i almost called it twikki island

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I usually play on neighborhoods made by EA like Belladonna Cove but on tumblr I see that almost all simblrs play their stories on a custom neighborhood. How can you do that? I mean, create a lot of families, townies, lots... I would love to play like that but I think it's impossible for me!

I have a sub-neighboorhood (a tropical island which is called Carambola Island :D) built on EA Twikki Island map:

The rest of my hoods are custom indeed. Well, you’ll just need a lot of time and patience. Personally, if I start to create a new hood, I can’t stop. Ideas about families and houses, and community lots just flow to my head in a nanosecond. I can recommend you to read this tutorial on hood building by Vimpse. It was very inspirational (and her blog in general) when I started to create my first custom hood myself. If you have some technical questions, you can always leave an ask and I’ll answer your questions with great pleasure! :)