t sure that you should tell them about what’s going on, but you also saw that this whole thing won’t end up easily. You sighed and started.

„Last week on potions… when we had to make amortentia, maybe I smelled green apple in it.” They still looked confused so you continued. „So who’s eating green apple almost everyday?”

„OH GODRICK!” – Hermione yelled. – „You have a crush on Malfoy?”

„Shhh!” – you started, but it was too late; the librarian already rushed over to you.

„Get out of my library! NOW! All of you before I’ll hex you all!”

Madam Pince looked like she can really hex you within a few moments, so you packed your things and run out from the library.

„I can’t believe you fancies him. This is insane!”

„Why him? I mean.. Why?” – Ron was shocked too. All of them looked at you like you’re out of your mind, so you decided it’s better if you go back to your dorm room. You were really need some alone-time.

You stepped into the Slytherin common room. You headed straight to your dorm, when you heard Draco’s voice again from one of the couch.

„Well if it isn’t my favourite potions partner! I knew you’ll miss me.”

You didn’t even look at him, you started to run to your room, slammed the door, fell in your bed and started to cry. You didn’t even know why. Too much stress, too much tension. Now Draco knows you love him, and he treat the situation like it’s a bloody joke. You were exhausted from keep your secret, exhausted from not to tell him how you really love him, exhausted from no to touch him. It was just too much to handle right now, and you let the stress flown out from your eyes.

The next day you overslept. You were late from Charm, and when you’ve arrived Pansy already took a seat next to Draco. You really didn’t mind it now, you wasn’t in the mood to listening the boy dirty comments. You sat next to Blaise, opened your book in a hope that you can choke your thoughts in your studies. After a few moments, Blaise whispered to you.

„Why are you cried last night?”

„I-I wasn’t cry” – you stammered and covered your eyes a bit, maybe it was red and puffy.

„Come on Y/N… Pansy told us.”

Us?” – now you were frightened.

„Let’s just say half of the Slytherin house knows that you cried out loud like a baby in your bed half of the night. – Blaise said with a smile. – „But seriously. what’ wrong?”

„Nothing, Blaise, I just overstressed.” You must be sound convincing (you didn’t even lie so big), because Blaise stopped asking questions. But damn, Pansy! Why she always have to tell everything to everyone? And you didn’t even cry out loud, maybe just sob a bit louder than you should.

When the class was over, you rushed out. You didn’t need people asking you what’s wrong and why you cried. You were halfway to the girl’s bathroom when you heard Draco’s voice. Oh Godric, why now.

„Hey Y/N! Can you slow down?”

You stopped, but when he reached you he grasped your arm and led you to a quieter place.

„What is it, Draco, why you brought me here?”

His hand was still on your arm – he was very close to you which make you blushed a little. „I heard that you cried last night.” – of course he did, thank you Pansy. There was no smirk on his face this time; his voice was gentle and his face was like he’s actually worrying. „What’s wrong? Somebody hurt you? If it was Weasley yesterday, I swear I’ll kill him.”

„Draco, calm down, I’m fine! And anyway, Ron couldn’t hurt a fly.”

„Than why did you cried?” He moved his hands from your upper arm to your face, gently stroked it with his thumb, made your cheeks red as hell now. You felt your head is getting hotter under his cold hands. You never felt this nervous around him or anyone else so you completely lost the control.

„I seriously smelled green apple in the amortentia.” – you started.

„Okay, I know, you love apples and not me, I get it. Sorry if I was out of the line…” – he apoligized while pulled away a little.

„Yes, well, the last scent wasn’t pumpkin pie, it was your hair.” your voice was a whisper, like you hoped he won’t hear.

Silence. He examined your shining eyes and your blushed cheecks very slowly with his icy blue eyes.

„Say something, will you? I embarassed myself enough for today, so…”

„I knew you love me, Y/L/N!” – he said with that smirk again. Here we are.

You started getting angry insted of nervous, but before you could shout at him why he joking on this, he wrapped his arms around waist, pulled you closer and kissed you gently. To your surprise he was slow. His lips was soft, and you felt that his cold skin getting warmer too. Your hands was on his chest, your knees were weak from your shaking legs.

He stopped, but not really pulled away from you; your lips almost still touching.

„What’s wrong, darling? You’re shaking  like I kissed some other parts of your body.” – he teased while he looked down on your body.

„Shut up.” – you commanded with a smile before kissed him hard, but after a few seconds he pulled away again.

„I also smelled your hair.”

„REALLY?” – you yelled from surprise and happiness.

„Stop shouting love, yes, I smelled you. And I couldn’t really handle this, that’s why I behave like this lately.”

„You are such a git.” – you rolled your eyes but also smiled.

He took your hand while you walked to the next class. You were not just relieved but also incredibly happy.


This was my first, hope you’ll like it! 

A New Chapter (Ch. 8): Let Me Explain

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester x Platonic!Reader

Length: 1573+ words

TW: Hints at Depression, Alcoholism, Toxic Relationships

A/N: Splitting this Chapter again lol. As you can tell, I’m dragging this as long as I can. I don’t want this series to end tbh. Feedback is encouraged, but not necessary. Let me know if you want to be tagged, or removed from the Tag List!

Catch up on the Hell on Earth Series HERE

When Y/N had first left, Dean hit rock bottom. He was drinking a bottle per week, and going on every hunt that came their way without any consideration for Sam or Mia. Sam was beyond pissed at him, they didn’t talk for almost two months. It took a year to repair their relationship to the point of civility. Every mention of her name resulted in huge screaming matches that led one of them to leave for a days at a time. The only way he could forget was to drink, to hunt, and to have sex. Mia was a great partner for that last one. He told her straight up that what they had was only physical, and he wasn’t looking for anything more. They were going at it like rabbits for months after Y/N left. It wasn’t long until the sex didn’t satisfy Dean anymore. He tried picking up girls at bars after Mia, but it never led to anything more than a few flirtatious comment.

The second year was slightly better. It was Dean and Sam versus the world again. Things were almost alright between them. Sam didn’t mention her anymore. It was the same year that Dean slowed the amount of hunts he went on, and limited his drinking. It was odd, but he just never had the same urges anymore. He no longer turned on the radio when he drove Baby, he no longer went to the bar after a successful hunt- he just never had the energy to do the things he used to enjoy anymore.

The third year, Sam tried prying him out of his shell. It was worrying the younger brother how lifeless Dean looked. They barely talked anymore. Dean, the man who used to have something to say about everything and everyone, just stopped talking if it wasn’t about a hunt. There were no more snarky comments, no more sexual jokes, no more bad puns, it was just silence with him. So Sam, being a good younger brother, tried to fix it. He knew it had something to do with Y/N, but with the way his brother acted before she left, and the way he kicked her out, he wasn’t sure exactly why Dean was acting the way he was. He pleaded with Dean to tell him what was wrong so he could fix it. He pleaded with his older brother to talk to him again. But it was useless.

The fourth year, Sam reluctantly accepted that he might never get his brother back. He dealt with it. He did what he had to do to keep them afloat. He did more grocery runs because it occurred to him that Dean had stopped eating the way he used to, and that’s when he noticed how small his brother had gotten. His muscular, thick frame had almost depleted to half its size. No matter what he cooked, Dean would never eat as much as he did. It was heartbreaking, but Sam accepted that there was nothing he could do.

The fifth year, the brothers were just living day to day. They said only what they had to say, and did only what they had to do. There was no life in their lives.

It was just another morning when Y/N woke up. Except this time Dean wasn’t asleep. He was sitting on his chair with his elbows propped up on his knees, his head in his hands. He heard her shuffle, and looked up. She immediately noticed his red-rimmed, glassy eyes. Dean sighed, running his hand down his face. “I’m sorry,” he said gruffly. His voice was deeper and raspier since she last heard it 5 years ago.

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When Dean Sleeps

A quick Destiel drabble I thought of while at work:

Sam and Dean were on a hunt while Cas was, well- God knows where. They had just finished slaughtering a rather easy vamp nest and decided to rest up before heading out of town in the morning.

They had one of the awful, awful motel rooms. With questionable stains in places you hoped they wouldn’t be.

The room was fairly bland, décor wise. The walls were a yellowing white with cob webs hanging from at least two corners. The lampshades were marked and littered in dust, emitting just enough light to see your hand right in front of your face.

Sam had taken the double bed on the left; nearest the close-to-broken painted black door with paint chipped from it. Dean was wearing his usual attire of nightwear; a pair of old blue tracksuit shorts with fraying white string cords.

 Before he settled down for the night he went through his very ordinary night time routine: took a 10 minute hot, soapy shower, and then brushed his teeth before a quick prayer to Cas to check in for the night. Dean Winchester a man of tough exterior and a desire for one person in particular and had a prominent  sense of longing and that person knew it.

At this moment in time Cas and Dean, were– well. That’s complicated. If you asked Dean if he was dating Cas he might think, we’re basically married, but no body knew if there would come a day where he’d openly admit to his younger brother who would make several comments in his reaction. Because who are we kidding? Sam knew. He’d worked it out weeks ago, but he couldn’t just confront Dean about said topic now, could he?

So, yes. Cas and Dean are dating. Publicly? No. Behind closed doors? Yes.
And were they aware that they were not subtle and Sam had known for a while. Absolutely not!

As I was saying, Dean carries out this routine every single night. And after praying to his angel he’d hit the hay.

It seemed that this hunt had tired Dean out since as soon as his head touched that pillow he was out like a light.

Dean entered a rather questionable dream world. He was back in Kansas. This was going to be his reoccurring dream; his reoccurring desire. Well, getting back on topic, he was back in Kansas. In the same house he’d always been in. His mom was in the kitchen baking an apple pie and his dad was out back getting firewood. Dean had moved out a long time ago but still visited his mom and dad often.

It was a Saturday afternoon, when there was a knock at the door. Dean grabbed it since his mom was elbow deep in apples and pastry. Cas. His Cas was stood at the threshold. Grinning at his green eyed, freckled companion. The sun was setting and shone against Castiel creating a beautiful silhouette. Dean invited his angel in. And yes in this universe Cas was an a described anl. But he was like Anna, fell in love with humanity and became human.

Dean greeted his life partner with a deep and meaningful kiss on the lips. Their foreheads touched, just for a moment. Dean and Cas lived together in a nice place about 10 miles away from Dean’s parents and a state away from Cas’. His parents were a little over bearing.

Dean was content with life. And you could also suggest that if they were back at Cas and Dean’s place things would be a little less well, clothed. Dean and Cas were house sitting for the evening since John and Mary owned a fair few farm animals.

His mom had greeted Castiel before excusing herself to go and get ready for her date night with her life long husband. Dean and Castiel sat at the old, rustic dining table catching up about their day.

Cas works at a school as a Latin teacher. Dean on the other hand, works as a mechanic at Bobby’s. Bobby is married to a woman named Ellen, who has a daughter named Jo. They are family friends.

It wasn’t long before Mary and John were leaving and the house fell silent. It was mere minutes before Dean’s head almost exploded with the lustful thoughts spinning around in there.

“Do you remember when we were sixteen and your parents caught us upstairs?” Cas asked, breaking the oddly tense silence.

“What about when we were seventeen when they caught us in the act?”

“And do you remember all those times you’d sneak out so we’d be able to meet up by the creek?” Castiel just smiled.

Dean prowled towards the other male across the dining table. He pulled his peer closer by his loose blue tie. Choking him a little, but Cas didn’t mind. He rather enjoyed the need, the want of the situation.

Dean pulled Cas through the furnished maze which was his childhood home until they reached Dean’s room. Left exactly how it was all those years ago.

Clothes were discarded almost as quick as the door was slammed shut. Cas wanted to forget about the train wreck of an open day he had witnessed prior to this appointment. Their clothes pooled on the floor. Their bodies pooled on the bed. Touching. Moving. Grinding. And heavy breathing. Hearts beating louder by the second. Actions proving to be more powerful than words.  Pent up lustful frustration begging for a release. Two lovers urging to be united. Two men wanting. Two men needing. Needing each other more than air at this current moment. Castiel was on top of Dean, holding hands and gripping each other as if their life depended on it. As if there was no tomorrow. Cas’ lips found their way onto Dean’s neck working wonders there.

“I love you Cas. I can’t wait until I marry you” Oh yes, I forgot to mention that they’re engaged. Well in dream world they are. Dean hasn’t gotten around to plucking up the courage to actually ask Castiel.

“W-what?” Cas asks, removing his lips from Dean’s neck, staring down at him.

“Dean? What are you talking about. You’re not dreaming. Well you are. But its really me.”

“C-C” Dean, barely stuttered.

“Ask me again” Castiel demanded.

“Marry me?” Cas didn’t give a verbal response, but Dean didn’t need one. The kiss practically gave him the answer he was looking for. Dean was much more relaxed and sunk into the loving sex he was about to have.

Castiel worked his magic to make Dean become putty in his hands. And before Dean knew what was happening he let out an involuntary and well-deserved moan.


In Sam’s perspective Dean was tossing and turning in his sleep. Quite frankly he was disturbing his light reading. He was determined to finish this 500 page novel before sunrise, but he guessed fate had other ideas. He tried to concentrate his eyes on the interesting words that he really hasn’t processed, he continued to try but watching Dean subconsciously react to his dreams was slightly more entertaining.

That was until the moan escaped Dean’s lips. It was in that moment Sam had many regrets. One of them being sharing a room with his brother. Dean was spread out across the bed, emitting little whimpers every so often. Sam didn’t want to know what his older brother was dreaming about but didn’t need two guesses.

Disturbing Sam’s disgust was Gabriel and Balthazar popping into existence.

“Heya Sammy!” Hollered Gabriel; the Archangel.

“Evening Gabriel. Balthazar. How can I help?”

“uh- what the heck is Deano dreaming about?”

“I really don’t want to know” Sam replied quickly, his eyes dropping back down to the book in his hands.

“I bet its about you Balthy” Gabriel Joked.

“Sorry, you have me confused with the other angel. You know the one in the dirty trench coat who’s in love with well– humanity. Specifically that human.” Balthazar retorted, gesturing towards a sleeping Dean Winchester.

Moments later another moan left Dean’s lips. Then silence fell among those both conscious and unconscious.

“oh they’re so dating” Gabriel stated.

“you think I didn’t catch on?” Sam asked, rhetorically.

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Hold me Down - Part 15

Summary: It’s reader’s birthday. Sam and Dean surprise her.
Pairing: Dean X Female!Reader
Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader, Sam Winchester
Chapter name: Happy Birthday, Babe
Summary: You and Dean finally give it to your feelings.
Warnings: I’m focusing on the relationship here, not the cases; cussing, song use; fluff, Gifs aren’t mine, they’re from Google or Tumblr. Set on season 1.

Hold me down (Masterlist):

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The next morning, Y/N woke up alone in bed after blissfully falling asleep in Dean’s arms. She was dressed in his button down shirt, and a pair of his boxers. His scent was all around her, and it brought a smile to her face.

She pressed her face in to the pillow, grinning like a school girl for a few seconds before her stomach woke her up, letting her how hungry she was.

Well, after a night like that it wasn’t exactly a surprise that she needed to restore her energy.

“Dean?” She called, not receiving an answer. “Sam?”

Y/N looked around, noting that the room was empty. Looking at the clock, she realised that the previous night had tired her way more than she imagined. It was already 2pm.

Sleepily, she walked to the bathroom and reached for her toothbrush. She noticed a piece of paper on the corner of the mirror while she brushed her teeth.

‘Follow the footprints.’ She read in Dean’s handwriting.

The woman frowned. Footprints?

She brushed her hair quickly, proceeded to look for the “footprints” she opened the motel door. Outside in the corridor, she found them leading to another room.

Y/N rolled her eyes with a smirk. She knew it.

Grabbing her phone and the room keys, she followed the instructions and walked in the direction the prints led her, knocking on the door and waiting for an answer.

“Come in, but with your eyes closed.” Sam yelled from the other side of the door.

She laughed, but obeyed, Dean held her hand as soon as she stepped blindly inside.

“Don’t open your eyes until I tell you to.” He warned, guiding her to the center of the room before stepping away. “Ready?”

She nodded.

“Okay. Open your eyes.”

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Why Do You Love Daddy?

“Dad, why do you love Daddy?”

Castiel paused at the question as his eyes dropped to the small girl cuddled up against his side. It was a regular Wednesday night with the two of them watching some TV before Dean came home from work. There was nothing that would make it spectacular except the question that now hung on Cas’ heart.

“What do you mean?”

Mary sighed deeply with a concentrated look upon her face. “I mean… this girl in my class today asked me how I can have two dads. She said that it was weird… and unnatural. She said that everybody has one mommy and one daddy. So… why do you love Daddy? Why don’t I have a mommy?”

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Lego House, part seven

Characters – AU: Babysitter!Sam x reader

Summary – Just when the Reader thinks life can’t get any better, she’s thrown another curve ball!

Word Count – 6,698

Warnings – The fluffiest of the fluff!

A/NIt’s the last part.  I’m a little sad to be leaving Y/N and Maile, but I’ve loved writing their story!  I hope you still enjoyed reading as much as I loved writing it!  And as always, feedback is loved and appreciated!  

Catch Up: Lego House Series Masterlist

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You still couldn’t quite figure out how you’d gotten so lucky in life.  You had an amazingly intelligent daughter, so was also the sweetest three year old you’d ever seen.  Your husband was funny, sweet, smart, compassionate, and so devoted to you and your daughter.  He made you and Mai a priority every day; you couldn’t have asked for more.  It could possibly get any better.

Life was pretty much perfect.  

Late in January, the Winchester family got together to celebrate Dean’s birthday.  You were once again struck by how lucky you were to be a part of this family.  Dean and Lisa were so happy together, and so in love.  The way they looked at each other reminded you sharply of the looks you and Sam exchanged.  Dean looked especially smitten with his wife, constantly giving her a peck on the cheek or a quick hug as he walked by.  It was too cute to watch.

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Help me practice pt. 2

Author: theweirdymcweirderson

Characters: Reader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Mary Winchester, John Winchester, Bobby Singer, Original Female and Male Characters

Relationships: Reader×Dean Winchester, Reader×OMC

Word count: 2841

Warnings: Tension, Awkwardness, Awkward dinner, Jealous!Dean, Jealous!Reader, Annoyed!Dean, also Dean is a jerk sometimes but he doesn’t mean it *wink*

Summary: College!AU The reader has never been kissed and as a guy starts to take interest in her, she asks Dean, her best friend, to help her practice. After they kiss, none of them seem to be able to keep holding back the feelings they have for each other.

Author’s Note: As I promised, here’s part 2, let me know what you thing about it, guys! Love me some feedback! *wink* Hope you like it, enjoy reading *kisses*


You glanced at your phone noticing it was 7.30 p.m., and closed your book, stretching your sore muscles before making your way downstairs.

Bobby was in the living room, going through some bills when you walked in, “Hey, Bobby, how was your day at the garage?” You sat down on the couch, turning on the TV.

“The usual, John told me Dean and Sam are back” He flashed the knowing look he always had on his face whenever you talked about Dean, “Yeah, I know. He picked me up at school…”

He nodded, smiling to himself as if he knew the biggest secret of all times, “Whatever… What are we eating for dinner? I know you want pizza, uncle Bobby!”

“Calling me uncle won’t help you this time, we ate pizza two days ago” You gave him your puppy dog eyes, but he shook his head, “But, uncle Bobby-”

“No ‘but’s, (Y/n), you need to eat something healthy from time to time, I’m making steak and veggies” You tried to argue some more, but he didn’t change his mind and you ended up eating what he cooked.

After dinner you took a relaxing shower and brushed your teeth, before you slipped under your covers and turned off your lamp, waiting for Dean’s call. You didn’t have to wait for long; your phone rang a few minutes later.

“Still up?”

“Yeah, was waiting for your call” You heard him chuckle at your grumpy tone, and you were sure he knew the cause.

“Let me guess, veggies night?”

“Yep, didn’t even let me plead my case this time” Dean could practically hear the pout in your voice, and it wasn’t hard for him to actually picture you at the moment.

“Don’t hate me, but he’s right, (Y/n), you should eat more healthy” If he’d been next to you, you would’ve probably punched him.

“If veggies tasted like pizza, I would eat them more often, but they don’t, so shut up, Winchester!”

“Yes, ma'am! Oh right, I almost forgot. My parents say hi, and mom wanted me to ask you if you wanna join us for dinner on Friday”

“Yeah, yeah of course I’d love to! Should I bring something?”

“What kinda question is that? Pie, obviously!” You giggled at his offended tone, promising him you’d get him some pie.

“Oh, ehm…Dave texted me earlier, wanted to know if you’d go out on a date with him…”

“Really? And what did you tell him?!” You weren’t expecting Dave to ask Dean something like that, and you didn’t know what Dean could’ve answered him which was somewhat unsettling.

“Uh, nothing…thought I’d talk to you first” You drew in a relived breath, and relaxed back on your mattress, closing your eyes for a second.

“Oh, okay…okay” He waited for you to add something else, his hand nervously playing with the dinosaur on his nightstand, the one you’d gotten him for his 11th birthday.

“So…do you wanna go out with him?” He bit the inside of his cheek, hoping you’d tell him you didn’t and actually allowing him more time to muster enough courage to ask you out himself.

“Yeah…I mean no? I don’t know, yet. You know what? Tell him that you have no idea, and that he should ask me himself…I’ll figure out what to tell him later”

“Fine, I’ll-If that’s what you want… Pick you up at 8 tomorrow?”

“Yep, I’ll be waiting. See you tomorrow, night, Dean!”

“G'night, (Y/n), sweet dreams” You heard him yawn before the call died and you turned off your phone before getting comfortable, falling asleep a few minutes later.

The following day started off like usual; true to his words Dean was in front of your door at 7.50, right as you pulled on your jacket and said goodbye to Bobby.

You waved to Sam who was smiling at you from the backseat, and jogged to the car, opening the door and climbing in, “Morning, guys!” You turned on your seat and hugged Sam, pecking his cheek and telling him how much you’d missed him.

Sitting back in your seat, you leaned in to give Dean his usual kiss on the cheek, but this time it felt different; it was kind of weird after the events of the previous day.

Dean felt the same way, well actually, he felt more like a kiss on the cheek wasn’t enough for him anymore; he wanted to take your face in his hands and capture your lips with his, claiming you as his girl.

Still, none of you brought it up, pretending as if everything was just the same, but Sam picked up on the tension in the car anyway and he knew that something had happened between you and his older brother.

He smirked to himself, but other than that, he too didn’t say anything, settling for asking you how you’d been instead, before he told you everything about his week away with Dean.

You dropped off Sam at school and then headed for your college, the ride filled with random chat as you both tried to avoid the topic you most wanted to discuss.

Once you reached your destination, Dean was surrounded by his team mates and you made your way to Alice and your other friends, waving Dean goodbye and telling him you’d see him later.

Classes were boring as usual, the professors blabbing to themselves not really caring if any of you really listened, and before you knew it, it was time to head back home.

The elder Winchester was waiting for you in the parking lot, just like every other day and as you were walking towards him, you noticed Dave approaching him.

You considered turning around, pretending to have forgotten something and hoping to be able to avoid Dave, but he lifted his gaze and looked straight at you, smiling your way and waiting for you to reach him and Dean.

“Hey, (Y/n). So, uhm…you know, ehm, I was wondering if you’d like to, I don’t know, maybe grab something to eat on Friday, after we finish our project? I’ve heard there’s a new café in town, and I thought maybe you’d like to go…with me?”

You didn’t know what to tell him, he was cute and all but still you didn’t have feelings for him; you couldn’t have feelings for him, at least not as long as you had them for Dean.

You were about to decline his offer, when one of Dean’s ‘friends’ appeared out of nowhere, and practically threw herself all over him; her arms wrapped around his neck as she whispered something in his ear.

Normally you wouldn’t have been bothered by it, hell you’d been witnessing this kind of stuff for forever, but this time it hurt more than usual and that was what made you decide to go out with Dave.

“Sure, I would love to!” You moved closer to him, swaying your hips maybe a little more than necessary and your arm found his neck, bringing him down to allow you to brush the corner of his mouth with your lips.

You pulled back and he gave you an excited smile, drawing in a shuddering breath; while Dean who’d watched the whole scene unfold in front of him, tensed and practically growled at the both of you, but you didn’t notice.

“Cool, so…ehm, we’re still meeting at the library, right?” You nodded, smiling warmly at the stuttering guy in front of you, “Sure, once we’re done you can take me to this new café”

“Yeah, yeah, you’re awesome, I mean, that’s awesome…that’s just cool, ehm, okay! Great I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?” You giggled at his flustered state, blushing slightly at his compliment, “Yep, bye Dave”

He said his goodbyes to you and Dean and left, with a huge, boyish grin on his lips. You turned to face Dean and found him staring at you, the girl who was earlier with him, nowhere to be seen.

“Thought you were coming to dinner at my place on Friday” You face-palmed yourself; you had totally forgotten about it in your jealous mood, but you tried to play it cool, the damage was already done anyway.

“I am! Dave and I are meeting after school, there’s enough time for us to drink something together before dinner” You looked away from Dean’s glare, and decided to get in the car instead.

You pulled out of the parking lot in complete silence, before Dean couldn’t take it in anymore, “What the hell happened to not knowing if you wanted to go out with him?”

You glanced his way, but his eyes were glued to the road in front of him, “I, uhm…changed my mind. Besides, how am I supposed to learn how this kind of stuff works if I never experience it?”

He clenched his jaw, his hand subconsciously tightening around the steering wheel, “And you wanna experience this kind of things with him?” You could tell by his tone, that he was irritated.

“Why are you getting mad at me?” His eyes darted your way for barely a second, before he redirected them on the road, “I-ehm, I’m not getting mad at you, I’m just worried about you”

“Why? He’s your friend and I’ve known him for a while, he wouldn’t hurt me, Dean” He scratched the back of his neck, shaking his head, “That’s exactly my point, he’s my friend. If anything happens, I’m gonna have to kick his ass. Why him, anyway?”

“Well, it’s not like I have hundreds of guys drooling over me, Dean” You turned your head to look out of the window and avoid his eyes, “Are you kidding me, (Y/n)? You’re fucking gorgeous! Half of the football team dreams of being with you”

You blushed furiously and bit down on your bottom lip; butterflies erupting in your stomach, not because of what he’d said about the team but because he’d just told you he thought you were gorgeous.

Dean froze when he realize what he’d said, but brushed it off immediately hoping you’d do same, “I’m sorry, (Y/n), I didn’t mean to be a jerk” You hummed your acknowledgment, but said nothing else.

You hopped off the car as soon as you reached Bobby’s, quickly wishing him goodbye and jogging towards the door. Usually you would’ve invited Dean in, but none of you was really eager to make everything even more awkward than it already had become.

When Friday morning came, you were more than a little nervous; your mind showing you the worst case scenarios that could unfold. You got out of bed and took a quick shower, before you threw on the first thing you could find.

Dean was in front of Bobby’s at the same hour and you climbed in Baby, greeting both Winchesters but after that, none of you said anything and you drove to school in complete silence.

You noticed Dean was still kind of annoyed and you hoped it didn’t have anything to do with you, even if you had to admit that the thought of him being jealous of your date with Dave was rather pleasing, but you decided not to indulge in the fantasy.

After school you went straight back home, put on one of your favorite, casual dresses and a pair of boots that had just a bit of heel. You didn’t feel like doing much with your hair, so you pulled it up in a high ponytail and finished your look with some light make up.

You grabbed your bag with the stuff you’d need for the project and made your way to the library. You found Dave waiting for you in front of the door and after you got inside and found a nice spot to sit at, you started your work.

You finished at about 5.40 p.m. and you left the library soon after, heading for the new café everyone was so excited about. It was nice, full of people your age chatting and laughing.

Dave lead you to a secluded booth, away from the noisy groups of people. You ended up taking a strawberry milkshake, which you had to admit was amazing and he took a cup of coffee.

You sat there and talked about this and that and the more you talked, the more you noticed how much the two of you had in common. You listened to the same music, liked the same food and he admitted to even appreciate some of the TV programs you watched.

He walked you back home, and you had enough time to ditch the bag and grab the pie you’d baked the previous day for Dean, before you made you way to the Winchesters’ house.

You rang the bell and a few seconds later Dean opened the door; he scanned you from head to toe, before his eyes locked back on yours, “Didn’t think you’d actually come.”

Before you could answer him though, Mary was pushing Dean out of the way and wrapping her arms around you, “You look dashing, (Y/n)! Sammy told me you had a date, I want to know everything about it”

She flashed you a cheeky smile and you giggled, nodding your head, “Ehm, I asked Dean what to bring and he said pie would be okay, so uh, I brought some pie” You glanced at Dean, but he just looked away.

“Oh, darling, you didn’t have to” She took the pie from your hands and told you to join the others at the table cause she was about to serve dinner.

You sat down next to Sam, opposite from Dean, while John was sitting at the head of the table, and he smiled at you as soon as he saw you, “Here’s my favorite girl! How you been, kiddo?”

“Hey, Mr. Winchester! Uh, good I guess, same old same old” You smiled, pretending not to see the way Dean was staring at you and talked with Sam about one of the latest books he’d read.

Mary’d made Lasagna for dinner, one of your favorite dishes, “So, (Y/n) how was it?” She grinned as you swallowed your last bite, “Delicious as always, Mrs. Winchester”

“I can’t believe you still call me that! You’ve known us since you were a little girl, (Y/n). There’s no need for this formalities, how many times do I have to tell you?” You looked away, and felt your cheeks flush red.

“Same here, kid!” You nodded at both Mary and John, your eyes darting to Dean who had an amused smirk on his lips, “Now, (Y/n), you mind helping me with the dessert?”

You got up and followed Mary to the kitchen, where the first thing she did was ask you how your date had been. You told her what a gentleman Dave had been with you, and you gossiped a little, before you joined the others again.

“Woah, this is really good!” Mary nodded her head in agreement with Sam’s statement and winked at you, “Yeah, (Y/n) where did you get it?” You smiled at the youngest Winchester exclamation and turned to answer John.

“I, ehm, I baked it. Is it really that good?” You looked at Dean for confirmation, after all he was the expert, “It’s not bad, yeah…”

Your shoulders slumped at his comment, and you tried to cover it up, but you were sure John and Mary had noticed, “Where the hell have your manners gone, son?”

You could tell this conversation wasn’t going to end well, so you chose to end it before it got worse, “It’s okay, Mr.-Uh, John. I asked, he just answered, it’s no big deal”

You flashed him a small, forced smile and he decided to drop it to avoid making things even more awkward for you, something which you really appreciated.

After dinner you decided to watch a movie and when normally you’d have cuddled with Dean, this time you found yourself sitting next to Sam, shifting every few minutes trying to find a comfortable position.

You were actually glad when the movie was over, cause that meant you could finally go home, “Well, it’s time for me to head back. Thank you for dinner, it was really nice”

You grabbed your boots and put them on, “Dean, take (Y/n) home, would ya? It’s too late for her to be walking back on her own” Dean nodded to his father, and slipped on his sneakers, followed by his jacket.

“You should come visit us more often, darling! It really is a pleasure having you here” You smiled, thanking Mary and John, and hugged them both before wishing them goodnight, giving Sam a kiss on the cheek.

You left the warmth of the house, to be met by a chilly night outside. You didn’t say anything though, mostly because you felt that Dean was still annoyed with you.

Home for the Holidays

Hi @usukdorkfanfics,  I’m your secret santa !! admittedly, i was already kinda nervous to write something for you because I really like your fics! I was also a little worried with just the prompt of “human au”, but I ended up running away with it and got lost lmao ouo;; I hope your Christmas celebrations are going well and you enjoy! C: Merry Christmas!!

Title: Home for the Holidays

Summary: Alfred waits tables and sings on the sidewalks of New York City in his struggle to survive in the heart of such an active town. When he meets Arthur, a well-off lawyer with a bad taste in coffee and a love for restaurant pies, he doesn’t expect to have his most challenging Christmas wish granted, and the potential of something more.

Rating: G

Warnings: None


busk - verb

1. play music or otherwise perform for voluntary donations in the street or in subways.

“the boy made extra money by busking on the streets of New York”

Read it on FF.net, AO3, or below the cut !

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Jungkook Scenario: Love Me Right.

Request: you&jungkook are friends from high school(noona reader),she has feelings for him, but feels wronged bcause jk is younger.Jungkook likes her and starts being affectionate which startles her, doesnt know what to think~difficulties and lastly happiness♡

Genre: Romance.

You watched him as he walked past you on the school’s hallway and felt that little flutter inside your stomach that you couldn’t control, you looked away instantly, reminding yourself that you should not feel that way towards Jungkook, he was younger than you, although you looked at him and only saw that beautiful boy on which you had the biggest crush, but age was an issue and you knew you shouldn’t fall for him, you hadn’t even insinuated anything to him, in part because you were too shy and in part because you had never seen the proper moment for it.

Nevertheless the opportunity presented to you on that same week, you were on the cafeteria, looking for a place to sit but every table was packed, not even one single spot for you to lunch. But then you saw one place, only that it had a person already siting on it, and not just any person, it was your ultimate crush Jeon Jungkook. You hesitated on going and sit with him, you were friends but you were nervous around him for obvious reasons, but you were also his sunbae so technically he shouldn’t be opposing, the thing was you didn’t want him to find out your feelings for him, or did you? Sighing heavily you told yourself your were a big indecisive mess and you should calm down.

Gathering courage you went there, standing tall with a pleasant but confident expression, calm and collected, you would be making advances today but there was no need on being too obvious either. Jungkook raised his head from his gigantic sandwich.

-Y/N, are you going to lunch with me today?-

That was it, he was looking at you smiling slightly and you felt week on the knees.

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24 Days of Christmas: The Vacation *Wanda Maximoff x Reader*

Originally posted by kzorels

Day Twenty

Summary: Wanda teaching you to ski (Female reader)
Warnings: Bearded Steve, swearing & light fxf- kissing
Characters: Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Scott Lang, Clint Barton & Laura, Darcy Lewis and Jane Foster.
Pairings: Clint x Laura (if you don’t like that, I’m afraid it’s mentioned) & Steve being troll’d by Darcy - cause me!

Note- Events AFTER Civil War. Kind of like a skiing holiday in France. I kind of like the thought of Darcy and Jane just helping Steve & Co. So, like those are my favourite fics to read- when I can read. 

Day Nineteen

“Remind me again why we are here?” Steve sighed out as you got off the plane; you chuckled as he hulled his duffle bag of stuff over his shoulder and looked down at you.

It had been a full year since the accords and since Steve broke everyone out of that underwater prison. Steve extended a hand of communication to Tony, who had yet to communicate back, except he had sent a letter; a letter of which Steve hasn’t opened. He was mostly focused on being in Wakanda, waiting for his best friend to come out of cryo-sleep again.

Wanda had moved in with the Barton’s, who unfortunately had to leave their farmhouse for a new safe house, that was in Tennessee and you often visited. Wanda, being your closest friend and ultimate crush since you met her, she had taken the events the worst. Being locked up, in a strait jacket with a shock collar on, she wasn’t really the same person after that.  

Scott and Sam had actually been all over the place together, collecting information, even managed to contact Fury and Hill at one point before they had to cease contact in order for those two not to be wanted criminals. Which led to now, somehow, Darcy Lewis had found Sam who basically forced him to let her help since her best friend, Jane Foster, was busy.

Darcy had her old family cabin up in Atlanta, where Steve mostly hustled about; it was dubbed ‘Head Quarters’ by Darcy and that quickly became the name of it. She didn’t seem to mind the constant people strolling around her place, in fact, she loved it and she quickly became part of the ‘team’ in a matter of months.

“Because Darcy tells me you haven’t left Atlanta since February,” you poke his arm, “it’s now December! A little trip will do you some good, we could all use it, especially since a lot of us can’t go back to see families; we are all each other have now.” Steve sighed and nodded, knowing the truth behind your words.

Scott couldn’t see Cassie because of what happened, it was too dangerous and the times they tried, he was almost caught. Sam couldn’t see his mum, although, he damn well sent her a present and she sent back a delicious pecan pie.

“There you are,” a voice shouts through the small airport, Steve let out a loud sigh, Darcy came barging through the crowds. “We’ve been here for two days, you know?”

“We know,” both you and Steve say in unison, Darcy pursed her lips and chuckled. “Let’s just get back to the cabin,” Steve suggests, following Darcy back to the car she rented.

The drive wasn’t too long, although you almost died because Darcy still wasn’t used to driving on the other side of the road, “Hope you don’t mind but Jane is here.” She mainly states to Steve, you shrugged and he didn’t answer back other than gave a small nod, “Clint brought Laura, and the kids are with Laura’s sister.”

“Laura has a sister?” Steve asked with raised eyebrows and Darcy chuckles at his face.

“Yep!” She pop’s the ‘p’ at the end parking the car in the drive-way, “her name is Tracey and she’s delightful, I’ve Skyped her.” Steve looks at you and you stifle a small laugh as he looks at Darcy with what could only be described as, ‘how did I manage to get this person in my life?’ and you can’t tell if it’s a good look or not.

Steve collects yours and his bag and enters the cabin after Darcy; it was cosy and warm, especially after being out in the southern-eastern of France climates. A fire was lit with big chairs in front of it, a kitchen off to the left and the smell of coffee already brewing, Clint had definitely tagged along.

“What the hell is that on your face, Cap?” Yourself and Steve look up, Sam and Clint were leaning the railing up on the second floor, looking down at you both.

Steve chuckled, “It’s called a new look, you know, so people don’t know it’s me.” He answered back placing the bags on one of the chairs. “And it’s just Steve, I gave up the title, remember?” both Sam and Clint rolled their eyes, Clint holding a mug of coffee.

“Okay, just Steve, I hope you’re ready to the slopes because I’mma have you eating snow!” Clint called down and you chuckled at them.

“Darcy, tell Steven how much of an idiot he looks and then tell him, you can take the man out of America but you can’t the Captain out of the man.” Sam looks directly at Darcy who then looked at Steve, who looked back at her.

“Sam said you look like shit and that you’re Captain America, always!” He chuckled, “or something to that extent, I don’t know, I tend to go into my head when you guys argue. But he has a point, you literally like Steve Rogers just grew a beard.”

Eventually, everyone came down to greet you both, it took a lot of convincing to get Steve here: hence why you both arrived late. Jane hugged Steve; it was nice to see her again since Thor went back to Asgard she had mainly kept close to her work. She didn’t seem as lost as last time from what Darcy has told you, she wasn’t constantly looking for him; she was content with herself being alone now.

You all sat around the fire, hot chocolates and stories of past Christmas’, Wanda was beside your feet. Warming her hands by the fire, she was quiet and mostly listened to everybody else. Darcy was in the middle of telling everyone the time her granddad dressed up as Santa Clause but forgot the beard, it was also the Christmas she discovered Santa wasn’t actually real.


In the morning you all got your snow gear on; hats, scarves and gloves, plus thick coats and boots. Scott and Sam were snowboarding; already holding their boards as they waited by the door, Darcy and Jane held their skis. Everyone else emerged, you had never been skiing before so, you were definitely nervous to be up in the mountains.

You all made it on the snowy Rhône-Alpes, everyone clipping their boards and skis to their boots, you wobbly stand up and pick up your ski poles and look to your friends for some kind of help. They were too busy placing bets on who would make it the bottom first, you sighed and tried to figure out how to move.

“You’ve never been skiing before?” You jumped at Wanda’s soft but curious laced voice, you nodded once already shivering despite how wrapped up you are. “It’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it, honestly, I’ll show you?” Her Sokovian accent slipping through and lacing her words.

She looked beautiful, her brunette locks in contrast to the snow, her wide like cat, blue crystal eyes plus her tinged pink cheeks made her small smile gorgeous. You marvelled at her for a long moment before nodding at her question, finally. She pulled her fluffy hat back on; it covered her ears from the cold and looked especially, adorable on her.

That was the start of the lessons you got on skiing with Wanda, it took you two hours to learn the basics, a lot of falling on your butt too. It made Wanda giggle whenever you’d fall flat on your face or ass, she’d ski up to your side and pull you up, eventually she just held your hand as you both ski’d.


The next day, you all watched as Steve and Darcy fought at the top of the snowy Alps, you weren’t even sure what the argument was about anymore just that Steve was being a cranky-sue. You chuckled when Darcy shoved Steve causing him to fall backwards in the snow.

“That was so mature!” Steve grumbled and sat up, he wasn’t wearing his jacket and the snow was clinging to the back of his long-sleeved, green top.

Darcy tried not to laugh, “Whoever told you I was mature?” She asked raising an eyebrow, “Now you’re gonna start enjoying this vacation for the remaining two days, are we clear? When we’re back in Atlanta, by all means, be the grumpy, old fart you are.” She pointed sternly, you laughed when Sam muttered a faint ‘damn’.

“Okay, can you help me up now?” Steve stressed and Darcy nodded, extending a hand, you frowned like Darcy would be able to help Steve stand up. Then instead of rising to his feet, he yanked her into the snow beside him, she fell face first.

Everyone went silent as they watched Darcy push herself up, snow covering her face and in her hair, the only sound was Steve’s uncontrollable laughter at what he just done. Darcy spat and rubbed the snow from her eyes, sitting on her knees as she tried to glare at Steve, who was lying flat on his back holding his stomach as he full on laughed. Beside you, you could hear a faint giggle, everyone glanced at Wanda who was also laughing.

“I’d be mad but you’re laughing, and you got Wanda to laugh,” Darcy sighed and Steve sat back up, grinning and shrugged, standing up and helping Darcy up.

“C’mere, I’ll help clean your face,” Laura walked over and began to use her sleeve to dry the wet snow off, Clint chuckled at that.

“She’s such a mum,” he rolled his blue eyes as Scott frowned at Clint who then chuckled to himself; “I’m such a dad.”

“I’d say idiot is the correct word,” Sam mutters but Clint glares and then Sam is snowboarding away from Clint who is chasing after him.

*Last Day*

“You’ve really improved, Y/N,” Jane complimented when you ski all the way down with no falls or fail moments.

You grinned at Dr Foster, “Gotta thank Wanda for that, she’s been giving me pointers,” you smile at the grinning Wanda. It was great to see her smiling, also Steve, who was loosening up a lot more.

You all got back to the cabin for one last night with hot cocoa and marshmallows’, Steve is sat on the floor in between Scott and Darcy, Sam and Jane shared the love seat and blanket. Clint and Laura sat in an armchair, Laura on his lap as she laughed at something Scott said.

You turned and see Wanda in the kitchen, making herself some hot chocolate; you stand up and take Scott’s mug to be refilled. You smile at Wanda who shyly smiles back; it’s a comfortable silence between you both as you wait for the kettle to boil.

“I wanted to say thanks for teaching me over this weekend,” She nods lightly with a small smile, “it’s been nice to see you smile, it’s been so long.” She chuckled softly.

“I can’t remember the last time I was this happy, probably when Pietro was alive,” She sighed lightly and you frowned. “It’s been nice to be around people who are trying to make me happy again, even more so, when they succeed.” You grin happily at her.

You fall back into silence, hearing Steve and Sam talk and laugh at one another, Clint teasing Scott over something and Jane talking about some science thing to Darcy. You look at Wanda who is already smiling at you, you smile back and before you can think of something to say, Wanda is kissing you lightly. It’s soft, almost as light as a feather, but it’s there. And you kiss back lightly; it’s over as soon as, it begun because your friends didn’t fail to see.

“FINALLY!” Everyone yells, you blush as Wanda chuckled softly to herself and pours the water into the mugs, avoiding eye contact.

“Leave them alone,” Steve chuckled and Darcy scoffed, causing them to bicker again.

You smiled as Wanda laughed and kissed you once more before leading you back over to join your friends.

(This is super long, sorry. Hope you enjoy this, took a chance at writing something like this, where it’s based after Civil War and Steve had dropped the Cap title. 5 Days will Christmas, hope you are all prepared, those who are celebrating. - Rosalee)

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Why So Serious? - V (Smut) - Pt 1

You looked down at your phone, replying to a friends text message, your shopping trolley lazily trailing along with you. You had a party tonight so you had to do your usual food shopping a little earlier than you normally would. The shops where busy and it wasn’t really your place, so you kept your head down looking at your shopping list, quietly wishing you weren’t seen. You got to the fruit and veg isle when your bumped into someone, you jumped back in surprise as your face turned red “I-I’m so so sorry!!” You spoke feeling awful about what had just happened. You looked up to see a blonde haired boy, his jawline chiselled and his smirk in captivating, “Haha.. don’t worry about it! Why so serious?” He spoke as he chuckled slightly, you smiled at him still embarrassed as you grabbed a pack of oranges and made your exit, as you walked to the cashier.  You quickly payed for your groceries before packing your car boot and proceeded to go home. You rushed into the shower, washing your pale skinned body with fruity strawberry body wash before washing your hair. Stepping out of the shower, you blow dried your curly brown hair, before walking into your room and over to your dresser, to apply some light make up then proceeding to your closet where you pieced together a tight thigh high dress, with some black heels and a sparkling silver bag. You got in a near by taxi and made your way to the club, however when you got there and the door man asked for your I.D  which you then realised was laying on your sofa and not in your bag. “Shit” you whispered to yourself as you walked away, you forgot you had a bottle of raspberry vodka in your bag so you decided to walk down a near by ally way and attempt to call your group of friends. Reaching the ally you pulled your cellphone out from your bag, calling your three best friends Y/F/N, Y/F/N and Y/F/N. All of which, did not answer so you leaned yourself on the wall, cracking open the vodka bottle and downing a large mouth full of the acidic liquid. Around half an hour had passed and you where still alone in this ally way, just with a half a bottle less vodka than you had earlier. Drowning your sorrows in alcohol on a Saturday evening wasn’t your ideal life choice but you figured for one night you could feel sorry for yourself, have a cry about how sad your life felt at the moment whilst you downed some spirits in a darkened and most likely dangerous location. You fixed your dress, and sorted your hair, checking your reflection with a torch and a small mirror, getting ready to go in to public again after you had finished your bottle. That was when you felt a hand go round your waist and a hand close over your mouth as you screamed, terrified as to who was behind you. “Shhh, I’m not going to hurt you. I’m only going to please you.” The voice was both terrifying but so sensual you felt a tingle in your lower body, gulping you nodded not knowing what els to do. “I watched you the full time you where in here, I see your having a difficult time right now, If you let me I can make those hard times disappear for a while, then send you on your way” The deep sensual voice whispered in your ear, making your knees feel weak. You wanted to say no and leave but something in you made you want this man, even though you hadn’t yet seen his face. He spun you round, so you could finally see him, however his face was hidden under a mask, the joker the white paint grungy and red smile ever so slightly smudged however his eyes where as dark as the midnight sky and you almost realised the Devilish smirk the face held. His blonde hair was messy, and his grip on your waist was firm, you where almost excited as to what this man could do to you, everyones allowed to be a slut once in their life and now was your time. “Why did you pick me to do this to?” You asked, confused as to why such a man would waste his time on a ‘plain Jane’ like yourself. “Because I enjoy witnessing sorrow and hurt, and you where just drowning in those qualities tonight, sweetheart.” He spoke, you could picture this man in the back of your head, how did you know him? what was he? who was he? These questions continued to swoop through your head as you eyed up and down this man, he wore black Doc.Martens, tight black skinnies a tight white T-shirt and a grey hoodie, supporting some blood red stains, that looked questionable. “Come on baby, just turn around, perch your ass on me and let Daddy work his magic on my Harley-girl?” He whispered, weakening you completely, waring you down until you where nothing, like a puppet under his touch. You spun round, searching your butt on his hardening member, as your dress rode up slightly, he moved your hair to one side and began kissing your neck, you could feel the residue of his face paint wearing off on your neck as he left harsh purple and bruising kisses on your neck, nipping, tugging, sucking and biting on the flesh as you whimpered at the immense pleasure you where feeling. He wrapped his arms around your waist, however they where so low that while one hand perched on your hip, the other was resting gently on your women-hood. “Be a good girl for Daddy” he whispered, moving the hand on your waist round to your ass, squeezing it before moving it up to your boobs, sculpting them in his hands, over your bra. “You need to keep quiet now pumpkin pie, or someone will catch us, and no one is allowed to see me or we’re both in big trouble.” He said as he placed a hand over your mouth, silencing all sound coming from you. He moved his hand that perched on your heat to move your dress up, rubbing you through your soaked panties, he stopped teasing you, slowly moving the fabric aside and sliding a digit into your wet folds, you took a sharp breath in shocked at the forward motion of this captivating psychotic man. He began to pump his finger, curling it to reach your g-spot, before adding another finger and even another stretching you out even more, your moans and screams where muffled by his large palm over your mouth however still loud enough so he alone could hear how much you where enjoying the experience. Your legs became weak as he took his thumb to your clit, you found yourself physically falling into his crotch as his fingers became too much for you to handle. You felt a familiar feeling arise in your stomach, you where close, and your movements said enough to tell him that. He sped up, using more force on your clit, pinching it and sending you over the edge, releasing over his fingers. He attempted to catch all of your juices, taking what was captured on his fingers into his mouth. You stood there, shocked at what had just happened. Totally disgusted with yourself and what you had just done. “Thanks for the snack, lil monster” he spoke, smirking and winking as he walked away, into the darkness of the ally way. You stood alone and confused, there was nothing you could do but get sorted out and go home, to the dark loneliness of your home, so thats what you did. You arrived home at around 3am turning on the 24 hour news channel as you got changed from your dress and heels to cute grey striped booty shorts, a grey vest top and some fluffy socks, taking your make up off and tying your hair up. “The ‘serious serial killer’ strikes again today, killing Kim Kyung Jae, the respected and wealthy owner of Bunsan’s most popular casino. The killer is usually seen with the face of the Joker from 2005 movie ‘batman’ and is around 6ft tall, this man is very dangerous so any sign of him must be identified by the police straight away.” You thought about what the news said, and why it sounded familiar, the main reason being that was the man who’m used you tonight! You saw flashbacks of the now realised dangerous and mysterious, hot and sexy older man who’s kinky tastes some how filled your needs.

anonymous asked:

Hello! It's the all american all the time!Mccree anon again, and thanks so much for doing two of my prompts! I was thinking this time about an S/O who accidentally wins over Mccree, Genji or Hanzo making some food that's super traditonal, (like apple pie) and that's how they figure out they like the reader. Maybe they have cooking duty, or they are on a mission together, idk! Thanks again!

I’ve been waiting ages for a chance to incorporate the headcanon of Jesse being half-Navajo (it’s entirely the fault of this post by the way) and this opportunity was just too perfect not to use it.
As always, seeing as I’m neither Navajo nor Japanese, if you see anything I got grossly wrong don’t hesitate to tell me! Meanwhile, enjoy :)

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Bucky Barnes imagine - Worried more than you know

Originally posted by assetandmission

Requested by @lachicadelamanzana: Can you make some smut with Bucky? In the first film, where Steve saves Bucky, the reader is with Peggy waiting for them. So when she sees Bucky, they hug and fulff? And then 😏😏. 

Summary: Bucky has been missing in action far too long so when The Captain america goes out in search for him, you wait with Peggy for the news…

Warnings: It’s fluffy at the beginning then lots of smut, NSFW gifs, a bit long

You first met Bucky when he was transferred to your training base, well it wasn’t your training base, it was some big headed colonel who was put in charge but nevertheless you were second in command; this raised a few eyebrows with the male soldiers. 

Of course being one of the only women in the base you were hit on constantly and for once Bucky wasn’t one of the fools trying to win you over. He was smart enough not to try since he saw how you dealt with the men who did try to get into your pants. 

In fact it was you who approached him, you two hit it off right away and you even took time to make sure he was prepared for when he needed to be shipped off to Europe to fight. 

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A/N: So i haven’t proof read this, and i wrote it in one sitting, So PLEASE if theres any major mistakes please let me know:) I also really hope this is what the anon meant! If not please anon message me again if its not and ill redo it for you!! Enjoy x 

 Characters: Lisa, Sam, Bobby, Dean, Reader 

Warnings: Language, blood? 

 Word Count: 2500




God, how stupid could you have been think you could take on a werewolf hunt all by yourself, let me tell you, really stupid. In my defence i called for help but no one answered and now here i was laying on floor of some stupid farm in Michigan, with three huge gashes across your stomach. You knew you weren’t going to make it but you were okay with that, you’ve died already, 3 times now. You had a great run, making it to 29 was something you never thought you’d do, and you were kinda glad you weren’t going to make it to thirty because that would mean you were actually old, like Dean. Dean, god did you miss him, Sammy to. Letting a single tear run down your face you slightly lifted up your hips to grab your phone from your back pocket, making sure to keep your left hand on your stomach keeping your stomach contents inside of you, also trying to prevent blood loss the best you could, still having hope Cas would show up.

Flipping open your phone the time read 5:34, Dean would still be up, you pressed the call button on his contact name, it rang and rang till it went to voicemail like you knew it would, but hoped it wouldn’t. Dean and you use talk every Friday night at 6:30pm when Lisa thought he was out with the boys but that got less and less, when Dean got a job, got more into the apple pie life than he thought he would that was and the calls eventually stopped, you stopped calling when he stopped answering.

Today was the first time you called him in ages, almost a year to be exact, you called him when you found out where the hunt would be, in Michigan where he was currently living with Lisa.

Flashback Start:

You were pulling up to a local gas station in Michigan, you needed to fill your car up and you also wanted to make a call, walking up to the payphone to call Dean, Since yours was dead. You put your coins in, dialing his old cell number. Sighing when it eventually went to voicemail “Hey Dean, it’s y/n, I’m in town doing a werewolf hunt, i’m not asking you to join me” You laughed “It’s just, I uh miss you, its weird doing this alone, god i miss you and Sammy so much, anyway if you do get this call my cell, i miss you Dean” With that you hung up. Walking into the store to pay for the gas, you handed the clerk $20.00.

Once you got back to your car, you drove to the nearest motel, giving him your fake credit card and name you smiled once he handed you the key to your room. Walking up the stairs, throwing your bags on the second bed, while you plopped down on the first bed, staring at the ceiling for what felt like hours before you finally got up deciding to take matters into your own hands and go seen Dean.

Splitting up when Sammy went to Hell was one of the stupidest things you two ever did but Sammy made you both promise to get out of the life, and you did for a bit with Dean, you two stayed at one of Bobby’s safe houses for a few weeks, and it was the best few weeks of your life, Dean and you were dating at the time for what would of been 5 years, but you guys got into a huge fight when Dean found out you were taking small hunts on the side ending in you two breaking up, you continuing to hunt and Dean kept his promise to Sam, he went to be with Lisa.

Pulling around the lot you seen Lisa’s house, mustering the courage you jumped out of the car, shutting your door quietly, walking up the pathway, fiddling with the hem of your shirt, you raised your fist to the door giving it four loud knocks, you seen the knob to the handle turn and your palms started sweating. The door swung over revealing Lisa, the shock expression on her face slowly went away and replaced with joy “Y/n! It’s been such a long time” She spoke leaning forward pulling you into a hug which you returned. “Hey Lisa, you look gorgeous” You laughed out, she really did, you envied her, she had everything you ever dreamed of, she even had your man.

“Would you like to come in?” She questioned.

“No, i’m in a hurry, thank you though, Is Dean home? I just wanted to say a quick ‘Hello’”

Her face fell a little “I’m sorry, he’s out at the garage” She paused before continuing “Wait! Here ill go get the address for you, and you can go see him there, hold on a minute” She turned around and ran off down the hallway, you slightly stepped inside admiring the pictures of Dean, Lisa and Ben on the wall. Feeling a wave of tears about to hit you but stopping them when you heard Lisa coming back, “Here it is!” She exclaimed handing you a card with Dean’s name on it “Wow this is fancy, got his own business card, he always dreamed of that” You giggled “Thanks again Lisa”

She mumbled out a “Anytime” before pulling you in for another hug. Turning around you made your way down the steps and back towards your car.

Flashback End:


“Hey Dean it’s y/n, again. I know you told me to leave you alone, but um i’m not doing so well, and i just wanted someone to talk to, I know you’re not actually here but you know, it’s kinda scary going alone” You were cut off for a second from the voicemail lady telling you to end your message because it was getting to be too long. Sighing you were going to call back but you felt slightly dizzy so you closed your eyes for a few seconds enjoying the silence.  


“Hey Dean-o, I forgot how much i hated dying, god this really sucks. Stupid ass werewolf, with there stupid ass claws” You laughed “Remember when we were down in Seattle hunting the Werewolf that was actually just a dog with rabies? That was an interesting case, we were going to leave but decided to get completely wasted instead, and Sammy ended up throwing up all over that big biker dude and i had to beat his ass before Sammy got beat up, good ol times, the voicemail bitch is gonna kick me off again soon, so i’ll call back in a bit, I love you Dean”


It was a cold night but you could hear the breeze and feel it slightly on you face but dying made you numb to it, the warmth of the puddle of blood you were laying in helped a lot to in some messed up way. God, it was so quiet, you hated when it was to quiet because then you’d be forced to listen to your own thoughts and they were never good. Sighing you dialed his number again to let your thoughts turn into words “Dean…” You sobbed “I’m so sorry, i messed up so bad, i wish i never went behind your back like that, I’ve never felt so alone in my entire life, I miss you lips, your arms, you voice, why’d you stop calling me?” You sobs becoming overwhelming you hung up the phone throwing it across the room, you started screaming.

Flashback Start:

Dean was pacing back and forth when you walked through the door “Hey baby” You smiled noticing the anger on his face you dropped everything rushing over to him “What’s wrong Dean?!”  

“How could you y/n? Did you think i wouldn’t find out?!” He shouted

You instantly got dizzy, pretty sure all the color drained from your face when you realized what he was talking about, you tried to muster the words to say but none would come out.

“That’s what i thought y/n! We promised Sammy we would get out! You broke your promise but more importantly you lied to me!” He shouted throwing his beer bottle across the room, it hit the wall smashing making you jump.

“Dean, I know, i know what i did was wrong and i feel so guilty every time i finish a hunt but i also feel amazing, it’s what i was meant to be doing, and i can sure as hell tell you i wasn’t meant to be sitting on my ass all day when i could be out saving someone’s life.” You spoke trying to reason with him “Dean, i love you and i wanna be with you, but i wanna be with you out on the road doing what we do best” You slightly smiled, hoping you got through to him.

Dean ran his hands over his face, stepping towards him when you seen tears falling down his face, you were leaning forward raising you hand to rub his back but he stepped back shaking his head “Don’t y/n, I think you should go”

“W-what?” You stuttered out

“Im sorry, y/n I get why you wanna keep doing this, i get it, i do, But i promised Sammy and i’m going to keep my promise to Sammy.”

Nodding, not bothering to say a word you turned around on your heel, grabbing your bag off the floor from where you dropped it when you got in. You could hear Dean coming up from behind you, he was softly saying your name, you knew what he was gonna say, that he loved you and he was sorry but you started running not wanting to hear it, you ran until you reached your car, jumping in slamming the door, turning the keys and backing up leaving Dean standing in the dust.

Flashback End:


“Hey Babe, i hope it’s okay if i call you that, even though you no longer love me. I’m sorry it took so long to call, I had to move to get my phone, I’m so stupid, why’d i throw it? I lost so much blood Dean, i’m so stupid, so stupid. Why didn’t i just keep my promise to Sammy? I would be with you now, probably eating pizza and drinking beer, awe do i ever miss Baby, I miss that back seat to” You muffled out a laugh, followed by a yawn “Dean, i’m getting tired, I’m going to take a nap” With that you hung up, closing you eyes, falling asleep to the sound of the wind.


Dean was pacing back and forth on some back road behind a bar by the Impala where now stood Sammy and Bobby, might i add Sam was alive and well and has been for months, Dean through his hands up in frustration “How the hell could of you not told me!” Dean screamed

“I, we were going to Dean but when we stopped by the shop where you worked, we seen you through the window and you looked so happy, you finally got out Dean” Sam sighed

“That doesn’t matter Sam! You’re my brother, you mean more to me than this apple pie life!”

“Dean?” Bobby finally interjected looking around “Where’s y/n?”

“Yeah, where is y/n?” Sam added

Dean’s face paled “I, she, uh, I don’t know”

Sam’s face blew up in rage “You don’t know?! How do you not know? She’s your girlfriend Dean!”

“Not anymore, I’ve been with Lisa for the past year” Dean responded not making eye contact with either Sam or Bobby.

“What do you mean?” Bobby softly spoke

“She was hunting behind my back, and i wanted to keep the promise i made to you Sammy, she couldn’t so i told her to leave and, she uh left, we use to talk every week, so i could still know she was okay, but it stopped.” Everyone stayed quiet for awhile before Sam spoke “Your phone Dean, check your phone!”

Dean rushed to the trunk popping it open, reaching for the phone he flipped it open calling your number it just rang and rang before it went to voicemail “y/n, Baby, it’s Dean call me back!”

He shut the phone, looking back to Sam and Bobby panicked before his let out a beep notifying him he had voicemails. He typed in his passcode, putting the phone on speaker letting them all hear the voicemails you left him. All their hearts breaking.


“I didn’t mean to fall asleep for so long, I was so confused when i woke up, i thought this was all one big dream, tell i felt the warm crimson puddle surrounding me, you know i never realized how sticky blood actually was, it’s weird.” Pausing for a while your mind becoming flustered, it was starting to get hard to put your thoughts together “Dean, I’m going to see Sammy, At least i’m pretty sure i am. I’ve never done anything good enough to get into heaven, But maybe knowing an angel will get me a free ride up”



“Dean, I’m so scared. I thought i was ready but i wasn’t. I’m not ready, i don’t wanna go. I hate myself so much, i went to Lisa’s, you weren’t there, she gave me your card, I’m so proud of you Dean, your own business card who woulda thought?” You giggled out “Anyway, I seen you at the garage, i just couldn’t go see you, because i knew Id break down, its so hard, doing this alone, I need you and i need Sammy, Bobby, I need you guys back”



“Im not ready, i’m not ready, i don’t believe in miracles you know that but i wanna believe, i want this to be my one miracle, I don’t ask for much but please, please pick up your phone and hear these before it’s too late, please come save me” you sobbed “I’m at the Farm, 2 miles out from Withers road in Michigan, Please Dean”



“Dean, i want you to know I love you more than anything in this world. You’re my everything, i never meant for it to be like this, If i could turn back time i would, I was so stupid, i’m so stupid. I guess there really is no such thing in miracles huh? i wish you the best in life, I really do. I love you so much Dean, Goodbye”

Pretending To Play Pretend ➵ Percival Graves Imagine

☆ p r o m p t s : “kiss me now and make it look convincing!” + “do that again.” // basically the “fake-lovers” trope :)



There were two things you were aware of as of that moment: one, Madame President had forced you to go on a field mission with Percival Graves, and two, you were actually not mad at her - which was strange, considering that you and Graves could barely stand eachother’s guts.

“I expect the best from the two of you,” Seraphina Picquery spoke, followed by a gesture towards her office’s door, dissmissing you and the Head of all Aurors in MACUSA.

Without any other words, you headed towards the exit (more exactly, you sprinted, because the need to mentally prepare yourself for the assigned mission was high) and left Graves behind without even exchanging glances. It was enough for both that you were soon going to spend time together, tracking down one of Grindelwald’s most ‘beloved’ fanatics.

Perhaps it was the differences between you two that made you capable of only tolerating the other; he was severe, blunt and his facial muscles were apparently incapable of raising his lips into a smile, whereas you were sarcastic, yet kind, and endulged - or even loved - by many. It was enough already that Graves was your superior, despite not having much more skill compared to you. You guessed that it was the reason Madame President had chosen you to be his partener in the field task.

Saying goodbye for the day to the colleagues you actually enjoyed, you knew where to head for the night. And the location involved lots and lots of giggle water, even though you wouldn’t allow yourself to consume too much of it, already knowing its brutal side-effects… but perhaps you considered the future mission so despicable that you forgot exactly how many glasses of it you’d had as you ordered another one.

* * *

There was someone knocking repeatedly on your apartament’s door and you swore to all the famous wizards and witches that you were going to end them when you opened that damned door. Your headache wasn’t that bad, but your head still pounded with each hit on the door at the end of your home’s main corridor.

“Coming!” you yelled as loudly as possible, yet your throat was sore and the word sounded more like a whisper than a holler.

Using your wand to quickly change from your nightwear to a more decent outfit, you hurried and muttered a cuss word before swinging the door wide open. And there was Percival-fricking-Graves, dressed as sharply as ever, not a single strand of hair not in its assigned place, his face riddled with something that awfully resembled annoyance.

“It’s 10 a.m. and you were supposed to meet me at MACUSA at 8 a.m.” the man spoke, a cold tone obvious in his voice.

“My bad,” you muttered, slightly squinting your eyes at him despite the apology being half-sincere.

You didn’t want anybody, not even Graves, getting the wrong idea about you, because you were a bright and ambitious and organized witch… when you wanted to be, of course.

Without even asking you first, Graves stepped past you and into your home, earning a very confused and exasperated glare.

“Don’t you dare say something about my place,” you warned, returning to your room to grab your boots and coat and use a spell to arrange your hair.

“I wasn’t going to,” you heard Graves say, but there were mischevious hints in his voice that made you press your lips together in a thin line.

You quickly ushered him out of the house after drinking a glass of water - not even considering offering him once, since he had entered your apartment without your permission - and locked the door behind you with just a flick of your wand.

“Where to?” you asked, hugging yourself to shield you from the April still-persistent chilly weather.

“I’ve been hearing that our target is enjoying a… date today,” Percival said, and you burst out in laughter without even wanting to.

“Excuse me? So you’re telling me that a dark wizard who’s highly valued by Grindelwald himself is going on a date, with like, an actual person?” you asked, half-shocked and half-amused.

“Indeed,” the auror muttered, ending any other conversations, and fixated you with a raised-eyebrow gaze that literally spoke ‘what, can’t evil men go on dates too?’.

Ducking into a retreated alley, you grabbed Graves’ arm, the harsh fabric of his coat against your cold fingers. Without any further delay, he apparated and the magical action that was supposed to make you sick to your stomach didn’t even bother you - you’d done it one too many times to feel anything. When you opened your eyes, you were surrounded by little, cozy-looking shops and couples sitting on benches, side-hugging or sharing some kind of dessert.

“Oh,” you made, taking in your surroundings, “this isn’t exactly the place where a dark wizard would be usually found.”

“That’s probably the only thing you ever said that I agree with.” Graves said and you rolled your eyes.

“So, where’s our guy?”

The man pointed towards a cute confectionary from which couples emerged. “Over there.”

‘You have to be kidding me,’ you thought, but began walking in its direction alongside Graves. Before you knew it, you felt him grab your hand and pull you closer to him.

“What the hell are you doing?!” you exclaimed, loudly enough to make the people in your close proximity turn their heads towards you.

“Trying to blend in,” he spat through gritted teeth, squeezing your hand hard enough to let you know that raising your voice was a thing you couldn’t do again if you wanted to lay low.

You complied and entered the confectionary before him - he had opened the door, just like an ideal boyfriend would’ve. You picked a table as soon as you spotted your target, who was chatting with a dark-haired woman, and luckily, it was near them.

After you took off your coat, you plopped on the soft, red couch in front of the glass table. Graves, despite his need of blending in, kept his distance and he ended up sitting on the opposite end of the couch.

“Gr-Percival, love,” you recollected yourself, playing your part of the role, and spoke on a sweet tone, “you should come closer.”

When the only reaction you got from Graves was a terrified stare - the man, despite his natural confidence, seemed to be failing his couple classes - you grabbed the sleeve of his white shirt and pulled him closer to you. Your knees were touching and you rested your head on his shoulder as the waitress, a No-Maj, approached you with an obviously fake smile plastered on her face.

“What can I get you darlings today?” she inquired, eyeing you and Graves, but there was no trace of suspicion in her gaze - more like jealousy.

“Two slices of apple pie, please. Seems good, right, darling?” Graves chimed in just as you were about to speak and you grinned.

“Of course, love.”

As soon as the waitress left, you squinted your eyes for the second time that day at your pretend-lover.

“This isn’t a competition,” you whispered blatantly and Graves simply shrugged his shoulders. “And besides, I hate apple pie. A boyfriend should know.”

“Whatever you say,” he answered, then added with an almost victorious smirk, “love.”

As a punishment, you started laughing like he’d just said something funny and pinched his shaved cheek lovingly.

“Oh, Percy, you’re such a sweetheart!” you made, loud enough to be heard by a few, yet not enough for your voice to echo in the confectionary.

Graves offered you an ice cold glare in return, but remained silent until your desserts arrived. You both ocasionally glanced towards the tracked wizard, and you realised that his date was actually going… well?! He was laughing and talking with the woman and sipping something that looked like cider from pretty glasses.

Your apple pie slices arrived in no time and you had to control yourself not to gag at the sight of your sweet.

“I can’t comprehend quite a few things about you, (Y/N), and your disliking towards apple pies is one of them,” Percival said, sounding actually genuine, and you were about to reply when a fork full of pie was placed in front of your lips.

“Eat,” Graves ordered, smirking with superiority, and you blankly stared at him.

You began thinking that the whole fake-lovers idea had been a terribly bad one as Graves, Head of Aurors, was feeding you the thing you least enjoyed - yet you complied and annoyedly glared at him as you swallowed the pie.

The following hour went decently well, and besides the sickly sweet petnames and hand holding (your hand just wanted to be freed after twenty minutes), you had made small talk and learned that Graves wasn’t that bad underneath the whole stoic and rude mask. But, of course, he might’ve been faking everything just to maintain appearences.

There was only one flaw in your ‘brilliant’ plan: the wizard you were keeping an eye on was getting bored - which seemed unlikely at first, but became more obvious as time passed -, and his attention fell more than once on you and your 'date’. Your jaw clenched as you remembered that he was trained in the Dark Arts and could probably read people like open books, despite you and Graves having acted as a perfect couple. You looked at Percival, who was absentmindedly - yet intentionally - playing with your fingers, and a sudden, desperate plan came to your mind.

“Kiss me, now, and make it look convincing!” you whispered and the Auror’s eyes widened as his brain processed the words that had just escaped your lips.

Without any further notice, you grabbed the back of his head and pulled him towards you, smashing your lips together, your free hand on his chest. You were expecting that kissing him would’ve been just a part of the act too; what you didn’t expect though was to feel as if the most spectacular firework show went off in your entire body.

And you, for sure, didn’t think that Graves kissing you back would’ve felt that good, especially not when you were playing roles. As your fingers released his chin and made their way through his hair, his hand cupped your cheek and one went down to your neck. Your heart was pounding against your ribcage, threatening to crawl its way out of your chest. You inhaled deeply through your nose and didn’t even have the guts to wonder why Graves had just bitten your lower lip when nobody could see that precise gesture.

After a couple more moments, you finally pulled away and tried your best not to stare in awe at the man - you failed and caught his gaze, unconsciously licking your lips. You both remained speechless as Graves grabbed your hand once again, glancing at your target over your head.

“He’s lost interest in us,” the Auror confirmed and you slightly frowned - you hadn’t told him the reason for the sudden kiss, and it surprised you to have him figure it out.

“I think it’s time.” you announced quietly and stood up, getting into your coat and grabbing your wallet. “I’m going to go pay, you take him out and apparate to MACUSA. I’ll take care of obliviating everyone here.”

Graves solemnly nodded, and you skipped towards the register, where your waitress was loudly chewing bubblegum.

“I’d like to pay now,” you offered her a smile as fake as hers had been when she served you.

You quickly scanned the confectionary, and to your relief, there were only five other people in it without you, Graves, or the other two wizards. When spells got to your ears, you turned around and spotted only the extremely confused No-Majs left. Graves had taken the probably innocent witch with him too. You pulled out your wand and shouted 'Obliviate!’, disappearing without a trace, the only signs of you passing by being the ten dollars near the cash register that you had been kind enough to leave behind.

You apparated to your office at MACUSA and patiently waited for either Graves or Picquery to storm into the room, announcing the success of the mission. Fortunately, it had been the Head Auror that entered the silent room without even knocking - what was it with that man and not caring about personal space?

“Madame President congratulates us for catching him.” he told, looking quite satisfied with himself, “The witch was innocent and thought she was going out with a man as innocent as her.”

“Poor her,” you replied, half-jokingly and half-honest, and swallowed hard when you felt the heartache that followed the thoughts of the day ending.

What had gotten into you? Yes, playing pretend like two children had been fun, but it needed to end - so why didn’t you want it to?

Taking you by surprise, Graves stepped towards you, only an arm’s lenght between the two of you.

“Do it again,” he muttered, as if he was struggling to let the words come out.

“Do what?” you asked, not quite realising what Percival Graves really meant.

He leaned in even closer and you felt your breath hitch in your throat as it finally dawned upon you.

“I think we both know the answer to that, (Y/N),” he whispered and you didn’t wait or want to hear anything else.

Throwing your arms behind his neck, you kissed Graves once again, this time sincere and not with any reason other than to let all the hidden and supressed feelings out. And, of course, you made sure to repay him the lip-biting favour he had done you earlier.

Desire {NSFW}

OK! So this one shot is sort of a bridge between Inflamed Insanity” and what will be my next more story-driven BonKai one shot but with this one I wanted to show what it looks like when Bonnie and Kai are at a semi-regular place in their relationship when the angst isn’t so high and when they aren’t really concerning themselves with the very real and fundamental doom/dysfunction of their relationship and while I hope that this is really really hot (I know I set the standard a little high for myself with “Inflamed Insanity”) I also wanted to explore the sort of power/psychology of their sex, like what it really FEELS like when they come together and what it means to be devastated by desire. This one is more about the magic than the vampirism because magic and sex can definitely be interesting and I wanted to return to that a bit. So I really hope you guys enjoy it and that it is a good, smutty fic :P People to tag! bonkais-witchywoo thewitchandlonerdiaries bonkai-diaries bonkai-is-life bonkaiforever bonkaiqueen bonkaimonluv humbu-bumbu beccacupcakesxo writeturnlove wasabicakes jordanjanellejoy darkbonkai offlinebonkai malachaibennett misslilmel kissmebluesexyvioletsme melissasbamonromantictales mysticfalls-originals l0nd0ninnit much-lemons queensfelicity sunnydrive92 sobeyondtwisted

Bonnie laughed loudly at a joke Terrence had just said, her mouth curved upward into a toothy smile. They were sitting at a table outside in the quad, lattes in their hands, the sky turning to dusk above them. It hadn’t been something Bonnie planned — a coffee date with Terrence but when she’d reached her dorm room after class, her mind on leaving as quickly as possible, Caroline and Elena informed her that Terrence would be picking her up in ten minutes and to get ready. They’d been trying to get her alone with him for days, a weirdly obsessive persistence behind their encouragements, but Bonnie had been spending the last six nights off-campus and would rush out of the dorm before she could find herself in Terrence’s company. Until now.

“Just meet him,” said Elena, walking over to her dresser and rummaging through her drawers. “Terrence is funny and cute and—”

“Forget cute, he’s hot. Like it-should-be-illegal-for-anyone-to-look-that-good hot,” said Caroline. “So I don’t get the blockage. Unless—” and she paused. “Is there anything you want to tell us, Bonnie?”

Elena had stopped searching through her vanity set and looked at Bonnie pointedly. She furrowed her eyebrows. “No. What would I have to tell you?”
Caroline shrugged her shoulders, her eyes fixed on Bonnie’s face. “I don’t know. Just something you forgot to tell us.”

“Well, there’s nothing.”

“Good,” said Elena brightly. “Now, I’m thinking red lipstick.”

They’d been right. Terrence was hot in that obvious, it’s-basically-a-fact kind of way and he was good-humoured; Bonnie laughed easily and often on this date like she had done whenever they spoke in Art History class. He was charming without the bitter bite of slyness — open. Honest.

And it didn’t matter.

That Bonnie was having a genuinely good time with him mattered even less because she was sitting across from him, smiling and talking yet burning for someone else. To be somewhere else. Her body ached with the memory of the night before and the night before that, of Kai’s ringed hands smoothed across her skin, prying apart her legs, his eager lips between her thighs — it was almost enough to make her moan with longing. Terrence was receiving the bare amount of Bonnie’s attention, her enjoyment of his company was in the same vein as enjoying a mildly interesting TV show, and it wasn’t anything she could help; every time she blinked, her mind was seized with a recollection of the previous six nights, an abrupt image of her trysts: tied wrists blink a scratched back blink gyrating hips blink a clenched bedsheet. Impatience to relive these moments inflamed her skin so that she had to focus most of her concentration on not to shift in her seat or to leave abruptly but to sit still and politely. She was restless with desire and it made her want to scream. Her hankering was different from when she hadn’t seen Kai for weeks and weeks on end. Then, she’d been tortured with lustful loss, agitated and crazed; she’d been out of her mind with want for him. But now. This …

It was a craving that consumed her, consumed every moment she was away from him, a thirst to return, to delve even deeper into the sensation Kai kindled within her, and she thought of nothing except for being entwined with him again. Everything else was meaningless to her in this state, even the daylight and the responsibilities it brought — from lectures to appointments to socializing with friends — felt like hindrances to Bonnie, petty annoyances, and so now it was as if her everyday life was interrupting her time with Kai rather than the other way around.

“Did you want to get something to eat?” said Terrence suddenly.

“Yeah I do actually,” said Bonnie, shaking her head slightly so she could muster her full attention. She’d felt a dull sort of hunger all day that didn’t seem to go away no matter what she ate.

“Great, I was thinking—”

“Oh you meant with you!” Bonnie slapped her palm over her mouth, her eyes widened with embarrassment. “Sorry, that was rude, of course you meant with you. Not that I don’t want to, I just … I have to study,” said Bonnie frantically.

“And I didn’t really expect us to go out tonight. It was sort of—”

“Unplanned?” said Terrence, finishing her sentence. He smiled good-naturedly.

“I kind of figured when I picked you up. Don’t worry about it. There’s always next time.”


“Well, if you hurry you might be able to catch the dining hall before it closes. Did you want me to walk you to—?”

“You’re sweet,” said Bonnie, standing up. “But I’m fine. Maybe next time like you said. I’ll see you later, Terrence.”

And she left.

She rushed into the Hart House building, running toward the dining hall, hoping she had time to at least pick up a slice of lukewarm pie, but when she reached the entrance, a ‘closed’ sign hung in the window. Yet Bonnie found that she was able to push through the doors and walk inside. The lights were off, the tables deserted, and there was only one figure in the room with her, standing at the table she’d sat at six days earlier before reaching her wit’s end and sprinting off campus to the dilapidated mansion. The figure’s back was to Bonnie, his arms bent like he was eating something. Bonnie rolled her eyes and sighed. She wasn’t even surprised to see him here. “Kai.”

He turned around to face her, a bowl of cereal in his hand. He put another spoonful in his mouth and chewed slowly, thoughtfully, regarding Bonnie with smug and appraising eyes. “How was your date?”

“I think you know,” she said.

“He likes you.”

Bonnie folded her arms. “Why do you say it like that?”

“Like what?”

“Like you’re amused.”

“Because I am.”

“You think it’s amusing that a guy likes me?”

“I think it’s amusing that he thinks he has a shot.”

Bonnie scowled. She hated his arrogance and more importantly that he had a reason to be arrogant at all. “You don’t know that he doesn’t,” she said stubbornly. “I liked him too.”

Kai smiled and put another spoonful in his mouth. “Don’t pretend that liking someone is enough for you, Bonnie. There’s no power in that.”

“I guess we won’t know that until I sleep with him,” she said. Her tone was casual but her expression was harsh and while Kai kept smiling, his hand faltered slightly when he went to put the spoon back into the bowl.

“You’d sleep with him just to prove a point?” he said.

“No,” said Bonnie. “I’d sleep with him because I think he’s cute. And sweet. And—”

“Details,” said Kai, cutting her off. “That wouldn’t be enough for you to finish.”

“Why,” said Bonnie through gritted teeth, her irritation slowly swelling into anger. “Because you’d cast another spell on me?”

“I wouldn’t need to. Stop acting like he’d know how to speak to your body like I do, like he could bring out in you what I can. You told me not to leave for a reason.”

“You never know,” said Bonnie, maliciously insistent. “Being with you set a bed on fire, being with him could burn down the entire dorm.”

“Don’t,” said Kai sharply, his smugness suddenly gone. “Don’t joke about that.”

Bonnie looked at him for a moment before unfolding her arms. “So is that why you’re here, in the cafeteria? You saw that I was coming this way and you wanted to … what exactly?”

“I don’t know why I’m here,” said Kai. “It’s weird actually, just felt a kind of pull to come here.”

“Really,” said Bonnie sarcastically. “You just came here without knowing why. The fact that this is where I fantasized us has nothing to do with it.”

Kai raised his eyebrows, his expression wickedly curious. “Fantasy?”

“Yeah, six days ago before we…” Bonnie regarded him. “I thought you put yourself in my head. I thought you lived it too.”

“What was the fantasy?” said Kai.

Bonnie pressed her lips together, already there was a sort of engorged readiness to them and she was annoyed at how her body instantly betrayed her; it was ridiculous — she was irritated with him a second ago.

Kai seemed to know what she was thinking and he grinned, repeating the question, his tone soft. “The fantasy. What was it?”

“You took me,” said Bonnie. “There.” She inclined her head.

Kai put the cereal bowl down on the table Bonnie was nodding her head toward and ran his fingers delicately along the curved edges, staring at the surface with interest. Bonnie watched Kai graze his fingertips along the sides of the table and imagined them skimming her skin and she parted her lips so shallow breathing could escape into the air. Kai turned toward her, a hint of red in his eyes. “So that’s it? I just took you. Here?”

“Well no,” said Bonnie. “I mean you … it was breakfast, I was sitting down first.”


It was a simple question but Bonnie could sense the challenge in his tone and she felt her indignation transform into boldness. Without looking away from him, she walked purposefully toward where he was standing and sat in the chair she’d been in that morning but kept her legs facing out so that she was sitting next to the table rather than at it. “Caroline and Elena were sitting over there,” she said, gesturing to the other seats across from her but Kai didn’t break their gaze to see where she was pointing.

“And where was I?”

“Where you are now,” said Bonnie. “Smirking like you are now.”

Kai’s hand moved from the table to the back of Bonnie’s chair, his fingers running across the wooden frame so that they almost stroked Bonnie’s bare back but they didn’t quite graze her; her shoulders erupted into goosebumps and she shivered from his near-touch. There was a pulse between her thighs, a begging for him to simply take her like he did in her fantasy but Bonnie stared resolutely at him, determined not to break.

“Then what happened?”

“You grabbed me.”

Kai swiftly reached around to the nape of Bonnie’s neck, gripping her hair and tugging downward, making Bonnie gasp as her head was yanked back into an upright position.

“Like this?” he whispered, his voice hoarse.

“No,” said Bonnie, the word almost a sigh. “You pulled me up so I was standing. Then you kissed me and put me on the table…”

Kai swallowed hard. “In front of Caroline and Elena?”

Bonnie nodded wordlessly; the pulse was intensifying — it seemed to almost radiate deep in her gut and to incense her blood. She could see the veins on Kai’s face darken, his expression serious and raw.

“This was when you knocked Terrence over with your chair.” Kai’s tone was guttural now, urgent and aroused. “Because you were fantasizing about this.”

“Yes,” said Bonnie. “I couldn’t think straight and —”

It happened suddenly. Kai bent down and took Bonnie by the hips so that he lifted her onto him in one quick movement, her legs wrapped around him and his mouth on hers. He kissed her with a type of fervour Bonnie didn’t know existed until she’d been with him — a fervour more savage than passion and more intimate than lust. He bit down on her lower lip and then nuzzled her neck, running the tip of his tongue down her throat so that Bonnie’s chin rested atop the bridge of his nose, her panting loud, her nails piercing his skin. He squeezed her beneath her thighs and pushed her into his hardness, making direct contact with the maddening pulse in her groin so that Bonnie mewled unexpectedly, clutching his shoulder. Kai chuckled — an arrogant sound — as he kissed her along her jaw and the need to repay him in kind was now an uncontrollable desire that raged throughout Bonnie’s body.

She lowered her head, pressed her lips against Kai’s ear and breathed, “Turn around and move back.” She tugged on his earlobe with her teeth and instinctively he grasped her thigh for a second time then he rotated around and walked back a couple of steps; he was standing against the table now and Bonnie could feel its cold surface beneath her knees. She put her hands on Kai’s chest and then pushed him down so that his back slammed flat onto the table, making his bowl of cereal clamour onto the floor. Before Kai could say anything Bonnie bent down and kissed him roughly, rocking back and forth on his pelvis so that he groaned into her mouth, kissing her with ferocious enthusiasm; when he reached up to touch Bonnie’s hair, she pulled away from him, sitting upright and quickly tore open his shirt, her nails dragging across his bare chest.

“Argh!” He yelped in pain and Bonnie grinned as she lifted herself slightly, hastily undoing Kai’s fly and lowered herself onto him again. She shifted her position so that Kai’s erection pressed into her most sensitive spot and she began to writhe, the lace material of her underwear rubbing against his hardness and he squeezed his eyes shut, his expression one of tortured pleasure. He wanted more, she could tell. His agitation at being denied full access to her by such a flimsy barrier inflamed Bonnie’s skin and she rocked harder on him, his frustration fuelling her arousal, fuelling her want to simply frustrate him more. She sighed heavily, everything in her screaming with the desire to take him, let him take her, but she needed to do this first, it was beyond rational explanation. Kai put his palms on Bonnie’s thighs, slowly slipping his hands beneath her skirt. She allowed his fingertips to touch her underwear before grabbing him by the wrists and putting his arms above his head on the table. He growled.


“Please what.”

“You know what.”

“No, I don’t,” said Bonnie, wriggling; now that she was at an angle, sloped over Kai, her hands pinning his wrists, the friction of him against her underwear and the underwear against her ache was even more intense and she moaned loudly, which made Kai groan in response.

“Take them off. Your underwear, take them off,” he said, frenzied.

“No,” said Bonnie.

Kai moved to sit up from the table, his back raised off the surface but Bonnie slammed him back down again, stiffening her thighs, making Kai cry out, a strangled sound.

“Why not?”

“I don’t…” Bonnie groaned as she writhed harder. “I don’t want to.”

“Yes you do.”

She did. God, she did. But she couldn’t yet. Thoughts of him, of them, suffocated her with longing, her body was perpetually aching for his touch and whatever he’d told her in the past, she didn’t believe he really understood that, the physicality of wanting someone that much. She wriggled again and Kai grunted, using his speed to move a fraction; it was too quick for Bonnie to stop it and he ripped her underwear off so that the material fell away from her hips. Bonnie clasped her hand around Kai’s throat in response.

“I liked these,” she said breathlessly. “They were my favourite pair.”

“I’ll get you new ones, I’ll get you anything you want,” said Kai wildly. “Just Bonnie … you have to, you have to…”

Bonnie said nothing but simply took the shredded lace in her free hand and cocked her eyebrow, looking down into Kai’s defiant and blistering eyes. She thought back to how he’d tied her wrists to his bed with her own bra straps and, hit with abrupt inspiration, she covered his eyes with what was left of her black underwear, fastening the lace behind his head, watching as he hardened even more.

“Oh my God, you’re killing me,” he murmured.

It was Bonnie’s turn to chuckle and she took a hold of Kai’s erection, her fingers stroking him so that he moaned loud and deep in his throat. “Jesus,” he hissed. His whisper was a caress on Bonnie’s skin, the raw yearning in his voice made her quake and she moved so that his manhood grazed her clitoris, a high-pitched mewl escaping her mouth, and she allowed herself to enclose around his tip only to move again, releasing Kai from her body, massaging his shaft with her hands. He swore loudly.

“NO!” he yelled, his voice cracking, his head turning from side to side. “Why are you doing this to me? I’ll do anything you want, I just — I just need to be inside you.” 

“Like this?” And she took him again, deeper this time, but didn’t move her hips but simply clenched her muscles around his member then relaxed herself and clenched around him again.

“Shit, Bonnie.” His voice was a mixture of amazement and frustration. She did it again, resisting the overwhelming urge to sink onto him further, completely. Kai bowed off the table, his face pressing into the black lace that covered his eyes. Bonnie released him from her altogether and he roared; plates and glasses shattered in the kitchen, which was a room away behind a pair of double doors, but Bonnie could hear the dishware smashing apart.

“I can’t take this anymore,” said Kai, whimpering. “You’re driving me crazy.”

And Bonnie could feel his desperation — it added to her own agitation. There was a pang deep in her gut that she knew didn’t belong to her and yet it pained her like how hunger pained the stomach — a twinge similar but considerably more intense than what she’d been feeling all day. It was a torturous void that seemed to be almost alive somehow — it begged to be filled, it grumbled and roared with need of … her, of them and her skin reverberated with its plea, her entire body seemed to scream her own name. And suddenly, she understood. She was experiencing Kai’s desire, suffering his … hunger. His hunger for her. And his appetite was endless, truly insatiable. Bonnie groaned.

She tore the lace off of Kai’s eyes and before she could do anything else he grabbed her behind the head and pushed her mouth onto his, Bonnie responding with a viciousness that she didn’t know she had in her, her mouth opening Kai’s, her tongue exploring his. He put his hands on her back, hooking his nails into her tank top and then ripped the material haphazardly apart, slipping his palms to her front, rubbing his hands on her chest, squeezing and kneading her breasts; he sat up to graze his lips on her nipples, kissing and sucking so that Bonnie moaned.

She pushed Kai back down onto the table for a third time, her hand on his throat beneath his chin so that his eyes pierced directly into hers as she shifted her position and sank onto him fully, both of their mouths hanging open from the cruelly pleasurable sensation. She started to sway and Kai immediately clasped her hips as he tilted up into her, a loud groan escaping his lips. Bonnie gyrated harder, relishing the full feeling of him inside her, enjoying what she’d denied them both for too long. Her hand pressed down on Kai’s throat as her index finger moved up to his lips and he enclosed her fingertip in his mouth, sucking hard, which made Bonnie grind faster on him and Kai closed his eyes.
Bonnie’s body was heated by her own desire, sweat prickled her skin, and she felt herself burning utterly with want for more as the pang in her gut intensified, growing so that it seemed to overpower her senses, possess the very fibres of her being and the harder her muscles tightened around Kai, the more the pang grew within her and so within him. It was all enough to drive her mad; she was devastated with pleasure past endurance, the only thing more intense than the carnality was her and Kai’s mutual desire for more of it — a desire that was wreaking havoc on Bonnie’s body.

This was going to tear her apart.

Bonnie felt herself building; Kai’s hands were squeezing her hips almost painfully, a continuous moan issuing through his gritted teeth and he mumbled her name in breathy pants, which only encouraged her to ride him faster. She could feel herself rise, the delicious ache between her thighs almost giving way, and she threw her head back, eyes closed, teeth biting down on her lower lip. It wasn’t until she opened her eyes that she realized they were no longer o the table but a few feet above it, levitating toward the ceiling like she’d done when she’d been dreaming six nights ago.

“Holy shit,” she whispered.

Kai kept his eyes on Bonnie and held onto her tighter, his eyebrows furrowed with anticipation, his face veined and taut. “Forget about that,” he whispered. “Keep going. Don’t stop. Please, don’t stop, Bonnie.”

She couldn’t stop even if she wanted to. Bonnie swivelled her hips, her muscles quivering and quaking around Kai, his erection deep within her. And she felt it, felt her belly churn, her gut roil, her body rise, her pang, their pang, grow, her skin burn…all of the sensations sensitized her nerves so that she was ready to combust and then finally, spectacularly, she cried out, her whimper melding in with Kai’s, her hand pressed against the ceiling for support. Then swiftly gravity pulled them back down so that they crashed onto the table, breaking it in half. Bonnie was sure that her knees were bloody, she could feel the scrapes and cuts on her skin but she didn’t care, she was spent in the best possible way, satiated even though she knew it was only temporary, as she felt her skin hum with greediness, with the need for more despite the fact that she wouldn’t be able to handle anything more. She dislodged from Kai who was panting, his fangs descended, and then rolled onto her back beside him, the broken table digging painfully into her spine.

“I hope no one saw that,” she said after a while.

“Well if Terrence did then that’s OK,” said Kai and Bonnie turned to him, rolling her eyes.

Whenever You’re Ready - Pt. 3

Author: deanwinchester-af

Pairings: Dean x Caroline [OFC]

Words: 1.6k +

Warnings: Pregnancy. A bit of angst. Fluff.

Beta: The awesome @blacktithe7 ! Thank you so much.

A/N: Day Three of 12 Days of Christmas Challenge hosted by @waywardlullabies​! I really love this series and I hope y’all love it as well. Please don’t forget to leave feedback? Xoxoxo.

gif by: @itsokaysammy

Whenever You’re Ready | Masterlist

Prompt: Scarves + Christmas Cookies
Tittle: “I’ll make you pie.”


Dean grew fonder of suits the more he aged. God knows how many men hated them. In his early years, the first time he bought a cheap suit was to pose as an competent federal agent. His brother, Sam, making him shift from leather and work boots to a pantsuit. Dean could still hear his brother whining repeatedly about them looking the part. The green eyed man scoffed softly, finishing the last knot of his tie. The sound of heels clicking the wooden floors made his head turn around. Dean watched Caroline pace slowly across her room while putting on her ear ring. He enjoyed gazing at her even more in time’s like this. Caroline was a beauty; inside and out, but what made her more gorgeous was her pregnancy glow. She is an spontaneous woman and Dean loved that about her.

Caroline turned around, meeting Dean’s handsome attire and almost heart-eyed look. She smiled as she walked across the hallway and into the guest room Dean always slept in when he visits. Caroline looked him up and down, taking in every single detail of his handsomeness.  He’d took her breath away every time he’d wear a suit.

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