i almost cried while doing this

I Wish You A Merry Christmas
Mystic Messenger
I Wish You A Merry Christmas


MC: Who is it?

I wish you a Merry Christmas… I wish you a Merry Christmas…
I wish you a Merry Christmas… and a happy… new…

…Haha… Hahahaha!

Look at your face… Yes, that’s the face I wanted to see.

Your heart’s racing, no? I can see your hands shaking… haha…
Should I call myself the Santa Claus watching over you? I’m always thinking about when I should bring my present.

Should I give the present today…? Or tomorrow?
When would you like to receive it?

MC: I don’t want it.

… I see. I appreciate your answer.

Of course, I have no intentions to do what you want me to do. Hahaha…

Entertain me with your frightened face, with your trembling… everyday from now on… If you bore me, I’ll go find you, okay?

You thought that if you’re nice, you’ll get a present on Christmas? Well… I have a different way of giving gifts.

I despise nice children… I despise them very very much.
Try and be nice until I go see you. Don’t you want to know what I’ll do?

Merry Christmas~!

Be patient and wait for the day… you come to be by my side.

I can’t be the only one...

Who smiles every time Wildcat laughs,

Who sings Basically’s outro,

Who does the Arnold vioce along with Terroriser,

Who gets too happy every time I see Vanoss’s thumbnails,

Who tries to do the Squeaker voice, but always fail,

Who falls in love with Delirious every time he laughs,

Who respects Cartoonz even if I haven’t met him,

Who almost cried while watching Droidd’s goodbye video,

Who giggles every time Moo laughs

Who gets mad along with Mini,

Who mimics Nogla’s laugh.

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hi, ive been trying to think of the 2 sweetest + famous quotes that mimo said to each other (momo to mina & mina to momo) can you help me out on this?

oh gosh, where do I even begin…?

Momo to Mina:

  • “Mitang, Mitang daisuki!” (Mina’s more intimate nickname + ‘I really like you’ in Japanese)
  • “I understand her feelings. Her mind is more mature than mine, so she’s been invaluable to me.”
  • “Thanks to Mina, I gained a lot of confidence. I think I can do well now!”
  • “We actually kissed! It was a real kiss!”
  • “Mina is my girlfriend. Our skinship is the best!
  • “Mina is my girlfriend. Isn’t she pretty?”
  • “I’m dancing with a special person.”
  • “It’s waaay more fun to perform with Mina!”
  • Momo picking Mina as the most beautiful member while dancing and being super shy about it
  • Momo talking about how she used to be scared of Mina but realized she wasn’t scary at all after talking to her
  • Momo talking about how she’s nail buddies with Mina and they share nail polish, but Mina’s nail art comes out better because she’s more patient 
  • etc. etc. I may add on more later

Mina to Momo: 

  • “Momo unnie, I think you always work really hard even when you pretend to not be doing so. When it’s really difficult, I hope that you’ll lean on the members. I’m really happy and thankful to be in Twice with you. Unnie, I love you.”
  • “Because I know Momo unnie has been having a rough time (competing in Sixteen), I almost cried.”
  • “Momo unnie practices the hardest out of all of us. I feel like I really can’t accept the situation (that she was eliminated from Sixteen).” - while crying very badly
  • Mina talking non-stop about how she (and her mom XD) thought Momo looked gorgeous and the members not paying attention because they’ve literally heard her say it a million times already
  • Mina saying during an interview that she may get Momo a certain gift just so she could use it too aka so they could share
  • “Momoring, hearteu!” <3 
  • “Momo unnie is so good looking!”
  • Mina talking about how she made the pasta just for Momo

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Sympathy Pains

Dean x Reader

Summary: Not only is Dean plagued with the nervousness of being a new father, but he’s also cursed with sympathy pains.

Warnings: Mentions of birth and pregnancy, some cursing, ultimate fluff.

A/N: Hope you all enjoy! Feel free to leave feedback (it brings me life).

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The bunker door opening catches your attention. You put down your favorite book and look at the two despondent Winchesters.

“How’d the hunt go?” you ask, rubbing your hands gently over your husband’s tense shoulders once he sits down next to you.

Dean lets out a deep breath. “Damn witch got away. Popped me with a spell, but we think it’s harmless.”

You frown, resting your head on his shoulder.

“How are you two doing?” Dean asks, lovingly placing his rough hands on your swollen stomach.

You place your hand over his gently. “Pretty good. Little sucker keeps kicking. I think he or she wants to get out ASAP.”

Dean finally cracks a smile. “Well I can’t wait to meet him or her.”

A month later, you, Sam and Dean are researching a case for a fellow hunter nearby. You’re taking a sip of tea when you feel a sudden wetness drench your pants and the chair you’re sitting in. 

Your wide eyes find Dean’s as you whisper out “I think its time.”

He and Sam seem to freeze, and you can almost see the wheels turning in their head before they both stand up and rush around. 

Dean’s running to get your overnight bag and Sam’s running to get the Impala ready.

A sudden contraction seems to knock the air of your lungs as you bend over in discomfort. Down the hall, you hear Dean grunt as well.

He comes back soon with three large bags in his arms. One hand is over his stomach and his face is twisted in a grimace. 

“Are you okay, baby?” you ask with concern. Before he can answer, another wave a pain sweeps through you, causing you to grit your teeth and clutch to your abdomen. 

The dropping of bags startles you. When you look up, you see Dean shutting his eyes in pain as he holds onto his own stomach.

“Sam!” you yelp out, trying to make your way over to Dean. “What hurts, Dean?”, you question him, examining his stomach for any outside damage.

“My goddamn stomach feels like it wants to be ripped out”, he winces, clutching onto you.

Sam rushes in not a moment later, eyes widening in panic at his brother’s poor shape. “What’s wrong with him?” he asks while helping Dean stand.

“I don’t know”, you whimper out, your own pain consuming your mind. Luckily, Sam’s a big guy, so he can help both you and Dean to the car. Sam speeds to the nearest hospital, periodically looking over to the both of you writhing in excruciating pain.

Finally, you all make it the hospital. At first, the nurses try to take Dean to a separate room than you, but the pain inside you fuels your anger as you demand he stay with you. They reluctantly agree, laying the both of you on separate beds in the same room.

While the doctor checks how dilated you are, a horde of nurses check on Dean.

There’s a moment of silence from Dean’s side of the room before the head nurse whispers “There’s nothing wrong with him.”

Another nurse slightly chuckles. “Sympathy pains”, she says while pointing to you.

Most of the nurses leave after Dean is hooked up to a ton of machines and is given pain meds through his IV. You look over to your husband with sad eyes. You were feeling everything at once- pain, fear, and loneliness. You really needed him right now.

Closing your eyes, you silently prayed for Cas to come and help. You know the angel is busy in heaven, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

The soft fluttering of wings interrupt your thoughts. Cas strides over to Dean, placing his hand on Dean’s sweaty forehead.

“Witch spell. I’ll be right back”, Cas swiftly says. He returns a few minutes later, wiping blood off of his hands onto his trench coat. “It’s done.” You thank Cas with your eyes as he leaves the room, supposedly to sit with Sam in the waiting room.

When another contraction comes along, only you cry out in pain. Dean quickly rips the cords and tubes from his body as he rushes over to you. “It’s alright baby girl. You can do this. I know its hard.” He places a soft kiss on your forehead and holds your hand.

The doctor and nurses come in, slightly confused by Dean’s sudden recovery. Nonetheless, they instruct you to start pushing. 

You’re almost positive you’ve broken Dean’s hand after the first hour of pushing. You’re exhausted and mentally worn out and you can’t help but let tears run down your face. 

“Dean, I can’t do this”, you sob out, feeling weaker than ever before.

He brushes some of you hair out of you face while staring into your eyes. “Y/N, you’re the toughest person I know. You took care of me while I was experiencing your pain instead of the other way around. I know it hurts, baby. But, you’re almost there. You can do this.”

With a few more determined pushes, you slump into the bed as soft cries fill the room. “You did such an amazing job, sweetheart”, Dean says while kissing your temple lovingly. 

“It’s a boy!” the doctor announces. You and Dean break out in a smile. “Our Bobby-John Winchester”, you whisper out as happy tears stream out of Dean and your eyes. 

“Bobby-John Winchester”, Dean repeats, a huge grin spreading across his face.

It’s not long before you and Bobby-John are cleaned up. His small hands clutch onto you as he softly sleeps. Dean looks at the both of you with pure love and adoration, an almost carefree look in his candy green eyes.

 Sam and Cas soon walk in, huge grins on their faces too. You can’t help but let more joyful tears go. Although a bit unconventional, this was your family. And it couldn’t be more perfect.

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Unconcealed: Part 2

Unconcealed: Part 2

Word count: 7.3k

Genre: smut, angst

There will be and epilogue to this. Hope you enjoy, it does get a little angsty. I almost cried while writing one part, haha. 

(Gif not mine)

Part one

You and Taehyung had been secretly seeing each other for three months now. He would sneak into your apartment some nights and stay over, sometimes you’d go to his house and sneak in. Although Taehyung didn’t like the fact that you two were sneaking around but he had such strong feelings for you he did whatever you wanted with no second thought. He knew it was to hide from your roommate but he also thought this had something to do with the fact that you hadn’t been in a relationship since Will. He didn’t want to bring it up. He knew he should but he was so head over heels for you he didn’t want to ruin anything.

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Q: How comfortable were you guys filming your three-way sex scene with Udo?

River: Well, I really didn’t help matters. While we were doing our scene I said, “Just think, Keanu. Five hundred million of your fans will be watching this one day.” Like a stupid idiot. I made him feel completely self-conscious. But Keanu rose above it. Gus scolded me endlessly the night after.

Keanu: Did he really?

River: Yeah. He scolded the shit out of me. I almost cried. That was terrible of me. I was just trying to break the ice. You know, I thought it was humorous—I was trying to save Keanu from being freeze-framed by twelve-year-olds at home!

Keanu: Thanks, brother.

hypnotised (1)

pt 1, pt 2, pt 3

genre: angst
paring: baekhyun x reader

Sound of dripping water mixed with muffled TV in the background was the only sound surrounding both of you. The lights were off and you stared at the vanilla candles next to you with an uneasy feeling that had built up in your lower abdomen. You’ve never liked silence; and silence never was silent. It was tangling and creaky, leaving an unpleasant halo in the air. Sucking on your lower lip your hands trembled underneath white, wooden table. You felt his eyes on you, glowing in the darkness. His slim fingers tapped surface of the furniture and for a moment you thought that he is going to leave you without a word.

“I just don’t understand,” his pained whisper shook your heart with double force. “I thought we were happy, me and you” looking around your watered eyeballs glanced at his person.

“Because we were,” the smell of burned flambeau made your nose wrinkle. “We were and as you might have noticed it is in the past tense”

He slightly moved and emptied glass of whisky standing in front of him in one go. His ruffled, black hair looked oddly miserable while he sat in his grey t-shirt which you’ve bought him long time ago. Dark circles under his eyes showed his fatigue and your bony fingers almost reached out for him only to be stopped in a mid air.

“You know I love you,” his lips trembled and you felt tears leaking and dropping down your face. He searched for something, anything in you and when he spotted your anguish he stood up. “We are engaged, we have planned our future together” soft steps echoed in your ears before you could get up and leave. Baekhyun’s arms caged you from behind with comforting smell of his cologne.

“I know” your sigh was almost not audible when your shoulders shook with your quite sobs. “I’m sorry” you felt him kissing your crown of hair. It was too much. You needed to end it here, once and for all. “I can’t do it much longer”

“Why? Just tell me why” his presence was overwhelming, hovering above you as a hawk. “I need to know why

“It hurts!” he didn’t expect your outburst so he tightened his hold on your limbs and kept  you while you cried your eyes out. “Loving you hurts. I’m in constant pain, Baekhyun. I love you but all I gain from that is hate. I can’t go out, I can’t work because I’m being followed. How am I supposed to function? I’m so tired, tired of this flashing lifestyle and cameras. Sometimes I lay awake next to you and I feel as if my life has been sucked out of me, as if I was dying. It’s not your fault neither your career. I’m just… too weak for that” his chin rested upon your head and you could feel his tense body. “We don’t see each other for months and even when we are together we just don’t talk. We forgot ourselves, Baekhyun. It doesn’t work. We gave in” your hands shoot upwards and you faced him with a frown. “Maybe we did all of this too fast” he looked away, showing his hard jaw line and hidden neck veins. “I believe that we should stop this, now” without looking at him you started to fight with your engagement ring. You pulled it once, twice but it didn’t move so you cursed feeling new wetness on your cheeks. “Come on” your nails scarped skin around jewelry so hard that it almost broke.

“Stop. Stop it!”

Your head shot up. You’ve never heard him screaming, especially at you. His brown eyes shot deathly daggers at your person but underneath that anger there was raging love. His hands occupied your own and gently pulled the band off your digit. Silver metal with small, white diamond nested upon it rested on his open palm while both of you looked at it with different expressions. You suddenly remembered how he proposed to you; so simple yet so endearing. Just like him. Your throat let out terrible sound of your despair when he fisted his grip.

“It’s done”

Neither him or you moved. You could hear his heartbeats in the utter silence and you knew he could hear your heart breaking. Gulping you leaned over the table with sudden nausea. All of the facts hitting you like a waterfall.

“Sit down, you look pale” he guided you to the chair and sat you down as a child. “Do you want water?” when you nodded he went to pour it for you.

“Thank you” sipping cold liquid you felt as your whole body burned. “I’m fine. I just… I’m” you lost your words and your gaze fell upon his crouched form. He looked so young in the shadows. You tucked his hair behind his ear. It was silky and so familiar to touch that you had to back off. How could you survive without him? “Maybe you should go” it was for the sake of your sanity. He huffed and closed the distance between both of you.

“How about no?”

“Please, I’m not up to another argument” you ran your hands over your tresses and stared at his bare face with red eyes.

“I have an idea. I think we should try it” on his lips ghosted small smile but it vanished too quickly. Before you could replay he stood and left you in the kitchen. You followed him and you found yourself amused by his doings when he put his shoes on.

“So you are leaving?” your back tensed when he looked at you with a blank expression.  

“You’ve wanted me gone, right?” you managed to look unaffected by his cold voice and blinked away tears escaping your eyelids.

Yes, yes I have. Goodnight” he nodded and got out of your apartment.

Your whole person curled into itself so much that you could hear your bones cracking and screaming from pain - not only physical but emotional. You placed hand on your lips to prevent your soft screams of desperation from coming out.

Ding. Dong.      

Freezing you stared at the entry with unknown for you feeling.

Ding. Dong.

Your steps were cautious  and painfully slow but when you opened the door your heart leaped in your chest. And God, it hurt.  

“Hello, I thought that we could begin again. My name is Baekhyun and I love pizza with pineapple but I know that you hate it so you pluck it out and call me gross when I add it on my slice,” you gripped the frame so hard that your fingers almost broke. “I don’t mind staying on the corridor but I would be glad if you let me in. Both inside your apartment and into your life

You looked at him and with a heavy heart you decided. 

When you are best friends with Rocky and you two like to do a lot of skinship

Thanks for requesting~ I really hope you like this and if not, please tell me~ ^^

I REALLY HAD A HARD TIME CHOOSING OMG I WANTED TO DO THIS OF MJ BUT LIKE ROCKY??? I’LL DO AN MJ SCENARIO LATER T-T ah this idea is so cute i died a few times while writing this oh lord TuT i feel like this could be better though… it was hard to stuff fluff in here idk >< tell me what you though about this! >< I REALLY LOVE THE IDEA!

Words: 1102

Fluff like not in a really romantic way idek

Requested by @goddammitdanyul ♥

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You gave Minhyuk a look. ”Are you challenging me?” you asked, eyeing the basketball in his hands.

“You said it, not me,” he grinned and bounced the ball a few times.

ASTRO didn’t have any schedules on that day so you were hanging out with them. You didn’t even know how you had befriended the idols, it just… happened? One day you met them and the other you were already friends. It had been really easy to befriend them even though they were idols. They were really easygoing and nice and at the moment they didn’t have much to do besides practice.

You tugged Bin’s sleeve. “Help me.”

He looked at you and then at Minhyuk. “Nah, I think you’re going to have to deal with him on your own.”

You let out a sigh and turned to Minhyuk. “Get ready to get your ass beaten,” you threatened him while slowly approaching him.

“Oh, yeah?” he looked amused. “Just like last time when you almost cried over the fact that I won?”

You frowned. “I did not.”

“Whatever,” he grinned. “The one who scores ten points first wins.”

“What’s the prize?” you asked.

“A piggyback ride to the convenience store nearby.”

“Call,” you agreed.

You lost. It was a close match though, you almost won.

Minhyuk grinned widely when he hopped on your back. You let out a heavy sigh before you seven walked - well, basically it was six since Minhyuk wasn’t walking - to the nearest convenience store to buy something to drink.

Once you got there, Minhyuk got off your back and you all disappeared to different aisles, trying to decide what to buy. You went straight to the drinks aisle.

“What are you going to get?” a pair of arms wrapped around your shoulders from behind.

“I don’t know,” you said. “You?” you asked him - who was none other than Minhyuk.

“Hmm,” he hummed, looking at the shelf filled with soft drinks. “Fanta. Want to share?” he asked.

“I don’t really feel like drinking Fanta,” you stated. “I’m not too thirsty anyway, so I guess I’ll just save my money for another time.”

“Are you sure?” he asked, letting go of you and getting a small bottle of Fanta from the shelf. You nodded and you two went over to the others who were already waiting at the cashier.

“If I didn’t know you two, I’d believe you are dating,” Jinwoo said as you all paid for your stuff and left the store. Minhyuk had his arm around your waist and that wasn’t unusual at all. You were surprised pictures of situations like these weren’t all over the internet. No one knew about you and ASTRO being friends and you were really surprised by that. They did wear masks and hoods, caps or beanies when you were hanging out outside the company building so that was probably the reason no one had caught you yet. Even you had a hard time telling them apart when they were “in their disguise”.

“I know them and I still think they are secretly dating,” Sanha stated and you and Minhyuk just chuckled in response.

“How was your week, by the way?” Dongmin asked you. “Did anything happen?”

You shook your head. “Nope.”

“Must be nice…” Sanha sighed. “You have so much free time… I’m jealous.”

“You should be grateful for what you have,” Minhyuk poked him with his free arm.

“I am!” Sanha rubbed his arm. “It’s just that it sounds so nice to have a lot of free time…”

The others agreed with him but you knew they were all grateful for what they had.

“Are you going to go practice in the evening?” you asked them after a brief silence.

“We probably have to,” Jinwoo said, taking a sip out of the Cola Myungjun had bought.

“Are you going to come to the practice room too?” Minhyuk asked you.

“Would you mind me coming?”

Everyone shook their head. “Of course not.”

You laughed at the way the guys warmed up before starting practice. They danced to girl group songs, played around and laughed a lot. You were happy to see them enjoying themselves. That was until they started practicing seriously. Their smiles faded away - though at times they flashed a cheeky smile after doing a small mistake - and their expressions were serious. You admired them from the side.

They are so cool…

You were very grateful and happy about the fact that you had met them. It’s not like you couldn’t live without them - actually, life without them did sound a little frightening now that you thought about it - but you were thankful that they were around. You had your own lives, they had their idol lives and you had your normal, sometimes boring life. Still, meeting each other every now and then was always just as fun and refreshing. They were almost like a source of energy for you and they thought the same about you. You cheered each other up.

“Should we take a break?” Bin asked, panting heavily after they had gone through their new song’s tiring choreography a few times.

Everyone agreed to a five-minute break. They grabbed their bottles of water and sat or lied down to catch their breath. Minhyuk came over to you and sat down next to you on the floor.

“How many weeks do you have left until the comeback?” you asked him.

“Three,” he drank some water. “What do you think? Were we terrible?”

You chuckled. “Not at all.”

“Looking from here,” Sanha said from the other side of the room, making you two look at him. “It totally looks like you two are dating.”

“Oh, shut up,” Minhyuk threw him with the small towel he had been holding and Sanha laughed.

You two were sitting opposite the mirrored wall of the practice room. You looked at the reflection of you and Minhyuk. He was leaning on you like he always did. It wasn’t uncomfortable or annoying, you actually liked it. But seeing your reflection from the mirror made you feel a little weird about it.

“What is it?” Minhyuk asked when you weren’t saying anything.

“Nothing,” you smiled and looked away from the mirror.

You liked the fact that you two were so close. Minhyuk always treated you nicely and you liked hanging out with him and the others. Even though you were best friends, you couldn’t help but wonder… Did Minhyuk treat all his friends like he treated you or was there possibly something behind all the skinship he did with you?

Actor Louis

i’ll bring the bread because boy, you’re the jam by scagnetism (8k)

Just when he’s about to stop clicking the next button and claim defeat, maybe put some posters up around town, he’s met with a picture of white cardstock lying on a table, words written in black Sharpie with careful, deliberate strokes. “Hiiii,” it reads, “if you’re reading this, you’ve found my camera! I’d love it if you could contact me so I can get it back. It’d be the nice thing to do.”

Or the AU where Harry loses his camera. Louis finds it. They fall for each other via email.

walk my days on a wire by sunshiner (38k)

Harry hums, staring at his hands in his lap, and Louis can still feel their smoothness, how solid they were in between his own. “Do you think it’s the same for us? Are we here only because of the likeliness of our jobs? Of our lives?”
“We’re here because we have inventive managers,” Louis says, giving Harry’s leg a little nudge with his knee, but all that’s going around in his head is, I think I’d be in the same spot in every possible universe.

or, when actor Louis Tomlinson used to daydream about dating Harry Styles, this is not what he had in mind.

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i randomly got inspired to write this, and i’m pretty proud of how it turned out
i hope you enjoy x


That’s the word everyone used to describe Harry and I’s relationship. And, to be honest, I agreed. Ever since we met, Harry and I just clicked, and we were always by each other’s side. We were inseparable after being friends for three weeks. And then a few years went by, and we had grown up together. And the feelings we had towards one another started showing, no matter how hard we tried to hold them in. Then, one night, Harry and I were walking around after having dinner with some friends, and rain started pouring down from the sky. Soaked, we got in Harry’s car and went back to his place. I showered and he gave me a change of clothes, him showering and changing after I had. We ate our leftovers and watched movies, not realizing how late it was because time had gotten away from us, as it did often when we hung out.

“Is it really almost four in the morning?” Harry looked at his phone screen in surprise.

My eyes got wide. “Holy shit, where did the time go?”

“I know, right?” He chuckled. “I swore it felt like it was maybe one or one thirty.”

I sighed, realizing I had my head on Harry’s shoulder, his arm around me. Had we been like this the entire time? I looked up at him and he was already looking at me, a smile on his face.

“What'cha smiling at?” I sing-songed.

He laughed. “You.”

I laughed lightly. “Why?”

He hesitated, then exhaled. “Would you think I was mad if I told you I was in love with you?”

I looked at him in shock, a smile appearing on my face. “No, because I’m in love with you too.”

He grinned, then leaned in and kissed me. Do you know what the only word that could describe that moment was? Perfect.

Two and a half years later, we were a few months away from celebrating our third anniversary, and Harry was acting strange. I didn’t know why, and it concerned me. Selena came over and I vented to her, crying and worrying that Harry was going to leave me or something. She consoled me, saying that Harry would never break my heart. That he loved me way too much to ever leave me. And after she left, Harry. came home. I was in our room, so I walked out to the living room, anxious to ask him why he wasn’t acting like himself. But when I got to the living room, I saw Harry crouched on the floor, his back to me.

“Hey, babe?” I said nervously.

He turned around, smiling as he held a golden retriever puppy with a bow on its light blue collar.

“Yes, love?” He grinned.

I gasped, walking over to him and petting the dog. “Harry, you did not,”

“Yes, I did,” He nodded. “You’ve always said you wanted a puppy, so I decided to get you one.”

I smiled, tearing up. “You’re the sweetest, you know that?”

“I like to think so,” He chuckled. “What do you want to name him?”

I thought for a moment. “Hm… how about Rain? But like, maybe with an e on the end?”

“Why Raine?” He asked.

“Because, if it didn’t rain that one night, I would’ve just went home instead of coming here. And you probably wouldn’t have told me how you felt about me until much later.” I explained. “I guess you could say we wouldn’t have gotten together so soon if it wasn’t for the rain.

He beamed. “Ah, I guess you’re right. Raine is the perfect name for this little guy.”

After that moment, things continued to be how they always were. Everyone swore that by the time our anniversary came that Harry would propose to me. And though I’d laugh it off, I wanted that more than anything. I wanted our perfect relationship to become a perfect marriage. And I thought Harry did too.

But, when we had but only a month and a half left until we’d celebrate being together for three years, Harry started acting weird again. Instead of acknowledging the uneasy feeling I had, I just chalked it up to everyone’s suspicions being true. That he was going to propose. One night, Niall and Harry suggested that Selena and I have a girls’ day, and we’d get dinner together that night. Though we were suspicious, we went along with it. Many times throughout the day, Selena swore that when we came home that Niall would have some kind of excuse for her and him to leave, and Harry would propose to me. And, again, I really hoped that was the case. Then, when we still had a couple hours until we’d be on our way back, Niall called Selena. He said that there was a change of plans, that Harry wasn’t feeling well and that he would be at home waiting for Selena. So we left fifteen minutes after the call, Selena going home to Niall and me going home to Harry. At least, that’s what I thought. I came home to an empty house, Raine greeting me when I came in. I pet him, then looked around the house to see if Harry was really gone, and if he had left a note. But he was no where to be found, and he didn’t leave a note. I called him many times, him ignoring every single one. I texted him, saying that it was so unlike him to be this way and we needed to talk as soon as possible. I checked every five minutes to see if he had read it, but he didn’t read it at all.

Harry didn’t come home that night.

The next morning, I woke up to tons of notifications. Before I could even go through them, Selena called me.

“Hello?” I answered.

“(Y/n), have you seen or heard anything?” Selena asked me.

“No?” I said, confused. “I literally just woke up.”

She sighed. “I guess I’ll be the bearer of bad news. There are pictures everywhere of Harry leaving The Nice Guy with Nikita.”

I felt like my heart had stopped. Harry wasn’t home last night because he was with his ex. And he didn’t come home, which meant he stayed with her. I almost got sick at the thought of what probably happened. Tears flowed from my eyes as I sobbed, the hardest I’d cried in the longest time.

“How did this happen?” I wept.

“I don’t know, babe,” Selena said sadly. “But I think the best thing for you to do is to just come stay with Niall and I for a while. You know, so you can get some space and think about things.”

I nodded, though I knew she couldn’t see me. “You’re right, I’ll pack some stuff and come over there.”

“Alright,” She sighed again. “Drive safe, love you.”

“Thanks, love you too.” I said quietly.

I got up, brushing my teeth and getting ready. I finished packing, and before I could get my things and go, I heard the front door open and close. Raine, who was laying on the bed next to my bags, ran to see who it was. I already knew who it was, and anger boiled within me. I walked out there, seeing a very tired and sad looking Harry. I crossed my arms, glaring at him.

He looked up at me, petting Raine. “What’s going on?”

“You know damn well what’s going on.” I said, growing more furious by the second. “Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

He stood there, realizing I knew what he had done. He didn’t speak.

I laughed sarcastically. “Of course you don’t. So, you go from promising dinner to our friends and I, to not coming home last night? What the hell is wrong with you?!”

He looked down, still not speaking, so I continued.

“Not only did you not come home, you went out with your ex and then went home with her! When you had your fucking girlfriend at home waiting for you! What kind of twisted fuck does that?!”

After an agonizing silence, he spoke up. “I’m so sorry, love. I–”

“Don’t,” I spat. “You don’t get to call me that anymore.”

He looked me in the eye for the first time during our conversation. “What are you saying?”

“Do you expect me to stay with you after what you did?” I scoffed. “Harry, everyone knows about what happened, it’s all over social media and it’s on tv. Everyone knows you’re a cheating prick. Why the hell should I stay with you?!”

He looked away again, shrugging. “I guess I don’t expect you to.”

It got quiet once again, and I decided to ask something I wasn’t sure I wanted to know the answer to.

“Why’d you do it? Why would you do this to me? To us? We were perfect, Harry.”

He hesitated. “I-I don’t know, (y/n).”

I stared at him in disbelief. “You don’t know? You cheated on me, throwing almost three years down the drain, and you don’t know why you did it?!”

He didn’t say anything.

“Wow,” I laughed sadly. “Well, Raine and I are leaving. We’ll talk when you figure out what your reason for fucking our relationship up is.”


It had been a week since I left Harry. Niall and Selena were nice enough to allow Raine and I to stay with them until I finalized everything with the real estate agent that was helping me find a new place. Of course, like everything else, the media was talking about it. How ‘award winning singer-songwriter (y/f/n) (y/l/n) left her boyfriend of three years and former One Direction member Harry Styles, and is getting her own place after he cheated on her’. The thing was, we didn’t even make it to three years. We were two months away, eight weeks from another anniversary. And just like that, it was ruined.

At first, I wondered if it was something I did. But then came to the realization that I had been the best girlfriend I could’ve possibly been to Harry. I gave him my all, my everything. I didn’t do anything to deserve what he did. So, that meant it was him. I wasn’t sure what, but he did what he did because of something that was going on with him. And that gave me a small bit of relief. My heart was still in a million different pieces, but it helped knowing I did absolutely nothing wrong.

Selena, Raine, and I sat in the living room, when the door opened and shut. Niall came into the room and he had Louis with him.

Niall sat next to Selena, and Louis next to him. Raine perked up when he saw them, his tail wagging. He was such a lovable dog, and it wasn’t as little as he used to be. When he sat, he came to a little above my knee, and it seemed like he grew more and more everyday. He got down from his spot next to me on the couch and sat between Louis and Niall, both of them petting him and grinning.

Niall sighed, his smiling falling. “I know you probably don’t want to hear this, (y/n), but Harry’s a wreck. He refuses to do anything, and he just cries and cries…”

“Poor lad needs someone to all but force him to drink some water,” Louis snowballed, still petting Raine.

Selena chuckled. “He should be upset. Do you remember how she cried herself to sleep up until the night before last? How I had to make sure she drank and ate something. He should be devastated, he brought this on himself. And honestly, I don’t feel bad for him. And you feel the exact same way, right, (y/n)?”

I went to answer her, but I couldn’t. I should be glad Harry wasn’t happy right now. But I wasn’t. I felt guilty, though I knew that I shouldn’t. I couldn’t bring myself to feel okay with this, and all I could think about is how I needed to go see him.


The next day, I showed up at the place that Harry and I shared just a week ago. I knocked on the door, then waited. Eventually it opened, a very surprised Harry appearing on the other side of it.

“W-What are you doing here,” He stammered, his voice raspy. His hair was a mess and his eyes were red, his cheeks tear stained. He looked like a mess.

“Can we talk?” I exhaled.

He hesitated, then opened the door, allowing me in.

We sat in the living room on separate couches. Silence filled the room, and I swore I’d probably be able to hear a pin drop.

After a while, Harry exhaled. “For a while, I’ve had this… feeling. And, I couldn’t quite place it at first. But eventually, I realized what it was. I realized… I didn’t deserve you. As much as I tried to just push it away, I couldn’t. And it got really bad, so I did something stupid. I tried to drink it away. I drank so much, and the next thing I knew I woke up next to Nikita. I swear to you, (y/n), it wasn’t my intention to hurt you. I never thought I’d ever hurt you.”

I exhaled, letting go of the breath I was holding in. “I felt like I didn’t deserve you, but I never went as far as drinking it away or cheating on you. Instead, I realized how blessed I was to call you mine, and I appreciated every single second I got with you.”

"And that’s exactly why I don’t deserve you.” Harry stared at his hands.

I scoffed. “Don’t you get it? All I’ve ever wanted was you! When I met you, I knew you’d be the man I would marry and have kids with. And now, even though we’re not together and that won’t happen, I still can’t see myself with anyone else.”

“You shouldn’t settle for me, (y/n).” He shook his head. “There’s someone much better for you out there.”

“That may be the case, but I’ll never love someone like I love you. I’ll love you forever.”

He got quiet. “I don’t know what to say…”

I scoffed again. “So you’re not going to fight for me?! You’re just going to let me go? …Pfft, you really must not love me as much as you say you do.”

“I do love you, (y/n).” He enunciated, seeing almost frustrated. “I love you with my whole damn heart… with every fiber of my being, that’s why i can’t let you try to get stuck with me. Move on, and find someone better, you deserve at least that. And I deserve the ability to say that I lost you when I swore to myself I’d never let that happen. I deserve to be humiliated, regretful, and remorseful.”

The room was silent once more. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t say anything.

“Now, go.” He said gently. “Go, be happy and take care of Raine. I want to be able to go on social media or turn on the television and see you smiling and being happy like you used to be. Before I fucked everything up.”

I sighed. “I’ll always love you, Harry.”

He smiled. “And I, you, (y/n). Always.”

if you have ideas for imagines feel free to request them, requests are always open x




Prompt: the reader can’t sleep, so she goes into Spencer’s room.


You were so sad. This case was literally destroying you. The UnSub was killing with no breaks and you were the one who had to talk with the victims’ families.
Seeing people broke by a son of bitch broke you too.

Now you were lying in your bed in hotel. Sleep: that strange word. It would be a long night and you knew it. But stay alone didn’t help you, you needed to awake with someone else, and you knew who would it be.

The door of room 1861 was opened by Spencer Reid, your best friend since you started to work at the BAU.
His hair was more messy than usually and his eyes were full of sleep.

“I know it is late, but I can’t sleep…”

“Come in.” he just said, giving you a weak smile.

When you entered, you just stood up in the middle of the room, while he went to bad again, covering himself with the blankets.

“What are you doing there (y/n)? Come here with me.”

And so you did, you went next to him. Your side of the mattress was cold, but you could feel his body heat. You two were lying, facing each other.

“So, what’s the matter?”

“I can’t forget the people I talked to. The way they cried, the way…”

A tear left eye. You’d never felt this way before.

“Please, don’t cry. I don’t like to see you cry.” he said almost breathing, with his thumb brushing your cheek.

His touch felt so good on you. He’d already touched you, but this time was different.
Your head found its way to his chest, resting on it.
Then Spencer’s arms filled your body, stroking it with his hands and fingers.

“We will catch him soon.”

“I hope so. I want to go home, but for now I prefer to stay here, with you.”

You felt his lips kissing the top of your head multiple times.

“I think” you said yawning, your eyes already closed “I’m in love with you.”

“Well, instead I know to be in love with you.”


MA / 5939 words

A series of one-shots / One / Two

Childhood friends - January 2017

Part One

Little Lulu Lamb, are you making brews?

With dead eyes, I scowled silently down to the opposite side of the sofa, seeing Harry with his phone still in his hand, and his dimple there even though he was straining his smile. You could always tell when Harry was trying to hide his laughter, because his dimple would appear as proof, no matter how much he tried to conceal it.
But I played along, not saying a word as I text him back.

You make brews! It
’s your house, I’m the guest here.

’ve been here for almost a week now. You’re no longer a guest, you practically live here. Now get off your arse and make me a brew.

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Imagine Chris being there for you through it all.

A/N: This is a request from @brobrobreja, I don’t know if this helps. I mean- I cried writing this so I’m sorry if this makes you sadder, I just- it’s a really tough situation. Sending so much love your way. X

You swore time stood still when the words “acute myeloid leukemia” left your oncologist’s lips. Your mouth became dry and your heart started to beat in your ears; voices and background noises merged into a deafening buzz that somehow repeated one sentence, “you have cancer.” You couldn’t believe it- you didn’t want to believe it. You didn’t understand how what you’d thought was a really bad cold could turn out to be blood cancer. You thought because you were sick that it was normal: to feel tired, to have a fever, to get night sweats, to have reoccurring nose bleeds, to throw up, to lose weight, to have your bones and joints ache despite your use of pain killers. You didn’t think anything of it because you didn’t want to think anything of it; you knew something was wrong but you were too afraid to admit it, and as it turned out- you had every right to be afraid.

Your husband, Chris, was the reason you finally decide to go to the hospital. You were getting weaker with each passing day, and your pain was only just beginning. Today you couldn’t even get out of bed, which was the last straw for Chris; he forced you into his car and drove you to the hospital. The two of you met with a GP who took one look at you and your list of symptoms and sent you to their resident oncologist on the fifth floor. You sat in the waiting room with Chris, who held your freezing hand the entire time. He tried to reassure you, repeating the sentences that would usually rid you of your angst: “It’s going to be okay, sweetheart.”, “We’re just overthinking again.”, “I’m sure it’s nothing.” Usually they worked, but not this time. You knew it wasn’t going to be okay; you weren’t overthinking again; and it was definitely something. You could feel it everywhere: your gut, your heart, your mind, and your soul; it wasn’t just the numbing pain talking, it was every inch of your being.

“Hey,” Chris gently squeezed your hand, bringing you back into the room. You managed a small smile as you ignored the tears blurring your vision; it wasn’t you you were worried about, it was your husband. Death was going to be easy, but surviving a death wasn’t. “Did you hear what Dr. Michaels said?” He tried to keep his voice as calm as possible. “There are a lot of treatments you can undergo, okay? We’ve got um-” he glanced at Dr. Michaels who looked heartbroken for the both of you, “chemotherapy and biological therapy and target therapy and radiation-” He stopped himself when he heard his voice break. “There’s a chance for recovery, Y/N.”

“I know,” you nodded, squeezing his hand as tightly as your weak body could. “Don’t you worry, I’m going to do whatever it takes to fight this.” Chris broke down when you said that, burying his head in your lap. He wanted to be strong for you, but he couldn’t right now. You were so young and you had so much left to do with your life; he couldn’t lose you, you couldn’t leave him. “It’s okay, baby.” You kissed the top of his head, whispering into his hair. “I’m going to be okay, I promise.”

After that day, Chris never cried in front of you again. He promised himself he’d keep it together because you didn’t need to take care of him, he needed to take care of you. He stayed incredibly positive, reminding you every day that recovery was possible and it was- especially since they detected your cancer in its early stages. Acute leukemia was the kind of cancer that needed to be treated as soon as it was diagnosed, as were most cancers. The goal of treatment was inducing a remission which was an absence of leukemia cells in the body, that came with a lot of chemotherapy; pills, catheter- whatever form of inserting the drugs into you, you did. It exhausted you physically, mentally, and psychologically. You spent most of your time at either the hospital or the dialysis clinic with Chris, of course, who put his entire career on hold.

You didn’t want him to; you wanted him to go to Atlanta and film ‘Infinity War’; you wanted him to live his life like his wife’s wasn’t on the line. But of course, he wouldn’t because he couldn’t. As much as he wanted to keep you happy, he couldn’t agree to such a ridiculous request. Even if he were to agree, just to appease you, Marvel wouldn’t have allowed him on set. You’d been married to Chris for five years now, everyone he knew and everyone he’d worked with knew you too. They also knew you needed Chris in such a trying time, whether or not you were willing to admit it- you needed the love of your life by your side. So Kevin promised Chris they could postpone the filming schedule for as long as he needed, or at least until things weren’t so raw and fresh. You’d tried to argue against it, stating there was no point in him suffering with you, but he wouldn’t have any of it. He even reminded you of your wedding vows- for better or for worst, and in sickness and in health- which shut you up.

“Do you want some te-” Chris cut himself off when he saw you asleep on the couch with Dodger watching over you. He sighed as he ran a hand through his hair, walking over to carefully readjust you and your blanket. “I’m not hurting her, bud.” He reassured Dodger, who growled slightly. “I’m just…” He trailed off, sighing again at the sight of your weary face. “What are we going to do, Dodger?” He looked over at his pup, chuckling with limited humor as he wept. He tried to stop himself from completely breaking down, but he couldn’t. “I feel so fucking useless. Tea?” He almost laughed at how ridiculous he sounded. “I’m offering her fucking tea when she’s-” he buried his face in his hands. “Oh God, why did it have to be her?” He cried into his hands. “She doesn’t deserve this, no one does.”

Chris cried for a little while then wiped his face with his t-shirt before leaving you to rest. He headed for his laptop where had several articles about leukemia and treatment plans and statistics of recovery. Things may have looked bleak, but it didn’t stop him from giving up hope. If there was a chance, there was a way. If you were willing to fight, so was he. You were stronger than anyone he’d ever known, and if anyone were to beat any shitty illness- it was you. You could do it, he could feel it as sure as you could feel the pain in your bones. Your treatment was going to induce remission, and you were going to recover, and the two of you were going to start a family and live happily ever after. Chris could picture the whole thing, he could see his future with you and there wasn’t a black cloud in sight. As long as the two of you stuck together, fought together, and stay positive together- things were going to be okay.

“Chris,” Chris heard your weak voice call for him and he poked his head around the corner. You were sitting up with a hand over your mouth, which meant only one thing. He quickly rushed over with a box of tissues and a bin so you could throw up. He held your hair back for you and gently rubbed your back as you threw up water and bile because you were too weak to eat any proper foods. You started crying as he cleaned your mouth for you, pushing his hand away and burying your head in yours. “I’m sorry,” you sobbed.

“Don’t apologize,” he shook his head, putting the bin aside so he could hold you. You melted into his arms and for a second, you almost forgot about everything. “Baby, this is not your fault. You’re doing everything you can, okay? You have nothing to be sorry for, do you understand me?” You managed a nod as you continued to cry. “I know how difficult it is right now, but you are going to get better. You just to believe because the mind is so much stronger than the body, and you have one of the strongest minds I’ve ever come across.”

“What if it’s not enough?”

“It is,” he assured you. “Believe me, it is. We’re going to spend the rest of our lives together,” he cupped your face in his hands and brushed away your tears, smiling. “I’m not letting you go anywhere, you hear? You’re stuck with me, Y/N, whether you like it or not.” You managed to laugh despite how utterly lost and broken you felt. “You’re going to get better,” he repeated. “Things are going to look up, I promise. You just need to keep fighting, baby. Can you do that?”

You nodded, managing a light chuckle. “I can do this all day,” you quoted Captain America’s most popular line and drew a genuine, heartfelt laugh from Chris. He brushed away the remainder of your tears then kissed your lips. Yes, things were bad right now, but he’d no doubt it was going to get better real soon. With a character as tough as yours, not even leukemia could keep you down.

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Another birthday came and went. I didn’t even remember.

Thinking about my childhood this morning, remembering my ninth birthday back in Arlington Texas. My mother was so busy working and trying to survive that she forgot my birthday. I didn’t say anything because I was hoping that she was planning a surprise party. But she didn’t. It took her two more days to remember, and I can still see her face as she talked to me about how bad she felt for forgetting me. I told her I didn’t care and it was ok. The truth was I didn’t care about the forgotten birthday. I cared more about the fact that she never had time for me during those days, and the fact that she was never home because she worked all of the time. Life was lonely for me back then. I was happy that she just sat there with me for a while and looked me in the face engaged with me. I needed her time more than I needed a cake.

My mother was not a hugger.
I have few memories of her holding me or hugging me. She always felt stiff if she found herself hugging me. I never knew why. As I got older I realized that it was the way she was raised. Her parents grew up in the 20’s and were quite stoic people. I suppose that living through the depression did something to them. The fact that life was very hard back then may have had something to do with this. Living as sharecroppers and dirt poor can have a profound effect on peoples ability to show affection I guess.
It wasn’t until I was an adult that I broached this subject with her. I remember that she was very uncomfortable with the conversation, and almost became angry with me. She got very defensive and at one point I just stood up and held out my arms and said “hug me” … she just sat there and cried. So I went over to her and hugged her while she sat there crying.
Things changed between us after that. Like ice had melted from her spirit or something. Now every time I visit her the first thing she does is hold me close for a moment.
It’s all I ever wanted from her.
Happy birthday.

Overprotective // Ian x Reader

requested by @slytherinbedwithme


You and Ian had been having a thing behind your brother’s, Joji, back. You kept it a secret just because you knew that Joji would get very protective over you and wouldn’t let you date Ian.

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(Insta @kestrelohara)

Osprey has quickly climbed up my “favourites” list. I assumed she would, but I honestly just love how she looks. I need to get her some new glasses, as the stems stick too far out (I had to edit them completely out), but it’s so hard to find small, oversize glasses with actual lenses that also has soft nose-pieces (so it doesn’t ruin the face-up) :/ So for now she’ll just use these.

As for character; I’m still building her (I should really not buy dolls to create characters for rather than the other way, but there are simply too many pretty dolls), but she’s pretty shy and gentle, the kind who almost cries while watching the news or reading the comment sections (she knows she shouldn’t do it, but she still does). Huge coffee addict and also an insomniac. Suffers from social anxiety. She’s a particle physics student, and very studious at that. Some of her favourite things are the tree branches in winter, when they’re completely frozen over, the sound when the rain hits the rooftop, and the adrenaline kick from an intense workout. Probably someone’s girlfriend, although I’m not completely finished mapping out relationships or building the backstory of all the dolls-turned-characters yet, so I don’t quite know whose girlfriend yet.

Her looks are loosely based on Taranee from W.I.T.C.H, which was my favourite comic growing up (and Taranee and Will my favourite characters)

More Than Beneficial Part 2

gif source: x

Michael Gray x Reader

Part 1 | Part 3 (coming soon)

~warnings: sexual tension~

Prompt: You and Michael are friends with benefits and there is a lot of sexual tension.

A/N: Sorry this is so short. There will be at least two more parts for sure probably more because I feel like there is a lot I can do with this storyline. Sorry my posting has slowed down a lot. I am working on writing at any free time I can which is basically at two in the morning. I hope you enjoy this part! Thank you for the requests and all of the liking and reblogging I get. Please give  me feedback! I promise I’m ten times more motivated to write when I get nice messages and lovely inbox stuff. Thank you again for your continued support!

“Hey, boys!” you grinned trying to make nothing of Isaiah and Michael’s wandering stares. Michael continued drinking while his eyes darted across your body.

“We are not boys. You are talking to men here.” Isaiah retorted, taking another drink of whiskey.

“Don’t be afraid to remind me of that next time you begin crying over me stitching up your wounds.” you replied grinning cheekily over knocking him down a peg. A few weeks ago Isaiah got stabbed in the thigh over a small gang scuffle. He probably wouldn’t have normally cried but the alcohol in his system told him to do otherwise.

“I cried one time! Plus it was a big cut!” he pouted, getting almost instantly defensive. Michael still eyed you nervously, only providing slight laughter but seemed to or was pretending to look more interested in his cigarette and glass of whiskey.

“I could have done the same amount of damage with a butterknife!” Finn joked back. Isaiah grabbed for Finn’s head pulling him in a headlock and messing up his hair. Finn got free trying to get Isaiah in a headlock of his own. Michael still seemed to be zoning out and you wanted to ask him what was up but you promise no emotions and also assumed it would ruin your deal for having fun by sulking with him.

“Stop messing around like that right now. Wait until you have a few drinks under your belt.” you rolled your eyes over their boyish actions. “I really need to get more friends who are girls, or something.” You murmured, splitting them up, forcing them to stop.

Without looking Finn waved his hand in the air for the barmaid. The barmaid, seeing a Shelby, without even needing to ask, went for the top shelf whiskey and poured a glass for Finn. “That’ll be two glasses and one more half filled, actually.” Finn stated politely, as the woman continued pouring into more glasses.

“Wow… someone’s thirsty. Some issues you want to talk about, Finn?” Isaiah laughed trying to get back at Finn for the butterknife joke.

“No, Y/F/N here told me she is forced to have fun tonight. So…” he moved the drinks closer separating one full glass from the group and sliding the other two in front of you. “One for me and one and a half for you.” Finn stared down at you, grinning. He knew just as well as you did how much of a lightweight you were when it came to alcohol but even so almost two glasses would leave the average person of your weight blackout drunk.

“Are you serious?” you looked at Finn like he was crazy but Finn just nodded. “Fuck you!” You jibbed, pointing at Finn and staring him in the eyes while swallowing a glass full in one go, your eyes stayed set on Finn the entire time to prove a point. Finn snickered in disbelief and Isaiah just smiled in pride.

 Michael looked at you with a shocked face. His face morphed to a devilish smirk. He loved how you still held onto your femininity and delicacy even when you were swearing and chugging an entire glass of alcohol. His jaw dropped down slightly as if he was about to say something but he stopped when Isaiah seemed to do it for him. 

“Holy shit! You’re actually going through with this whole “fun” thing, are you?” he marveled. 

“I’m not doing that with the second one!” you decided. You slid the cigarette out of Michael’s hand, leaning close to his face. Taking a strong inhale, looking lustfully into his eyes, the alcohol not yet fully taking effect on your body. Your eyelashes fluttered as you blinked between the long glances between his lips and his eyes. He bit slightly at his bottom lip taking in the sight of you letting the smoke escape from your mouth. He slightly sobered up from tension between each other. Your lipstick stained his cigarette leaving a red stain on the pure white paper of the cigarette. His eyes focused only on the youthful pout of your red lips. They looked soft and were full and he couldn’t help but think about all of the naughty things you could do to him with them. The few seconds that you had done that felt like an eternity to Michael who was holding onto every detail of the moment. You cheekily grinned as his eyes drifted from your lips back up to your eyes.

 You wanted and thrived off of Michael wanting you. You didn’t care that he wasn’t fully yours. You didn’t even want him to be yours anymore. You just wanted him to want you. You couldn’t have him as your own and didn’t even think you wanted that anymore. Lust was overtaking your body as the alcohol started to set into your system. A playful attitude set in. You wanted Michael to work for anything he wanted from you tonight. 

You placed the lipstick marked cigarette back in between his fingers. Strutting away towards a man that had been eyeing you all night. Michael knew you were probably doing this to make him jealous and he didn’t even mind admitting to himself that it was working. 

“Damn, she is something isn’t she?” Isaiah laughed, looking at Michael who was still stuck in bewilderment.

“I think I’m in love…” Michael muttered almost inaudibly staring at you superficially flirting with the random man on the other side of the bar. “Fuck…” Michael mumbled in realization of the words that just spilled out of his mouth. Michael took a long drag of his lipstick stained cigarette His eyes still drifted over your figure and your fingers gracefully dancing along the random man’s arm. Isaiah’s eyes widened with slight shock over Michael’s words. He knew Michael was not one to throw around those words lightly. In Michael’s previous relationship that lasted almost a year he had never even uttered the words ‘I love you’ to her. 

“Wait, what did I miss?” Finn stated making Michael realize how confused he must be. He glanced at Finn’s confusion held face for a second but allowed his focus to drift back to Y/F/N.  Looking at you smile and giggle over the random man’s jokes. Michael didn’t think he was the jealous type but his blood began to boil slightly as his fist clenched at the sight of you fondling over another man.

“Shut the fuck up for a minute, Finn. I’ll fill you in later.” Isaiah blurted more harshly than he had meant to. Finn continued to listen and try to understand the full extent of the situation. “What the fuck did you just say?”  Isaiah turned to Michael hoping he had heard him wrong because that means he must’ve gotten attached really fast.

“I-I said…I think I fucking love her.” Michael repeated, as his eyes drifted to the floor and then up to Isaiah, away from you as you still chatted giddily with the mystery man

“Then what the fuck are you doing still standing here? She’s into you.” Isaiah blurted annoyed at Michael’s continued complacency. “It’s only complex because your are making it that way. Make it simple.” Isaiah rambled giving a pep talk of sorts, and ending it by slapping Michael on the shoulder. Finn still stood next to Isaiah, with a confused look on his face. "Come on! You’re a blinder and she’s obviously more important to you than a quick fuck!“ Isaiah blurted.

Michael looked between Isaiah and you. "Fuck…” Michael whispered trying to decide what to do. He looked back up to see you whispering in the mystery man’s ear but still facing Michael. You made eyes at Michael urging him to seek you out. Michael found confidence in that and snubbed out his cigarette, that had been marked by you, in the ashtray on the bar. Isaiah gave him a pat on the shoulder in a way of wishing good luck to him, before he started to approach you and the mystery man.