Since i havent seen anyone talk about this i think i would just like to point out that while yuuri is skating georgi is wearing this expression

Do you know why?

Because he understands

He understands that while yuuri is skating Yuri on Ice he is dedicating it to victor, his love for him, and is thinking of all the moments they have spent together and how victor has helped him so much from how he was last year. He wore the same expression while michele is skating because he knew he was skating because of his love for sara.

But georgi isnt the only one who noticed.

The commentators, the other skaters, mila, and im pretty sure even yakov knew that yuuri was skating because of his love for victor, some more so than others. What im saying is that people know and acknowledge that yuuri really loves victor and that he dedicated his entire FS to their relationship and how he has grown from it.


Camila’s Ustream 07.05.14

i’m not sure why, but i got really emotional after hearing taehyung say, “my family is jungkook”, when he was talking to some kids in L.A who introduced themselves as cousins. it just made me realize that bts’ bonds are much closer to one another and instead of introducing themselves as bandmates, they introduce themselves as a family.