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Orangie Sungjong Aesthetic 

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“I’ll stay by your side, forever.”


insert maniacal laughter here This one was harder than I thought…Mostly because of lines and borders. GOOD LORD. And I almost forgot Fakir’s scar oops ^^; 

But honestly I am so happy with this and ugh gosh my otp. These two are gonna kill me one of these days.


Okay you guys, I don’t even know where to begin with this, except that I’m the luckiest girl in the world and @khaelis is the most amazing person ever.

This person asked if I’d like her extra signed program (!!!!!) and it has completed its epic journey to Japan!

AND she threw in that fantastic drawing, just because (have I mentioned she’s amazing?)

I have no words. Just… thank you. Thank you so much! <3 <3 <3

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Also, you don't need to persuade me about bearded Noct. Every time I see him, I have an urge to put my hands on his cheeks and just kiss him.

Every time I see him, I have an urge to run my hands through his hair as I SIT ON DAT FACE

/thot pocket

The Letter - Part 3

Part 1     Part 2

James laughed again and it was oddly comforting because it made everything seem normal. “What do we do now?” he repeated. Then he lowered his voice and his eyes softened. “Well, right now I’d like to kiss you again.”

And he did. And Sharna felt as though her entire life had been leading her to this moment. As if every second, minute, hour, and day had come together in some fateful way to lead them here. Together. But then the rational part of her brain kicked in.

“James, I’m serious,” she told him, pulling away from him again. “I want this. I’m not going to pretend I don’t. And you - you…”

“I want this, too.”

“And you have a girlfriend,” she said, as though he hadn’t cut in.

He sighed. His expression, which had been so tranquil and content just a moment ago, shifted.

“I know,” he said, and she could hear the guilt and pain in his voice.

“And you said things were better now. Between you two.”

“Better doesn’t mean good.” He ran one hand through his hair, looking completely overwhelmed. “I mean, it is good, I guess. But everything from the past is still there. I haven’t forgotten about it and she hasn’t forgiven me. Not really.”

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what the gladers dressed up as for halloween

Thomas: the bottom half of a horse. No one wanted to do the horse costume with him so he told everyone that he’s a centaur.

Newt: a newt. it’s the one day a year he lets anyone make jokes with his name. But only for one hour. Later, he changed into a greek god costume with gold laurels and everything. (like anyone need a reminder that he was bloody gorgeous.)

Minho: wore a white shirt that had “ACID” written on it. He explains, “I’m a-min-ho acid. Get it? An amino acid??” 

Alby: A pirate! With a little scarf and eye patch and a sword! But one racist guy said he must be a Samuel L. Jackson character “cause you’re black haha” so Alby starts mimicking the Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride. “You have insulted my honor. Prepare to die.” And he starts fencing the guy with his sword cause he’s actually really good at fencing and the guy almost pees his pants.

Teresa: A witch. but she took it up a notch. She had a device wired up to her with two buttons. The first turns on lights around the collar of her dress that light her face up in an evil green. The second plays eerie music from who knows where in her dress. She also has little smoke bombs.

Aris and Rachel: Slytherin and Hufflepuff from Harry potter. Rachel’s Slytherin. 

Chuck: He wears a white shirt with two cute eyes on it. When someone asks him what he is, he pulls his arms and head in and flutters the sleeves. “whooo,” he says, “i’m a ghost!” (Bonus: everyone put a little bit of candy in Chuck’s bag when he wasn’t looking so he’d end up with the most)

Gally: The creepiest clown you can imagine. But he had to wipe the makeup off cause Chuck and Thomas are both terrified of clowns. He never lets it go for Thomas but he gave Chuck a full sized Hershey’s bar.

Sonya: Khaleesi from Game of Thrones. She put dragon wings on her cat and brought him around with her. 

Harriet: Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Easily the most impressive costume because she went all out with the hair and makeup. 

Winston: went as a zombie (is it too soon?)

Zart: a hobbit!!! Zart dresses up as a different hobbit every year. This year he was Sam and kept telling people about “po-ta-toes! You can fry em, cook em, put em in a stew.”

Frypan: Gordon Ramsey. Also the first victim of Teresa’s creepy lights and smoke bombs cause he stole a candy fish gummies from her cauldron-basket and said, “this fish is so raw it’s still looking for his son!”

Brenda: Bond. James Bond. Was actually really hard to keep track of. And at the end of the night she completely disappeared. Then everyone found “look up” signs while they were trading their candies and a bunch of fake bats dropped all over them. Also, when anyone asked her if she wanted a drink, she’d say, ‘I want it shaken, not stirred” even if all she asked for was water.

Jorge: nothing. but when they all went to his house to get candy, he scared them all from behind the bushes.

Jeff: Dumbledore! He keeps awarding everyone “house points” by putting star stickers on them. (especially on Rachel and Aris)

random author on Ao3: this is a shitty and cliche bakery/coffee shop/flower shop/soulmates AU,,, Im sssoooo sorry dont even read this is horrible!!! I swear, I’ll bring you something original next time……

me, living breathing cliches trash:

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Hello, it's the anon who sent the Sakura Trick opinion ask (I'm sorry again for sending it two times)... Thank you for providing a detailed opinion of it! I'm curious about which anime/animes (not even sure if that's the correct plural form) you think are a better representation of wlw.

lol you’re fine, i would’ve sent it again too if i wasn’t sure it sent. 

to answer your question, like i said, i’ll be the first to admit that there isn’t a whole lot to choose from with yuri in general, so when you wanna start adding in actual good rep and idk… morals.. to the checklist, the results are even slimmer so bear with me here. it is anime we’re talking about. 

so here’s the best i can do in no particular order (i’ll put it under the cut so this isn’t as long):

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