We are 7 people.We started off as 7 and until the end we are 7.As long as we stick together within us,it’s enough.To me,we are family more than anyone else,it’s like that now and in the future it’ll be like that too.For always being by each other’s side,thank you always.I love you
—  Jackson Wang (trans by haetbitmark)

Camila’s Ustream 07.05.14

i’m not sure why, but i got really emotional after hearing taehyung say, “my family is jungkook”, when he was talking to some kids in L.A who introduced themselves as cousins. it just made me realize that bts’ bonds are much closer to one another and instead of introducing themselves as bandmates, they introduce themselves as a family.

I feel like he’s so genuine that maybe he might come off as fake to people or something like that, but he’s just the most honestly good to the core person that you could find, you know. He just, he means no harm to anyone, he is such a sweet soul. He’s really smart too, and I don’t think like fans like talk about that as much, you know, like how smart - how fucking smart he is. He’s just a good soul, man, you know, I’m so happy he’s one of my best friends forever.
—  Dylan O’Brien about Tyler Posey, HollywireTV (x)