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D.Gray-Man Week || Day 4: By Your Side
↳ Favourite Noah - Wisely Kamelot

drarry fic rec

these are my favorite drarry fics on AO3. the fics that are also bold are my absolute most favorite ones. 

20k to 50k

  • Lumos by Anonymous for the H/D Erised Fic exchange 2016 | 40k

50k to 100k 

  • Azoth by zeitgeistic | 90k

100k + 

OOOOOOOOOK nevermind this sucks

This isn’t even going to go well, I’ll have to put the tape on the outside instead because the lapeeps will just tear it off and get stuck. liiiiike this one did.

I’ll probably be spending all night getting this stuff off her, so I’m gonna just gonna encourage the others to sleep already and knock out for awhile after I’m done. its getting late anyway


(tumblr wouldn’t let me upload this directly, so i had to post it on youtube :P)

just wanted to say that it was so great meeting all of you in person on Saturday! (kellie ( @foolishkia ), cran ( @cranbersher ), jenny ( @crtwigs ), jen (thejokingwallflower), gritty (grittysugar), and natt (nattcatt))

 tbh i was worried about not being able to find you all and give the plushies away, so thank you so much for coming by the line for mark’s panel where i was. i’m so sorry for being nervous and having my hands shake as i handed out everything (it was my first con and i honestly didn’t expect you guys to all come over after i tweeted the pic, so everything was a small bit overwhelming that day haha). Also don’t worry about it being rushed, i understand completely and didn’t want to cause any trouble or anything. i’m just glad that i was able to hug everyone and give away the gifts! (btw thank you jenny for taking the one i made for robin ^-^)

all in all, thanks for liking the plushies, really nice meeting you guys, and thanks  for making my day :)


“Switch up my style, I take any lane, I switch up my cup, I kill any pain”

I dk why but as much as I ship Newt/Tina I was really happy that they didn’t kiss during the movie? Like at their final scene I almost thought they were going to kiss and I just really didn’t want them to?? I dk how to explain it?? I was so glad that they left that till the next movie maybe?? because instead we get to see Tina being so happy waiting for him to come back and Newt is just being his cute clueless self and I dk.


forever posing for the camera

i did!!! something…. something actually substantial which is a big deal for me esp after the past few month. im in a much better place now and its been much easier to work and stay motivated.

so here is my oc mercurio rehashed into the overwatch universe because im knee deep in it. now back to the work that actually pays the bills;;;;

template by @morganyus, a big thanks to them for making it


Vollarks have by far been the most difficult species to design and im still not settled with them. (ignore the bad anatomy/posture/proportions Im just fooling around with ideas)

Ive been playing around with the idea of them having actual winged arms and possibly even incredibly shitty flight abilities (like far worse then Daws). While Daws make up for their lack of proper hands with their highly dexterous feet mostly, Vollarks can still use their “thumbs” on top of their face for gripping and manipulating objects. Their “beak” can actually open and close independently from the rest of their mouth, its a bit like a molerat’s incisors in maneuverability.

This species is getting way too “fantastical” for the setting, but if I didnt care about that Id almost want to make their wings/”flight” a sexually dimorphic trait. Females having only a vestigial webbing from their elbows and “hands”, while males have full wings but no real hands and rely heavily on their beak to act as one.

Basically I feel im moving too far from my goal of “hypothetical intelligent dinoaur evolution” and too much of a composite beast of my favorite critters


[As I am following all provided rules, there is no reason to suspect me of cheating.]

( the rest of the strip poker saga: [1] [2] [3] [4] )


bokuto and kuroo icons | pls credit ♡

Paige is NOT a pedophile apologist

I dont know why I’m still seeing that floating around… Okay, so this is basically the rundown of that situation.

  • Griddles was a writer for Bleedman’s comics
  • Paige was a fan in 2010, so she was approx 13 years old
  • Griddles commissioned her to draw some characters (that werent his characters either)
  • Between then and 2012, an underaged girl communicated with Griddles and lied about her age (18+) and acted as a camgirl for him to get free art from Bleedman. He was later convicted in the year 2012.
  • The age of consent is 16 in Australia (where hes from) anyways, and the girl was approx 15 at the time
  • Legally, Griddles is actually not considered a pedophile tho
  • The source for Griddles being convicted is an unofficial wordpress blog
  • Years later, Paige redrew the commission, referring to Griddles as in old friend the same way a lot of people refer to their watchers and followers
  • The girl from before saw the redraw (now 5 or so years later) and decided to bring up the Griddles Case, which naturally drew lots of SJW’s attention.
  • Interactions with the girl revealed that she was still lying and kept changing her story around, so its debatable if shes trustworthy as a source at all. 
  • Zamii, during this entire course of time, had no idea he was really a pedophile (which he actually isnt), (and probably assumed the SJWs were just trying finding a new thing to bother her about). However,when she found out he was truthfully convicted, she did cut ties.
  • TL;DR: Griddles isnt even legally a pedophile, and Zamii is NOT a pedophile apologist