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Hey guys!! 

I know it hasn’t really been a minute since I’ve been posting like left and right this last month or so, but I’ve been getting a lot of notes and emails and all sorts of stuff so I figured I’d just throw down some quick updoots to get you all in the know (or at least my version of the know, we’ll figure that part out later)

FIRST OFF I want to thank every one of you out there who’s supported my art either through your likes, reblogs/retweets, and even Patreon support (which has gotten up to $200 a month wow!!) It’s only been like what, a year since I started posting art to the furry fandom and it’s been just a heck of a ride the entire way. Like I nearly went from 400 followers about a year ago to literally almost 7 THOUSAND FOLLOWERS???

If you had asked me if any of this was possible on my end about a year ago, frankly I’d tell you it was just a far off fantasy. BUT JOKES ON PAST ME BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE MAKING ME CRY IRL EVERY DAY. SO JUST THANKS. WOW. I LOVE ALL OF YOU!! 

(and if you’ve been one of those people behind the scenes pushing my butt in the right direction, I love you just that much more. you all know who you are uwu)

SO AS YOU’VE PROBABLY NOTICED I’ve been doing a butt ton of art (specifically commissions!) very recently, and it’s been a heck of a refreshing change for me to just do some quick lil animated bits and layout stuff ! But the real world is scary and wants money so i’m also on the hunt for a more permanent job situation while I manage some of these upcoming projects and commissions. I will say definitively I’ll be closing off commissions for the upcoming month (but I’ll get to that in a sec)

The big one being my Chuck and Deen reboot, which is now officially going under the name HOW I LEFT TOWN (AND GOT LOST FOREVER)

The comics going under a serious overhaul in terms of tone, style and writing, but you’ll be seeing a return of all your fav characters in something I’m hoping will reflect a lot of the themes my artworks been giving off this last year. It’ll be dramatic, it’ll be super gay, and it’ll have lots of spooks! So here’s hoping I can deliver something special when I find the time to get posting.

The elephant in the room for me atm is my unfinished senior film that’s been sitting in limbo since I graduated from SVA. It’s literally just waiting to be finished (after some technical issues regarding time and coordination) and tbh it’s just a load of demo reel/portfolio material waiting to be unbenched, so I’ve decided to make that my first priority before my next big contract this coming month. I’m hoping I’ll have a good film to show for and finally a finished project under my belt by the beginning of July, so cheer along and look forward to some dumb teen comedy about vampires and terrible pizza!!

From there, I can definitely see myself dedicating my free time to making progress on my new comic and just tons more of the same kind of stuff you’ve been seeing me post recently. Here’s hoping I can pay back all the kindness and love I’ve received this last year uwu


Need to finish my student film before I get rolling on the new Chuck and Deen to get them sick career opportunities. Commissions are kind of closed. I love all of you. Deuces. 

wowie can you belive i hit 2k followers already? because i’m not!! why do y’ll follow me? i don’t know! because i’m just a silly potato haha. but seriously thank you so much for following me i really appreciate this. and even if we are not mutuals i love you all i really mean it!! so here is the list of people whom i follow! i hope i didn’t forget anyone. you can beat me up if i did!

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I was at the shinee concert in vancouver and I have a few tHings to say because I need to talk about it

key is sweet and cute as HELL and him speaking english is heaven lemme just say??! his dance solo during one of their songs is ICONIC and his smILE PLEASE HELP ME. he is so handsome and beautiful, I swear, his ig posts do not do him justice
minho ALSO speaking english is a blessing and him waving at fans during their performance was adorable. him trying to shush the fans with a cute little smile when he wants to talk makes MY HEART ACHE TOO?? I kept screaming ‘MINHOOO’ whenever his parts in their songs came up. and his laugh too omg why I love him
taemin trying to speak in his broken english is the most sweetest and endearing thing ever and I like how he said he’ll try to learn more of our language for when they come back (plus his solo performance was PERFECT, AMAZING)((he also has some nice back muscles yo))
• hearing onew’s voice in person almost made me cry, I’m telling you. his voice is so beautiful and he’s just a squishy little bean I love him so much, he’s so precious and his laugh is adorable
jonghyun??? HIS SMILE IS SO BRIGHT AND HIS VOICE IS SO WONDERFUL I CANT BELIEVE I HEARD HIS VOICE WITH MY OWN EARS?? his heart is so pure please why is he doing this to me
• @ the end of the concert I nearly cried but I got a piece of confetti and the memory of their voices and smiles in my head so I’m fine bless shinee and their hearts

Hey guys! This is just my reaction/summary post of the BTS Concert in Newark (Thursday, 3/23)! I’ll be going into a lot of detail, but bare with me. I’ve linked all the fancams I took throughout the post, so you can check that out :)

[Full Fancam Playlist]


Alright so first things first…I’ve been following BTS since ~May/June 2014, and this was the first time I was actually able to go to a live concert. I WAS LITERALLY BEYOND THE MOON when I got tickets, and I was so excited that I was badgering everyone I knew with my fangirling. BTS means so much to me, they got me through some of the hardest times in my life, and they gave me happiness and hope. So getting to go to one of their concerts, see them and support them in person, was such a blessing.

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 part: 1

nash grier imagine

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6



It was a lost love from the beginning
But at least we tried” I sang the last words to my latest single.
“Thank you london for coming tonight!! You were amazing, have a good night!!” I blew a kiss and walked backstage. The adrenaline from just performing in front of thousands of people was still racing through my body, while my crew congratulates me on the show tonight.
Walking back to my dressing room thinking about how lucky I am to be living my dream. I’m startled from my thoughts by my phone vibrating in my pocket.
Sitting down on the couch I look at my phone. It’s a twitter notification from my friend mahogany. Mahogany is one of my closest friends. We were destined to be friends seeing as our moms were too we basically grew up together. Sadly I don’t see her that often anymore. We just both got so busy, me with my first stadium tour and she with magcon. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m eternally great full for the life I’m living right now, it’s just sometimes I wish I could be experiencing this with her by my side.
I open my twitter app and see what she had send me.

I laugh and favorite the tweet.
A few second later I get a skype call from mahogany.
“Hiiiiiiiii”: she screams trying to get over the background noises of screaming teenage boys. She stands up, mouthing: “hang on”. There’s some movement and the sound of a door closing, blocking the noises from inside the room. “Thats better.” I laugh at her and say: “that’s what you get when your traveling with boys” Sighing she looks at me with pleading eyes. “I need more girl power here!” “I miss my babe” pouting my lip I pretend to cry. She laughs loudly making me laugh too. Thats what I miss, laughing about everything and nothing at all. Suddenly she stops laughing making me look up at my screen. “I’ve got an amazing idea! Just join magcon next week.” I look at her surprised not expecting this at all. “I mean we’re both in the same city’s then why not?!” She was right my concerts are all in America next week in almost the same citys she is with magcon. “Mahogany have I ever told you you are brilliant?”: she gives me a smug look and says :“so your Coming?“ Without thinking to long I nod my head excitedly. She screeches jumping up and down. I laugh at her and think about how fun it’s going to be to see my crazy bestfriend again after two months.

Part 2 up, link above
Thanks for reading it’ll get more interesting I promise!!
Requests open

Xoxo R

Yanno, part of me almost doesn’t want a season 2. Just because it would pain me to see the boys in such an awful position again.. but, in the possibility of one - Sometimes a show doesn’t need tragedy and death and relationship trauma to make it exciting and capturing. Sometimes a show obtains characters that DESERVE so much more than what is considered to make a show ‘exciting’. And in this case? We need a show that shows a relationship, an un-perfect relationship where insecurities and issues and hiccups are explored.. but that teaches us what true, pure and undiluted love is. That makes our hearts race with nerves for their first proper date, that makes us cry with happiness when the perfection seems so undeniably real and POSSIBLE. We don’t need fancy lighting and guns and what not. Almost like a season of a vlog.. simplicity and raw emotion is all we need.

AN: Hey! Like I said before, because I have finals coming up and I have school for another two weeks, I will not be able to post as frequently as I had been over the weekend. Anyway, this is for justang6! Thanks for requesting! *The gif is not mine, and please ignore my spelling mistakes!  Xoxoxo :3

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Prompt: Gah! Dude, you should totally right a one shot where the reader gets her wisdom teeth out and she loopy from the drugs they had to give her. Since I’m getting my wisdom teeth out soon, why not have a laugh!

((Ps: I actually have never gotten my wisdom teeth taken out/never been on drugs like that, so I hope my story is at least a little correct! And I hope that all goes well with your procedure!))


“Unicorns and Chocolate Milk”

“Are you nervous?”

You peered up at Wanda, who (of course) could feel your emotions. But, really it didn’t take a mind reader to guess at what you felt like. Your legs were shaking, you were biting your lips, and your fingers were woven together so tightly that they turned white in your lap. Wanda sat next to you in the waiting room chair, her red eyes looking at you softly.

“Me? No. I’ve taken down more HYRDA agents then I can count, I think I can  handle a small trip to the dentist.” You lied, knowing full well that Wanda could see straight through it.

“Right,” Her Slovakian accent drawled out. "I do not believe you.“

You sighed and leaned your head against her shoulder. "Wanda, I’m scared.”

“I know.” She responded softly and grabbed your knotted hands from your lap.

“I don’t really like the thought of some stranger poking around in my mouth when I’m half asleep.”

“Don’t worry about it Y/N,” She said reassuringly. “You are not the first person in the world to get their wisdom teeth taken out you know, you will be strong like you always are, and before you know it they will be all done!”

You sighed, “Yeah, maybe.”

“Do you want to talk to my brother?” She asked, digging her phone out of her bag. “I’m sure he would love to give you some words of confidence.”

You blushed deep red and looked away so she could not see your face. “W-why would you think that I would want to talk to him?”

Her crimson lips twisted into a knowing smile as she shoved her phone back into her black bag. “Oh, it was just a thought.”

You loved Wanda dearly, but sometimes having a mind-reading best friend was annoying. She knew about your (not so) little crush Pietro, but you were thankful that she never came right out and said it. One thing that made you like Wanda so much was her respect of people’s privacy.

“Y/N L/N?” A lady in dark blue scrubs called your name in the waiting room, narrowing her eyes to read the name off of the clipboard.

You swallowed and Wanda squeezed your hand one last time.



Pietro looked up at the clock and frowned, Y/N’s procedure should have been over by now. He hadn’t received any word from Y/N or Wanda, which made him really nervous. He knew that nothing was going to go wrong, but he still felt the overwhelming need to be there for Y/N.

He had wanted to go, but convinced himself that if he had tagged along he would only make things worse and more awkward. He knew Y/N well, but not well enough to be able to comfort her like Wanda could. It was one of the few times that he was jealous of his sister.

A low buzzing came from Pietro’s cellphone, and in a flash he answered it before the first ring ended. “Hello?”

“Pietro,” Wanda answered. “What are you doing right now?”

“I was, uh, training.” He lied, in reality he had been moping around in his room waiting to hear how it went.

“Do you think that you could possibly come over to Y/N’s dentist’s office-”

“Is she hurt?” Pietro all but shouted into the phone, earning a chuckle from his twin.

“No. She isn’t out yet, but I just received word from Natasha that I have to meet her right now. Do you think that you could bring Y/N home instead?”

There was something off about Wanda’s voice, Pietro could tell that there was something she wasn’t saying, but he didn’t really care.

“I’m on my way!”

Pietro, seeing as he would have to drive you home, had to drive a car to get you. He almost rammed into three cars and blew through every stop sign he came across, the last thing he wanted was for you to come into the waiting room and not have anyone there for you.

Pietro parked (rather sloppily) in the first parking spot he saw and didn’t stall for a second before zooming into the office.

Pietro got there just in time to see a nurse wheel you out in a wheelchair, a small piece of paper in his hand. “Is someone here to pick up Y/N L/N?”

Pietro zoomed in front of the nurse and smiled. “That’d be me.”

“Great!” The young male nurse nodded and moved away from the back of the wheelchair for Pietro to take over. “Good luck with her, she’s still drugged pretty good.”


Pietro squatted so that he could look you in the eye. Your hair was all over and your cheeks looked puffy, like you had something in them. “Y/N? How are you feeling?”

You looked up and grinned at him, the bloodied cotton in your mouth almost fell out onto your lap. “Like a million bucks!”

You squinted your eyes and reached out, brushing your fingers on the tip of Pietro’s nose. “Whoa, Wanda you look a lot like Pietro.”

Pietro chuckled then got up and began to wheel you out of the office. He looked down at you as you spread your hands out and made plane noises like you were flying as he moved the wheelchair.

Awkwardly, he lifted you and put you in the passenger seat and buckled you in, seeing as you could barley keep your head up straight. He zoomed the wheelchair back to the office and back to the driver’s side.

“I…I really like horses, Pietro.” You said very seriously. “Like, a lot.”

Pietro tried to conceal a laugh in, knowing full well that you expected him to be taking you seriously. “Oh, really?”

“Yes!” You shouted, your head bobbing back and forth as Pietro backed out of the space. “But you know what’s better than horses?”

“What’s that, Y/N?”

“Unicorns!” You sighed dreamily, and he could see your eyes look like they were deep in thought. “They are so strong, and pretty….we should have one on our team!” You looked at him with pure excitement. “A unicorn Avenger!”

Pietro was loving every single moment of this. “We should!”

“Oh, god…” You moaned.

“Y/N!” Pietro said at your sudden change in tone. “Are you okay?”

Pietro tried to look at you and keep his eyes on the road, and the glimpses that he saw of you made his stomach turn. You had your forehead pressed against the passenger side window, your arms wrapped around you like your torso like you were in pain.

“Oh, god!” You moaned again, but this time louder. Pietro was looking for a place to pull over, he was worried that you had hurt yourself somehow in your drugged state.

“I need to pee so bad Pietro!” You shouted at the top of your lungs.

Pietro almost passed out in relief. “Y/N! You can’t just scare me like that! I was so worried!”

You looked at him with sad, heartbroken eyes. He felt like he had just scolded a little child, he was instantly guilty.

“I-I’m sorry!” You wailed. “I don’t have to pee anymore! Forget I said it! I don’t wanna pee anymore!”

Pietro shook his head and reached over and gripped your arm with one hand. “Baby, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry…”

You shook your head. “I’m not crying, that’s a lie! I’m not crying and I do not have to pee!”

Pietro parked the car in the private car lot for the Avengers Tower. Pietro, with lighting speed, unbuckled you and ran you both up until you reached the main floor. He ran you into the girl’s bathroom (knowing that no one else was in the tower) and sat you down on the closed toilet lid.

You swayed back and forth as you adjusted to the new change in scenery. You looked around the room with wide eyes. “Oh my god… how did you know  that I had to use the bathroom? I thought that you were the twin that couldn’t read minds!”

He chuckled, happy to see that you weren’t upset anymore. “I have a few tricks up my sleeve.”

Pietro let you use the bathroom whilst standing outside the door, waiting to hear the toilet flush so he could grab you and make sure you don’t fall. He set you on a couch and covered you in a warm blanket.

“Is there anything you want, Y/N?” Pietro asked while tucking the blanket all around you, making a little cocoon.

“Chocolate milk!” You grinned at him, showing your cotton pads.

“You want chocolate milk? I’ll get you chocolate milk.” Pietro shot up and ran to the kitchen, pouring milk and chocolate syrup into a plastic cup and stirring it up. He opted for the plastic rather than the glass, for obvious reasons.

He reappeared in front of you in record speed and you clapped your hands together. “That was so fast!”

He grinned and handed you the cup, careful to make sure that you held it with both hands. “Pietro, I can’t drink this.”

He cocked his head to the side. “Why not?”

“It’s…it’s…” You struggled to find the right word, he could see your eyebrows scrunch together as you thought really hard. He thought it was the cutest thing he had ever seen.

“Dirty! It’s dirty!” You said in an accomplished tone. “Look, it’s all brown!”

He laughed and shook his head. “It’s the chocolate, dear. See?” Pietro took a sip of the cup and gave it back to you to show you that it was okay to drink.

“Okay, I trust you, but can you put it on the table? I don’t want to drink it right now.”

He obediently obliged, and while he was turned to place the cup on the coffee table, he heard you say, “Oooh, gimme a piece of that fine Slovakian ass!”

Pietro’s bright blue eyes widened and he whipped around, seeing you smile drunkenly at him.

“Have I ever told you that you are…you are so handsome. You are better than unicorns and chocolate milk combined.”

Pietro’s heart began to beat faster, did you mean what you were saying?

Pietro’s phone rang from his pocket, and he fumbled to get it, his hands shaking from you strange yet amusing confession.

“Y-yes?” He answered, his voice cracking.

“So…” Wanda’s voice trailed from the other end of the line. “How is Y/N, what’s she been doing?”

Pietro was about to tell her that you were fine, but then it hit him. “You…you never had to meet with Natasha, did you? You planned on having me get her, didn’t you?”

Wanda just giggled and hung up the phone.

((Sorry if this was annoyingly long but it was sooooo funnnn to write! I hope you all liked it!))

His phone buzzed on the table, and you watched once again as he picked it up and used him thumb to type in his password. His face was illuminated by the bright screen, and a grin etched its way onto his lips as he typed away. His food long forgotten as he continued a conversation that seemed to be much more important a date with you.

You stabbed at the piece of chicken breast sitting on your plate, as you stared the madhed potato accompanying it on the china. A breathy laugh left his mouth as he sent back another message, and smiled widely. Your mind was wracking. Who on earth could it be? The boys wouldn’t make him smile like that. His sister most certainly wouldn’t. And his mum? Possibly not. You could narrow it down to Nadine, but she was probably busy doing her modelling. You just wanted to know who it was.

As he placed his phone back on the wooden table, his eyes wandered up and met yours. His smile faltering as he took in your expression. “What’s the long face for, babe? Is the chicken not cooked right?” He wondered, as he reached for his wine glass and placed the rim on his lips. The slurping sound of him making people stare.

“Harry, do you have to drink like that? For goodness sake, you’re 21 years old” You hissed, as he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “And nothing is wrong with the chicken. It’s you. Who are you texting? You haven’t put that phone down all night. I’m starting to think you should go on a date with whoever is on the other side of the conversation!” You grunted, and held the fork to your lips, taking the piece of chicken from the metal.

“Woah. Woah. I’m texting Niall. We’re writing a new song together, babe. Just exchanging ideas” He smiled, as he placed the glass down on the table and took your hand in his. “I’d much rather be on a date with my beautiful and lovely girlfrend, than my annoying band mate” He chuckled, as you rolled your eyes and sent him a soft smile.

“I’m sorry… I get why now. I thought you were texting someone else” You whispered, as he chuckled and shook his head.

“Nope. Just Niall” He stated, too quickly for your liking, and picked his fork back up. “Are you fancying a pudding? I am. I’m thinking Rocky Road Sundae. What do you think?” Harry wondered, as you nodded and took another bite from your chicken. “Yeah? I’ll be sure to ask for extra chocolate sauce. Just for you” He winked, making a blush appear on your cheeks.

“Are you sure you aren’t just wanting some more sauce? I like it, don’t get me wrong. But, you have a slight addiction to it” You giggled, as you caught him staring at you plate. “Do you want some, or something?” You laughed as his eyes widened and he nodded sheepishly.

“You love chocolate sauce. It’s for you. I promise” He winked, as he watched you cut up some chicken and hold it up to his mouth. “Smells good, don’t it?” He chuckled as he wrapped his lips around the meat and chewed lightly. He hummed in delight as he closed his eyes and covered his mouth as he ate. “That is so good. S'gonna be my order next time” He chuckled, as he pushed his empty plate from in front of him.

“Was the pie good? It looked nice. Like what your mum makes” You grinned, watching his face light up into a smile. His hands patted at his belly softly as he inwardly burped and immediately covered his mouth. “Harry Styles!” You gasped, as he laughed loudly and blushed.

“I can’t help it. It’s the wine. Does something to me” He chuckled, as he pushed his chair away from the table. “M'juat going for a wee. I’ll be back, okay? Don’t ditch me” He winked, and turned on his heel, before looking over his shoulder. “Oh, order the sundae when he comes for the order” Harry added, before he waltzed down the array of tables and into the mens toilet.

• • • •

His phone buzzed and lit up again a few seconds after he left the table, the vibrations making your eyes go straight to the screen. You couldn’t help but reach forward and pick it up, reading the preview message. The number was shown, so you hadn’t any idea on who the person was. As you slid your thumb across the screen, you quickly typed in his password. He made sure you knew it in case of emergencies.

‘Last night was good! We should hang out again, H. xx’

You felt your chest tighten as you continued to read the messages. The ones from Harry had made soft tears fall from your cheeks. He had another girl on the side. He was cheating. How could he be so calm and collected? How could he lie to you?

'I had a great time! I know a great little restaurant we can go to. It’s peaceful and we won’t be intruded by fans. xx’

'You know your London places, Harry. I trust it’s a nice restaurant? Not some cheap and tacky one you took us to one time? xx’

Your vision blurred as you stopped reading. Your eyes stung and tears were dribbling down your cheeks as you used the back of the napkin to wipe then away. How could he continue to text the girl he was cheating with, when he was on a date with you? You felt anger pulse through your veins as you stood up.

“Hey… Are we leaving? Did you pay a- Is that my phone?” He hissed, as he pointed at the black iPhone in your hand. “Where you snooping through my phone?” He asked, his voice loud and his accent more prominent. People were beginning to stare as he walked closer to you, his eyes ablaze as he stared at you. “Why the fuck were you snooping through my phone?!”

You gulped and wiped your eyes, slamming the phone on the table and grabbing your coat. “You’re cheating on me. I don’t want to be with someone who’s cheating” You muttered, as you walked down the aisle between the tables. He gripped your wrist, and pulled you back. His grip tight on your joint. “Let go of me. Don’t touch me with those disgusting hands. You probably touched her last night. I hope she was fucking worth it, you dirty, cheating pig!” You hissed, yanking your arm from his hold and storming put the restaurant.

• • • •

Harry arrived home shotly after the taxi had dropped you off. He found you in the bedroom, in a pair of lacey underwear which you’d brought for that night. He sighed as he toed off his brown boots and placed them on the shoe rack in the wardrobe.

“It’s not what you think…” He whispered, and his voice was raw. It was scratchy and weak and almost inaudible. You knew he’d been crying and you felt horrible for causing the scene in public. You hated making him cry, but his lies has caused you enough pain. “Please… Listen to me” He whispered, as he held onto your bare shoulders. Your hands gripped at the baggy t-shirt you wore to bed; the one he’d given you a few years back.

“I’m not in the mood, Harry. I’ll sleep in the spare room tonight. I just need some space, okay?” You muttered, as you shuffled from his grip and slid the shirt over your head. “I’m going to stay at Liam’s and Soph’s for the weekend so I’ll be out of the way” You added, and you could hear his heart break in the silence around you. It killed you, to walk out the room and hear a soft sob leave his lips.

“.. It was Glenne. Jeff’s missus” He cried out, as you stopped in the middle of the landing hallway. “Remember when I said I was going out with mates last night? We didn’t go out to meet girls. I went out with Jeff and Glenne. To catch up” He whispered, as he stepped out into the chilly hallway. “I was going to ask you tonight if you wanted to come and join us for dinner tomorrow night…” He added, his head lifting as he looked at you with tear-filled eyes.

“Oh… Harry. I’m so sorry… I overreacted. I feel so stupid” You muttered, walking over to his hunched up figure and enveloping him into your arms. His head dropped to your shoulder as he sobbed against your neck, his arms holding you tightly. Scared he was going to lose you if he let you go. “I should’ve let you explain. I’m sorry… I’m a crap girlfriend right now, aren’t I?” You sighed, feeling his head shake from side to side.

“Of course not… I should have asked you before, babe. It’s okay” He muttered, his lips grazing your neck. “You’re not a crap girlfriend. Okay? You’ll be a crap girlfriend if you don’t come and cuddle with me, though. In our bed. In our room” He grinned, lifting his head from your shoulder and looked down at you. His lips curved into a smile.

“Come on, then. I need a good ole’ cuddle with my favourite man…”


kenta cried while watching the trainees with their families (个_个)