i almost forgot honestly

“I’ll stay by your side, forever.”


insert maniacal laughter here This one was harder than I thought…Mostly because of lines and borders. GOOD LORD. And I almost forgot Fakir’s scar oops ^^; 

But honestly I am so happy with this and ugh gosh my otp. These two are gonna kill me one of these days.

Gorgi birthday headcanons

((I almost forgot about him, help))

-Honestly, just having s/o there for him is enough

-But he’ll be very thankful if they organise a small party for him

-His favourite thing to receive as a gift is a scarf, since he dislikes extravagant parties altogether

-But you know what he likes even more?

-Hand-knitted scarves

-Make him a cake by yourself and he’ll be in tears

-His favourite flavour is Red Velvet

-At the end of the day, when he and s/o are ready to sleep, he’ll wrap and arm around them, bring them close and thank them for the best birthday ever

I couldn’t get it to look just right so I just kinda..cropped out some of the picture whoop s..

Would have done this digitally but my 3ds just is n o t cooperating with me right now

Part of an art trade with @spmwiki
Hope this is fine!! ;w;

anonymous asked:

I honestly almost forgot that TWD is on tomorrow Im still not over last weeks honeymoon episode it was sooo perfect

Wait, last week wasn’t the season finale?

sins cannot be undone

it’s ramadan, which always, always sends me into a spiral of depression and self-hatred b/c people keep telling me to ~*~forgive~*~ and i keep having to plug my ears with my middle fingers because i’m not ready stop pushing me

so i’m doing what i’ve been doing the last couple of years and that’s purge all the negative feelings using whatever fandom i’m currently latched onto lol (also on AO3 now)

In which the good guys win, the bad guy goes to jail, and Adrien Agreste is left to pick up the pieces.


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This is honestly wild. I didn’t expect my Shiro to garner this much attention and support iN LESS THAN A GOD DAMN MONTH??? Because honestly this blog is shitpost central served with gratuitous angst when crack isn’t happening. And yet, somehow, it seemed to gain a positive reaction. Honestly, I’m so incredibly grateful to have reached this level of support and I hope to roleplay Shiro for a long time! I’m so immensely passionate about his character and adore Voltron and am just so grateful for all of the interaction I’ve received on this blog. Even down to the morally questionable asks that make me wonder how I’ve gotten here in life. Now, I don’t want to get too sappy with this but you all have no idea how much it means that you’ve all given me a chance.

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