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“We’ve all lost someone, Doctor.”

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what exactly is that show with "Eliot"? I know him as Jacob Stone from Librarians, but all of a sudden I'm seeing this show on the librarians blog and other places but I have nO IDEA WHAT IT IS

Oh hon let me tell you a thing

It’s called leverage and it will change your life. 

If you’ve seen the show Hustle it’s kind of like that but better. Which is saying something because Hustle is really good.

The premise:

A con artist, a hacker, a hitter, and a theif turn from a life of pure crime, to a life of crime for a good purpose, led by a former insurance investigator. 

They target the rich and powerful that are picking on the little guy, and basically set them up due to their own greed and selfishness.

Then stand there and watch while the mark implodes on itself

The team:

Former insurance investigator, turned Mastermind and crime dad. 

Is much smarter than he looks. Somhow manages to herd cats (aka his crime children) and get the job done, despite being a human dissaster.

Con artist, art theif, and crime mom. 

Is the most incredible acress to grace this earth, when she’s not actually trying to act.

seriously don’t let her act on stage. 

genius hacker, fountain of snark

giant adorable nerd. 

Also pretty much the best dressed on the show which was refreshing, because as the huge computer nerd, that’s usually the stereotypical role of social outcast loner. Hardison has the best style and the best actual inter-personal skills and empathy of anyone on the show. Sophie can manipulate people, but hardison actually understands people. And cares about them. Biggest heart. Ray of sunshine. 

parker my homegirl. Best thief in the world. 

 socially awkward and you never quite know what she’s going to do next. It could be eat cereal. It could be blowing up the building.

My dear eliot. The “muscle.” But also…the secret brain.

he’s much, much smarter than he looks. And everyone, including his team at times, underestimates him. 

that’s code for “i love you”.

Bottom line:

Every.Single.Character has an incredible, organic character arc. And make progress that you could never see coming in season 1. 

It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. A lot. 

Watch it.

Stress that there is “only” five seasons, even though it finishes perfectly and wraps up better than almost any other series i’ve ever watched.

Watch it again. 

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I have a happy thing for a change: my manager assigned me a big task over the weekend but we were so busy I didn't get it done. I decided to come in an hour early today to get a head start before my shift & I managed to get it almost finished before he arrived. He was so impressed with the project that he wants to email head office and make sure everyone does this the way I did and I got a good 4 high-5s. He couldn't even find one thing to critique. I'm so happy, it was worth coming in early.


Sabeena had snatched up her baby before her mother-in-law could get her paws on him and went outside to find Adair was almost finished grilling the salmon for dinner that would go along with his mother’s favorite salad.

Catherine: Who made the salad Adair?

Sabeena: I did. Greek salad with lots of olives and cherry tomatoes, just the way you like it.

Catherine proceeds to begin coughing, gagging, and making choking noises.

Sabeena glances at Adair who says nothing. 


ATY [LWD & SKOP] CHALLENGE ★ D-02 — Create a moodboard: Choose GIRL POWER or BOY’S CLUB


Last year, the girls found, and chopped, and wheeled an eight-foot spruce tree home.This year was our turn, and I get it.

Superhero AU

Buckle up, folks, this one has #plot and #backstory!

This AU takes place in the modern world. There are primarily two/three sides, similar to canon, but there are little guys running around too, of course.

On one side is the heroes. Of these heroes, the kingpin is the Black Order, a loosely organized coalition of various people who, unlike in canon, usually join voluntarily. On the other side is the villains, of whom the Big Bad is the Clan of Noah, which is basically an entire family of supervillains.

And then there’s the mostly-human government and the police force running around trying and failing to manage the chaos.

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“Well, you talk to her right?” I asked

“Yeah” L nodded

“And…?” I questioned looking over at the clock and seeing it was close to two in the morning

It was only a matter of time before Traci woke up and realized I wasn’t lying next to her. L and I needed to wrap this up quick before she starts blowing up my line

He shrugged “What you think?” he asked

“Damn…” I trailed off “Well at least we knew this time around and it wasn’t some random shit thrown in your face” I said

He nodded “Cyn knew before I did and she tried to lie and say she didn’t” he shook his head

I winced at the thought of how that conversation must have went knowing how Cyn couldn’t lie her way out of a plastic bag.

“I couldn’t be mad at her though because she ain’t really know better” he said

“I hear you on that” I nodded “I know this shit not sitting well with you, you probably got everybody else fooled but I know you” I said

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“Listen to me. In volleyball, everybody on this side of the net is your ally. It doesn’t matter if you’re lousy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a nuisance. You can slow us down. That’s okay. But to make up for those things… That’s why you have your team and your senpais.”

Tanaka Ryunosuke, for my dear Sarah. ♥

Okay so I’m currently making a complete Brotherhood to Manga conversion thing?? Like listing each episode with its corresponding manga chapters?

Would anyone else be interested in this?? Bc I could post it once I’m done