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Student x Teacher Prompts

- I jokingly asked if I slept with you, you would raise my grade and you said… yes? How are you still teaching here?

- Everyone knows I have a crush on you and everyone jokingly put stuff like ’(insert name) thinks you’re hot’ into our project. Now we all forgot to take it out and you called me in after class.

- I was emailing/texting you about an assignment and my phone autocorrected to say something sexual, but you aren’t saying no…?

- I was trying to send you a picture of the answer for a question you had but in the background you could see my almost naked body and I’m so sorry.

- I thought that you sent that confession of love to me for real and I responded sincerely but I forgot that it was your project for school.

- I’ve started making up excuses to come to your tutorials but you’ve caught on to my huge crush. When I’m leaving one day all you say is ‘I think you have to come to tutorials so often not because you don’t understand but because the blood flows from your brain to… somewhere else when I teach.’

My Boss’ Son

So I uh…wrote fic. This is the first thing I’ve finished in a while. Just a quick thing I wrote while at work. It’s unbeta’d with no reread because I didn’t want to give myself a chance to hate it.


Stiles liked his boss. He knew a lot of people didn’t like theirs, and he knew he was lucky. Talia Hale was beautiful, and could be pretty tough if you didn’t do your job, but Stiles loved what he did too.

Network administration wasn’t for everyone, but Stiles saw doing it for a rapidly growing business as a challenge. The pay was nothing to sneeze at either. At this rate, his student loans would be paid off in half the time, and Talia always listened if Stiles needed something. Especially new equipment.

The only problem with Talia was that she kept trying to set him up with her son.

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Inspired by this beauty.

@malfoysscarhead Not sure if this is what you had in mind, but… it just kinda happened? 😂

“WHAT in Merlin’s name is THAT?”

Harry pokes his head out of the kitchen to see what caused Ron to shriek like that. Ah, of course. He should have known this would happen.

“That,” Harry begins amusedly, “is a picture of my fiance, thanks for noticing.”

“How could anybody NOT notice it? It’s a bloody poster! Hanging over your dining table.” Ron sounds almost outraged. Harry can’t help but snicker.

Ron keeps staring at it, open mouthed. Hermione pokes him in the ribs, giving him a sharp look.

“It’s a lovely picture, Harry,” she smiles, “I assume you took it?”

“As if I’d let anyone else see him like that,” Harry snorts.

“You’re letting US see him like that! Why, Harry? Why? I could have died happy without seeing his bum once,” Ron whines.

Harry leans against the doorframe, grinning.

He remembers the day he took that picture vividly…

It was the third day of their trip to Hawaii. Draco wasn’t as excited as Harry at first and complained about the heat. A lot. But as soon as he somewhat adapted to it, Harry often had to drag Draco out of the water and remind him to put on some sunscreen.

“Can we move here? I love it here,” Draco asked Harry excitedly between kisses, while he was carrying Draco out of the water.

“What about our jobs?” Harry laughed.

“Sod our jobs!”

Draco managed to sit beside Harry for five minutes, before he jumped up and ran towards the water again. Harry watched him as he stretched out his arms, as if welcoming the waves. His swim trunks were sitting low on his hips, revealing just the tiniest bit of that glorious arse.

Harry quickly grabbed his phone and took a picture, smiling to himself. His fiance was just too gorgeous for his own good.

Just as Harry decided to take a few more pictures, Draco turned around saw Harry with his phone. Grinning cheekily, he turned his head back to the water and hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his swim trunks. Harry’s eyes widened as he watched Draco pull them down to his ankles. Sweet Merlin, he was wiggling his bum!

Draco looked over his shoulder and winked at Harry.

“You coming?” he called, before running into the water. Harry didn’t need to be told twice! Thank Merlin this was a secluded beach…

Remembering this still sends heat through Harry and he clears his throat. He turns his attention back to Ron, smirking.

“Just be thankful it isn’t a magical picture. I doubt you’d want to see what happened after I took that picture.”

“Harryyyy,” Ron whines, his cheeks reddening. “I really don’t need to know what you do with that… arse.”

Harry bursts out laughing.

“Come on, sit down. That arse will be home soon and dinner’s almost ready.”

Another gem I almost forgot about, no pun intended.

This was partially inspired by one of my friend’s who’s really into Sailor Moon but has never seen Steven Universe. I got the idea to do a cosplay picture with the color schemes of Chibi Moon and Helios matching with Steven and Connie, that and Connie would totally wear armor/prince clothing given the chance. And Steven has zero problems wearing a dress given that one episode so i mean.

Two pairings in one pic.

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So far the gayest thing they've done was Jimin leaning to Jungkook on a gay unicorn. Or the picture where they ride a banana boat and Jungkook is sitting behind Jimin and they look like they're having a mutual orgasm or something. Like omg? But yeah I see other ships claiming 2017 as their year but they probably forgot KM moments that are coming almost daily lol.

iconic pictures. that depict jikook being real life, gay boyfriends while on floaties. amaazing. like, no joke…… these pictures are so gay lmaoooo. 

like…….. legit………. how much gayer could they get (oh wait jimin legit fondled jk’s ass on stage in front of lots of fans). 

no but for real, no shade, all tea, i see so many other shippers talking about how it’s their ships year. and i’m like. but jikook been making 2017 their bitch so far :/

Story Time!

So once upon a time I begged my mother for a Sonic X Knuckles action figure. In all honesty it was pretty goofy looking but I loved that thing. 

Here’s a picture of him. 

Anyway this poor toy went through so much abuse. It became a joke as the years went by with my friend and I. We melted part of its left eye with a hot metal rod from her bon fire.

But one day I thought it would be funny if I put him in my sisters bed as a joke and wait for her to find it and laugh about it. But as the day went on I almost forgot about the joke and my sister had been home for hours and was even already in her room.

So right before bed I came down to ask if she had seen the joke I left for. But when I came into the room I saw my poor knuckles laying on the floor with his right arm broken off laying on the opposite side of the room. I immediately rounded on my sister wondering why she would do that. Apparently, she had a really bad day at school and when she came into her room and saw that Knuckles on her bed it was the last straw. So she threw it at her wall as hard she could and it broke. She did apologize the next day and tried to help me fix him but his arm was just impossible to pop back in. So he is forever one armed. 

Sober- Part Two

G-Dragon & Song Mino-Angst

Part One Part Three

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Reunion 1 (SHIELD)

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All love and thanks to @xsimplynaex for coming up with this idea ❣


A 16yr old Brielle stumbles upon her adoption papers from years before and decides to confront her birth dad: FLUFF


Warnings: NONE


“Mom, dad…” Brielle said as she walked into her parents bedroom. “Care to explain these adoption papers?”

She glanced at her parents one by one, as they glanced at each other as if mentally trying to figure the best way to ease into this.

“I um…” Her mom sighed. “How did you even find those?” She asked, questioning Bri back.

Bri groaned looking up at the ceiling then back. “You know I was looking for stuff to finish my family tree project, now please…” She explained then pleaded. “If dad’s not…” She bit her lip unsure how to finish that sentence.

She just didn’t want to hurt Roman, or her dad, by saying the wrong thing.

Obviously he’s the one who helped raise her but now she had this paper in her hands that was quickly changing the life she knew.

She heard her dad, Roman, sigh. “…His name’s Dean Ambrose. An old friend of mines.” He spoke up.

“Can I met him?”


Brielle took a deep breath as she heard the door unlock from the inside.

She looked back at her dad, who was waiting in the car after dropping her off.

Bri knows this had to be hard for him but he wanted to give her the answers she now desperately needed.

The door finally opened, making Bri tear her attention from one important man, to focus on another one.

Her eyes focused on another pair that was identical to hers. “D..Dean?” She stuttered out, her emotions starting to get the best of her.

“Brielle…?” Dean gasped completely shocked.


“I can’t believe you’re really here.” Dean said. “How did you even find me?”

Brielle smiled.

He has questions just like me, she thought.

“Me and my dad, flew out on a whim.” She began explaining. “We didn’t even know if you’d still be here but we took that chance. He says you two were old friends.”

Dean nodded his eyes still locked on her. “Yeah we were, we used to be like brothers a long time ago.” He said in a reminiscing tone. “Before–”


Her birth dad chuckled a little. “I was gonna say before I was stupid.”

Bri giggled a little from his chuckle.

“Oh.” She replied.


“…I’m actually captain of the cheer team at my school. And oh.” She exclaimed. “I almost made straight A’s on this semester’s report card.”

Dean narrowed his eyes plaufully. “Almost? Why almost?”

He watched as his daughter shyly shrugged. “I got a D in P.E.”

Before he could prevent it another chuckle, the fifth one in the span of an hour as it seemed, came from his mouth. “How does one get a D in P.E.?” He asked.

Bri let out a dramatic sigh. “Okay so, I’m not really into the physical stuff. I don’t know, maybe I just didn’t get that gene from you.” She smiled looking around at pictures and things from his WWE career.

“Okay let me see if I’m following you.” Dean said. “You’re captain of the cheer team, which involves physical activity. Yet you’re not really into the physical stuff. You’re crazy.” He said playfully.

“Oh you’re one to talk, Mr. Lunatic Fringe.” Bri said poking her tongue out at him.

Dean couldn’t help but smile wider than before, if that was possible at her calling him by his nickname he gained through his WWE years.

“You know that?” He asked sorta surprised.

Bri nodded. “I kinda did some research on the plane and the car ride here…” She trailed off before whispering. “I wanted to be prepared.”

Dean copied her nod, as the room fell silent for a minute.

When he woke up this morning, he didn’t once think that the little girl, well now young lady, that he hasn’t saw since that night in in the parking lot sleeping in Roman’s arms, would track him down and fly all the way to Vegas just to meet him.

A sinking feeling made it’s say through his body.

Man, the thought. I wish I would be done things differently, ten years ago.

A gasp filled the silence, causing both Dean and Bri to look up.

“Is this who i think it is?” He heard his wife, Renee ask, smiling at Brielle.

Dean cleared his throat, standing up. “Bri, this is Renee.” He smiled from his daughter to his wife. “My wife.”

Brielle stood up also, awkwardly extending her hand, but got pulled into a hug.

“You are so beautiful.” Renee gushed making Bri blush. “I bet guys fight over you.” She giggled.

“Just one.” Bri replied her cheeks still tinted red.

But Dean wasn’t amused. His over protective dad ways kicking in.

“Renee…” He said letting out a breath.

Renee playfully rolled her eyes. “Okay okay. Sorry about bringing up boys.” She said to him, then turned to Bri. “It was nice finally getting to see you.” She said before exciting the room.

“I’m sorry about her.” Dean apologized.

Brielle shook her head with a giggle. “It’s okay.”

They continued their conversation back up, for a little while longer before it started getting late.


A car horn sounded from outside.

Bri frowned a bit before sighing. “I guess dad’s back.”

Dean nodded, a frown from him coming into play also. “Thank you for this, Brielle.” He said as they both stood up one again.

“Thank you too.” She said walking to the door. “Oh wait, I almost forgot.” She said, digging through her purse. “I brought these for you…”

She handed Dean a nice box wirh stack of pictures inside.

“…They’re pictures of me through the years. And my number’s in there somewhere.” She smiled. “I wasn’t sure if–”

Dean quickly interrupted her. “I love ‘em.” He said, swallowing hard and tears stinging his eyes.

He wasn’t one to cry but this was bottled up emotions starting to overflow.

“You didn’t even look at them yet.”

“If they’re pictures of you, I love them.” He replied a few tears falling.

Bri smiled lunging herself at him, her arms wrapping around his larger frame. “And I love you too, daddy number two.” She said giggling, while also getting emotional.

“I love you to Brielle.” Dean smiled back, encasing her smaller frame in his arms. “Oh and happy early birthday.”


Brielle pulled from the hug, slightly surprised. “You know my birthday’s coming up?”

She didn’t know he would even keep up with that, considering they weren’t in each other’s lives before this morning.

Dean nodded. “Next week on the 12th.”

“In that case.” Bri started. “Me and my parents are celebrating, with some of my friend’s and our family.” She bit her lip. “You’re welcome to come, of you’re not busy.”

She searched his eyes, trying to get any hint of what he would say.

“I…” He said hesitant. “I don’t know if your parents would want that. With everything that’s happened–”

She groaned, kinda frustrated.

“Whatever happened, it happened ten years ago. That’s a whole decade to get over things. It’s my party and I want you there.” She pouted. “I’ll even tell dad about it and deal with mom, when I get back to Florida.”

Dean looked at her.

How could he at her down again, after she’s cone all this way. He couldn’t.

“Is that boyfriend of yours going to be there? Cause I don’t want to have to hurt him.”

Brielle laughed. “If you come, I don’t care what you do to him. Just not too much, he’s already had one dad of mines to face.”

“It’s a deal.” Dean agreed.

Brielle clapped happily. “Yay!” She said just as happily before giving him a quick kiss on his cheek. “Tell Renee, she’s invited too.”


“I will.” Dean said to her as she ran to Roman’s car.

Before he knew what his arm was doing, he was waving to his former brother.

He got a couple of honks from Roman in response before he went back into his house, a huge smile on his face.


Brielle, leaned over giving Roman a kiss on his cheek just like she’d done with Dean, daddy number two, then sat back in her seat, pulling the seatbelt across her body.

“I’m guessing from how happy you look, it went well.” Roman said smiling.

Brielle giggled. “It did, daddy.” She nodded. “And I even invited him to celebrate my 17th birthday with us.”


Should I try to stretch this out into 5 parts like Support or leave it as is?


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So the bathroom siren video was almost 2 years ago (i think idk havent checked) and it still gets reblogged so often everyday and i read all the comments and shit because hell I’m curious what y'all have to say
But i hate comments like “ah i could’ve done this so much better” “what is they hype about this” bla bla
Let me just say: my mom was cleaning the bathroom in a house we built and she asked me to take pictures of it before someone would move in. My mom was obsessed with this song for weeks now and i just started to sing while filming. This was just out of fun and i just forgot the song half way through.
I never expected this video to get so much recognition. I would’ve never dreamed of it having almost 700k notes. N e v e r
So if you dont like it dont reblog it and put a irrelevant comment about you doing it better

Anyway here’s the Distorted AU bois from @ask-ew-distorted-au and stuff, I love them so much, especially Mr.Salad Fingers, yada yada yada, move on with your lives now.

That awkward moment you realize you accidentally deleted a picture you posted weeks ago (Not based on actual events, at all).


Yay, it seems my game has stopped crashing (For how long?).

Anyway, this is something that was supposed to be uploaded long time ago, but I’ve almost forgot about it. I’ve never liked the empty looking space in front of the window, and just placing some shelf there didn’t seem to help. So I’ve converted these lovely radiator covers and loveseat!

There are 8 meshes and 1 recolor for the loveseat pillow that somehow didn’t make it to the picture; it’s simple white linen.

Converted from TS3 versions:

Shino&KCR - Power Of Pink window loveseat, 3 tile sideboard, 2 tile radiator cover and 2 tile window frame - I’ve slightly edited the mesh by removing the shelves that were originally here.

Mutske - Revel Radiator covers. 2 tile and 1 tile version, each in two heights as shown in the picture.

Everything can be found in Surfaces - Misc., except for the loveseat, which is of course in the Sofas and loveseats category. Every surface has one or more slots (depending on tiles: 3 tile sideboard = 3 slots). Compressed, base game compatible and low poly, prices etc. written in the ReadMe file.

Credit goes to Mutske and Shino&KCR for their meshes and textures.


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Hey! Congrats on 1k!!! Can I request MC coming out as ace to the RFA + V and Saeran?? I love the fact that you HC Saeran as ace it hurts my gay ass lil heart okay,,,,tysm!!! <3

wow, isn’t this late ^^;;; not to mention all the others;; thank you, still! and awww yes, that poor baby bean~ 

hope you like it!


  • aw man rip zen - it was..sort of embarrassing
  • because mc is totally asexual, but they were totally fine with kisses and little light touches
  • which was all the two of them really did, until that one night
  • see, zen was getting a bit Handsy and mc could tell this time he was slowly nudging them to take it farther
  • they pulled away from their kiss and shook their head. “I-I’m sorry, I just’”
  • “no, that was totally my fault. I should’ve asked if you were ready-” zen said, but they cut him off
  • “actually…that’s too far for me. It’s…out of the question, really..” 
  • zen looked at mc, kind of confused. they sighed and kissed his nose.
  • “I’m asexual, zenny.” they said, his eyes widening
  • “oh my god I’m so sorry, mc!” he started apologizing, thinking he even forced them into kissing him all those times
  • until mc put their hands on his shoulders and makes him look at them
  • “you didn’t force me to do anything, love. I should’ve told you earlier..” mc said. “no. we should’ve talked about it earlier. boundaries, what you’re comfortable with, all that.” 
  • mc smiled, “let’s talk about that, then. we can figure it out together” 


  • mc was preparing to tell him, really
  • and with this opportunity, it was honestly the perfect timing
  • yoosung came home from class, a little bi flag painted on his cheek
  • “mc! how was your day?” they giggled at him, “not as fun as yours, it looks like”
  • there was an event at his school that talked about the spectrum
  • “I feel like I learned a lot more from it. There were some I hadn’t heard of yet, too.” “Oh? Like what?” 
  • “the one that sticks out to me the most is asexual. I haven’t heard much about it before” 
  • *record scratch* *freeze frame* this was mc’s chance to gauge his reaction 
  • “ah, I’ve heard of that…what do you think about it?” “I think it’s totally fine with me. some people got really mad about it, but I don’t see why? There are other ways to show love” 
  • ok, mc. that’s it. it should be fine. just tell him
  • “that’s great, sweetie. oh, and can I tell you something?” 
  • “of course, mc” “im asexual”
  • he wasn’t even phased. “ah, alright hun.” and he takes their hand “we can figure out all the ways to show love to someone together”


  • it wasn’t much of a big deal with jaehee, though it was quite a bit into the relationship
  • and honestly, it was brought up because she wanted to talk with mc about boundaries
  • they were eating dinner, after the usual “how was the cafe going” talk
  • “mc..I understand if you find it improper of me to bring this up at dinner, but…I thought - maybe after - we should discuss our boundaries, you know? I heard it was important to have this talk-”
  • mc chuckled, making jaehee blush, but they explained quickly.
  • “It’s not a problem at all, I just- I thought that it might be more of a problem since I…don’t really want to..do that sort of stuff”
  • which honestly, didn’t help much, since it only made jaehee blush more and start apologizing
  • “I didn’t mean for it to sound like that! I just want to know what you’re comfortable with because you know I have my limits and-”
  • “No no no, don’t apologize, hun!” MC said before sighing. “I’m asexual, jaehee. It was out of habit that I found that kind of funny because I don’t-”
  • Jaehee cut them off now, “MC, it is totally fine! I thought…ah, it doesn’t matter. I’m glad you trust me that much.” 
  • she took their hand and leaned over to kiss their cheek. “how about instead of that talk, we talk about what’s for dessert?”


  • ok so you know how sometimes he has his “dirty thoughts you probably shouldn’t say out loud but does anyways” moments? 
  • and they don’t sound real dirty but you know they are?
  • mc had to tell him. they just had to. 
  • if they didn’t, it would really make things weird
  • they were just kind of..scared. 
  • what if he didn’t like them anymore? what if..what if he thinks something is wrong with them? 
  • mc had come out to others, slowly and with certain people, but they’ve had those experiences before
  • so they had good reason to be nervous
  • it happened one night, the two of them laying in bed and staring at the ceiling 
  • they were really just relaxing and talking about anything and everything
  • and then Jumin brought up the topic of kids 
  • mc could feel the slight shift in atmosphere
  • they should tell him. they needed to tell him
  • “-but we can have children whenever you’re ready, my love”
  • “actually..there’s something I need to tell you, dear.” he looked down at mc
  • “would it be possible..if we adopt or something? It’s not that I don’t want to have children or anything, I’m just- I’m asexual, dear.”
  • it took a moment for him to process, but he was nonchalant. “of course we can adopt, my love. and don’t worry about a thing. I wouldn’t pressure you for something you’re not comfortable with. besides, I still get to hold you like this” 

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • saeyoung already knew, really. 
  • there were pictures of them at Pride holding up an asexual flag
  • and he had no problems with it, obviously
  • how mc found out he knew was through a phone call
  • “I know everything about you, mc~” “everything? I doubt that.” 
  • “well, of course not everything, there are things hackers can’t find, buuuuut~” “hm..do you know that I’m asexual?”
  • “that i did, actually. those pictures of Pride?” “oh, almost forgot about those. You really did your digging, huh?” “I just came across them. They’re good pictures.” “pft, shush. that’s flattery” “it’s working, though hehe”
  • “but anyways..you don’t mind? most people do…” “why would I mind? I’m proud that you’re open with it. And I support you 100%!” “but I wouldn’t want-” “and that is more than fine with me. gives me more time to build a rocketship”
  • “a rocketship?” “how else are we gonna spend our honeymoon?” 
  • mc looked into the camera, smiling and rolling their eyes. but there was a clear blush on their cheeks. “you’re a dork..”
  • saeyoung looked at the CCTV and laughed, but he was blushing too. “I’m your dork, MC. I love you.” “I love you too”

v / jihyun

  • jihyun and mc had this secret sharing..event, per say
  • they would share one secret every week. it helped jihyun get out everything he never got to
  • and it also helped mc
  • neither of them ever spoke about the secrets they shared after - unless it was something to speak about or it involved others
  • most of them were really just old memories
  • but mc had a big one for this week
  • they were saving it since they got into this relationship, waiting for the right time
  • and they knew jihyun wouldn’t judge them. so it was time
  • jihyun went first that night, talking about a time where he accidentally burned one of jumin’s ties….and blamed it on elizabeth
  • the two of them laughed for a while, but it was something harmless. 
  • “your turn, my angel.” mc smiled at his nickname for them
  • “well, okay. I’m asexual, jihyun.” they closed their eyes, which felt silly. they knew he wouldn’t hurt them or degrade them…but the couldn’t help it
  • jihyun smiled when he saw them, scooted closer, and gently kissed their forehead
  • “I’m honored to know this secret of yours. And I intend to keep it for the rest of my days..” mc looked at him, shaking their head with a smile. “you’re so cheesy..” “I haven’t even started with cheesy, angel. my number one angel. my….ace angel~” “jihyun!”


  • mc actually helped him find out that he was ace too 
  • because for some reason, he was nervous at the thought of…doing that - even with mc
  • who he liked, obviously, but still…wasn’t he supposed to..want to do that? with someone he liked?
  • he was worried he was going to disappoint them
  • but they didn’t seem concerned about that either…
  • after a while, he convinced himself to tell them
  • they were reading, the two of them on the roof of the bunker. 
  • “hey, mc?” “hm?” “this might be weird, but…do you think..sex is necessary in a relationship?”
  • mc put their book down, looking at him confused. “why do you ask?” “you just see it everywhere. I was just wondering if you think it’s important”
  • sure saeran, sure
  • they smiled and moved closer to him. “no, I don’t.” he looked at them, eyes wide - almost in relief. “you don’t?”
  • “no..I’m actually asexual, saeran. I think love isn’t only expressed by sex. I don’t even want to have it.”
  • “asexual?” “oh, it’s…it’s a spectrum, but it’s basically not being sexually attracted to anyone. You have romantic feelings for a person, but just..you don’t want sex.”
  • saeran honestly stared at them for like over a minute
  • “uh..saeran?” “I think…I think I’m asexual too..”
  • mc smiled at him, kissing their fingers before pressing their fingers to his cheek. “that’s totally fine, babe. like I said, there are other ways of expressing love.”
  • “..I like what you did there.” they both smiled. “let’s do that, then.”
Meet Me in the Hallway - Pink Series pt. 6

Sorry for the super long wait, loves! I hope it’s worth it! I got a little carried away with this one, it’s about twice as long as the others. I hope you enjoy! .xx -M

Word Count: ~9k

It’s two days until the wedding and Harry is waiting outside your apartment, car running, waiting for you to grab the necklace you almost forgot. His fingers thrum against the steering wheel anxiously. He knows how horrible of an idea this is, but when he sees you bounding out of the apartment, a huge smile on your face as you hold up the necklace triumphantly and hop into the passenger seat of his car happily, he knows that whatever happens, being with you for this will be worth it.

“I can’t believe I almost forgot it,” you say, slightly out of breath.

“Let’s see it then?” Harry asks, curious as to what made this necklace so special.

You hold it out to him, a small locket with a fake diamond in the center hanging from a thin silver chain. When you pry it open, he sees a picture of you and your sister when you were about 10 years old and she was 14, huge grins on your faces as you play dress up, both of you conveniently dressed as brides. Harry takes the locket from you gently, looking closer at the picture and ignoring the flip in his stomach at the thought of what you’d look like in a wedding dress now. When he turns the locket over, an inscription on the back reads “Sisters by chance, best friends by choice.” He chuckles slightly when he reads that, it being so very cheesy, and you pout, taking the necklace back from him.

“Hey, we were kids, ok? It didn’t sound silly then!”

“I know, s’just cute,” Harry says as he pulls away from the apartment and towards the airport.

“Whatever. Anyway, thanks again for coming with my, Harry, I really didn’t want to go alone…”

“Would never make you go alone, love, you know that.”

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Covetous (Part Four + a Mixtape)

Prompt: @ruth-hamilton-delrio requested “You can’t be jealous if we aren’t even dating! man up and ask me out if you’re going to act like that.” I wanna see your take on that, for Lin x reader” and I happily turned it into a slow burn, multiple part series fic.

The Mixtape: I made a very special playlist just for this fic! Please listen to it in order for maximum pain. 

Find the mixtape HERE! 

Author’s Note: Phew, this was a doozy to to finish! There’s so much pain and so much angst and just… wow in this part. I’m sorry it’s so long, but there’s so much I wanted to put into it and there was just no good stopping point except for where I stopped it. 

After this part, there’s only one more part!! We’re almost done, you guys. This journey has been so painful and long and I’m thankful for you for sticking with it and me! 

Words: 7,529 (I’M SORRY!!) 

Warnings: i don’t remember but i’ll put cursing, drinking, and hospital mentions just in case 

Tags: @ruth-hamilton-delrio @strongenoughfoundation @linslovelylocks @hamilbye (I made you your own character, love) @ourforgottenboleros @fragmentofmymind @constellationsniall @drawbloodwithmypen @apolypanperson @manuelmirandamn @sempiternal-mooses @always-blame-jefferson @nesthemonster @theoverlordofeverything @night-persona

Without further ado, enjoy the extra long pain! 

You were waving over a second round of drinks to the table you now shared with Lin, Ruth, and Sarah as your voice floated over the room, telling countless stories of your days with Lin as Ruth nodded, laughed, and frowned at the correct parts. Your drink had switched from whiskey to a red wine and Sarah still nursed the same drink she’d started with.

“Oh, and then there was this period during our sophomore year of high school when Lin would literally wake me up every day by screeching a Britney Spears song into the phone.” You laughed to punctuate the sentence, your mind whirling back to the days of carefree youth.

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anonymous asked:

AAAAAAHH THAT LADYBUG AU!! GAVE ME LIFE. Do you think you'll be able to write one where they find out about each others identities? If you're free ofc. If not it's fine but omggg that au gave me life. THANK YOU FOR WRITING.

AH THANK YOU!!! I was afraid no one liked the last miraculous x hunter drabble I wrote so this message made me really happy ^-^

I don’t think @emthimofnight figured out exactly how the boys discover each other’s identities so I can’t write that yet, unfortunately. I’m sure I will eventually though! I love this au too much to not write stuff for it haha

But! I can give you a short follow up to the ladykillu ‘Strawberry’ fic I wrote earlier! Hopefully this will make up for not being able to write the scene you wanted :) Thank you again for your message!!!

(Here’s the gorgeous Miraculous x Hunter fanart by the lovely emthimofnight that has all the info you need about this au)

“So,” Gon said casually, trying his best to sound relaxed despite the rapid thumping of his heart. “I heard you met Ladybug the other day.”

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Killua look at him sharply.

“Who told you that?” Killua asked after a beat.

“Um-” Gon’s mind flashed through the names of people he and Killua knew, “- Zushi, I think.”

“Hm.” Killua turned back to his homework, scribbling down another answer to a math problem that had Gon stumped. “He heard right, then.”

Gon waited for more, holding his breath, but Killua didn’t say anything else.

He pouted. “Ki-llu-aaaaa,” he whined and poked his best friend’s arm.

“What,” Killua snapped.

“You have to give me more details then that! You met Yorknew’s superhero and-”

“Yorknew has TWO superheros,” Killua interrupted loudly. “Ladybug’s only one of them. The more annoying one of them, actually.”

Gon winced. Ouch. Had Killua really disliked him that much? All he had been doing was trying to save Killua’s life!

“I’m guessing you didn’t get along well with Ladybug, then?” he said weakly.

Killua shrugged without looking up from his homework and said offhandedly, “He was alright. In his own way. He wouldn’t leave me alone, though.”

“Well, you were in danger! I wouldn’t have left you alone, either.”

That made Killua pause. Gon smiled slightly at the faint pink hue that grew on Killua’s normally pale cheeks. Killua got so embarrassed over the smallest things. 

“Th-that’s different,” Killua stuttered out. “You and me- we’re best friends. Ladybug doesn’t know me, he didn’t need to babysit me like that. I’m not some damsel in distress, Gon. I can take care of myself.”

Wrong, Gon thought as he cupped his chin in his right hand. Ladybug knew Killua better then Killua could ever begin to imagine. 

Ladybug was sitting right next to him at this very moment, after all. 

“You’re still weaker then Ladybug,” Gon pointed out. “And if he saved you, that’s the only thing that matters!”

Killua made a face. “You weren’t the one being carried bridal-style a hundred feet in the air, okay? You would’ve been annoyed with him, too. Oh.” He stopped talking, an unreadable emotion filtering into those bright blue eyes of his. “But you like Ladybug better, right? I can’t believe I almost forgot that.”

Gon pictured silky hair the color of moonbeams, rippling muscles covered in black leather, a curling tail and sharp eyes so blue they stole Gon’s breath away.

“I wouldn’t say that,” Gon said a second too late and Killua let out a huff.

“Well, whatever.” Killua circled another answer. “The only thing you need to know about Ladybug is that he wouldn’t leave me the hell alone. If I ever see him again, I’m gonna make him buy me a ton of chocolate to make up for the crap he pulled.”

Gon laughed awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck and making a mental note to avoid Killua as Ladybug at all costs.

He didn’t have enough money to pull off the kind of chocolate Killua would demand of Ladybug. Better to just keep his distance for now.

New studyblr and langblr!

Some facts about me:
☆ my name is Eva
☆ I’m 17 yo and in 3rd year of highschool
☆ I’m from Slovenia (Europe)
☆ I love learning languages

Languages that I learn:
☆ Slovene - my mother tongue
☆ English - I have been learning it for about 8 years now and I understand most of it
☆ French - my favourite! I have been learning it in school for 3 years now and also studying it a lot by myself (+ almost finished duolingo!)
☆ Italian - I am learning it in school
☆ Japanese - just started self-learning it and I love it!
☆ Russian - I will start learning it in the winter
☆ German - I was learning it for three years but already forgot quite a lot of it haha

On my blog I will be posting:
☆ school, productivity and organisation tips
☆ pictures of my notes and bullet journal (I’ll start in September when I get home from vacation)
☆ vocabulary lists and language learning tips … and more!

My favourite blogs that I follow are: @studyign @langblrstudysession @studywithmariana @studywithinspo@studyquill@elkstudies