i almost cried while doing this

Okay so seeing Wonder Woman was literally eye-opening for me. I always knew that movies, action movies in particular, are really sexist towards women. I just didn’t realize how bad it was until I saw a superhero movie directed by a woman.

In almost every movie I’ve seen, the woman was always the damsel in distress or just some lousy love interest. And in action movies, mainly superhero movies, the camera is always focused on the woman’s boobs while she’s fighting. Yes, I’m mainly talking about Black Widow in the Avengers movies.

But in Wonder Woman, there were no close-up shots of her boobs while she was fighting. In fact, I don’t think that any woman even showed her cleavage, at all. They weren’t sexualized in any way. 

And all of the women looked like real people. There were women with big muscles, women with scars, there were women with thick thighs and arms that would jiggle when they were fighting, there were dark skinned women. They didn’t just all look like the stereotypical super thin white girls that you usually see in big movies.

The flirting was also very minimal. There were almost no romantic scenes at all.

And none of the men tried to undermine or belittle the women, and when they did Diana would just start talking about how she could do things better than them.

And the fight scenes. They were so amazing. They didn’t try to make the women look super pretty while doing it. No, they were full on fighting. Nasty, brutal, screams-of-pure-rage fighting.

But she always had a reason for fighting, and she always did it because she genuinely believes in hope and peace and protecting innocent people and people who can’t fight for themselves.

This movie sends out so many great messages for little girls, saying that you can fight for what you believe in and even if you don’t succeed the first time, not to give up because it is always worth it in the end.

Like I was thinking about it in the movie theater. For some little girls, Wonder Woman is their first superhero. There are little girls who will grow up with this movie and cherish it because it is the first and only movie with a lead female superhero. There are little girls who will grow up thinking that they want to do some good in this world, just like she did. I almost cried during several parts in the movie just thinking about that.

So please, for the love of all things good, please go see this movie. Not only is it a huge deal for women and girls now, it will be for generations to come. 

Another update from Stefán! Warning, I cried so much while reading this!
  • Dear friends.
  • I have no words to describe how thankful I am to all of you, my friends. Your support and continuous thoughts, prayers and positive letters and encouragement have more to do with my success in the fight with cancer then you can imagine.
  • Let me tell you a little story.
  • During my travels around the US and North America with the Musical How The Grinch Stole Christmas, I got to meet children with cancer in almost every city we visited, more the 40 cities. I would dress up as the Grinch and visit the Children’s Hospital in each city and meet with very sick child that was strong enough to take a visit from the Grinch for a little story reading or just a short hello. Sometimes I could only wave to them through a glass window because they were too ill to make any contact to the outer world. 
  • In my carrier I have also worked with “Make a Wish Foundation” and in Lazy Town we would have children visit the studio from all over the world and it felt so good to be able to make a difference. 
  • But one girl will never leave my mind. We were playing “The Grinch” in Orlando, Florida 2015 and I had been asked by “Make a Wish Foundation” to meet with this girl, 12 years old, who had the dream of taking her family to Orlando and having a blast. She had gone to all the parks and seen a lot of shows during her stay but she really needed to meet The Grinch. 
  • I asked her if she had had a good time with her family and friends in Florida and she said yes, it’s been great. And since I was in Character as The Grinch I asked her why she wanted to meet with me before the show, The Grinch of all people. Then she looked me in the eyes, smiled, stroked my hair and said: “I just wanted to see if I could make your heart grow three sizes”. 
  • My eyes filled up with tears and I really had nothing to say and I remember thinking to myself “Stop, Stop it, you can’t be The Grinch and cry in front of this child”. I looked at her and said; “You have made my heart grow, yes”. Then the girl said ; “Well, you too Mr. Grinch” and then she gave me the warmest hug I have ever felt. 
  • This story is about all of us, all of us who are ready to give till the last moment in our lives, help others with as little as a word or two or just a hug.
  • You are giving and you are healing and just remember, it doesn’t matter how long I live because it about how I live. Life is not tomorrow, life is now.
  • Big hug and love to you all
  • Stefan Karl

Because of this addition on the post by @tinkdw I felt compelled to write a short… thingy. :P 

Watch Over You (1264 words)

When Cas comes back as a human, he has nightmares. Dean doesn’t notice it at first; the bunker is huge and the walls are mostly sound proof and Cas – well, Cas always looks tired.

And Cas does his best to never let it on that he dreams, every night, of all the people he killed, all the mistakes he made, all the knowledge he has lost because his human mind can’t comprehend it anymore. Some days he wakes up screaming, others crying – often both. But he never talks about it because, well, if he’s learned one thing, then this: Winchesters don’t talk about their feelings. And he’s a Winchester now, at least this much has Dean made clear.

Dean notices when they’re on a case in Iowa, sharing the motel room because Sam got the short straw and has to observe a haunted house they’ve theoretically cleared but – better safe than sorry. It’s almost 2am and Dean’s not even remotely tired so he’s just idling around when a soft whimper makes him perk up.

It grows louder. At first it’s barely noticeable but after a while the whimper turns into groans (and not the sexy kind either), then small cries and Dean can hear Cas’ breath hitching before he lets out a shout. Dean’s up before he knows what he’s doing, standing at Cas’ bed. He’s sweaty and his face is distorted into a grimace; without thinking, Dean grabs Cas’ shoulder and shakes it.

Cas sits up almost immediately. “I didn’t -” he stutters. “I didn’t want -”

“Hey, it’s okay,” Dean says softly. “It was a dream.” He’s surprised by the gentleness in his voice and swallows heavily; he shouldn’t turn this into a chick flick moment.

“Dean.” Cas recognizes him and immediately recoils; Dean’s hand is falling from Cas’ shoulder. “I’m sorry.” He sounds tired. “I – had a bad dream.”

“Yeah, I noticed,” Dean answers.

“I’m sorry,” Cas repeats. “I didn’t want to disturb you. I can go sleep in Sam’s room if you want.”

Dean shakes his head without even thinking about it. “Dude, no,” he says forcefully. “That’s not a problem. I’m used to it. Sam had them all the time. Me… me too.”

“I – I may have had them a lot,” Cas admits. “In the last weeks. But I didn’t want to disturb you. And it’s not a problem, really. Don’t feel pressured into doing… something.”

“I’m not. Come on, let’s try to go back to sleep, okay? I’ll sit here a bit. Watch over you.” He points at the end of the bed.

Cas tilts his head curiously. “You always said I shouldn’t do this,” he says.

That makes Dean blush. “Well, that was – different,” he explains. He doesn’t exactly know how, but it - well it was. Most definitely. “You deserve it,” he adds as an afterthought.

Maybe it’s because Cas is too tired to argue or because he actually believes what Dean has said, but he agrees and lets himself fall to sleep shortly after. And it seems to help, very well actually – no nightmare in sight. Dean doesn’t fall asleep that night but that’s okay - he can sleep in the Impala, let Sam drive. He’s always happy when he can.

After that, it becomes a habit. Of course, because Cas is Cas, he at first puts up a fight – but after the third night in a row where he needed more caffeine than humanly possible to even held his head up he realized that this is his best option.

So Dean stops sleeping in his room, instead watching over Cas every night. He doesn’t mention it to Sam because – it’s no big deal anyway, and it’s just until Cas stops having these dreams. He sets up a comfy chair next to Cas’ bed and it works. When Cas has a nightmare, he wakes him up, they go back to sleep.

No need to talk about it. Not that they don’t talk – actually they do talk a lot, sometimes for hours at a time. About everything, being human, their last cases, philosophical questions; sometimes Cas tries to lure him into a conversation about mathematical equations because he ‘doesn’t want his skills to get rusty’ but Dean shuts that down pretty quickly.

They do this for a week until Dean’s back and neck starts to hurt. He doesn’t say anything because he has enjoyed their nights together so much that he fears saying anything will threaten whatever fragile thing they have build together but Cas, of course, notices it anyway.

When Dean groans and massages his neck as he sinks into the chair, Cas sighs and pointedly looks at his bed. “My bed is pretty big, you know,” he says.

“Um,” Dean says. “Okay?”

“It’s just – I see that you’re hurting. And I feel bad. Because I – I feel like my happiness comes at your expense. I don’t - I don’t want to be a burden.”

“You’re not, Cas. I’m just old and cranky and shouldn’t be doing this stuff anymore. But if I can handle a wendigo I can handle a fucking chair.”

“Well, you don’t have to.”

They don’t talk about it for that evening but when it’s 2AM and Dean wakes up with the worst crick in his neck that he has ever experienced, Cas wakes up and holds up his blanket as an invitation. “Come on,” he says and it’s not a plea, it’s not a suggestion, it’s an order.

So, of course, Dean obeys. He’s shaking and sweating at the prospect of sharing a bed with Cas, but he obeys. It doesn’t mean anything, he thinks. Cas is Cas. He just wants to be nice to me. It doesn’t mean anything. He doesn’t sleep that night.

The next night, he’s in bed with Cas from the beginning. He almost doesn’t dare to move but he’s tired, so tired, and when he falls asleep he finds himself drifting closer to Cas; almost but not quite touching. They don’t talk about it afterwards.

The third night it all goes down. Of course he’s lying in Cas’ bed and of course he’s trying to keep his hands to himself but after talking for three hours and Cas’ eyes falling shut every few seconds now he just can’t help himself; he raises his hand and brushes a few stray hairs from Cas’ face.

When Cas opens his eyes almost immediately, he stills. “Sorry,” he says and puts his hand back, expecting – whatever, a shout, a ‘what the fuck are you doing you pervert’, a ‘leave my bed and don’t come back’.

Certainly not this. Cas takes Dean’s hand, putting it in his hair again. “It’s okay,” he says quietly. Hesitantly, Dean starts to caress Cas’ hair, watching with fascination when Cas shuffles closer, burying his nose in Dean’s neck. Far too soon his breath starts to even and he falls asleep completely; he doesn’t have any nightmares that night.

There’s no going back from this, and somehow Dean doesn’t want to. Soft touches turn into warm embraces turn into slow kisses turn into eager movements. He doesn’t look back; they don’t talk about it because, well, there’s nothing to talk about.

Except one thing, a few weeks later. “You know,” Cas starts quietly when Dean is running his fingers through his hair again. “I vowed to always watch over you,” he continues. “And then you said you would do the same.” There’s a short pause, then, very quiet, almost like an exhale. “Thank you.”

Cas doesn’t have nightmares again, but they still share a bed.

the foxes as shit my 5 yr old nephews say/do

Dan: [gets angry at you, waits until you’re far enough away and then stares you dead in the eye and makes a mess/breaks something before you can stop it from happening] “uh oh :))”

Kevin: “you can’t go to bed, we have to beat this game!” (Me: “you mean this level?”) “NO, THE WHOLE GAME”

Andrew: [finds the fucking candy no matter where you hide it]

Matt: [drops everything and launches himself across the room to squeeze you lovingly whenever you ask him for a hug]

Aaron: [doesn’t really understand hours/minutes, measures time in spongebob episodes instead]
“How long will you be gone??”
“Like an hour”
“Like 3 episodes of spongebob”
“Oh, ok”)

Seth: [falls down and then falls asleep on the floor instead of standing back up]

Allison: (me: “shhhhh”) “UMMMMMM, no one is on the phone?? No one is sleeping?? I DONT HAVE TO BE QUIET”

Nicky: [jumping on the trampoline while sobbing grossly]

Renee: [asks for fries at mcdonalds for the sole purpose of letting someone else eat them]

Neil: [gets hurt] “I’m okay I’m okay I’m okay imokayimokayimokayimokay. You okay???”


Wymack: (me: “can you help me with this?”) “that’s not my job ://////” [helps anyway]

Abby: [will absentmindedly stroke/pat your arm the same way one would to soothe an animal]

Bee: [constantly seen wandering the backyard while carrying at least 3 dandelions]

I Wish You A Merry Christmas
Mystic Messenger
I Wish You A Merry Christmas


MC: Who is it?

I wish you a Merry Christmas… I wish you a Merry Christmas…
I wish you a Merry Christmas… and a happy… new…

…Haha… Hahahaha!

Look at your face… Yes, that’s the face I wanted to see.

Your heart’s racing, no? I can see your hands shaking… haha…
Should I call myself the Santa Claus watching over you? I’m always thinking about when I should bring my present.

Should I give the present today…? Or tomorrow?
When would you like to receive it?

MC: I don’t want it.

… I see. I appreciate your answer.

Of course, I have no intentions to do what you want me to do. Hahaha…

Entertain me with your frightened face, with your trembling… everyday from now on… If you bore me, I’ll go find you, okay?

You thought that if you’re nice, you’ll get a present on Christmas? Well… I have a different way of giving gifts.

I despise nice children… I despise them very very much.
Try and be nice until I go see you. Don’t you want to know what I’ll do?

Merry Christmas~!

Be patient and wait for the day… you come to be by my side.

I can’t be the only one...

Who smiles every time Wildcat laughs,

Who sings Basically’s outro,

Who does the Arnold vioce along with Terroriser,

Who gets too happy every time I see Vanoss’s thumbnails,

Who tries to do the Squeaker voice, but always fail,

Who falls in love with Delirious every time he laughs,

Who respects Cartoonz even if I haven’t met him,

Who almost cried while watching Droidd’s goodbye video,

Who giggles every time Moo laughs

Who gets mad along with Mini,

Who mimics Nogla’s laugh.

Q: How comfortable were you guys filming your three-way sex scene with Udo?

River: Well, I really didn’t help matters. While we were doing our scene I said, “Just think, Keanu. Five hundred million of your fans will be watching this one day.” Like a stupid idiot. I made him feel completely self-conscious. But Keanu rose above it. Gus scolded me endlessly the night after.

Keanu: Did he really?

River: Yeah. He scolded the shit out of me. I almost cried. That was terrible of me. I was just trying to break the ice. You know, I thought it was humorous- I was trying to save Keanu from being freeze-framed by twelve-year-olds at home!

Keanu: Thanks, brother.

I crave to lazily pull him into my lap and watch him shiver–a response as he fails to decide whether he should melt into my touch or tense up, trying to prove that he was a big boy, ready for however I wanted to play with him today.

I want to whisper “Be still or I’ll have to stop” into his ear, as he shivers and whines, trying his best to be the good boy I knew he was while I did the very things that made him squirm and writhe. Perhaps because I love seeing him helpless, looking for control and finding none until he meets my eyes.

I want to meet his eyes as a challenge, almost as someone who thought they would do their best but had utterly failed and surrendered control–just waiting for me to do my worst…or my best.

Because he knew that no matter how many marks I put on his skin, how many tears I solicited from his delicate eyes, no matter how many cries I managed to pull from his oh so soft lips…he was safe.

I was his best nightmare and his worst dream. I was the reason he woke up to serve and the reason he slept so deeply. Because no matter how much I decides to bend him, he knew that I would never break him.

Because though I exerted the power, truly it was he who held it. He who crafted the basket, and I that would fill it with his utmost desires, keep the lid sealed tight. Whether that be bruises on his skin or gentle touches after a long day.

We were one in the same. And I would exploit that.

Shy Bunny

Pairings: Jimin x Reader 

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Hybrid!AU Bunny!AU

Word Count: 2k +

A/N: Sorry this is really short I’m thinking of making a part two and make that one longer and add more to the storyline but like literally all my other ‘im making a p2′ I’m not really sure. THANK YOU!

Originally posted by jjks

“just for a little bit y/n! please!” you best friend begged as she squeezed your arm tightly.

Her legs had wrapped around your waist and her head was heavily weighed on your shoulder, trapping you on your own couch.

“I can’t afford a hybrid right now!” you argued as you struggled against her grip.

“you and both know that’s complete bullshit! You’re just being a bitch!” she yelled back at you.

Your best friend for 3 years has also been an active hybrid protector. Adoption centres weren’t rare. No at all, there were three just a block away.

However, some of these adoption centres weren’t exactly treating their hybrids…nicely.

People like your best friend adopt as many hybrids as possible in order to protect them from the horrors that occur in the centres. Whilst they hold the hybrids other people are currently trying to figure out how to shut them down.

This time however, your friend had taken in too many.

“y/n…I swear to god. Why don’t you want to help?” she asked in confusion.

You instantly felt like an asshole but you had reasons.

“I’m a loner amber, I don’t know how to deal with people let alone take care of them” you whined as she sighed deeply.

“y/n. can you please trust me this one time? I swear you won’t regret this decision” she stated as she stared into your soul.

Something in your head was telling you this was a bad idea but something else was telling you to do it.

Fuck it.


Twiddling your thumbs nervously you heard soft murmurs outside of your front door.

you had been told the basics but there was still a lot you were unsure about.

“okay Jimin! Welcome to your new home!” she yelled excitedly as she kicked your door harshly causing you to jump away from it in shock.

You were about to scowled her for damaging your property when your eyes lay on the shrunken figure behind her.

While you were busy trying to get a better look at your new roommate you friend slammed a duffle bag into your stomach.

With a pained ‘oof’ you fell backward and landed on your ass. A whine escaped your lips leading your friend to laugh loudly at you.

Your hand instantly flew behind you to cradle your now bruised ass cheek. You watched as slowly two bunny ears popped up and the stranger was stretching himself up to his usual height to see all the commotion.

The boys’ hair was swept over his eyes and his blonde ears matching with his hair stood tall and curious. As soon as his eyes connected with yours he nervously ducked down again, his ears flopping to follow his body.

“Jim-“you friend started to say before noticing he was fully crouched behind her.

Quickly, you rose to your feet as amber pushed Jimin forward happily.

“Jimin, meet Y/n!” she chirped. Jimin’s face was as red as a tomato and the poor things hands were shaking.

You smiled as welcomingly as you could and watched as his eyes darted to the floor.

“it’s nice to meet you Jimin! Welcome to your new home” you stated as you held his bag of belongings.

“Alright guys have fun” she said sending you a thankful smile before exiting the house.

Giving your friend a wave goodbye you watched as the bunny hybrid shifted his weight nervously.

“okay Jimin! Welcome to my home” you chirped excitedly, causing his ears to perk up in excitement and curiosity.

As you moved forward, jimin slowly followed you; he was hesitant in his movements but still managed to shuffle his way after you.

“this is the kitchen, this is the lounge…mmmm the bathroom is that way and your room” you said quickly pointing out areas of your decent sized apartment.

“is just over here” you said as you opened his door revealing a double bed and a side table.

“I hope this is okay” you mumbled as you placed his bag next to his walk-in closet.

You looked up to see Jimin gaping in awe.

“t-this…this is f-f-for me?” he stuttered quietly as his cheeks returned to the pink colour that stained his cheeks previously.

“yep! Is this okay? If you need anything else just ask, okay?” you asked him as he continued to ogle at his new space.

“a-and…t-the b-bed? Just for m-me?” he stuttered again as he pulled his sleeves over his hands, clutching them tightly.

“well of course!” you chirped as he slowly approached it.

“so, I didn’t know what kind of food you liked so I figured I’d let you relax for a little bit before we go shopping for some, is that okay?” you asked as you scratched the back of your head.

He looked at you in shock as he nodded his head shyly, his ears changing from upright to floppy in an instant.

“i…I can’t leave w-without a collar” he stated as his eyes traveled to the ground.

“oh, yer! How could I forget! I got one for you before you arrived actually!” you said as you dug your hand around in your back pocket, trying to dig out the silky black collar you had picked out.

“here! Im sorry for not getting you one of those hard collars, they…were just so ugly” you said shivering at the thought of the rough material.

“its…soft” he whispered as he ran the material through his fingers.

“alright jimin! Get comfy, unpack and I’ll see you in a little bit okay!?” you asked before you walked out of his room, leaving him to get used to his new room.

Amber didn’t tell you much about him other than he was extremely shy and extremely cute…she wasn’t wrong with either of those.

If he was going to be living with you, you wanted to get to know him and make sure he was comfortable around you. But how did you do this without overstepping or scaring him?

After an hour or two, you decided now would be a prime time to go food shopping.

“hey jim-“you said as you walked into his room, the door still wide open.

Your heart melted at the sight bestowed before you.

He had snuggled his way underneath the blanket, his body wiggling in joy at the softness as his two bunny ears were shot straight to the ceiling.

You let out a giggle of delight as he fought with the blanket to try and escape.

“i-i-im sorry!” he squeaked as his ears flopped down and his cheeks burned a bright pink, even brighter than before.

“sorry? For what? It’s your room Jimin you can do whatever you want” you smiled happily at him. You didn’t think stomach butterflies were real until you felt them float around your stomach.

He looked at you astonished before nodding his head shyly.

“so, do you want to go get some food now?” you asked sweetly as he shifted his weight off his left foot to his right.

“o-okay” he spoke, trying to speak louder than usual but it came out as more of a struggled shout than normal projection.

You smiled endearingly before clapping your hands together.

“alright! Lets go!”


“Do you like lasagne? Ooo what about some pizza? What kind of snacks do you eat?” you asked as you pushed the trolley through the aisle.

Jimin looked as if he had just entered heaven. His mouth hung open in shock as he scanned the shelves.

“i…I’m not picky” he confirmed as you started shoving things into your cart.

“why don’t you go to the confectionary section and pick out what you like, sometimes I might be gone a while so we can’t have you bored and snackish you said as you examined expiration dates.

“o-okay!” he said strongly before rushing off.

You chuckled a little before texting amber to tell her you were already very fond of Jimin.

He seemed to be trying to get more comfortable and confident around you. You really apricated it but you could see he was struggling with it and causing him stress was the last thing you wanted to do.

“Is t-this okay?”

You turned around to see Jimin hugging a bunch of packets to his body. You almost cried out in cuteness overload as he stared at you with wondrous eyes.

“I see you really like Oreos” you laughed as you spotted the five packets of Oreos tucked into his arm.

“i-m-m s-sorry! I g-g-got too much didn’t I?!” he whined as his ears slowly flopped down.

“Not at all! Here, chuck it in the cart and we’ll continue” you smiled at him.

He stood frozen for a little bit before nodding and placing the items in the cart carefully.

The rest of the trip he stayed close behind you, Giving small comments here and there. As you paid and left the centre you noticed he was getting less energetic.

“are you okay Jimin?” you asked worriedly as the two of you got in the car.

“oh..i…I’m just a little hungry” he said as his hands slowly placed themselves on his stomach.

“when’s the last time you ate?” you asked as you started reversing out of the parking space.

“…two days ago?”

You gasped. Two days?!?!

“sorry did…did you say two days?! As in not yesterday but the day before?” you questioned in utter shock as you tried hard to focus on the road ahead.

You heard him hum in embarrassment and confirmation making your heart melt.

“as soon as we get home I will make you some food! What would you like?! name anything!” you demanded worriedly.

How come he hasn’t eaten in two days? Did amber not feed him?

As soon as you busted through your front door with the multiple bags in your hands you ran towards the kitchen ready to cook up a feast.

“okay Jimin, were going to have to work together so we can get you some food as quickly as possible” you said with determination as you placed your hands on your hips.

He nodded along with you, his eyes hardening to match yours.

As you directed him to draws and shoved food in the fridge the both of you were running around the kitchen to try and get everything done efficiently.

As Jimin finished up the unpacking you boiled some pasta, started on some pancakes and started frying some chicken. You wanted to give the deprived boy a range of different food groups to fill him up properly.

“I finished” he chirped excitedly.

“great, take a seat the food will be done soon” you smiled.

You heard a bunch of shuffling behind you before he sighed in content at finally being able to relax.

“so jimin, how did you end up with Amber?” you asked as you continued your cooking.

“i..i er w-was given b-b-back” he stuttered nervously. You could literally hear him play with his sleeves.

“given back?” you asked hesitantly as you continued what you were doing.

“y-yer…my o-owner didn’t want me anymore…so she gave me back to the adoption centre, that’s where a-amber found me” he explained, breathing out shakily.

As you plated his food for him you felt a pang in your chest. Who the hell would give up this cute little bunny?

“I’m so sorry Jimin” you said turning around with the plates in your hand.

His eyes were glassy and his cheeks were red and puffed out.

You let out a sympathetic whine before setting the plates down and walking around the counter towards him.

Before you effulged him in a hug you placed your hand over his.

“well, you here now! And I know we just met but I’m very fond of you Jimin, were friends now which means no give backies okay!” you chirped causing him to look at you in shock.

A tear fell from his eyes before he nodded his head frantically.

You pulled him into you, enjoying how his soft ears tickled your face. Even though his face was in your boobs and you could feel the bunny panicking a big smile found its way onto your face.

In this moment, you knew your doubt was unneeded and the growing love you had for your bunny was exciting.

you were unsure of where this would go but instead of traveling the long road of life alone; you now had your shy bunny to accompany you.

I Won’t Give Up On Us

SPN FanFic

Sam x Reader

2,470 Words (including lyrics)

Warnings: Heavy on the angst, depression, self doubt. Ultimate fluff? Hurt/Comfort

A/N: This was for angst day, but I sat it out. Then I realized today I never posted it. Sorry. Based on the song of the same title by Jason Mraz.

-Feedback fuels the writing-

Originally posted by adaav

Sam noticed the crash before Y/N did. He could see it was coming, he could feel it. It was in the distant look in her eyes, the way she looked past him when she spoke, in the way they seemed to stay fixed on nothing, sliding in and out of focus. It was in her voice; her answers lacked the usual spark, her laugh seemed a little duller. It was in the way she didn’t react when he touched her hand, seeming not to notice at first, and then slowly she would turn to him and smile; but it wasn’t true. It was forced and sad. Sam knew. Sam always knew.

He didn’t know what sparked the collapse, what moment, if any, had caused her to sink. Maybe it was the stress of their lives, the burden of hunting; maybe it was a hundred things that were left to pile up and finally topple over onto her shoulders. Whatever it was didn’t matter, what mattered was pulling her back.

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When you are best friends with Rocky and you two like to do a lot of skinship

Thanks for requesting~ I really hope you like this and if not, please tell me~ ^^

I REALLY HAD A HARD TIME CHOOSING OMG I WANTED TO DO THIS OF MJ BUT LIKE ROCKY??? I’LL DO AN MJ SCENARIO LATER T-T ah this idea is so cute i died a few times while writing this oh lord TuT i feel like this could be better though… it was hard to stuff fluff in here idk >< tell me what you though about this! >< I REALLY LOVE THE IDEA!

Words: 1102

Fluff like not in a really romantic way idek

Requested by @goddammitdanyul ♥

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You gave Minhyuk a look. ”Are you challenging me?” you asked, eyeing the basketball in his hands.

“You said it, not me,” he grinned and bounced the ball a few times.

ASTRO didn’t have any schedules on that day so you were hanging out with them. You didn’t even know how you had befriended the idols, it just… happened? One day you met them and the other you were already friends. It had been really easy to befriend them even though they were idols. They were really easygoing and nice and at the moment they didn’t have much to do besides practice.

You tugged Bin’s sleeve. “Help me.”

He looked at you and then at Minhyuk. “Nah, I think you’re going to have to deal with him on your own.”

You let out a sigh and turned to Minhyuk. “Get ready to get your ass beaten,” you threatened him while slowly approaching him.

“Oh, yeah?” he looked amused. “Just like last time when you almost cried over the fact that I won?”

You frowned. “I did not.”

“Whatever,” he grinned. “The one who scores ten points first wins.”

“What’s the prize?” you asked.

“A piggyback ride to the convenience store nearby.”

“Call,” you agreed.

You lost. It was a close match though, you almost won.

Minhyuk grinned widely when he hopped on your back. You let out a heavy sigh before you seven walked - well, basically it was six since Minhyuk wasn’t walking - to the nearest convenience store to buy something to drink.

Once you got there, Minhyuk got off your back and you all disappeared to different aisles, trying to decide what to buy. You went straight to the drinks aisle.

“What are you going to get?” a pair of arms wrapped around your shoulders from behind.

“I don’t know,” you said. “You?” you asked him - who was none other than Minhyuk.

“Hmm,” he hummed, looking at the shelf filled with soft drinks. “Fanta. Want to share?” he asked.

“I don’t really feel like drinking Fanta,” you stated. “I’m not too thirsty anyway, so I guess I’ll just save my money for another time.”

“Are you sure?” he asked, letting go of you and getting a small bottle of Fanta from the shelf. You nodded and you two went over to the others who were already waiting at the cashier.

“If I didn’t know you two, I’d believe you are dating,” Jinwoo said as you all paid for your stuff and left the store. Minhyuk had his arm around your waist and that wasn’t unusual at all. You were surprised pictures of situations like these weren’t all over the internet. No one knew about you and ASTRO being friends and you were really surprised by that. They did wear masks and hoods, caps or beanies when you were hanging out outside the company building so that was probably the reason no one had caught you yet. Even you had a hard time telling them apart when they were “in their disguise”.

“I know them and I still think they are secretly dating,” Sanha stated and you and Minhyuk just chuckled in response.

“How was your week, by the way?” Dongmin asked you. “Did anything happen?”

You shook your head. “Nope.”

“Must be nice…” Sanha sighed. “You have so much free time… I’m jealous.”

“You should be grateful for what you have,” Minhyuk poked him with his free arm.

“I am!” Sanha rubbed his arm. “It’s just that it sounds so nice to have a lot of free time…”

The others agreed with him but you knew they were all grateful for what they had.

“Are you going to go practice in the evening?” you asked them after a brief silence.

“We probably have to,” Jinwoo said, taking a sip out of the Cola Myungjun had bought.

“Are you going to come to the practice room too?” Minhyuk asked you.

“Would you mind me coming?”

Everyone shook their head. “Of course not.”

You laughed at the way the guys warmed up before starting practice. They danced to girl group songs, played around and laughed a lot. You were happy to see them enjoying themselves. That was until they started practicing seriously. Their smiles faded away - though at times they flashed a cheeky smile after doing a small mistake - and their expressions were serious. You admired them from the side.

They are so cool…

You were very grateful and happy about the fact that you had met them. It’s not like you couldn’t live without them - actually, life without them did sound a little frightening now that you thought about it - but you were thankful that they were around. You had your own lives, they had their idol lives and you had your normal, sometimes boring life. Still, meeting each other every now and then was always just as fun and refreshing. They were almost like a source of energy for you and they thought the same about you. You cheered each other up.

“Should we take a break?” Bin asked, panting heavily after they had gone through their new song’s tiring choreography a few times.

Everyone agreed to a five-minute break. They grabbed their bottles of water and sat or lied down to catch their breath. Minhyuk came over to you and sat down next to you on the floor.

“How many weeks do you have left until the comeback?” you asked him.

“Three,” he drank some water. “What do you think? Were we terrible?”

You chuckled. “Not at all.”

“Looking from here,” Sanha said from the other side of the room, making you two look at him. “It totally looks like you two are dating.”

“Oh, shut up,” Minhyuk threw him with the small towel he had been holding and Sanha laughed.

You two were sitting opposite the mirrored wall of the practice room. You looked at the reflection of you and Minhyuk. He was leaning on you like he always did. It wasn’t uncomfortable or annoying, you actually liked it. But seeing your reflection from the mirror made you feel a little weird about it.

“What is it?” Minhyuk asked when you weren’t saying anything.

“Nothing,” you smiled and looked away from the mirror.

You liked the fact that you two were so close. Minhyuk always treated you nicely and you liked hanging out with him and the others. Even though you were best friends, you couldn’t help but wonder… Did Minhyuk treat all his friends like he treated you or was there possibly something behind all the skinship he did with you?

Teasing Tom when you're his director's daughter

• one of the perks about being the daughter of a big director of Hollywood it’s that you always get to now the starts eventually
• 90% of the times the cast it’s like the double of your age so you avoid hanging around in the set
• but recently an amazing thing happened
• almost all the cast were close to your age
• your dad is the director of the newest movie of Spiderman
• you almost freaked out when you saw Zendaya in front of you
• that woman is a goddess and you’d fight anyone who date to say the opposite
• you wish Jacob could be your teddy bear because he’s so unique and such a good person
• Laura is so sweet
• you wouldn’t mind if she was your sister
• and Tom
• oh god
• Tom would be the death of you
• the first time you saw him your legs became spaghetti
• that thick accent make your heart pound strong in your chest
• everytime he calls you “darling” you swear you can feel pool being formed in between your legs
• not ti mention his unique and lovely personality
• that boy is husband material
• didn’t take long to you become real friends
• but your closest friend was Harrison due the fact he’s always with you on the backstage
• he knows about your little crush on Tom but he just don’t talk anything
• and you know that he knows but Harrison is a super discreet guy so you don’t really care
• you wish you could ask him for some kind of help but you’re afraid that if you say the words out loud he’ll feel the need to tell something to Tom since they’re best mates and all
• so you just stay quiet and start to think about a plan on your own
• and the only thing that came to your mind it’s provoking him until the edge
• you started slow
• your clothes are reveling a little bit more of skin and you’re using a new perfum
• everytime you talk to him you let pretty obvious that you’re staring at his lips
• and you always try to be the closest to his body as possible
• when you know his watching you, you throw your head back and massage your neck exposing your chest a little bit more
• when he take a break and go eat something you try your best to look at his eyes while you eat a strawberry or a popsicle
• you know you can’t exactly be on the set all the time because this is something serious, it’s his job and you father’s job
• so everytime you appear, you make sure you’re drop dead gorgeous
• you’re 100% sure that he blush when you catch him staring at you or that he gag talking to you when wear a low cleavage
• and he defiantly went to the bathroom more than one time after seeing you licking the popsicle
• so this means that he at least feel something for you
• even if it’s just lust
• and suddenly he’s avoiding you a little bit
• so you defiantly make him feel things that he can control
• so why the fucking hell he just don’t kiss you?
• the only other option that you knew to provoke a man it’s jealousy
• now would the perfect time to ask Harrison for some help
• but something inside you don’t feel comfortable with this
• so you just try harder
• what’s the most reveling outfit that you have?
• in the next day you appears on the set wearing a bikini and a minuscule short
• you thought your dad was going to have a heart attack but he was pretty much okay
• sometimes you underestimate your father and his capacity of acceptance
• he only asked you if you were going to swim alone or with someone and where
• the one who had a heart attack was Tom tho
• in the moment he saw you he almost broke the pen on his hand
• and quickly he start to walk away from you
• you chuckle softly at his reaction
• poor boy
• you’re going to do so much worst
• “Why are you wearing just a bikini?”
• you’re so distracted that you didn’t notice Zendaya almost by your side
• “I’m going to swim.”
• “So why are you here?”
• “Uh… I brought my dad’s wallet.”
• “I thought we were friends.”
• “We are!”
• “So why are you lying to me? You don’t even told me about you crush on Holland.”
• you stop breathing for a moment and look at Z with wide eyes
• “Whaaaaaat?”
• “You said we’re friends so what kind of friend I would be if I didn’t notice that you’re in love. Besides that scene with the popsicle it’s something unforgettable.”
• “So obvious?”
• “Pretty much.”
• “So why he don’t fuck me already? Or turn me down if it’s the case. Why the hell he don’t do something?”
• “Because you’re the daughter of his director…”
• “My father couldn’t care less about what I do as long I’m safe, healthy, happy and it’s not illegal.”
• “He doesn’t know that. And if you want him so bad, I don’t you make the first move?”
• “Uuuhhh… I don’t know. Maybe I like the game. I like teasing him. And maybe I’m afraid that my mind it’s playing with me and he actually don’t like me.”
• “So you crazy. Okay.”
• “I’m not! I’m like a cat. I like to play with my prey. And I’m a insecure but that’s not the point. Do you have any ideas?”
• “I don’t you try to make him jealous? Always work.”
• “Because I don’t want to involve Harrison at this. They’re best mates. What if Tom really gets mad and end up fighting or something? It feels wrong.”
• “And what about me?”
• “What about you?”
• “We can pretend we’re a thing. This will make him jealous and horny. Best combination.”
• “Would you do this for me?”
• “Of course. We’re friends. Besides kissing you wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.”
• “And maybe you’ll make Harrison jealous too. It’s a win win.”
• “How…”
• “What kind of friend I would be if I didn’t notice that you have a tiny winy crush on Harrison?”
• “Okay, you have a point. So you’re up?”
• “Hell yeah. If everything fails I kissed the goddess Zendaya. This is already a a victory.”
• “So… Here’s my plan…”
• Z was a genius
• a evil genius
• you let your day flows normally
• you go to the pool with your friend
• and stays there until the schedule time with Zendaya
• you’re actually pretty happy with your tan
• but now it’s time to some action
• in the moment you arrive in the sets your run into Tom’s trailer hoping no one saw you
• the door is open just like Z told you
• you look around the space, see a bed and you can help yourself
• your just lay on the bed and cuddle up taking a deep breath smelling his scent
• you try to fight but your eyes are getting heavy second by second
• you’re almost gone when you heard the door closing
• “Y/N, what are you doing here?”
• you open your eyes slowly to meet Tom staring at your body on his bed
• “I was swimming and Z asked me to pick her up after the tu guys done but she’s not answering her phone and her trailer it’s locked.”
• “Oh… And why are you… only wearing…”
• “I didn’t want to get my short wet and I forgot my shirt.”
• you sit on the edge of the bed looking up and facing him close to his body
• “Aren’t you cold? I mean… You’re all wet and almost naked…”
• you raise one eyebrow at him and grin at his words
• his eyes go wide open when he finally notice what he said
• “Oh my god. I’m sorry. That was awful.”
• you chuckle softly and put your hands in the middle of your thighs squeezing your breast
• “Well… I’m all wet and almost naked…”
• Tom felt a shiver run through his body when he listened to your husky sleepy voice
• “Uh… Do your want… A towel… A coat… A blanket?”
• “A coat it’s perfect. But I’ll not give it back to you today so choice one you’re not going to miss too much.”
• he just take the sweater he’s using and give at you
• your first instict is bury your face in it and take a deep breath smelling his scent
• a soft and low moan scape from you making Tom swallow dry
• “Tom… Could you untie the knot from the top of my bikini? It’s too tight and I don’t want to wet your sweater.”
• he nodded but his face was in a deep ton of red
• you turn around and kneel in the bed facing the wall
• you can feel the tip of his soft fingers on your neck while he’s trying to untie the knot
• his warm touch in contrast with your slight cold skin make you shiver
• when he finally untie your bikini you, without turning around, put on the sweater
• you really don’t know what to do now
• but for a miracle someone open the door
• “Bae, I saw the messages. I’m sorry I let you waiting”
• it was Z
• you turn around and barely have time to sit on the edge of the bed again before Zendaya’s body it’s on top of yours in a bear hug
• you lace your legs around her slim waist and let a giggle out when she miss your cheek with a sloppy kisses on your cheek
• when Tom cough she looks at him and smirk
• “Leave me be, Holland. Let’s go hon, he don’t deserve to be around your glorious presence.”
• and she just take your hand, grab you purse and basicly drag you out of the trailer
• in the moment you put your feet outside you both start to laugh almost hysterically
• and your days flows like this
• a lot of pda in front of Tom with Z
• you would be lying if you said you wasn’t liking
• Tom getting furious was a bonus
• but the most beautiful thing was your father
• he saw you laying on Zendaya’s lap while she playing with your hair after giving you a kiss on your forehead and he just gave you a thumb up
• when you both got home he only said “She’s pretty and a wonderful person. I raised you well”
• you actually cried
• your old man was the best
• the day of the final judge has come
• Z was throwing a pool party and invited everybody
• everything was normal
• the thing is: she invited who was going tomorrow to the set to sleepover
• when the party was over only left you, Z, Harrison, Tom, Jacob and Liz
• Liz was already sleeping so doesn’t really count
• even though it’s almost midnight, you and Zendaya were still on the pool while the boys were trying to do brownies
• it was a hot summer night so you’re actually pretty happy being in the pool
• sometimes you think you’re a mermaid and your happily would be one of those mermaids on the **
• “They’re coming!”
• Zendaya’s voice brought you back from your imagination and before you could process what was happening her lips were on yours in a passionate kiss
• instinctively you kissed her back and her hands were on your hips pulling you closer to her body
• your hands were tangled in her wet hair and after a hard pull her nails sinked on your skin making you moan
• her lips are so soft
• her skin are so smooth
• her hands are so gentle yet passionate while they travel you body
• you’re actually loving this moment
• and she’s pretty happy too judging by her hard nipples rubbing on yours
• a fake cough made you two break the kiss and face the three boys standing in the door staring at you with mouths open and wide open eyes
• “Uuuhhh… We were… The brownies… Chocolate…”
• Jacob’s lack of words almost made you laugh but in the moment you saw Tom’s face you almost lost moan
• he’s beautiful when he’s furious
• clenched jaw, heavy breath and more dark than normal
• Z grab your hair close the scalpe and gently pull your head back exposing your neck and giving a kiss right in your sweet spot
• the moan you’re suppressing finally comes out and she smile against your skin
• you can hear Tom mumble something and when you turn to see he leaving and entering the house
• Zendaya was smiling openly and you’re happy too but now you’re a little afraid that this is not going to work
• “Where he’s going?”
• “He said he’s going to sleep but I’m pretty sure he’s more than awake now.”
• Harrison never waste a chance to joke with the situation
• you get out of the pool and just go after him without saying a word
• he’s in the room on the end of the hall so you just open the door without knocking
• to be honest you were expecting to see him touching himself but no
• he was just lying shirtless in bed with his arm cover
• “Tom… Are you okay?”
• “Why aren’t you with you girlfriend?”
• his voice was so a acid that made your heart sink
• “She’s not my girlfriend, Tom.”
• “You were sucking her face.”
• “Well… But we’re just friends. She’s not interested in me. And I’m not interested niether. We’re just friends who decided to find some relief. Too much sexual frustration.”
• “What the fuck, Y/N? I thought you liked me. Or at least wanted to fuck me. And now you’re just with one of my dearest friends. What’s wrong with you?”
• he incredible didn’t move for his position so you would take the chance
• “You wanna know what’s wrong with me?”
• each word you spoke was a step closer to the bed
• “My problem, Holland… You see… My problem is you”
• and in one fast move your sitting in lap holding his hands above his head
• “I’ve been wanting you for long and you didn’t made a damn move. But you’re such a coward. If the man I want is not a man enough I don’t want any other man. I’ll search for something better then. You know how many time I’ve sucked a popsicle thinking about your thick cock pulsing in my mouth? How many times I had my panties soaked when I watched you shirtless? And you did nothing.”
• before you could even process what happened Tom was in the top of you with both of his hands holding your hips in a strong grip
• “Do you want me to do something, darling? I will. And you’ll regret teasing me. So shut your little mouth before I fucked it.”
• and he kissed you
• oh boy
• what a kiss
• his lips are even softer than Zendaya’s and he defiantly are more rough and dominant than her
• he bites your bottom lip and give you a slap on your left thigh making you moan
• now he’s kissing your neck and he’s doing everything you ever dreamed about
• he’s marking, sucking and biting the whole area and you couldn’t be more happy
• you’re moaning shamelessly and the way his hands explore your body don’t help
• they rest again in your hips but this time they rip the lower part of your bikini as if were paper
• you thought about complaining but after another slap and a kiss in the vain between your breast you decided no
• his warm lips leave a trail of fire trough your body and when he’s finally facing your pussy he don’t waste time
• he just start to roll his tongue on your clit
• you know he barely stared but you’re moaning like a porn start
• you’re saying his name over and over
• eventually he insert two fingers inside you and he’s so hungry for you that he just start to fuck you with his fingers in a insanely fast pace
• the way he’s curling his fingers inside you are making you scream
• the familiar knot on your stomach starts to be formed and you tangle your fingers on his hair
• “Tom, I’m coming. Fucking Christ.”
• you came hard like never before
• and you realize what happened
• you actually squirted
• his face are covered with your juices and you don’t even get the chance to be embarrassed because the way he’s cleaning you up, not wasting one single drop, make you feel even more excited
• when he finishes, he start a new passionate kiss and this time you can feel your taste in his mouth
• you’re really moaning like a porn start
• he break the kiss to catch a breath
• “Did Zendaya made you squirt, love? Did you screamed her name like you screamed mine?”
• when you don’t answer you feel his hand hit your ass with force
• “No, Tom. You’re the only one who made me feel so good. But I bet Harrison wouldn’t be bad too.”
• he chuckle and stand up of the bed
• “Darling, I want you to lay in your back with your head out of the bed. I told you to watch your pretty mouth.”
• no need to say that you’re with a new pool between your legs again
• he’s slowly unbutting his pants and you take this chance to take what’s left of your bikini
• before you do what was told you to do you keep in the bed and pull him closer by his boxers
• you slowly take them setting his cock free and oh my
• you can see the precum and the way the veins are pulsing
• you literally salivate and give him a lip from the base to the tip swirling your tongue on his head
• his taste is addicting and you can’t wait to receive morr
• his hands fly to your hair in a reflex and he throw his head back
• you do this a few more times before his whole dick is covered in saliva and only after this you lay in your position
• he don’t waste time before pushing himself into your mouth
• you moan feeling him deep down in your throat making him groan at the vibration
• he start in a slow pace not wanting to hurt you
• but he’s seeing the tip of his cock in your throat and the way your boobs are bouncing make him lost the control
• he’s now literally fucking your mouth and it’s so good but so good
• you’re trying your best to not gag but the tears on your eyes doesn’t fool anyone
• you need to breath and he knows it so he just pull himself out of you at once
• you’re heavily breathing and your pussy blame for relief at this point
• “All fours, babygirl. Now.”
• and you don’t think twice before your with your ass in the air
• you moan loud when you feel the tip of his cock teasing your entrance and you try to push your body to meet him
• but you only gain a smack on your butt
• he’s doing on purpose, you know that
• you fell like this hell is never going to end when he finally push all his length inside you at once making you scream
• he grab both of your arms with his hands litfing your chest from the bed before he start to pound into you merciless
• the sounds filling the room are pornographic
• the sound of skin against skin, yours moans and the curses are leading you to oblivion
• “You’re mine. Do you hear it? You’re fucking mine. If I have to fuck you in front of all country to you understand that I will. Say to who you belong.”
• you moan his name and let a loud gasp escape after he hit that spot inside you
• you feel his dick is pulsing thought your walls and that would be the enough to start the fire in the pit of your stomach, your walls fluttering around him
• his thrusts are erratic and hearing his groaning and moaning your name it’s what you needed to the send you to edge
• you feel your body be consumed by your orgasm and clench your walls around his cock almost in a painful way
• Tom grip onto you tighter to keep you steady
• the thrusts would be more erratic and with a few more you would feel you knew he had cum inside of you
• you feel his body falling in the top of yours and now that you both are trying to calm down you’d feel his dick twitching inside you sometimes
• he stand up and try to go to the bathroom but you don’t let him
• you wanna be like this forever
• you just pull him into a hug and make him lay back on bed
• his arms are around you and you can feel his heart beating against your ear
• “Why didn’t you told me about your crush on me?”
• “Tom… I’m crazy. You should know that. I kissed Z just to make you jealous.”
• “That really confused me. I’ve never been so furious and so hard at the same time before. And are you not going to ask me why I didn’t told you about my crush on you?”
• “Beacuse you were afraid of my father.”
• “Oh… So you know…”
• “Yep.”
• “He’s going to kill me?”
• “Nah… You can chill.”
• “And can I ask you another thing?”
• “Be my guest”
• “Who’s the best kisser?”
• “Tough one. I guess I’ll have to kiss both of you again.”
• “Are you kidding right? I mean… that was super hot but you’re mine. I don’t share.”
• “Yeah… I’m kidding. And I don’t believe Harrison would be happy with Z and I making out again. At least not now.”
• “Wait… Zendaya and Harrison? What? When this happened?”
• “To be honest I don’t really know if happened but I have faith. Tomorrow I’ll find out. Now let’s sleep. If you’re a good cuddler maybe I give you a "good morning blowjob”.“
• "Jesus… You will be the death of me.”

a/n: guess who was in the hospital?
that’s right
and guess who are so stressed with all the college bullshit that are with grey hair?
somebody please kill bc I can’t handle my life anymore and I just want punch people
and I really want have a rough sex Tom Holland or Sebastian Stan (or with my ex, I still love him tho)
and I’m going to do the masterlist soon
I just need a fucking house bc I’m not even on my own house anymore
I know this is another breakdown and I’m sorry but my family it’s freaking out since they discovered my relapse on eating disorders

Long Distance (Chapter Five)

I love this chapter! Our boys are the cutest! Can’t wait to hear what you guys think!


Enjoy :)

{Group Text}

From Steve– good morning honey. My last class gets out at 345 today, and Bucky has to be at practice at 5, so we will have about 45 minutes free when we can all talk. Does that work?

From Tony–sounds perfect. Are we just group texting now?

From Bucky–yep. I’m tired of being  left out of your conversations. I need to be included in everything from now on.

From Tony– is Bucky the needy one? I am usually the needy one in a relationship, this will be new for me.

From Bucky–aw you can be needy all you want, sweet thing. We will take care of you

From Steve– yes, Bucky is definitely the needy one.

From Bucky– I feel like that’s enough from the blonde. Don’t you have a class on play-doh to teach

From Tony– daaaaaaamn. Bucky with the snark.

From Steve– I do have a class, we both have full days. Can’t wait to talk this afternoon, honey.

From Bucky– yeah really. So excited to see you Tony

From Tony– have a good day, guys.

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Toast Of A Milestone

“I know m'a bit tipsy, but trust me, I swear. I know what I’m saying.”

The Café Habana Harry oh so dearly loves that’s filled with people erupted in laughter, making him look at you stood beside him as he told you awhile ago that he would make people laugh in here more than twice.

It’s his turn now to speak since ten years ago it was the both of you that spoke on your wedding yet he wanted to make it up to you up until now since he all he spoke were two sentences since he was too eager for the remaining night to come in your honeymoon.

“S'the last thing before everybody comes home — yes, that includes you Niall.”

Harry cleared his throat, taking a light sip from his drink before making you sit on the chair he asked for awhile ago, not wanting you to not go less than okay.

“Just so everybody would know, or if anyone else forgot since they’re too drunk, I’ve been married for ten years now.”

Cheers filled the room as you felt your cheeks heat up as he giggled knowing that he made you do yet with him following up his statement quickly.

“To, my love, and well my wife. Y/N Styles.”

He looked at you dearly with the look he uses when he’s adoring anything or anyone, a bright shade of green that surprises you every time.

“We have, uh, two kids. So far — so far,” he winked, a knowing look too being seen that everyone whistles and clapped that he was sure if his mother was there instead of being the one to take care of your children, she would’ve snatched his drink from him.

“So, yeah. For ten years, I got to wear this ring. S'the only one I never took off and the only one I wouldn’t.”

All the noise blocked out from Harry’s hearing as he felt his words shift in a new phase.

“M'saying this speech since there’s a lot of things I should’ve said. I’m only gonna say a few, then reserve the most of them between the two of us.”

He chuckled from the reactions, especially on the guys hinting their actions to who-knows-what but Harry simply smiled, his mind blanking at the thought of you since there really is a lot to say, but every time he opens his mouth, he can’t handle all of them.

“And well,” he trailed off, hesitantly biting his lip before shifting his weight from his foot to the other.

“Thought I was complete before with everything that I had, then it turns out I wasn’t.”

Harry’s admittedly nervous as it’s like when he was waiting for you to reach the other end of the aisle, his fingers brushing across his rings as a sign he really is.

“There’s this girl I know — the most gorgeous being I’ve ever seen. The most patient to be with me up to this day.”

There’s a knot in his throat even he knows for a fact that he shouldn’t. He thinks it’s his sentimentality taking him but it isn’t the case.

It’s the truth that’s making him like this. The absolute truth no one could be capable in denying.

“There’s this girl I know that makes me the happiest. The one who gets me grounded and the one who reminds me where I came from.”

There’s tears welling in his eyes. And if he’d be cocky, he’d say that it’s from the alcohol and not his own feelings that’s dragging him but he won’t say a lie tonight.

Not a single one because he knows it wouldn’t benefit a single one that’s present in this milestone.

He laughed, wiping his eyes that made a lot of people do too genuinely, including you who’s almost squealing from the pent up joy and everything.

“There’s this girl I know that reminds me everyday that the greatest — the greatest thing in life couldn’t be bought.”

He looked up at you as he smiled with tears of joy, all hollers and cheers being heard as he caught again the glint of his gold wedding band.

“And this girl I know, thankfully, became my wife.”

Harry cleared his throat, raising his glass as he’s excited to do this again and again, even if he’s given the chance not to.

“To the girl I know, love, here’s to every single day I would love you all over again.”


Unconcealed: Part 2

Unconcealed: Part 2

Word count: 7.3k

Genre: smut, angst

There will be and epilogue to this. Hope you enjoy, it does get a little angsty. I almost cried while writing one part, haha. 

(Gif not mine)

Part one

You and Taehyung had been secretly seeing each other for three months now. He would sneak into your apartment some nights and stay over, sometimes you’d go to his house and sneak in. Although Taehyung didn’t like the fact that you two were sneaking around but he had such strong feelings for you he did whatever you wanted with no second thought. He knew it was to hide from your roommate but he also thought this had something to do with the fact that you hadn’t been in a relationship since Will. He didn’t want to bring it up. He knew he should but he was so head over heels for you he didn’t want to ruin anything.

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Today is the day (Savitar x Reader)

This is part three of You can be a queen.

This is going to be in a different POV cause reasons!

Warnings: Death, ending might make you mad, yeah that’s it.


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

It’s today. The day that Iris is going to die.

Barry was off getting what they needed to trap Savitar in the Speed Force. Iris and her dad were away on Earth Two with Harry, hoping Savitar wouldn’t know to look there. Barry didn’t know where they were, so Savitar didn’t. Hopefully.

After Cisco got disconnected with Barry while getting the thing they need, everyone was waiting around for Barry to show back up.

He ran in a little later in his Flash suit.

“We got what we need. Where’s Iris?” He asked. Before anyone could stop him HR answered the question.

“Safely stored away  on Earth Two with Harry Wells.”

Savitar turned to the group.


Iris was taken by Savitar.

HR felt responsible. So he made a plan.

Joe thought he was going to lose his daughter. So he made a plan.

(Y/N) was doing everything to help. So she worked harder than ever.

Barry was worried beyond belief. So he paced back and forth.

Everyone else was desperate to get the Speed Force Bazooka to work.

This was it. Everyone was at Infantino Street, awaiting Savitars arrival with Iris.

“Flash, this is it. Now the moment is upon us, my assentation to become a god,” Savitar spoke in his menacing voice.

“Not tonight,” Barry said eyeing Iris.

“Show me you’re the hero,” Savitar threw Iris to the ground, “Let’s see what happens.”

“I’m gonna stop you.” And Barry took off grabbing the Speed Force Bazooka.

He shot Savitar, but it didn’t seem to effect him at all. If anything it made him stronger.

“I spent a eternity in a trap just like that. You don’t think I know how to prevent it from happening again?”

“The Philosophers stone. Savitar stop!” (Y/N) yelled running up to be at Barry’s side.

“Guys! Joe!” Barry shouted.

“You stuck me in the speed force for an eternity of hell! Now well come to yours.”

“No. Don’t do this.”

“Please,” (Y/N) pleaded.

“Now finally I am free of you,” Savitar raised his hand to Iris’ back.

“Barry,” she cried.

“I’m begging you!” Barry yelled.

“You loose Barry,” Savitar almost laughed, stabbing through Iris’ back.

“NO!” Barry screams running at full speed to stop Iris from dying.

Savitar ran off leaving Barry to catch Iris’ body.

“No, no, no, no. Come on. Please,” Barry was pleading while holding the lifeless body of Iris West.

She gasped a little a moved her head up.

“I’m sorry Barry. I needed to make up for what I did,” the words coming out of Iris’ mouth didn’t make any sense.

“What? (Y/N)! Get over here, please try and help her!” Barry yelled behind him but (Y/N) wasn’t there.

“Can’t help her,” Iris coughed, “if she’s the one dying.”

“What are you talking about?”

Iris dug in her pocket and took out the device HR uses to change how he looks. She held it up to her face and Iris, turned into the face and body of (Y/N).

“I couldn’t live and let Iris die knowing that you think I betrayed you.”

“We don’t think that! We love you.”

“That’s nice to hear.”

Another whoosh of speed and lightning brought Saviar to (Y/N)s side.

“What did you do?” Savitar must have gotten the memory of (Y/N) dying.

“Guess I can die knowing that Barry will be happy with Iris. Sorry Savitar,” she coughed, “but this time, you are the loser.”

And that was the end.

The end of everything.

Everyone lost something the day that (Y/N) died.

But no one thought what she did was selfish. No one thought that she did it just because she felt guilty about Iris dying. Everyone knew that she would have done it for any one of them. And that’s what made the situation worse.

Savitar was no longer a threat.

All because of a selfless girl, and a device that lead to her doom.


Life went on, well as much as it could.

Until that fateful day. The day when the breech opened up again.

“Hi! I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N) a speedster from Earth 7. I need your help.”

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