i almost cried when i was looking for these pictures


Im just going…to dump these WIP’s here…hahah …

Im trash  for this game so I went on a roll and drew a bunch of sketches of the characters. The first sketch is going to have a final done for it since I absolutely love the result of the sketch. Yes I know I screwed up on 9s design on the 3rd picture but I like it anyway. I am also sorry for the last sketch , strangely enough before I even played the game or looked into it, I had a weird dream with me being in a scenery where I saw in the distance 2B stabbed in a clear area by a Katana and felt a heavy draft of sorrow when I saw that (almost cried).

But anyway I just wanted to share some more nier sketches I did.(and that pun)  ^u^

Drawn by me : Laundingo (S.R)

Tool: Paint tool SAI

Light of All Lights - A Fairy Tale in Five Parts (1/5)

Notes: This fic would not nearly be what it is without @caprelloidea​‘s handholding, encouragement and keen eye. She’s the best, I think you all agree. Based on a picset posted by @bleebug, encouraged by @its-imperator-furiosa​‘s enthusiasm for the idea, and written with @queen-mabs-revenge​ in mind. There is nothing explicitly dominate/submissive about this, but there are borrowed elements of that dynamic.

Summary: When his ship crashes onto a secluded island after a storm Killian “Deckhand Hook” Jones finds himself the unlikely companion to the dark “goddess” who inhabits it. A fairy tale in three parts. 

Rating: Explicit for whoa smut in the later chapters. Some mild violence.

Word Count: 15K+



Thunder cracked in the sky above, the entire ship tremoring and shuddering with the force, and not a blink later purple silver lighting flared brilliant white in the crew quarters. The storm was upon them.

Starkey crowed as Hook threw up an arm, his hammock swinging violently, almost pitching him to the deck, the flinch happening before he could check himself.

“Oh no not the raaain,” came a high pitched mocking voice from somewhere in the black darkness of the cabin. Probably Evans. Loud raucous laughter followed, but Hook ignored it, their mocking jeers the least of his concerns as the thunder boomed again, the ship pitching with the force of another wave.

Hook squeezed his eyes tighter, his hand clenched at his side to still the shaking.

It wasn’t that he was scared of storms persay, but bumpy seas always meant no lanterns could be lit, all fires must be extinguished, and the crew quarters were pitch black save for the flashing lighting in the portholes. It wasn’t that he was scared of the dark either, but he definitely preferred the light. He was also quite sure they were all going to die, and like most things in his life, he was terribly afraid of death.

“‘Maybe ‘e’s worried ‘is hook will rust,” came another voice. “Then how’ll he lay about scratching his arse the useless twat?” The laughs came again, the pounding rain at least drowning them out a tad. Thunder cracked once more, and in unison the men all shrieked in mock terror.

“Not me hair!” Came a cry.

“B-b-b-bloody hell,” came another. They laughed again. It was an old game, the same old insults, the same mocking jeers.

Hook continued to ignore them, a decade and then some of practice helping him along, focusing on his breath, on maintaining his place in the swinging hammock as the ship rocked and swayed beneath him. If he fell on his face in front of them again, it would only make it worse.

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A Little Stressed Out Kitten (Chris Evans x Reader}

Someone requested a Chris Evans x Reader who has anxiety so I am only going to do something subtle but hey, still kinda what you wanted I guess.

Warning: large age difference between Chris and reader. Like 16 years, cause Reader is in college at the moment and he is current age I guess.

Senior year of college is supposed to be a breeze. As if senior year of high school wasn’t a joke, who would have expected you would be here, drowning in your end of year research paper along with every other assignment the professors had thrown at you just before the last month of school. You let out a shaky sigh as you looked over your bed in front of you. Your laptop sat open, the screen dull as soft fireworks went off, your assigned screensaver giving you more of a headache than anything at this point. Stacks of papers and notebooks were littered around the cover, your bag and more textbooks on the floor beside your bed. Grabbing your calendar you began to try and organize, prioritize how you would be spending your weekend. Though your boyfriend had been planning to come to town for the next few days, work obligations had cancelled that, and honestly you weren’t too disappointed after looking over the work you had to do. Chris could come next weekend, this work had to be turned in within the next week, it was pretty obvious which one was priority.

“Who knew a teaching degree would give me such stress,” you sighed, scribbling down another assignment you had due on Tuesday. When you were done with the list you started to move into piles, figuring out what to work on next and how to keep all the papers in order. Just as you were finishing Friday’s stack which had to be split into two after attempting to fall into Thursday, you heard your phone go off behind you. Making sure everything was steady, you turned and grabbed the ringing device off your bedside table and answered without checking the caller id.

“Hello?” you asked, leaning over to pick up a textbook from the floor and a pack of sticky notes from your bag.

“Hey sis, how are you doing this lovely evening?’ you held back a groan as our brother’s voice filled your ear.

“Fine, a bit busy though. Do you need something right now because it would be better for me if I could just call you back later? Lots of-”

“Well actually I was just going to check and see if next weekend you wanted to come back home for the weekend. We’ve been missing you and everyone will be here for Mom’s birthday. Kara just needs to know if we should save you a seat.” For the next few moments a silence filled the room.

“Um, I’m not sure. Chris was going to reschedule to come down next weekend and -”

“Well he could come. You know we won’t like freak him out or anything and I’m sure everyone would love to meet him.”

“Listen, I just, I don’t know if-”

“It’s okay sis, just think about it okay. Ask Chris. Let me know before next Friday if you could. We would love to have you up here.”

“Okay, well I have to go so.”

“Okay sis. Talk to you later.”

“Bye big bro.”

“Bye.” With a heavy sigh you hung up the call, throwing your phone back behind you as you brought your hands up to cup your face. You knew it was soon, but God, it would always sneak up on you. You closed your eyes, focusing on the sound of your heart beat to hold back any potential tears that began to well up in your eyes.

Just as you were getting a hold of yourself, you heard a knock at the door.

Another sigh, God you are way too young to sigh this much you thought. Throwing your legs over the side of the bed you ran a hand through your hair before making your way to the door. With no peephole you were left to just open the door, expecting for perhaps the girl from your Education class who lived on the hall to be looking for notes or something, she rarely missed class but when she did she got very upset and refused to rest until she had her notes compensated. What you certainly did not expect was a scruffy, baseball cap wearing Bostonian to be standing outside of your door, his head down with a small bouquet of yellow flowers in his hand.

“Chris?” you questioned, the opening of the door causing his head to lift up so you could see his features more plainly.

“Hi baby,” he smiled, holding out the flowers. You couldn’t help the small grin as you took them, taking a step back so Chris could follow you into the room, closing the door behind himself.

“Thank you, but what are you doing here?” you asked, setting the flowers on the bookcase beside the door. Turning back to Chris as he came closer to you, pulling off his hat to reveal a messy head of hair.

“Well, a friend heard of how our plans had gotten cancelled and helped with getting me out of a couple things so I could come see you,” he smiled, that puppy dog smile as he reached out to wrap his arms around your waist.

“You didn’t have to do that Chris, I could have waited another week and I mean I have a ton of work to do and-“ you were cut off by a warm pair of lips as Chris leaned down to shut you up. Though you were frankly a bit annoyed, you couldn’t help but his him back, that horribly cute way he would smile against you causing you to giggle. “Seriously, I am in overload with all the crap I have to do for next week.”

“Come on, you can spare me a few hours, I have to head to Atlanta tomorrow afternoon, can you at least give me that much?” he asked, running his hands up and down your back as your own arms wrapped around his neck. You took in a deep breath, looking to your side at the stacks of papers before looking back at Chris with his beautiful puppy dog eyes.

“Okay fine, I’ll put some of it off, but only because I know you are taking me to the Spider-Man premiere,” you compromised, causing Chris to let out hoot before grabbing your hips and lifting you up to wrap your legs around his waist. As he turned he laughed at the stacks of paper before looking back at you.

“Your roommate gonna be around?” he asked, nodding to the bed on the other side of the room.

“Nah, she’s in France for the semester, study abroad. Hasn’t been here since January but you never remember that,” you smiled before he tossed you onto said roommate’s bed.

“Don’t tease if you don’t wanna be teased baby,” he smirked, lowering himself over you as he kicked off his shoes onto the floor.

“Maybe I want to be teased…Captain,” you grinned, watching as Chris’ smirk faltered for a moment before his hands shot out to grab your own, pinning them above your head.

“Oh baby girl, you’re just asking for it.”

——————————- Later that night

As Chris snoozed on the bed across your room you frantically typed on your computer, then turning to use the light to fill out another part of the worksheet you had been given in Math. Of course your professor would bump up due dates. You had desperately wanted to just snuggle into Chris’ side, inhale his scent you were scared off forgetting when he would leave for such long times, but with even more work piling onto Monday’s pile, there was no way you would be able to get it done in a day and a half even if you worked the entire time. You jumped as your phone went off again, another text from your brother.

Alex the Best Big Brother EVER: Please think about it Y/N. I know you had to miss last year, but we all miss you like crazy. I know Mom would want you to be here

You held back a sob as you saw the attached picture. It was a Facebook screenshot, one of Mom’s old posts back from a few years ago. Her standing over your shoulder, her arms around your shoulders as you held your high school diploma in your hands. It looked so different now. Now you could see the sunken way her eyes had changed the months before the picture. How her arms and her face were getting thinner and thinner. She had trouble walking around that day, said it was just dehydration and they all laughed at how stupid the school had been to do a graduation ceremony outside. If only we had known.
Letting out a choked sob you threw the phone down, that picture was too much, too soon. You looked between the phone, the work in front of you and Chris sprawled out over the bed. Suddenly the walls felt like they were getting closer, you couldn’t hear the ticking of our clock, just a pulsing behind your ears and you pulled your knees to your chest. Tears running down your face you felt yourself shake. Too much, too soon, too much, too soon, too much, too much, God it’s too much. Then he was there, his arms warm as they wrapped around your shoulders, pulling you against his chest, so soft and warm and smelling like home. He held you as you shook, whispering unintelligible sentences into your ear as his hands stroke up and down your arms.

By the time you stopped shaking, your computer had gone blank. Chris had stopped talking but he was still there, holding on, breathing in sync with you, his body enveloping your own. You swallowed thickly as you reached up to wrap your hands around Chris’ forearm which was set across your chest.

“I’m sorry,” you croaked, your throat dry as tears finally began to stop streaming down our cheeks.

“Are you okay baby? What happened?” Chris asked, staring at you with such concern you almost busted out into tears once again.

“I’m sorry,” you repeated, snuggling against his chest as you cried.

“It’s okay baby, why are you apologizing? What is it huh? What’s wrong?” Chris asked, looking down at you as you finally looked up at him, the tear streaks running across your cheeks making you look so much more vulnerable.

“I just, my professor’s gave us a ton of work for the weekend and I want to spend time with you because I haven’t seen you or been able to touch you in almost two weeks and I swear I think I’m going to go insane when you’re not here and then Alex keeps texting me and calling about next weekend and he send me this picture, this fucking picture of me and mom and I just couldn’t I just, I just can’t go up there and see all of them but I have to because God it’s Mom. And then they want you to come as well and it just. God it’s too much,” you sobbed, wrapping your arms around Chris’s chest as you clung to him as though a hurricane was threatening to rip through the room and Chris was the only anchor you had.

“Just breathe, okay just breathe for me baby girl. Breathe and then we can talk okay. I got you baby girl, I’m not gonna let anything happen to you.”

What do you think Killua?”

Omigosh I had so much fun sketching this out. Gon-chan in Killua’s clothes makes me melt. If you want an inked and full color version then down’t worry, it’s coming…sometime. I was actually planning on giving this to an AMAZING artist online so I’m trying really hard to make sure it looks good. 

I’m probably gonna change my profile pic to Gon’s face in this pic sometime soon, you know, when it’s finished.

Any tips or advice is welcomed!

Jaemin Appreciation Post
  • i haven’t seen my baby in so long, i swear that i almost cried when i saw his pictures today
  • i’m just so soft for him??? he’s such a king
  • i really really hope he’s having an amazing day because he doesn’t deserve any less :’) <3
  • but anywas, let’s start talking about him and his perfection already
  • because, oH bOi i have things to say
  • okay so,, first of all,,, we need to talk about how deadly beautiful his smile is
  • full ofense but he has the most beautiful smile i have ever seen in my life
  • i love it so much when he’s all happy and smiley because that precious smile lights up his whole face in seconds
  • and it makes him look twice as ethereal and makes me twice as emo
  • also, this baby is the happy virus of the dreamies so every time i see him it’s death to me because of all his cuteness
  • talking about cuteness, i can’t be the only one who misses his cringy-worthy aegyo like crazy, right?
  • nEver let this video die
  • neither this one, even if it’s extremely awkward
  • he’s just too cute
  • i’m completely in love with his never-ending positivity, like that’s so crazy?? i’m so jealous ¿?
  • he has such a beautiful personality and i just can’t believe a human as perfect as him exists
  • we don’t deserve an angel like him
  • and can we talk about how talented my boy is for a sec
  • like, we didn’t get to appreaciate his voice too much but,,, he’s such a great dancer??? even while riding a hoverboard¿¿??
  • i seriously hate when he does that, it scares the shit out of me
  • also, he has such a beautiful relationship with all the rest of the members???
  • like, he created such a strong friendship w chenle and renjun in just a couple of months
  • and he’s even close with the rookies, whAt
  • how is this kid so social and how can i be like him
  • uGh i’m going to get sad after this bUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT JAMIN’S FRIENDSHIP WITH HANSOL???
  • he’s just so kind with everyone and treats everyone so nicely without expecting anything in response and, ugh
  • i seriously can’t explain how beautiful and pure his personality, this baby deserves the whole world
  • but anyways, i should end this up already, i’m getting emo and sleepy
  • basically, this baby has a heart made of gold and we don’t deserve someone as good as him
  • only jeno does ;)) wink wonk
  • na jaemin, i wish you nothing but pure happiness and success in your life baby because that’s what you deserve and more for being such an incredible person
  • happy birthday boo, i truly hope you had the best day ever today

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mmkay let it out what's your thoughts on the new doctor who

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- Okay so right off the bat??? It took me less than five minutes to fall in love with Bill holy SHIT

- Like I could tell from her original preview that I was gonna like her but!!! She’s fantastic!!!!

- 12 playing the electric guitar at any given time is a strong weakness of mine

- The Doctor…has pictures…of Susan and River on his desk…I am…beyond deceased

- Okay like literally every single incarnation of the Doctor fits the aesthetic of ‘eccentric professor who gives no fucks but also ends up teaching very memorable classes’ perfectly but like. I’m so glad Capaldi is the one that gets to FULLFILL that omg.

- “You shouldn’t be in my class you aren’t a student here”

- “I know but I’m like really gay and accidentally made my crush fat because I can’t function properly”

- “Valid points, I need to teach you everything I know.”

- What…is in…that Goddamn vault.

- “Doctor What?” you know that killed him just a little inside

- She got him a freaking carpet for Christmas??? amaze

- Also just the fact that she spent Christmas with him??? You’re not crying I am

- 12: “I’m a cold hearted lone wolf I’m here to do my job I don’t care about anyone no one can crack me-”

- Bill: “Yeah my mom died when I was a baby and I have no pictures of her it makes me very sad”

- 12: *internally screaming, eye twitching, frantically grabbing a camera and sprinting into the TARDIS, shouting* “I aM a CoLd HeArTeD lOnE wOlF i’M hErE tO dO mY jOb I dOnT cArE aBoUt ANYONE-”

- seriously that was so sweet I almost cried???

- LMAO when she said “You’ve apparently been teaching here for 70 years” and he was like “You’re thinking, ‘he doesn’t look old enough’ “ and she said no. HIS FACE 😂

- “One time you were supposed to give a lecture on physics but you started ranting about poetry” “They’re the same thing.”

- Like they did a weird job with the Heather girl??? I ultimately felt bad for her but she was like shady right from the start it was strange

- Like every time Bill was around her I was like “honey reel in your thirst just far enough to realize this situation has me nervous” omfg

- w h a t  i s  i n  t h e  v a u l t

- Am I like…the only person who doesn’t like Nardole? I never have tbh he just feels shoved in there

- Like his whole spiel about wanting to make sure the Doctor’s dealing with River’s death okay at the end of the Christmas special was sweet but like??? He feels out of place and hasn’t properly done anything yet???? Idk it feels like someone inserting an oc into their fanfic re-write of the show but not knowing how the oc can actually effect the plot

- The Doctor has been a college professor for at least 70 years like…is the TARDIS okay? I can’t imagine she enjoys being parked in his office or the ‘out of order’ sign omg

- Yes, yes I am worrying about a sentient machine’s feelings leave me alone

- “I see my face all the time- never liked it, it’s all over the place, having expressions when I’m trying to be enigmatic.” MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

- “Why are you running like a penguin with his ass on fire”

- When she asked the Doctor if he knew about sci-fi. A++

- He was so swept up in figuring it out before he snapped back and was like nEVER MIND SWEET CHILD PLEASE GO AWAY ITS PROBABLY JSUT WATER lmao

- Can we as a society please stop setting creepy moments in fiction in bathrooms??? Like I’m fucking over it

- And honestly??? I’m so PISSED about the thing in the shower drain holy shit after years of having issues with drains because of “it” and I finally start fucking getting over that only for Doctor Who to do this to me??? Why does this show always know my deepest paranoia shit and use it only briefly like WHY

- Anyway,

- Bill’s reaction to the TARDIS was HILARIOUS

- “What happened to the doors though did you run out of money?” LMAO


- I lost it when they ended up in Australia omfg that was good tegan screaming in the distance


- “You’re…the first person to mention that…?” I WAS SCREAMING

- yelling ‘shark attack’ in a restaurant and it actually works? okay

- Why does Capaldi’s Doctor have such a penchant for traveling to the literal end of the universe??? This is the third or fourth time he’s gone there omfg

- Like he’s always like “no one will find us here” but like at this point? End of the universe would be the first place I’d check for him? lol

- 12 looked so proud of himself when he was called ‘silly’!!!! I’m so happy for him it’s a relief he’s out of the emo ‘what kind of man am I’ phase





- on a mildly related note: Nardole running around trying to sonic things and quietly screaming was THE MOST ME THING I’VE EVER SEEN ON TV

- I do shit with that exact attitude all the fucking time you don’t even understand I was looking in a mirror it was hilarious

- So question: Since when is the Dalek’s laser “the hottest fire in the universe”? Is that an already established thing I forgot about or like…did they just want an excuse to show the Daleks? lol

- so Creepy Water Demon Girl was chasing them through time and space solely because she thinks Bill is hot?

- R E L A T A B L E

- When Bill asked the Doctor how he’d feel if someone erased his memories and a slightly warped version of Clara’s theme music started playing??? I stabbed myself that was UNCALLED for I was NOT READY

- When the Doctor was having Internal Struggles™ and he told the pictures of Susan and River to shut up and then the TARDIS started making noises at him and he was clearly getting emotionally ganged up on I was YELLING that was so funny lmao

- Why was he so against travelling??? Why the same school for 70 years??? WHAT’S IN THE VAULT??? Who did he promise????

- The whole ending scene when he was inviting Bill on the TARDIS- idk I just really liked it?

- The lighting behind him from the ship, the mini speech, the music playing in the background??? I really dug it omg


- But no yes I???? Really freaking enjoyed the episode. Like it’s obviously not the best of the series or anything but I think it was a great opener and now I’m even more pumped for the rest of the season I’m so hype I can’t handle it omfg!!!!

Lord of Night and Darkness [Ch 5]

Summary: Following Rhysand’s journal entries through the ACOTAR trilogy. Characters and plot belong to Sarah J Maas.

Author’s Note: Sorry this took so long to post! Life happened. Anyway, enjoy!

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Day 1. The day I went home.

I stood at the bottom of the hill, looking up at the House of Wind. Almost nervous to go in, I caught my breath before spreading my wings and lifting myself gingerly into the warm, Velaris afternoon.

I knew they were all there, all but Amren. Mor, Cassian, Azriel. I could smell them, sense their presences. A sensation filled my stomach that was somewhere in between excitement and terror as I landed on the balcony. Their soft voices filled the air, and a quick tear slid down my cheek as I tried to calm my racing heart.

Step by step, slowly, steadily, I walked into the sitting room. I heard her gasp just before I heard Azriel let out a concerned, “Mor?”

Then, her footsteps. I knew those footsteps, I had known them my entire life. She wasn’t wearing shoes, just like when we were children. Mor had been through hell, but there was something about her, to me, that reminded me of the kids we were so many years ago.

Of the innocence we once both held.

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Coffee Run

It was Tyler’s turn to go get coffee for the team. He didn’t mind really, in fact he enjoyed the quiet time in his car. Some times things at the office just got a little too chaotic. They always went to the same coffee shop and because of that the workers knew their order every time. Tyler walked in and the friendly girl behind the counter greeted him.

“Hey Victoria, good morning.” Tyler smiled down at her, oblivious to her blush. She was short and had long curly hair that was jet black. There was a stud in her nose and scattered tattoos up her forearms. Tyler had always thought she was pretty in a punk rocker chick sorta way.

“Hey Tyler. The usual, I presume?” Without waiting for an answer she began getting the order ready. After all, 5 drinks was a lot to make. Tyler just watched her flow through the motions flawlessly. He drummed his fingers on the counter in a fidgety way. Standing still never worked well for him.

After what felt like forever but was really only 5 minutes the drinks were done and placed neatly into a cardboard cup holder. Already knowing how much it would, Tyler handed the girl the cash and was about to leave. Then Victoria slid a napkin towards him. It had some numbers scribbled on it. It’s slowly settled in that it was her number. He glanced up but she was already off doing something else.

When he got back to the office things were surprisingly calm. Everybody was just hanging out in the living room area brainstorming video ideas. They all looked up when he walked in, and immediately rushed him for their coffees. Once everybody was satisfied idle chatter picked back up. Tyler decided to join in, sharing the encounter with Victoria.

“Yeah she, uh, she actually gave me her number.” Tyler said shyly pulling the napkin out of his pocket as proof.

“Way to go man, finally getting you a girlfriend. Well maybe. If she can handle The Scheid.” Mark patted him on the pack and made a bunch of tiny dick jokes that were too cringy to he included in this story.

“She always seems really nice..” Kathryn supplies trying to be helpful.

“Yeah and she has a great taste in music from what I hear.” Amy throws in. Everybody had something to say. Except, that is, Ethan. He just kind of smiled and nodded along to what the others were saying, but never chimed in. Tyler could tell he wasn’t there all the way.

Later in the day Tyler had a chance to get Ethan alone and talk to him. Ethan was taking a break from editing and was scrolling through tumblr. Tyler tried not to peek at his phone, but he couldn’t help but notice his face on the screen. He started blushing at the thought of Ethan just looking through pictures of him.

“Hey,” Tyler announced his presence, causing the younger boy to jump and hurriedly put his phone down.

“Oh, hey.” Ethan responded, seemingly still down in the dumps.

“Wanna tell me what’s bothering you? You know you can tell me anything…right?” Tyler looked him in the eyes trying to convey how serious he was being. He hated seeing Ethan act this way.

“I just…I…UGH,” Ethan covered his face in frustration and took a deep breath. When he pulled his hands away Tyler almost thought he had cried. “You got that stupid girls number this morning. I mean im sure she’s great and not at all stupid but I just hate the thought of you spending all your time with someone else. Especially now that I’ve moved out. I don’t know why I feel so clingy but I do. And I don’t even understand my own feelings half the time.” He looked up at Tyler, relieved to see understanding in his expression.

Tyler reached into his pocket and took out the napkin. Never breaking eye contact, he ripped it in half, and laid it down on the table. Ethan’s mouth was agape and he was truly speechless. Tyler ruffled his hair before walking away. He stopped in the doorway, however, and took one last look at Ethan.

“You will always be my little baby boy blue. Nobody, no girl can change that.” Then he left without another word.

Open letter

whoever you are and wherever you live, know that i truly care for you.

i’ve your back, no matter what. we’re living an unusual time in our history where human race has never been this close, but yet we’re still living apart with our small differences. do not think nobody care, because i do. do not let people bring you down. do not believe there’s no hope. and do not think nobody will miss you. i will. maybe you don’t post stuff or you’re just shy, but i’ve noticed some of you for awhile now. you’ve bringing me so much joy this past few months… 2016 was the hardest year of my life. i went throught major… issues.

i cried a lot sometimes. i almost lost my mind and, you know, i used to just log my computer in the middle of the night, and upload some pictures. that makes me happy. i could forget for a few all this misery. i’ve been looking for a safe place for long time and i’m happy here all because of you. i know most simmers don’t like to share personal stuff but it’s good to find comfort when you’re down. and without knowning it, you haven’t let me down. as i said, 2016 was hard : i lost 2 friends (one in january, another one in november). some morning, i opened some drawers and find pictures of them, smiling. pictures of us, younger at school… and, i didn’t thought i could make it.

the next morning i knew my childhood friend passed, i had to go to work. so… i had to walk across our middle school, the park we celebrate our degree, the place we shared secrets, the place we used to draw and paint… the place where she died… all of this the same hour. i couldn’t walk anymore because it was too hard. i just couldn’t walk and know she isn’t here anymore. but then i recieved messages from @mlyssimblr and @jenba. just for a chit chat. and they basically saved my day, saved my life too… so thanks for that. thanks for everything. i would never forget her.

in my mind, she is still the sweetest person i’ve ever met. she always had some kind words, even to the people who used to bully her. she believed in me when nobody did. and she told me multiple times “you can do whatever you want. you’re talentend.” i never thought it was true, until this year. sometimes, you have to experience the darkest time of your life to find strenght. now, i feel like i’m strong for two. i’ll live for us two. i’ll archieve my dreams and hers… because i owe her that. she put brightness in my life and i’ll carry this legacy.

i’m not angry because she killed herself without a word. i’m not mad because she did it at the place we shared so many memories - the place i walk through everyday. i’m not pissed because i couldn’t met her at her work place anymore and make fun of her crazy hairs. i’m not even disappointed she’s not here to call me. i’m deeply sad she went thinking we don’t love her, deeply hurt that she’s gone without trying to explain to someone what was going on. she is still my friend and she’s still the bravest, the most generous person i’ve met in my entire life. for the past few months, she haunted me. i still hear her laugh in my head. i thought it was a curse, but then… i realize it was a blessing. my memory didn’t erase that piece of her.

i would never forget that cassis/mango ice-cream, claire. take care of you, just sleeping below the flowers blanket we made for you. i know you liked it. i won’t give up, i promise.

p-s : please, don’t kill yourself.
because when a star dies, she create void all around her. it’s called black hole and swallow everything around her into darkness.

Picture This

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Imagine: Bucky asking you to give him a haircut, showing you a picture of him in the 40’s in his uniform and getting emotional. (But still giving him the haircut)

A/N: this is my idea. Btw, I just spent like 5 minutes yelling at my screen “Oh yeah, because you know. Still gotta give him a haircut after I get done crying. Yeah, that’s relevant. Wow. Fucking wow. I’m such a dork.” NO LIE. NO FRICKEN LIE. YOU ALL SHOULD BE FUCKIN HAPPY. XD

Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Fluff

Rated: Everyone

Warning: IT’S SO FLUFFEH, angst, swearing

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

You were seated at Steve’s kitchen table, listening to the record you had put on after Steve taught you how to use the player. You were hanging out with him and Bucky, sharing dinner and playing some old card games. You were watching Steve as he drew a card and sighed. He caught your gaze and you immediately said.

“Don’t you even think about it, Steven Grant.”

Steve gave a smile and leaned back, laying down his cards.

“Going out.”

You gawked at his suit. Three tens and two aces. Bucky threw his cards down.

“What the fuck, Steve!”

You busted out laughing and bragged to Steve, laying your cards down.

“Ha-ha, Two aces and three kings.”

Steve gawked at you and you danced in your seat. Bucky had a two, two fours, and two queens. Bucky glared at both of you and stated.

“I used to be the king of 5 card draw. What the hell.”

“Sorry, Bucky. Guess you lost your touch.”

You grinned and Steve rolled his eyes and got up.

“I refuse to play with either of you.”

“But we haven’t even played Bullshit yet!”

Steve rolled his eyes and Bucky gawked at you.

“We are not playing that game.”

“Oh why not?”

“Because you always fucking win!”

You giggled and Bucky grinned at you. Steve walked away, calling.

“I’m going to bed, you two tire me out. Bucky, behave.”

Bucky flipped him off and you called.

“It’s only seven pm but night anyways.”

Bucky sighed and you grabbed the deck, shuffled, and then put them away. Bucky then proceeded to ask.

“Hey, (Y/N)?”


“Can you cut my hair?”

You looked up at Bucky, his blue eyes trained on you. You shrugged and agreed.

‘I guess. What kind of hair style do you want?“

Bucky pulled out a picture from his pocket and handed it to you. You frowned a bit but almost spit out your drink when you saw the picture. It was a black and white picture of Bucky before he had left for war. Clad in his uniform, wearing a handsome smile, he had his arm wrapped around a scrawny Steve. You felt an emotion well into your heart and tears pricked your eyes.


You put a hand over your mouth and looked up, to the left. You were nostalgic, shocked but honored. Bucky got up and hugged you. You said quietly.

"I’m sorry. That was just…”

“I know. It’s ok.”

You laughed and wiped your eyes, pulling back and patted his shoulder.

“You look so handsome, James.”

He smiled genuinely and you cleared your throat. You put the picture up on the sill in front of the sink and stated.

“Go get your shampoo, conditioner, comb, and the hair scissors. Don’t forget a towel.”

Bucky saluted and walked to the bathroom. You grabbed a computer chair (Why does Steve even have one if he doesn’t even know wtf the internet is?) and locked the wheels so he wouldn’t roll away. You pumped the lever, bringing the chair high and Bucky walked in, setting the required things on the counter. You smiled softly and gestured.

“Take off your jacket. I don’t want to get it wet.”

He did as told and sat in the chair. You steadied him and gently; carefully leaned him back. You turned on the water and waited for it to get hot. Bucky said, watching you.

“I remember when I first got my haircut for the army.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. I was nervous.”

You chuckled and asked, turning on the sprayer and praying his hair carefully, running your fingers through the soft locks.

“Why were you nervous? Scared they were going to cut an ear off or make you bald?”

“Actually, yes.”

You giggled and looked at his picture. Bucky watched you and asked quietly.

“Did you cry…because my picture reminded you of something or someone?”

You looked at Bucky and smiled softly, shaking your head no and mouthing 'no.’

“I cried because it made me think of how proud of you I am.”

Bucky widened his eyes a bit and asked.

“You’re proud of me? But…why?”

“Because you fought for the safety of this country. It almost cost you your life. I know you did a lot of crazy shit when HYDRA got you…but it wasn’t your fault.”

You lathered his shampoo into his hair and carefully massaged the soap into his scalp. You laughed a bit.

“I wish I could be that brave. My grandpa was in the 107th.”

You washed out the shampoo and squirted conditioner into your palm. Bucky was watching you, an emotion in his eyes that you couldn’t recognize and continued.

“He was a sergeant, one of the best. He would tell me stories about how Steve and you would infiltrate the HYDRA bases, how he was such a womanizer back into eh day.”

You chuckled and said, letting the conditioner soak in his hair a bit.

“I’m going to let the conditioner set in your hair for about five minutes. Anyways, when I was bullied in high school and came home crying. My grandpa would look at me and say 'Now you listen here, doll. If any of them little fuckers try to make you cry, you make them cry. Punch them in the nose, drink a beer, and call it a day. Go dance with your lady friends, break men’s necks. You’re too pretty for them tears to stain your face.’”

You and Buck laughed and you continued.

“When I would get angry or throw a fit, Grandpa would cough and say ’Ok, I know you’re pissed off but you really gotta listen to this, lil lady.’ I would turn to him and sass. 'What? What do I need to listen to?’ he would turn to me and say. 'Remember how I told you that Mr. Rogers had a lady friend named Peggy?’ "Yes, sir?’ he would just deadpan and glare at me and say 'You are really starting to remind me of her. She was a find dame, but goddamn did she scare the hell out of me.’”

Bucky chuckled and you washed the conditioner out. You sat him up and shook a towel into his hair.

“James, you remind me of my grandpa sometimes.”

Bucky looked up at you and asked.

'How so?“

"You’re a good man…but you just fail to see it.”

Bucky looked up at you, his blue eyes twinkling and he whispered, hugging you.

“Thank you.”

You patted his head and ran his comb through the damp locks. Bucky acknowledged.

“You know, you’re the only person I allow to call me James.”

“I actually noticed that. Hope I don’t make the 'Kid from Brooklyn’ mad.”

Bucky smiled and asked.

“He’ll get over it, the punk. Anyways, want to know why?”

You looked down at him, cutting his bangs and asked.


“Because that’s the name the people I love the most call me by.”

You paused and looked down at him and smirked.

“Are you trying to flirt with me?”

“Pfft. trying? Dame, I think I just won you over.”

You laughed and punched his metal shoulder.

“Don’t get too cocky, James. Remember, I’m cutting your hair.”

That shut him up. You looked back at his picture and asked.

“How long do you want your bangs? Your hair is slicked back in this picture so I can’t tell.”

He put a hand up and asked.

“Can I get them right to my eyelids?”

“I don’t know, can you?”

Bucky glared up at you and you giggled. He sighed and rolled his blue eyes.

“To my eyelids.”

“Copy that.”

You gave a two-finger salute and cut his bangs. You cut the sides of his hair short, smiling and ruffled his hair to get any pieces out. You jumped and yelped when a voice stated.

“Wow, you look good.”


You threw your shoe at him and yelled.

“Don’t fuckin do that, you fuddy duddy, creepy, meatball!”

You punched his stomach and Steve laughed out, holding his stomach. You put your hands on your hips, one coming up to your mouth and you close your eyes. You glowered.

“Steven Grant Rogers! I’m about two seconds from letting you have it. Sit down.”

Steve bit his lip, snorting and Bucky quirked an eyebrow up at you. Steve said.

“I love it when you get scared. You speak like an old forties gal.”

“You call me an old lady? Look who’s talking, geezer.”

Bucky snorted and you dried his hair. You complimented, blushing a little.

“Whoa, you do look good.”

Bucky smirked and thanked, kissing your cheek.

“Thanks, doll.”

Steve complained.

“I couldn’t sleep so what are we going to do till I do?”

You smiled and stated, holding up a fist.

“Want me to help you fall asleep? I got just the remedy.”

Steve rolled his eyes and Bucky smirked.

“I’ll help out.”

“Bucky! You’re supposed to be on my side!”

“Sorry Steve, James is my bodyguard.”

“Oh, so she gets to call you James and I don’t?”

“Cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get over it.”

You stated. Oh yeah, super soldier got mad. Bucky held you into his side and shrugged.




I hope you enjoy. ^-^


{ outofmagic }

So, today was my birthday (as many of you know, I haven’t been around at all this week short of my queue because my mom is in town and my birthday is today) and this was my dad’s birthday gift to me. He got me Loki’s fucking scepter, guys. It’s a full-sized replica. The gem lights up. It’s made completely out of metal and it’s pretty heavy. I had to clear off this shelf to make room for it, so I decided to surround it with some of my Loki merch. I know the bottom picture is a little blurry, but that’s what my shelf currently looks like ^^ 

I just really wanted to share this because it was the highlight of my day. I almost cried when I opened it, and I’m just really happy and very blessed to have something this thoughtful and nice <3

anonymous asked:

Can you do one where MC wants to be an artist but is terrified of judgment (ie: you won't get a job, be good enough, make money) from anyone so they have been hiding that they want to from the rfa (v and unknown included) and they find out by accidentally finding pieces of MCs art in their book bag they carry around with them and the rfa v and unknown support MC. :) thank you for making these btw! All of yours are so good!! <3

awww this is so cute :’) and thank you so much <3 


  • poor boy accidentally knocked over your bag and everything spilled out
  • he panicked and went to pick everything up neatly and saw the bundles of sketches
  • at first he thought you just liked collecting art
  • until he saw your signature in the corner of each paper
  • literally goes O__O
  • was it even possible to draw like that? it was so good!
  • gets so distracted staring at the sketches that he forgets he was supposed to clean it up and fix your bookbag before you got back from the bathroom
  • so when you walk into the living room he’s just kneeling on the ground and clutching your papers like a deer in headlights
  • panic mode 2.0 “i-i swear i wasn’t digging through your things! i accidentally knocked it over and i was going to fix it and put everything back inside but–”
  • “yoosung, it’s fine! you can get rid of those, they’re just drafts”
  • “what?! get rid of them?! but you still have to finish them!”
  • will actually get sadder than you when you keep saying that it’s just a hobby since you’re not good enough
  • proclaims that your drawings are the best he’s seen and that he will do whatever he can to help you pursue it as a career
  • he hangs some of the sketches you gave him on his fridge
  • one time you sketched a picture of him and he almost cried at how good it was


  • you two were at a cafe when you put your bag down on the ground and he noticed a piece of paper about to fall out
  • he catches it before it hits the ground and freezes when he sees it’s a sketch of him
  • wow did he really look this good in pencil? blankly stares at it until you make a grab for it, completely embarrassed
  • you start apologizing that it was a bad sketch of him and he’s genuinely confused 
  • “babe, if i didn’t know better, i would’ve thought this was a mirror”
  • asks if he could see more of your drawings and you reluctantly let him
  • brace yourself for a barrage of compliments and high praise in the middle of a cafe oh god zen please lower your voice
  • when you two get home, he sits you down and seriously says you’re good at what you do, and that pursuing it as a career is more than possible
  • offers to contact some artists and exhibit people if you ever want to share ideas/participate in an event
  • but all in all he’s just really proud of you and will brag about it whenever he’s at work or in public


  • oops she also managed to see one of your sketches of zen in a movie scene and she has to do her best not to unleash her inner fangirl 
  • lowkey really appreciates how well sketched it was
  • this surely accentuates all of zen’s wondrous muscles and physique
  • goes and asks if she can actually keep this and you panic when you notice it’s your sketch
  • you just go “yeah, take it” and she asks “this is very good. have you considered selling some to the public? or putting some in an exhibit?”
  • you shoot that down real quick, saying you couldn’t handle the pressure of what people might say and that it’s not a viable career option
  • she objects, saying there are plenty artists that have become successful and that your drawings are right up on their level
  • if you let her, she’s ready to look up and contact some art exhibitionists to talk with you
  • will always tell you how well you’re improving with each sketch you show her 
  • gives you a big hug when one day you mention that you might want to show some of these to the public except for zen sketches she wants those for herself


  • elizabeth the 3rd was pawing at your bookbag and he leaned over to stop her 
  • a bunch of your papers were sticking out by the point and he pulled them out just so he could tidy them up
  • jokes on him cause it’s a bunch of sketches of elizabeth and he’s shook
  • seriously considering framing these somewhere when you get back with drinks and see him holding your drawings
  • this boy isn’t shameless about going through your bag and just goes “can i keep these?”
  • you say how those aren’t really worth keeping as drawings but jumin don’t care, he want these drawings
  • he gestures you over and slings an arm around your shoulders while he continues rifling through your sketches
  • “…i didn’t know you liked to draw”
  • “i do… i just don’t like people knowing about it because i’m not good”
  • “this is very good”
  • “you’re just saying that to be nice”
  • “i don’t say things ‘to be nice’”
  • “….that’s true”
  • he says if money’s the problem, not to worry since he’d support you
  • if skill level was the problem, then to have more confidence in yourself and that he could contact some art teachers that could help you expand if you wanted
  • if you just didn’t think you were good enough, then he’d be there to always tell you how amazing you are at what you do


  • seven kinda had a hint of your interest in art when he did your background check but he’d never actually seen any of your works since you were too shy to put them up anywhere online
  • you left your bookbag on his couch next to him and he saw the pieces of papers sticking out
  • was going to mind his own business and not be nosy until wait a second is that a drawing of a cat hold on
  • pulls it out as carefully as he could and gawks at it
  • starts yelling at how cute the drawing is in a high-pitched voice and you come dashing into the room to see what’s going on
  • and he’s waving the paper excitedly in the air like a kid
  • cue you chasing him around the room trying to get the sketch back while he laughs and avoids you
  • 5 long minutes later you’re both dying on the sofa and he asks for more cat sketches
  • gets extremely offended when you say you’re not confident enough in your skills to share them with others
  • “did someone say that to you? who is the barbaric fellow that dares to say such impeccable art is unworthy?”
  • “….it was me”
  • “wHAT.”
  • starts fervently fanboying about how good your art is to the point that you’re beet red 
  • says he’s willing to be your model anytime crossdressing is also on the table
  • also offers to spread your works around online (only if you’re willing) like he did with zen’s video


  • one of your sketches was lying on the dinner table and he took a look to see what it was
  • even if it was slightly difficult to see, he could tell it was a good drawing
  • v knows what’s up since he knows artistic beauty when he hardly sees it
  • he’d be careful about bringing it up though since he doesn’t want to pry or look like he’s invading your privacy
  • settles for casually saying he saw a drawing on the table earlier and that it was a really nice one
  • you’re quick to laugh it off, saying that he doesn’t have to lie 
  • he frowns at that, and says he genuinely liked it
  • it’s a short game of “no you don’t” and “yes i do” until he finally reaches over to you and he loves the drawing and wishes that you would have more confidence in yourself
  • it’s cute and you guys cuddle afterwards
  • you show him a lot of your drawings and sometimes describe them when it’s too hard for him too see
  • he’s glad you’re doing something you love and supports you all the way


  • this little dork is so bad with giving compliments
  • literally the best compliment you usually get from him is “how are you”
  • when he accidentally saw one of your drawings sticking out of your bag, he didn’t even know how to bring it up
  • cause he kinda liked it but didn’t want to just mention it
  • so he decides to just wait until the right time comes for him to make it a subject of conversation
  • too bad it’s never coming since you don’t want to talk about it because you’re too shy
  • he gives you a few days before he just gets impatient
  • gets up in the middle of dinner, grabs the one sketch he saw from your bag (it was a landscape drawing), and plops it in front of you on the table
  • “this… is pretty good. i like it”
  • then sits back down and keeps eating like nothing just happened
  • and you’re just there with your jaw on the table because did he just say a compliment is that possible who is this man
  • it actually makes you feel really happy though, since it came from him
  • he makes more of those little comments once in a while as you get more used to showing him more of your sketches and talk about posting some online

Two birds with one stone lol

It should be illegal, everyone thought. Two rays of sunshine shouldn’t be allowed near one another like that. Mia and Jihyun were adorable. They were precious. They blinded people whenever they smiled at each other.

“Mia, dear,” Jihyun said. When Mia turned to look at him, he smiled, snapped a quick picture with his phone, and continued on walking.

“Jihyun!” Mia cried out in slight shock. “What was that for?”

“I found you so beautiful, I needed to capture the moment!” He answered her.

Mia blushed and giggled. Onlookers watched as she almost leapt into his arms, bright and wide smiles on their faces. The couple laughed and kept on their relaxing walk. Too many people had been bothering Mia, and Jihyun only wanted her to feel happy and loved. This walk was the best he could think of to help them both calm down and feel happy.

“I love you, Mia,” Jihyun said. Gently he pulled her into a tight, warm hug. “I swear, I will never leave or hurt you.”

Short, I know, but I sorta suck at writing V lol


Alex was just lovely. (ALSO I HUGGED HIM TWICE) During the group photo he was like “what’s up?!” and i said “i’m good!” and he said “I’M SO GOOD!” in an impression of a scottish accent

He loved the card i got him and i was like “it reminded me of you because of space and i know you LOVE space” and he was like “ahhh i love it! thank you!!” and when he signed my nothing personal sleeve and i was taking it back from him I almost took the post card back too and he was like “NOOOOOO! MINE!” and when i finished getting my pictures he was like “thank you love!” also he kept pulling facial expressions and i was trying to keep up (hence why my mouth looks weird) 

and later i was standing near him and he looked up at me and smiled (and i probably melted)


If Sanha was your boyfriend...

okAy so i needed something to post and i figured why not start the Astro series off w my son (lol we’re like the same age wtf am i talking about). hope you cuties enjoy and feel free to request ^-^

  • actual cutest bf ever ok
  • like he’s super awkward
  • but in a good way
  • u guys started out as friends
  • but one day you’re just chillin and hangin out
  • and you do something small like snort when u laugh or get some food on your face
  • anD all of the sudden he’s like ????,,, yoU’RE SO CUTE HOW?>?>.,’.[’.[
  • he goes back to the dorm and tells minhyuk abt his crush and u kno minhyuk he literally tells every other member
  • so sanha tries to keep every member of astro away from u bc he doesn’t want his secret to slip
  • but alas there is no stopping the hyungs so whenever they come around they’re always hinting at sanha’s crush
  • like “oh y/n don’t you think sanha is really handsome???”
  • and “hey r u two dating?? if not u need to be bc you’re cute together.”
  • so sanha is like as red as a tomato
  • and finally minhyuk the traitor just tells you and bang (bang bang lol)
  • ur dating tol bean baby yoon sanha
  • this youngin is so shy and careful around you
  • like he’ll say something and you’ll be fake offended and he’s like “y/N!!!!!! I’M SORRY OHMYGOF!!!!!!” and almost cries cause he feels bad okay don’t be mean to my son like that
  • “hey y/n can i play candy crush on your phone?”
  • “sanha why can’t u play candy crush on your own phone?”
  • “i had to delete it bc i ran out of storage bc i have to many pictures.”
  • so u look through his pics and it’s just him taking selfies w u while u were sleeping earlier 
  • a lot of selfies w him making funny faces tbh
  • he’s rlly nervous w skinship but enjoys it
  • like when u hold his hand he turns red at first but after a while he’s p chill about it
  • buT WHEN U KISS HIM ((whether its on the cheek or whatever))
  • LIKE
  • firetruck red
  • and it makes you giggle every time just to see his blush and the look on his face
  • he’s just a rlly cute silly adorable boyfriend ok love him pls

dino-nudes  asked:

Did you see any of the eclipse?? What did you think? If not, what were you up to? (If you don't mind me asking)

I did! I’m an astrophysics major at my university, and a bunch of us drove to South Carolina to the path of totality to watch! We were actually only 100 yards from the center line of the moon’s path, so that was intense. I was so excited I started screaming, and when I got to take my glasses off I almost cried. I posted a picture of the total eclipse and the corona that I took yesterday, and if you search “eclipse” on my blog you’ll probably find it pretty quick. It honestly felt like I was viewing something sacred, and I felt this weird energy coursing through me for the rest of the day. I still feel different. Changed, almost. It was crazy and I can’t wait for the next one in 7 years (the grad school and company I’m looking at are both in the path of totality for he next one and I’m so excited). Honestly, it was life changing and I could ramble on all day about it but I probably shouldn’t because it wouldn’t be coherent. But it was definitely one of the defining moments of my life. I’m just so thankful I got to experience it first hand, and I’m even more thankful I got to see it without glasses (again, because I was in the path of totality, not because I have a death wish).

So much has happened to me in the last 3 months, a lot of it really depressing, but the eclipse genuinely feels like a turning point in my life. Something big and good is going to happen to me soon, I just know it.

Big Sister

Pairing: Sister!Reader

Words: 639

Request: Hey love:3 I was wondering if I could request a one shot where you’re Sam and Dean’s sister and you miss your parents or something and the boys find you crying on your bed and comfort you:-) – Anonymous

Author’s Notes: A few things, 1) I tried writing a few other requests we have but I couldn’t come up with anything. 2) I almost cried writing this. 3) It’s a drabble and I changed the ending. Send in your request. – Haley xx

We had just moved into The Bunker, and everything we never had growing up, we just got. We all got our own rooms, we had a garage, even a front yard. It was like a dream come true. Dean hauled my last duffel bag in and dropped it on my bed.

“I would have gotten that,” I said, unpacking another one and folding my jeans.

“Sam was whining that it was still in the backseat,” he said.

“I was not!” Sam yelled down the hall. I laughed and gave Dean a side hug, he gave me a disgusted face before wiggling out of my grip.

“I’ll make dinner when I’m done,” I said and Dean gave me a thumbs up before walking out. I finished up folding my clothes and putting them away in the small chest of drawers. I sat down on my new bed and pulled the duffel over to me, unzipping it and started unpacking everything.

It was full of random crap. A few boxes of bullets, some rope, a flask of holy water. Digging deeper, I found an old Bible, and my own monster journal. Dad had encouraged me to start a monster journal when he did. I pulled it out and flipped through the pages. It was completely full and had small notes and things crossed out from when we had realized that method wouldn’t kill it or the bait was the wrong thing.

Something fell out of the journal and landed in my lap. Something was written on the back of it and when I picked it up I felt tears prick the corners of my eyes.

Y/N’s sixth birthday with Dean (4) and Sammy (six months)

Taken by Mary

My breathing hitched as I turned the picture around and saw all three of us in Dad’s lap. I was grinning widely and my one of front teeth were gone. Dean was on the other side of Dad’s lap with his god awful bowl cut and Sammy was in the middle of us. I found more family pictures I had forgotten about in the back of my journal. Pictures of me with baby Dean, showing him how to ride a bike and bathing together. I still can’t believe they bathed us at the same time. Another one of when Mom was pregnant with Sam and she was showing me the ultra sound. One of just Mom and Dad.

More tears escaped my eyes and fell the more I looked at all these memories. I was the oldest, I remember the most. I started full on sobbing and I didn’t noticed Sam and Dean rushing beside me.

“Sis, what’s wrong?” Sam asked.

“I miss them,” I cried, shoving the pictures into his hands. “I miss them so fucking much Sam. Mom’s been gone for almost thirty four years and it’s not fair. It’s not fair that you never got to meet her, you never learned how to ride a bike from riding around in the garage like me. You never – “

Sam cut me off by wrapping me tightly in his arms and pulling me into a hug. “It’s okay, Y/N,” he whispered.

“It’s not!” I pushed him off and stood up, facing my brothers. “I got way more time with Mom than both of you,” I took a deep breath. “I helped mom pick out your coming home from the hospital outfit. I helped pick out your name, Sammy. I just wish this shit never happened.”

Dean got up and walked over to me, and pulled me into a bone crushing hug. I could feel his body tremble as we both held each other as we cried. Soon, Sam joined in. I held onto my little brother’s bodies as we cried from the loss of our parents, our innocence, and our lives.