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D.Gray-Man Week || Day 4: By Your Side
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Writing Challenge! // Snog’s Fic List

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List the first lines of your last 20 stories.
See if there are any patterns. Then, tag your favorite authors. 

I’ll go with all my on-going fics first and then move on to oneshots. :’D


1. The Art Of Slaying Dragons [Nalu / Ongoing / Rival Chefs]

Cooking, despite what some might try to tell you, is an art.

2. In Every Living Thing [Nalu / Ongoing / Modern Fantasy]

The marble glistened in the light that fell upon it like ripples dancing across water, sparkling and hypnotizing.

3. Wildwood [Nalu / Completed / Fantasy]

Darkness was lurking in the forest.

4. The Devil’s Advocate [Nalu / Semi-Hiatus / Modern Fantasy]

Smoke welled out beneath her neighbour’s door.

5. Love Thy Neighbour [Nalu / Complete / Next Door Neighbours]

“Locked out again?”

6. Tails & Talons [Nalu / Complete / Tattoo Artist + Flower Shop]

“Thank you so much. Have a nice day!”

7. On Whom The Pale Moon Gleams [Nalu / Hiatus / Fantasy]

The shrill sound of an alarm clock ripped through the silence, and soon a tentative arm emerged from a mountain of blankets to blindly swat at it.

8. Hit And Run [InuKag / Ongoing / Modern Delinquent Inuyasha]

It wasn’t every day you found yourself staring down the barrel of a gun.


9. You Seem Familiar [Nalu / Witch’s Familiar]

First there was a sound, like a rip and a sloosh, and then the smell of burning and a small, tiny flame that danced insecurely along the little match it fed on.

10. A Great Fear Of Shallow Living [Nalu / Pirate & Mermaid]

There had been a time when her mother had spilled a cup of marbles onto her desk, laughing at her own misfortune.

11. Piroschka (Nalu / Little Red Riding Hood]

A young woman, the hems of her many skirts dragging along the wet ground, made her way through the arched doorway of the tavern she called her workplace, and along the road leading to the little marketplace of Magnolia town.

12. Saints And Sinners [Nalu / Princess and Dragon]

The ropes cut tightly into her wrists. Lucy Heartfilia wiggled against the rough pole she was tied to, trying to momentarily ease the pain.

13. Maybe I Just Wanna Be Yours [Nalu / Band]

Being back at The Fairy’s Tail felt nostalgic.

14. Hidden In Plain Sight [Nalu / Magic Apprentice]

“Hey Natsu,” Lucy said, staring at her reflection in her bedroom mirror, “Did you know I’m something like a witch now?”

15. Divine Panishment [Nalu / God of Slightly Burned Things & Chef]

“How could this happen?!” Lucy wailed quietly to herself, the busy hustle and bustle of the large kitchen around her all but forgotten as she stared at the slightly burned sausage in front of her.


16. Those Who Play [Nalu / Roleplay NSFW]

This was an idea that could only go exactly two ways: wonderfully right or terribly wrong.

17. A Dragon Well Trained [Nalu / Training NSFW]

Sweat dripped down Natsu’s chin, landing softly on the earth below.

18. The Splitting Bamboo [Nalu / Kamasutra NSFW]


19. Shower Me In Love [Nalu / Shower NSFW]

The water dripped hot onto his skin, but not hot enough to not fall victim to his body heat.

20. Truth Be Told (& part 2) [Nalu / Adult Game NSFW]

“Why did you buy that game again?“

tfw you gotta study, revise, and write a paper in one night but you’re dead tired and got a skull splitting headache 

Anxious Zombie Boy, soft edition™

A better rewrite for the Bismuth episode would have been if instead of leaving her bubbled, Steven unbubbles Bismuth almost immediately and she decides to go off and do her own thing for awhile, because she needs some time to think about what happened. That way the voice actress could have taken a break without the whole shitty writing thing– now we have no idea when and IF she’ll ever come back. What reason does the “Rose can do nothing wrong uwu” crew have to let her free if they want everyone to believe that everyone’s problems can be solved by the magic of friendship? This is just really shitty. I want to see Steven actually be wrong for once.

So I heeeeaaarrrrdddd that @chibibreeby has an android au >.>

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just ‘cause the similarity was strong there. And plus getting sick 24/7 like irl! 

I wish I could jump that high. I really do. 

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